Pastor family 11

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Saturday morning I wake up and go pee. I peeking my bedroom and Luke’s is
still sleeping. He is shirtless and my sheet is covering from his waist
down. I close the door and go back to Luke’s bedroom. I open the door to
the hall and John’s coming out of his bedroom. He has a huge duffle bag
packed and says good morning. He tells me to come on down and lets
talk. We get downstairs and John throws his duffle on the floor near the
back door. We sit at the kitchen table and John says we need to talk about
the folder I found.

I look down at the table, John says listen, what you do is your business, I
shredded everything in the folder. But you need to learn not to trust just
everyone. I nod. He says I am leaving today instead of Monday. I need you
to be strong and take care of yourself until mom and dad come home and I
come back. He hugs me and gets up. He grabs his duffle and I watch as he
gets in his truck and drives off.

I go upstaters and grab my cell and text Phillip. I lay there a few minutes
and no reply. I jump in the shower. The water feels great as I just stand
there a minute. I wash and get out. I start drying off and the door opens
and Luke walks in. Naked. I feel myself smiling. I actually have feelings
of pure love for him. I turn around to face the wall and keep drying
off. Luke walks up behind me and I feel his arms wrap around me. He smells
like lube and sex. He whispers in my ear, good morning. I say morning. Luke
turns me around and says, I need to piss really bad. I know what he wants
so I just look at the floor. Luke says go ahead and drink my piss. Slowly I
start to kneel down. Luke says good job on obeying and pulls my arms so I
stand up.

He looks at me and says the more you obey, the better things will be. He
walks to the toilet and I hear the stream as he pees. I finish drying off
and wrap the towel around my waist. I go to the sink and grab my
toothbrush. Luke says you may want to wait on that. I look in the mirror at
him and he says grab that bottle of lotion and come on. I walk over and
grab the lotion and walk into my bedroom. Luke is laying on his belly on my
bed. He looks at me and says I need a massage. Start with my back and

I walk to the bed and straddle Luke. All I have on is a towel and he is
naked. I put lotion on his shoulders and start rubbing it in. I can feel
the hard muscles under my fingers. I move to his arms and biceps. I massage
them as much as I can. The feeling of me toughing his muscles has my dick
hard. I do the other arm as well. I start rubbing the lotion and massaging
his middle and lower back. I cant find a soft spot on this jock body of my
older brother. Luke says get up and let me turn over.

I move off him and he turns over. His cock is rock hard. He lays on his
back and says now, do my front. I pull the towel so it will be under me
when I straddle him, but he grabs the towel and throws it on the floor. I
sit down and his hard cock is laying on his stomach and my balls are
resting on it. I put lotion on his chest and start rubbing it in. The
entire time, Luke has his eyes closed and just moans over and over as I
massage him. Several times he says you know I fucking love you and each
time I feel more and more proud that I am able to please him and love him
back. I get to his abs and put on lotion and rub it in. My hands rub the
head of his cock each time I massage. He is leaking precum all over his
belly button. I keep rubbing on him and I feel him move his arm and reach
for my cock. He starts jerking me.

After a few minutes, Luke says get up and do my legs. He flips over on his
belly again and start rubbing the backs of his thighs and legs. More
emotion and I start going to his ankles and all the up to the bottom of his
ass. I switch from leg to leg. I start to get bold and every stroke up the
back of his thighs I start to rub the globes of his ass. I put more lotion
on my hands and keep rubbing, Legs to ass. I let my fingers drop in between
his ass cheeks and I rub down over his hole and down his legs again. He
isn’t resisting so I continue. More lotion and more trips between his
cheeks. More pressure each time on his hole.

On the next stroke between his cheeks, I stop on his hole and push a finger
in. I can feel Luke as he uses his ass muscles to clamp on my finger and
release. I finger him for not even a minute and he finally looks back over
his shoulder and says put your dick in my ass. Fuck me. I grab my dick and
rub lotion over my hardness and in one attempt, his hole takes my dick all
the way in. Last time I shot off the minute I was inside him. This time, I
start to thrust in and out. I don’t last long and I start to cum inside
Luke. He moans and says fill my ass, add your load to Johns load. Breed
me. I finish shooting off and I go to lay on his back. My head never
reaches his back before he has flipped me over on my back on the bed. He
grabs my ankles and I feel his cock pressing on my hole. I scream, Please
use some lube.

