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This story is part of the “Summer lovin 2021” contest.

Many thanks to the readers who gave their feedback and left comments.

English is still not my first language, so I apologize for any mistakes.

All of the characters are over 18 years old.


I love vacationing in Gran Canaria. I’m even thinking of buying a small house or apartment here when I retire. The climate is nice. Constant temperature all year round. Warm ocean. Lots of entertainment for all tastes. Delicious cuisine and excellent Canarian honey rum. But it is better to enjoy life while you are young and full of energy.

This time the trip didn’t work out. It wasn’t like that. Because of exams at the university where my son Michael is studying, I had to reschedule my vacation. A flight with three connections and a long night at the airport in Madrid. The renovation of the hotel next door turned the wonderful ocean view into a bleak scaffolding landscape. Add the noise and dust. Well, my wife started having “red days.” That means two weeks of vacation, one will be without sex. Total disappointment. Also problems with my son, which now I do not know how to solve.

You know, a vacation in the Canaries sets up a romantic or rather sexual mood. And this time we brought Michael for the purpose of setting up his sex life. He’s really a tall good-looking athletic guy. He’s 19 years old and a sophomore at university. He’s studying languages. English, German, French and Spanish. Yeah four at once. He’s a real nerd. A very shy nerd. He’s also a virgin. Which is amazing. I mean, there are almost ten girls for every guy in his class. It was starting to bother even my wife. So this time, not only did we not get a family room, we got a separate room for Michael. So he could bring a girl over. But because of the change in vacation time, we fell into the period of the famous Maspalomas Gay Pride “Dunas” and Maspalomas Fetish Week “La Boca Loca” festivals. In general, there are a lot of girls and women here. But they are not interested in guys. They are lesbians. And the guys here are interested in other guys. And it’s gonna be like that for ten more days. So he’s walking on the beach, looking at naked tits, asses in bikini panties or not, and drooling.

The first time I saw them was when I walked from the elevator to the restaurant in the morning for breakfast. A couple. She’s a golden-haired blonde with blue eyes and skin the color of melted milk. And she, an African woman, with long, round ass, black hair and skin the color of milk chocolate. They were touchingly holding hands and waiting to check in at the front desk.

I saw them again at the pool when the black one was rubbing suntan oil on her golden-haired friend. The sight was so erotic that it attracted the attention of almost everyone around them.

– So hot. – My Sophia whispered in my ear. “If they stay here long enough, we can invite them in for a glass of champagne. Which one would you fuck first? The white one or the black one?

Yeah, my wife’s a naughty girl. But only with girls. Only on vacation. Only with me as a couple. No other people’s dicks. That’s the rule she made. Ever since our honeymoon. Well, I can’t complain.

Sophie is a hot little brunette with green eyes, raven-winged black curly hair, long shapely legs, a tight round ass, a narrow waist, a flat tummy, high rounded breasts like apples. Although she’s 39 now, no one gives her more than 25 years old. She looks more like our children’s sister than their mother.

– Actually, it makes no difference. As long as you’re on my dick first. – I replied.

True, by the way. Except for our vacation adventures together, I’ve never cheated on my wife. Never. Well, I don’t think you should talk about cheating when you do things together.

Michael watched the black and white couple, too. What he saw, he liked so much that the tent that grew in his swim shorts caught the attention of a group of young gay men on the other side of the pool. They began cheering him on with approving gestures and shouts, which embarrassed him even more.

– Michael, get me and my mom another glass of Cuba Libre,” I addressed him, giving him a chance to remove himself and calm down.

– Did you remember we wanted to go with the kids to the Angry Birds Activity Park Puerto Rico and then to Holiday World Maspalomas? – Sophia asked me.

Yes, in addition to Michael we have other children. The twins Victor and Valerie. 14 years old. A boy and a girl.

– Baby, I’m sorry, but I can’t make it. I have a 12:00 video conference call and then I’ll be busy until 3:00 p.m. dealing with work issues. But no one else is going to bother me this week.

– Okay, I’ll take your word for it. Kids, let’s go pack. Shuttle bus to Angry Birds Activity Park in 20 minutes,” she said, and wiggled her hips as she headed for the hotel entrance.

I watched with longing as the ass disappeared. I wanted more than anything to grab her, pull the lush buns of her buttocks ankara dans├Âz escortlar apart, and brush my lips against her sweet, wet pussy. The black and white couple of beauties seemed to share my desire. I greeted them with a half-empty glass and a smile, causing them to burst into laughter. The girls got up from their lounge chairs and began to get ready. By now they were wearing only tiny thong trunks that barely covered their pussies. Michael, who had brought the cocktails, froze as a pillar of salt, staring at the magical sight of two pairs of perfect boobs swaying.

