Paying with Her Body

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I was on the home stretch of my run – just the last few hundred yards of the wood and then a couple of streets and I’d be home. I’d run the same course hundreds of times; every day after school for over three years. It was much like every other time I’d run the course until I noticed a man sat at a picnic table watching me closely.

I wasn’t used to having attention but over the last few months, I had noticed more and more men watching me. It hadn’t been lost on me that their attention started when I had started developing up top. I am a very late developer, my tits suddenly appearing only a few months before I finished 6th Form. But I still didn’t understand – I still had a plain face and long gangly legs – what would a guy see in me?

I decided to push it on the home straight, moving from a jog into a sprint.

When I got home, I had worked up quite a sweat and was looking forward to a shower but I found my father looking at the boiler with an expression of bewilderment.

“What’s up dad?”

“Boiler’s on the blink.”

He saw the state I was in. “Oh, you go and have your shower while we still have some hot water in the tank. I’ll call a plumber in as soon as possible.”

I was a bit dubious.

“Go on, it’ll be alright,” my dad reassured me.

“But how will we afford it?” I asked. I knew we didn’t have much in the way of ‘disposable’ funds for emergencies.

“Let me worry about that,” he assured me.

I shook my head in resignation and went into the bathroom, pulling off my pink sports bra and closing the door. I dropped my pink lycra shorts on top of the sports bra and turned on the shower and stepped into the hot water as the room filled up with steam.

I thought I heard the door open and close quietly as I was shampooing my short blonde hair but couldn’t be sure.

After a long hot shower – longer than usual as I wasn’t sure when we’d have hot water again, I turned the water off and reached for the towel on the rail but couldn’t find it. I was sure it was there when I started the shower but it wasn’t now.

I stepped out of the shower and wiped the condensation from the mirror to see my wet body and my newly developing tits. They jutted out directly above my toned stomach. They looked larger than they were because of my slim frame but they still seemed to grow each day when I looked at them.

The mirror misted up again so I went to the door to look for a towel. I heard voices – my dad talking to another man, presumably the plumber.

“I’m sorry mate, there’s just no way I can do it for less”, the stranger was saying. “It’ll take at least half an hour’s labour, plus parts, and a call out fee.

“Isn’t there a way we could trade or exchange favours or something for the labour and call out?” asked my dad. I had a sinking feeling I knew what kind of favours my dad had in mind.

The plumber just spluttered out a barking laugh. I got the impression he was about to leave. I took a deep breath and did what I think my dad had hoped I would do when I took the towel from the bathroom. I opened the bathroom door, completely in the nude, and stood there in front of the plumber. He was about ten years older than my dad, balding on top, with a pronounced pot belly.

“Hello there,” I said with a smile. “Would you be a dear and pass me a towel from that cupboard?”

“Oh, ah, well,” he said, probably trying to work out what was going on, then he looked in the cupboard. I just stood there smiling as he chose the smallest towel available.

“I’m gonna pop down the shops for a mo,” said my dad before leaving me with the fat old stranger.

I could almost see the penny drop and the gears start turning in the plumber’s dirty mind as the front door closed behind my dad and he leered at my glistening body. He approached as close as he dared. Then he started drying my arms for me with the small towel. When I didn’t object, he grew bolder and slid the towel over to my tits, massaging them through the padded material.

Before long, I was on my back on my dad’s bed, getting his sheets wet as the man on top of me struggled to free his hard cock from his stained trousers, kissing me on the lips and groping my tits. He finally freed himself and drove his hot hard cock into me in one stroke. He was a little bigger than my favourite toy but didn’t pay any attention to my pleasure. I moaned in all the right ways as he ploughed away inside me but he wasn’t doing anything for me. He blustered away, his sweaty red face looming over me, sweat dripping onto me. I wondered if he was going to have a heart attack.

I let my head loll to one side and saw a face outside the window watching us. I looked into my dad’s eyes as the blubbery beast on top of me spilled his seed deep inside me and then collapsed on me, knocking out my breath. I was no longer a virgin.

“So, do you think you could give us a discount?” I asked when he got his breath back, his deflating cock still inside me.

