Ara 03

Grocery Store Girl Ch. 02

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Hello everyone, I sincerely apologize for the delay on this story. As you can see, it is rather long and continues the story from right where we left off before. My continued thanks to the vivacious and radiant Katie Ames for help in crafting and editing this story. We hope you enjoy it. 🙂


I laid there as Ashleigh slowly slid off of me to head for the shower. I watched as her tiny, sweaty frame slid to the edge of the bed and weakly placed her feet on the floor, bringing herself to a standing position with her back to me. She was right, her ass did look even better naked.

She took two steps and her legs, shaky from our sessions, betrayed her and she slowly dropped to the floor onto her knees and hands. I quickly sat up and moved to help her, but as I did, she looked back at me and said, “I think you’re going to have to help me stand in the shower.”

I couldn’t help but swell with pride. Here was this young girl I had fantasized about for so long and now I had successfully fucked her legs out from under her.

“Would you like me to help you to the shower,” I asked, a small laugh accompanying my question.

“No, I can make it there,” she said as a smile crossed her beautiful lips, “but once we are in the shower, you are probably going to have to hold on to me the entire time.” She began to crawl towards the bathroom with me standing behind her. This was such a beautiful view. I drank in the sight of her tan, toned skin as it flexed and moved as she weakly crawled to her destination.

We moved together, her crawling, me walking behind, enjoying the view, till we reached the bathroom. Once there, she collapsed onto the floor, laying there on her back with her knees up and bent. I stood above her, looking down over her young, naked body.

“You gonna make it,” I asked with a chuckle.

“I think so,” she said staring at me. She began to laugh. “I just can’t get over this. That was by far the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“Me too,” I said, joining her in a laugh. I wasn’t lying either. Everything had been perfect with her.

I walked over and turned on the water and when I felt the water was just right, I walked back to Ashleigh who was in the same position, only her eyes were closed. I watched her breathing for a moment, her perfect, small breasts rising and falling with each breath, and again marveled at how radiant she looked.

I knelt down and slipped my arms under her bent knees and under her neck. Her eyes opened and looked up at mine and a slight, sweet smile crept across her face. I lifted her tiny body off of the floor and cradled her in my arms. I continued to look at her as she did me, but her expression turned to one of doughy eyed submission. She melted into my arms and all tension fled from her body.

I leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips and then walked her over to the shower. I let her legs drop into the shower and held her up with my other arm. I could tell her legs were still a little wobbly so I continued to hold her up as I stepped in. I then wrapped my arms around her, brought her wet body to mine and held her close as the water cascaded down upon us.

We stood like this for ages with our wet, naked bodies pressed together, her head resting on my chest and my arms wrapped around her. I don’t think either of us wanted to move.

I ran my hands up and down her back, my fingers tracing along her wet, taught skin. I reached up with my right hand and grabbed a bottle of body wash from the shower rack, and then turned our bodies so that mine was shielding her from the force of the spray. I flipped the cap open with my thumb and then poured a good amount on her shoulders and down her back before returning the bottle to the rack.

Now with both hands free, I ran my hands over her back and shoulders creating a slippery, sudsy foam on her young body. As my hands ran across her skin, I heard the slightest moan escape her lips as she held her eyes shut and her body against mine. My arms were still wrapped around her but my hands explored and cleaned her, tracing from her shoulders, down her back and to her perfectly formed little ass. As she sighed and moaned and my hands explored her, I felt my cock starting to come alive once more.

I grabbed the bottle again and turned her body so that her right shoulder was pressed up under my left arm and her front was accessible to me. I again flipped open the top, poured the wash across her chest and returned the bottle once more. With my left arm around her for support, I used my right hand and began to rub the soap against her breasts, chest and tummy. I looked at her as I did and she was looking up into my eyes, obviously enjoying my hand on her.

As I continued to wash lower on her body, my fingers dancing mere inches away from her pussy, I noticed her breathing change, a sharp intake lifted her chest as she anticipated my future destination. My hands crept lower, washing and massaging her pelvis and moving towards her thighs. Her eyes never left gaziantep bayan escort me as I continued down, my hands now lightly rubbing her inner thighs.

I slowly moved to her shaved pussy, my fingers running up and down each of her lips on either side of her pussy. I noticed her eyes flutter and come close to rolling back into her head. She was trying to watch me but the simple pleasure I was providing her was winning. I leaned down and kissed her, out lips melting together in a slow, passionate kiss. I moved one finger to the middle of her pussy and easily slid it into her silky pussy and hooked my finger as I sought out her g-spot.

She gasped into my mouth as I penetrated her. I watched as her eyes fully rolled back into her head as her head leaned back. By now, I was fully hard and my cock was rubbing against her soap slickened tummy as I finger fucked her. I had to have her again.

I removed my finger from her pussy and before she had time to protest, I lifted her up and pressed her body against mine. Holding her off the ground made me instantly happy I had invested in some of those non-slip strips for the slippery shower floor, thus providing the traction I needed to safely hold her up. With her feet off the ground, she instinctively wrapped her legs around my body, her calves pressed against my ass. I gently pressed her against the wall of the shower and then reached down under her leg, positioned my cock and then dropped her down, slowly impaling her on my cock.

I began to slowly thrust up into her as I pressed her against the wall. I grabbed her arms and pinned them above her head, grabbing both wrists in my left hand and pressing them against the wall for stability. I then leaned in and kissed her as I fucked her. I used my right hand and dragged my fingers down her torso, teasing her ribs, side and breast. This was a slow, sensual fuck and I loved it.

The angle of my cock was rubbing against her clit as I slowly thrust in and out of her and I could feel her tiny frame rocking up and down to meet my strokes. She flexed and released her leg muscles against my body which lifted her up and down in time with me. I wanted to go faster, to fuck her harder, but fear of losing my balance and sending us both toppling down against the hard shower kept my movements slow and precise.

She struggled against my hand, desperate to wrap her arms around me but I kept her pinned. She was breathing in staggered breaths, her body was trembling, and I knew she was close.

“Oh,” she panted, “Steve”, again a pant, “please…..I’m close…..that feels… good…..please….don’t stop…..I’m so…..oh…my…..God…..please…..fuuuuuuuuuuuck,” she panted and ended with a wail as her orgasm pulsed through her. I could feel her pussy clamping down over and over on my cock and I continued to fuck her straight through her orgasm.

I continued to fuck her like this for a few minutes and she became more vocal, begging me to continue fucking her. My cock slid in and out of her, over and over and I knew I was getting close. The continual penetration sent her over the edge again, this time with a loud scream as it ripped through her. Again I felt her pussy clamp around me and that was all I needed to send me over the edge and I flooded her pussy for the second time tonight.

I slowed down and eventually stopped with my cock buried inside her. I released her arms and she wrapped them around my neck. She looked at me with wide eyes, no words coming to her. I smiled, leaned in and kissed her again.

I finally released her and washed her and myself again before turning off the water. I retrieved a towel, dried her off slowly and tenderly. I then dried myself off, stepped out of the shower and offered her my hand to help her out. As she stepped out, I leaned down and picked up her tiny young body in my arms and carried her to my bedroom. I laid her gently on the bed and then we both crawled under the covers. I reached my arm to her and pulled her close, her head resting on my chest and her damp hair spread out over me. Her leg curled up over mine, her hand rested on my chest close to her face and I heard her quietly whisper three small words as she drifted off to sleep.


I smiled contently and closed my eyes and drifted off with her.


I woke the next morning and found myself laying in the same position as I was when I had fallen asleep last night and I noticed that Ashleigh had not moved either. I could barely detect her peaceful breathing and I contemplated laying there with her till she woke up. I brushed her hair for a bit before an idea popped into my mind.

I gently and slowly moved and scooted myself out from under her and slipping a pillow under her head and then adjusting the covers over her. I saw her stir and readjust as her peaceful sleeping position had been disturbed, but she did not wake.

I walked into the kitchen and pulled out some fresh fruit, washed it, sliced it and placed it into a bowl with some Greek yogurt. I remembered that she had commented on how much she loved the stuff during one of my visits to the grocery store. Once I had two servings ready, I placed everything on a tray and headed back into my bedroom. I placed the tray down on the end of the bed, sat down next to her as she slept peacefully and I began to trace my fingers up and down her back causing a slight sound of pleasure from her.

I began to push slightly harder into her back, massaging her muscles and running my fingers against her skin. She let out another low moan as she was waking up from her slumber. I leaned down and kissed her on the cheek and felt her smile as I did.

“I want to wake up like that every morning,” she says sleepily. She blinked her eyes open and stretched her arms above her head to shake free the cobwebs of sleep. “The only things that could have made that any better would have been some lavender massage oil.”

“I bet,” I said. “Did you sleep well?”

“Mmmmm, yes, I slept like a baby,” Ashley replied to me. She was twisting her body and I could see her breasts clearly as she did. Even with everything we did last night, I was still blown away by her beauty.

“Good, me too. I haven’t slept that good in a long, long time,” I replied back to her. “Are you hungry?”

“Oh my God, yes!” she said excitedly and sat up. I presented the food to her and watching the realization that I had just brought her breakfast in bed spread across her face was priceless. Her face softened and she looked up at me. “You are something else.”

She reached out and grabbed a slice of strawberry and ran it through the yogurt. As she moved the fruit towards her mouth she said, “Not that I should be surprised, not after last night.”

We sat there for a few minutes eating. She seemed lost in thought as she stared (lazily) at the covers. I soaked in her beauty as the morning sun cast her in a beautiful light. She would occasionally look up at me only to blush and whip her head back down.

“Is everything ok,” I asked her.

“Yeah, I’m sorry, I just can’t get over last night. I keep playing it back in my mind and, wow, I mean, WOW,” she exclaimed before biting into another piece of fruit.

“Ha-ha, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself,” I said. “I completely agree with you. Wow pretty much sums it up.” I smiled at her and took a piece of berry into my mouth as well.

“You know, I knew I wanted to make this a summer to remember before I leave, but damn, this is already beyond what I was expecting,” she said slightly shaking her head back and forth in disbelief.

“Hey, we are just getting started,” I said. “You may be leaving in the fall, but that gives us the whole summer to play.”

“Yeah, but…..,” she began. My stomach dropped. I don’t like the word but….

“But….. what?” I asked her.

She looked right at me and said, “I just don’t see how any of those college guys are going to stand up to you. Hell, I don’t see how anyone is going to stand up to you, not after last night.”

I’m not sure why, but I found this funny and let out a laugh which surprised her. “Yeah, but I think it’s only fair you give them a shot. You never know, a few might surprise you,” I said taking another bite of fruit.

“That’s true,” she said. She looked so beautiful sitting up naked in my bed.