– Don’t just stand there. Buy the girls a cocktail. – I hissed in his ear, and nudged him lightly in the direction of the girls. He took a few hesitant steps and handed them the glasses. All his language skills seemed to slip out of his head in an instant.

All he could say was, “Here’s. Por favor. Trinken.”

The girls laughed again, took their drinks and kissed him on both cheeks at the same time. Then they sent me an air kiss and ran to the hotel laughing.

– I’m going to work for a while. Then I’ll probably be at the bar. Mom and the twins went to the amusement park,” I told the tomato-red Michael, “And what are your plans?

– Well, I haven’t thought about it yet, I’ll probably be in my room. Playing on the computer or reading.

– OKAY. I’ll see you before dinner, then.

Surprisingly, I got things done rather quickly and easily. I just had to figure out what to do until Sophia and the kids got back. It was lazy siesta time. So, I took the elevator up to the roof, where there was a sun terrace and a small bar. At this point, the terrace and the bar were empty. No bartender, no customers. A sign on the bar invited guests to self-serve. After preparing myself a large glass of gin and tonic with lots of ice, I looked around. There was a stunning view of San Agustin, Playa del Ingles and the dunes of Maspalomas from a height of 16 floors. On the terrace, large square mattresses were laid out and there were two hot tubs. Deciding to take advantage of the opportunity, I undressed and grabbed my glass and immersed myself in the hot tub. A little manipulation with the remote control, and now the elastic jets of water were massaging my body. A cold drink. The murmur of water. Caresses of air bubbles. Thoughts of Sophia’s soft, supple body. I must have dozed off.

– Oh, excuse me. Can we use the Jacuzzi, too? – A pleasant woman’s voice pulled me out of my slumber.

Two nymphs the color of melted milk and milk chocolate stood near the bath and looked at me with a question.

– Of course, make yourselves at home.

The girls, supporting each other, climbed into the tub and sat across from me.

My hand reached for the glass. Unfortunately, the ice had melted and the drink was ruined.

– I’m going to make myself a drink. Can I get you something for the ladies? – I asked them, and without waiting for an answer I got out of the Jacuzzi.

– Ah… No… It’s up to you,” the blonde said stammering.

I didn’t think I could embarrass anyone. It was more of a surprise.

The customary manipulation at the bar, and in a few minutes I return with tall glasses of drinks. A Long Island Ice Tee for me and two Strawberry Mojitos for the girls.

After accepting their drinks, they took a long sip each while I went back to the tub.

– Wow, this is perfect. – The African girl exclaimed.

– It is very good. – And you…?

– No, it’s just a hobby. Just a little sleight of hand and a little magic. – I answered the unasked question. – I’ll tell you right away: length 20 cm, diameter 6.5 cm, everything 100% real. Married, happily married. Three children. – I smiled as I looked into the dumbfounded faces of my revelation. – But my wife and I would be happy to invite you two to my bed for a couple of fun nights.

The African girl looked anxiously at her friend, whose eyes lit up with sparks of interest.

– We are not interested in men – she quickly said

– Fine, I prefer women too. I like sucking tits and licking pussy. We already have a lot in common. You could say I’m 100% lesbian. – I joked rudely, – But let’s better introduce ourselves. I’m Victor.

– Me, Lizzie,” the blonde introduced herself, “And this is Angie. She’s my wife and we’re on our honeymoon here.

– That’s great girls, this is the perfect place for such an event. But concerning the men, you’re wrong.

– We’re Lezbians. And we’re married. – Angie objected.

– Oh, honey. I’m glad you made that decision. It confirms your love, not your sexual preference. Not even homosexual. You just haven’t met a man who can completely satisfy you yet. Believe me, there are some.

– Men are wild, dirty animals incapable of truly understanding and loving a woman. They think only of themselves.” Angie said.

– They are rude and selfish. – Lizzie said.

– Girls, take it easy. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience in your lives. I’m just saying that even though you elvankent saatlik veren escortlar love each other and you are married, you are by no means lesbians. Rather, you are bisexual. And therefore, you shouldn’t limit yourself to having fun.

– Are we BI? – Angie wondered.

