Police Training Ch. 03

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Here it is. As promised. Enjoy!

(Special thanks to The Brit for his editing expertise.)


The rest of the week crawls by slowly. Wednesday finally gets here and time slows to a standstill. Even my partner Carlos took pity on me and bought me a chai tea at Starbucks. He said I needed the caffeine to make it through the morning. A few traffic accidents and a case of animal abuse distract me for a while, but I keep looking at the clock ticking away slowly. 8AM. Woo Hoo. Carlos laughs as I run into the locker room. “Bye Carlos. See ya next week.” I hear a ‘have fun’ coming from the general area we were working in.

Change into my street clothes, double check everything, I do not want to have to come back because I forgot something, and I am out the door. I take the subway and the bus home as usual. My bag is already packed, so it’s just cleaning up and getting dressed. I’m not entirely sure what to expect, so I’ve chosen a nice pair of black jeans, and a button down white shirt with some silver jewelry. It’s supposed to be cold this week, so I have my nice black suede jacket.

My hair is still wet when I jump in the car. I sit there a minute, frozen in place. I’m really going to get to have him again. All the bad possibilities are still flittering around in the back of my head. I take a deep breath and start the engine. Soon I’m heading north toward Boston. I have extra time, so I decide to take the scenic route along the ocean and through Providence instead of Hartford. It’s maybe a half an hour longer drive.

At 2:45 my Garmin says I’m 4 minutes away from Belle Island Park. I try to calm my breathing and my heart rate. I turn right into the entrance of the park. Then right again into a small parking lot. There is one compact car near the front, but there in the back is a large black SUV facing me. Breathe. Breathe. I drive up and park next to the driver’s side. The window rolls down silently and Nic is there, but not in his normal immaculate presence. His hair is kind of wispy, and he’s wearing a casual grey sweater. His smile when he sees me is pleasure mixed with relief. He didn’t think I was going to show, I guess deep down, I wasn’t sure if I would either.

“It’s good to see you again, Lizzy. I rented a house a few minutes north of here; did you want to follow me?” I’m not sure of my voice, so I just nod yes. He looks at me for a long second, and then hops out of his vehicle and leans into mine. “You look scared. Don’t be afraid of me Lizzy. I don’t want to hurt you. I just need you.” His mouth claims mine and my body reacts like it has every other time this man is near me. My heart rate increases, my core starts to get wet, and all rational thought leaves my head. “I need you, Lizzy. I need you now.”

“Not here. I’ll follow you to the house you rented. Just go already.” He growls at me through the window and stands up. I cop a quick feel, and he’s as horny as I am. He turns his lust-filled eyes on me before climbing in his vehicle and starting it up.

“As soon as we get there. You’re mine, Lizzy. Mine.” He starts the engine and pulls out of the parking spot, he waits while I turn my car around before leading me North along the Revere Beach Blvd. He turns onto a side street and into a gated driveway. He leans out and enters a code into a keypad. The gate opens and he pulls forward, parking behind a huge three-story house. He hops out and opens the garage door, motioning me inside. I drive in and park in the garage.

As I’m grabbing my overnight bag, Nic opens the door for me. “Hey sexy. Did ya miss me?”

“Yeah, yeah. Don’t get all arrogant on me again.” With his normal cocky grin, he takes my bag and escorts me inside. Nic opens the door and I walk into an impressive shiny kitchen. Through the kitchen is a huge room lined with windows. The ocean is churning and tumbling on the beach. A thump sounds behind me. I turn to see Nic pulling his sweater off, his shoes already on the floor.

I’m not sure why, but I run. I don’t make it past the kitchen island before he tackles me from behind. Frantically we start pulling each other’s clothes off. My blouse gets ripped open, buttons flying everywhere. I get his jeans open and try pulling them down his legs. I lose contact as he kneels up to rip my jeans off.

He stops and just stares down at me, dressed in only a bra and panties. He presses his face into my belly and inhales deeply. “God, you even smell gorgeous.” He slips his hands under my ass and draws the thin material down my legs and tosses them away. ‘I need you, Lizzy.”

With that, Nic slams his cock into my core. My back arches at the sudden intrusion. His mouth latches onto a tit and sucks it into his mouth. The electricity pulses through my body as he starts pounding into my body. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry baby. Next time will be better. I swear. I’m sorry. I just need you right now.”

The fucking is hard and brutal, just like the broom closet. My legs are wrapped around his waist, my hands entwined in his soft hair, pulling his mouth to mine. bursa escort I come first, my back arching up off the ground. Nic keeps thrusting inside me, nonstop until his cries out with his release. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It’ll be better next time. I’m sorry.”

