Patty’s Lace Ch. 01 Coach

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This is the story of Patty and her Adventures in the city. Be sure to check out the profile to read the foreword to her story, and a link to image albums of the outfits used during appointments kept.

Chapter One, Coach

The sun was starting to set as she pulled the floral half slip up her legs. Stay up stockings in place, a beautiful pair of lacy white satin tap panties to be pushed aside. Dropping her matching camisole over her head then a white semi sheer dress she looked in the mirror as she zipped herself.

The Vanity Fair floral slip/cami set was visible through the dress including the white lace. She inspected her outfit for the night. As she examined her backside she noticed a stain at near the bottom of the dress. Pulling it up and twisting it to get a better look, it was a faint cum stain she missed while cleaning the dress.

She used to encourage her clients to cum on her clothing especially her silken lacy slips. When the night was finished and the last client was satisfied, she would just step out of it leaving it on the ground or toss it in the nearest trash can, if the client didn’t want it. After a night of abuse and taking load after load of cum during sex, it just was not worth trying to clean.

She used to buy slips and other clothing for just a few dollars at a local thrift shop. Surprisingly those church ladies had some really sexy ones, mostly vintage from the 60’s and 70’s. Upscale brands of satin and nylon half slips, full slips and even lingerie sets with camisole, slip, and sometimes panties were there in abundance, all very silky with lots of lace.

Since the thrift shop was converted to a community closet and pantry, she could get dresses for free, but lingerie was rarely there. She can still find lingerie and other clothing along with slips at other thrift stores in the area, but the little church shop was her favorite.

Now having to buy mostly online. Nice slips as she is used to and clients expect her to wear are instead of a couple of dollars, up to a hundred dollars each. So the slips now soak up many loads of cum as they pummeled and abused by many guys until they are either accepted as a gift after they finish, or damaged beyond use.

She actually finds ones she dropped before from time to time behind a building or in the alley and wishes each time she has to buy, that she would have kept them instead of trashing them. She has been able to save a few, but exposure to the elements along with the dirt and grime of the city destroyed most.

The last time she had the dress on, it was a pink night. Under the dress, a Vintage Aristocraft Full Slip with a lace bust and back, and lace panties, all in pink.

He picked her up on the boulevard and they went to a plant that was shut down in his Civic. Even though he paid for the deluxe package, he didn’t want the blowjob on the way and just played with her slip as she put the hundred dollar bills in her clutch.

When they stopped, they got out. She found out he had a very thick dong and it wanted that smoking hot slip. He held her dress up as she jacked that tree stump rock hard with the 6 inch lace of her slip, then went to her knees.

Still no blowjob, which mara┼č escort bayan was kind of a relief with the monster cock he had. Instead her dress went over her head and on the ground. Patty squeezed her tits and lace around his cock. He titty fucked her through the luscious slip with her sliding them up and down his shaft in rhythm with his thrusting. Patty could easily kiss the tip as it was in her face, and did a few times. His powerful thrusts punished the slip’s elegant lace at the bust, making it twitch and bounce along with her tits as his balls slapped the slip’s soft body.

He pulled her back to her feet and turned her around. Facing away from him, he pounded that slip’s silky body covering her ass hard roughly pushing her into the wall with that massive rod, then rammed it inside of her. As he fucked her fast and hard, he was pawing at her slip, pulling on it and jerking it around by it’s lace. He was mistreating the slip so aggressively, she thought he may rip it from her body.

When she sensed, he was about to cum, she side-stepped to get him out of her. Grabbing her by the waist, he buried the ramburglar into the folds of her slip’s silky body and soft lace and fucked it savagely as he soaked it with thick cum. She felt the wetness of the cum on her ass as it soaked through her slip and taps during what seemed like an eternity of his orgasm. Turning her around to face him, he wiped his blaster clean with her slip’s soft lace at the hem as he kissed her.

They were only a couple of blocks from her room, so she declined his offer to give her a ride. The back of the slip was soaked with cum that was dripping from it’s six inch lace at the hem, so she dropped it to the ground and stepped out of it. Putting on her dress, she picked up her freshly-fucked slip, holding it up by the straps. As she looked it over, she said ” Wow, you really do like this slip, would you like to have her? He declined so she tossed the slip over her shoulder. The slip floated through the air and pooled into a pile of soft nylon and lace in the dirt.

Taking a few steps leaving the slip, she remembered how hard gorgeous slips like that one were to find and that this now cum soaked beauty cost her over $50, so she went back for it. Walking up the street with it in her hand, she made an appointment for her next session with Steve, the pull-line guy. He commented how beautiful the slip in her hand was then asked, Why are You carrying it, instead of wearing it?

He was a regular, so she knew how to dress for him. She ran up to her room put the once pristine vintage pink ultra lacy full slip in the bathroom sink to soak and took a quick shower. She slid a fresh pair of lacy white taps and ivory lacy Vanity Fair Lace Piquant mini half slip up her legs. Topping it with a grey pinstripe pencil skirt, she found a matching camisole for her slip put it on, then a fancy semi sheer blouse and topped it off with a matching pinstripe blazer. A proper business woman, just the way he liked her. Grabbing a black bag, out the door she went to meet him downstairs. But, that is another chapter.

Snapping back from her thoughts, she looked back to the mirror thinking maybe a mara┼č escort pink dress would be better then decided that white would be good, even with the stain. If it was a good night, she would probably end up with more cum on her dress anyway.

