Porngia at Mossbeck’s

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“Excuse me.” For a second Georgia almost panicked as a MAN started in, she almost pushed him!

Then she remembered that there had been both a stick figure man and a stick figure woman on the door, above the words Changing Rooms. And each changing room had a nearly floor to ceiling door. George still wasn’t comfortable at the idea, but it wasn’t HER getting changed. And that was the least of her worries.

“Oops, sorry.” Georgia apologized, feeling mortified at having to cram her very pregnant self against the wall to make room for the man.

“No worries, no worries.” A handsome young man with the most piercing blue eyes too!

Part of her whispered that he was maybe better than average, but… Well that was a very quiet part of her. Her judgement had been off on the matter of men lately. Well maybe her entire life but in the last six months since her pregnancy had really kicked it, it had been VERY off. Mostly with young barely legal men like the handsome thing who went into the back fitting room with a dozen or so shirts. She could feel her nipples harden from the brief shoulder to shoulder contact, the smell of his cologne.

Unable to help herself she turned, catching a good look of his ass before he slipped into the changing room. He had on some khaki shorts, nice ones that hugged a bottom that was MUCH tighter than her husband’s. His calves hard muscled things covered in hair that was just noticeably darker than the fashionable styled blonde on his head. A modern hairstyle, one that she knew he hadn’t been sporting for the last twenty years! He had a surfer vibe, with that blonde hair and his lightly tanned skin, although they were far away from any body of water you could surf in. Unless somebody had invented river surfing while she’d been working, taking care of a lazier and lazier husband, getting knocked up, and now babysitting her freshly dumped sister.

“Kimberly.” Georgia whispered, tapping on the door to try and hurry her sister up. If only because the shadows moving on the ceiling of the Blue Eyed boy’s changing room was putting thoughts of him being naked in her head, the cologne he’d been wearing didn’t help. It hadn’t been on strong but her pregnant nose picked it out, made her keep testing the air for more of it. “Anytime now.”

“I’m gonna send him a few pics to let him know what he’s missing.” Her sister answered, luckily quiet enough that maybe the young man hadn’t heard. For whatever reason the speaker mounted in the ceiling was cranked all the way up, blasting lyricless music. Annoying music, annoyingly loud, making her lean towards the door make out her sister’s words. “Bastard’s gonna regret dumping me.”

“Can’t you just…” But of course her sister couldn’t.

She heard the rattling of the hangars in the room behind her, the young man. Turning, imagining herself going to his door, knocking and going in. Or the version of herself that would. Porngia she had come to think of this version of herself, that lived in her fantasies. That version that was never far away with all her pregnancy hormones raging. Porngia seemed to think that the guy would open the door, naked and ask her which shirt she liked better. Holding up first one and then the other while she could do nothing but stare at his hard big dick. Porngia was not seven months pregnant, thirty-seven, and if Porngia was married it was to a guy who didn’t care if she fucked other dudes. Porngia would go in there and get fucked by that dude.

Georgia though was reminded of who she really was by the mirrors on all the doors. Long straight dark hair, dark eyes, smooth dark skin from her part hispanic heritage. None of that really hit her hard. Once upon a time being five foot ten had bothered her, not anymore. Why should it when she was just a skip away from forty? No, she didn’t really see it on her rather pretty face but she sensed one day soon she’d wake up to wrinkles and gray hair. Exactly like she swore one day she had gone to sleep barely showing at all, the next morning a big protruding belly.

Georgia’s husband barely wanted to throw it in her anymore. She thought when he did it was simply because he was brimming with cum and had to put it somewhere. For sure the hot young men she’d found herself longing after would not, the blue eyed stud had hardly registered her.

Cringing at the occasional shutter sound coming from her sister’s changing room she jumped when a buzz came through the speaker above her. A light on the floor with an arrow pointing into the Blue Eye’s chosen changing room turned on. Georgia had been in here long enough to have read all the signs, she knew what this meant. The store had a Changing Room Helper program where if you wanted to try on something of a different size you just hit a button, somebody came along to help. She stepped closer to her sister’s door meaning to get out of the way of the helper when the guy’s door popped open.

“Oh, are you the Attendant?” He asked, pointing at the sign on the inside of his door explaining the policy.

