Peaches a Plenty

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Peaches, peaches everywhere but not a bite to eat.

I was pondering upon my existence and lack of life while downing my second glass of whisky. A hunger deep inside me resided for many months with no opportunity for quenching. Suddenly a gorgeous peach appeared before me begging to be eaten. Mind oblivious to my body’s actions, I was madly devouring the fruit with out any thought involved.

The peach on which I was feasting had been presented from underneath a tight leather skirt when the petite maiden leaned over the bar counter pining for the bartender’s attention. I knew not her name, nor her face, and yet I continued loving her sensuous nether flesh as if she was the only lover I ever knew.

My mouth was busy loving the tasty peach as the mind began to contemplate. Actions of both were self driven, independent, and relentless. The explanation for my sudden behavior — desperation due to the prolonged loneliness, madness egged on by the bitter-sweet poison coursing through my veins, or perhaps frustration from forgone physical fornication — was yet unknown, even to myself.

My tongue remained active upon her puckered crevice as the young lady straightened up to spy upon her predator. Her skin was warming under my lips and my chin was feeling moisture gather in the folds which my mouth still ignored. The petite figure spun so that my face was now pressed against a naked mound smelling of female sex, perfume, and leather. Tiny hands pulled down the skirt and gently lifted my chin so that she could greet me.

I slowly stood up and straightened my ruffled attire. My face was most from my won saliva and smelled faintly of her subtle aroma. I wiped my lips dry with my hand and cleared my throat.

“Excuse me, madam.”

Still stunned from the awkward experience, the young woman remained speechless for quite some time. The look on her face was not one of anger, but part joy, part arousal, part astonishment, and puzzlement. Her mouth opened to ask a question, but only let out a gasp.

“Pardon my rudeness; I know not what came over me. I suppose I couldn’t resist such a luscious piece of fruit.” I signaled the barkeep for some water. “Perhaps you should sit awhile,” I said as I grasped her delicate hand and assisted her with a chair.

Another young woman appeared out the crowd, searching for someone, and finally found the woman sitting across from me at my table. “Where have you been, girl?” What the heck are you doing with him?”

The other woman sipped some water, still silent. She just coyly smiled and blushed. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, the young woman’s composure was returning.

“Well, I guess you could say that I’ve just been violated,” she giggled.

“Say what?” the other woman exclaimed.

“I do apologize; I didn’t mean to upset you in any way. Oh, by the way, my name is Paul.”

“Well I’m Maggie. But, can someone tell me what the heck you did to April?”

The petite brunette giggled into Maggie’s ear, re-accounting the unique greeting that I had given her earlier. Maggie’s Jaw just dropped. “For reals?!” The two girls chattered to each other, at a level inaudible to me against the loud club music.

“So Paul, what reason did you have to rim a stranger’s ass in the middle of a bar?” inquired the taller, buxom beauty, “especially with out her permission.”

“My mind had no involvement what so ever. My body just acted. I mean no harm or displeasure to your young friend.” I paused, “quite the opposite in fact. I hope she enjoyed it as much as I did. As I said to her earlier, I guess I couldn’t resist such a gorgeous arse.”

“Gorgeous ass, that she does have,” said Maggie. April seemed to jerk suddenly as if kicked in the shin. The two ladies peered into each other’s eyes and kissed. I now understood the depth of their relationship; they weren’t just friends, they were lovers. And what shocked April, I surmised, was likely a pinch or slap to her firm cheek.

“A thousand pardons ladies, I wouldn’t have tasted they flesh if I had known you were taken, or lesbian for that matter. I probably just dug myself deeper in the pit for which you already hold men. Is there any thing I can do to make it up to you both?”

“Well we are lovers, but only your victim is gay,” sated the little brunette. “My li’l girlie is happily bi, always craving what both genders present.”

“Yuppers! I love both the pulsing cock and the dripping pussy.” The redhead seemed quite proud of that fact.

“Well let’s see, what can you do to please us?” April’s face spread into an evil grin just before she gave a small peck on Maggie’s cheek. “I’ve got a kinky idea. We’re taking this man home… or to bed, to be exact.”

“You want to do what? You want to invite a man into our bed?”

“No, of course not, I’m not inviting anyone,” she said. “I’m demanding that he join us.”

The curvy redhead just gasped in shock.

“Excuse me?” I asked, stunned.

