Eki 27

Panty Trap Pt. 04

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I was so hard walking through the mall with her that I could barely walk upright. My penis felt like a steel rod pressing up against the silky panties she had given me to wear. The silk felt absolutely amazing against my junk and the lace leg bands were tickling the inside of my legs, and all this combined with her promise of a sensual blowjob later was keeping me rock hard.

After going through several clothes stores where of course I bought her whatever she wanted she gave me a look of lust as we entered another. We slowly moved across the store she was looking at various items. Once we were only a few feet from the entrance to the fitting rooms she took my arm and pulled me into one.

Once inside with the door shut behind us she gave me a look of pure lust. I didn’t think it was possible but seeing that look made my dick even harder and throb a couple of times. Without a word she reached out and unzipped my shorts and let them drop to my ankles where I kicked them out of the way. Next, she forced my shirt over my head and down onto the floor to join the shorts.

I now stood in front of this girl in nothing but a pair of bright pink silk and lace panties sporting a very very prominent erection. I should have been embarrassed but at that point I was too horny to care.

She bursa escort eyed my bulging erection with a look of lust and satisfaction on her face. The silk of the panties was thin and stretchy enough and my penis so hard you could just about make out every detail of it. Every blood vessel that was fully pumped full of blood at present and every ridge and contour was easily visible.

“Very nice. Very nice indeed.” she purred before reaching out and pressing her finger on one side of my penis and drawing up. The sensation was unreal even though she hadn’t actually touched my erection she caused the silk to stretch across my shaft almost like she did. I let out an involuntary moan in response.

She gave me a sly grin before almost whispering to me, “You trying to get us caught baby?!”

I was a little embarrassed but said, “I couldn’t help it that felt way too good.”

She gave me a wicked grin before saying, “Well we’re going to have to fix that. I don’t think you want to get caught wearing frilly panties.” With that she reached under her skirt and pulled off the panties she had on. Watching this made my raging hardon twitch a couple of times inside my panties.

“These should help keep you quiet. Open up panty boy.” I was way too far gone to even try to escort bursa resist at this point, so I opened my mouth, and she stuffed her silky black panties in.

Once I was gagged with her panties, she lowered me down on the edge of the small bench inside the fitting room. I was sitting on the bench, but my crotch was over the edge to where she had full access to it.

After giving me another wicked smirk, she got down on her knees leveling herself with my bulging panties and traced around each side of my hardon like she had the first time. Then she began to trace my penis directly through a bit more gently. After tracing my shaft several times with her fingers, she did the same with her long fingernails. This was even more unreal than the tracing and my dick started twitching in response.

“Somebody is really worked up down here.” she said in a teasing voice letting up and allowing my erection to simmer down for a second.

After letting me simmer she moved lower and began to tickle my balls. I didn’t think that I could have gotten any harder in this situation but quickly found out I was wrong. Stimulating my very full balls caused them to pull in and forced more pressure down my already extremely hard penis. She added to this by giving them a couple of gentle squeezes bursa escort bayan after tickling them.

“I’ll bet you’ve never been this hard.” she cooed as she returned to tracing my now constantly throbbing erection. I gave a muffled moan through the panties gagging me as I shook my head.

She then got up and I followed her sultry gaze up as I felt her fingers cup around my aching erection. My eyes widened as she liked her lips in a sultry way and began to stroke my hardon.

“You want to blow don’t you?” she purred gazing longingly into my eyes. All I could do is nod as my cock began to pulse out of control and I moaned uncontrollably into the panty gag.

“Well ok if you really want to I guess you’ve earned it.” she purred giving me one last hard stroke. The stroke and her sultry voice sent me over the edge as my body convulsed out of control while my cock exploded. Blast after blast after blast sent jets of hot gooey cum all over my panties and dripping down my legs and all around me. She didn’t stop pumping my cock until every drop had been forced from my balls.

I was still in post orgasm euphoria as she gave me a sexy smile and said, “Well it wasn’t a blow job, but I know you still enjoyed wearing my panties.”

It wasn’t until I had come down from my post orgasm high that I realized she had left. And a quick look around the fitting room showed she had taken my clothes with her, leaving me with nothing but a pair of soaked panties around my waist and a pair of her dirty panties in my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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