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Paula’s Peas

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My name is Paula and my son Paul pleasured his Peter inside my pussy with perfect performance and pleasing passion while his brother Phil watched. Phil will probably soon participate with a hard pounding penis. I will permit this. I want this, I need this. If you want to know how this all happened please partake in my following story.

A long time ago I married Percy and life was pretty good but our sex life started to lack passion. We both were working very hard to make ends meet and pay for my education. We had two kids, Paul and Phil, our sexual contact became rarer and less pleasing though always a pleasure. This was plenty for me because we were parents and partners.

Neither Phil nor I were virgins when we got married, I had lost my virginity to an older guy named Perry in the back room of a pizza shop bent over a box of pepperoni when I was just 18. And there were plenty of others until I met Percy. Once with Percy I promised to only please him with my pussy and that was plenty.

Percy and I settled in a pattern and played one position sex which was pleasing but very standard. I was finishing my pharmacist degree when I found that Percy had met Polly and was playing patty cake with her. That was very painful and Percy and I parted ways. After our parting I lived with my two boys raising them as best I could.

I later found out that Percy liked Polly to pee on his penis which I would have done for him if I had known. I found this out from Paul and Phil when they had Percy and Polly over to see if they would be interested in joining our family fun. Polly I think was interested but Percy couldn’t handle it and that was just as well by me.

So back to the story, after the split I was over accepting boring sex and on the weekends that Percy took the boys I started to play with men. I did not want to be hurt again by another parting like the one with Percy. So I started to play. I found men to be plentiful and I tried never to have one long enough for the sex to lose passion. I love to be plowed. I found that 3 nights was best with them because after three sex lost it zest with most men.

I liked to play and sometimes found that some men would bring friends, the first few brought women but later some brought male friends. I enjoyed all as long as it was passionate. I prefer cock but pussy is fine. I am not that great at oral but I loved when a men took turns pounding my pussy. I had no problems and liked to provide seconds and once in a real fun night I provided thirds.

I never lied to my sons but I never put it in front of them. Sometimes if I found a passionate or pleasing man I would keep him for long enough that my sons would meet him but once passion faded I would quickly move on. My sons knew I played. And for most of the men, they never met them, as they were not interesting enough to get past the three nights rule.

If you are wondering I am plain, a little bit pretty but not beautiful. I can dress up well enough to be admired in public. I am thin but not starved. I have breasts that are not large nor small but they are perky even though I used them to feed two boys and my ex-husband (he loved to drink from my faucets and the reason that I believe that he wanted another child was my breasts had dried up from the first. I am 5’6. I weigh 115lbs. I try and keep fit. I have hazel eyes and brown hair. My teeth are straight and well-formed though one is missing in the back. I keep my legs shaved and my pussy hairless. At the time of this writing I am 46 years old. My boys say that I am a MILF (I didn’t know what that meant until recently). My look to their friends is supposedly as a MIFL that it seems possible to play with unlike the ones that you know you can’t have.

I have lost count of the peters that have been placed in my pussy. I am always fascinated by the different shapes and sizes that they come in. I want a man to need me and I want to feel that need. I love when they take me and use me. I prefer to be fucked than to be made love to though both have their time and place. Plow me hard and please yourself and I will experience plenty of my own pleasure. Spend your time trying to please me and I will enjoy but I will not be totally pleased. I like to be plowed hard with need and passion. I will squirt when plowed never when pleasured. I love to squirt.

So I raised my sons and Paul moved out joined the Army and went to war as his platoon’s combat medic. While a mother is never supposed to say this, Paul was my favorite, he had a stable confidence and was very handsome. He also was very good a finding girlfriends, usually rich sophisticated girls from the local riding schools. I always have hoped that he would have room for me in his home when I was old and retired.

Phil, my second, and three years younger was different, scrappier, not as confident, bolder but more scattered. He went though many phases from goth to nerd, from athlete to radical while growing up. He always had a girlfriend that were always named Patience. I Tarlabaşı Escort don’t know how he managed that but he did. And they were always pretty. And it was Phil that opened Pandora’s Box … well in this case Pandora’s Pussy.

