Playing with the Pizza Boy

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This is my first story ever and is my submission for the 2021 April Fools Day Contest. Any comments and advice for next time would be greatly appreciated. And I hope you like it!



“I swear, it’s always the last delivery of the night.”

“Maybe she is hot?”

“Robyn, if you really think that is a remote possibility, then you do it!”

“Sorry dude, I clocked out 10 minutes ago. She’s all yours.”

Five minutes before close, we received an order for delivery. Not only that, but in the instructions, the girl had written “Be sure to send a cute delivery boy ;)” It was one of THOSE people.

If you ask me, that “special instructions” section should be eliminated. The space is intended for someone to indicate a food allergy, or to let us know if they want the pizza extra crispy or something like that. I have literally never seen it used that way. Instead, it’s usually used for one of two things: A) someone asking for a topping they didn’t want to pay for, or B) someone putting something like “draw me a picture of a giant dick” because they think they are a comedian. I hate anyone who does this

But just in case it wasn’t clear enough from that instruction alone that this girl was about to ruin my night, this “Liz” even went a step further. You see, after someone orders a pizza online, an auto generated text gets sent to her that pretends to be me, saying “Hi, this is Christian, and I’ll be delivering your pizza. Is your address still blah blah blah?” It’s a yes or no question. Not for her, though. She decided to double down on the “is he cute?” thing and said that it would affect my tip. I went into the system and told her that this was through the dominos system and to keep this professional. Then she tried to give me her number so she could hit on me there. Hard pass.

Robyn is full of shit, just so you know. She sure as hell knows that whoever did this isn’t hot. They never are. I have been delivering pizza for two years — mostly at my previous school — and the girls that ask for a cute delivery boy are always the kind that couldn’t get an attractive guy to talk to them unless they paid for it. I guess that makes sense, given that is literally what they are doing here. The porn trope of the girl that fucks the pizza guy? Well, I’d have as good of a shot to fuck my step sister as I would a customer. And before you get too excited, I don’t have a step sister.

*DING* The oven went off.

“Well, it’s time to find out which one of us was right,” Robyn laughed, as she grabbed her keys and shuffled out the door to go home. “Night!”

Yeah right.

Before we go any further, I guess you should know a little bit more about me. My name is Christian, and I have been a delivery guy for Dominos for a little bit more than two years. I used to do it almost every night of the week at my old school, but I transferred to CCU this semester and have only been working two nights a week here. And to be honest, I’m really looking forward to not doing it anymore.

It’s not that I actually hate delivery pizza or anything. I actually like the gig for the most part. Lots of free pizza, jamming’ out in my car to music. It isn’t so bad. The issue is just that I was supposed to be done with it when I transferred here. I came here for baseball. I’m a starting pitcher, and I like to think I’m pretty good. I spent two years dominating at the junior college level, and I transferred here on what was supposed to be a full ride.

I say “supposed to” because it hasn’t kicked in yet. Someone missed a deadline or something, and the result was me getting shafted. Coach said it was the athletic director; athletic director said it was the coach. It doesn’t matter whose fault it is anymore, the end result is still the same: I don’t get my tuition paid for until next semester. But if you are asking why a D1 pitcher is delivering pizzas at 1:00 am on Thursday during the season, that’s why.

When I hopped in my car, it was 1:15 in the morning. I had honestly hoped to be home by now. Especially since I have a 8 a.m. class tomorrow. I guess I should have counted my blessings that the apartment I was headed to was like three blocks from my spot. I could deliver the pizza, and then just go home.

I arrived at the apartment and knocked on the door. I heard giggling on the other side. “Oh great,” I thought. “This should be the cherry on top of an annoying story.” My only hope was that maybe they’d think I was cute enough and give me a tip.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but it DEFINITELY wasn’t what happened. The girl that opened the door was the hottest woman I’ve ever seen. She had jet black hair that went down to the most glorious pair of breasts I’ve ever seen. Her skin was the perfect color bronze — from tanning or being some sort of mixed race, I couldn’t tell — and she had easily the most beautiful face I’d ever seen. Oh, I forgot to mention… she had answered the door completely naked.