“However,” I began, placing my fruit aside, “that doesn’t mean I can’t continue to raise the bar for them.” I then leaned in, kissed her and we fucked and played till late in the morning when, regretfully, I had to let her leave.


After she left, I collapsed down on my couch and relived the past 24 hours in my mind. It was so surreal. Even though she had left merely ten minutes ago, it all seemed like some sort of fantastical dream. I had felt her, tasted her and fucked her yet it still didn’t feel real. I laid my head back, closed my eyes and a small smile crept across my face.

I heard the notification on my phone go off about ten minutes later.

—– Ashleigh: Do u miss me yet?

Another smile crossed my face as I read her message and contemplated what to say.

—– Me: I’m sorry, who is this? 😉

—– Ashleigh: U jerk!!! U know who this is!!! ;p

—– Me: 🙂 Yeah, I know who this is. Aren’t you supposed to be home by now?

—– Ashleigh: I’m almost there. 🙁 I wanna comeback.

—– Me: Well, I never made you leave. That was all you! 😉

—– Ashleigh: U mean that was all my parents & my stupid work. 🙁

—– Me: Your work? What do they have to do with you leaving?

—– Ashleigh: I have 2 work this afternoon. Ugh

—– Me: Well, when you are there, just think about me.

—– Ashleigh: Oh like THAT will work. That will make work so much harder 2 get thru.

—– Me: Hey, it’s not like I am saying think about me bending you over on my bed…..

—– Ashleigh: AAAAAAHHHH, u r going 2 get it mister!!!!

—– Me: You taste so good….

—– Ashleigh: HEY!!! No fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!

—– Me: Well, have fun at work. I need to jump in the shower. 😉

—– Ashleigh: I swear, u r going 2 get it!!! Have fun n ur shower… all alone.

—– Me: Oh I will. You have fun at work thinking about me having fun in the shower all alone….

—– Ashleigh: yeah right. I’ll text u later. BTW, I had fun last night. Thank u for the best bday ever!!! 🙂

—– Me: You are welcome. I had an amazing time as well. I say we make every day your birthday. 😉

—– Ashleigh: DEAL!!!!! Later sweetie!!! 😉

By the time we had finished texting I realized I had been sitting on my couch the entire time with a big grin plastered across my face. I texted my buddy from Friday night and said three simple words.

—– Me: She just left.

I didn’t even get a reply text back from my buddy. He called me and asked how things went and I told him the abridged version of things. He kept calling me a dirty old man and poking fun at me, but I knew secretly he was incredibly jealous. All men love a young, hot girl and Ashleigh was one of the hottest I had seen in a long time.

When he had finished living vicariously through me, I hung up, got off the couch and went and grabbed my things to head to the gym for a quick workout. The shower thing was just a tease for Ashleigh, but I won’t lie and say I wasn’t tempted to make that a reality. The visions of everything we had done last night were replaying in my head over and over.

The workout felt great; a quick 30 minute run followed by some free weights, and then after only an hour and fifteen minutes after arriving, I was jumping in the shower at the gym. A quick lather and rinse and I changed into some shorts, sandals and a polo, stuffed the rest of my clothes in my gym bag and headed out to my car to head home. I looked at my watch and realized that Ashleigh would be working now so on my way home I stopped by the grocery store.

I walked in and grabbed a few small items, replenishing my supply of fruit, Greek yogurt, bottled water and some other odds and ends. I stopped by the pharmacy section and remembering her comment this morning about the oil, I picked up a bottle of lavender scented massage oil from the intimacy section.

I walked up and got into her line. She was still as radiant as ever with her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She was being friendly and laughing with an old lady in her line. She was simply stunning and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. I loved the fact that she had no idea I was there and standing no more than 5 feet from her. It was one of the greatest things I had noticed about her over the last few months. She always makes everyone in front of her feel like they are important.

The lady paid her total and the bag boy helped her out to her car. Ashleigh told her to have a good day and then looked up to see who was next in her line. She saw me and her mouth dropped open in surprise and her face immediately went red. Her shock quickly dissolved into a smile that seemed to grow and grow and her eyes lit up.

“Wha-what are you doing here,” she stumbled, obviously flustered. We had seen each other so many times in this very setting over the past few months but the change in our relationship mixed with the surprise appearance by me had her apparently flabbergasted.

“Just picking up some stuff for my place,” I said with a sly smirk. “I had the craziest night with this insatiable girl and I need to stock up before she comes back.”

She smiled, catching on to my game. “Hmmm, well sounds like this girl was pretty fun. And you sound pretty sure of yourself. How can you be sure that she will be coming back at all?”

I played it cool. “Oh she’ll be back. She can try and play it cool, maybe even say she could stay away, but I know her better than she does. I would be surprised if she could go the whole rest of the afternoon without wanting to come back.”

Her face turned red and she smiled. It was obvious that I was right. “Well, if you are anything like this guy I was with last night, then you’re probably right. I know I’d rather be there than here. Hell, I’d rather be there than anywhere.” Her smile was incredibly big as she said that.

I just smiled back at her and she held my gaze. “So, are you gonna check me out or are you going to continue checking me out,” I said with a slight smirk.

She scrunched up her face in a cute way and made a “hmmrph” sound as she realized that my presence had completely distracted her from her job. “Fine Mr. Harris,” she said in a playful, mocking tone.

She reached down and started scanning the items in my hand basket. As she scanned the fruit and yogurt, she blushed again. “I love fruit and yogurt,” she said. “It’s my second…..favorite thing to eat at your place.”

She blushed again and looked down in embarrassment at what she just said and I simply smiled and said, “Mine too.”

Her shoulders hunched as the realization of my words hit her in her stomach. “You are determined to make work impossible for me today, aren’t you?”

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Ara 03

Fuck Swapping Beauties

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Two amazingly hot girls stood in front of me. Victoria had the perfect body, two medium sized round breasts decorated with small rosy pink nipples, a mesmerising hourglass body figure, long slender legs with the cutest round ass. Jess had slightly darker brown hair, but with the same insanely hot body. Both girls wore a short silky spaghetti strapped dress that hugged their beautiful bodies, revealing a tantalizing cleavage, and went down only enough to barely cover their ass. They stood there holding hands, awaiting my instructions.

I reached forward and grabbed Victoria’s breasts with my hand, feeling her soft skin and the weight of her full globe on my fingers. She looked shyly at me, letting me do as I wish, almost as if she wanted more. My fingers slid down her waist, back to her ass and under her skirt, feeling her firm butt, then moving to her front. Parting the soft folds of her smooth vulva I could immediately feel the moistness in her. She gave a little moan as I slid my finger inside of her. I lingered for a moment, savouring her little private chamber in which I entirely intend to penetrate in a moment. Then I removed my finger and lifted it to her mouth. She parted her beautiful soft lips and sucked her pussy juices off my hand. Pushing the two straps off her shoulder, I let her dress slip down her tall slender body to her feet. She stood fully naked in front of me, her breasts firm and alluring, my cock stiffened at the thought that I owned her.

I shifted my attention to Jess, removing her dress, doubling the sex fest in front of me. I made my way through her, her beautiful face, round lovely breasts, hot abs and round ass, then made sure she tasted her own pussy before I ravage her heavenly body.

I took off my shirt, while the girls knelt in front of me, undoing my pants, letting free my hard throbbing cock. Both girls started licking the entire shaft of my cock. The feeling of two hot wet tongues going down on me only made me harder and wetter. Jess took hold the base of my shaft and wrapped her lips onto my wet tip. She then pushed her head slowly but surely down onto my cock, letting my entire length slip into her until it hit the back of her mouth. She was skilful, keeping a tight warm and wet grasp on me. Holding me in her for a moment, she then started bobbing her head up and down, each repetition making my shaft wetter and wetter, mixing my pre-cum with her saliva. Our juices started to flow out of her mouth, down my shaft and balls, dripping onto the floor below. Her mouth came off, exposing my shiny long hard wet cock. Victoria took over and with slutty eagerness slid her mouth down on me, slurping up our combined juices. She went down further this time, the tip of my cock breaching the tight grasp of her throat a little. More juices flowed out as she gave her little performance.

Slopping wet from the double blowjob, I stood Victoria up and gave her a deep kiss, tasting the juicy cocktail of the three of us. Jess took over the cock sucking, giving me deep long strokes of pleasure while I fondled the beauty in front of me.

I beckoned them to the bed, and they heeded without hesitation. Crawling on all fours, they spread their legs gaziantep bayan escort wide at the edge of the bed, Victoria’s right leg crossing over into Jess’ left, their pussies side by side facing directly back at me. The view was stunning. Two gorgeous pussies taking cover between perfect butt cheeks, their lips pressed together and glistening with moisture, ready to give my cock a warm wet embrace, yet just slightly parted as if luring me to pound them hard.

I walked up to them and caressed their private parts. Spreading both pussies with both my hands, I inserted my fingers into them. They were definitely ready, and I was spoilt for choice. I moved between Victoria’s spread legs and levelled my dripping wet cock to the entrance of her pussy. The connection sent a gush of lust through my body. Grabbing her ass with both my hands, I steadily thrust forward into her. I watched as my cock disappeared inch by inch pass her inviting vulva into her private most chamber.

Victoria gave out a long moan as I entered her. I held my position, savouring the feeling of my cock deep inside of her, and the thought that I am currently fucking this beautiful girl. I then withdrew myself in the same slow pace as I entered until I was completely out of her, her pussy closing its lips after me, my cock glistening in the moisture of her pussy. Then I entered her again, the whole of me, this time slightly faster, her moan slightly louder. And I pulled out again. And entered again. And again…

My cock was completely coated in Victoria’s thick juices as I pulled out one last time and shifted myself to Jess’ pussy right next to me. Without hesitance, I aimed between her pussy lips and squeezed my wet hard cock deep into her. She was ready, but not this ready. Her tight pussy squeezed the juices on my cock down my shaft onto my balls and all over her pussy lips, while replacing them with her own Jess flavours. I took my time enjoying Jess’ pussy as I gave her slow, long, hard thrusts. The urge was strong to just fuck her brains out and spray my cum all over the inside of her, but I knew that much better was yet to come.

Having felt enough of Jess, I pulled out, stepped to my left and rammed my cock back into an eagerly waiting Victoria. Her pussy as moist and as tender as I had left it. A few strong thrusts and then back to Jess’ pussy. Then Victoria. Then Jess… Each pussy swap getting more intense, the fucking getting wilder. Each pussy swap feeling tantalizingly different, but both girls were ever so good. Each swap eliciting a different moan from a different girl. My cock a juicy cocktail of these beautiful girls with their legs spread in front of me.