Luke strokes his cock and rubs the precum over my hole and then he punches
into my tight little ass. My ass is on fire and I am wiggling trying to get
away, but he outpours me and I cant move. All I can do is accept his cock
as he pushes deep into my hole. Luke Hits bottom and stays balls deep in
me. He puts his hand over my mouth and says be quiet. My ass is still
twitching and burning. My older brothers cock is so thick that my hole has
a hard time getting used to the fast intrusion.

Luke pulls out and long dicks me about 5 times. Each time I cry out. And
then I feel his cock pull all the way out of my ass. He gets off the bed
and I turn to look. He walks to the closet and comes back. He has a belt of
mine and a pair of my dirty boxers. Luke pushes the boxers into my
mouth. He says keep quiet, You do not want me to use the belt. He lays the
belt beside me and climbs over me.

I reach for the lotion and rub some over my hole. Luke grabs my hand and
replaces it with his cock. I here him grunt as he forces all of it back
into me. I cry into the boxers in my mouth as the force of his cock
entering m and the weight of his muscular body forces the air out of my
lungs. Luke starts power fucking me. Last and hard. His hands are both at
the top of my back and all of his weight is pushing down on me as he fucks
my hole. His hard body bangs into mine and each time makes a load slapping
sound. I feel Luke pull out and I feel his foot on the back of my neck as
he lushes my down its it and starts fucking me.

I manage to get the boxers out my mouth and say slow down, slow down, slow
down. Luke pulls almost all the way out of me and I start to relax and then
a very powerful thrust takes him back deep inside me and he holds there. He
grabs the boxers from beside my head and tosses them on the floor. He grabs
the belt and I say Please don’t hit me with that. I hear a deep laugh from
Luke, and then he slips the belt around my neck. He feeds the belt into the
buckle and it closes around my throat.

Lukes wraps the end of the belt around his hand until it starts to tighten
on my throat. My head starts to be pulled up and back towards him. I cough
and I gag. That lets him know that I understand. I feel him start driving
his cock into my hole over and over. If I make a moan or cry, he pulls the
belt tight and holds it as I choke and fight to breathe. Then he releases
it. Over and over this continues. One time, I started to see stars and
thought I would pass out but he released the pressure on the belt. I
learned to be quiet.

I feel sweat dropping from his body onto my back. This isn’t sex. This is
rough fucking. This is Luke trying to get off and nothing else. Everything
he does is for his pleasure. I am just a hole for his cock to use. A cum
dump to accept his load. I think of this over and over as he fucks me. How
is he lasting so long. I start to think maybe this is all I am good for or
maybe he is teaching me a lesson. Maybe thats it, Maybe I am supposed to
learn something here. But still I feel love for him.

The pounding continues from Luke into my hole. I remember how he used his
ass on my finger earlier and I start doing the same to his cock. I try to
clamp down on it and then release. I hear Luke says Fuck yea, It’s about
time you get into this. Work that little hole on my cock. Make me cum. I
keep it up. Luke says tell me what you want. I say I want you to fuck me
and cum in me. Luke said god damn right you do. Tell me where you want this
load. I say in my ass. ā€Ø This talk has pushed Luke into manic
fucking. Hard and fast. Sweat everywhere. My body is worn-out under his
hard body. I lay there and take his pounding. Luke pulls his cock out of
me and moves to my head. He must e going to make me swallow today. He
shoves his cock in my mouth. I suck and then he pulls it out and grabs my
shoulders.. He pulls me off the bed, My shoulders and head are on the
floor, My legs are still on the bed. Luke walks around me and grabs my
legs. He straddles me and sinks that massive cock back inside my
hole. Every trust from Luke is driving my shoulders into the floor. Faster
and fast he fucks me. He grabs my drained balls and squeezes them in his
hand. I feel his body tense and I wait for him to cum, but he squeezes my
nuts hard. I cry out, but what also happened is my ass hole clapped down
hard on his cock. He shoots deep in my ass as my balls ache as he squeezes
over and over, causing my ass to milk his cock. He finally lets go of my
nuts and I am breathless. His cock is still buried completely inside me. I
am upside down beside the bed. He grabs my legs and holds them up as he
pulls his cock out my hole.

Luke pushes my legs over towards my chest as he lays on the bed and plants
his face in between the cheeks of my ass. The stubble on his teenage face
sticks into my skin as Luke starts to rim me and take his load from my
hole. Over and over his tongue darts into my gaping hole and back into his
mouth. He finally lets my legs go and I just curl up on the floor. My body
is completely drained. My ass is sore and throbbing and my balls ache, but
I am loving the feelings. As I lay on the floor, Luke gets off the bed and
stands over me. I look up and I see his cock semi hard, all his muscles are
bulging, and Luke is smiling down at me. He said you did good today. You
are learning to listen and to that just makes me love you more.