“Well, actually, I think I might have the right part in the van,” he halkal─▒ escort said, rising up, pulling himself out of me, and doing up his trousers. He popped out to his van and came back a minute later with a little valve that looked like it cost a couple of quid. He swapped the part out in a minute and then made pretence of fiddling around with other parts of the machinery, then he turned it back on.

“Ah, that was lucky,” I said dryly. “How much will that be?”

“Uh, call us even,” he said.

“Well, thank you,” I said and he made his way out and I hopped back in the shower.

My dad was a bit awkward for a few days but we got back to our normal relationship before long.


A couple of weeks later, dad and I were eating breakfast together on a Saturday morning.

“What do you think about a large screen telly?” dad asked out of the blue.

“It’d be great. But they’re sooo expensive,” I said.

“Dave was saying at the pub last night that he has a mate at Tesco who’s given him some discount vouchers that are about to run out of their use by dates so it’d end up costing much less than normal.”

“Wow, that’s great!,” I said, as I started getting excited about having a modern telly instead of the old CRT we had in the corner of the living room.

“I’m going down to the club this morning; do you wanna go to the shops with Dave to pick out the right one?”

I hopped up and kissed him on the cheek, “I’ll go get dressed,” I said excitedly.

Dave came by and picked me up in his van. I noticed him taking a couple of sly looks at my legs on the way but I didn’t mind as he was getting us a great new telly. I hadn’t noticed when I was dressing that the skirt I had picked out was one that I hadn’t worn in ages and really it was too short for me now, with my long gangly legs.

When we got to the store, I rushed straight to the tech area and had read half the specs by the time Dave had caught up.

“What do you think then?” he asked.

“I guess it depends on the budget – how much are the vouchers?” I asked.

“A little over three fifty,” he said, smiling.

Wow, I thought, that would cover a 40 inch screen – maybe even 47! Full HD and everything!

I pulled Dave over to the bigger tellies but Dave started sucking his teeth. “I was hoping to use some of it myself,” he said.

“Oh,” I said, a little let down. “So how much for the TV?” I asked.

“Well, I guess we could go a little higher,” he said, and I noticed something in his voice. I looked at him and saw he was looking at my chest in my little pink strappy top and I finally realised what was going on.

“Oh,” I said, “um, I’m just gonna pop to the loo for a min,” I said and saw excitement in Dave’s face as he watched me walk off.

I waited a few minutes in an unlocked stall in the toilets until the door slowly started opening and there was Dave standing looking at me hopefully.

I pulled my little strappy top over my head and hung it up on the back of the stall door. Dave licked his lips as I unclipped my bra and slipped it off, releasing my tits with a bit of a wobble. Next came my short denim skirt and the little yellow cotton knickers in one go to join the other clothes on the back of the door.

Then I dropped to my knees and started undoing his trousers. He was thicker but shorter than the plumber. I licked the length of his hard cock and started sucking his knob end. He tasted a little salty but not unpleasant. I licked and slobbered over his cock head for a few minutes but didn’t think I wanted to try deepthroating on my first go at oral sex so I plopped him out and stood up in front of him again.

He cupped my tits in his hands and then started licking and kissing them. He hooked my knees up around his hips and stuck his stubby fat member up my anticipating slick cunt, pushing me against the wall.

He paid a little more attention to my pleasure than the fat plumber had but I could see I wasn’t going to reach a climax before he blew his load and I guess I didn’t mind as this was for him, in return for the telly. I moaned and whimpered and breathed hard against his ear as he pumped a last few times, pushing his hot sticky goo deep up inside me.

Dave got his breath back, pulled his trousers up from around his ankles, fastened them, and left me naked in the ladies toilets to clean myself up and get dressed again. Neither of us had said a word the whole time we were shagging in the toilets.

When I got back to Dave at the wall of tellies, I showed him to a 50 inch beast for ┬ú450. “What about this one,” I asked. He’d have to stump up ┬ú100 of his own cash but I figured what I’d just given him was worth that. He seemed to make the same calculation in his head, no doubt in addition to the potential for me letting him do it to me again in the future, and he agreed with a smile.

Dad was over the moon with the TV I returned with. We hooked it up straight away to see how good it looked. We olgun escort watched it together all evening.

“Shame we don’t have a Bluray machine,” said dad blandly.

“Or any Blurays,” I added. Then, after a bit of a pause, “I’m sure I could persuade Dave to stump up some more cash to add to the home cinema.”