Fuck swapping these beauties was too hot to handle and I had begun pounding them hard and wild. The urge to cum was getting overwhelming. One last fuck with Jess and then I took a step back, my cock hot, stiff and creamy from my unsettled orgy. Both girls got off the bed and knelt before me. Victoria held the base of my cock as she slid my creamy shaft into her mouth, tasting two pussies, one cock and two beauties in a single go. She began mouth fucking my cock. Juices oozed out each time my cock slid past those tempting lips. Jess joined in and they took turns impaling themselves onto my rigid member. I watched as my cock moved from lips to lips, just like how it went from pussy to pussy barely a minute ago. The urge was too strong. I pulled my cock out from Victoria’s mouth and the two girls instinctively opened their mouths with their tongues out, as if begging for cum. I sprayed my cum all over Victoria’s face. A large streak into her mouth, across her left cheek and onto her forehead. A second shot onto her tongue and across her other cheek. I then turned to Jess and blasted cum onto her face and finally onto those perfect breasts. Jess sucked the remaining cum from my cock and then turned to Victoria. Holding Victoria by the shoulders, Jess leaned in and licked my cum off Victoria’s left cheek while trying to keep my cum in her mouth. Then hovering above Victoria, she carefully dripped my cum through her lips into Victoria’s open mouth. I watched the cum collect on Victoria’s tongue and then watched as she swirled my cum in her mouth, mixing it with our juices she sucked off my cock a moment ago. She then returned the favour by dripping the cum juices back into Jess’ mouth. Jess cheekily stuck her tongue out, showing me the product of their efforts, and then, without instruction, swallowed the cum cocktail in a single gulp.

All this cum swapping and swallowing got me hard again. The girls got up from their knees and climbed back onto the bed. This time they laid on their backs side by side, their pussies on the edge of the bed, their legs spread wide apart and lifted high. The view I had was mesmerising. The most gorgeous girls lying naked in front of me, faces covered in my cum, two pairs of the most lovely breasts resting side by side, long slender legs spread wide apart, and the two most tantalising pussies wet with juices from all imaginable sources gleaming between their legs.

I stepped forward between Jess’ legs and slid my cock into her deliciously wet pussy. Entering her now was as easy as a coin going into a slot machine. I started thrusting into her, her breasts bouncing in response to my movements. Jess moaned in pleasure, her hand moving up to caress her breasts. I pounded even harder, and then without warning pulled out from her warm depths, stepped over to Victoria, and slid in between her spread legs. I paused a bit, taking in the feeling of her tight pussy. And then I fucked the beautiful brunette. Initially impaling her with long firm strokes, gradually increasing my pace and tenacity. It wasn’t long before the fapping sounds between our bodies became noticingly audible, masked only by her desperate moans of pleasure, her breasts bouncing in ecstasy. Jess leaned in and licked the remaining cum off Victoria’s face, and then the two of them locked their cum filled lips in passionate kisses, reducing Victoria’s moans to a muffle. Each time their lips separated, strings of cum would hang between them. And then as if possessed by a lust for cum, one would lean in and suck the cum off the other’s lips.

I pulled my cock from Victoria’s moist pussy and stepped back to Jess. Sliding into her yet again, I grabbed her upheld legs, spread them as wide as I could and began my fucking. A couple dozen thrusts in and Jess’ loud moans of ecstasy turned silent as she hit her climax, one hand grabbing Victoria’s tits, the other held tight onto the sheets, her pussy spilling its juices all over my manhood. As her breathing settled down, I pulled out my Jess coated cock and penetrated Victoria once again, Jess’ pussy juices reaching the depths of Victoria as she moan in anticipation of the pounding she was going to get. I fucked Victoria again and again, watching her vulva stretch and contract as my cock slid in and out of her private parts. Jess turned around with her back still on the bed, but her head now hanging over the edge where her pussy was. With the cutest little act, she opened her mouth, beckoning for my cock. I couldn’t decline the invitation. From Jess’ pussy to Victoria’s pussy and now to Jess’ mouth, I slid my entire length in, my tip breaching the back of her mouth and into her throat. Jess resisted her gag reflex as I gently slid my cock in and out of her. Noting that she was ready, I began thrusting harder and deeper. Deep throating her had an extra tightness around my cock as her throat clasped down on me. Unable to swallow fully, our juices began to flow out her mouth, down my cock and balls, and onto her face. Before long, she was a creamy mess of cum, saliva and double pussy juices.

Out of Jess’ mouth and back into Victoria’s pussy. A couple of good hard strokes, if only to get my cock coated with the taste of her lovely pussy, and then back into Jess’ face. Victoria got off the bed and knelt down beside me, clearly wanting a taste of the cocktail between Jess and I. I swapped my cock between their beautiful cum laden faces, letting them taste their pussies and each other.

Another load was brewing inside of me and I decided to go all in. I slid back into Jess’ mouth. Resting and holding onto her round firm breasts, her head upside down at my crotch, I began pounding fiercely down her mouth and throat. Jess was gagging on the huge member in her mouth, but I could not stop, not now. Juices began flowing out where our body parts met.

I face fucked the beautiful bitch. Then pulled out of her overflowing orifice and fed my cock to a patient Victoria. I gave her the same deep throating I gave Jess, my cock thrusting deep into her, forcing a gag reflex that was skilfully stifled. My hands clasped her head, forcing her fully down the entire length of my stiff cock. Her hands grabbing frantically onto my waists for support as she obediently thrusted her head up and down on me.

Victoria was so tight and slick that it didn’t take me long to reach climax. Giving one last thrust forward while clasping her head towards me, her parted lips reaching my balls, I splurted my cum into her mouth and down her throat. Each shot of cum was greeted by a long swallow by Victoria which acted to milk my cock for more cum. Shot after shot… I drained all that I had left in me.

Victoria gave one last long suck on my cock as I finally withdrew from her. My cock was glistening clean, and her mouth filled with cum. She moved forward to Jess who was still lying on the bed and began to suck the remaining cum off Jess’ tits. Then as good girl friends do, she kissed Jess with her cum filled lips, sharing the final delights of the day.

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Ara 03

Fun Foursome in France

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Em and I had always had a very active sex life. We fucked a lot, even a dozen years into our marriage, and never shied from exchanging fantasies. We also engaged in a little light BDSM from time to time. One time, well past our 10th anniversary, while she was riding on top of me, I reached up with my left hand and squeezed her throat. Gently at first, but then harder, tighter. She moaned and quivered as she came on top of me. From then on, this “love choke” became a go-to move. It never failed to make her come.

Compared to others who’ve been married as long, I think our sex was outstanding—we could share thoughts and fantasies freely. At some point, we started talking about threesomes, foursomes, and swapping partners. We were up for anything, including me with another man, her with another woman, whatever. We were both non-judgmental of whatever the other one wanted—one of many signs that we are so well suited to each other sexually.

Em had a very sexually adventurous friend we often fantasized about, but after sex, she would mention that she could never actually do anything with her friend, that she would prefer a stranger if it ever came to that. I on the other hand preferred to think of a real person, or real people. But honestly, whatever heightened the fantasy for each of us was fine with me.

Last summer we took a trip to southern France. For one week we were free to be lovers again, not parents or “domestic life partners.” Each day we explored our shared passions, unfettered by the distractions of day to day life at home. We went to a nude beach, fucked hard on the balcony of our hotel, fucked on a deserted street while walking home from dinner, and generally reinvigorated the sexual energy that made our match so great.

As the trip was nearing its end, we spent our last night in an airport hotel next to Charles de Gaulle. It was a nice place, with a spa. We wondered down to the spa and were pleased to find no one else there. After soaking in the steam room, nude of course, we adjourned to the hallway outside the steam room, where I fucked her hard from behind while pulling her wrists back, wheelbarrow-style. We came simultaneously, as we often did, and then embraced sweetly afterward, as we often did. In a relatively new twist, I had started occasionally “cleaning her up” after sex; sometime on my own accord, sometime at her urging. This time, with some wine in me, I had no problem going down and licking my cum out of her pussy. It wasn’t something I thought I would like, but, as I said, I’m up for just about anything that keeps our sex exciting. I didn’t mind it, and she seemed to enjoy it.

After I cleaned her up we showered, which helped to wake me up a little, so we decided to go back into the steam room for another few minutes. We did not realize that while we had been in the shower, the steam room was no longer empty. We opened the door, naked of course, and found another couple had gone in for a steam. The woman was lying on her back, naked, on top of her towel. She had what I would call bouncy blond hair, past the shoulders, perky breasts, long legs, and a little runway strip of light brown pubic hair. The man, also naked, was sitting spread eagle on his towel. He had black wavy hair, was in good shape, and his thick cock was resting on his balls; he was also well-groomed. They both appeared to be in their early to mid 30s.

We were surprised to see them, and they us. “Bonjour,” the man said with a grin. Then he asked us something in French. “Non parlez Francais,” I said, and he shrugged his shoulders the way the French do, as if to say “No problem, whatever.” The woman was just grinning slyly at us as she lay on her back.

My wife is not usually given to modesty but it’s not every day you walk naked into a small steam room to see another naked couple staring at you. Instinctively, she covered her breasts with her hands, but quickly realized the futility of that effort. She is well endowed—voluptuous—with feminine hips and a thin triangle of dark brown pubic hair between her legs. We took our places on the other side of the small room, she lying on her back, like the other woman, I sitting on the bench below her. The other couple was no more than 6 feet away.

There was a brief awkward silence before the French couple started talking under their breath to each other. At this point the woman began rubbing her breasts slowly and squeezing her nipples gently to get them hard. Mission accomplished. I glanced up at Em and we grinned at each other. She then did the same thing. At this point I looked down to see “Francois” stroking his cock. They were looking at each other and chatting/giggling in French. He looked over at me and looked at my cock, which gaziantep bayan escort was growing, and said something which I interpreted as “Your turn.” So I started stroking my cock as well.

Francois then got up and walked over to his lady friend, who sat up and took his cock in her mouth. At this he looked at us. Em and my eyes locked, I raised an eyebrow, she nodded enthusiastically, and it was on. We mimicked the other couple. As Em sucked my cock I rubbed her breast and pinched her nipple. Shes huddered a bit and made a little moan. Francois appeared to like this and kind of chuckled as he looked at us.

He was grinning as he looked at us and asked me a question in French, which I took to be “This is pretty good, eh?” I answered back “Oui. This is awesome.” But apparently that wasn’t his question, because he looked down at his lady and said something, then pulled his cock out of her mouth and walked over towards us. Em was still sucking me but slowed down as she watched him move our way. His cock was hard, probably 8 inches long and plenty thick, and was bobbing back and forth as he walked.

