Patience’s Reward

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Morning light was pouring in through the bedroom windows when I squeezed up closer behind my girl, the blanket having gone missing some time during the night. Even during this time of year it wasn’t necessary, not here in Los Angeles anyway. It was more of a comfort thing. The cool air coming in felt pretty good.

My girlfriend didn’t always agree, though. During the night she had gradually scrunched herself up until her curved hips were pushed, rather inadvertently, upwards in a very seductive pose. It only accentuated her little waist and, if it wasn’t pushed up tight against my crotch, her perfect rear end.

I carefully edged myself over her tanned body and peeked over the side. Yep, there was the blanket in a pile next to the bed. And as I expected, the alarm clock too. I tilted my head to check the time again. 8:22.

I swept her long brunette hair away from her face and nestled my arm in the crook of her waist. She had buried her head into her pillow, just one eye showing over freckled cheeks. She was sound asleep.

“Payshe, wake up, honey.” I whispered in her ear. No response.

I pulled together my most authoritative tone and tried again, much louder.

“Patience Scott, you wake up right now.” That got a response.

She groaned and pushed her head further into the pillow, then wiggled her ass back at me. “Quickie time?”

I shook my head. “Uh-uh.”

One sleepy brown eye opened, narrowed at me. “Clock fell over?” Patience whispered suspiciously.

“Uh huh.”

Her eyes went wide and she sprung out of bed. She was already out of the room and down the hall, the sound of a shower door swinging shut before I had even closed my mouth.

Ah, the joys of a 9-5. We both worked the same hours but at different stores — her, at a bank just around the corner, myself at an electronic retail store downtown. It’s amazing what kind of people you meet when you’re cashing your paycheck. It’s crazy how horny a gorgeous little bank teller can be. Always the ones you never suspect…

One year together next month and our sex life was still as rampant as it had been when we met. I guess that’s what happens when two kids just out of college get together. I was impressed to find a girl who could finally keep up with my own needs; sometimes she even surpassed them. I loved it. It was too bad we didn’t have time for that quickie today.

I squeezed by her nearly-naked body on my way into the shower. She had already finished, and in record time. I let my hand ‘accidentally’ slide over her towel-wrapped ass as she went by. She gave me a look I couldn’t quite decipher. I smiled to myself while I scrubbed clean.

The sound of things being tossed around was clear as I finished up.

“Joseph!” Patience always used the formal of my name when she was playfully annoyed. “Where are my skirts! Did you not wash my — oh.”

I took my time to pull on my clothes, buttoning and belting my khakis as I walked into the living room. She was putting the finishing touches on her eyeliner in front of the entryway mirror, obviously having already found the clothes she was looking for. Damn, but she looked good in her bank outfit.

I pressed up behind her, my arms wrapping around her waist. “You look very pretty today, honey.”

Payshe smirked at me. “You say that every day.” She looked down to check the time on her cell phone and started pushing at my arms. “I’ve got to go!”

“It’s not that far, you’ll make it in time.” I ran one hand up her body, taking one of her firm C-cup breasts in my hand and squeezing it gently. Her neckline plunged just between them, the frilly collar covering what otherwise would have bordered on indecent for a banker – especially with that push-up holding them high. As if they needed any help. But that cleavage was impossible to hide when I was mauling her as I was, rubbing my thumb over her nipple and squeezing it between my fingers.

“Baby, I have to go.” She had stopped pushing away long before she had said anything.

I breathed hard and nibbled on her neck, her ass wiggling freely back and forth against my crotch as I hardened. She was guiding my other hand down to her long skirt, prompting me to pull it up over her firm thighs, my index finger just inches away from —

Abruptly I stopped. Her eyes shot open instantly.

“Sorry, hon, look at the time. It’s almost 9! I got to get across town in three minutes, that’ll never happen.” Then with another little lick over her ear, “But I am going to love doing the dirtiest things to this sweet little body tonight.”

I walked out of our apartment with my car keys in hand even faster than she had launched out of bed earlier, grinning wide.

Only one other employee noticed me come in thirty minutes late. He ran across the room as fast as his pudgy legs would take him, waving his arms at me.

