Eki 19

Pleasure Thy Sister Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: this is a purely fictional story. All characters are over the age of 18 and are not modeled around specific people.


Chapter 2: Most Important Meal of the Day

It was still early morning in the Sappho Sorority House. Only a few girls were awake, preparing for the day. Each quietly greeted one another, taking their turn at the beloved coffee maker. This was college, after all Sitting at the island in the middle of the kitchen, was Allie. Allie was a newly initiated member in the house. Far more quiet than most of its inhabitants, she still kept to herself. Most would be confused to see her in the sorority at a glance, but while pledging, all of the seniors saw so much potential. One in particular, being Kate.

Kate was adored by the girls in the house. A taller, athletic build often left her sister swooning. She took delight in spending time getting to know each and every beautiful woman in the house. And this morning she had chosen her target.

A kind smile on her face, she approached Allie.

“Hi, there.” Allie looked up from her cereal, blushing when she realized who was talking to her.

“Oh! H-hi Kate” she looked away, nervous under Kate’s gaze. Kate’s smile grew as her eyes raked over Allies smaller frame. Although not very into sports, she still had a slender and toned body. Roaming eyes reached their intended destination. Jackpot.

“You cold, sweetie?” Kate asked, tilting her head.

Allie furrowed her brow confused, until she followed Kate’s eyes to her chest. Sure enough, her nipples were poking through her shirt. Quickly she crossed her arms and turned an even darker shade of pink.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry!! I didn’t realize, I’m so embarra-” she rambled.

“Hey hey no, don’t be embarrassed. Remember why we’re in this sorority, yeah?” Kate walked around the corner to stand at Allie’s side. She placed a comforting hand on her shoulder and encouraged her to breathe.

“Be confident, show off. You look so cute!”

Kate reached for Allie’s arms and lowered them to her lap. Her breasts gently moved up and down as she calmed her breathing down. A few of the other girls noticed her stress and gathered to encourage her as well.

“It’s okay Allie, we don’t mind at all!” One chimed in.

“Yeah! You’re boobs look so good in that shirt.” The others agreed.

Kate turned Allies attention back to her, holding out a hand. “May I?”

Allie looked down to see Kate’s hand hovering about her left breast, waiting for her consent. Meeting Kate’s eyes again, she nodded “… yes, you may..”

Kate’s hand gently palmed Allie’s breast, a little smaller than her hand, but soft and round. Allie sucked in a breath and tried not to be tense around watchful eyes.

“Hey ladies, why don’t we give Allie a little show? Has anyone had their breakfast yet?”

Smiling, the four other girls in the room didn’t say a word at all. They paired up, kissing each other and running hands over bodies and under pajamas. Kate continued gently squeezing Allie’s breasts, having moved bağcılar escort to stand behind her to work both globes. No one seemed to know why she had a tradition of breast and nipple play at breakfast, but no one was complaining either.

One of the couples providing Allie’s visual entertainment had already taken up a new position. Carmen, a dark haired beauty with fierce eyes, crawled up onto the island in front of Allie and Kate. Behind her stood Brooke, a mischievous look on her face. She was mirroring Kate’s actions on Carmen’s breasts, although Carmen had long since ditched her shirt.

“Would you like me to?” Kate asked, touching the hem of Allie’s shirt.

“Uhm…” Allie’s tensed. Kate moved her hand back to Allie’s breast, circling around the areola. “That’s okay, it can stay on. Do you like this?”

“Mmhmm” Allie nodded. She still wasn’t used to being touched this way. She had only recently begun to experiment with her sexuality, and had barely had any partners. Kate’s hands massaging and fondling her was sending warmth all throughout her body. Her breath against her neck making her shiver. The sight of Brooke teasing Carmen’s nipples made her crave same treatment from Kate.

Kate, after some more massaging, obliged. She started circling both areolas through Allie’s shirt. The fabric was a light material, almost sheer, and it made the sensation of Kate’s fingers more intense. Circling and circling she lightly grazed, slowly moving in tighter circles. Suddenly, she flicked the pads on her index fingers right over the tips of Allie’s peaks once.

“Oh!” Allie jumped slightly. She hadn’t expected that. She looked at Carmen and Brooke, who simply smiled back and continued their own teasing. Brooke was kissing along Carmen’s neck, while gently rolling her nipples between her fingers. Carmen’s hand had been gently rubbing across her stomach, clearly planning on moving south soon.

“Take a look over there” Kate instructed Allie, still using her finger tips to lightly graze across her nipples in different directions. Tingles ran down her spine, and as she looked to her left, Allie realized her panties had become noticeably wet.

While Kate, Allie, Carmen, and Brooke had settled into their own little games, the other two girls had moved onto the breakfast Katie had mentioned.

Faith was up on the counter across from the island, legs spread, while Chantel kissed at the inner thighs. Chantel was a taller athletic build, on the same basketball team as Kate. She continued to kiss around Faith’s thighs, before hearing Allie’s gasp.

“Oh my god..” she almost moaned out at the sight. Every time she would watch her other house mates pleasure each other it felt like the first time. She squirmed when Chantel looked behind her and caught her eye. Winking, Chantel licked her full lips and turned back to Faith’s moist pussy. Moving in, she placed a broad flat tongue at the bottom of Faith’s sex and slowly drug it upwards. Faith let out a low and erotic moan, closing her eyes and using her merter escort hands to spread her legs farther apart. When Chantel’s tongue reached the top and caught her clit, she jumped and moaned again.