He got over to us and said something and made a “switch” gesture with his hands—so it now became obvious that what he had asked me was “Do you want to switch partners?” And I had said “Oui.” I looked down at Em and asked if she was ok with it, and she said she was if I was. Our moment of truth had arrived. We had talked during sex many times about being with other people, but neither of us thought it would actually happen. Now, I leaned down to give her a kiss before she started sucking another man’s cock.

Our eyes and tongues met simultaneously—with Francois’ cock standing inches away. It was as close as I had ever been to another man’s cock, and I couldn’t resist touching it. I took it in my left hand and with my right I guided Em’s head forward so she could take it in her mouth. It was an incredible turn-on to watch my beautiful, sex-loving wife suck this man’s large cock. I just knelt there for a second watching. She went at it vigorously, with her mouth and her right hand. He moaned in pleasure and said something in French.

She was looking at me as she sucked. I can’t imagine what the look on my face was like. After about ten seconds, I licked my lips a little and she pulled her mouth off and said, “You want to try a little?” I didn’t say anything but moved forward ever so slightly, and now the tables turned and her left hand went to the back of my head and guided me onto his cock, which she held in her right. I had sucked one of her dildos during previous sessions of ours, so I had a general idea what to do, but the real thing was very different. It was warm, and wet with her saliva, and big. He muttered something again, and Em whispered to me, “That is so fucking hot.” She kept her hand on the back of my hand, and was gently pushing it as I moved back and forth on his cock, which only heightened the excitement because it added an element of force and control—as if she were making me do this. I grabbed his cock with my right hand and stroked it as I sucked. I couldn’t take his full length but went as close to the base as I could; stroking it with my hand helped a bit. Then she took her hand off the back of my head and moved her mouth towards the confluence of my mouth and his cock, and said “OK, honey, I think our other friend is getting lonely over there.” I stopped sucking/stroking and said, “Oh, right, I completely forgot about her. She needs some TLC as well.” But Em surprised me when she said, “You stay here. I’ll help her out.”

This was certainly a little different than I had envisioned our first foursome to go. Em walked over to “Marie”, who had been rubbing her clit pretty furiously watching our little suckfest, and knelt down between her legs and proceeded to lick her pussy as if she were an experienced pro. Francois and I were watching with rapt attention as my wife licked and then fingered his partner’s pussy, to her obvious and audible delight. Marie went from zero to 60 in about 5.3 seconds, moaning and rubbing her tits and squeezing her nipples the way Em liked to do when I ate her out. I was just kneeling there, holding Francois’ cock in my hand while we enjoyed the show our ladies were putting on. But soon I felt a little slap on my cheek, which stunned me, and looked up at Francois, who said something and pointed at his softening cock. But watching the ladies in action let me know I had had enough of cock-sucking for one day, so I got up and said to him as I did, “I think we need to re-focus our activities over there,” pointing to our beautiful partners.

Em was still going at it on Marie’s pussy and didn’t even look back at us as we walked over. Marie’s eyes were rolled back in her head so she didn’t see us coming either. Francois said something to me and pointed at Em’s round ass, which was perfectly positioned as she was bent over Marie’s pussy. I said, “Sure, be my guest.” And he slid his cock into my wife’s pussy in one smooth motion. Well, that got her attention. She said “Oh!” and turned her head back toward us, where she met my gaze and realized in an instant that she was being fucked by another man. She smiled blissfully as he rocked back and forth, in and out, and resumed her work on Marie.

As Francois pushed his cock deep into Em, she moaned loudly and pushed her fingers further into Marie, who now said “Oui! Oui! Oui!” I stood there stroking my cock, smiling at the sight, and realized I was going to come. So I took the last few steps over to where they were assembled, stepped up on the lower bench where Em was kneeling, and shot my load all over Marie’s stomach and tits. The French couple didn’t even seem to notice but Em said haltingly as she was being pushed back and forth by Francois’ hard cock, “That’s right baby…unh…come…unh…all over her…unh.” Marie actually did notice and smiled up at me as she rubbed my thick white syrup on her tits, murmuring something in French as she did.

I wasn’t bothered by the fact that I had jacked off in the midst of this fuck and lick fest, because I knew that would help me last longer when I got to take my turn—on whom was not yet clear. I sat down for a minute next to Marie to take it all in, and rubbed her left breast with my right hand to help work my cum into her skin.

Francois had grabbed Em’s hips hard while he pistoned in and out. It was a position I knew well and she loved. After what seemed like an eternity, Em raised her head up off of Marie’s pussy, and her moans shifted to the familiar cries I knew meant she was coming, which set Francois off, as it usually does to me when I’m where he was at this moment. He arched his back and looked up at the ceiling, grimacing and smiling as he unloaded his cum into my wife’s pussy.

The three of them were motionless for a moment, all breathing hard as they came down from their orgasms. It was quite a sight: on the left stood the muscular Frenchman, with his hands on my wife’s ass—to which he gave a quick, approving spank—in the middle, Em, on her knees on the first row bench with his body pressed against her ass and her hands holding onto Marie’s thighs, which were spread medium-width apart, and Marie lying on her back on the higher bench with her hands motionless on her tits. All were smiling as you do when you’ve just had an orgasm. It was an image I will never forget.

But then Francois slowly backed away and their positions shifted. Em moved to sit up on the higher bench, next to Marie, who now sat up as well. Em looked at me and said “Can you come clean me up?” I said nothing but immediately assumed the position Em had just had, with my face in between her legs. I had licked my own cum out of her a few times and found it enjoyable, but it didn’t happen a lot because usually my post-sex energy level wanes quickly. This time was different of course, since I had had a few minutes to recover, and because this was undoubtedly the hottest sexual experience of my life.

Even after all that had happened, I paused a second before “getting to work”, and watched another man’s cum slowly oozing out of her hole. It was a strange sight and feeling, but I quickly leaned forward and licked. His cum tasted not dissimilar to mine, not great but not unpleasant either (I don’t really know how to describe it but anyone who’s tasted it knows what I mean). Em of course loved this, and put both her hands on the top of my head to hold it there. I then slid two fingers easily into her well-lubed hole and found her g-spot as I had hundreds of times before. She instantly shuddered and said “Oh shit! Oh God!” and arched her back, pressing her pussy into my face as she came again.

I slowly backed my face away after she finished. I could feel the combination of hers and Francois’ juices on my mouth and nose. It was a pleasurable combination. Now it was my turn to fuck. Em was out of breath but panted “Can you fuck me now?” Before she even finished I was plunging my cock into her. She was now on her back, and I had pulled her ass off the bench, which left her legs dangling vicariously.

Francois, ever the gentleman, stood behind me and held her calves up, while I moved my hands up her body. Marie had rolled over and was kissing and fondling Em’s left breast. I took her right one firmly in my left hand, and put my right hand around her throat. Her eyes rolled back and she smiled and moaned as I squeezed tighter. This was our “love choke”, and it worked its magic yet again. I squeezed and pulsed, strengthening and loosening my grip slightly in rhythm to make sure she was getting some air. She got enough, a muffled grunt emanating from her mouth as she came again.

Since I had already come not long before this, I was still pounding away and had plenty of fuel left in the tank. I moved my hand off her throat. Em was blissfully spent, but she never minded getting fucked even when she was “finished”, and just smiled with her eyes closed as I kept going. Marie was still on her side gently fondling Em’s tits, and it occurred to me that all this had happened and Marie’s pussy had not been penetrated. Without asking (I figured we had long since crossed that line), I removed myself from Em’s exhausted pussy and forcefully rolled Marie onto her back and resumed my thrusting, only this time in her pussy instead of my wife’s.

Marie had not had the workout Em had had, so her pussy was tighter and not cum-soaked. Em opened her eyes slightly and smiled at me as I fucked this young Frenchwoman with all my might. Francois had taken a seat on the lower bench in between my wife’s legs, stroking them and then putting two fingers inside her. Em mumbled, “Why don’t you fuck her in the ass?”, and again, I was in no mood to ask anyone’s permission about anything, so I quickly and forcefully rolled Marie over and positioned her knees under her so her ass was up in the air, and in an instant I slid my cock into her ass, somewhat more gently than I had been fucking her pussy.

It was tight but somehow lubricated enough so that I was able to get all the way in. She moaned loudly and I heard Francois chuckle, but I didn’t acknowledge him. At first slowly, but then with more force, I gave his partner’s asshole a pounding. Her noises were a mixture of pleasure and pain, mostly pleasure I hoped, but I didn’t really care. I brought my right hand down and spanked her right cheek hard, which made her squeal and Francois laugh even harder. I was getting carried away with this now, and was biting my lip and gritting my teeth as I pushed as deep inside her as was possible. Her squeals were high pitched and I took them to mean her body had taken over and she was coming. So was I.

Right then I noticed there was something in my ass. It was Francois’ finger. I quickly looked back to see what was going on, and he was still kneeling between Em’s legs but had shifted his attention from her to me. He was smiling at the sight of me forcefully ass-fucking his partner as he worked his finger in and out of my ass. Em was too spent to do anything and was just lying there smiling at me. It all looked and felt amazing, my ass clenched around his finger while I felt my dam about to break and pumped harder into Marie. I grunted out “Oh fuck!” as I came in her, the beautiful feeling of release amplified by the finger pushing against my prostate. I saw stars.

I hunched forward over Marie’s back as my cock slowly slid out of her ass. My knees were weak and I stumbled to my left and plopped down on the bench between her and Em. Marie was panting and stayed in her ass-up position. Francois quickly moved in where I had been and put his now-hard cock in the same small chute I had just showered with my cum. She moaned and squealed as he pushed into her and began to fuck her ass as hard as I had. The sound of his cock plowing into the hole just filled with my cum was muffled by her cries and his grunts. Em was on her side with her head in my lap as we watched and listened.

Francois leaned over and grabbed Marie’s blond hair, which brought her head up with a jerk, and he was now grunting and gritting his teeth the way I had been, only he was saying something in French and she was answering “Oui, oui, oui” in between breaths. Finally he let out a loud grunt and made one, two, three final slow thrusts into her. His cum, and mine, dribbled down between her legs and began to drip onto the floor, at which point he pulled out, knelt down and licked her pussy letting our juices run down into his mouth. He swallowed and smiled satisfyingly to himself.

He then sat down on the other side of her and we all silently reveled in the experience we had shared. Em looked up at me and said “I love you so much” and I leaned down and kissed her softly and gently on the lips. By this time, Marie had rolled over on her left side, nuzzling up to Francois as she caught her breath from the workout she had just been given. Em and I stood up and said “It’s time for us to go, we have an early flight in the morning. Thank you—merci beaucoup—for this.” They stood as well and Francois said, speaking in broken English for the first time, “How do you say in English—eet wuz awesome!” We all laughed, and Marie seemed punch-drunk as we exchanged two-cheek kisses and said “Au revoir.”

