Peggy Does Hamburg

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“You won’t believe who I was just on the phone with. Peggy Sanford” Jennifer could barely contain her excitement.

“Who?” Christian asked.

“Peggy Sanford, the woman we met in Paris on our way back from Jamaica.”

Christian remembered. But then how could he have forgotten. Peggy had accidently bumped into Jennifer and sent her glass of Perrier cascading down the front of the silk blouse he had bought for her on the last day of their vacation. Jennifer was feeling frisky the day of their departure and had foregone a bra. The damp fabric clung to her small but extremely nipple–blessed tits and the woman was staring directly at them. The look on the stranger’s face was not what anyone could call embarassed.

“I am so sorry,” she said, grabbing a napkin off the bar where they were sitting. She proceeded to attempt to dry his wife’s blouse, which let her nipples achieve their full size and nearly poke right through the slinky fabric. She smiled.

“Please let me buy you another.”

“I was just thinking about having something with a lttle more bang, actually” Jennifer removed the woman’s hand from her tit slowly.

“Well, I guess it is Champagne then!” the stranger laughed and ordered a bottle of Dom Perignon.

Christian was impressed. A bottle of Dom at Charles de Gaulle cost about as much as the bartender who opened it earned in a week or two. She must be loaded.

The clothes she wore only strengthened that opinion. First there was the scarf: Hermes.

The shoes: Blahnik. And the short skirt and blazer she wore he guessed to be Armani or Yohji Yamamoto. All this year’s collection.He knew his business, after all he was the chief buyer for one of Germany’ largest fashion store chains. The entire outfit just enhanced the good looks of this woman. He guessed her to be about 36 or 37, so four or five years older than Jennifer. She had great legs and a well rounded ass that seemed halkalı escort to spend a lot of time in the gym. The blazer concealed her tits but he sensed they were in just as great shape as the rest of her. Her auburn hair was shoulder length and her smile was enough to get him hard.

They clinked their glasses and took a sip.

“I’m sorry but I need to finish this e–mail before we board on our flight back to Hamburg,” Christian excused himself and turned his attention back to his Apple laptop. He wiggled a bit trying to reposition his growing hard-on.

The two women talked for a while, The woman introduced hersef on afirst name only basis as did Jennifer. It turned out they had both grown up in Chicago. Peggy every now and then would touch Jennifer’s shoulder or tanned thigh. The e-mail was going nowhere but he didn’t give a fuck, but stole glances whenever he could.

Peggy was a former stewardess turned airline consultant and travelled from her home in New York to Europe on a regular basis. Jennifer told her that she had been married to Christian for six years and had met in college while Christian was studying in the States. They called Hamburg their home now but she missed the company of Americans every now and then and that it was so nice to speak to someone from her hometown again and so on and so on.

About twenty minutes and one bottle of Dom later the speaker announced their flight and Jennifer and Christian motioned to get going. Jennifer quickly scribbled her name and number on a napkin and said “ If you ever make it to Hamburg please give us a call” she smiled, “We’ll be sure to show you all the hot spots.”

“ I will, Jennifer Thopmson–Kant,“ she said, reading from the Napkin. She pecked Jennifer’s cheek. She pronounced Kant like “ant”. “My last name is Sanford“

“It’s ”Kant”, a little like cunt,” Jennifer olgun escort laughed. As Peggy turned around on the bar stool Jennifer noticed that the woman was wearing no panties. Peggy just smiled and spread her legs a little farther. “ Like cunt, I’ll remember that.”

Chapter TWO

“So, is she in Hamburg then?”

“No, she’s in Paris. But the person she was supposed to have meetings with has a severe flu and the talks have been postponed for a week. She doesn’t feel like flying home so she thought she would take us up on our offer and maybe use the opportunuity for some networking here at Airbus.”

“Where will she be staying?” Christian thought he already knew the answer.

“She asked for some hotel tips, but I told her not to be ridiculous. She’ll be our guest. For six days. That is okay honey isn’t it?” She rubbed her tits against her husbands head.

“Sure, but I have a meeting in Cologne tomorrow and won’t be back until Thursday afternoon. So you’ll have to show her around without me for a while, I’m sorry. I’m on the 9:15 flight tomorrow”

“I think I’ll manage. But hey that’s perfect.”


“She arrives at 8:35, I can take you and pick her up at the same time, maybe we can have coffee, you know all three of us.”

“Sure, sounds great.”

He turned, lifted her shirt and began to suck on her nipples. Soon his hand slid down her pants and worked it’s way into her jeans. She withdrew.

“Lets go take a bath and then fuck like we did in Jamaica.”

Jennifer loved her husband. She didn’t want to let him feel her moist cunt just yet. He would know why she was so hot right away.

Peggy had been on her mind ever since she hung up the phone.

They applied Jojoba oil to each other after their bath. Jennifer massaged the lube into Christians şişli escort meaty cock as he worked the oil onto her tits and up her ass crack.

“Jamaica fuck” always implied one thing.

A good stiff ass fuck for Jennifer. She had never taken it up the ass before their vacation, no matter how often Christian had tried. But that night after they had fucked like teenagers on the beach, he stole her anal virginity. And she had loved every second of it. The pain was nothing compared to the pleasure and with all the oil Christian had applied, combined with his come seeping out of her pussy and the Planter’s Punches she was relaxed enough to have a go.

And just like in Jamaica she was now lying on the bed, her ass stuck straight in the air as he worked his way into her tight, tight hole. His fingers circled her clit and she started coming almost immediately. His 25 centimeter cock was busting her open, his fingers playing the devil’s tatoo on her swollen button. As if that wasn’t enough the vison of Peggy’s pussy flashed at her on that bar stool kept racing through her head and she came long, hard and often.

“I want to drink it all! Cum in my mouth! Cum on my face! I’m your whore drown me in your cum!” she screamed and as Christian felt his climax approaching he pulled his cock out of her burning hole and shoved it up her mouth. As he blast his cum into her throat he shoved four fingers up her cunt and his thumb found it’s way into her ass. She came in shudders and sweat and tears of joy and pain.

Later that night, she awoke in a hot sweat. She had been dreaming of Peggy; of her cunt on that bar stool and her moist shirt and the way she wanted the woman to see her tits, a feeling she had never had so strongly before. She wanted this woman. Since the first ass fuck that night she knew she was moving to a different plain. There would be no more taboos, nothing would be left untried. Her cunt was going to be explored and her mouth was going to discover new and exciting things. She had been recreated and she was going to have it all.

She started to rub her cunt, then she slapped her clit pinched her niples and came twice as she rammed her fingers up her slopping wet cunt, her fingers tonight but they would be Peggy’s tomorrow. She was certain of this.

To be cuntinued…………..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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