Paramour Polyamory Ch. 01: Briana

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It’s been two years since Briana found out about her husband’s excessive cheating. She tried everything to save their marriage, but her husband continued his adulterous acts unaffected. After the first year of getting nowhere, she gave up and started talking to a divorce lawyer.

While going over their finances with her lawyer, Briana discovered that her husband had been draining their joint bank accounts. When she looked into it, she learned that her husband was using the money to buy lavish gifts for his girlfriends. By the end of the first year, he’d blown through their entire savings.

Due to her husband’s reckless infidelity, they had to continue living in their small apartment, and Briana couldn’t afford to get a divorce. Trapped in a loveless, sexless marriage, Briana found solace in porn, revenge cuckold porn, to be exact. She was so turned on by the idea of tying her husband up and forcing him to watch her fuck another man; it filled her with newfound hope.

After setting up her own bank accounts and working longer hours, she finally had enough money to put her plan into action. Every week, she put half her money in the back and spent the other half on skimpy lingerie, teeny thin bikinis, and slutty costumes.

When her husband finally noticed all the sexy lingerie that she wasn’t wearing for him, he accused her of cheating. She only ever responded with laughter! Her husband also didn’t know that she had created some very risqu├ę profiles on a couple of dating sites. Immediately, she received dozens of winks, pokes, invites, and DMs from all types of guys. While scrolling through all the sexy men who’d liked her profile, she came across the stunning photo of someone she recognized.

Adrian, an old friend from high school, had dark brown eyes, short hair that was styled in a curly-buzz cut with a swoosh shaved design, and he still had a bright, immensely seductive smile that was accented by the soft dimples in either cheek.

Briana eagerly sent him a message and then scrolled through the rest of his profile until she found some photos. Adrian was even more chiseled and delicious-looking than when they were in high school. She especially liked the pics of him in his swim trunks. Briana moaned when she saw the bulge in his teeny, tiny swim trunks. His meaty protrusion ignited a blaze between her legs, the likes of which could only be compared to an underwater volcanic eruption.

Adrian replied a few minutes later, giving her his number, address, and a time. She saved his contact info in her phone and used the photo of him at the beach as his contact pic. Then, she texted him so he’d have her number.

She was so excited about her date, as she rushed to her closet to find something to wear. Her husband came home as she was trying on outfits. He noticed the level of sluttiness each outfit possessed and angrily asked her what she was doing. She ignored him and continued trying on outfits. Her husband stormed out of the apartment as her phone buzzed. It was a text from Adrian.

The text read: I have a pool, so wear a (bikini emoji) if you want to (splash emoji).

Briana replied: I would (heart emoji) to (splash emoji) at your house, but you better have some good (chocolate bar emoji) cause that’s the only way I’ll (splash emoji).

They spent the next few hours texting back and forth, each message kinkier than the last. She was still up texting Adrian when her husband stumbled in drunk. Smelling of booze and other women, he yelled and threw a tantrum as Briana continued texting with Adrian.

The next day, her husband texted her just as she walked up to Adrian’s house. He wanted to know what she was doing, where she was, what she was wearing, and who she was with. She turned her phone off and rang the doorbell.

When Adrian opened the door and saw what Briana was wearing, his jaw dropped. She was wearing nothing but a skin-tight yellow lace teddy swimsuit with matching heels. The entire swimsuit was lace, and Briana chose not to wear anything underneath, giving Adrian a lacey view of her naughtiness.

“Can I come in?”

“Uhhh!” was all he could say.

Briana gently pushed Adrian aside as she stepped over the threshold. Adrian couldn’t take his eyes off her amazing body, not even while closing the door.

Briana was a perfect 5′ 6″ brunette with dark brown eyes and long wavy hair that draped well past her shoulders. She had a pair of exquisitely perky, squeezable tits that looked unbelievable in her bikini. Her tiny waist and flat stomach led to her shapely hips and long, toned legs. Her ass, though not the phattest, was firm and bubbly.

The way the tight yellow fabric hugged her subtle curves and accentuated her coffee-cream skin tone made Adrian’s dick spring to life. He used to imagine her naked and sweaty, riding him like a maniac in the throes of passion, and now, here she was, half-naked and willing.

“Like what you see?” she asked, already knowing his answer.

“Uhhh!” was his only response again.

“Which way to the pool?”