“Look back in front of you” Kate instructed again. Allie had a hard time tearing her eyes away from Chantel and Faith, as Chantel has begun steadily lapping at her lips, occasionally letting her tongue slip deeper through her folds. Finally, she looked in front of her and let out a frustrated sigh. These girls were killing her.

Carmen was shimmying out of her panties, dropping them beside her before leaning back into Brooke. While Brooke went right back to work teasing Carmen’s nipples, Carmen used her wetness to coat her clit and began gently circling it.

“Watch her play with her clit” Kate said. As Allie watched her circle, she began to realize Katie was using her techniques to tease Allie’s increasingly sensitive nipples. She matched Carmen’s speed and tempo, and Carmen would purposely stop periodically to deny Allie(as well as herself).

“Faith, Chantel, come up here” Kate commanded. Chantel placed a few for teasing licks to Faith’s pussy before helping her down from the counter. She had purposely avoided Faith’s clit, which was now a hard bundle of tense pleasure aggravated by her walking to the island. She now sat on the edge of the island with one foot propped up next to her, the other dangling off of the side. Chantel pulled up another stool, and adjusted the height so it was closer to Faith. Both sat side by side facing Kate and Allie. Chantel spread her long dark legs, showing of an equally wet slit. Allie hadn’t realized she had been teasing herself whilst servicing Faith.

Once settled, Faith and Chantel reached between each other legs and became masturbating each other. Alternating between teasing flicks and loving circles against hard clits. Any time Allie looked from one set of girls to the other, Kate would follow and switch her nipple play to match what was happening.

Allie had never felt anything like this before. She didn’t realize her nipples could be so sensitive. Every now and then, Kate would pinch and roll them, causing a jolt of pleasure to shoot directly to the heat between her legs. How was this possible? Could she really be getting this turned on by just having her nipples teased? The teasing combined with the beautiful women moaning and writhing in front of her was becoming too much.

Needing to tear her eyes away for a moment Allie’s eyes wondered to the clock.


Uh oh. She had been in this cycle of play for almost 25 minutes. She was running late for class!!

“Yo-you guys!! I-ahhh-I have to get-oh my god yes-no wait! I’m gonna be late!” She made no move to stop Kate as she pulled ever so slightly on her hard peaks.

“How late?” She offered, beginning to circle and flick a little faster and a little hard. Circle, circle, ciiirrrrcle. Allie’s eyes rolled shut.

“Fuck… like.. fi-five minutes.”

“Ahh plenty of time” Kate eskort giggled and continued her teasing. She began using her short nails to flick back and forth quickly over the tips of Allie’s nipples. The tickling sensation burst through Allie’s body and she moaned even more. Kate was truly playing her like a perfectly tuned instrument. Not to be outdone, their other companions were all indulging in their own pleasures. Carmen was now leaning back as Brooke bent over to lick and suck at her pussy. Chantel and Faith were alternating between massaging each other’s little clits, and slipping fingers into their wet openings.

Allie felt as though she was so overwhelmed by the sights and sounds, she could practically feel it everywhere. It was like the sensations emanating from her nipples had connected to her wet pussy and hard clit. Somehow she had not touched herself this whole time and she still felt like she would explode.

“Ahh… Ah! Kate!” She pleaded. Another delicious pinch.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day Allie, you can’t miss it. See?” Kate nudged Allie, whose eyes had fallen shut again. Her toes curled.

Carmen was moaning louder and louder as Brooke sucked her clit into her warm mouth. Her eyes rolled back as she gripped Brooke’s hair and her climax hit. Brooke didn’t budge as she continued to spasm and yelp. Soon after, Faith and Chantel’s moans joined in as they had begun finger fucking each other. Their orgasms hit at practically the same time, hips rolling against hands, stimulating their clits as well.

That was it. Allie’s couldn’t handle it anymore. With one perfectly timed pinch of her stiff and swollen nipples, Allie’s head fell back into Kate’s shoulder. Her orgasm didn’t hit suddenly, but instead rushed over in an intense wave. Her pussy spasmed, shocking her. She had no idea she could orgasm just from having her nipples teased and taunted. It seemed last longer than expected as her hips bucked and rolled against nothing but air. Kate continued to gently circle her sensitive buds for a little while, before moving back to gentle palming and massaging.

Carmen, Brooke, Chantel, and Faith were all also coming down from their orgasms. None made an effort to move. After about a minute Kate spoke up.

“See? You still have time to get ready” she smiled and kissed Allie’s cheek. Shakily, Allie’s shifted out of Katie’s arms and slid off of the stool. Kate moved the stool out of the way and hopped up onto the island, taking off her shirt. The other four girls began caressing her body.

“What about you all?” Allie asked when she realized no one else was leaving. Part of her was tempted to skip class as she watched the fun continue without her.

“Well it’s like I said, ohhh” Chantel began kissing Kate’s neck and teasing her right nipple. “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day… c’mere Brooke!” Brooke and Kate, having missed out on the first round, were now receiving payback. Chantel and Faith were tag-teaming Kate’s erect nipples and needy pussy. As they licked and sucked her most sensitive parts, Kate was helping Carmen tease Brooke’s wet pussy.

Allie lingered a second longer before shaking out of her revere. Heading upstairs to shower, she decided she’d have to deal with being ten minutes late as she stopped by her sock drawer on the way to the bathroom.

The end.

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