He says come on and lets shower together so you can help get all this
lotion off me. I watch from the floor as Luke walks naked into the
bathroom. I slowly get u. I look at my bed and it is covered in sweat and
lotion and precum. I hear the shower come on and Luke yells for me. I go
and get in the shower. I wash his back and chest and then I kneel in the
shower and wash his ass and thighs and then his cock. He says kiss the
head. I open my mouth and start sucking. He pulls out and says, no. I lean
over and kiss the head of his dick. He says good boy.

He pulls me up to standing and he grabs the soap. He lathers me up all
over. He rams a finger in my ass and I just lay my head on his shoulder in
the shower. Then two fingers and then three. He works his three fingers in
my hole over and over. I just lay my head on his shoulder as he does what
he wants. Then, with three fingers inside me, he uses that hand only to
pick me up. I wrap my arms around his neck and he lifts me like I weigh
nothing. He gets waist close to his head and my chest and head lay over his
shoulder, My ass is exposed on his shoulder as he rams those three fingers
over and over inside my hole.

Luke strength and power force his fingers deep every time. All of a sudden,
I feel my dick start to shoot. I am cumming hands free My cums shoots on
Luke’s shoulder and chest as his fingers slow their assault on my
hole. When I finish cumming, he pulls the fingers out and lowers me to my
feet in the shower. He looks at me and says see, when you do what I say, I
make it good for you as well. We bath rinses off and get out the shower. I
dry off and brush my teeth. Luke dries off and goes to his room. It is not
even 11am, and I have been fucked by my older brother, I have fucked him,
and he made me cum in the shower.

I walk to my room and put on shorts with no boxers and a t shirt. I grab my
sheets and blanket and pillow case and take them to the washer. I hope they
come clean. I go back to my room and gather my dirty clothes an take them
to the laundry room to wash next. I get my room cleaned up and then go to
the bathroom. I start picking up the used towels and I get it cleaned up. I
open Luke’s bedroom door and he screams at me to close the fucking
door. All I see is him sitting shirtless on the bed with something tied
around his arm. I hurt the door. I go back through my room and then
downstairs. I get some microwave pancakes out the freezer and put them on a
plate. Luke starts down the stairs and says put that shit up and lets go
get some lunch.

I put them back in the freezer. I say I need to get my shoes and also I
need to put some boxers on under my shorts. Luke says grab your shoes, but
skip the boxers, I am hungry. I run upstairs and grab my shoes and put them
on and race back down. Luke is outside in his car. I get in and we head to
the mall. I tell him that John left this morning. Luke says yea, he told me
last night.

We drive and pull into Taco Bell. We go in and order and I go and sit at
the booth in the window. Luke finally comes over with the food. We eat in
silence. I look at Luke and ask him what he was doing in his room when I
opened the door. He said it’s none of your business. I said I am old enough
to know. He looks at me and angrily says fucking drop it. I look away and
keep eating. Luke grabs his drink and goes to full it up again. The girl at
the register starts talking to him and giggling and I can tell Luke is
flirting with her. He comes to the table and says lets go.

We head out, but not towards home. I ask him where are we going. He said
just enjoy the ride. You will find out when we get there. We stopped at the
ATM and Luke got out some cash and we headed back to the mall. I said I
will wait in the car and Luke says no, come on. We walk in and Luke knows
several people and they all talk to him. I feel my phone vibrate and it is
Phillip. We start texting. He is with his mom today and I tell him I am at
the mall with Luke. I feel a slight slap on the back on my head and it is
Luke telling me to come on.

We go to Abercrombie and Luke is walking around getting clothes. I keep
texting with Phillip. I hear Luke go ask the girl for a shirt design that
he didn’t see. She gets it for him. Luke comes to me and says go try these
on and let me see them. I whisper I don’t have on any boxers. He grabs a
pair off the shelf and throws to me. I go in the dressing room and undress
and start with the new clothes. They are preppy looking and just really not
me. I come out and he looks anthem and says you need a smaller size
pants. I go in and change and he tosses the pants over the curtain. I put
them on and show him. He says leave the new clothes on and come on
out. You can wear them now. I put my shoes on and grab my shirt and shorts
I wore in. We go to the register and the silly girl is walking around me
and pulling off the tags and talking with Luke. She hands me a bag for my
clothes and Luke pays.

