Pink Baby Dolls Pt. 02

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Jocelyn and her brother Mark were left alone by their parents to spend the Thanksgiving weekend on their own. Jocelyn was supposed to have spent the long weekend at her friend, Amelia’s place where they had planned to celebrate Jocelyn’s 18th birthday with a pajama party and her girlfriend had given her a set of the most darling bubble-gum pink baby dolls. Jocelyn had purchased a magnum of pink (her favourite colour) champagne for the occasion and had ended up drinking most of it on her own while on the phone long-distance with her friend. Once they’d finished discussing clothes, hair, makeup, boys, and then her irritable, judgemental and condescending older brother, they wished each other goodnight and promised to talk the next day.

Tipsy, restless, lonely and feeling somewhat sorry for herself, she decided to hazard a visit to her brother Mark’s ‘mancave’ in the basement in search of distraction.

Part 2

Once Jocelyn had decided to search out her brother, she flounced brazenly out of her room, leaving her inhibitions behind. The pink silk and frills of her baby dolls whispered over her skin and she relished how grown-up the timeless click of her matching powder puff stilettos sounded. Her brashness took her from her room to the main floor before a flutter of anxiety shot through her sensibilities reminding her that, for the first time, she was on the verge of violating her brother’s private domain and seeing how he spent his time. She took a steadying breath and continued towards the narrow stairwell leading to the compact downstairs suite in which Mark hibernated during his infrequent sojourns home from university. The glow from a dramatic sunset streamed down through a skylight and over her golden hair, turning it into a sleek sheet of strawberry blonde while it simultaneously outlined her lush curves through the filmy fabric of her crotch-length outfit. She usually respected the off-limits designation of her brother’s space but in her somewhat inebriated state she felt unusually motivated to challenge boundaries so she ignored her qualms and focused on staying steady on her heels.

Descending the stairs, her courage began to leech away and her boldness faltered, especially on seeing that the door at the foot of the stairs was slightly ajar and she heard what seemed to be voices. She stopped to listen before inviting herself in because the tone and rhythm of the sounds didn’t seem to be voices so much as – a jolt of primal awareness shot through her as moaning and a sort of squelching sound finally fully registered and she recognized the animalistic sounds of sex. She heard a gravelly voice command “Oh yeah baby, suck it….,” accompanied by lewd slurping and grunting and froze where she stood.

Wildly embarrassed, (she contemplated backing away), but even more curious – she tiptoed stealthily closer and peeked inside. Her eyes landed on the wide-screen TV first and she realized that the sounds and voices she’d been hearing were, for the most part, coming from the action on screen. A porn movie played and naked bodies performed on the screen in positions of varying dexterity. She might have been enthralled by the sight if she hadn’t peered further around the corner and become totally captivated by the scene that was playing in front of her in living technicolor.

Her eyes flared and a flush of heat coursed through her body to see her brother completely nude except for a small towel thrown over his thighs, spread out in full view on the sofa facing the TV. His chest was bare, his breath was heaving, his knees were splayed and his private parts were in his hands. His fist punped up and down, fast and hard then slow and hot, with alternating rhythm and ferocity. He broke off momentarily to spit into his palm then returned to thrusting into the slick hand, his hips jerking and gyrating in time. She had heard talk of men being ‘well hung’ but there was nothing at all about her brother that was hanging and she thought to herself it would take someone sakarya escort much more experienced and well-informed than she to find fault with the vision of manhood in front of her. His penis was longer, larger, and heftier than she had thought possible, protruding fiercely from his groin, the straining head and purple veins pulsing lividly, exemplifying blatant, unleashed masculine sexuality. She was mesmerized by the supple slide of his skin over the rigid column of his arousal as he worked it. His other hand cupped the taut swollen sac at the base of his shaft and he fondled and massaged it with palpable pleasure. Decadent moans vibrated from deep in his chest as his head rolled between his shoulders, while low in her belly, Jocelyn’s body trembled with an answering reverberation. Her breath fell into rhythm with his as it escaped in short, shallow pants and physical awareness blossomed through her, centering ‘down there’ with warm, swollen, tingling awareness. Mortified, she could feel wetness gathering between her legs and when she slid her hand to the apex of her thighs, she gasped at the wave of molten pleasure and craving for ‘more’ that washed over her.

The lace at her deeply scooped neckline was making her breasts heavy, ‘itchy’, and needy and she had inadvertently begun rocking on the hand she had nudged between her thighs in her futile search for relief. She had, in fact, become so distracted by the sights, sounds and feelings she was experiencing that she didn’t realize she was about to sneeze.

