Passionate Silence: Silence Broken

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The sign said, “SOLD.” The truck drove away. The deal was closed, the packing done, the new job lined up.

She looked at the sign as the taxicab drove her away, to the airport. This trip would be one way only. She looked back at the complex, a tear of nostalgia forming in her eye. Yes, this had been a good hideaway for her, away from a past whose chapters were now closed, distant memories. It had been a good place to find herself, to heal, and to live again.

It had been there that she had found HIM…

She turned around and settled into the back seat of the cab, thinking about all that happened in the past year—the day she moved in and had her first skinny-dip in the hot tub; the occasional date she would have over, only to find them lacking in both the bedroom and the heart; her one accidental lesbian encounter in that same hot tub; the first meeting of HIM online, and last month’s unforgettable weekend; the closing of the sale; and the packing. Yes, this was a good place, and she would miss it.


That first day there she was still not unpacked after the long day of unloading boxes, trunks, and suitcases, and she still had not found the box her clothes were in. The water had been shut off and when the last tenant had left, but the hot tub was still full, and the electric was still on. She was hot and sweaty and sticky from the day’s work, with that slight layer of cardboard dust that happens from moving dozens of boxes. So she did the logical thing, and began to play with the hot tub controls. She figured out the heating element and was able to get the water warmed up and bubbling. After about an hour, during which she inhaled a sandwich from the local deli and a cold beer chaser, then another cold beer to chase the first one, she unrolled her sleeping bag on the unmade but assembled bed. The sheets were hiding in a box somewhere, she knew, but she found the sleeping bag in that search and decided that would work just as well. Set up for bed, she stripped off her clothes and made her way, naked, down the spiral staircase to the solarium.

The bubbling water gave off a slightly steamy look as it gently gurgled. She set her clothes on the side of the tub, then slowly eased herself into the water. Immediately the warmth and wet pendik escort began to relax her, and she sank in up to her neck with a sigh. She stretched in the water, and moved around until she found a jet that bubbled directly onto her tight shoulders and neck, and she leaned into the flow, letting the hot air and warm warm water massage the knots out and cleanse her skin. Her clothes were right next to her on the edge, and when she shifted slightly to move her other shoulder to the jet, she bumped into something on the seat. Reaching down, she felt a hard, round lump with a slot in it. Unsure what it was, she felt around until she realized she could stick her finger in the slot. She did, and the slot burst open, and the jet was unstuck, sending a jet of bubbles right into her crotch. The surprise of the sudden blast made her yelp, and she reached for the edge to recover, knocking her clothes into the water. Then her senses caught up to her, and she settled back in as the bubbles massaged her in a way she had never felt before. She spread her legs wider to let the jet hit her more. The sensations of pleasure she felt were wonderful, and she shifted down a little, so that the jet was right on her smooth clit. She stayed that way, letting the air stimulate her rosebud. She arched her neck back to the edge in pleasure as her left hand found her nipple and began a stroking, while her right hand worked down her belly to the jet. She worked her clit with her hand and the jet, thoroughly awash in pleasure from both, climbing, moaning softly, until she could take no more and came with a new climax. Spent, but feeling wonderful, she fished out her clothes to dry out for the next day, then headed upstairs, crawled into her sleeping bag, and went to sleep…


A bump in the ride shook her out of her daydream and back to the present, and she found that her right hand was down her skirt, and she was absently stroking her now-pierced clit. Realizing her location, she quickly removed her hand, hoping the cabdriver hadn’t noticed. Within minutes they were at the airport. She got out, paid the cabbie with a sizable tip, checked in her luggage, and within an hour was through security and boarding.

She went to her seat on çekmeköy escort the plane and sat down. Seat 13-A. Feeling a sense of déjà vu, she ordered a rum and coke, finishing it just before they closed the doors for rollout.

The plane taxied out and she only half-listened to the safety lecture, as most passengers do, lost in her thoughts. The plane took off smoothly, soaring into the afternoon sky, and she ordered her second rum and coke. The stewardess delivered it with a smile. She looked not unlike that one girl that once bedded her…


It had been a long day with endless complaints at her job, and she found herself alone in the nightclub, getting the only thing that seemed to relax her—a strong Screwdriver and good classic club jazz. That night it was a three-piece on stage, with the piano, snare drum, and clarinet, and the noodling was superb. Maybe it was the music, maybe it was the hard day, but her usual two cocktails had grown to six, and she was feeling no pain at all. She staggered out of the club and down the street, wandering aimlessly, until she came across another bar, this one a disco, and unbeknownst to her, a place where “70s in full swing” had more than one meaning. She wandered in the door, and on to the floor, and began to simply mingle-dance to the Bee Gees, eventually working her way over to an empty table. It was there that she was found by another girl, who came over and made small talk, and as the night wore on, she found herself enjoying this girl, and in her state, said so. The girl for her part, smiled, and asked if she wanted to go to more private place in the club, where the “real” action was. She nodded, and the girl led her by the hand off the main floor to a room in the back. Once private there they began to make out, and she was so far drunk she didn’t care it was a woman kissing her, didn’t care that she was taking the girl’s clothes off, didn’t care that she was sucking her tits, or that her own were in return, and she simply followed her instincts, down the girl’s stomach and to her snatch, where she became fascinated by what she saw. This girl had a pierced clit! Intrigued, she asked about it and was told that it increased sensitivity. She decided to see just maltepe escort how much more sensitive it was and went down on the girl, enjoying her taste and scent as she licked the cunt everywhere and took that pierced clit in her mouth, sucking and nibbling, until the girl came, bucking violently on her face as her moans were drowned out by the music from the club.

When they subsided, the girl asked he if she’d like hers pierced, and still feeling no pain, she nodded. They left the club together for the girl’s apartment, and there the girl did the honors, and followed up the piercing with reciprocity from earlier, soaring in the pleasurable sensations and orgasms that shook her…


The bump of the plane touching down on the runway brought her back to the present. They had landed and were doing their rollout, followed next by the taxi to the gate. An announcement came across that there would be a delay on the luggage as a security incident was slowing all the baggage up, so she detoured into the restroom to relieve herself, then found what she wanted, the Internet café in the airport. She sat down at a terminal and logged into her email, first getting his address, then checking her email and the various social networking sites she frequented.

It was at one of these sites they had first met, first only through casual conversation, her still married in name only, and she had found him interesting. He was easy to talk to, because he understood, and his self-deprecating sense of humor charmed her. In him she saw a man who was grounded and not full of himself, yet underneath the external self-assuredness and confidence there was a softer side, a side of past wounds and experiences both good and bad, that lent a wisdom and compassion to him that he was unashamed to let out. It drew her, like a moth to a flame. They kept their conversations secret, and when the divorce was finally done, she was free, and able to really talk with him, to cope with the stress, and to hear from another man that the problem was not her but her ex. It had gone from there…

An announcement over the PA system let her know that her flight’s luggage was being unloaded. Checking to make sure she had the address written down, she logged off and headed to the baggage claim, picked up her luggage, and hailed a cab.

Almost there.


He met her at the door, and wrapped her in his arms, and kissed her tenderly on the lips.

She looked in his eyes and finally spoke.

“I’m yours.”

The silence was broken.

THE END…and the Beginning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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