Piercing the Rayne Ch. 02

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Pierce awoke a few hours later to see Rayne stretched out at the end of his bed. She had found his massive collection of porno DVDs and had put one in. He felt his heart stop. Would she think he was a jerk? His collection consisted mainly of blowjob and anal films. He sat up a little on the bed and watched her as she watched the porno. Her left hand squeezed one of her luscious tits while three of the fingers on her other hand were inside her mouth. His heart quickened when he realized she was mocking the actress giving a blowjob on the TV. Each time the girl in the film took the mammoth cock out of her mouth and flicked the head, Rayne would do the same to her fingers. Pierce felt his cock come alive again. He watched her suck on her fingers like that for several moments. When the man in the film came all over the woman’s face he noticed her amazed expression. Then the anal sex began in the video.

Rayne turned to him then, “You like this stuff? I mean this particularly. It seems to be the only thing in your collection.” Her eyes met his. God, he felt like such an asshole.

“Well, um, uh yes. I do.” He mumbled and lifted his eyes back to the TV screen. The screen was filled with the actress’s ass being pounded by the actor. “I would never ask you to do anything like that. I mean if you didn’t want to. I never want to hurt you.”

“Have you done that with a woman?” She pointed to the screen.

“Yeah kind of; my ex-wife and I tried it a couple of times. It didn’t go too well though. She…uh didn’t let me know I was doing it too hard. I hurt her. I just couldn‘t stop. I didn’t mean to. Rayne, I’d never do that to you. I promise.” He slid to the end of the bed with her, and held his face close to hers.

“But, is it something you really like to do?” Rayne asked as she flicked her tongue over his lips.

“Yes, I loved the few times I got to do it, but it doesn’t matter. I can‘t control myself when I do it; my body just does what it wants to.” He kissed her then, and prayed she wouldn’t think him to be a sleaze-ball.

“Could I try to make you cum with my mouth?” She asked him. His dick hardened further at her innocence. “I’ve never really done that to a guy. I tried but…I don’t know; I was a teenager, and I couldn’t do it right.”

“You don’t have to. I don’t need you to. My ex hated doing it. The last one I got was from a drunken lady at a party. It was awful…”

She cut him off with a deep kiss. Her tongue played over his. Moving eryaman bayan escort slowly she sat up. Like a tigress in the mist of a stalk she backed him up to the head of the bed. He couldn’t move or speak. She looked so sexy to him, with her lustful eyes, and her uncanny black hair untamed due to their earlier love making. With his naked back pressed against the cool wall, Rayne knelt between his thighs. “I want to make you feel good; the way you made me feel.” She said as she lowered her head to his stiffened cock. Pierce let his head fall back against the wall. He told himself he’d be a gentleman, and would not cum in her mouth.

“Ahhh…,” a long breath escaped his lips when he felt her mouth press against the top of his shaft. He again told himself to be a gentleman, and resist the urge to grab her by the back of the head. Just let her do whatever she wants, he thought. He almost jumped out of his skin when she sucked the head into her mouth, and let her tongue dance across the opening. As he imaged the tongue ring felt wonderful on his skin. He told himself to not look down at her…that would send him over the edge. He squeezed his eyes shut and just listened. He heard Rayne’s slow breaths, the actress as she moaned loudly, and the rain that turned to hail beated down on the roof outside. The only thing he felt was her mouth around his dick. Very slowly she slid herself down the length of him. Pierce grabbed handfuls of the mattress and ripped the bottom sheet off the top corner. More, she slid more into her mouth.

Then suddenly her mouth was gone. He looked down at her with his chest heaving. Rayne had turned to watch the TV. A different actress performed this time. Pierce felt his dick harden to a painful state. He closed his eyes again and told himself to just calm down. He needed to let her do this at her own pace.

His senses were set on fire when he felt her lips slid half way down his dick. He took in a deep breath and held it for a few moments. His shaft throbbed against the side of her cheek and slowly she inched the rest of him in. Her nose was pressed against his soft pubic hair and she moaned softly. He felt her throat as it vibrated around his dick, and it made a grunt-like sound escape his mouth. He had to look down; he had to see himself inside her mouth. It was the sexist thing he thought he’d ever seen. Her sprawled between his legs with his entire length buried in her mouth. Her hair hung over her shoulders and tickled his escort sincan inner thighs. He grabbed a handful of it and pulled it away so he could get a better view. She began to slide up and down his length, and he watched as the impression of his head popped out against her cheek. With his free hand he braced himself up from the mattress a little, and gave himself some room to thrust gently between her lips. He wondered if he’d ever felt anything this good in his life. It was feeling too good and he began to feel the familiar ache within his balls. He quickly tugged her hair; which pulled her mouth off him. He froze in that position and tried to calm himself down.