After Paul was gone Phil decided that he wanted to join the armed services also but he was going to outdo his brother and become a Marine as they were rougher tougher and real men. Did I mention that my two boys were always in competition? Grades, girls, guns, gas guzzlers, guts, were just a few of the things that they always competed about.

After Paul moved out Phil had gotten engaged to his latest girl Patience and she would often spend the day and night with us at my house. I didn’t bring many men home but I was seeing a very passionate married man named Pat and he and I would play in my bedroom. With that relationship moving into the house I started to let Phil have his playmate over on the weekends as I wasn’t spending time with him anymore and I knew that he was playing with his putting his peter into Patience. They were both 18. I preferred them to play indoors then places where they might end up in trouble. Plus Phil kept taking my towels and not bringing them back. My pile of towels had become rather flat.

We had a huge party for Phil when he joined the Marines and that night Pat and I sat in the living room after the party pooped out listening to Phil pleasure Patience. Patience was very loud. Their love making made me quite horny. I was surprised how much hearing my son pleasure his girlfriend turned me on. So I pulled Pat down and he and I went at it on the living room floor. We then got up and Pat bent me over the couch. I was looking out the window while Pat was pushing his peter in and out my pussy when a face looked in my bay window from the outside. It was Peggy, Pat’s wife. Peggy did not like seeing Pat’s Pecker in my pussy at all and she was not pleased in fact she was quite pissed.

Well to say the least nobody was pleased and nobody could be placated. Pat left with Peggy, Phil and Patience had seen the while nasty scene and I was very put out. You can only imagine how ugly the whole situation was and once Pat and Peggy went away the rest of us parted to sleep.

I had an old friend Preston that wasn’t very passionate but he was pleasant and as I was really missing Pat I started to have Preston sleep over because Pat wasn’t being allowed out of Peggy’s sight and so couldn’t come play with me. I needed someone around as I wasn’t in the mood to go see what else could be found and I couldn’t take listening to Phil and Patience when I had nothing.

About six weeks before Phil was to leave for Boot Camp he started to come into my room at night when Patience was at home with her mom. He would lay outside my covers and fall asleep. Sometimes I could feel him get hard but he never tried anything. I talked to Preston about this and he said well Phil is leaving you and is probably pretty scared though he will never say it. He also probably has some interest in you as all boys do at some point about their mother. Preston thought that it was quite hot and actually pumped his penis into me quite well that night.

Because of Preston and hearing Phil and Patience go at it I started to think more about Phil in a sexual way. I also knew that Phil has quite a long dong from just being a Mother. In fact Phil hung a good two inches lower than his bother Paul but Paul had much bigger balls.

I don’t know why but two weeks to the day, before the first day of boot camp, when Phil came in to cuddle with me I lifted the sheets so that he was under the covers with me. I didn’t plan, at least I think that I didn’t plan anything more than closer cuddling. I just wanted to comfort my son.

That evening I lay on my back and Phil was on his side turned to me. Phil curled into me laying his head on my chest. I kissed the top of his head and with my arm I rubbed his back gently. I guess I didn’t notice that my breast was exposed and Phil started to gently suck on my nipple. As soon as his lips touched my breast my pussy soaked. I could smell the sex which only made me want it more. I moved away from him and he started to pull back. I wasn’t going to let him go away. I needed to have sex. I pushed his head to my beast with one hand and reached down and wiggled out of my PJs with the other. I then pushed him over onto his back reached down and pulled his pecker out of his underwear lifted myself over him and slid him in. It wasn’t slow it wasn’t playful, I was soaked and I wanted that hard meat in me right then! I don’t like to be on top much, I like to be under, in front, and in any position in which the man is doing the driving. Those are all the best by me, though all and any sex is good. But I was getting that thing in me one way or the other right then and now.

All Phil said was “wow”. And then he won me. He flipped us over and pile drove into me. I was cumming within moments, he didn’t give me Escort Tarlabaşı time to relax he just kept driving in. He was hitting my cervix cap and then something I had never felt happened, he entered my cervix and I screamed in pleasure for the first time ever. Phil then came into me, his back arched and he bucked pumping, pumping his peter into my pussy. I was squirting, fluids everywhere. The bed was socked. I don’t believe that this first time took more than minutes but it felt like hours.