“Uhhh!” bursa escort He said while pointing down the hall to her left.

“Shall we?”

Briana set her purse on the entryway table and followed Adrian out to the backyard, taking her time to ogle his muscular frame. He was wearing a pair of tight trunks, but they weren’t as tiny as the trunks in his pictures. Still, they showed off his tight, hard ass rather nicely as he led her outside.

Once outside, he walked past the pool and nonverbally suggested they skip right to the hot tub. He was still in shock over her outfit, and the swelling bulge in his trunks revealed his excitement. The bulge looked heavier in person, Briana thought, which made the front of her thin swimsuit damp between her legs.

Adrian knew Briana was checking out his bulge, and he knew she was getting wet between her thighs, so he thought, “why hide it.”

“There’s only one way to enjoy a hot tub.”

His tone was suggestive, and Briana knew precisely what he meant. While staring into his eyes, she pulled the tiny straps of her swimsuit off her shoulders and began peeling the thin lace fabric from her umber skin. Adrian watched, bewitched as, first, her nipples came into view, then her sculpted waistline and shapely hips. Finally, as she pushed the swimsuit down her legs, her neatly trimmed brunette bush led his eyes to her pretty, cinnamon pussy lips.

Briana stepped out of her swimsuit and into the hot tub, slowly sinking beneath the bubby, hot water to give Adrian a few extra seconds to ogle her sexiness. Once she was comfortably seated, she looked up at Adrian and watched him push his tight trunks down to his ankles.

Though Briana adored every chiseled muscle on Adrian’s body, she only wanted to see one part of him, and he knew it. He walked deliberately, taking swaying steps so that his meaty manhood swung side to side as he stepped into the hot tub. His cock throbbed as the hooded tip felt the hot bubbles tickling its foreskin.

Briana’s own hot juices mixed into the hot tub as her fantasies about Adrian created little quakes of bliss between her legs. She opened her legs wider and slowly moved her hand to her frenzied clit, and tried to hide her sensuous rubbing while watching Adrian settle into his seat.

“You know, for a married woman, you’re brazenly salacious.”

His comment cut her deep in more ways than one, mostly an arousing manner. She pulled her hand out of the water and stared at her worthless wedding ring. Then, she looked at Adrian with lustful eyes.

“I am what my husband made me. And what about you? Any crazed women I should know about?”

He laughed. “Currently, the only woman I’m around regularly is my secretary, and though she’s drop-dead gorgeous, she’s a whole nother story.”

“How drop-dead gorgeous?”

He smiled. “Remember Celina; she was a cheerleader. Smoking hot blonde with big bouncy tits and a phat, bubbly ass.”

“Holy shit,” Briana yelled. “She works for you? Man, how’d you pull that off?”

“Well, like I said, she’s a whole nother story. Anyway, back to you. Other than the shitty marriage, what made you finally decide to give me a shot?”

“What do you mean, finally?”

“I mean, finally. I’ve wanted to fuck you forever, but you never gave me a chance.”

“I had a boyfriend.”

“Yeah, and now, you’re married. What’s the difference?”

Briana took a deep breath and leaned her head back to soak her long, luscious mane.

“The difference, big boy, is now, I know about your big enchanting cock.”

“You didn’t know had a fat cock back then.”

“I had a boyfriend back then, so I wasn’t thinking about it. Now, however, I’m sitting over here thinking about that long, thick dick stretching its way to the back of my pussy, giving me mind-numbing orgasms all night long.”

The more she divulged, the more her words sounded like moans. She began rocking her hips as if she were riding Adrian like a warhorse into battle.

“Can I see it?” she moaned, staring into Adrian’s eyes. “Can I see your big, fat cock again?”

He charmingly smiled. “Are you begging me or daring me?”

Briana’s request was one of pure sexually neglected desperation, but she played it as a challenge.

“Dare! I dare you to show me your big dick, but it has to be hard; rock hard.”

Her heart raced, and everything moved in slow motion as Adrian glided across the water, stopping inches from her face. He slowly raised his hips out of the water just enough for his rock-hard cock to float to the top. As Briana gasped at the glorious sight, he throbbed his veiny thickness, splashing water like an orca showing off for tourists.

Briana, consumed by lust, grabbed her tits and squished them around the hefty pole bouncing against her chest. From her tits to her nipples to his throbbing member, her hands moved attentively. She ran her fingertips along the underside of his veiny girth and wrapped her palms around his heavy balls.