She asked, “What? Did I do something wrong, Pierce?”

“God no, Rayne…it’s too good baby. I-I don’t want to cum in your mouth. You’re going to make me though if you keep doing this.” He said without looking at her. His rigid shaft pulsed in front of her face, and begged to be within the warm depths of her throat again.

“But, that’s exactly what I want.” She replied and buried his length inside her again. He growled, and threw his head back into the wall. Her tempo increased, and so did his heart rate. He thought his heart would pound itself right through his rib cage. He repeated her name over and over again, like a chant. She started to suck and lick his shaft like some kind of Popsicle. He was going to go mad. Her lips were wrapped snuggly around him, and not one of her teeth scraped the vulnerable skin of his cock.

“Rayne!” He groaned her name as he pushed on the back of her head. “I-I don’t want to cum…not in your…” The words were lost on his lips as he felt his balls begin to twitch. “Rayne, not your first time…”

She had both hands wrapped around the base of him, and commenced to slid him completely out of her mouth when she made the trip up. “Cum for me.” She said when her mouth was not full of cock. She said it fast, and her voice was full of need. That was all it took.

“Oh, god.” Pierce growled, letting his body have the upper hand from what his mind was telling him to do. He wanted to be a nice guy, and not shoot in her mouth, but every fiber in his body wanted to do only that. When he felt one of her hands snake its way down to caress his balls; he lost it. With both hands he grabbed as much of her silky hair as he could and held it on top of her head. He looked down, and watched his dick fuck her. “Please, suck harder…” He begged. Rayne elvankent escort bayan carried out his wish. Sweat began to pour out of his body as he neared his climax. He couldn’t hang on much longer; he could feel the pre-cum oozing out of the opening. His hips lifted up from the mattress in a violent frenzy. He was going to cum. He was going to cum in her mouth, and she wanted it. He wondered what he’d ever done to deserve a woman like her. He loved the way she looked, her tattoos and piercings, the smell of her, the feel of her, her mind. He loved her.

His head tossed from side to side as the cum began to slowly advance up his shaft. “Honey, I’m cuming…” He pushed her down on his dick as the semen erupted into her throat. He quickly released her head when he saw he had gagged her. His dick slid out of her mouth, and he came all over her face. It was in her hair, and on her chin. Her mouth slid down on him as the last few drops spurted out. She licked and sucked the cum off his delicate skin.

Pierce had not moved for at least ten minutes. Rayne had moved her head to lie on his chest, feeling the rythmic rise and fall from his deep breathing.

“Did I do well for my first time?” She asked him, concerned why he had not moved at all after his climax. Her fingernails trailed over what little patches of chest hair he had. After a few moments he spoke, “Yes, Rayne. That was…that was incredible. I hope I didn’t gag you too bad. I’m sorry, I really didn’t want to cum in your mouth for your first time.”

“I loved it. I liked making you feel good. It didn’t taste as bad as I thought it would.” She signed, and wrapped her arms around his neck. She wiggled her way to lay facing him on her side. For several minutes they stared at each other and listened to the falling hail.

He looked directly into her eyes when he spoke, “Would it bother you if I told you I think I’m in love with you?” He laughed a little. “And not just because you gave me one of the world’s greatest blowjobs. I think I’ve loved you for a long time. I just thought you were waaaaay out of my league.”

Her swollen lips spread into a smile. “No, it wouldn’t bother me. I’ve felt the same for such a long time too. I think I’m in love with you too.” Rayne looked across the room to the red candle his sister had given him. “You think your sister’s candle worked?”

“I’d say so.” For the first time in what seemed like forever, Pierce forgot about the heartbreak of his ex-wife and their divorce. He held onto Rayne as if he’d never let her go.

*******Author‘s note *******

I hope you enjoyed the second part of ‘Piercing the Rayne’. Feedback is welcomed, and please don‘t forget to vote. I hope to write more on these two lovers. ~Sylverwolfe~

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