Until she did.

“Holy friggin’ shit!!” Mark shot up off the sofa, grabbing the nearby towel and flinging it over his exposed midriff. “What the hell are you doing down here?” he bellowed. “Get the hell back upstairs before I wallop your ass! Or worse!”

Humiliation pumped adrenalin through Mark’s already charged-up body and his heartbeat thundered in his ears as the horror of this violation sunk in. He wrapped the towel around his hips with a litany of curses and then looked up and froze. “Well?? What the hell are you waiting for? I told you to get you and your… body back upstairs. What part of ‘Now!’ didn’t you understand?!” he glared at her.

A dainty wrinkle appeared between Jocelyn’s brows as she nodded distractedly. “You know,” she swayed slightly as she pensively appraised him. Her whiskey eyes danced inappropriately over the hard planes of his body which gleamed with a fine layer of sweat in the low light, “you look pretty good without a shirt on.” Her tongue peeked out and moistened her lower lip and her sharp little teeth came down to worry it.

His mouth dropped open and his eyes boggled.

Her eyes devoured him in another once over, finally returning to above his shoulders. She narrowed her eyes with wary suspicion. “Your hair looks pretty good slicked back like that too and, with you never being without your glasses, I can’t believe I’d forgotten how green your eyes were.” (The glasses weren’t prescription but he thought they fit the ‘smart, lanky, geek’ persona he cultivated.) Her eyes dipped lower and traced the soft-looking whorls of curls that arrowed down between the sculpted concave of his hip bones to the protrusion still jutting jauntily from the towel now wrapped low on his torso.

A weighty pause met this pronouncement and Mark just stared at her dumbfounded.

“THAT’S what you’re thinking??!!!” Mark roared. “You walk in on me here all….” he waved his hand around in the general area of his groin, “all flagrante delicto and the COLOUR OF MY EYES is what first comes to your mind?!!”

“Well, nooo. Not the first thing,” she replied carefully.

Suddenly he closed his eyes and dropped his head as if not able to continue looking at her. Shaking it woefully he muttered to himself, “Unbelievable. Just unbelievable…..Not surprising, mind you, with this family, but unbelievable just the same.” Raising his head back up to glower at her, he pointed to the exit “Get out!!” escort sakarya he yelled. “Now!” as fury dripped from his voice and twisted in his gut.

She could smell the alcohol from the amber liquid in the short crystal glass at his side and it tickled her nose. She glanced down at the bottle in her own hand. The liquor having made her…..not completely oblivious to the impropriety of the situation but definitely somewhat unconcerned by her brother’s over-reaction, she continued her perusal of him, taking in each swell, each ripple, each plane. Who knew her brother was so ripped under all his loose, baggy clothes” Interesting. Quite a package he’d been hiding in his pants too if she were any judge, not that she was qualified to compare. Her brow furrowed again. “Sorry, what were you saying…?”

“I SAID GET OUT!” he pointed stringently to the door. She glanced behind her, apparently to better ascertain her present location which made her sway precariously. Mark dove towards her to intercept her certain tumble, dropping his towel in the effort, and captured her in his arms just in time. He continued to steady her by the elbow as he bent to pick up the towel and while he did, she raised her bottle for another taste. She surrepticiously gave his hand a little thank-you squeeze into the side of her body which sent a tremor of excitement skittering through her chest.

“Christ Jocelyn, how much of that have you had to drink already?” He straightened slowly and couldn’t help but take in the long line of her legs, the creamy white skin of her inner thighs and the high cut of her pink ruffled panties. With a horrified jolt he tore his eyes away.

The drone of the TV in the background had intensified and Jocelyn was getting that ‘itchy’, restless feeling again so she sidled a bit closer to him and furtively nuzzled her breast against the bulge of his bicep. He abruptly released her.

Comprehension finally breaking through her other distractions, she scowled at him. “No!” she bit off. “You’re not the boss of me you know.” She lifted her nose in the air but her gaze slid discreetly to the TV and back to him again. “I want to stay here.” A smile, rife with challenge, split the Madonna-innocence of her face and with a single raised eyebrow she held out a peace-offering to him. “Drink?”

All the blood that had been pumping through his crotch earlier and had erupted into anger when she’d caught him unawares, had completely drained him and there was not a thing left for his brain. ‘No’ the precocious little hellion had announced as if she had a right to. He dropped back to the couch and his eyes followed hers to the TV. He’d better get her out of here before legs, panties, biceps and towels evolved into even more of a problem than what was already starting to give him a… um…a problem.

