Pick Up

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They met at the pub.

Her boy friend was being a shit and she escaped, determined she wouldn’t go back, determined to be fucked before the night ended, just to spite him.

Three weeks previously his partner had moved out, trading him for a richer model. She’d left him with her cat and a nasty taste he was slowly coming to terms with

They found each other at the bar, she sat on a stool next to him. He bought her a drink and they talked, exchanged their news about their partners, had a little commiseration, an ironic laugh and another drink. The conversation extended to be about them selves and became more optimistic and enjoyably sexual. He touched her knee, felt the warmth through the tights and she lay her hand on his knee. They leaned in and kissed. She’d checked his package and saw the impressive length.

Excusing her self, she used his knees to push her self up with, trailed her hand over his penis and went to the ladies. He took the opportunity too. As they were returning they met, he moved in front and held her as they kissed again, a deep searching kiss. They broke and returned to their stools.

“Much better,” he confided.

“Mm. Yes, much better.” She reached to him, some thing in her hand and gave it to him. He took it, surprised when he saw it was her panties. He looked at her and she grinned at him. She surreptitiously lifted her knees and spread them, just for him. Her tights were gone too. He saw her thighs disappear into darkness.

She giggled, her eyes, so alive, watched his and she leaned forward, allowed her scooped shirt to balloon forward to show him her bra had gone too.

“Shall we go?” he asked. She gave a nod. They stood and kissed, he wrapped her into a tight hug, and then they walked, holding hands, out of the bar to the car park. He opened the door for her and before she got in she held him, a hand on each side of his face and kissed him. She pushed a hand down his pants and grasped his penis to hold it for a moment. Then she showed him her breasts as she leaned forward, sat in the car, lifted her knees high and gave him a slow, delicious flash as she pulled her legs around. He closed her door and went to his, got in, kissed her quickly and started the car.

She moved to lean up against him and gave another long kiss, the one he’d given was hardly satisfactory. As they kissed he put his hand up her skirt and touched between her spread thighs. She kissed him harder as he felt her. When he removed eryaman escort bayan his fingers he put them in his mouth to taste.

“Let’s go,” she urged as she saw the delight on his face. They moved out of the car park, she put her head on his shoulder and her hand in his lap. As he drove she took the handle of his zip and lowered it. He smiled at her. She tried to put her hand inside. It wasn’t easy. She withdrew to undo his belt and the button, splayed his pants open and quickly had his penis out, thumping in her hand.

“Mm.” she whispered, “I want it. I want to blow it,” and she blew her hot breath into his ear. He pulled up at traffic lights. She took the opportunity to kiss him and her head swooped down to take him in her mouth. He leaned to her, lifted her skirt with one hand and with the other he held her head. She pulled his balls out, tucked his underwear under them and ran her fingers over the stretched skin. Already she knew how she could care for him, his balls needed a shave. He was going to touch her wetness again but the lights changed and the car behind was impatient.

He drove slowly as she explored him, felt the textures with her tongue and delighted in the throb in her mouth. She began to bob her head. His body stiffened. A little more suction and her hands fondled his balls. He pulled over and found a park.

“Lay back your seat,” she whispered. His hand went to the adjustment and gave it a turn. She stroked while he did, one hand gliding the skin from one end to the other. With a finger she tapped his hip and he lifted as she pushed his pants down past his knees. She found her phone. God, he was beautiful. She felt his hand under her shirt close on her breast. She resumed bobbing again and the flash of the phone’s camera lit up the inside of the car. Gentle, patient, her lips slid on the skin as he curled her hair with his fingers and massaged her breast with his other hand. She lengthened the stroke, his penis going deeper and then her mouth rose until it held only the head which she polished with her tongue. His penis throbbed and he moaned. He squeezed her breast and curled her hair tighter with his fingers.

With the grip of her lips tighter they slid from the base, up to the head and back and she traced a finger round his testicles. He moaned again, half a stutter, his head rolled, his body tensed and he came, a hot, scarifying blast as his hips rose out of the seat. She rode with him, her mouth over the head etimesgut escort of his penis caught his cum and she swallowed. More squirts, she held his penis with her hand, trapped it and sucked the cum out as she took another picture.