“You’re late! You missed orientation! I covered for you… and now I got stuck with another fucking trainee for the whole week! bak─▒rk├Ây escort What the fuck, man?”

I shook my fists in mock-despair. “God damn it! Fucking traffic. You know how much I love orientation, Roy. How could you let me fuck it up again?” I tsked and walked away.

It was a very boring work day overall. It usually is. Restocking shelves, telling customers where they can find the low-end LCDs, trying to explain to an elderly woman what a “security dongle” is while keeping a straight face. Immaturity is really my only amusement in this place.

I mostly filled that quota by watching Roy try to train two different people assigned to two separate departments, his striped shirt covered in sweat from all the hustling back and forth, and it wasn’t even noon yet. I spend the first few hours of my day waiting for noon.

Somewhere around 11:30, all of the hottest girls of the city come out from whatever rock they hide under here in LA. Those tiny bikini tops and those short shorts may have been why I applied here in the first place, at an electronic superstore right off the beach. Everyone loves a room with a view. They don’t even need to come into the store to give one hell of a distraction.

I was helping one such girl pick out DVD players when I got a text message across my phone. She was definitely being a little bit flirty, eyeing up my body and all, and I’ll admit that I may have flirted a little back. But hey, I’m a taken guy; I know where the line is. Sometimes approaching that line can bring a little excitement to an otherwise dull day, even if you don’t cross it.

The vibrations made me reluctantly pull away from my, well, professional appraisal of such a small skirt as she bent low to pick up the model she had decided on. I decided to tell Roy I was taking my lunch break and headed for the back room.

I flipped through to my recent message from my girlfriend:

“Joseph Im horny and on lunch come fix it pleeeeeeease?”

I grinned. Obviously Patience had been giving tonight a good deal of thought. I started typing back.

“Sorry baby, we’re so busy today, no time”

As an afterthought, I unzipped my khakis and tugged my cock out, laying it against my thigh. 7 inches flaccid, I took a picture and attached it to the message with another line below it.

“Maybe you can think of some ways to make it hard tonight.”

I hit send and lazily rummaged through the break room fridge for someone else’s food to eat.

Rush hour traffic is always a bitch. I bolted out of the store at 5 o’clock sharp, and here I was, almost 6 and just pulling into the complex’s parking lot. I checked the mailbox on my way up; empty. Patience was already home and waiting. Oh, how I bet she was waiting. I felt my dick hardening against my thigh just thinking about it.

I turned my key in the lock and stepped inside a dark room. On the far side, the bedroom door was cracked halfway, our light on and begging me to come investigate. No, not the light — a little too dim for that. Candles. I couldn’t wait to see what I had in store for me.

I threw my coat on the couch on my way across and started taking off my belt as I nudged the door open. I was definitely getting hard now.

Lying in the middle of the bed was Patience, lying on her belly with her back arched ever so slightly so that her tight, rounded ass was nothing but an invitation. It was framed by the straps of her garter belt, her stockinged legs ending in open-toed strappy high heels. No panties, but the same push-up bra I had teased her in earlier, the straps of which were hidden by her dark hair laying across her back. Candle light from the bedside table was flickering a reflection of a perfect body across the wall.

She flipped her hair and turned her head towards me, looking as innocent as could be with those big brown eyes. I just smiled and walked straight through to the walk-in closet without a word, where she couldn’t see me.

I slipped off my work clothes and got into something more relaxing — a pair of polyester running pants and nothing else. Tidying myself up in the mirror and taking a few cursory inspections of my body — still very well toned, to my approval — I walked back out.

Now she was openly pouting, biting the corner of her lip and giving me puppy dog eyes. Her hips were slowly swaying back and forth, showing off her toned butt. I could see the hint of moisture dripping down her slit between her thighs. She was definitely waiting.

I just kept on walking. Back out, down the hall, into the bathroom. I sorted through the medicine cabinet and found what I was looking for almost immediately, but I waited a few minutes for effect before I returned.

Payshe’s eyes were narrowed at me in definite frustration now, her lips twisted in a disapproving frown. She had laid her head over her crossed arms to watch me come back in, giving her a perfect view as I tossed a little bottle towards her. Her be┼čikta┼č escort eyes followed it, but she didn’t move a muscle even when it landed between her shoulder blades. She didn’t want to look any more eager than I was.

