Part 04: Marla’s Discovery

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The three days spent with Marla at the beginning of the week had been a little slice of heaven. The sweet memories from those days sustained me when I had to later endure long periods of separation from her. I wondered if she thought about me as often as I thought about her.

When I left her last Wednesday afternoon and returned to my own place, her absence immediately created a void that left me despondent. Nothing else but Marla’s touch and scent could fill it. I had become used to her attention and affection. Now, she was gone and all I felt was empty. Days went by with no contact and I wondered how she was doing and if she missed me, too. Her absence bred feelings of loneliness. I missed her terribly.

The last half of the week inevitably proved to be as lonely as I’d originally feared the entire week would be, had she not come into my life and shared those three glorious days of intimacy. That time spent with her only temporarily delayed the oncoming feeling of emptiness that wracked me now. Frank was back at home, and she couldn’t risk seeing me for fear of disrupting her “perfect” life. Perfect, my ass, I had come to learn. Tucked away with her hubby in their house a few doors away, it felt like she and I were separated by a hundred miles.

Then, late on Saturday night, I finally heard from her. Although a text could never replace her touch, smell and taste, it was still a connection. It read, “I miss you! Don’t text me back.”

Knowing how she felt, at least, helped me to sleep a bit better that night, but it took a while to find my rest. I tossed and turned, imagining my Marla having sex with, of all men, her husband. I knew that such feelings of jealousy were Illogical, even ridiculous, but I felt them nonetheless.

I awoke Sunday morning, cloudy and lethargic, but I couldn’t keep from grinning when I saw another quick note from her that read, “I want you.”

My spirit was lifted by her words. Maybe Frank was leaving town again! I thought about her all that day, honoring her request not to reply, but resisting the urge. The girl was extremely careful and I respected that.

Later that evening, she sent one more text that read, “I need you.”

Laying in my bed I tossed and turned, sleep eluding me, not because of my feelings of jealously and uncertainty, but because images of her luscious body tortured my mind and gave me an aching hard on that needed release. I considered masturbating, but decided that nothing else could replace Marla.

I resolved to save myself for her, just in case she found a way to slip over to see me. Instead, I painted images of her in my mind, imagining her every curve, her lips, her eyes, her taste, her smell. I played with myself idly, imagining her touch. Using my fingertips, I dreamed of her lips lightly brushing my pulsing head.

The image evaporated when my phone dinged. It was Marla, and her text read, “Hope yer up. I’m coming over.”

My heart leapt in my chest. I jumped up and splashed water on my face and brushed my teeth. I threw on a tee shirt and some boxers and sat at my kitchen table, waiting with anticipation. I was shocked at the risk she was taking, but exhilarated that she was taking it.

Moonlight streamed into my kitchen as I sat and waited for the few minutes that felt like hours. My pulse revved when I finally saw her silhouette cross my yard and scurry to my door. I jumped to my feet and opened it for her. She burst inside, shedding her coat, and flew into my arms.

With her soft fur coat piled in a puddle at her feet, I wrapped her in my embrace and we sought each other’s lips. Our mouths crushed together hungrily. She gasped for air as her tongue delved into my mouth and I began peeling off her clothes as she desperately removed mine.

Down to her bra and panties, she yanked down my boxers and panted, “I need this, now!”

I swept her into my arms and carried her to my room. Depositing her on the bed, I stood and watched her as she quickly tore off her bra and panties and flung them aside. She smiled at the sight of my cock bobbing in front of her, each pulse raising it higher before her eyes. She lay back and beckoned me with a curled finger as she spread her legs.

“Take me,” she breathed and I crawled onto the bed between her legs. I paused to kiss her moistening pussy lips. Her aroma made my cock throb in desire for her. I delved into her slit, tasting her arousal, testing her wetness, breathing her in. I began lapping her sweetness when she pulled on the sides of my head, and gasped, “I need to feel you in me now!”

There would be no foreplay this night, just heated desire and urgent need. I crawled up to her and kissed her mouth. She kissed me back feverishly, then sucked in her breath when my helmet pressed against her opening, forcing her moistened lips apart.

“Mmm, mmm,” she moaned as my hard meat inched past the wet folds of her tight walls, her muscles massaging and coaxing my cock deeper. “Oh yeah!” she cried out sar─▒yer escort in relief when she felt me fully embedded. “God, how I’ve needed this,” she cried.