At bursa escort that moment, I was dumbstruck. I mean, how do you even respond to something like that? I didn’t know what to do, but all I could think about was that I REALLY REALLY hoped that she did indeed think I was cute.

“Are you the pizza boy?”

“I…uh…y-yea” Come on Christian, words. You have seen a naked girl before.

“Wow, they really did send a cute one.” She said it with a smirk that was easily the sexiest thing I had ever seen. My body instantly responded — my dick was so hard it could cut glass at this point.

“Oooh I’m sorry. It seems pizza boy is more like pizza MAN” she giggled as she took a step forward, giving me the money for the pizza, and taking the food from my hands. She also used the closeness between us to “accidentally” stroke the outline of my cock.

“Are you ready for your tip?”

“Is…is this really happening to me right now?” I couldn’t believe it. Was I really going to get to live out this fantasy? With the hottest girl I’ve ever seen, no less?

“Nope!” She laughed as she handed me a $10 bill and slammed the door in my face.

Wait…what just happened?

After standing on the porch for a minute in shock, I finally I readjusted the throbbing hard on in my pants and began to walk away, trying to figure out what the fuck that was all about. As I got in my car and slammed my door shut in frustration, I looked down at my “tip.” Written in big block letters on the bill was two words: “APRIL FOOLS”

Sometimes, I hate this fucking job.


Before that night, I had never done anything like that before. I’m not saying that in a prude — I get my fair share of action — but I’ve never done anything that involved exposing myself to a complete stranger like that. I had always wanted to; I just never had the guts. But last night was the perfect storm. I was horny, bored, and as the clock struck midnight, I realized that it was April 1st. I was also starving.

The plan was to always open the door completely naked, take my food without saying a word, and then close the door. Nothing more. I wasn’t counting on the guy ACTUALLY being cute, though. I know I wrote in the instructions to send a cute guy, but I’m assuming they don’t have one on call for when some cheeky girl wants some eye candy with her pie. Regardless, Christian — assuming that was actually his name — wasn’t just cute. The guy was H-O-T. Probably 6’4″ or 6’5″, shaggy brown hair under a baseball cap, and a chest and arms that you could tell were cut despite the unflattering Dominos uniform he was wearing. There was also the giant bulge that introduced itself the second I opened the door.

I came DANGEROUSLY close to mounting him right there on the front patio and giving my neighbors a late night show to remember. Honestly, the only thing that snapped me out of it was that I had clearly short circuited the poor guy’s brain. If he had said three coherent words to me, I would have been on my knees and ensuring that he gave me far more than just the tip. But that didn’t happen. His stammering and bug eyes snapped me back to the mission at hand.

The whole situation was one of the most exciting sexual experiences of my life. The second I closed the door, I ran straight to my room and spent the next hour with the biggest toy I owned. I passed out after one of the best orgasm I had ever given myself, all while pretending it was the pizza boy that was there giving it to me. So much for my late night snack.

The next morning, I woke up and went down to find my roommate Emily and her boyfriend eating what looked like the remnants of the pizza that I had completely forgotten about.

“Jesus, you scavengers didn’t even leave me a piece?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, we saved a slice for you. It’s in the fridge,” Emily said, as she pointed to our broke-ass fridge.

“Gee, thanks,” I said, trying to lay on as much sarcasm as I could. “I’m so lucky to have a roommate that only eats ? of the pizza I bought for myself,”

“I’m confused. Because the words you said were all accurate, but I also detected sarcasm. Which doesn’t make sense.”

“Very funny”

“Oh please. I did you a favor. Don’t you have that party to go to this weekend? If anything, you owe me for saving you from yourself.”

She had a point. This weekend was the “Booster Bash,” the party that is historically THE event of the year. Well, it would be if it wasn’t so secretive. You see, the party is funded by the university’s biggest boosters of the athletic department and strictly for the guys on our teams. And since it is against about a dozen NCAA rules for boosters to be giving athletes access to lavish parties full of top shelf alcohol and the best guy-girl ratio in the world, it is as much of a myth as an event. The only reason I know about it is because, well, have you looked at me?

For the last month, I’ve been working out and getting myself into the best shape escort bursa of my life. I was determined to be the object of desire for every warm blooded human in that room. Does that make me a diva? Maybe. I don’t care.