I didn’t want him to pull out and I locked my legs around him. My room was dark I couldn’t see him but I could feel him growing soft. Finally I let him pull out because the bed was getting cold and wet under my ass and back. I pushed on him and said “we need to move the bed is to wet to stay”.

He got out of the bed reached down and picked me up turned me right side up. I am not sure how he did it but next thing I knew he had planted me right onto the hard stake that he had again between his legs. He held me in the air my legs wrapped around him and took me again. I squirted all over his belly as he took me the second time.

When he was finished he put me down and stood for a second leaning against him, then I slid to me knees in front of him and took his pecker into my mouth. I am not good at oral sex with a guy, though I like to try. Like everything I just want it pumped into me, even my mouth but this time I wanted to taste. I could taste me and him and I liked it. I licked his peter and his balls until he started to grown hard again. He shoved my face into his crouch and his cock went into my throat. I was gagging and having a orgasm at the same time. It didn’t matter to me it felt so good. He pumped into my mouth and I loved it. He was so hard it was rough, my nose was running, my eyes tearing, and I was almost puking but I was in heaven. It was so amazing.

He pulled out of my mouth flipped me onto the bed turned me face down and entered me from behind. My face was in the wet spot that we had left behind and I rubbed the goo off my face and into the sexual mess. He then drilled me, taking full ownership and I came again and again. Nothing mattered but that driving force. Phil was insatiable the rest of the night though he fucked me raw and I was in heaven. As the sun came up he finally fell asleep, somehow, we had ended up in the living room and he lay half on the couch as I pulled myself away.

I was so sore. I could barely move. I hurt. I was in a fog. I had never felt this sore even that time I had three in my pussy in a row didn’t leave me like this. I don’t know how many times he pounded me but I was totally sexually satisfied for the first time in my life. I went into the kitchen completely naked, fluids still running down my legs and I stood in front of the kitchen sink for I don’t know how long with a stupid smile on my face. Phil and I had not said anything the whole time that I haven’t already said in this tell all. It was all primitive sex and I loved it.

I finally started to cook, potatoes, port sausage patties, and pouched eggs. When my son came into the kitchen. I didn’t know what to say and nor did he but he walked up to me and put his arms around me and leaned over my face with his and kissed me. My knees when weak and I slid down again kneeing in front of him, of course I put his beautiful tool in between my raw lips. He didn’t do anything this time but let me suckle his cock. I who never liked to do the work only wanted to please him. It was a fat cock with a very nice helmet, truly 8 to 9 inches in length. It was big enough to fill my mouth in girth and I worked to keep my teeth form damaging him. I was so happy when he came into my throat and then into my mouth and I felt stream after stream of semen as his beautiful tool enlarged and contracted pumping more and more, I could not swallow it all and a large amount spilled out running down my chin and dripped onto my chest.

He pulled me back up and rubbed his hands over me spreading his seed all over my chest. And finally spoke “Breakfast ready yet Mom?” is what he said.

We ate naked at the table. We didn’t talk while eating but I pushed my chair next to him and touched him often, I had a need to feel him and insure that he was real. He cleared the dishes and came back; pulled me out of my chair turned me around so I was bent over the table and entered me again. I wasn’t wet this time, it hurt, it hurt like hell and I came and came and then when he came again I squirted all over the table. When he was finished I slumped into a chair. He bent over the table and with his tongue cleaned up the fluids that I had sprayed there. It was all so surreal and I loved it.

I came again watching him do that. It was then that I knew he now owned me. As long as he could fuck me like that I would do anything that he asked of me, anything. I knew I was gone. I believed it was wrong but I didn’t care. It didn’t matter. I wanted him in me again. And I could tell that he Tarlabaşı Escort Bayan knew it. My cunt hurt, my face was chapped, I had dried jizzum all over me, my chest, my legs, my hair and I didn’t care. He looked at me in the chair, knelt down in front of me spread my legs open and started to lick me gently. I held his head and said “yes my dear, you came out of there”.

