Party Time

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At the time, although it was a dangerous thing to do, I did it because I was really lonely, and because it was fun. Afterwards I often felt more lonely than before, or ended up hating myself, but I would get over it in a few days and find myself thinking about it, and then doing it again.

I first did it at my kid sister’s birthday party. A friend of hers was there, a girl I had never met, one of her classmates. My sister was sixteen, so this girl wasn’t much older, but she was really filled out in the chest, so that the buttons on her shirt were stretched. Her hair was jet black and waved around her shoulders the way it does in shampoo commercials. She had a pretty smile and a relaxed air about her. The party was boring as I listened to them all squeal and laugh and I ate my cake unobtrusively in the background; I was going out later, but when I saw this girl, and saw her see me, I thought about changing my plans.

We met in the kitchen: she helped me bring in the dirty plates and glasses from the living room while the others played with the new video game dance mat that my sister got as a present. We made some idle chitchat, but far more than any other interest between us was this sexual tension that I had never felt with another girl before. She brushed her chest against my arm as she reached for a glass and I froze.

She looked right in my face and did it again, harder. I smiled ever so slightly and then finished clearing the table. I went to the supply closet by the pantry, a walk-in space, and yanked the light on. She was right behind me, her hands encircling me and cupping my breasts. I turned and pulled her lips to mine and lost myself in a furious explosion of lust.

I popped some of her buttons opening her shirt. Her undershirt came up and her bra unclasped at the front and out popped two of the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen. Round and supple with proud nipples, they filled my hands and hungry mouth. She was panting and tearing at my clothing, taking off my top and bra, fumbling at my jeans. I felt my pussy wet and swollen, sweltering with heat. With my jeans open her hand slid inside my underwear and down to my slit. She rubbed my clit and I almost came right away. I leaned back against the shelves as she went to her knees and put her head between my legs. Her tongue was experienced, her technique expert, lapping up my juices and tantalizing my clit until I came with a groan and fell down on my ass. She took off her own pants and put her cunt on my face while she continued to lick and finger me. She was shaved bare and her pussy was expectant and wide.

Without much thought I went to work on her, my first time to go down on a woman. I was gratified to feel her stiffen and respond with yelps of pleasure from between my thighs. I licked and sucked, slid in my fingers one at a time until half my hand was in her, slipping in her juices. She shuddered in orgasm, once, twice, and the third time we came together, sweating and gasping for breath. It was great.

We got dressed wordlessly, checking each other to see if we could hide what had happened. I checked outside the closet and the coast was clear. I went to the upstairs bathroom, she to the downstairs one. I got her a sewing kit and she fixed her shirt buttons really fast. She kissed me once and then went back to the party.

I never learned her name and I never saw her again.

It didn’t happen again for almost six months. As a junior in college, I was pretty busy and didn’t get out so much. But a guy in my psychology class invited me to a party and I went without too much expectation. The party was a standard affair and the guy was a flake, so I was leaving when I met this guy in the living room who didn’t even ask me to dance or offer me a drink, but just caught my elbow and pulled me over. He looked me right in the eye, deep and intent. He wasn’t drinking at all and what I remember most was just this animal intensity in his gaze. After a moment he said, “I thought you were somebody else. I apologize.”

“That’s okay,” I said. ” I kinda liked it.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah.” I liked the look of him, and somehow things just came together in that moment. I tugged his arm in the direction of the bathroom, which was right there and miraculously empty at that moment. Without a pause he went in with me and we shut and locked the door. I was kissing him and he put his hands on me, gently, and then more insistently as I sucked on his tongue and ground my hip into his hardening crotch. He felt my hips and ass, then he rolled up my tank top and pushed up my bra. My nipples were painfully erect as he suckled at them. He scooped me up in his arms and put my ass on the counter where he could open my jeans and pull them down, panties and all.

Someone pounded on the door and he pounded back.

“Fuck off!” he said and then sank to his knees and sank his tongue in my cunt. His licking and slurping were enthusiastic, if not mind-blowing, but I was so lost in the strangeness of the moment that I didn’t mind his inexpertise. bak─▒rk├Ây escort After only a minute or so he came up with a thick hard-on jutting out of a mat of thick brown pubic hair.