Dad just smiled.


A couple of weeks later, Dad and I were watching a new Bluray when the doorbell went. I answered it and recognised the plumber who had taken my virginity – not someone you normally forget – and a boy around my age standing next to him.

“Hi,” said the plumber, “I hope you don’t mind me just dropping round. It’s just that, well, I got my hands on a new combiboiler – an ex-display model so got it for a deal. I just wondered if you would be interested in upgrading. It’s a lot more efficient so would save on your bills.”

“Well, that’d be up to my dad,” I said and I showed them through to the living room.

He went through the sales pitch again. Then he added, “we could work out a payment in kind – exchange of favours deal… like last time.”

I almost laughed at how desperate he sounded and I wondered if he’d had another fuck since he’d taken my flower almost a month ago.

“You and the apprentice?” asked my dad.

“Yeh. He’s not very experienced – teaching him everything I know.”

Dad looked at me to see if I was amenable. I just shrugged my shoulders.

Dad nodded. “Work first. Then payment.”

The plumber seemed really relieved. I wasn’t sure if it was because he was going to get his end away or because he had probably been regaling him with tales of how he fucked a blonde teen on a job and was glad I was going along with it instead of pretending it never happened and making him look a fool in front of his apprentice.

When they had finished their work and I had finished paying them, I joined dad in front of the TV. He was watching some raunchy thriller with a female undercover cop working in a strip club.

“I was talking to Dave last night at the pub,” he said mildly.

“Oh yeh?” I asked and I wondered for what reason I would be letting him fuck me this time.

“Have you given any thought to what you will do when you finish school?” he asked.

“Not really,” I said, a little confused. I was expecting some dodgy scheme where Dave had something that had fallen off the back of a lorry and I needed to pay for it with what’s between my legs, not a discussion about my career after I finish Sixth Form next week.

“Dave was telling me about this new club that opened last week. They’re looking for waitresses and it pays well.”

“Don’t they want people experienced in waiting tables?”

“They’ll train you,” he said, “they need lots of girls. Dave has set up an interview for you tomorrow.”

I was a bit shocked Dave had just gone ahead and set it up but if dad thinks it best, I’d give it a go.

“If that’s what you want,” I said.

The next day, dad asked me to wear a short skirt for the interview, which was a little worrying, but I did what he asked. Dave came by after lunch and took us to the club. He came in with me and my dad too. I had been expecting to do the interview on my own but I saw the reason for his eagerness when we got inside – there was a bar near the door, lots of small tables for the punters to sit at, and a large stage with a pole on the other side of the large room. It was a strip club.

“That’s Mr Black, the owner,” said Dave as a tall bald guy saw us and came over.

“Hello Mr Black,” said Dave, a little nervously. “This is Jenny, the girl I was telling you about.”

“Hello Jenny,” he said, taking my hand and raising it to his mouth to kiss it. “I’m delighted to meet you. When Dave here told me about you I felt sure he was exaggerating but you are just as enchanting as he said.”

“Thank you,” I said, blushing at his compliment.

“And this is Chris, Jenny’s dad,” said Dave.

“Hello sir, it’s a pleasure,” said Black as he shook dad’s hand firmly.

Mr Black took us over to a small table and we sat down as he went to the bar to get us some drinks.

“Did you know this was a strip club?” I asked Dad in a whisper.

“Well,” said Dad, a little evasively. So he did know but didn’t tell me as he thought I might not want to do it. Well if he thought it for the best, I suppose I would go along with it.

Mr Black returned with the barman carrying a tray of drinks. I just had a water as I wanted to keep a clear mind for the interview but Dad and Dave had beers and Mr Black had a whisky.

“Has Dave here explained how this club works my dear?” asked Mr Black when we all had our drinks.

“Uh, not in detail,” I said.

Mr Black smiled. He could see what was going on perfectly.

“Well, it’s a normal club in most respects. Except that there’s a pole on the stage for strippers and after ten the waitresses take off their ┼či┼čli escort tops for the rest of the night.”

My eyes probably popped a little at that. I would be waiting tables with my tits out for most of the night? I tried to deflect from my surprise with a question.

“And are there private dances?”