The massage oil rolled down into the groove of her lower back. The cold of the plastic bottle on her skin made her arch even more, her ass pushed even more deliciously towards me. With still no words said between us, I climbed onto the bed and kneeled over her curvy butt, straddling her between my legs.

I collected the bottle and, without touching her skin, leaned forward and held it over the candles on the bedside table. My chest was inches from her back, I was breathing down her neck, our only contact was through the front of my pants resting against her backside.

I wondered if I heard a groan of frustration when I leaned back with the now-warmed oil, taking my time to open it. Maybe I imagined it. I didn’t imagine the purr when I dribbled it up and down her back, then into my hands.

My palms started at her lower back, gripping her firmly with my fingertips brushing along her belly. I began kneading upwards; massaging oil into her skin at her sides, pushing hard as I moved higher and higher across her body. When I got under her arms, I deliberately reached under her to slide my hands across her bra-covered tits, squeezing them roughly. Just as my fingers were reaching the tops and about to touch her naked titflesh, I returned to her back and squeezed her shoulders, milking the muscles between my hands.

Patience’s hips were bucking noticeably beneath me, her back curving at such an angle that I worried she might break as she tried to find the right angle to rub against my shaft. It had hardened to its full length of nine and a half inches, resting against my thigh almost painfully.

I ran my fingertips back down her body by way of her spine, trailing down the middle of her back in teasing feathery touches. My girlfriend was unashamedly groaning with frustration now.

My hands wrapped around the mounds of her ass. It’s a perfect one. Tight, firm, with just enough something to it to give it that perfect shape. I squeezed her rump determinedly between both hands, now shiny and slick with the oil I was liberally applying to her body.

Both of Payshe’s arms came back behind her to grab at my thighs. She was pulling my pants down, my cock springing free and landing between her cheeks.

“Babyyy,” she cooed at me.

I took one of her fragile hands in mine and leaned down to wrap our entwined arms around her throat. Her chin rest on my bicep, her cute freckled face scrunched up in concentration. She was trying her hardest to get me inside of her, bucking her petite body back and forth. My cock was getting more and more lubed as it moved between the split of her ass. I was the only one with the power to put it inside of her.

“You’ve been a very patient girl, honey,” I murmured into her ear, my other hand traveling down her stomach and stopping just short of her soaking wet pussy. I split my fingers apart, rubbing slowly down until they were on either side of her sex, as I slowly repeated myself: “Very… patient,” stopping just short of my palm touching her clit.

“I am Patience,” she moaned up at me. I arched back, letting my cock slip down between her legs. She renewed her struggles, rubbing her pussy hard up and down the shaft of my cock, trying to find a way to angle the head inside. Impossible.

I gave her an inch when she wanted a mile: I put my fingertips on her clit and rubbed her ever so slightly. Patience bit her lip hard and her body went rigid for just a second. She almost came.

“Patience gets a reward,” I groaned into her ear, never taking my arm off of her throat. She squeaked in protest when I let go of her clit, but was almost purring like a kitten when she realized what I was going to do. I grabbed my meat and lined the large bulbous head up with her pussy, rubbing it up and down. As if it needed to be any wetter. I couldn’t be any harder.

She expected me to tease her at this point. She was ready to fight for it. I surprised her. After the head of my cock was firmly seated inside of her, I wrapped that arm around her waist and slammed my cock as deep into her as it would go. Only when my groin was lodged against her body without an inch to move did I stop.

Her eyes shot open and she opened her mouth to make a noise, but nothing came out. I was holding her too tight. Her body was convulsing with the comings of an orgasm again. I wasn’t going to let her gently ride through it. I was already thrusting into her with long, hard strokes, as fast as the position would allow. Her pussy was vibrating and pulsing and gripping me violently, like it never wanted to let me out. I just kept going.

The leverage was wrong. I released her arm and sat up, instead shifting so that I could pin her face down into the pillow with both hands on beylikd├╝z├╝ escort her shoulders. I leaned into her body hard. I really started pounding her petite frame. Anyone else would worry that she’d break. I knew her limits.