“Stick it in me,” I said, and slid my ass right to the edge of the counter. He set the tip of his dick between my lips, slipping it around to get it lubed, and then he was in me and I groaned as he filled my swollen pussy. He thrust away, his balls slapped my ass, his lips on mine and spilling all over my jaw. I felt a hollow space inside me – my womb, I suppose – that longed to be filled, like an itch inside me. His dick reached right in and almost touched it, giving me a taste of pleasure, but inflaming me more. I needed his cock in me, all at once; I needed him to hit that spot, to fill me up. It was the first time I ever felt that, and I shouted with surprise and need.

I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him into me so I could grind that cock into me more and more and more. It got closer and closer and my voice leaked out of me, a wailing series of grunts that mixed with his panting and echoed in the white bathroom. Someone was pounding on the door, angry voices shouting. Then the tip of his cock grew bright hot inside me; he hissed and twitched like mad in my grasp; and that was all I needed to reach that space inside me. I came hard and I raked my fingers across his back. I bucked and screeched until we collapsed on the floor. My orgasm shivered around inside me, aftershocks and quivers traveling up through me. The longing from my womb subsided, replaced by a warm glow. We lay there disengaged, panting on the floor, his semen running out of my cunt and my juices shining on his dick.

The door opened. Somebody said, “Oh, yeah!” and the sounds of the party spilled into the room and broke our little bubble. I didn’t look up; I couldn’t. “Close the fucking door!” he shouted. After a moment it shut. I smiled at him and then put my mouth on his soiled penis. Our mingled juices came off on my tongue. I had tasted a guy’s come twice before and found it strange. I didn’t hate it, it didn’t gross me out, but it didn’t exactly taste good, either. Mixed with the bitter taste of my cunt juice, though, it tasted fine indeed. I put one finger in my pussy and brought it up to my mouth, heavy with come. I licked it. There was something amazing about the whole thing.

His dick was clean, getting soft, and he was starting to look anxious. I let him go and pulled my pants back on while he straightened himself out. “Thanks,” he said. He went to the door, waiting only to see that I got my shirt back on properly before he opened it.

“No problem,” I said, and he left. I walked out of the party and just walked around the neighborhood dazed, almost drugged, just thinking and not thinking. I realized I should be worried about disease, about my reputation, or something, but I wasn’t. It was the first time a guy had ever come in me; I was on the pill, but it was just something I got with my friend one time, as an extra precaution, and I had never thought about it. But I really like the feeling, walking after with the slickness inside me, slowly running out. I walked home and went into the bathroom. My panties were soaked with come and my pussy was still swollen with excitement. I masturbated in the bath and licked the come off my fingers, the radio playing to cover my moans from my roommate.

Now, there were a few times after this when I went to a party and ended up having sex with somebody there, but I didn’t start going to parties with the express intention of getting laid until after college and I was working at a publishing company in the city. I had a few relationships with guys, but none seemed to last very long. One of my boyfriends, a guy I let move in with me for a while, who I even thought about marrying, told me when he left that there was nothing there for him to relate to. He said I was empty inside. I didn’t believe him, because I am here and he was just blind to it. But I did feel like I was kind of apart from everyone else, just a little sideways from the reality that everyone was so engaged in. I was really lonely.

I went to a party in town at the convention center of a big hotel, a promotion by my company. It was fancy dress with lots of wine and a band, but none of the people I knew were going and I was all alone. I decided I would just go and get drunk and get laid. I dressed in a hot red one-piece with black stockings and high heels, which I normally loathe. I took one look at myself in the mirror before I went in and I thought, “slut.” I picked my way in, got a drink and tried to look interesting, but nothing happened. There were some attractive men there, but they were all taken or else unapproachable.

But I didn’t give up, I just started making a circuit of the ballroom and listening to people’s conversations. I figured that, like those other times, it would just happen; it didn’t matter with whom. And I met this guy, an author, a big barrel of a be┼čikta┼č escort man with glasses and a great black beard. He talked to me for a while and was much nicer than he needed to be. I didn’t feel any chemistry between us until he took out a handkerchief and wiped at some crumbs that had gotten on my face. He touched me, and smiled; and I smiled at him, and it was there all of a sudden. I wanted him to fuck me, and then he wanted to fuck me. Before either of us could get uncomfortable about it, I said, “Come with me for a minute.”