Then she began hungrily fucking me, her panting breath and our slapping flesh quickly filling the silence of my moonlit bedroom.

This was much different that the usual lingering foreplay and leisurely experimentation we had engaged in earlier the previous week, but four days was too long to wait now that we both knew what it could be like. This moment was about feral need and, as backed up as I was and turned on by her sexual frenzy, I managed to hold off, watching her, relishing the sight of her, hoping I could provide her the relief she so desperately needed.

She pumped her pelvis against my heavy strokes and emitted guttural sounds of relief and pleasure. This was the most frenetic love making we’d shared together so far, but it seemed to be what she needed in the moment.

To the sounds of my grunting, her panting, and our flesh slapping, tremors soon overtook her and she appeared to lose consciousness for a split second. Her eyes fluttered and rolled back into her head. Her pelvis shuddered and twitched. Then she gasped in a deep breath and arched her back, frozen in in primal ecstasy. Shivering uncontrollably, she exhaled and her sweet cream gushed all over my plunging cock.

The sight of her cumming brought me right to the edge. My cock sliding in and out of her was slick with the combination of her juices and my pre-cum. I slammed into her to the hilt a few more times, to the squishing sounds her pussy made and her throaty cries of “Yes! Yes!”

When I could hold back no longer, I gripped her ass and released my load into her depths. Amidst her vibrations and moans of passion. I pumped rivers of semen into her and spasmed as the aftershocks coursed through me.

She lay below me, looking satisfied and exhausted, my seed dribbling from her slit as I softened inside her, and she sighed, “God, I needed that.”

“Me, too,” I agreed.

After a moment, I laid down beside her. Holding her close, I asked cautiously, “What about Frank? Where is he right now?”

“Passed out,” she replied and snuggled into my chest. “He’s gotten drunk every night since he got back. Can you believe that? He’s worthless.”

“I’m sorry.”

She continued, “Yeah, he pounds the scotch while he’s on his phone or his computer all day and night. He always claims he’s working deals. But tonight, I’d had enough of waiting around. I poured his drinks a little heavier than usual so he’d pass out even earlier, and I could finally be with you again. Seems like it’s been so long, baby.”

“I’ve missed you so bad since I last saw you, baby girl,” I said. “It felt like a year. I wish you could sleep over with me.”

“Me, too,” she agreed. “But you know I have to get right back, right?”

“I figured as much,” I sighed.

She quickly dressed and smiled at me in my bed. My cock spent, a dribble of cum beaded on its tip. She bent to give me a sweet parting kiss, then swept up the drop with her finger and deposited it on her tongue. “Mmm, mmm,” she said as she grabbed her coat off the floor and briskly exited the door, gone in barely a half hour since she had arrived.

Her Sunday night visit was a sweet oasis in the desert, but the next day dragged on with no further word from her. It was a week to the day since we’d first been together and it seemed like eons ago. When the next day passed the same way, it began to feel like it was all a mirage after all.

Morosely, I began to figure that she’d gotten what she wanted and now she didn’t need me any more. I supposed that I’d hear from her when she got horny again. I thought sullen thoughts and moped around my place aimlessly, feeling forlorn.

Wednesday and Thursday rolled by the same way, and I felt like I’d lost her, but then I finally heard from her on Friday. Her text read, “Look out by the river.”

I glanced out my window and saw her coming into view out on the water in her kayak. She waved and grinned widely, and I waved back as she cruised past the view through my window. A quick jerk of her head upstream pointed the way she wanted me to go as she slid out of sight. A follow up text came in soon afterward that said, “Follow me.”

I replied, “Coming.”

Heartened, I grabbed my paddle and boat cushion in a hurry. I quickly untied my canoe from the tree it was secured to and slid it into the water. Hopping in, I began paddling after her. She was already out of sight, but I knew she was somewhere up ahead, around a bend or two. I looked back at her house. Thankfully, there was no sign of Frank.

I dug my paddle into the stiff current and propelled myself upstream after her. I labored against the wind and current in my bulky aluminum canoe, imagining her sleek kayak effortlessly slicing through the water somewhere ahead, but soon esenyurt escort I got a nice rhythm going myself, and even managed to make a decent wake behind me.