We walk out the store. Luke says now you are starting to look that part. I
say what part. Luke just says forget it. We walk around the mall some and
end up at GNC. Luke tells me to stand at the door and wait. I watch as he
walks around and goes to the register. The guy at the register makes Luke
look small. He is prolly in his 40s and all muscle. He must be 6’5 or
so. He is a b**st. They continue talking, so I start texting Phillip
again. We don’t know when we can hang out again yet. Luke whistles at me
and motions for me to come in. I walk to the register and Luke is all
smiles. He says yes, I just bought him this outfit. The gnc guy just
nods. I hear Luke say so, we got a deal as he pushes my away from the
counter. I walk back to the door. I watch as the guy hands Luke a brown
paper bag from under the register as he starts walking my way. Luke grabs
the bag with my clothes and he stuffs the paper bag inside and he carries
the bag.

We get to the food court and 2 girls come up to Luke. I roll my eyes and
keep walking, Luke says I will catch you girls at school. He keeps up with
me. We get in the car and Luke said what you want to do. I shrug my
shoulders. He says I can drop you off at Phillips. I tell him we talked and
he is with his mom. Luke starts driving and we go to McDonalds. I say I
just aye taco bell, I am not hungry. Luke says just sit in the car, I will
be back in a few. I watch as he walks inside. I reach behind the seat and
grab the bag. I pull out the paper bag and inside it is about 10 needles,
but I have no idea what they are. I close the bag and put it where Luke had
it. I start Pokemon on my phone while I wait for Luke. Finally he comes
out with 4 huge bags. He hands them to me and says This is something I know
you like to do. We head back to the mall.

Luke has bought 40 dollar burgers and taking me to the mall to pass out the
homeless people in the woods. I can’t believe he did this. I pass them out
and come back to the car. I say thanks for doing that. He says no problem
and rubs his hand back and forth over my shaved head. Luke asks again where
I want to go or what I want to do. I say it doest matter. Luke said if you
don’t decide, I will just take you back home. I say how about a movie. He
says see whats playing.

We decide to go see the newest Maze Runner Movie. We have to hurry cause
the next movie starts soon. We speed back to the mall and into the
theater. We skip popcorn and drink so we can get in before the movie
starts. We go in and Luke says follow me. We go all the way to the very
top row at the back and sit next to each other. Luke asks what I want and I
say a drink and popcorn. He leaves. There are only about 20 people in this
huge theater. The previews starts and still no Luke. The movie starts and I
see Luke climbing the steps and some one is behind him. He hands me a drink
and popcorn and says this is Mandy. She says hey and she raises the armrest
between her seat and Luke’s seat and sits on the other side of him.

The movie is good, but Luke and Mandy are whispering the entire time. I can
see her hand on his thigh. Before long they are kissing. I keep looking at
the movie but peaking over at them. I hear a zipper and see her hand inside
his jeans. The kissing continues. I watch the movie as best as I can. About
30 minutes of her with her hand inside his jeans and them making out and
his hand under her shirt, I hear a ripping sound.

After the ripping sound, I hear Mandy callLuke a stupid prick and she got
up and left. I just sat there watching the movie. Luke leaned over to me
and said I guess she liked her panties more than she liked me and
laughed. Luke took my drink out the cup holder and said put this on the
other side of you. I did and he raised the armrest between us. I looked and
his huge teenage cock was hard and wet with precum from her playing with
him for most of the movie. I looked up at Luke and he said you know what
has to happen.

I reached over wrapped my hand around his cock and started jerking. My
fingers didn’t meet, he is so thick. I jerked and jerked. The movie ended
and the credits started to come on the screen. Luke grabbed my head and
pulled me into his lap. He said you have about 4 minutes to get me off. I
started sucking and jerking the base. Luke just stretched out his legs as I
sucked. Finally I felt his legs tense up. His hand clamped down on the back
of my next and he fired off 6 thick spurts of cum into my mouth. I
swallowed and kept sucking. He finally pulled my head off his dick and said
good boy. He zipped up and I reached for my drink to get the taste of cum
out my mouth. We walked out the theater and Mandy was sitting on a
bench. We just walked right past her. Luke got what he needed from me. I
just looked at her and smiled as we walked by.

We walked out to the car and got in. It has been an overall great day with
my older brother. We started to drive home. I take out my cell and text
Phillip. He says he is home and bored. I ask if he can spend the night and
he says he will find out and let me know.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni božaltmamż ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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