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I should start off by telling you that I don’t remember much of what happened that night, the night of four times. I passed out shortly after it was over and I awoke two days later. Let me introduce myself, my name is Liz, I’m 29 and have been married for three years. I have long blond hair, dark green eyes, soft skin, firm size 34C breasts, tight stomach, long legs and a tight little ass that everyone just loves to observe and sometimes…grab.

That night, I had gotten home from work very late. I was working on an assignment and my deadline was approaching. Nick, my husband, had had the day off so there wasn’t much for me to do once I got home. He made dinner and I relaxed in front of the T.V. for a little while. I then decided to go upstairs and unwind in the tub. I got undressed and got in. The hot water made me feel good, but I wanted to be relaxed even more. I caressed my calf, moved up to my thigh, then to my inner thigh. Then my finger entered my pleasure region and began to massage my very hot and very wet clit. I then started to finger myself slowly. Oh did it feel good. I’m afraid it felt so good that I began to do it quicker and quicker. Sliding in and out from my sweet pussy lips. I tried to be as quiet as possible, but I guess I got too loud because, soon after, Nick came upstairs with a smile on his face. I had no idea what I was in for.

He sat down next to the bath tub and asked what was going eryaman bayan escort on. I simply told him that nothing was going on, that I was just singing to myself. I couldn’t think of anything else. He knew I was lying, obviously. He laughed and asked me to tell the truth. I flashed him a guilty smirk and begged him to not make me say it. He then asked why I stopped. Why did I stop when he came in? After thinking for a short while, I started to touch my breasts and then returned to sweet holiest of holies. I began to moan louder and louder as I made myself cum hard. I was now fingering myself intensely. You could tell that this was exciting Nick, it was apparent. You could see his 8.5 x 2.3 in dick hardening with delight in his jeans. After he couldn’t take it anymore, he started to massage his prick through his pants. After I became tired of my index and middle finger, I reached up and grabbed him and pulled him into the tub, clothes and all.

As we kissed, he played with my cunt while I undressed him. When he was completely unclothed, he stood up, allowing me to suck his dick. It was so hard, it throbbed in my mouth. I rapidly jerked and sucked him off. In about a minute he shot cum everywhere. We then grabbed a towel for the both of us and went into the bedroom.

As soon as we got in there, Nick threw me on top of the bed. He grabbed me by my legs and pulled me closer to him. I began to tease my escort sincan tight pussy with the head of cock which drove me wild. Then, he slowly began to insert it into my wet cunt. For a couple of seconds, he went slow. Then went faster and faster, pumping me harder and harder and harder. I couldn’t catch my breath. I was screaming, YES! YES! OH GOD YES NICK!! YES! so loudly I thought I was going to wake up the neighborhood. After about ten minutes of pumping me good, he came.

The only thing Nick said throughout this moment was when he came, in which he let out an OOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOH, soft and slowly. I remember soon after he caught his breath, my back was up against the wall. Nick’s cock wasn’t inside me this time, it was his finger. I was so hot, my juice was all over his hand. A little while after, his dick was back in me. With my legs rapped around him. He began to fuck me hard and fast again. Pushing my back up and down against the wall, I came about fifteen minutes. My orgasm was so intense, I felt like my hear skipped a beat. It probably did, I don’t know. What I do know is shortly after, we were on the floor and I was riding Nick. Going up and down, feeling his dick sliding in and out of my still extremely wet pussy was making me crazy.

I soon began to massage my clit while this was going on. Sort of a way to add a lot to the already hot fire. This time my orgasm was so intense, elvankent escort bayan my face became as red as a tomato and hyperventilated for a few seconds. Nick asked if I wanted to stop but I wouldn’t think of it. Now, I found myself lying over the bed with my legs still on the floor. Nick was fucking me up the ass. I let out a scream every time I managed to catch a breath. Nick’s muscular body was pounding my tight little ass and making me cum quickly. He started to go faster and faster. To satisfy both ends, I licked my index finger and inserted into my pussy and proceeded to finger myself hard and fast. Nick till the point where I couldn’t take anymore.

I had to catch my breath, but then we started back up again. Fucking me harder and harder, pounding my little innocent ass with his throbbing hard dick. I began to orgasm again. It came slowly, but it was better than all the others. I let out a few whimpers of delight and then, all of a sudden, I got dizzy. I can’t remember anything else after that.

When I woke up two days later in the hospital, the doctor told me I passed out due to the lack of food intake and me also taking part in highly energetic activities. I laughed when he told me this. When he left, my mind started to wander. I started to think about whether or not Nick brought me to the hospital right away or did he take advantage of me being unconscious. Just thinking about what he could’ve done to me during that time made me hot. I couldn’t take it for very long. I began to finger myself once again, right there in the hospital, in my room, in my bed. Boy was I embarrassed when the cute female nurse, doctor, and Nick all walked in at the same time!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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