“Uh…” bonus veren siteler Shutter sound, shutter sound, curse and no doubt deletion of the pictures taken. Georgia turned back to the guy who wasn’t naked but he was topless, holding the door closed just enough that she could see half his face, chest, and flat stomach. “Yeah.” Not knowing why she said it, but reaching up to hit the ‘Reset’ button that was set into a plate beside the door, barely visible unless, say, you’d been standing there for so long that you could point out that there were thirty-two blemishes on the mirrors. “What can I help you with?”

“Oh… Uh…” A little taken aback as she grabbed the door, opening up the rest of the way. Stop! Stop it! She yelled at herself but Porngia seemed in charge here now, unable to help herself but look at the young man’s body. There was a little bit of hair on his chest, not much. She liked that. And while he wasn’t ripped by any stretch of the imagination she didn’t mind, she didn’t need that. She just didn’t want pudgy like her own husband was. “These two are too big, maybe a medium would be better?”

“Alright, well let me see.” Making him draw in a quick breath as she reached in, grabbing a loop of his khaki shorts to turn him to the side. He still held the two shirts out but not blocking her view as she looked him over. Reached out, unable to believe herself, to feel his flat hard stomach. No six pack but certainly not a pudgy belly to contend with, she should have the only one. “You got larges there?”

“Yeah.” His voice was a bit higher than it had been but he was playing it cool, just a hit of a blush and his blue eyes wide the only other sign.

“Alright, you know you can only be back here without a parent if you’re over eighteen, right?” She asked which did make him blush.

“I’m totally eighteen.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, my birthday was last month but… I’m totally eighteen.” Trying to stand taller, so cute!

“Alright. Wait right here, I’ll be back.” She took the two shirts, listened a second at Kimberly’s door and then stepped out.

Her brain swam at what she’d done. What she was doing! She’d touched another man! THEN asked him how old he was! Leaning momentarily against the outer door she tried to collect herself, tried to put fucking Porngia back in her box. REALITY WASN’T A PORN! Chiding herself internally, vowing that she would not watch so much porn. Not fully give it up! Just less. With a hubby who was only throwing it her way a disappointing once a week (at best) and a labido that was cranked up to the max, no way she could cut it out completely. But she would watch one video while masturbating. No two or three hours of viewing until she was in a hormone stupor.

“Ma’am.” A woman in a green vest said coming around from a rack, certainly one that the guy inside would have loved to see as his Attendant.

For a second she thought she was busted, that they’d kick her out, arrest her for impersonating a store employee. Then she realized that wasn’t a crime anyone was likely to get arrested over, certainly not prosecuted. The young tattooed and pierced woman checked another panel built in above the door into the changing room area. Looking confused as to why the light was out.

“False alarm.” Georgia said with a smile.

The twenty something did not get all suspicious, she just shrugged and nodded. Not giving a single fuck more she wandered back up front where she’d been standing with another similarly uncaring twenty-something, exactly where they’d been when Georgia and Kimberly had come in. Going back to ignoring everything unless it was beeping at her, even then not hurrying.

It took Georgia a second to find the shirts as she didn’t work here and her tour with Kim had been on the ladies side. Luckily they were fashionably bright colors, so they stuck out. Finding the mediums she paused a moment at a rack, nobody else was in the store, the two workers were now on their phones standing up against the wall where they wouldn’t be seen by anybody walking in.

No! Just give him his damn shirts and NO! But Porngia would not be denied, she’d checked and… And it got even better when she got back. Kimberly was having an argument with Roy (her ex) when she stepped inside the changing room pod. It was the fifth phone argument Georgia had been subjected too, the other four had gone on for twenty or thirty minutes. Both of them hanging up on the other, only to call right back. Both arguing the same damn points over and over and over and over again, not realizing it.

Twenty minutes at least, the average porn scene was twenty-four minutes.

Georgia didn’t knock, she doubted her entrance through the first door had been heard over the music much less Kimberly’s one sided hissing and swearing. The guy was leaning against the wall with his back mostly turned to her, on his phone. Her height was a blessing for more than just reaching things, she could see the screen once she took half a step to the side. Shocked that SHE bedava bahis was the subject of the conversation, then again she was being a total freak so maybe she shouldn’t have been.

Simon: No I swear! There is a pregnant lady working here at Mossbeck’s and she was totally just rubbing me up.

Paul: bullshit! mossbeck’s wouldn’t hire a pregnant lady.