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Ara 03

Game Night

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Jenna knew what she was planning all along when she invited Mike and Lauren over for some wine and games. But nonetheless, she planned the night out under mild disguise. When the open-minded couple showed up on her doorstep, she invited them in out of the cold rather quickly.

“Can I take your coats?” She smiled warmly at them.

“Sure,” replied Lauren, “It sure is cold out there!”

But oh so warm in here, she thought. Jenna produced some nicely aged Pinto Grigio to share with her friends, as well as some games: Scrabble, Taboo, and Twister.

“What would you like to play?” She asked her guests.

Mike immediately replied that he was down for Scrabble, a game her was notoriously good at. After he was winning by an impossible margin, Jenna decided it was time to cause some trouble. With a yawn and a stretch she asked,

“How about something to get the blood flowing? Twister always keeps things interesting!”

Also losing, Lauren was quick to jump at the opportunity for a change of pace. Mike, however, not very flexible, decided to be the spinner.

“Left foot blue! Right foot yellow!”

At this point, the girls had managed to thoroughly tangle themselves together in a laughing mess. Sensing the opportunity at right foot yellow, Jenna ‘accidentally’ bumped Lauren’s breast. Slightly surprised, Lauren took little notice.

“Right hand green!”

Jenna seized the opportunity, running her right hand along Lauren’s inner thigh on her way to green. Lauren giggled, gaziantep bayan escort this time taking proper note of the slender brunette’s action. The strawberry blonde decided to play along on the next call.

“Right hand yellow!”

Lauren immediately moved her right hand to caress Jenna’s breasts on the way past, making eye contact as she went. She could see the intention of Jenna’s actions in her green eyes, blazing rather brightly.

“Left foot blue!”

This time, Jenna made a real move, sliding her leg between Lauren’s, putting her in closer proximity to the shorter girl. At right hand green, Jenna moved her hand straight up Lauren’s leg without giving up this time. Sensing the game was no longer the objective, Mike said ‘left foot orange,’ just to see what the girls on the floor would do.

Lauren brought her mouth up the Jenna’s, caressing her lips with her own tongue. Jenna let a small moan escaping, realizing she had won this one. She lowered herself over the other girl’s prone form, running her toes along Lauren’s calf, feeling it twitch to her touch. Jenna quickly removed her shirt, exposing herself to Lauren more fully. Lauren took in the sight with a sigh.

“You are so…perfect,” she whispered.

Not to be forgotten, Mike slipped off the couch and started massaging the taller girl’s shoulders. Jenna smiled, slightly surprised at the touch. She allowed Mike to pull her back off of Lauren, giving Lauren time to undress. He pushed Jenna onto the floor, running his hand up her inner thigh, noting by the aroma that the girl was already quite wet. He removed the rest of her clothing as well as his own as Lauren came back, running her hands over Mike’s back.

“Give her what she wants,” she murmured, already running her hands over her own body.

Upon seeing the blonde girl’s full figure for the first time, Jenna’s mouth dropped into a small o at the beauty of the other girl. Although short, the girl had unbelievable curves and round, pointy c cups that almost seemed to look at her. Lauren replied by greedily looking the other girl up and down as Mike started to massage Jenna’s already moistened clit. Jenna felt a shudder run through her body at the welcome touch, easing herself into a better position.

After a short while, Lauren straddled the girl and commanded her to share the pleasure, settling her sweet smelling wet pussy directly above the taller girl’s face. Jenna complied quickly and eagerly, wrapping her tongue around the other girl’s clit and allowing her sweet juices to fall into Jenna’s mouth. Lauren immediately moaned and shuddered at the welcome touch of the other girl’s mouth to her pussy.

Not to be outdone, Mike turned up the heat on Jenna, forcing the two girls to shudder together as the anticipation of certain orgasm built in the both. With some timely work by all three, the two girls simultaneously climaxed, spreading their juices and excitement everywhere. Mike quickly flipped the girls around so that Jenna was now able to suck his dick as he ate Lauren out. Pleasantly surprised, Lauren found that Mike was pretty large, his dick just waiting to be brought into the action. She slowly teased her lips over his head, causing him to moan her name, “mmmm, Jenna…such a talented mouth…”

She took his dick partially into her mouth, teasing him now with her tongue until he felt that he could no longer take it. With a quick movement, he thrust himself fully into her mouth as she took in the precum practically dripping off his dick. At the same time, Lauren felt another orgasm building at the touch of her lover’s mouth. Working hard to hold it off and keep it building, she glanced down at her friend, thoroughly enjoying herself on Mike’s dick. Lauren began to feel Mike tense up with certain orgasm, as did Jenna. Jenna pulled harder at his dick, sucking with all her might as he suddenly let loose, exploding at the same time as Lauren let out a muffled scream of pleasure at her orgasm.

Mike then flipped them around, quickly pushing his dick into Lauren as the two girl’s lips met once more. After a few quick thrusts to whet her appetite, he moved to the taller brunette girl, filling her ready pussy with his large dick. Moving once more, he kept his dick inside Jenna while fingering Lauren to her sudden delight. Working as best as he could, he pushed the two girls to the edge of orgasm as he prepared himself to cum. And as suddenly as it began, he ended all three of them with a bang, all releasing at the same time in exhausted pleasure. As the two girls fell onto him, Jenna murmured, “I always did love Twister…it keeps things interesting….”

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Ara 03

Friendly Gathering Ch. 02

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(Part 1 – alternate ending)

René and I were less than halfway home, when René said, “Do you think they were ready for everyone to leave?”

I looked at her, she looked back at me, then I turned the car around. Though their living room light was still on, we sat in the car for a minute. Fifteen minutes had passed since we left.

“We’ll just play it cool,” René said.

“I am curious about how they felt about what happened, and having it happen in their house.”

“Me too,” René nodded, then waited for my lead in getting out of the car. We slightly heard some moving around as I knocked. A minute later, Mark peeked out the window to see who was there, then another minute passed. We were starting to feel we had made a mistake in returning when Mark opened the door and stood back for us to come in. He was still in just his boxers. “We just wanted to make sure you guys were cool with tonight,” I said noticing Rochelle in just her panties, leaning in a doorway to the kitchen.

“Were you?” Mark closed the door with a grin.

“With each step we took further, I couldn’t believe what we were doing,” René laughed, “and that everybody was so cool about it.”

“By the way,” I had to ask, “we didn’t interrupt, did we?”

Carla came from behind Rochelle with a digital camera, still naked, “Actually, you can help us out.”


(Part 2)

“Help you out how?” I raised an eyebrow. I really didn’t care if Carla answered the question or not, as long as she kept standing there. A smile slid across my face, looking at her 38D breasts stood firm. Her slim, hourglass figure was stirring another erection. Given the events to this point, there was no need to hide it.

Mark left the door, and walked over to the couch, “Have you guys ever taken pictures of each other?”

“Freaky pictures?” René asked.

“Not necessarily freaky, but at least nude,” Rochelle took Mark’s arms and sat on the couch.

I saw René blush before I answered, “We snap a few pictures.”

“What did you do with them?” Carla sat on the ottoman she had been sitting on before, with a big smile.

I shrugged my shoulders, “We saved them.”

“Y’all sit down,” Rochelle urged. “Do you want some more to drink?”

“Rum and Coke, please,” René sat on the loveseat.

I sat beside her, “I’m fine right now.”

Rochelle went to the kitchen. A gorgeous ass capped off the toned legs Mark showed off to the group. Her cheeks were almost perfectly round, and they swayed with each step.

Mark clinked the ice cubes in his glass after taking a drink, “I found a website a while ago. It’s for amateurs to post nude pictures of themselves. Rochelle and I looked at it for a while, then we got into posting. It’s been a lot of fun.”

“I had been posting on the site for a while,” Carla smiled as she crossed her legs. “Rochelle and I had been working out together, and she was looking at me strange one time when we got out of the shower. She didn’t want to say what was up, but I keep pressuring her. Finally she said that someone that looks like me was posting pictures on a site Mark found. I was scared to death,” she laughed. “I never posted my face, and I never thought one of my friends would find out about the site.”

Rochelle came back and handed René her drink, “I got scared too, because if it wasn’t her I had some serious explaining to do.”

“Truth be told,” Mark joined in, “Rochelle and I had some nice moments in front of the computer with her pictures on the screen.”

Rochelle nudged his side, “But I didn’t want to come out and tell her that!”

“We dance and skirt our way to admitting that we both had posted on the site, and then have a good laugh about it.”

“Since then we had been talking about either doing pictures together, or having Mark take pictures of her.”

Carla said, “I was always using my camera phone, or the self-timer.”

“After everything that went down tonight,” Mark said, “we said why not go for it now?”

Rochelle smiled, “Part of me was hoping you would come back, René, since you started the whole thing.”

“Don’t put it on me!” René swallowed a sip.

“You flashed the men in the kitchen!”

“Yeah, but I’m still not taking responsibility for what happened,” René laughed. “Lately I’ve flashed Deron while in public, but I never thought I’d do it around people I know.”

“It was so organic, y’know?” Carla smiled, “It was like everyone was looking for something like this to happen, and hopped on once it started rolling.”

“It was wild,” I shook my head. “Definitely fun.”

“Then every body left so quick. Think we’ve damaged the group?” Mark asked.

“I don’t think so – they came back for more?” Rochelle smiled, as Mark puts his arm around her and enveloped her left breast in his hand.

“When folks started leaving, I thought you had a sad look on your face for a second,” said Mark.

“I did, but I didn’t expect anyone to come back,” Rochelle said with a bit of a drawl as Mark’s fingers were having an affect on her. “You gaziantep bayan escort must have been kind of sad about the evening coming to an end too.”

René and I were both hesitant to spill our business, but we did come back for a reason. René spoke up just before I did, “We’ve been exploring little by little. Deron had asked me to dress sexier and sexier the last few times we’ve gone out, and I’ve enjoyed the attention I’ve gotten. Rochelle, you know I’ve never been one for tight or revealing clothes.”

“No, you haven’t.”

“But it’s been fun, and I feel safe doing it with Deron around.”

I laughed, “And she loves how it turns me on.”

“We’ve had some fantastic nights after we’ve gotten back home.”

Rochelle grinned, “You enjoy putting your wife out there as a hoochie that much?”

“You made him blush!” Carla laughed.

“Not as a hoochie! just a little more risqué than usual,” I explained.

“Relax, my husband gets off on a lot worse,” she kissed his lips

“Yeah, let’s flip this around to what we walked in on.”

“I was about to take some pictures of Rochelle and Mark together, and then get a few taken of my own.”