“Shhhh. It’s OK. You did just fine. It’s OK.”

Nic groans and rolls off me. “I’m a perfectionist. ‘OK’ is practically an insult. I couldn’t stop. I just had to have you. I’m sorry.”

I laugh. “Well in that case. That absolutely sucked. The worst sex ever! If that is what old man sex is like, count me out, buddy boy.” And thus the tickle torture begins. I’m laughing and crying, and squirming to escape until I’m pinned beneath his strong frame.

Nic looks down into my eyes. “Sassy little shit.” The next hour is spent exploring. Two lovers getting reacquainted with each other’s bodies after a long absence. Fingers, lips, teeth, and tongue sampling every inch of flesh. Every twitch, every moan, every gasp of pleasure stored in the memory for future use.

By the time he’s ready again, I’m on fire. This time our lovemaking is excruciating slow. He has me cumming in the first few minutes, but he’s nowhere near done yet. Over and over again, he brings me to the edge of orgasm and pushes me over with precision and skill. Everything else falls away. There’s just this man above me, surrounding me, pleasuring me. He’s the only thing I need.

I feel him tensing up, his cock twitching in my pussy. His growl alerts me to how close he is. “I need you Nic. I need you to cum.” Nic nuzzles his nose in the crook of my neck. I feel the muscles along his chest and abdomen clench as he erupts. His cum blasting my insides.

A few last thrusts and he collapses on top of me. Our bodies slick with sweat as we regain our senses. His fingers still dance over my skin as my breathing returns to normal. His low, sated, lazy voice washes over me. “Better?”

“Mmmm. I feel much better.”

He swats my belly. “I know that! Was this time better than the last one? Or last two to be exact.”

I run my hand up and down his back. “Aaahhh, your masculine pride needs a wee bit o’ strokin’ now, eh? If I be answerin’ yer query with the honesty of te angels, I’d have te reply with barely passable. Average would be the bes…Ahhhhh!” And the tickle torture continues.

“Say I am the best you’ve ever had. Say it.”

Gasping for breath, giggling like a little kid. “Ne’er! I shall not be forced te lie by a rake like ye.” He’s laughing right along with me. We’re both exhausted and snuggling together on the floor.

“I like the Irish accent. Very sexy.”

“Thank you kindly. We aim to please.” He laughs again and soon he’s trying to stand, and he drags me up with him. Nic scoops up my shirt and looks it over before grabbing his and telling me to put it on.

Again for some reason, his ordering me around sets me off. As he grabs his other clothes and returns to the kitchen, I put my original clothes back on, ripped, buttonless shirt included. When I walk into the kitchen, his eyes narrow when he sees me, then slowly work their way down my body. “Well, seeing as you’re fully dressed already, would you PLEASE go out to the Mercedes and bring in the groceries and my bag.”

So, I don’t like his sarcasm either, but he has a point. I am fully dressed, and he’s in a pair of jeans. Sexy as hell jeans, but still. He hands me the clicker for the SUV and I quickly go out in the cold almost dark afternoon to get his stuff. I grab his bag and one box of groceries the first trip, then go back for the second box of food.

He’s sorting through multiple white paper bags, some are going in the freezer, and some in the fridge. I ask if he needs help, but he doesn’t. He asks if I can find the bedroom, and drop off his overnight bag. I wander around the huge expanse of a home checking all the different rooms until I find a nice big bedroom up on the third and highest floor. I bounce on the bed a few times before unpacking my stuff. I consider doing the same with Nic’s, but I’m not sure if that would be an invasion of privacy. I change out of my ripped shirt into a cute low cut black number and head back downstairs to the kitchen.

All the food is put away, and Nic hands me a beer as I walk into the room. “Did you find it?”

“Yup, I’m all unpacked. I wasn’t sure if you wanted me rifling through your stuff, so I just left your bag on the bed. Oh, and the bed is nice and bouncy too. I was trying it out.”

He stares at me. “You tried out the bed? Without me! That’s a bad, bad girl.” He’s laughing as he wraps his arms around me. “I might have to get even with you for that.”

“You ass. I can bounce on a bed anytime I want. I’z a grown-up, you know.” I stick my tongue out to prove my point. That just makes him kiss me. We wander into the main room on the first floor. A long white sectional is facing the huge windows overlooking the ocean below. He settles in and sits me on his lap. We just sit there, relaxed and talking, drinking our bursa merkez escort beer.

