Phoning Foxy

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“Hello Foxy!” He called cheerfully down the phone.

“Hello John. I thought you’d never ring me ever again.” She told him, sounding all hurt.

“Well yes, it was a pity we fell out, after all these years, but then when you asked me in a text message the other day, what it would take for me to talk to you again, I couldn’t resist telling you to, just talk dirty!

She giggled softy into the phone and went on, “Well here I am, ready to talk.”


“Oh yeah.” She laughed. “If you like?”

“So what have you been doing, since we last talked? Have you been getting up to your thoroughly naughty ways? Getting perfectly pleasured on every conceivable opportunity? Shagged to a standstill? Are you even walking with a positive limp perhaps? Has dirty Dave still been calling around for his Sunday sessions?”

She gave another of her wicked laughs, followed by a long silence.

“I’ll take that as a definite yes then?” He told her. ” And what about the little slut who helps you with the horses,” he went on. “Have you and her been kneeling on your bed and letting Dave go from one hot horny hole to another? Bring one of you off then plowing into the other. On and on till you all can’t stand?” She cleared her throat nervously but still did not answer him.

“Tell me, when he first brought her to your place, was she already broken in, well mannered and easily to ride, or did you make her sit and watch, until she couldn’t stand it any longer, and start begging to let her join in the fun?”

There was another dirty giggle from Foxy, well more of a snigger this time, but still no answer from her one way or the other, regarding her latest sexual activities.

“When they arrive on the Sundays, are you already for them? Stripped off, waiting behind the door, naked, with your pussy panting, all wet and wanton? Have you been playing sticky finger for the past hour, as you waited on tender hooks, watching out the window for their car? All sexed up for a good shagging?”

“I have my housecoat on.” She told him abruptly, finally breaking her silence. Trying to normalize her behavior with the fact that although she was indeed naked, eryaman gerçek escort numaları the housecoat gave her just that veneer of decency while eagerly waiting for her Sunday shagging.

“Right! So then do you help the little slut to undress while dirty Dave watches you?” There was a long pause, before she simply admitted, “yes!”

“I bet he likes to watch you?”

“Yeah.” She agreed, thinking about how Dave would urge her on to strip the girl quickly, so that he could watch them play together.

“And what about photos. Dose he take photos?”


“What about playing girlie games, do you do those for Dave?”

“Yes, that too!” She blurted out, annoyed at having to admit to it all like this.

“I bet you do. I bet you put on a lovely horny display of eating the slut’s little kitty. Did you teach her how to do that?

“No!” She paused, and then added, “She already knew about that kind of thing. She was very experienced when Dave first brought her to my place. I was amazed. She seemed to have started quite young, and been at it for ages.”

“What about sharing you with his friends?” John wanted to know.

She thought for a few moments, and then asked.

“Me, you mean?”

“No Foxy, you and the slut. Did he bring any friends to play with you both?”

“Once or twice, a couple of his buddies came round.” She told him hesitantly, almost reluctantly.

“And the three of them fucked both of you?”


“Did they take turns, or all of them together?”

“I believe they did me all at the same time one or twice.” She told him sniggering. Sending pictures of her kneeling and taking it like the good girl she was, flashing through his mind. Almost hearing her grunting like a bitch on heat as she got serviced almost to the point of, beyond the call of duty.

“You were really well and truly fucked then my Foxy friend?”

She laughed dirtily again and said she had been very well fucked, adding that all her holes had been filled beautifully.

“Now that is something that I would love to have seen.” He laughed. “I’d love to see you get a good seeing to, spunk everywhere.”

She sincan escort sniggered some more and he felt her starting to relax now. She said how it had been too long since he had seen to her. She asked him if he remembered the last time he flagged her car down into his driveway? Getting her drive around the back of his house before taking he into an outbuilding and fucking her hard. Puling down her pants and making her bend over as she supported herself against the wall of the building and letting him fuck her fast and furiously, before anyone discovered them.

“You like it like that don’t you, unplanned, and taken roughly?”

“Oh John!” She half groaned, half sighed.

“You like to fucked like a slut, up against a wall, with spunk dripping from your cunt as you drive on home, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I love it. I love to feel you seeping out of me for ages afterwards. Dip my finger into it, and taste you. Relive our tryst all over again.”

“Remember all those days I picked you up from work in your lunch hour?”

“And you drove me like hell, to that little wood.”

“Fifteen minutes to get there, thirty minutes to fuck you in, and fifteen minutes to get you safely back to work.” He remembered with enthusiasm.

“On dry days you did me on a rug on the ground, and when it was damp I gabbed onto a thin tree trunk and you fucked me bent over with the branches of my tree thrashing above us.” She laughed.

“And on odd occasions when it was pouring with rain I held an umbrella over us with one hand, while the other was forcing a sticky thumb up your arse. I even remember having to wipe the snow off your bare bum when we were caught in a snow storm once!” They both laughed and she sighed aloud, “Happy days.”

“Are you playing with yourself Foxy?” He wondered.

“Yes.” She whispered.

“Shall we cum together then?”

“Oh John, yes please!”

“How would you like it then?”

She thought for a moment then said, “On your garden table in the dark. I’m totally naked, laid on a blanket with my head resting on a cushion. All yours, just ready for a creaming.”

“Have we sucked batıkent escort each other off?” He wanted to know.

“Oh yes, totally. Your tongue has made me cum over and over again.” She told him excitedly, smacking her lips as though she could almost still taste his glistening hard cock as it had stuffed her drooling mouth.

“Have you covered my face with your hot juices? Squirted them all over me, as you grabbed my hair and fuck my face franticly with each fucking orgasm?”

“Yes, oh yes!”

“Did I flip you over, and bum you?”

Oh John, yes. Just like you always do. I loved it! I love giving you all my holes, especially my little tight one. God you make me cum so much I can hardly walk to my car some nights, when you’ve had to carry me, I was so legless.”

“So now I’m going to sink my cock as far up you as possible. Fuck those deep places you love to have fucked in your cunt. Let you lock your lovely bare legs around my neck as I screw you for the final time. Pin you down hard onto the table, just how you love it. No where to go except to cum on my cumming cock.”

“Yes, yes, oh yes John.” She cried excitedly.

“Are you finger fucking yourself really hard for me, Foxy?”

“Really hard! I’m almost there.”

“Are you ready to be my spunk loving slut again, letting me fill you up with all my spunky sperm?”

“Yes, oh yes!” She cried out desperately now.

“Soon then, soon! Are you ready for me?”

“Yes fuck me! Fuck me John, oh fuck me!”

“Now Foxy, NOW! OH NOW!”

He bucked wildly, and came with a great gush of hot seed flying free into the air, as he heard her cry out for him, cumming as always, right on cue.

“Gosh, that was just like old times.” She purred down the phone after getting her breath back. Sitting there with her twitching fingers still deep inside her swollen pussy lips. Saturated now, but still on a high and only needing one dirty word of encouragement and she’d do it all over again for him.

“We must do that again Foxy, soon maybe?” He asked her hopefully.

“Oh John!” she groaned slowly, squirming her bare arse around on the seat of her parked car, squeezing her bare legs tightly together, giving herself a little after shock and trembling with wanton lust.

“Can I take that as a definite yes, then?”

“Why don’t I just come round for second helpings, right now? Say in five minutes time? What do you say John, would you like that?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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