There were a few other properties after mine, but the landscaped homes soon gave way to thick, untamed forest. The trees crowded the banks on each side and cut down on the breeze as I paddled along vigorously. Soon, I felt completely surrounded by the still wilderness, although I knew I wasn’t completely alone. Marla was somewhere upstream, waiting for me.

After a few more bends, I had broken a sweat and was beginning to wonder just how far she’d gone, when my phone dinged. Her text read, “Go up beaver creek.”

I knew that place and it wasn’t very far ahead. When it came into view, I navigated my canoe into the mouth of the tributary that flowed into the main stream and paddled against the lively current. Around a few bends, until the banks became became too narrow to proceed any farther, I found her beached kayak. I pulled my boat up next to hers and jumped out onto shore. I looked all around but didn’t see her.

Then, another text came in that said, “Follow the creek.”

I secured my canoe and hiked up the slope that had been carved out by Beaver Creek. The sun dappled forest floor spread out around me in all directions. Ascending the rise, I got the feeling that I had gone back in time.

A short time later, I heard a voice say, “Psst!”

Looking toward a stand of large rocks off to my right, I caught a glimpse of her leg behind one. Rounding the pile of boulders, I found her in a sheltered glade, reclined on a large blanket she had spread out in the secluded spot. Its mottled pattern blended well with the fallen leaves of the forest. She had dressed in camouflage, too. Laying there on the blanket, her hair and legs gleaming in the sun, the rest of her blended into the earthy hues around her.

She smiled seductively and beckoned me with open arms. I kicked off my shoes and stepped onto the blanket. I lowered myself onto the soft fleece and lay down beside her.

“Oh Will,” she breathed.

“Marla,” I said softly and drew her into my arms.

I lowered my lips to hers and our tongues became reacquainted. I held her close as we kissed and she draped a leg over my thigh. Our hands hungrily roved each other’s and soon, we began to heatedly undress one another.

I caressed her breasts as I unbuttoned her blouse. Her bra was clasped in the front and I quickly freed her heaving globes. I lavished them with kisses and licks as she squirmed beneath me and stretched down toward my growing cock.

She reached inside my shorts and grasped my warm and firm member. I moved to her neck and continued kissing her there, inhaling the combined scent of her skin and the musky scents of the forest around us. She stroked and massaged my hard rod, feeling it pulse within her grasp, and guided my shorts down and off my legs.

“Another bucket list item,” she said coyly while rubbing my ready manhood. “Doing it outdoors!”

“This is gonna be sweet,” I said.

“Yeah it is,” she agreed.

“Do we have more time than we had the other night, I hope?” I asked.

“Yeah, baby,” she cooed. “All day.”

“Good,” I said, and then slowly completed undressing her.

The sun filtering through the canopy warmed our naked bodies as we kissed deeply in embrace. She climbed up on top of me and heated up more when she felt my cock press against her warm mound.

“Mmm,” she murmured as she pulled her lips from mine and kissed her way down my chest and abdomen. She nestled in between my legs and said softly, “You enjoy this,” and proceeded to take my hardness into her mouth. “I’ve been thinking about this for days.”

She scooted in to lay between my legs, her face hovering over my outstretched member. She cooed over me, murmured her appreciation for my size, my thickness, my aroma, and lowered her soft lips over my helmet. She sucked my head and licked my length, following every pulsing vein, then paused to whisper, “It’s been too long since I tasted your cum.”

I lay back, arms behind my head, legs splayed, and closed my eyes. I hadn’t imagined when I awoke that day that I’d get the best blowjob of my life under a warm autumn sun in the woods, from a beautiful, sexy, wanton woman, all before noon. I decided that this was just what I needed, and giving her what she now craved would give me that much more staying power for the main event to follow.

I closed my eyes and took everything she had to give. The forest was alive with birdsong but could not drown out her murmurs of pleasure and the slurping and sucking sounds she made.

She knew she had me close when I began to buck upward into her mouth uncontrollably. She could feel the muscles of my stomach tense as my release built.

“Yeah baby,” she said hoarsely around a mouthful of meat. “Give it to me.”

I needed no more encouragement. With avrupa yakas─▒ escort a shudder and loud groan, days of pent up sperm erupted from my cock and into her mouth. She pulled off following the initial gush. Subsequent ropes of fluid splashed across her neck, giving her a true pearl necklace of dripping cum. My final spurts dribbled from the tip of my cock and trickled over her fingers that encircled my shaft.