“It’s your own fault. You kurtk├Ây escort didn’t give me any choice when you started eating out my ass in this hopping club and now I’m horny as all get out. And it’s all your fault, so I’m going to give you a choice. “

“Did I hear you right, you’re wet… for a man… a man with a Y-chromosome and the parts to prove it?”

Maggie’s hand left the table and disappeared somewhere underneath it. April closed her eyes and inhaled sharply. “You tell me, babe.” The two women passionately kissed as approval and confirmation of the plans.

“A m├ęnage a trois between us?”

“Mes oi, missoiur,” they said in unison.

The two women’s entangled hands were lifted and presented to me. I grasped both hands in one of mine, brought them to my lips, and gently kissed them. I lingered with each kiss smelling the aroma of each maiden. The first hand smelled of a rosy perfume, the faint scent of leather, and familiar fragrance of sex. The second, smaller hand smelled of a familiar perfume plus a different scent of sex. I immediately realized the recent placement and actions of each delicate finger.

With a smile on my lips and a lifted eyebrow, I replied: “I accept.”

I took the hands I still held, and lead the ladies around the table. Once by at my side, their arms laced with mine, and we left the club in eager anticipation. Maggie, being of sober mind and body, drove us to their apartment. April and I sat in the back. April’s skirt was bunched up and legs spread wide as she kept herself near the boiling pointed of ecstasy. I enjoyed the blissful show and aided only by sensuously rubbing her legs and feet.

Drunken with ecstasy and alcohol, April succumbed to my charms and was carried to the door. Maggie led the way and unlocked the door. By the time I had removed my coat, April was stripped nude and looking for a bottle of wine. Both girls retrieved some glasses and turning on some music. I proceeded to open the bottle while watching the two girlfriends bathing each other in kisses. Hands wandered over gorgeous bodies and Maggie’s silk blouse was slowly being unbuttoned.

April’s hand had slipped inside the silk and massaging the soft flesh hidden beneath. As I presented them with filled glasses, her hand was removed to accept some wine. The two lovely women continued to kiss between sips of wine and slowly dancing to the music. Soon delicate hands slid the silky blouse off the shoulders so that it pooled around Maggie’s ankles. Standing in only a tight black denim skirt, the voluptuous woman bent down to suckle on the tiny breast of her lover.

The petite figure stood straight just barely over five feet tall. Her soft white skin was bare of all hair apart from the thick main of chocolate-colored hair that curled around her neck. Her pink, A-cup mounds were blushing too the match the burgundy lips of her hungry lover. The suckling babe kneeled so that she was no longer 5-7. While still much heavier than the other, Maggie’s curves flowed perfectly like a classic Grecian goddess. The denim skirt was being shimmied of her hips so that only a small satin thong remained. The feminine figures embraced in the center of a room as a living monument to all the goddesses of love.

Slowly, the girls made their way to a bedroom as if no one else was watching. Feeling a little awkward, and forgotten, I lingered in the living room unsure if I should follow or not.

“Are you going to join us, or not?” came a voice.

No more persuasion was needed to get me moving.

The site to behold as I entered the room was as great if not better than any pornographer’s dream. Maggie was sprawled out on the king size bed enjoying the pleasure to be had. April was busy devouring her 36DD fun pillows while her tiny hand was fingering away under the wet fabric of the thong.

“You’re the first and only man who has ever made me happy, let alone horny. So you better be able to put your money where your mouth was. As an ambassador for the male species, you better do me right tonight, or you’ll never do anyone again.”

Maggie reached her hand toward me to undo my belt. I too was quickly undressed and my rigid flesh sprung into view and into Maggie’s hand. “Don’t worry, boy, if you pound her pussy half as well as you rimmed her ass, you’re guaranteed to please her.”

I lifted April up by her butt and dropped her in the middle of the bed beside Maggie. I dove my face between her legs to feast upon her simmering twat. Maggie crawled over and strattled April’s face then massaged April’s tiny tips as well as her own monstrous mounds.

Though the sounds were muffled by her friend’s fleshy thighs, April was soon moaning and grounding under the influence of my talented tongue. She was still quite moist from the feasting I earlier undertook, no doubt even more hot and wet from the long eternity spent in anticipation of pleasure. My lips and tongue traced a variety of paths around every crevice and fold to be found. I had two malatya escort fingers diving deep inside her sensuous cavern, while my thumb tantalized the titillated opening.