– Of course we are. You didn’t come to same-sex love right away, did you? You experimented with boys first, didn’t you? You liked them. You liked them so much that you trusted them. Something went wrong. You weren’t satisfied. You were disappointed. You were hurt. Maybe insulted. The guy was inexperienced. Or overexcited. There could be a thousand reasons. You found satisfaction in your girlfriend’s caresses. But that didn’t make you a lesbian.

– What do you call our relationship then? – Lizzie asked with a smile.

– If you ask about feelings, it’s love. If you ask about sex, it’s just the discovery of new facets of sexuality. Judging by your fleeting glances and your body signals, you don’t mind fucking with a good cock. But you lack tenderness and sensuality. That’s what you find in Angie.

– What do I lack? – Angie asked.

– Oh, you miss a good cock. Experienced, skilled. A cock – able to lift you to the top and gently lower you down, to give you true pleasure.

– Are you implying that you are such a man? That you can prove it to me and to my girlfriend? – Lizzie asked, looking at me doubtfully.

– Yes it’s all mere words to get into our panties. – Angie seconded.

– Then let’s make a wager. I’ll satisfy Lizzie without the aid of a dick, better than a woman. And I’ll fuck Angie so that she’ll call it the best fuck of her life. And when I win this bet, you’ll grant me two wishes.

– And when you lose, what do we get? – Lizzie asked with a challenge.

– If that happens, which is doubtful, you get three days of exclusive access to my wife. You were both staring at her by the pool. – I answered, watching the embarrassed girls. – So, what? Deal?

– Deal. Deal! – Quickly shook my hand Lisi, not paying attention to disapproving look Angie.

– Well, then, let’s move to a more comfortable place. We can on these mattresses.

I got out of the hot tub and gallantly helped the girls down.

– I think you should undress and make yourselves comfortable. And while I make us more drinks

In a few minutes I handed the girls a glass beautifully decorated with umbrellas, straws, and fruit.

– A “Sex on the Beach” cocktail.

While the beauties were enjoying the taste of the cocktail, I was enjoying the sight of the beauties. They were gorgeous. The creamy tops of the hills of Lizzie’s breasts were crowned with bright pink nipples on small round halos. There was a neat bush of heart-shaped golden hair on her pubis. The chubby patties of her large labia were tightly pressed together. Between them the bright pink petals of the small labia were shyly peeking out. Angie’s breasts were perfect, too, but a little more cone-shaped. Her chocolate nipples were larger, on slightly swollen large aureoles. Whereas Lizzie’s nipples wanted to lick and caress with my tongue, Angie’s nipples wanted only to suckle, hoping for a portion of life-giving mother’s milk. My mouth immediately filled with saliva. Angie’s pubis was completely devoid of vegetation. The large labia parted and showed the opening flower created by the labia minora. Their outer side was chocolate and the inner side was bright red, revealing a red vaginal mouth. Above where the petals converged, like a guardsman on guard, stood a bright red clitoris.

– Lie down on your back. – I turned to Lizzie,” I need a few minutes to get to know and explore your body.

Lightly, gently, with only the tips of my fingers I began to stroke Lizzie’s body from top to bottom, from her eyebrows to her toes, not missing a single square centimeter, closely watching the response.

– Let’s sit you down. – I suggested after a few minutes and placed several pillows under her back and head. Angie watched me with interest and tension.

– Can I kiss you? – I asked Lizzie, looking into her eyes, and after reading the answer in them, I fell a gentle kiss to her lips. I kept my lips on hers, and the kiss grew deeper and more passionate. Finally she wrapped her arm around the back of my neck and pulled me to her with force. Her tongue intertwined with mine in a passionate dance. She seemed to forget how to breathe. When we broke the kiss, her face lit up with a smile and her gaze clouded over.

I took her left palm with my hand and brought it to my lips. I kissed each fingernail, her fingertips, her fingers, and the inside of her palm. My tongue explored her lines of life and love. The kisses gradually moved to her wrist, her forearm. And when I kissed the crevice of her elbow, Lizzie had her first orgasm. It was like an electric current coursing through her body. A sweet moan escaped her lips. She looked at me with her eyes wide open in disbelief at what had happened. Angie etimesgut azeri escortlar watched, biting her lower lip. Her gaze was one of disbelief, incomprehension, and admiration.

– Shall we continue?

Lizzie nodded in agreement.