“Have you picked out an outfit for the big night?”

“I’m between the school girl outfit and the nun one.” The party had a Catholic School theme, so I figure the options were relatively limited.

“Go with the nun costume. There are gonna be a million school girls at this thing. Besides, your ass looks better in that.”

She was right. My ass did look amazing in that costume. Although, “costume” might be overselling it. In reality, said costume was just a nun’s headpiece, with a veil that goes down to about my chest. I paired that with a black tube top and a g-string thong. And just in case the ensemble wasn’t sacrilegious enough, I added some rosary beads.

The boosters had rented out the local night club, Vybe, and I gotta say, it was amazing. There was an ice luge to do shots, a champagne fountain, a giant lit up dance floor, and a conveyor belt with assorted finger foods and desserts on it (for the attendees that weren’t starving themselves to look like the human epitome of lust). As I looked around the room, it was instantly clear that Emily was right. Every plaid skirt within 50 miles was in this club. There must have been 100 of them. It was truly a sea of scantily clad school girls, though I doubt there were any complaints by the guys there.

Meanwhile, I was definitely the only nun there, and let’s just say I was getting a lot of looks. I’d be lying if I said that all of them were good — I had a fair share of people looking at me as if I had murdered Jesus and shat on the grave of the Pope. But most of that was from other girls and some of the older and more crotchety donors. When it came to my target market, I was a hit. It seemed every guy at the party wanted to have a personal confessional with me (do nuns do confession?). I danced with a few guys, but no one really stood out. That is, until I found the instant winner.

You know how they say that the Devil is beautiful? I’m not sure if that’s true, but the Devil that I was looking at sure as hell was. He was a tall drink of water, and you could see every single muscle through the red spandex suit he was wearing. A red mask covered half of his face, but he had the strong jawline of a Greek deity. I was actually talking to some guy as he started walking over. The guy’s name was Jeff and he was trying to put his best moves on me. Or maybe it was Jack. Jamie? Whatever, he isn’t important. As my mystery man nudged Mr. Irrelevant aside, I was already starting to get aroused.

“Hello sister, how are you doing this evening?”

“I’m not sure I should be speaking to you. At least not without some holy water or something.” OK, maybe not my most smooth line, but that isn’t typically my job.

“I’ve always wanted to corrupt a sister of the cloth.”

“And what makes you think I’m corruptible? Maybe I take my vow of purity seriously.”

“Give me one dance to change your mind?”

“I suppose there’s no harm in that,” I agreed, as he led me to the dance floor.

Once there, it didn’t take long for him to seize control. I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised, given that I had only promised him one dance. We started grinding on each other, and it didn’t take long for me to feel the effects of the fact that the only thing separating my bare ass from him was the thinnest piece of spandex known to man. It took about 45 seconds for his trident to introduce itself. With that, he had earned himself a couple more dances.

We spent the better part of the next hour dancing with each other. And by dancing, I mean I spent the time gyrating my ass on his massive bulge, seeing if I could get him to blow right there. There was a moment or two where we stepped off the dance floor to go do a shot out of the ice luge (I won), and we exchanged names, but that was the extent of our conversation. All I really found out was that his name was CJ and that he’s from Texas. That and he was oddly comfortable about the fact that his costume and erection ensured that every single person at the party could see that he was circumcised.

For a devil, CJ was the perfect gentleman. Too much of one, in fact. Since I had plans for the night that involved less-than gentlemanly things, I decided to give him a nudge. During what turned out to be our last dance of the night, I took his left hand and placed it firmly on the scrap of fabric that was the front of my thong.

When I did this, two things happened. The first was that I literally felt his cock twitch against my ass. The second? Well the second was that it was my turn to be unable to hide my arousal. That hand of his quickly noticed how wet I was getting, and it began rubbing my pussy through my panties.

“Didn’t take much to corrupt you after all.”

“It’s not my fault. I hear escort bursa the Devil has a silver tongue.”

“You haven’t even begun to see the things my tongue is capable of.”


