Pleasure Flight Ch. 02

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Soon after the captain announced the final approach to Manchester and the passengers began to wake. Passport control passed by in a haze and Francesca wondered how this liaison would end as she waited at the baggage carousel. Michael hadn’t said much since they landed, reverting to the stranger he had been before, a vague familiarity. She had seen him walk to the gents and was relieved to see her suitcase coming.

As she picked up her case she heard a voice behind her.

‘You need a hand with that?’ Michael smiled, taking the case without waiting for an answer. She smiled and nodded as they walked through the arrivals hall. He was still distant and she suddenly realised she needed to get a taxi.

‘Hey I need to be going the other way to get a taxi home.’

‘You’ll be waiting for ages for one! Friday night, week before Christmas, it’s 1am now.’ He paused, seeing the nervous look on her face. The wild cock sucking slut he’d facefucked on the plane looked vulnerable again. He liked both, he could have some real fun with this girl. ‘Look I could drive you home, you live far away?’

She thought about replying with a sexy sarcastic remark, but his attitude was businesslike, almost like a different person. ‘Well, not really, about fifteen miles away.’

‘Oh that’s nothing! 20 minutes at this time of night! You don’t have to, but you can see my ID, I’m a real captain, you can trust me.’

She thought for a moment. She liked him despite his change in attitude. She smiled and nodded as they walked out towards the car park. The freezing air hit her as they walked the dimly lit walkway to the car park. Suddenly realising they were alone, Francesca paused for a moment, hoping she hadn’t made a terrible mistake. Michael turned and smiled, coming closer and wrapping his hands around her, placing them on her arse as his lips found hers, his tongue eagerly seeking hers as they ferociously kissed.

He pulled away and kissed her neck and beckoned her to carry on walking with him.

‘I had to be careful back there’ he explained. ‘That place is awful for gossip at the best of times and I need to be seen as professional at all times.’ He laughed, the cool exterior she’d seen in the terminal gone now. ‘I’ve never done anything like that either, I mean with a passenger and at work, you know?’

I laugh as we stop at your car, you putting my case in the boot and opening the door for me.

‘Well, I don’t do stuff like this, I mean, that either, I just, I dunno, bursa escort it just felt so…’

‘Shhhh.’ Michael whispered as his lips met Francesca’s again. With more room in the car his hands roamed her body as her gentle touch explored him. Francesca was so wet again. She wanted Michael to fuck her and knew he wanted the same.

She pulled away and looked into his eyes.

‘Make love to me’ she whispered. Her words made Michael throb as he kissed her and started to drive.

‘I’m going to. You sexy sexy girl!’ He smiled, driving faster as they approached the motorway.

Vaguely aware of her surroundings Francesca noticed he wasn’t heading towards her home, but she didn’t mind. She wanted his cock and was going to enjoy it.

His left hand stroked her thighs as he drove whilst Francesca massaged his cock and thighs.

After short drive down a country lane, they parked at a large country hotel.

‘Wait here.’ He whispered as he kissed her lips. She nodded and watched him disappear into the hotel.

Minutes later and Michael returned and led the way into a building behind the main hotel with bedrooms. Francesca was nervous but excited, sucking that cock with her mouth had made her pussy even hungrier for a fucking.

They soon arrived at their room and she grinned at the sight of the four poster bed and the deep red bed linen. The door closed firmly behind them and Michael gently kissed her, sliding his hands up her dress and lifting it over her head in the process. The sight of her in just her black lingerie made his cock leak even more as it throbbed uncontrollably. Her full breasts looked so inviting in her black lace push up bra. Her matching thong displayed her round arse perfectly. Francesca’s skilled hands wasted no time and she unfastened his trousers and revealed his hard cock and shaven balls.

‘On your knees.’ He commanded, masterfully as she kneeled, smiling.

‘Mmm good girl.’ Michael smiled, stroking Francesca’s pretty face with his cock. Knowing what he wanted, she wasted no time in sucking his length, allowing every drop of precum to trickle onto her tongue and down her throat. She stopped for a moment to lick his balls and groaned as Michael pushed his balls into her mouth, holding her head for support so she could hardly move. His balls felt and tasted so good, so soft and smooth and big. She teased with her tongue and felt her clit throbbing.