Simon: She’s the changing room attendant, not on the floor.

Brian: Is she hot?

Paul: jesus brian! “is she hot?” he said she was fucking PREGNANT!

(Simon sent an GIF with a nerdy guy pushing up his glasses and wagging a finger, “Well actually…” flashing off and on underneath.)

Simon: She actually is pretty hot.

Paul: fuck! GROSS (There was several vomiting emojis)

Brian: For a guy who hasn’t gotten fucked in a year you certainly are picky.

Simon: Last time he got fucked was by that dog Alyssa.

Paul: FUCK OFF! both of you!

Brian: Fuck her dude! Pregnant women want it so bad.

Paul: like you’d know!

Brian: My brother told me. His bitch wife was on his dick every day.

Brian: I caught them!

Simon: Bull.

Paul: total bull

Brian: Not bull! Mom sent me to look for them because they stopped over but then disappeared.

Brian: Left my nephew inside and he was crying for them.

Brian: I found them out in their minivan!

Brian: She was screaming her head off while bouncing on my bro’s dick in the backseat.

Brian: So you better muzzle her with her own panties Simon, I don’t know if they’re all screamers but my bro’s wife was.

Paul: you see her? your bro’s wife is smoking hot!

Brian: Nah, not much the windows were all fogged up.

Paul: too bad.

Brian: You’re tellin me!

(During this exchange Simon the Blue Eyed barely legal hottie just smiled, shaking his head at his friend’s back and forth. Georgia smiled too, mostly at the smell and sight of him. Even his back was a thousand times sexier than what she was used to!)

Brian: Oh Simon.

Brian: Pics or it didn’t happen.

Paul: yeah. pics or it didn’t happen.

Simon: WHAT? You just said gross

Paul: pics or it didn’t happen!!!!!!!

Georgia let the door close as quietly as she opened it. Closing him off from her if only because she couldn’t help but think she might giggle. HE THOUGHT SHE WAS HOT! Her! Stepping back she checked herself out in one of the mirrors. Yeah, she might have the pregnant glow that so many people talked about. And there was also her tits. She’d had handfuls all her life and while they hadn’t blown up they had swollen, certainly looking bigger even right above her large belly. Checking only the main door before dragging down her stretchy blouse, exposing her ‘better than they’d ever been’ pair all the way to the bra.

“Knock knock.” She said, giving him half a second before opening the door.

“Hello.” He answered, his phone gone from his hand. Her brown eyes found it sitting against the glass on the bench, tilted up and at an angle towards the door. She could just see herself on the screen in the reflection of the mirror. He was doing more than pics judging by the pulsing red light at the bottom. “Great, thanks a lot.”

“No problem. I do think those will fit you a lot better. You’re very fit and you should show it off.” She said cheerily.

No! Leave! Now! What if somebody sees? Sees her in here or the video he was making. But she knew better. Defluer was not her hometown, her sister had moved here to be with that tool Roy. There were millions of videos uploaded to the Internet a day. Mostly reposts of other ones under different names but the sea was vast, it would be like winning the lotto to find somebody you knew.

But if anything the fact that this would no doubt end up on the Internet made her want to just drop on her knees and start ripping his pants off. She had no doubt it would. He would share it to his friends and either one of them would upload it or they’d send it to their friends and one of them would. While he was looking over the two small shirts she checked herself out, wishing she’d have gone with the button up striped dress so she could have had it totally unbuttoned it, exposing her bra, pornstar style. In a dress he’d have had easy access to fuck her brains out.



“I don’t think that color looks good on you.” Shaking her head as he started taking one of the shirts off the rack.

“You sure?”

“I work here. I’m the professional, right?” After a second he nodded his head, it wasn’t bad she just needed an excuse to step in. Taking one of the shirts from a hangar on a peg, letting the door close. “I like this one.”

It was crowded but not as tight as she would have imagined. They’d skimped on the hallway for room in the actual changing rooms. Still unless they pressed up against the walls her belly was touching his bare stomach, his view right down at her cleavage. And he took the view, holding the shirt up between them but forgetting about deneme bonus the mirrors on 80% of the surfaces.

“That one is a large too.” Snatching it away from him before he could even begin to put it on. “I said you need to wear tighter stuff.”