“Wow, you brought us an eager one here, Dave! Well yes and no. Officially, we don’t have a licence for private dances. Most strip clubs just go topless on the stage and then fully nude in private shows but we go nude on the stage because that’s the only show we have. But in practice, we have a room for the girls to use if they want to show a customer a good time.”

“The strippers that is?” I asked.

“The strippers and the waitresses,” said Mr Black. “In fact, at the moment, we don’t have enough strippers so we are asking the waitresses to take turns on the stage too. How would you feel about that?”

I looked to Dad. His eyes were wide as he watched my conversation with Black. He just nodded.

“Well, sure, if that’s how it works,” I said with what I hoped was a care free smile.

“Great!” said Mr Black. “Would you mind showing me what you’ve got?” He nodded to the stage.

“What now?” I asked.

“If you wouldn’t mind.”

“Oh, well, um, sure!”

Mr Black signalled to the barman, who turned on some music and I got up uncertainly and made my way slowly to the stage.

I knew it would be very different when I did it for real. There would be lots more men around, watching. But they would be strangers and the lights would be low so I wouldn’t be able to see them from the stage. As it was, the lights were on full and I had Dad and Dave watching as well as Mr Black and the barman.

I tried not to think of them as I slowly moved over to the pole and held it. Now I knew why Dad was watching that strip club movie last night. To make sure I knew some moves – how strippers dance. I tried to remember what the protagonist had done and I started moving with the music.

Before long, I was really getting into the swing of it and I automatically started shedding my clothes. First my white blouse, then my short skirt. My bra came next, and finally, I made a show of removing my panties.

I used the pole a bit but I didn’t want to attempt any more advanced moves in case I made a fool of myself. If I got the job, I would hopefully be given some training on it before I needed to use it.

The third song that had played during my show was coming to an end so I decided to make it the end of my dance by finishing on my back, my pelvis thrust in the air, stroking my pussy.

The music ended and there was applause. It sounded like more than the four people I thought I was performing for. I stood and looked out at my Dad, Dave, Mr Black, the barman, and at least six women, all clapping enthusiastically.

Embarrassed, I picked up my clothes and scurried off the stage, pulling on my underwear as I went.

“That was marvellous, my dear,” called out Mr Black as I neared his table zipping up my short skirt.

“Thank you, sir,” I said shyly.

Most of the women who had watched my dance had left the room but one had stayed behind.

“This is Carly,” said Mr Black, introducing me to the older woman. “She manages the waitresses and dancers. She’ll show you the ropes but I can already tell you’re a natural.”

I shook Carly’s hand.

“Lovely to meet you, dear. I look forward to working with you,” she said warmly.

“Does that mean I got the job?” I asked Mr Black with excitement.

“Well, almost,” he said. He nodded to Carly to let her know she should leave.

“Good luck; hope to work with you,” she said as she left. I assumed to go to the dressing rooms.

“Did Dave tell you why he was recommending you to me?” asked Mr Black.

“No,” I said, confused. I had assumed he just wanted to see me naked some more.

“He owes me some money. Quite a lot of money actually. He was supposed to source some equipment for me but he cut corners, brought me sub-standard kit, and pocketed the difference. The equipment broke within the week and he had already spent the cash. I had to shell out for proper kit from a reputable supplier so I ended up paying twice.”

Dave was looking at the floor, embarrassed. My dad was shocked as we both saw where this was going.

“Dave said he could make it up to me and told me about a delightful young lady who would be willing to help him out. Are you willing to help him?”

I could almost feel the menace under his conversational, polite tone. Not toward me but for Dave. If I didn’t agree to help him, Dave was in for a very unpleasant time, I could tell.

“How can I help?” I asked.

“The salary here is a hundred a night plus tips but fifty percent of all tips go to me. If you work for free for a week, that should pay off Dave’s debt.”

“Five hundred?” I asked.

“No, a lot more than that. Most girls make much more from tips than from their normal pay. If you give me all your tips and don’t take any pay, we should be even in a week. If you get as much in tips as I expect you will.”

I looked at Dave, then to Dad. He nodded.

“Okay, it’s a deal.”

“Great! In that case, do you want to make your first tips now? Your performance up there gave me a massive stiffy,” said Mr Black and I was shocked as he unzipped his trousers and hauled out the biggest cock I’ve ever seen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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