She needed him to fuck her badly. He knew what bursa escort bayan she wanted too and he badly needed to stretch the tight pussy he’d played with. Wasting no time he stood and held her hand to pull her to her feet. Slipping her knickers and bra off he thought it a waste to take the stockings off, so he left them as he slowly kissed his way up her leg and to her pussy, savouring her sweet aroma as he got closer, he eagerly flicked his tongue at her swollen pink lips. Tenderly licking the outside he used his fingers to part her pussy lips and allow him a good look inside her sweet little hole. He couldn’t believe how tight it looked and he pressed his tongue against her opening. He was sure she couldn’t be a virgin, she sucked too well to be, but she was incredibly tight.

Francesca writhed in Michael’s grasp as his tongue explored her. She was desperate to be filled and she cried out for him to fuck her.

Needing no encouragement Michael knelt between her legs and eased himself down on top of her as his cock pressed against her tight entrance.

‘Shouldn’t we use a…’ Francesca started. Before she could finish Michael’s tongue probed her mouth, silencing her as his cock pushed all the way inside her narrow young cunt.

Fuck he’s big Francesca thought as Michael’s cock pushed her apart. He pulled away from her lips as he slowly and steadily thrust in and out of her glistening pussy. Needful moans filled the room as Michael thrust harder and faster, his hands roughly pushing Francesca’s legs onto his shoulders. The depth of his penetration sent Francesca into a frenzy, screaming in pleasure as she came, her hands holding the duvet for dear life.

Michael tried desperately not to cum as Francesca came over his cock. Her pussy cum made her cunt so slippery he could pound her all night. He gripped her legs tighter and rested his full weight on her so she could feel the full force of his cock with every hard thrust. Her juices splashed against his balls and he ground his cock into her.

Deciding to be more dominant he wanted her on her knees. Obliging, Francesca bent over, allowing him a good look at her tight arsehole too. He could barely see how he’d get a finger in there, but where there’s a will there’s a way, he thought.

On all fours, Francesca gasped as Michael eased into her cunt. Expecting him to fuck her hard and fast he stayed still, his fingers working their way around her juices. Suddenly she knew what bursa bayan escort he was doing as his finger eased into her arse. All the way until he knew it was as deep as it could go, and then he pounded her. Francesca had never been fucked so hard in her life. She’d gone wild with her toys before but never this hard for fear of hurting herself. Michael slapped her arse hard and admired the red mark his hand left. Reaching down with his free hand he gripped her tits and pinched her nipples, his chest against her back and his mouth nibbling her ears and neck.

‘Fuck you are fuckable Francesca!’ He breathlessly whispered into her ear. Her pussy was wild now and just as she thought she couldn’t get any more pleasure she felt her arse stretched even more by a second finger.

‘Arghhh oh FUCK!!!!!!’ She cried, feeling pain and pleasure together. His fingers working her arse she knew he was stretching her to her limits. She could hardly stand the sensations any longer and came for the third time, her cries louder this time. Michael was a man possessed as he felt his orgasm approaching. Pulling out of her pussy he slid his cock almost all the way into her arse, splitting her hole roughly before exploding deep within her virgin arse, burying three fingers in her dripping pussy to make sure she was filled. Francesca yelped in pain as Michael’s cock impaled her arse. Yet pleasure took over as she felt hot jets of cum filling her forbidden hole. The sensation of Michael’s fingers stuffed in her pussy drove her crazy. Lying still she let Michael finish pumping before he gently slipped out, careful not to hurt her and turned her body over. Her hair was stuck to her face and her eye make-up running down her face, making her look a total slut. He loved it and loved the pink glow her orgasms had given her.

‘Open wide’ he grinned as his cock approached her face. She was relieved to see how clean it was, apart from the cum dripping off the end. Eager not to waste any she licked his head and sucked him clean. Her sucking was so good he felt his cock harden again. He shouldn’t be able to recover so quickly but his cock was wild. He could feel his orgasm building as he gripped Francesca’s pretty face and roughly fucked her mouth. He didn’t last long and he cried out as he filled her throat with cum again. Moaning as she swallowed every drop without stopping for breath, this girl loved his cum.

Finally withdrawing from her mouth he looked down at her and smiled. She looked vulnerable again, but with a slutty look too. He kissed her forehead and pulled her body close to him as she held him. He stroked her soft skin and kissed her once more before he closed his eyes. Francesca was already sleeping and both were thinking of what the morning would bring.

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