“Why, Jocelyn?” he entreated. She turned to look at him, flipping a cascade of hair over her shoulder. “Why do you even want to be here? You can get porn anywhere.” Their eyes met for the first time in a very long time and she read the forthrightness in his, while he searched for answers in hers.

“Well,” she looked at the floor feeling bashful and somewhat ashamed. “I’m bored and….” she hesitated. “And I’m lonely.” She sounded agrieved but then, reviving herself, she stated bluntly, nodding towards the TV, “and besides, I want to learn how to do that stuff.” And in saying, back up went that defiant nose of hers.

“WHAT??”. This was too much! Really too much. “You’re too damn young,” his protective instincts reared up instantly.

“I’m not! I need to learn this stuff if I’m ever going to get a boyfriend. I’m going to university in just a couple of months and somehow or other I need to learn all this sex stuff,” she whined plaintively.

The woman on TV pistoned the naked man’s straining cock like her job depended on it.

“Boys don’t like me,” she added dejectedly. “I’m fat.”

He huffed and took in the breathtaking sakarya escort bayan allure of her bouncing assets. Girls really did not understand men at all, did they. He rolled his eyes at her.

Suddenly an insidious thought wormed its way into his consciousness and took hold. He narrowed his eyes as he scrutinized her and she fidgeted under the weight of it. After a moment, he seemed to come to a conclusion and he tossed his head, loosening his shoulders and took a deep breath. “So you want to learn about sex.” Any warmth that had softened his face earlier had seeped away and she shivered to readjust to the familiar ice in his voice. “From me,” he added with a smirk that came nowhere near his eyes.

Her eyes darted to the right and left, then down and back up to him. “Well, yes?” it came out as a question.

“I see.” His eyes drifted around the room, searching…..searching… And then fastened back on her. “So you come down here in your little princess outfit and see if you can make a fool of your brother, is that it?”

She only blinked spastically in response.

Well, I. Don’t. Think so.” he annunciated clearly so the disdain would not be lost. “Do you even know that what you’re trying to do is ILLEGAL for fuck sake? You might think you’re trying to humiliate me but, let me assure you, telling anyone about your little escapades coming down here tonight would not go well for you.” The smirk continued to play on his lips and he picked up his glass; the echo of him crunching on a piece of ice sending another shiver down her spine.

“So Jocelyn,” he asked matter-of-factly looking down at his drink, “do you have a camera in here?”

Shock flickered across her face. “Wait, WHAT? No!”

“Uh huh.” he nodded slowly as her skin cooled from the chill in his voice. “Well, I’ve been made a fool of before and would really prefer to nip that possibility in the bud.”

“Listen Mark, you don’t have to go all crazy just because I was feeling bored and thought I might be interested in what you were doing, you know,” she frowned back defensively. She turned away from him, pretending this time to focus on the TV.

He stopped, his glass halfway to his lips before he licked them and knocked back the rest of his drink. He considered the empty glass. “Hmmm, let’s see…. I think I can think of a way to solve both our problems. YOU can convince ME that you had no dishonourable intentions in showing up here and, at the same time, you can satisfy your need for… excitement and,… shall we say,” he looked at her chest pointedly, “titilation. Desperate need for it apparently if the state of your nipples is any indication,” he jeered insolently.

She looked sideways over her shoulder at him. “Don’t be an asshole,” she gave him a dirty look. “Just tell me.”

“Well, I’d be happy to teach you how to make a man horny. Delighted actually. That’s what you want, right? To make all the so-called men horny?” He wouldn’t even trust his best friend with her but a litany of past resentments was snaking around him and he felt a cruel streak bubbling within. “Why don’t we have YOU be the main attraction in this scenario? I’ll watch YOU touch and pleasure yourself. I won’t touch you or participate, I’ll just tell you what to do. Then you will touch yourself in just the way I tell you. How about that? Two birds with one stone?” his mouth tipped in a sardonic smile and that eyebrow cocked up again in question.

She turned to fully face him, her eyes darting left and right across the floor as if she’d find the answer in the pattern of the area rug. She chewed on her lip and with a rather sick feeling, he realized she was actually considering it.

Suddenly, the truth of his villainy sweeping over him, she looked very innocent and not at all scheming or devious. Oh god! What had he done? And worse, every second she considered the proposition drew more heat to his loins even as he desperately tried to stem it.

She drew in a brisk, purposeful breath, and with a tight nod said one word. “Okay.” She raised the bottle of liquid courage to her lips and took a long draw.

He froze, riveted by her lips around the neck of the bottle and the rhythmic pulsing of her throat.

“Ah……. I,.. uh,……” Oh god, what had he done?


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