“Wait; first things first,” Mark waved his hand. “If you are going to stay, you are awfully overdressed.”

“Are we going to stay, baby?” René looked at me.

I shrugged, “Why turn back now?”

René grinned, and slid the straps of her dress off her shoulders. I unbuttoned my shirt, and unfastened my pants. René stood up and lifted her dress over her head. She sat back down in just her panties.

“Mmm, mmm, mmm,” Mark shook his head.

“I agree,” Carla smiled.

“Hurry it up over there,” Rochelle chided me.

I laughed, kicking off my shoes and standing up. “So impatient,” I slid my pants down, and gave her a peek at my half-hard dick.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about,” she curled her body to Mark’s.

Mark smiled, “We can take some of you two too.”

“Sounds good to me,” I looked at René.

“Me too,” she smiled.

Carla got up, “We were going to take them in the dining room.”

Rochelle and Mark got up after her, and we followed them. There was a bowl of vanilla pudding, and a bottle of chocolate syrup on the dining room table. There were also a few hand towels on the table. I pulled a chair away from the table and sat down.

“My idea was to have Mark eat pudding off Rochelle’s body,” Carla smiled. “I thought that would be hot.”

“That is hot,” René sat on my lap.

Mark helped Rochelle lay back on the table. “Are you ready?” he asked getting the bowl of pudding.

“That stuff is still warm, right?”

Mark poured the pudding from the bowl onto her breasts. He set the bowl aside, and began licking it off. Carla moved in for closer shots. René and I could hear the sounds of Mark eating the pudding off Rochelle, and soon we could hear Rochelle moaning. René’s hand began moving over my back.

“Lean back just a little, so I can get a good shot of her nipple,” Carla instructed, then kept snapping pictures of Mark’s tongue slowly circling her nipples.

From where René and I were sitting, we could see Rochelle’s legs opening wider as she moaned the more Mark licked off the pudding. Carla told him to switch sides.

“Are you doing all right?” René asked.

Rochelle laughed, “Girl, I am so good.”

Mark squeezed the syrup in a spiral onto Rochelle’s breast. He set the bottle down, and pinches her other nipple as he starts licking. The sensations made Rochelle shudder, then open her legs wider.

I looked at René’s face, and she was paying real close attention to what was going on. I noticed her areolas had drawn up, and her nipples were hard. I rub my palm over her nipples, and she digs her nails into my back a little. I lick the nipple closest to my mouth. She moaned, and turned a little so I could suck it.

“What are you to doing over there?” Carla looked away from the camera for a second.

“This is so hot,” René sighed, not really answering her question.

Carla went back to giving periodic instructions to Mark, and snapping pictures. With René’s nipple in my mouth, I could still hear and see what was happening on the table. Mark had licked about half of his spiral off. Rochelle’s body was responding to Mark’s tongue and fingers, and she put her hands on her thighs.

“Look how wet she is,” René whispered to me.

Rochelle’s pussy was clearly glistening, and her clit was starting to poke from under her hood. I moved my hand from René’s breast, and rub her leg.

Carla moved around to get pictures, and saw Rochelle’s fingers moving closer to her pussy. “Go ahead girl, touch it,” she softly directed.

Mark looked up to see what Carla was talking about. We all saw two of her fingers start making slow circles on her clit.

Carla snaped away, “These pictures are going to be great, aren’t they?”

“You’re really going to post these?”

Mark smiled, “We may save some for our private collection.” He lowers his head back to her nipple, and Rochelle let out a loud moan.

“We should have a video camera for this!” Carla said, standing on a chair for an aerial angle.

I moved my hand up René’s leg, and she parted them so I could reach her pussy. I felt her wetness through her panties, and looked at her. She cracked a smile, and laid a deep kiss on me. I rubbed up and down along her lips, and went back to sucking her nipple.

Rochelle was using both hands on herself now. With one hand she was holding her hood back, and with the other she was increasing the speed of the delicate circles on her clit. Her moans were getting louder and louder. Carla put the camera down, and leaned over the table between Rochelle’s legs. She moved Rochelle’s hands from her thighs, and lowered her head to her pussy. Rochelle’s body immediately drew up. She bent her knees to put her feet on the table as Carla’s head moved slightly. We couldn’t see what Carla was doing, but Rochelle’s reaction to it was getting stronger and stronger. Mark’s attention to her nipples and Carla’s attention to her pussy pushed Rochelle into a loud orgasm. Carla stood up and wiped her mouth on a towel, “Okay, lets get some shots of her sucking your dick.”

René and I were in a small state of shock. For them it seemed normal, but we’d never seen – or thought we’d see – a woman licking another woman like that.

Mark cleaned all the syrup off her breast, and stood up. His boxers were tented, and there was a wet spot where the tip of his dick was. He pulled down his waistband, and Rochelle turned her head to kiss his tip. He took a step back to pull his boxers off, then laid back on the table.

I actually felt René get wetter. While still watching the table, she began rubbing her other nipple.

Rochelle gripped the base of Mark’s dick, then held the bottle up high to pour a stream of chocolate over it. She kept pouring as she moved her hand up and down a few times, then put the bottle aside. Her hand and his dick were covered in syrup. She leaned over and began tasting it. Every time Rochelle’s lips touched Mark’s tip, he shuddered a little.

“Oh shit,” Carla said as she shifted positions to take the picture. Then she grabbed one of the hand towels, and dabbed it between her legs. “You two got me leaking like crazy!”

“There’s a flood over here!” I rubbed René’s pussy faster.

“We’re a hit, baby!” Mark smiled at Rochelle.

She responded by washing her tongue over his chocolate-coated nuts, and sliding her fingers inside her pussy. She ran her lips and tongue along the bottom of his dick. Carla snaped pictures of Rochelle as she shook and jerked, but never took her hands off her pussy. When her body calmed down, she let out a laugh.

“That’s what I’m talking about!” Mark clapped. “I love seeing that shit!”

“I don’t believe I just did that in front of an audience. I guess I’m officially a freak now,” she laughed harder.

“Welcome to the dark side,” Carla laughed, “Make yourself at home!”

Rochelle turned her head back to Mark’s dick. “Let me take care of this wonderful piece of mahogany while I still have some strength.” She kissed the tip a few times, then shifted to take him in her mouth. Mark put his hands on the table to brace himself, and fucked Rochelle’s lips. He smoothly moveed his dick in and out of her mouth. With each thrust it came out wetter and wetter.

“Suck that dick, girl!” René cheered her on.

Carla snapped a few pictures, then told Mark to grab her hair. “Now take your dick and tap it on her lips,” she said snapping a few more

Mark grabbed his dick close to his nuts, and hit Rochelle’s lips with his shaft. She pouted her lips to exaggerate the act, and Carla had to stop to dab herself again. “We’re going to need to wrap this up soon.”

“As good as her mouth was feeling, that won’t be a problem,” Mark turned Rochelle’s head, and pushed his dick back into her mouth. He began moving his hips again, but this time Rochelle moved her head to meet his strokes. She also started rubbing her clit again. Mark put his knee on the table, and leaned over Rochelle a little to give her an easier angle to suck his dick.

“Damn, why can’t we have a video camera for this?” Carla snapped more pictures.

Mark’s groans, and Rochelle’s moans grew louder, until Mark stiffened. His body jerked, then shook, then jerked again. Rochelle squeezed her legs together as she had another orgasm.

René grabbed my head, and drove her tongue into my mouth.

“Put some on her lips,” I heard Carla instruct. “Oh yeah, that’s hot!”

René turned her body to me more, and our kiss grew deeper. I guided her to shift so that she was straddling my lap, then I grabbed two handfuls of her ass.

She broke the kiss and moaned in my ear, “I need you to fuck me, right now!”

“I’m going to fuck you hard.”

“You’d’ better!” she got off my lap, and whipped off her panties. Behind her I could see Rochelle and Mark watching, and Carla snapping pictures. René either didn’t know, or didn’t care, as she pulled my boxer briefs down to my ankles. I kicked them off as she got in position to sit on my dick.

“Wait a second,” Carla rushed to the side of us to get pictures of her hovering pussy.

I grabbed my dick, and tapped her clit, “You like that don’t you?”

René flinched with each tap, “You’d better stop messing with me,” she moaned.

I slapped her cheek, “Why?”


“Why should I stop?” I slapped her other cheek.

Carla moved from beside us to kneel behind René, “Let him have it, girl?”

René snatched my hand off my dick, and slid down to my nuts, “Yessss!”

I never get tired of how her pussy felt when I first penetrate it. It was like a whole new world opening up to me – a soft, wet, warm world. She was so wet, I heard the squish of her juices as she grinded on me. I thought she might bounce up and down a few times, but she put her head to my shoulder and grinded harder.

“Fuck that dick!” Rochelle told her.

I slapped her cheeks and taunted her, “Yeah, fuck this dick! Fuck it hard, René! C’mon, fuck it hard!”

Each slap spurred her on. Soon she was going so hard, the chair started creaking. “I told you to stop fucking with me,” she panted. “I . . . told you . . . to . . . stop,” she came, hard. Her eyes were squeezed shut, and she was biting her lip trying not to scream. Carla was over my shoulder capturing it all.

René released her lip and opened her eyes, “Damn,” she panted.

“Girl, you put it on him!”

“I never thought I would do that in front of other people,” René wiped her forehead.

“Amazing, ain’t it?”

As René and Rochelle traded nods, I felt her cum working its way down my nuts and told Carla to get some pictures of that. When she got in position, I spread René’s cheeks. Carla asked her to rise up a little, and snaps a few more. René started to get off me, but I pulled her back down, “Where you think you’re going?”

She groaned, “Nowhere.”

“That’s right,” I helped her rise a little, and pumped into her.

“Mark, we need to change cards,” Carla got up to hand the camera to him.

Mark left the room with the camera, and Carla sat beside Rochelle. They were watching us intently, and talking to each other.

“Damn, I love your nipples,” I said before taking one in my mouth. I heard René moan, and felt her hand on the back of my head. René and I were short-stroking, just to keep the fire going until we were ready for it to blaze again. I alternated between the two about four times, and was going back to her left one for the fifth time when I felt fingers blocking that nipple. I opened my eyes, and the fingers weren’t René’s. I recognized the burgundy nail polish from Carla’s hands, and leaned back.

René looked like she was in complete shock, but we didn’t stop stroking. I had to concentrate on not blowing my load at the sight of Carla’s hand on René’s titties.

“You don’t mind, do you?” Carla asked us. “I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

“Hell naw, I don’t mind!” I damn near drool.

Carla steps closer, so René’s back slides up and down across her nipples. “Do you mind, René?” she slowly cups her right titty.

René’s shocked expression morphs into pleasure. She turns her head, “I don’t mind.”