The sun was about down now so finishing the inspection, she grabbed her bag and hit the streets. Walking the sidewalk, she noticed an older guy sitting in a SUV that looked out of place. He looks like a baseball coach from the burbs she thought as he smiled at her. She smiled back and quickly flipped up her skirt to show off the lace under.

He smiled wider and as she approached the SUV’s window, she noticed the cop car down the block. Discreetly pointing at it as she turned away and continued up the street, an inch or so of white lace peeking from under her skirt.

The cop car slowed as it came by her and the officer in the passenger seat said, “We are not going to have any problems with you tonight, are we?

Of course not Sarge, Patty said. Why would I cause problems for you?

The officer nodded and said, You are snowing down south.

Patty stopped and looked down, then flashed a delicate smile at the officer as she flipped up the back of her skirt to give a good view of her floral patterned half slip then let go and walked with swinging hips and a couple inches of lace peeking.

The officer laughed and said, “Be Careful” as the car speeded up.

She turned the next corner and there was coach sitting about halfway up the block. Looking up and down the street, she approached the SUV, made the deal and jumped inside.

Intentionally making her dress ride up, She was showing off the her lace and a couple of inches of silky floral nylon, but he seemed lost as he drove around.

She moved his hand to her thigh setting it on her lace and said, It’s ok. Go up two blocks and turn right. He played with her lace as he drove the SUV. Soon after they were between a couple of warehouses.

He laid back as she unbuttoned him and released his throbbing joystick. She took him in her mouth and started off with a expert blowjob. She was beside him and his hand went under her slip and she heard him say “Nice!” as he started playing with her taps and pussy.

She gently humped his hand as he fingered her with the smooth satin, then reached back jerking up her dress and slip to give a good view of them. The dress and slip swayed in front as she rocked back and forth. Her taps moist, her pussy wet, him as hard as steel, and it was time.

She crawled forward as far as she could then slapped her ass and wiggled as the slip and dress fell back into place. He got the message and in no time was up on his knees lifting her dress. Grabbing the gorgeous slip, he stoked his puff stick with it as he said, “You are everything Jimmy said You are”. Then let the slip go and rammed Admiral Winkey into it.

The pretty slip wrapped itself around him as he fucked her lingerie covered ass hard. She let him have his way with the taps and her slip pushing them into his beef hammer keeping rhythm with his thrusts. She remembered the Jimmy he spoke of, thinking he was a good guy who also really liked the way she escort mara┼č dressed.

She looked back and watched her slip wrinkle and tremble as he fucked it. The lace of the slip was swinging back and forth when he suddenly stopped and jerked the slip up.

She moved her taps to the side and penetrated her. The lace on them caressed the shaft of his seven inch soldier as her slip bounced over her ass and fell between them. He jerked the half slip back up and started assaulting it, yanking it’s delicate white lace, tossing it around and tugging at it stretching her silken nylon. He dragged the slip back over her ass then let go. The dreamy slip enveloped his piston as they fucked each other, leaving her silky nylon and soft lace to be pulverized between them.

He pulled out of her pussy and grabbed his throbbing cock with the captivating half slip. She thought he was ready to cum into it, but after a couple minutes or so of him leisurely stroking Rip Van Winkey with her slip’s silky nylon, stretching it more as he chatted with her. She pulled away ending that, pushed on his chest until he laid back and mounted him.

She jacked The Lord Commander of the Southern Forces a few times quickly with the slip rubbing her delicious taps with it’s head then moved them aside guiding him in.

Leaning forward, she kissed his lips as she started grinding his crank. Leaning back and tossing her head back, her hands were just above his knees, as she added a swivel to the grind. Speeding up and slowing down her pumping, the pretty scalloped lace was madly thrown in all directions as she rode his fuckstick with her slip’s marvelous lace teasing his balls.

He grabbed her hips, then started abusing her slip once more, pulling on it and jerking hard on it. She took the slip away pulling it up into a little ball showing off the taps with their lovely white lace caressing the shaft of his dick as he fucked them and her. The silky body and lace of her taps jiggled as her ass bounced off of him. He pawed at the taps until she could feel that he was about to erupt. Moving off of him, she held her slip up as his cock spit sticky globs of cum on the front of those sumptuous taps. Leaning forward she buried his throbbing jizzstick into the tap panties stroking all of the sticky cum into them as she kissed his lips.

Leaning back holding her slip up to keep it the thick cum from it, she looked down at the taps and said “WOW, these are soaked, Would you like to have them? You did a good job!” She rolled off of him tucking her slip’s lace into her cleavage and slid the taps down her legs. Kissing them she offered them to him and he happily accepted. She smiled, grabbed her bag, and exited the SUV.

As she straightened out her dress and slip he came to her, massaged her shoulders as he whispered in her ear. “You were amazing, I would like to see You again. She spun around and they kissed. She then went into her bag and handed a card that said only Patty with a number, then told him to call first so she can be fresh for him.

He asked if he could give her a ride and she declined saying it was a nice night. She walked back to the street as he slowly drove behind lighting the way. A couple inches of freshly fucked scalloped white slip lace peeked from beneath her dress. She turned left, and he turned right. Walking a couple of blocks up the street, there was the cop car. As she walked past, the officers got out and walked to her. But that is another chapter.

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