He looked up at me then and said “I will keep going back there from now on too”.

I replied “I want you to whenever you want to”. There was nothing else I could say. I may have spoken to soon but it didn’t matter the bridge had been crossed, there was no going back. It was at that moment that I also decided to stop taking my birth control for the first time in 18 years.

He started to put his fingers in me then while looking into my eyes, I opened as wide as I could to let them in. He spat on my twat a few times to add lube. It was strange to see my son spiting on my pussy. It made me even hotter. I was so sore but I wanted to let him, and first one finger then two worked their way in, then I looked down again instead of at him and realized his whole hand was in me. I had never thought that possible. And I was in heaven. It hurt so good. I was packed. He fist fucked me taking full ownership of my pussy and I came again and again.

His phone rang which is the only reason I think that he didn’t take me again on the floor because I could see his peter was hard again.

It was Patience and I couldn’t believe what he said. “I finally got her” he told his girlfriend right there in front of me. And he wasn’t wrong. He had me, hook, line, and sinker. I was a pile of goo, unable to move, I was hurting but happier than I think I had ever been. He bent over and kissed me again and we played tongue tag with each other for a few minutes.

“Mom, I have to go pick Patience up, do you have a problem if she moves in with you while I am in boot?”

I just nodded yes to him. I was drained. I felt pleased though that he was man enough not to lie to his women.

He left to get dressed and I managed to pull myself into my shower where I sat under the hot running water for what seemed hours. It was hard to move. I felt like I had given birth to 15lbs triplets. There is nothing as fun a shitting a watermelon let me tell you.

My face was raw, my lips split, and my throat hurt but I felt good deep inside. I also was wanted sex again. I had just been fucked more often and harder in a single night than ever in my life, I could barely move and I still wanted more. I don’t know what my son did to me inside but I liked it and I wanted more.

I called into work and told them that I was coming down with something nasty (little did they know how nasty) and I changed the mattress pad and sheets. The mattress was wet also so I just flipped it. I managed to make the bed and then I got in and fell asleep.

I woke that evening and the house was empty. It hurt to move but I managed to make it to the kitchen and mixed myself a grey goose cocktail while poking around the fridge for leftovers. Preston came in then (he had a key that had lent him, never expecting anything like last night to have happened). Preston was a guy that didn’t mind being cockled in fact he seemed to like know that he wasn’t the only one that visited down there.

Preston noticed that I was moving stiffly and I let it all spill out.

“God that is hot Paula” was what he said after hearing a very short version of last night’s activities. He got hard and needy. I didn’t think I could do it but I let him take me while I held on to the kitchen counter. It hurt a lot at first but became pleasurable after a few moments, he fucked me harder than he ever had but he couldn’t last as long as my son had and once he came I was strangely relieved that he was done.

Not much later Phil came home and he had Patience with him. We sat in the living room, Preston was smart enough to sit in the armchair. I sat on the couch and Phil settled in next to me. Patience kissed my cheek and asked “how are you feeling?”

I replied “sore”.

She said “from what I heard I believe you, he is sore too!”

Preston just sat there with a surprised look on his face.

Patience pulled me up and said “come with me, I have some creams that will help”.

We went into my bedroom and Patience undressed me. She laid me on my back and proceeded to massage me and rub soothing creams onto my face, my thighs, and around my pussy. She then said “Paula, I hope you don’t mind” and she used another cream rubbing it into my pussy. I lay there and enjoyed her sweet ministrations her long fingers massaging me. Running sweetly in and out of my pussy. It was nice and she was good, and then somehow I feel asleep.

Later I found out that Phil told Preston that he liked him and didn’t mind that he still came around. That he was going into boot camp would appreciate if Preston continued to take care of me, but that Preston in no way was to touch Patience. He also asked Preston if he had ever been with a guy. What I knew but Phil didn’t was that Preston was bi. What I didn’t know but Preston found out was that Phil was too. While Patience was tending to me I later found out that Preston and my son where 69ing on the living room floor. Go kid.

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