His phone rings. He checks it, but swipes it off and drops it back onto the coffee table. There was a picture of a young man with Nic’s coloring and features and the name Sergii on the screen. A minute later it rings again. The same name and picture are there. He again swipes it off. “Work?”

He grumbles. “Worse. Family.” Again it rings. This time he answers it, and none too happily. He swipes it to speaker phone so I can hear. “What, Serj? What do you want?”

Sergii: Where are you?

Nic: I’m taking four days off. I told you that already.

Sergii: You can’t just leave and not let anyone know where you’re going. Is something wrong? Are you sick?

Nic: I’m a grown-up. (I stick my tongue out at him as he uses my line from before.) I can go anywhere I want. (He covers my lower face with his hand and rolls his eyes at me.) And no, I’m not sick. I told you before I have no plans to see a doctor while I’m gone.

Sergii: I told Malcolm to track your vehicle, but he refused. What if something happens to you? You’re important. You could get kidnapped or arrested. How would we know what was happening if you don’t tell us where you are?

Nic: Thank you, Malcolm.

Sergii: (A male voice in the background) You’re welcome, sir.

Nic: If I get kidnapped, you’ll receive a ransom note. If I get arrested, I’ll call Fitz, and he’ll get me out. Either way, you’ll know what’s going on. You can handle everything for four days. Consider it a trial run for when I retire.

Sergii: (In a perfect imitation of a teenager whining.) DaAaAaAaD!!

Nic: SeEeEeEeERrRrJJjjJj!! (I try not to laugh as Nic mimics his son’s intonation perfectly.)

Sergii: (A different male voice) Dad. This isn’t like you. We’re just worried, that’s all.

Nic: Hi Luca. I’m fine, I promise. I’m relaxed. I’m happy. And I’m safe. So unless someone ends up in the hospital, I don’t want to hear from you again until I return. Got it?

Luka: So if I stab Serj in the leg, you’ll tell us where you are? (There’s a ruckus on the other end. I think Sergii just punched the one called Luca. I giggle as Nic rolls his eyes again. He just pinches me until I’m squirming on his lap.)

Nic: Guys. Listen. Nothing is wrong. I’m safe. I’m happy. I’m on the path fate has laid out before me. I’m following my heart. I can’t tell you anymore, because I don’t know where this will lead me. Just let me travel it, and I’ll be home in four days.

Sergii: (There’s silence on the other end. His phrase was unusual; my cop brain wonders if it’s a coded message. I think this is Luca’s voice) Are you with a girl?

Nic: (He looks at me and kisses my forehead) I’m with a woman, yes.

More silence.

Sergii: (Again, this sounds like Luca) The green swan woman?

Nic: Yes.

The two men on speaker phone have a quick conversation between themselves. I can only catch bits and pieces. ‘mom found her heart, dad should too’, ‘that was years ago’, ‘fate doesn’t give opportunities…’, ‘he doesn’t have to tell us…’.

Sergii: OK, we’ll keep things running smoothly for you, dad. Call if you need anything.

Nic: Thanks guys. Malcolm will be there if you need anything.

He hangs up and puts the phone down, rubbing his temples. “Those were your boys?” He nods that they are. “And the green swan woman?”

He smiles down at me. “You don’t remember? What did you do with the pile of cash I left for you the first time we were together?”

“Ummm. I left it there. I didn’t want to take it, even though it would have paid quite a few bills. Oh wait. I did an origami swan with one of them! It was a green swan.”

“It was. And it still sits on the corner of my desk today.”

“Seriously? You still have it?”

“I do. I told my sons the girl who made this swan challenged me and made me happy, but that I didn’t think I could have her. Then fate brought us together again, and that’s a rare thing indeed. I took a chance and followed the path offered me by fate. And now we’ll see where it leads us.”

“You believe in fate?”

“Absolutely. I’m a gypsy. Most men follow the easy path, they like the security it gives them. Gypsies know that fate will occasionally offer a side road. One less traveled, and riddled with obstacles. If a man is strong enough to overcome these obstacles, who knows what he will find. But the adventure is worth taking, if even just for the possibility.”

“Wait. So you’re an actual gypsy, it’s not just a philosophy?”

He looks at me confused. “My family is gypsy. We were originally from what is now Hungary and Croatia. A huge clan, over a thousand strong, traveling an equally large area. But now we are here. Our family is small, but we are a global power.”

“What happened to your family? Is it just you and your kids?”