Before she could satisfy bursa escort bayan her lascivious curiosity, he moved away and settled back into his seat. Her hands moved back to her breasts and pinched her nipples as she stared wantonly at her playmate.

He smiled, flashing his dimples, as he crooked his fingers, beckoning her. In a splash, Briana leaped from her seat and climbed into Adrian’s lap. She pushed her hips as close to his body as she could, pressing her hot, swollen pussy against his stomach.

Adrian forcefully grabbed her waist. “I dare you to open your legs.” His dare was vague but exciting.

Briana eagerly opened her legs, exposing her exhilarated pussy in anticipation of his sensuous assault. He pushed her away just enough to reach between their wet bodies and pull his raging cock against her womanly lips. Instinctively, Briana’s hips began rocking, sliding his bulbous head up and down her tight slit. He allowed her to rub herself against his cock for a few seconds before retaking control.

“Keep your legs open no matter what,” he ordered.

Briana wrapped her hands around his neck as he began slipping his thick tip across her velvety entrance. His big head stretched her tight ring but never pressed forward. He rolled his tip against her trembling hole again and again, occasionally tapping and poking but never entered her.

Her hips rocked and bucked, and she fought to shut her legs and end the teasing, but Adrian was much stronger than her. He put his hands on her hips and held her still as he poked his head against her slippery slit again and again until her legs shook uncontrollably.

She laid her head against his and kissed him, physically begging him to end the foreplay torture. In response, he said, “Your turn.”

Briana immediately demanded, “I want to feel your big dick in my little pussy. I dare you to put your dick inside me!”

While holding her hips firmly, he pushed his hooded mushroom past her dripping wet, round threshold. When the thickest part of his head finally snapped into her tight pussy, they both took a deep breath and let their bodies adjust. Briana took that sensuous moment to kiss Adrian again; this time, her tongue slid into his mouth and swirled with his.

As the tender, decadent moment of initial penetration faded, Adrian pulled Briana down his lengthy pole. With each inch burrowing deeper into her womanly core, Briana moaned in his mouth. He pulled her slowly, letting her cheated pussy walls stretch around his welcomed girth at a comfortable pace.

When she landed against his lap and felt how deep his size stretched her, she let out a long, slow sigh of relief. Adrian took that moment to kiss and nibble on her nipples, giving each one the proper attention they so badly needed.

Entranced by his penetration and the way he teased her nipples, Briana wriggled in his lap, submerging the girthiest last inch of his pole. She felt the intoxicating pain of him striking deep, reaching depths of her tightness she never knew a man could touch.

She looked into his eyes with abandoned lust and moaned. He looked into her eyes while throbbing his veiny girth inside her and smiled.

“Is that how you wanted me to slide inside you, or did you want me to do it differently?”

Before she could answer, he slid her all the way up his shaft and pulled her back down his entire length quicker than before.

“Is that how you wanted me to do it?” He pulled her up again, this time, only about halfway before sliding her back down. “Or is that how you wanted me to do it?”

He continued sliding her up and down in all sorts of ways, bouncing her on his cock fast and slow and hard and soft and straight up and down and at angles.

After countless deep-stroking attempts, she felt the nearly forgotten thrill of an orgasm. The early waves of ecstasy hit her like a 900-foot cargo freighter smashing its way through the waves of a Category 5 hurricane over open water. The feel of his lovely cock stroking inside her wet, silky-smooth walls carried her to the edge of ecstasy.

Just moments before reaching her rapturous peak, Adrian whispered in her ear, “I dare you cum on my cock!”

The reality of her vengeful infidelity hit her like a lightning bolt just as her body erupted. She pressed her chest against Adrian and screamed as she came in a hailstorm of full-body convulsions and quivery moans. Tears streamed down her cheeks as her immaculate lover ran his hands up and down her shaky body, providing comfort as she rode out the savage waves of her first orgasm with a man in over three years.

Still shaken from the throes of passion, Briana pressed her lips to his. He softly responded to her insatiable lust, gently and rhythmically twirling his hips as she recovered. Every forward thrust, backward stroke, and side-to-side sway rubbed his girthy cock against her sweet wetness. The harder she kissed him, the harder he twirled inside her.