I tried to look up to spy upon the action of April’s northern portion, but was unable to discern the details hidden beneath Maggie’s flesh. I could see and hear her write around upon April’s Face as if she was intentially trying to smother her. Maggie’s caressed her soft curves, twisting her nipples as well as those of the lover beneath her.

As one of my fingers circled around and played with April’s clit, my tongue dove into the hungry void of her cunt. Whenever my tongue popped out, it spread wide and took a few long laps from her pale brown anus up to her swollen pink button before sharply jutting back inside. With my other hand, a finger traced her puckered aft opening teasingly, then forcefully yet gently plunged deep inside her nether region.

This sudden assault pushed her over the edge of ecstasy causing her body to convulse uncontrollably. April’s own orgasm was transferred into her oral play and therefore conducted straight into Maggie causing her unmuffled mouth to scream and squeal in delight. I continued my oral onslaught adding an additional finger to April’s anus. April just rode her way through another orgasm or three that kept her in absolute bliss for several minutes. Maggie’s orgasm wasn’t as numerous, but very intense and hardly less pleasurable.

Maggie collapsed with a smile on her face with hardly an ounce of energy to her body. April just gasped and breathed deeply, having even less energy than the beauty beside her. I slowly licked the sweet honey dew flowing from April’s still-quivering openings. Sitting up, I took one glass of wine and took a few sips. I gave another flute to Maggie.

“Mm-m-m,” Maggie hummed rolling the wine on her tongue. Overlooking her lover’s body beaded with sweat and flush with blood, Maggie turned to me and said, “I thing you passed the test.” April still had yet to open her eyes as she still reveled in bliss. She just laid there in a trance – lost in her own world of ecstasy.

I was truly pleased with my performance, but my hard throbbing member still remained unattended.

I went to the bathroom to throw some water on my face as the women regained their second wind. In the kitchen, I found some canned peaches and returned with the erotic snack.

By the time I had returned to the bedroom, both lovely ladies were wide awake revling in the blissful afterglow of mutual cunnilingus.

I refreshed their glass and presented them with a small bowl of peaches. Maggie reached her creamy white hand and pulled out a single slice. She used the syrupy fruit to trace a circle around April’s sensitive nipples before bringing it to her awaiting lips. April playfully sucked on the juicy flesh before completely taking it all in and swallowing. Maggie licked the sweet juices off her own fingers and those glistening April’s nipples.

With one slice in my hands, I did the same to Maggie’s breasts as she did to her lover’s. She, in response, bent down her head and engulfed one of her fleshy mounds, intern ingesting the fruit as well. Then April, enjoying the site, engulfed the other fruit covered mound. With another peace of fruit held between my teeth, I traced a line over Maggie’s body. The line started near her feet, preceded up her thigh, her stomach, her chest, and ended on her neck. Maggie then met my lips with her own and divided the fruit between us.

April took a long sip of wind and shared it with Maggie with a kiss. “You done good, boy,” she said with a smile, “but you haven’t yet finished the job.” Both ladies were now eyeing the still neglected piece of flesh that now hung semi-rigid in my lap.

“Aye, ladies, my money lies limp awaiting to venture where my tongue had already traveled.”

The naked beauties rolled over and crawled to where I sat at the foot of the bed. Maggie, being the one who knowingly enjoyed the pleasure of many flesh, gladly lowered her head to kiss the awaiting head of my cock. It wasn’t long before the spongy flesh returned to its stone-hard glory.

April was willing to try but still hesitant. She had too many views toward men and viewed fellatio as purely subservient actions forced upon women. With one hand gently stroking the length of my member, Maggie caressed April’s body coaxing her into trying the same.

“Come on, babe,” Maggie pleaded, as if it was her own cock she was wanting sucked. “Just give it a little suck and a lick, you might like it.” April leaned forward and did just that — still not turned off nor turned on by the idea.

I leaned back to relax, and offer the ladies better access, but in so doing, flipped back off the end of the bed. My summersault ended with my back on the floor and all three legs sticking straight up. No one was injured, thankfully, so we all just laughed away at my acrobatics. I bashfully got up and sat back down in the middle of the kayseri escort bed, this time, leaning in the opposite direction.

