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Playing Horsey

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My daughter is 23 but she still lives at home. We have a Sunday morning ritual that goes back to when she was 18 and first got some “shorty” pajamas, which she has always worn without the panty part, the top barely reaching below her crotch (so her pussy tends to occasionally show as the top part of her nighty moves, as does her beautiful tush, especially if she bends over facing away).

My wife goes to church service at 9:00 AM, she leaves the house at about 8:30. But I stay in bed to “sleep late”.

As soon as the car is out of the driveway, Ellen appears in her nightie to “play horsey”. She pulls back the covers and sits astride me as I lie on my back. I wear typical male pajamas to bed, sometimes without the top if it is warm. But what we discovered that first time long ago was that the fly of mens pajamas tends to part and let an erection out if a guy is lying on his back. She discovered this happy fact “accidentally” the first time she played “horsey”.

My thick warm cock tended to spread apart her labia and rub against her clit just right if she leaned Taşdelen Escort forward and rocked back and forth on it.

After the first time, I added a little Astroglide lubricant when I heard the car start, that makes it even better. As you can imagine, if my cock is up against my abdomen, the most sensitive part just below the glans is getting rubbed as she “rides”. And by leaning forward, her beautiful breasts are close enough for me to lick and kiss the nipples. The leaning seems to allow her to make just the right contact of my cock with her clitoris- there is never any penetration- that would be sinful.

I hold very still and that helps me delay my orgasm; she does ALL the work.

I am a horsey that could be made of wood- I tried bouncing her up and down but it didn’t produce as much good contact as she can manage with me holding still.

I tend to orgasm when she gets that “glazed” look on her face with her eyes closed and her lips slightly apart, her breathing and movement faster; I think the pulsations of my cock,as Taşdelen Escort Bayan I ejaculate, make her come. But she keeps on riding until I go soft because she will have 3 or 4 orgasms on a ride. She does love her Daddy, that is for sure.

We never talk during the ride, and have rarely talked about “horsey” at other times. She mentioned that she has tried to get boyfriends to let her ride, but they don’t seem to have the patience and just want to get their cock inside her. Thus she is still a virgin and sees no reason not to wait. Why fuck when she knows that she can have multiple orgasms without intercourse; those asshole boyfriends don’t know what they are missing out on!

As you can imagine, there is a great affection between us. I have explained all about various kinds of sexual activity, so she will be ready to deal with various boyfriends from a position of knowledge – but we will never do anything but horsey, for a variety of reasons I don’t need to enumerate.

After explaining all about oral sex and intercourse Escort Taşdelen to her, I arranged for Ellen hide in our closet and watch me perform with her mother Jan. Of course I didn’t tell Jan that Ellen was watching. I am certain she would never have agreed. I’ll bet Jan must have wondered why I used my entire repertoire of moves that night, including every position I have ever tried that worked without giving me cramps.

The penetration of Jan’s cunt was only after SERIOUS mutual oral stimulation in a variety of positions. Ellen was interested but didn’t seem to think that anything she saw was all that much better than playing “horsey”. She did mention that she was glad I didn’t “play horsey with Mom”; she considers that “our special secret fun”.

Sooner or later Ellen will find a guy who meets her needs and since I get plenty of sex from Jan, I won’t try to stop her. But until then, “horsey” sure beats going to Church. Jan prays enough for both of us I am sure.

I plan on making some videotapes of our little game before she decides she doesn’t want to play it anymore, so I can relive my memories when I need to jerk off. I bet Ellen will always want to play when she comes to visit though; she gets so much enjoyment out of the game. And I can prevent others from viewing the tapes- so that could not possibly be a problem, why would someone watch private videotapes?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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