Slight pause: “Okay, sure.”

There are a lot of places to fuck in these big hotels if you poke around some, and we found a darkened room with stacks of chairs and folded up tables. He pushed me in, then pulled me close and we kissed. His beard was warm and I liked the way it nestled our lips. I told him and he laughed. “You like that? Well, come on then.” His hands were large and thick; they cupped my tits and ass in great massaging handfuls. I slid my hands over his back and shoulders, over his chest and belly and down to his trousers. I unbuckled his belt and let down his pants to rub his cock through his silk boxers. It stiffened gradually and came out to be stout and hard: not so long, but thick.

I sank to my knees and pulled out his penis. I kissed around the head and up and down the shaft, licking and getting it juicy. When I put it in my mouth he groaned with almost a purr, something I’ve never heard anyone else do quite like that. Because he wasn’t so long I could get most of him in my mouth without gagging, and I really worked him over with long sucking strokes and short bobbing. He started hunching a little, trying to fuck my face, and I was getting very wet. I took my mouth off and said, “Let’s try the main course.”

He pulled up my dress and pulled down my underwear to reveal my garter-framed pussy, ready to go. I was actually a little taller than he which made it very easy for him to access me while standing. He pushed me back against the wall, held up my left leg and entered me. He grunted and thrust, and after we got a rhythm going we fit together very nicely. Endurance he had, and I came twice, small ones close together, with a third on the way when he said, “I’m getting close.”

“Come inside me, just don’t stop!” I managed.

“You sure?”

“Yes, do it!” The man flattened me against the wall with a sudden furious barrage of thrusts, grunting and cursing, sweat pouring off him as his warmth blossomed in me. I felt the heat of it and the surge shoot up against my cervix and that pushed me over the edge. I shouted out, then bit it off and jerked and squeezed at his cock. His breath hissed in his mouth as he finished with a series of short, stiff thrusts as he came down from his orgasm. He held onto me panting, his face in my bosom. My climax faded slowly and left me feeling like my legs were loose springs.

After a long moment he pulled out and wiped himself off with his handkerchief. He found his clothes and put them on. I took a gob of his sperm from my pussy with my middle finger and put it in my mouth. It melted there leaving a slight metallic aftertaste. I put my underwear back on.

“Thanks for making it an interesting party,” he said.

“Thank you. I needed that.”

“Me, too.” He went back to the party, leaving me there. I stood in the room for a few minutes, and then I cried a little and went home. I don’t know why I cried; not because of him, but maybe the sex just opened up some doors and let some stuff come out.

Now it sounds like this was some kind of therapy for me, and maybe it was, but it didn’t always go so well. Sometimes it was awful, or even scary. I kept telling myself to stop it, to be careful; I thought I was being careful at the time, but I can see now how stupid I was. I went to parties at least once a week, and usually I found someone for a quick fuck, and I never once used protection beyond the pill.

I did it with a lot of guys and a few girls. One guy tried to make me fuck his dog. After so much it is truly a miracle that I didn’t catch anything worse than a case of crabs (which itch like hell, let me tell you). I never learned the names of eighty percent of these people, and I never gave my real name (and I’m not going to start now). When it was good, like with the first few, it was mind-blowing, intense and even beautiful, something about how we came together out of chance and luck into a perfect experience.

One time I went to a party at some rich guy’s house, a real mansion out of town, like a movie set or something. There was nice music and good food, and everyone was nice; I thought I could find someone good this time.

As usual I drifted slowly around, listening, testing the waters, checking to see if anyone was going to draw me in. It happened that there was someone that I knew at the party, one of my bosses. That was the one thing that scared me: the possibility that someone would find out about what I was doing. And though I hadn’t beylikd├╝z├╝ escort done anything up to that point, I saw him from across the room and my heart leapt into my throat. I ducked out of sight and then spied to see if he had noticed me. It appeared that I was in luck. He chatted and laughed and quaffed his wine. I never liked him, and now I was pissed off that he had ruined everything.