Carla caresses René’s titties while looking right at me. “Your wife is beautiful. Honestly, I wanted to rub her girlfriends all night.”

“I can’t get enough of them either,” I clasped my hands on my head to enjoy the show. Carla was three shades lighter than my wife’s brown complexion. The contrast alone was intoxicating, and the circumstance only added more excitement to it.

“What th’ hell?” Mark’s mouth drops open when he came back.

“Shut up, and take the pictures,” Rochelle slaps at him.

Mark went around the chair, getting us from all angles. I asked him to make sure he got a close-up of Carla’s handfuls, and he told me not to worry.

Carla turns up the heat on René by licking her back and nibbling her shoulder. When her lips touch René’s neck and ears, René increases the speed on my dick as she hisses and groans.

“Have mercy on her, Carla!” Rochelle laughed.

René’s head was to the side, and her eyes shut, so I told her to look at me. She lifts her head, but her eyes were still closed. “Look at me!” She opens her eyes, and I saw a wonderful look of lust. I gave her a sudden pump, and she let out a scream. Carla intensifies her attention to René’s titties and neck. When I pump her again she covers Carla’s hands with hers, but does not take her eyes off me.

“Oh shit,” Mark stood over my shoulders and snap pictures. “Baby, you’ve got to see this!”

“Uh, I’m a little busy over here,” Rochelle answer.

“Busy with what?” Mark looked over from the camera.

“Busy with me! You just take their pictures, and I’ll see them later.”

I wanted to laugh at that exchange, but I had other issues to handle. “I’m about to fill you up, baby. Are you ready?”

“I’m ready,” she urgently nodded her head.

I truly couldn’t hold back any longer, and announce my release with a primal groan. René had me as far in her as I could go when she stopped moving.

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Ara 03

Chad Joins the Bikers

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The man walked right past him with what looked like a baseball bat in his hands and wound up to hit another fellow who was a few feet away in the back of the head. Chad kicked out at the side of assailant’s knee and felt it crack. The man fell to the floor and before he could do anything more than scream Chad was standing over him with his big boot planted on the family jewels. The man looked up at him defiantly then crawled quickly across the floor to escape before standing up and stumbling away while glancing over his shoulder.

Chad sat back down and resumed eating his large tasty hamburger and drinking his draft beer. The fellow who had been the target of the assault stood over him. The man was a biker at least six foot three with the broad shoulders and the menacing look that was standard.

“Thanks friend,” he said and held out his hand. Chad shook it and looked him in the eyes. Chad was forty-five, just a bit over six feet with the build of a linebacker that he had been in college. He was not easily intimidated.

“No problem. I believe in playing fair and that piece of shit was not following the rule book. What was his beef with you?”

The big biker laughed. “He thought I fucked his wife this afternoon.”

“Did you?” Chad asked.

“Yep, a real nice sweet piece of ass.”

“Doesn’t change anything,” Chad said. “Still not right to sneak up and hit a man in the back of the head.”

The man turned and returned to where a group of bikers and a couple of women were sitting. One was a younger girl that he saddled up next to, kissed her and then began to fondle her breast through her blouse as he talked to the men around them. It was obvious that the girl was uncomfortable with being pawed while others watched but she did not seem to be objecting to his overtures.

Chad’s wife had died a little more than a year before. It had taken him since then to sell their home, quit his job as a management consultant and arrange his finances. He was tired of the daily grind and with no one to share his life with any longer and had decided to just take off for a while. He had bought a used 2003 Harley 100th Anniversary 1200 LX Custom with Sissy Bar, Engine Guards, Vance and Hines pipes, drag bars and decided to take off west to see what there was to see. He’s been riding for a month sleeping two out of three nights under the stars and grabbing a cheap motel on the other night for a good hot shower. He was in South Dakota and had seen the dive with a lot of motorcycles in front and decided it was as good a place as any to grab dinner.

The fellow whose skull he had saved came back over and took a chair next to him. “Name’s Axle,” he said and extended his hand to Chad once again.

“Chad,” he responded matching the man’s hard grip with his own.

“You seem to be the kind of man we’re looking for. We just lost someone and its hard riding doubles when you only have nine guys.” He watched to see what Chad’s reaction was to his overture. “We’re camped up the road a bit and wondered if you’d like to throw down with us tonight and see if you might like to ride with us.”

“What happened to the guy you lost?” Chad asked and then gaziantep bayan escort taking another bite of the burger.

“Got caught screwing some guy’s daughter. Turned out the guy was a cop, they had a difference of opinion and now there is one less cop and our guy is headed for a long stint in the state pen.”

“Seems to be a lot of that stuff going on with you fellows,” Chad said with a smirk.

“It’s sort of our hobby,” Axle grinned back at him. “We can’t ever seem to get enough good young pussy. That’s our newest toy sitting over there waiting for me. She is eighteen and a runaway, our favorite flavor.”

“Yeah I wouldn’t mind checking it out,” Chad said.

A few minutes later Axle motioned for him and he followed the men and two girls out into the night. The young girl jumped on the back of Axle’s bike and Chad swung in behind the other nine bikers as they headed north up the highway. They didn’t go far before they pulled off into what was a public park area with open restrooms and shower facilities. There were four darkened travel trailers on one side while the bikers had made a camp on the other side near a stand of woods. There were halogen lights around the park giving the place twilight like look.

“Make yourself at home,” Axle said, his arm draped around the girl from the bar. “We’re going to be busy for a while, as I’m sure you guessed.” Axle popped the girl on her butt and ushered her over towards the trees where the lights did not reach into the darkness.

Chad pulled his sleeping bag off the bike and laid it in on a patch of grass which he figured would provide some extra cushion for the night. Only a few minutes passed before he heard someone coming and turned around to see one of the bikers and a young woman. The woman had dishwater blond hair tied back in a ponytail. She stood was about five foot four and looked to be in her early twenties. She wore jeans and a sweatshirt that did little to hide what was a very large set of tits.

“Axle has himself a new bitch. This is Valerie, Axle said to tell you that she’s yours if you want her. If not she’ll stay here when we leave and you can get yourself your own cunt down the highway.”

Chad stepped towards the girl whose head hung down, her eyes focused on her feet. He reached around her and pulled off the rubber band of her ponytail. Her hair fell around her face down to her shoulders. She looked up at him and he beheld a pair of beautiful big blue eyes that were red and swollen with tears from the knowledge of her being discarded and the prospect of being abandoned in the middle of nowhere. She was less than half his age and that made his cock begin to swell even more quickly than it would have normally. He reached down with one hand and unbuckled the belt of his jeans and pulled down his zipper. The girl immediately sank to her knees and pulled his rapidly swelling cock out of his jockeys and took it deep into her mouth and began to suck.

“Tell Axle thanks,” he told the biker.

“You’ll like her buddy,” he said as he turned to walk away. “She’s got the sweetest mouth of any of our cunts.”

“Get undressed,” he ordered the girl and then shed his clothes and opened the sleeping bag to crawl in. Chad watched as Valerie quickly cast off her top and pants. She had a massive rack, huge pendulous tits that in later life would likely sag but at her young age were quite magnificent. She had broad hips and a hairy pussy. Her legs were a bit stubby but looked strong and he imagined that they would lock tight around his back when he fucked her missionary style.

She slid into the sleeping bag next to him and prepared to slide down to take his cock back in her mouth but instead he restrained her and began kissing her soft luscious full lips. She eagerly returned his kisses and sucked on his tongue when he probed her mouth. Sliding down a bit he lifted her glorious tits up and began to suck on her surprisingly large nipples. The girl moaned and panted as he chewed on her hard nubs and began biting the large orbs and pushing his face into her deep fragrant cleavage. He could smell her sex and reached down between her legs and stuck two fingers into her hot very wet pussy and began to thrust into her while rubbing her swollen rigid clit with his thumb and fingernail. The girl began to whimper and thrust her hips forcefully into his hand. Chad had not had a woman for more than a year and was anxious to take the edge off, he needed to cum in the worst way. He rolled onto his back and pulled Valerie up on top of him. She maneuvered her wide hips to impale him and he felt the wonderful sensation of his eight and a half inch cock sliding easily deep into her moist clasping hot cunt. She grasped him tight with her vaginal muscles and began to grind and fuck him as he took her tits back into his hands and returned to chewing on her hard nipples.

His stamina was not what it once was and he could not last very long. After a few short minutes he began to match Valerie’s bouncing with aggressive thrusts that brought a cry of pleasure from her each time his rock hard shaft powerfully butted up against her tender cervix. A few additional deep thrusts and he felt the floodgates let go and his hot sperm began spraying into Valerie’s cunt which began its own powerful orgasming in response, clutching and milking him of his seed. Exhausted and drained the young woman collapsed on top of him and he began to caress her soft sweaty back. She looked at him and he kissed her tenderly on the lips. Before he knew what was happening she had slid down into the sleeping bag and had taken his cock back into her mouth and began to suck and lick him clean. It was an act of passion and tenderness that he had never experienced before and he found it to be very natural and in short order stimulating as he felt the blood begin to once again flow back into his slowly hardening his cock.

He found it tremendously relaxing to simply lay there quietly as she ministered to him licking their juices off his cock and balls and sucking him back to an erection. He could hear sounds from around the campground as the bikers fucked their bitches including the moans and rhythmic slapping sounds of the young newbie being fucked near the woods by Axle.

A biker came walking up to where he blissfully laid on his back. “Come with me,” he said. Chad pulled himself free of Valerie and the sleeping bag and jumped into his jeans. “Axle wants to see you over by the trees,” he said motioning in the direction that he had heard the earlier sounds.

It was only about twenty yards to where he found Axle and the young girl. The girl laid naked on a blanket with her knees splayed wide out. Axle was lying with his hips up near her head, his cock in embedded in her mouth. She was sucking and nursed on him, her fingers rubbing his balls and trailing up and down his shaft as he stroked her hair possessively. The girl had a nice round young body with grapefruit sized tits and long tapered legs.

“You’re the last one Chad. It is tradition that the new cunts get fucked by each of us when they join the group.” Chad looked down and saw that her pussy was red and swollen with sperm seeping out and collecting in a rather large pool between her thighs.

He dropped his jeans to the ground and stepped out of them and kneeled down between the girls soft thighs. She looked down at him with a deer in the headlights look. “No not again, Oh please I’m so sore,” she moaned as Axel grabbed her by the hair and thrust his cock deep down her throat.

“Go ahead,” he said and Chad slipped his cock into the girl’s wet stretched snatch and began to hump deep into her. There was little resistance to his thrusts as she had been so thoroughly fucked and was slippery with the cum of so many men. His recent milking by Valerie had given him a degree of control and stamina that he had earlier lacked and fucked her for at least fifteen minutes before he felt the pressure building again in his lower back leading to his orgasm. As he began to thrust deep the girl and spray into her she instinctively wrapped her legs tight around him and pulled him deep into her belly until he was drained.