I was squeezing her hips impossibly hard between my thighs as I gave her the hardest fuck in a long time. The slapping of flesh was loud and clear, her little moans would have been little screams if they weren’t into a pillow. Her heels clicked and clacked against the footboard.

My balls were churning. I had been thinking about this all day, too. I wasn’t going to last as long as I wanted to the first time. I let up on her shoulders just to grip her by her long hair, turning her face towards me. Our faces were inches apart again when I groaned to her staring at me with pure animal lust.

“Does my hot little bitch like it, baby?”

Patience moaned loudly and bucked her ass back at me in time with every thrust. I took that as a yes.

I unhooked her bra before I flipped her onto her back, the look of confusion and a minor tinge of annoyance that I had to pull out of her sweet pussy making me grin all the more. I tugged her bra off and threw it across the room, giving me free access to her naked boobs, perfect for sliding my cock between as I straddled her chest.

I kept my hand in her hair so that I could grip her head where I wanted it. My thighs held her tits together as I thrust like a man possessed. She had her hands around me, gripping at my back, urging me on. Grunts escaped my throat with every push.

Without warning I pulled her head up and flexed my hips forward. She got the hint and opened her mouth, those beautiful brown eyes never breaking contact with my own. I had her head gripped between both hands as I slid my fuckstick as far down her throat as she could take in this position — almost seven inches. That was enough.

I came and I came hard. She was swallowing obediently and as fast as she could, sucking me dry between loads. I didn’t know if I’d stop cumming, every time I thought I was dry I would look down at that deceptively innocent face, with my thick cock between her lips, the way she loved every minute of it and it would just keep coming. Sweat was pouring down my back.

Finally I stopped. I let her tongue lick me clean and pulled free, climbing down to collapse on top of her. Both of my arms were instinctively wrapped around her. I was sucking at her nipples and biting, tugging, giving them the first attention they had all night. They were stiff and swollen with all of the touches they hadn’t received. I swirled my tongue around them.

Patience was still gasping for breath. She was the one to whisper in my ear now. “Your slut is still sooo horny for you, baby…”

That was all I needed. My organ had never gone soft. I pushed her stocking-clad legs up to her chest, her ankles dangling over my shoulders. I sunk nine inches deep into heaven. God, her pussy is still the sweetest thing I’ve ever felt, I get harder every inch inside of it. Tight, but not so tight that it could hurt. Perfect. She could take every inch and she loved it. She begged for it.

She panted like a dog as I nailed her pussy deeper than ever. Her tits bounced with our every move. Her fingers were working her own nipples, tweaking and pulling, squeezing her whole breast. We were both covered in our own perspirations. The headboard was like a jackhammer against the wall, but neither of us could hear it over each other.

“Fuck me,” she moaned. I fucked her. I fucked her hard. Her clit throbbed when my groin made contact. She was cumming again. I slowed down just so she could remember every inch of my huge dick in that perfect little pussy while all she could see were stars.

I laid some gentle bites along her calves as I went back to full speed. My horny slut was pushing at my chest. I didn’t need to be told twice. She loved to ride me after she came, almost as much as I loved to ride her.

My back hit the bed and she got on top, this time not letting my prick ever drop out of her. Her hips rolled back and forth, grinding the way I had been grinding her ass earlier. As if on cue, she grinned wickedly at me and with that sexy little freckled smile, turned around and presented that delectable little ass to me.

Her back arched and she leaned forward. Patience loves to give a good show. Patience knows how much I adore her ass. Especially when she’s bucking and riding my pole, sliding her pussy up and down. Our eyes were locked the entire time, her tongue darting over her lips on every downstroke with a little squeal to tell me I was hitting just the right spot.

Spank. Spank. Spank. My hand came down on her ass hard. She loved it. She moaned. She rode even harder. On my last swat, my thumb rubbed a small circle around her brown star, daring to poke inside of her ass.

“Oooooh,” her back tensed and she fell forward onto her arms, barely moving while I thumb-fucked her behind. Perfect position, I thought.

In an instant I was back on my feet, my bitch in heat on all fours with her sexy upturned bottom ready and willing. I don’t think she noticed me move, not even that I had taken my log of a dick out of her pussy, so focused was she on my thumb.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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