Stalking through the house I thought about leaving, but then suddenly I saw him coming towards me down the hall. He was talking with some woman, laughing and holding her arm suggestively, and he hadn’t seen me yet, so I ducked into a room and closed the door behind me. The room was a guest bedroom and it was occupied. A woman in a black dress was on the bed on all fours. A man was mounting her and holding her breasts from behind. The man looked up briefly upon my entrance, but he didn’t stop their congress.

“Someone’s come to watch,” he told her.

“Tell them we’re busy,” she said through her pleasure.

“Maybe they want to join us. Well, do you?” He stared at me intently, a wry smile beneath his thin mustache. I didn’t answer but I went over to the bed and sat beside them. The woman was very beautiful with long blonde hair tastefully done and expertly applied make-up. Her eyes were closed; she tilted and rotated hips gently to meet her man’s thrusts, hissing and moaning softly. Her dress came up the front, and looped up around her neck, leaving her back bare; he had pulled her large breasts out the sides and they swayed with each stroke. He pinched and twisted her nipples with alternate tenderness and ferocity.

“Do they?” she gasped. I brushed the side of her face with one hand and took over one of her tits with the other, cupping it firmly. “So they do. What do they look like?”

“It’s a girl.”

“Is she pretty?”

“Not bad. You’ll like her, my sweet.” He nodded to me, indicating that it was time to get in or get out. I leaned over and kissed her on the lips. Her moans echoed in my mouth as our tongues entwined together. He reached over and unzipped my dress and I slid out of it and down under her to suck on her tits. With my dress off I was naked except for my garters, stockings and panties. I licked and sucked her nipples one at a time for a few minutes; when I nibbled and bit and she yelped. She started going wild and he matched his pace to hers as she climaxed.

She collapsed next to me as she recovered, leaving me with his erect dick, sticky from her pussy. It was a fine thing, so I rolled over and took it in my mouth, beginning with long strokes to the back of my throat. She undid her own dress and got naked, and then started feeling my legs and ass; she peeled off my thong, which I always wore over my stockings for easy access. She rubbed my tummy, my ass, between my cheeks and through my bush. Her fingers played over my pussy lips, spreading them open and testing inside. Her tongue began on my asshole, her fingers on my clit: short and exciting movements that inflamed me. I forgot about everything else. I had a small orgasm when she stuck her finger in my virgin ass.

“Oh, she’s a tender one down here,” commented the woman, “let me loosen her up for you.”

We switched to a sixty-nine position with me on top. She licked at my cunt while working my ass with two and then three fingers. It felt so weird and good that I kept having these little pop orgasms, small rushes of ecstasy that went through me like firecrackers. While she did this, he was fucking my face and her pussy, alternating between the two with every few strokes. He stopped in my mouth for a while and grabbed my nipples. He gave me a cruel pinch that came just when another shiver of ecstasy hit, making me groan and gurgle around the dick in my mouth.

“How’s she doing back there?”

“Oh, she’s ready for a ride. Aren’t you, dear?” She gave my clit a lick. I nodded with a dick-muffled moan. He pulled out of my throat and went around behind me.

“Is this your first time to take the back door?”

“Yes,” I whispered.

“See, darling,” she gloated, “I told you it was going to be a good party.”

He put his cock in my pussy, wet and swollen and pumped it two or three times; I cried out and fell on her. When I regained my position, he pulled out, freshly lubed and then fixed himself at my asshole. He pushed in slowly but inexorably, leaving me gasping. Sweat broke out all over my body as inch after inch of him penetrated my passage. It didn’t hurt, per se, but it was intense beyond anything else. After what felt like an hour, he was in me to the hilt. My anus was so sensitive that I could feel every little movement, every pulse of blood in his cock.

Somebody opened the door to the room at that moment; I heard a woman’s voice gasp, and then a quickly mumbled apology. The door closed again after a minute of unknown people staring at us. My sweaty hair was in my face; no one could have recognized me; I wouldn’t have cared if they had, at that point. I was too intent on what was to come.

“Suck my cunt,” the woman commanded beneath me. I put my head down at once and obeyed. Her tongue went to work on my clit again and she dipped her fingers in my hole with one hand and caressed her lover’s balls with the other. He just waited, enjoying the contractions of my butt for a moment, and then he began to move.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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