“Oh, fuck, baby,” she moaned in between kisses. “You’re bursa bayan escort fucking amazing!” She pushed Adrian against the back of the hot tub and sat up straight, taking a dominant position. “I dare you to take me to your bedroom and have your way with me!”

Adrian lifted himself and Briana out of the water in one effortless motion, carried her out of the hot tub, and walked her to his bedroom. Every step wiggled his cock inside her. She moaned and kissed his neck as he softly bounced her toward another orgasm.

Once in his bedroom, he laid Briana in the center of his mattress and pressed his hips to hers. She cried out in excitement and wrapped her legs around his hips as he began roughly pounding her pussy, one slow thrust at a time. The bed squeaked with each thrust, and Briana’s squeals heightened as she drew closer to covering his cock with cum juices.

He wrapped his arms under her body and grabbed the back of her neck with one hand while the other squeezed the sensuous flesh of her smooth back. He kissed her hard and monstrously as he hammered his hulk-like cock into her delicate divinity. Under his control, her body overflowed with jubilation, and her screams filled the room as another mind-washing orgasm burst from her womanly center.

He buried himself deep and held her tightly as she spasmed and vibrated through her orgasm. When her convulsions turned to subtle vibrations, he offered her a challenge.

“I dare you to surrender to my will.”

Even in her elated delirium, she eagerly accepted his challenge. She wrapped her arms around his muscular body and hazily stared into his deep brown eyes while opening her legs more. She wrapped her legs around his hips and heeled his butt cheeks, spurring him like a horse, giving him instructional incentive to overindulge without mercy.

Adrian was a talented lover, the way he slowly and intently drove such a massive tool in and out of her womanly depths. Rather than thrash her wildly and conquer her pussy by force, he used pinpoint thrusts, targeting her sensitive spots from front to back. The ring of her increasingly satiated entrance gripped every bulging vein in Adrian’s shaft as he worked his magic.

Her body trembled as he slid his perfectly oversized cock into the depths of her ever-stretching sweet spot. She savored the feeling of her once abandoned, married pussy being gently ravaged by another man. The idea of infidelity, which was once the cause of her agony, was now a salacious taboo filled with desires beyond imagination.

Neither could see the masterful work being done between their legs, but they could hear and feel the glossy goodness of her juices being worked into a frothy cream. As another orgasm neared, she opened her legs more, beckoning her lover to thrust deeper, and he obliged without a word, pressing his hips to hers with rhythmic vigor.

Her legs stretched out and shook violently as she ascended her mountainous orgasm’s peak, gushing her hot, creamy juices all over her talented lover’s cock. He grabbed her hips and held her in place as he stroked deep, intently and enthusiastically intensifying her euphoric high as her tight walls convulsed.

As soon as she had enough control over her body, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close for a deep kiss. Their tongues danced as their hips ground out the subsiding throes of pleasure.

“I want to suck your dick,” she moaned between kisses. “Please, let me suck your dick.”

Adrian was surprised by her request, though he didn’t mind. He always let women decide whether to suck his dick or not, so he was thrilled when Briana offered so early in their relationship. Even more to his amazement, Briana rolled him onto his back and began kissing her way down his muscular body before he gave her an answer.

For her, sucking Adrian’s cock was a privilege. From the moment she saw his bulge in that picture, she wanted to know just how big his cock was. Up till now, she’d eyeballed and felt how big he was. Now, she would finally get to take some precise measurements.

First, she let it rest against her face, comparing it to the length of her head. With her chin at his base, his cock stretched well past her eyebrows. After licking up his entire shaft and rolling her tongue around his hooded tip, she took him in her hands. “Fuck, he’s thick!” she thought. Her fingertips barely touched, but only if she squeezed his shaft to make them touch.

His veins were huge, more closely resembling a Sneakers bar. His length was outrageously impressive, as she had both hands on his shaft, one on his base and the other stacked on top, and he still had inches to spare.

With her measurements taken, she began licking and stroking his shaft, expertly stroking from base to tip. Using alternating strokes, she worked both hands up and down from top to bottom, applying pressure to all the right spots. Every few strokes, she’d stop to wet his dick with her mouth.

Though his dick was long and wide, she had no problem sucking and throating his monstrosity. She used every part of her mouth and throat to add to his pleasure. Her tongue worked up and down and around his shaft as she massaged his head with her throat. When his cock was in her mouth, she massaged his balls individually, taking one in each hand.

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