Tossing it down onto the ground the material only slightly dampening the clatter of the hangar. She could FEEL his lust, her breasts tingling with how hard he ogled them. The smell of him filled the small room. The views numbers and comments under the videos of the many many scenes she’d watched filling her imagination. No longer able to play games she touched him again, running her hands up from his flat stomach to his chest, not what she’d call pecs but not man-boobs at all.

“You’re so fit! You need to show that off.”

“Alright, whatever you say. I’ll take it.” Sounding desperate to please her, when had a guy last sounded desperate for her?

“Good. We should get you some new pants too. I saw you walk by, we need something tighter to show off that tooshy.” Grabbing his pants she undid the button, the zipper. “What size are these? Take them off and let me see. We’ll go at least one size smaller and… Oops!”

They WERE too big on him, falling right to the floor with a clunk of his keys and wallet. As easy as she could have hoped. Underneath was some boxer briefs, gray with a black waistband and black trimming. Would have been an arousing sight even if she wasn’t already so turned on, even if she didn’t see a thick thing in there. Some blood swelling already going on, both of them watched as the horny as hell (FOR HER!) eighteen year old filled up the rest of the way. No help from her, just so turned on by being seen in his boxers that he got an erection.

“What kind of place do you think this is sir? I’m pregnant and married!” Holding up her ring, he was not a porn star, he did not tell her it was her fault for being too sexy, or just tell her to take out and suck his dick. He stammered cutely, motioning to the door, blushing at the phone, shifting to cover himself up. “I… God! Stop making it bigger!” It had gotten as big as it would get but she let on like it was straining, starting to burst free. Biting her bottom lip, letting her lust for him and his dick show. “It can’t be that big! Are you hiding something in there?” And she reached out and grabbed it, he grunted and shoved it at her touch. It felt even bigger than it looked. She knew it wasn’t porn star huge but… He would do! For sure! “What is this? This can’t be real! No! My husband isn’t half as big as this… Oh my god I can’t believe it’s real! Is it real?” And she pulled it out. Insanely turning so that the camera caught it as she did, sure her reflection showed her chewing her bottom lip. Disbelief painted over her features, that this was so fucking easy! That porns were not so far from reality as she’d thought! Stroking him. “I’ve never touched one so big.” Might be the case, he was bigger than Gary and Gary was about the biggest she’d ever had. Next part was a lie though. “I’ve never touched any besides my husband’s. Why are you making me do this? Seducing me with your sexy hot YOUNG body and your big HARD cock!”

“I… I…” Glancing at the phone, knowing that he couldn’t be a stammering idiot if he was going to show his friends this. “Fuck that feels so good! Lady you’re so hot I can’t help myself!”

“I’m hot? Even though I’m big like a blimp and p… p… Pregnant?” That was not Porngia speaking, it was Georgia who couldn’t really believe anybody thought her hot, not when she was desperate for attention for six months and only catching dribbles.

“Oh, fuck yes you’re so hot!” His breath catching as he reached out, worried that she wouldn’t let him touch her. When she didn’t swat his hand away he surprised her, his blue eyes getting large as he went up under her loose blouse to feel her bare belly. “You’re so fucking sexy! Can’t you feel how hard I am?”

“Yes! You’re the hardest thing I’ve ever felt!”

“Yeah! It hurts I’m so hard!”

“Should I suck it and make it feel better?” Her desperation for that was embarrassingly obvious for her but must have sounded different to him.

“Yes! Please! It’s okay! There is nothing for you to be ashamed of!” She nodded, but he stopped her, his hands holding her hips. “Can you take those tits out for me?”

“They’ve gotten bigger since I’ve gotten pregnant. My nipples are so dark and fat but my husband doesn’t like them.” Gary had not said it but he didn’t seem as keen on getting her top off lately, of the last six times only once and that was probably only because she was fresh from the shower wearing only her robe.

“I can’t believe…” She reached behind herself and undid the snaps, pulling the short sleeves of her blouse down before taking the bra off. “NOPE! Those titties are hot!”

He took hold of them, the areolas pebbled with the big jutting boulder of her nipple at the center. Simon the Stud did not care at all that they were chocolate brown, or that they were as fat as her middle finger and about as long, at least from the tip to the first knuckle. It was not faked, if she saw it she probably would have thought so, but she arched her back and cried out. The foreign hands. The strange touch. The lust when she’d become embarrassed of them.

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