“The Nazis slaughtered most of us, just a few escaped and some came to America. My father and a few of his kin rebuilt in a new bursa s─▒n─▒rs─▒z escort land. They set the foundations, and when my father died, I built on those foundations, and we grew and grew. There are maybe seventy from the original bloodline left, twenty-seven are here in America, and rest are back in our homeland.”

Oh. I’m not sure what to say. “I’m sorry.”

Nic shrugs his shoulder. “Governments have never been kind to gypsies. They kill us, or force us out, or conscript us to fight their wars. The Nazis just slaughtered us on a much larger scale.”

“Is that why you’re a criminal?” Nic gives her an odd look. Lizzy rolls her eyes. “Suspected criminal.” His smile is soft and gentle.

“Gypsies live on the outskirts of society. The question of legal vs. illegal is usually secondary to survival. And it’s easier to dismiss laws in a culture when you have never respected the authority behind the laws in the first place.”

He’s seems to be answering my questions pretty freely, so I continue on. “Is that why my uncle hates you so much? Because you don’t respect our government?”

Nic laughs. “Actually, Rogan and my father had a bitter hatred of each other. I think they almost killed each other once or twice. When my father died, that hatred focused on me, as I was the one who took over my father’s businesses. Except for harassing me and never being able to charge me with anything, we really don’t have any kind of contact.”

“I can’t imagine my father dying. I don’t know what I would do without him. Was it hard for you? How did he die?”

“It was a heart attack. He didn’t believe in doctors. It was quick. He went to bed one night and never woke up.” I’m doing some mental math. His dad died about 10-15 years ago. Nic is 42. So late 20’s when his dad died.

“How old was he? That seems pretty young.”

“We didn’t have any records, so I’m not sure how old my father actually was. But a good guess would be mid to late 80’s.” More mental math.

“Wait. Your dad was in his 60’s when he had you?”

His voice gets soft, and I can feel the pain behind it. “His first family died in the concentration camps. His wife and all three toddler children were burned to death hours after getting herded off the trains. He was a tortured soul. He didn’t, or couldn’t, have children till much later. At some point he realized he had to continue his bloodline before he died. So he had a young gypsy woman shipped to America and he had me.”

“I’m sorry. Should I stop asking questions?”

Nic finishes his beer, and scoots out from under me to go get another. I sit up and wait for him to return. He hands me a new cold one and sits back down. Kissing me before he answers. “These aren’t topics I usually discuss, and especially not with government minions, but I would like you to get to know me better. I will answer your questions, and hope that those answers go in your ears, and never cross your lips.” He runs a finger over the curve of my ear and down to my lips. It wasn’t a threat, but he’s reminding me I am basically the enemy, and he’s trusting me with a lot of personal information. “So where were we?”

“Ah. Your father died. He had you late in life. What did you mean when you said he had a woman shipped over to America? Is that like mail-order brides or something?”

“Similar. He wanted to continue the bloodline, so he had a gypsy woman sent from the old country to have his children.”

“What was she like?”

Another deep breath. “I don’t know. She died when I was three. My father raised me alone.”

From his voice, I know there’s something there. “How did she die?”

There’s a long pause, and I think he won’t answer. “When I was old enough, I asked him that question. He said he would not tolerate betrayal, even from the mother of his child.”

What the hell does that mean? “Ahhh, does that mean what I think it means?”

“He wouldn’t answer any more about it. But yes, I took it to mean he killed her. I never did find out what the betrayal was.” We sit in silence for a long time, drinking our beer.

“Do you miss your dad?”

“I do not miss my father. He was rigid and cruel. I respected him because he was smart and strong, but I did not mourn when he died.” Shit. OK. No more questions.

“Can I ask one more question?”

Another deep breath. “Yes.”

“Does the Jacuzzi work?” I try to hide my smile, but he sees it and his eyes darken.

“I’m not sure. The only way to find out would be to try it. And seeing as you are still the only one fully dressed, I volunteer you to check it out.” He starts pushing me gently off the sofa.

“You ass.” The large Jacuzzi is out on the deck off the first floor. Out in the cold. And it’s November, so it’s dark already. I fumble my way out the patio doors. I find a light switch, which leads me to the controls. First I remove the cover to find a calm pool of hot water. Punching random buttons on the controls gets me jets and lights. Nic is still sitting on the sofa, watching me. I kick my shoes off. Opening my jeans I slowly slide them down my legs, wiggling just a tad bit more than necessary to get them off. I turn my back to him and just as slowly pull my top over my head, dropping it on the floor. Nic is still on the sofa, only he’s on the edge now; his attention is fully on me.

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