Both girls were a little shaken up, but only by laughter. Maggie returned her sensual mouth to my delicates as April watched her in awe — not from the difficulty of task, but the great enjoyment Maggie derived from the activity. My eight-inch flesh was moderately large, but not impossible to deep-throat — though Maggie was doing perfectly fine with out resorting to that extremity. The buxom redhead just bobbed up and down in pure delight as if the pulsing flesh was actually a delicious ice cream cone on a hot summer day.

“Your turn again,” she said, pulling out the swollen head with a loud ‘pop’ before pointing it towards her friend. “Just suck on it lick a clit-a-licious lollipop.”

April took the tick meat in her own hand for the first time and began pulling and stroking it as she saw her friend do earlier. She never thought of a dick as a large clit, which she already knew she licked sucking and playing with. So with a new image in her head and a lightened heart — due from both wine and laughter — April closed her eyes and engulfed the first few inches of flesh.

Sucking on it, as she had done to so many dildos before, April soon learned she too was enjoying it. The tiny little lesbian was also pleasantly surprised by the added taste of the precum that occasionally oozed out of the head. April was quite happy to find sucking a living cock to be as enjoyable as sucking one strapped on to her voluptuous lover, or her lovers very own snatch. With the thick flesh still held in her lips, she looked up into my eyes and then into Maggie’s. April couldn’t help but smile and blush when she saw Maggie noticing her enjoyment.

With a soft set of lips working wonders on my cock and another tongue caressing my sack, I knew it wouldn’t take long before I would have exploded in the sweet virgin mouth. Seeing that I didn’t wish to do so right off, I lifted Aprils head from my lap. The ladies passionately kissed each other and then me in turn.

“Ladies, your mouths have worked wonders on my pulsating ‘money’, but it still hasn’t been anywhere my mouth has been.”

Taking my cute to action, April eagerly turned around to experience even greater pleasures. I too hopped up so that I was kneeling behind the woman on all fours. I bent down and lightly kissed the flesh of the beach of which I’ve already feasted.

My tongue teasingly raked across her crack as a moistened finger plunged deep inside. Maggie was at the side of the bed, digging through a drawer full of toys and pulled out a bottle of lotion. I applied some to the puckered opening and easily thrust in with two and soon three fingers. No longer laughing, April’s face turned to one of anguish as she started concentrating on the intense pleasure she was receiving.

With three fingers easily thrusting inside her back side, I had the other hand sliding along my shaft, lubricating it further with the lotion. “I think you’ve endured enough of the pocket change, now it’s time fore the big money.”

With a few more drops at her opening, I quickly plunged my pulsing cock deep inside her. April lout out a loud grunt as she felt the expanse of a man filling her interior for the first time. I just remained still filling her up to the hilt as the petite lesbian virgin was broken in and became accustomed to my throbbing size.

Always the gentleman who plays every angle, I slowly swayed side to side knowing the curly hair on my scrotum tickled and teased April’s wet pussy lips. Tensing and relaxing my PC muscle, my cock to twinged and throbbed deep inside while still not moving an inch.

“Quit teasing, you prick, hurry up and give it too me!” Not one to deny a lady’s request, I slowly pulled out completely, so that only the head remained inside, and quickly drove in deep.

April and I were so focused on her pleasure, we both forgot about Maggie’s absence. Finally developing a slow yet forceful rhythm, I saw that Maggie was frantically looking through the closet.

“Condoms, condoms, where the heck are the freaking condoms!” she interrogated the closet. Birth control is obviously not a normal necessity in a lesbian love shack.

After finding a couple, she returned to the bed with a few in hand. I was quite literally in too deep to dress up now, so April allowed me to continue. Maggie grabbed a random toy out of the drawer and lubed it up for herself. Along passionate kiss with April was all she needed to get back in the action. Maggie was hotter than hell watching her lesbian lover being probed in the ass by a strange man. The toy thrust deep inside her slit in the very rhythm amongst April and I.

My hands were enjoying every inch of April’s body they could reach. One finger found its way to her clit and moistened itself in her juices. The finger lightly flicked and rubbed her love button. April, once again unpleased with my subtleties, took my hand in hers and plunged two fingers inside her forward chamber. Her hips rocked back and fourth to meet the thrusting of my own.

“Oh, mmmm, yes-s-s-s. I’m cum-m-ming!” she screamed. “Fuck me. Harder, faster, fuck me good!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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