Relieved, I lay there catching my breath, while she cleaned off all traces of my seed, meticulously licking the length of my shaft and all around my balls. I was nearly unconscious in post orgasmic bliss when she crawled into my arms and nestled her had upon my chest. “Mmm, yum,” she purred and snuggled into me.

After a brief respite, I gently rolled her onto her back and kissed her, tasting my own salty tang that smeared her sticky lips. Then I began kissing my way down her body toward her treasure. I paused to lavish her sensitive breasts. Her erect nipples ached to be kissed and I gave them ample attention. I moved downward and explored her belly button before kissing my way to her fragrant mound. Her arousal reached my nostrils and I deeply inhaled her readiness. She opened her legs invitingly as I moved to her glistening prize.

When my mouth reached her moist pussy lips, she shuddered in anticipation. I entered her with my tongue and tasted her womanly arousal. She was delicious. I feasted on her juices and explored every fold my tongue could reach, then found my way to her pulsing bean. I sucked on her clit and encircled it with my tongue, eliciting little squeals of pleasure from her. I pressed my tongue firmly against her swollen pea, then gripped her ass cheeks and guided her as she squirmed against the pleasure I applied. I felt her tense at the excruciating pressure and worked her into an electric frenzy.

Soon she was panting for breath and thrashing beneath my firm grip. She clenched the blanket as waves of pleasure overtook her. Her juices cascaded over my tongue as tremors wracked her. With a final, wrenching cry of relief, she shuddered, then froze and cried out, momentarily silencing the birds above. As her arousal flooded my mouth, I felt joy at my ability to pleasure her like that and my cock plumped in agreement, assuring me that it would be ready to continue our outdoor pleasure once she was rejuvenated.

“Had enough?” I asked once her quivering subsided.

“Not nearly,” she purred, and pulled me up next to her.

I crawled up next to her and scooped her into my arms. I pulled her up and held her on my lap, gently rocking her as she wrapped her arms around my neck and nestled her face into the crook of my neck. I soothed her and listened to her soft breathing as I looked down the slope. Barely visible through the trees, the thin ribbon of river was a sliver strip woven through the fabric of the forest. She stirred in my arms and lifted her face to mine, inviting a lingering kiss.

Then, she squirmed off of my lap and crawled seductively to the edge of the sprawling blanket to where a soft sided cooler sat. She poured a pair of what had become our new tradition and handed me a refreshing mimosa. We clinked flutes and sat next to each other, sipping them, gazing peacefully down the slope to the river below.

She fed me nibbles of cheese and fruit as I draped my arm around her and pulled her close. Her thighs felt hot against mine.

After finishing our drinks and snacks, I lifted her chin and lowered my mouth over hers. She tasted like aromatic cheese and sweet juice. She welcomed my lips and pulled me down as she laid back.

I lowered her to the blanket and rubbed her tummy and her fluffy mound while I kissed her lips, her face, her neck. She pulled me tightly to her, my growing hard on pressed between our legs. She squirmed against me and lowered a hand to help it along. She purred as she rubbed its length down my thigh.

“More, please,” she whispered.

I crawled over her and she parted her legs for me. My erection had fully returned at the feel of her expressive hands and her hot breath against my neck. I pressed my swollen head against her opening and felt the heat of her moist, inviting lips. My probing cock head caused her to start when it began to spread them apart. Her eyes flew open in surprise when my helmet slipped past her moist opening. She sighed in pleasure as I inched into her. While slowly entering her, I was once again amazed at her tightness, and grateful for the welcoming wetness that drew me all the way in.

“Mmm,” she cooed as I filled her up. “Feels so good.”

I glided in and out of her while she moaned her pleasure and writhed beneath me. The sun warmed my back as I loomed over her and plowed deeply into her. She raised her legs and locked her ankles behind my back, pulling me further into her with each thrust. She began grunting in exertion which made me even harder.

“Ooh yeah, Will, fuck me so good,” she encouraged.

Suddenly, sounds reached our ears from out on the river. We froze and listened intently. Motionless, we watched as a pair of kayaks drift into view in the distance. I lay down next to her, my cock slipping out of her.

“Oh God, do you think they heard me?” she asked softly.

“Probably not, we’re pretty far up the slope,” I whispered, hoping I was right.

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