I kissed the tip of her nose, her lips. Then the kisses moved to her chin, the line of her cheekbones, her little ear, and behind her ears. Her breath stirred the golden curls. Gentle touches of my lips alternated with quick strokes of the tip of my tongue, licking and sucking. When my lips reached the pit at the base of her neck, under her chin, Lizzie had her second orgasm.

At this time, my hands gently caressed the mounds of her breasts. My fingers rubbed and tweaked the swollen nipples. By the time my lips reached them, they were already fully hard and sticking out almost two centimeters. When I kissed them, Lizzie moaned long and passionately.

I kissed her breasts and caressed them with my tongue, warmed her nipples with my breath and cooled them with my wet tongue, crushed them with my hands and nibbled them with my fingers. All this triggered another orgasm. It wasn’t a moan that came from her lips, but a passionate howl.

I continued caressing her breasts with my lips, and my right hand had already gone down to her crotch and gently spread the lips of her pussy. Again I laid Lizzie on her back. My lips began to move down along her belly to her pubis. My tongue drew wet patterns on her belly, exploring the neat dimple of her belly button. His breath stirred the golden thickets. The girl’s moans didn’t stop, they merged into a wonderful song. The hands that had been caressing her inner thighs caressingly spread them wide apart, revealing my view of her cunt, oozing with luscious moisture. The folds of her small lips were like a magical flower with fragrant nectar gathered in their depths. My tongue plunged into the very center. The taste was magnificent. The sweet taste of a young, passionate and languishing woman. I kissed this hot cunt passionately and began to play with it with my tongue. I spread and licked every fold. I plunged my tongue deep into her vagina, almost reaching her G-spot. I felt the seed of her clitoris and caressed it. When the clitoris reached the size of a large pea, my lips circled it and my labia and sucked passionately into my mouth. My tongue pounded on his clitoris with the frequency of a metronome. Lizzie’s body shook in a terrific orgasm, flooding my mouth with a flood of her nectar. A panther’s growl escaped my mouth. My hips squeezed my head like a vise. My right hand clutched at my shoulder, scratching my nails until they bled. My left hand, clenched into a fist, slammed violently against the mattress. Lizzie was cumming for a long time. Several minutes. Then she collapsed exhausted onto the mattress, a blissful smile shining on her face.

Angie, stunned, watched her friend. Finally she leaned over, to the girl lying there with her eyes closed, and shaking her gently by the shoulder, she asked:

– Lizzie. Baby. Are you all right?

– I’m fine. I’m in heaven. I want to be here forever. – Lizzie was talking like she was in a dream.

– How… how do you…? – Angie said in bewilderment.

– Thirty years of experience. Twenty years of married life. Twenty years of amazing everyday sex with a fabulous woman. – I replied. As I approached the stunned young woman, I put my arms around her, stroked her cheek, and kissed her. The kiss was long and tender.

– Wasn’t that Lizzie’s taste? My Lizzie? Her pussy? – She said doubtfully. – But she was never this sweet.

– Calm down. Stay with Lizzie. She’ll come to in a few minutes. In the meantime, I’ll make you something to drink.

At the bar, I washed up and made us more drinks.

By the time I got back to the girls, Lizzie had recovered quite well and was whispering to Angie about something.

– “Margaritas for the lovely and tasty ladies,” I served the drinks.

– What’s yours? – Angie asked.

– A little strong for you, I’m afraid. It’s a honey rum that’s only made here. 50% alcohol. But it’s easier to drink than soda.

I have no problem getting an erection. I can have sex four or five times a day. But if I drink some hard alcohol, my erection lasts for hours. Such a peculiarity of the body. But not everyone should be told about this little secret.

– So what’s your verdict? – I asked Lizzie.

– Awesome. It was really the best orgasm I’ve ever had. But the most unusual thing is that I cum from kissing my hand. No one would believe me.

– I’m glad you enjoyed it. Now it’s time for Angie.

I lay on my back between the girls. My tense cock stood proudly pointing skyward and jerking in nonchalance.

– Dick, meet Lizzie and Angie. Girls, meet Dick. – I introduced my friend to the girls.

– Hi, Dicky! – Lizzie laughed and shook him hello. – This doesn’t fit in my hand. It’s like holding a beer can.

Angie’s eyes widened.

– I won’t be able to put it in me. – She shook her head in protest.

– Baby, calm down. You can hold more than that. Our pussies make a baby. And Dick ain’t as big as a baby. – Lizzie reassured her. – You’d better touch him.

Lizzie took Angie’s hand and put it on her dick. She couldn’t wrap one hand around it, so she grabbed it with the other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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