The flow diminished and his sensitivity increased. He started to squirm, she was giggling, he giggled too and in desperation prised her head away. She sat up, opened her mouth and showed him her trophy, a pool of white in her mouth. Another picture. She leaned over his reclining form and kissed him. Her tongue pushed between his lips and transferred some of his semen to him. He was surprised, opened his mouth to show her and swallowed it. He moved to access her breasts, she caught his face in her hands and he watched her swallow.

“I’m glad you did that. Let’s get home.” They kissed again, lingering and she held his balls in her hand as though to give thanks while his hand cupped the heat of her sex.

He wound up his seat and started the car as she leaned up against him and played with his testicles. A stop at traffic lights and she pulled her skirt up to show him her pussy, pulled it apart and put a finger in.

It wasn’t long. They pulled into his drive. Another kiss and he ran around to her door. He opened it, reached in with both hands, picked her up and carried her to the front door. He fumbled, eventually found them and with the key opened the door.

“Woo hoo,” she shouted, laughing, her arms around his neck, as he kicked the door closed. She kicked her shoes off. He carried her through the lounge room, she kissed him in the passageway. Impatiently, he manoeuvered to get her into the bedroom.

“Woo hoo!” she shouted again and crushed her lips to his. He placed her on the bed. She was laughing. He kissed her. She lifted her shirt to show him her tits. His hands were at her shirt, he pulled, she raised her arms, it slipped over her head and off. Her breasts rippled as she giggled, generous breasts with nipples he had to suck. His mouth was over one as his hand was on the other. He pulled her nipple into his mouth, felt its shape and sucked. He let it go and with both hands pushed her breast up to look at her nipple and switched to her other breast. Her eyes twinkled as she watched. He kissed her mouth with her arms wrapped around him.

He pulled her hips to the edge of the bed. She raised her legs, her knees bent and spread. He fell to his knees between escort elvankent them and looked carefully, saw the patterns of stubble around the wrinkled lips that protruded between the big ones. With a finger he touched, there was a quick intake of her breath and she giggled. As though she had provided impetus or perhaps given permission, his mouth closed over her very wet sex and he split it with his tongue.

She pulled away, laughed as she rolled to her knees, grabbed his shirt and pulled it off. She showed him her wet pussy, teased him as she opened it with her fingers and touched her little nub.

“Get your shoes and socks off” she demanded and scooted to the other side of the bed. On hands and knees, her breasts hung low as she watched him. His shoes dropped, each with a bang as they hit the floor and his socks followed.

He got on the bed and she evaded him to undo his belt and rip his pants down. He quickly dropped them to the floor. She grabbed his balls and sucked his dick. He moved away, breaking her suction and rolled her to be on her back. He scooted round and she turned over onto her knees again. He tried to get behind her and she shouted “woo hoo,” as she moved around with him. She kissed him, her tongue swept inside his mouth. He held her tight and as they kissed he moved to get a better position. She held his head in her hands and applied pressure to indicate she wanted him on his back. He succumbed and lying flat on his back she sat on his dick and began to ride him.

“Wait! Wait!” She shouted and got off the bed. She went through her clothes and returned with her phone. “I want pictures- please.” She set the camera and handed it to him. On top of him again, with his dick inside she posed for a few pictures. His dick showed as clearly being in her. She took the phone from him, fiddled with it and sent the pictures to her boy friend.

She put the phone on the bed side cabinet and started to laugh, thinking of the reaction of her now “ex”. As though to confirm her decision she began to ride him rapidly. He thrust back at her and her fluids ran to create a large wet spot. Her hips rose, her body arched and she moaned, a high pitched moan.

She thought she was flying, her body weightless and she pulled his head into her with her hands. Suddenly he pressed her clit with his finger and she came, a rocket blasting into her stratosphere, her body shook and she screamed and sobbed as her body arched. Smothered by her breasts, he couldn’t breathe and tried to pull away.

Slowly she settled, exhaustion took over, her breath deep and rapid she let him go. He giggled as he wrapped his arm around her and kissed her. As their energies restored they looked at each other and touched with soft finger tips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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