We hopped in an Über and headed back to my place, trying the best we could to hold off on the action until we got back to my apartment. We failed. About halfway, CJ slid his hand over my mons and into my still soaking pussy. I tried to silence my whimpers, but apparently I wasn’t as smooth as I thought I was. The driver heard and began screaming something at us, though I don’t remember what it was. I was too occupied with what CJ was doing to me. Needless to say, I have a one-star review on Über now. At least he was nice enough to not kick us out of the car right then and there.

When we got back to my spot, I hadn’t even closed the door before CJ threw me against the closest wall and did a full on assault of my mouth with that silver tongue of his. He wasn’t lying. The man has a talented tongue, and I couldn’t wait to see what else he could do with it.

As we passionately made out in my foyer, his hands explored the few parts of me that he hadn’t already enjoyed with his eyes. He slid one hand under my tube top, pinching my nipple and causing me to squeal against his mouth. His other hand continued what it was doing in the Über, spreading the lips of my soaked sex, sliding one finger, then two, and eventually a third inside me. Jesus, he was good with those too.

After all of that grinding at the party and the warmup on the ride home, it didn’t take long before I was ready to burst.

“Oh my God, don’t stop. I’m almost there!” I moaned, temporarily unlatching from his mouth so I could catch my breath.

About ten seconds later, he went for the kill, using his thumb to rub my clit. As I came, I crumpled to the floor, unsteady on my feet.

“You can call out to God all you want,” he laughed, as he shut the front door that I never successfully closed. “But you are MINE tonight.”

So that’s how he wanted to play it, huh? Well two can do that.

“Are you sure about that, Lucifer? I was promised a silver tongue, and you haven’t proven anything yet.”

“Bedroom. NOW!”

Yes sir.

Luckily, my room was the first door of the hallway. I opened the door, and he immediately pushed me from behind, causing me to shriek as I flopped face down onto the bed. I expected to feel his weight press down on me immediately, but that didn’t happen. Instead, I looked back over my shoulder to see CJ taking a moment to admire the shape of my ass. I could hardly blame him. He also used that time to slip out of his spandex suit, though he did leave the mask on for the sake of our little game. I was into it.

“When I’m done with you, you won’t be able to take a step within 100 yards of a church,” he growled. “Assuming you can walk at all.”

And with that, he took a step forward, pushing my thong to the side and burying his tongue into my wanton slit.

I know I had high expectations for this moment after all of his talk, but I have to say that they were all exceeded. CJ clearly knew what he was doing when it came to eating pussy. He constantly alternated between licking my pussy up and down and tongue fucking me, keeping me on the edge of a second orgasm for what seemed like forever, all while never allowing me to get there. To make things better, every time he would bury that tongue inside of me, I would get the added bonus of his nose gently prodding my asshole. I could feel every neuron in my body firing.

*SLAP* He struck my ass with what felt like a giant paddle, though it was actually just his massive hand.

“Beg for it.”

*SLAP* *SLAP* One for each cheek this time. My ass started to burn, as the cold room in my air touched my quickly reddening ass.

“Please…” I whimpered. “I need you to fuck me right now. Do whatever you want to me Mr. Satan, sir. But I need it RIGHT.NOW.”

He obliged. In one quick motion, he was inside me. REALLY inside me. Like, holy shit.

Typically, I blow a guy a little before we actually get to the sex part. At a minimum, I’ve at least seen how big the cock that I’m about to have inside me is. I didn’t have the luxury here. I had felt it when grinding with him, and seen the bulge through his spandex, but those only paint half the picture. And what CJ was packing was a WAY bigger picture than what I had had recently. It threw me completely off guard, and I couldn’t help but scream out.

“Fuck, you are tight,” he said, pausing a moment after finishing the act of getting that fat dick all the way inside me. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d actually believe that you were the virgin nun you claimed to be.”

“If I was actually a virgin, you would have just caused internal bleeding…you still might have.”

*SLAP* “That sounded like a complaint.”

But it wasn’t. After the initial shock wore off, it felt amazing. It was EXACTLY what I needed after getting myself all riled up with the pizza guy a few days ago. CJ started slow, but as I got adjusted to his size more and more, he started ramping up his speed. Still lying prone on the bed, I was completely powerless and at my devil’s every whim. It was perfect.

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