“Thanks Axel, ” he said as he threw his jeans over his shoulder and made his way naked back to his sleeping bag where he had left Valerie.

He found the biker who had summoned him standing over his sleeping bag with Valerie sucking his cock. The man watched him for his reaction as he grabbed the woman by the hair with both hands and slammed his hips forward driving his cock deep down her throat and grunted as he shot his load. Chad knew he was being tested and did not react.

“I appreciate it man,” he said as he walked away. “No one gives head like this cunt.”

Without looking at him Valerie got up from her knees and went into the shower facilities while Chad crawled back into the still warm sleeping bag. A few moments later she was back, naked and still a little wet from her shower. She was shivering from the cold air. She slid in next to him with her back to him and her ample naked rear end up against his hip.

Incredibly he realized that he had another erection and he rolled over and let it nuzzle between her soft generously proportioned ass cheeks. Valerie raised her leg a bit and adjusted her body so that he came in contact with her pussy and was able to easily slide back deep again into her warm wet cunt. He reached his right arm over her body and took one of her hefty tits in his hand as she flexed her inner muscles locking his cock tight into her body. It was like that that that the new unexpected lovers fell asleep.

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Ara 03

Carla , Jerry: A Girl Story Ch. 01

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Lots of you read my stories in the Transexual/Transvestite sections of the site. So I thought I’d expand my horizons and do a few girl stories. I have a friend of mine named Carla. She’s told me a lot about when she was in her late “teens and early twenties” (you need to know that the folks from Literotica are very paranoid about under age stories—they’ve never heard of that first amendment stuff). So here’s a Carla story somewhat modified from the original.

xxx Marlene

Hi–my name’s Carla. I’m eighteen and legal. Just for the record I’m 5’5″ and somewhere around 110 pounds. I have short dishwater blonde hair that comes to the middle of my neck. My eyes are kind of bright green and my skin is quite fair. I’m small boned and short waisted with fairly long legs. My breasts are B cups with small pink areolas topped with eraser sized nipples that get oh so very hard when excited. I’ve always been athletic so my muscle tone is very good—as in tight stomach muscles and well shaped legs. You know how some girls when they wear a bathing suit have that U turn thing at their crotch? As in it doesn’t go to a V? That’s me. Years of playing soccer gave me a really hard little ass. Everyone says I’m pretty hot looking but when I look at my self I seem pretty average—but what the hell I’ll always take a compliment. And by the way—I shave so that all that’s there down below is a little mustache. Know what I mean?

I have a boyfriend named Jerry. He’s what’s called a quadroon—small portion black but mostly white. Kind of a café au lait color. He’s 5’9″ and 150. Thin but nice build. Jerry’s got a gorgeous cock. An easy seven and a half inches and he’s quite thick. Cut. We set up a mirror once so I could see his cock going in and out of me. I love the sight of a big cock going into a small bald cunt. I like to be on my back when he fucks me. Supporting myself on my elbows so I can see when he’s ready to cum. He takes his big dick out of me and slides the head up and down my soaking wet slit raking it over my clit (somehow I got blessed or cursed with a really big one that swells up just like a little dick) until he starts to shoot hot cum all over me. gaziantep bayan escort Jerry’s one of those boys who don’t just shoot cum–they launch it. We’re talking a boy who can, on his first cum of the night (the record is four) shoot four or five spurts that travel a couple of feet.

We talk about sex all the time. Watch sex DVDs (I think the gang bang ones and the bi-sex ones are pretty cool). Look at sex sites on the internet. Sometimes we call xxx phone sex sites and mess with the 400 pound housewives who swear to god they’re gorgeous. Jerry’s got a sweet deal with me. After all, how many grossly oversexed supposedly hot looking girls do you know who just like to lay there while you watch a football game and suck on your dick for as long as you can stand it and then let your cum shoot into their mouths? Anyhow, I’ve gotten off the subject.

A couple of weeks ago we went to a party. Run of the mill later teen to mid twenties. Guys, girls, lots of smoke, some coke and x, plenty of beer and liquor. I had on a short denim skirt and black silk tank top. And naughty me had no panties or bra on. Jerry knew a lot of the people there but most of them were strangers to me as we live miles apart and this was a more his crowd than mine. I don’t do any drugs other than pot and poppers but I love to drink tequila shots and after awhile I was pretty fucking high and so was Jerry. Loud music, dancing and pretty soon it was dirty type dancing which I’m really good at. He and I were rocking away dry humping in the middle of the room with a bunch of others. I looked over and saw a couple of really good looking guys dancing together rubbing crotches together as well as girls doing the same thing. Got me hot. Jerry and I went out into the yard of the house and ended up on a chaise lounge towards a secluded part of it. We were laying down making out sucking on each other’s tongues. He had his hand under my top and was tweaking a nipple and I had a hand down the front of his shorts rubbing his pretty dick through his briefs (just HAD to wear underwear!). My skirt was riding up and I was hot enough to be humping up at him. Wet.

Jerry stood up and pulled his shorts and underwear off to reveal his rock hard cock. I pulled my skirt all the way up so my bald pussy was shiny with my girl cum in the moonlight. “Oh baby, stick it in me for a few minutes. I’m so hot for cock!” I said to him. My legs were spread and his hot body slid between them. His dick went into me and my legs went around him pulling him in tighter. I had my eyes closed just loving the feel of that white chocolate cock filling me up. When I opened them up I saw two guys standing on either side of us with their dicks out stroking as they watched us fuck.

I mean here’s two young guys beating off while they watch me and my boyfriend fuck. I’d never been into anything more than one on one so it was kind of a shock to see these guys getting all hot watching us. “Jerry, we have an audience.” I said. He came out of his sex reverie and looked at both of them and laughed.

“Oh, Carla this is Jeff and Mark. They’re seniors at Central. Guys, this is my girl Carla.” He laid all this out without ever missing a beat or should I say a stroke. The two guys were the ones who never missed a beat.

“Geez Jerr, she’s hotter than hell! Don’t stop fucking her! It’s getting me crazy watching you two.” Said one of the boys. “Get it on bud!” And with that he puts his hand on Jerry’s ass and pushes him further into me. The other guy is up by my head and is slowly sliding his hand up and down his cock watching. Six incher and nicely shaped head. Jerry was thrusting hard into me now and I had my mouth open breathing through it. The cock was maybe a foot from me and he must have taken my open mouth as an invitation as all of a sudden he moved forward and stuck his cock into my face. Without thinking about it I opened wide and his dick slid into my mouth. I don’t know why I did it. Maybe because I was pretty fucked up. Maybe it was just the moment. But I liked the idea of having a cock in my mouth and one in my cunt. I was looking up at Jerry as this guy’s dick fucked my face. His eyes were wide and his teeth were clenched as he watched me. But I could tell he wasn’t pissed.

The guy that was doing my face was pleading with me. “Oh yeah baby, suck it. Just the head. Yeah baby. You’re so fucking hot. You little slut cunt.”

And the guy behind Jerry was watching intently as he pushed Jerry into me. “Fuck her Jerr. Fuck her hard baby. Fuck her while I finger your hot ass!” I didn’t know this was happening but it was obvious that he was finger fucking Jerry’s gorgeous hole. I sometimes did it to him when I wanted him to cum. Every time I stuck a couple of my long fingers into him he shot off like a rocket. As the guy fingered him he fucked my wet pussy harder with his mouth hanging open.

“UhnnnUhnnnUhnnn” he moaned as he slid in and out of me. All of a sudden the guy in my mouth pulled out and moved his wet dick over to Jerry’s mouth and poked it into him. I was totally shocked but certainly not turned off. Jerry was obviously sucking his dick as he slid it in and out of his mouth. I knew he’d never done anything like this before as we’d talked about it when we’d watched bi-sex videos. He’d always said that he’d never do it and thought it was so queer but here he was with a nice sized dick fucking his virgin face. He was gagging and moaning around the dick when he pushed hard into me and shot off a load of cum into my cunt. The guy fucking his mouth pulled out and his dick pulsed a jet of hot cum into his mouth and then all over his face.

The sight of my baby boy getting a load of cum was all it took to push me over the edge and I came with a cry. The guy that had been fingering Jerry’s hot ass hurriedly came around to my face but before he could get his dick into my mouth he blasted cum all over my silk top, neck and lower face. He pulsed three or four times and I was drenched with sticky nasty cum. Jerry collapsed on top of me and his two friends moved back to zip up and kind of straighten out.

“Thanks Jerr. That was the hottest!” Said one of them as they laughed and walked back to the party. I stroked his head and told him how hot I thought he was and how much I loved his dick and how much I liked the whole scene.

“Did you like it baby? Did you feel gay? Or was it just so hot that you want to do it again?”

All he said was “Again.”

Didja like it? Want to read more about Jerry and Carla? Let me know. I’m hot from writing it. xxxxxxx

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Ara 03

Canadian Spends Christmas with the American Ch. 02

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Amy had the cabin all decorated for Christmas including a Christmas tree decorated with tiny candles.

Jeff was beat so he went to the loft for a nap.

Rita put away all the things. This was Jeff’s special Christmas, one that she hoped he’d never forget.

Amy suggested a bottle of wine and a hot tub.

“What a great idea” Rita said.

Both the girls stripped down and wrapped towels around themselves until the got to the tub. It was a cold winter night, the sky was clear and you could see the stars twinkle.

Rita got in to the tub and looked up at the beautiful starlit night.

“Gwaaaaaaad ,I had forgotten how beautiful it is up here” Rita sighed.

Amy sliped in and agreed. “I like the fact that dad didn’t get electricity up here. Makes is rustic, you know.”

They sat and downed three bottles of wine and feeling no pain at all.

They would get hot and run into the snow and roll around in it like they did when they were kids. Then jump back into the hot tub, giggle and squeal like two highschool kids.

Amy moved towards Rita, pushing her up against the wall of the tub, thier breasts crushed against each other , their tongues seeking each other . Amy spread her legs to grind her thigh against Rita’s pussy as they hungrily devoured each other, Amy’s hands moving over Rita’s hips and sides.

As Amy kissed Rita, her hands moved down to Rita’s pussy lips. They were swollen and her clit stiffened in anticipation of what was to come. Amy wasn’t disappointed. She moved in and licked her wet lips, sending waves of ecstasy through her body. Rita lifted one foot up to the edge of the hot tub to give Amy better access and she moaned as Amy’s tongue licked the length of her wet slit, ending with a circling motion on Rita’s clit. Rita shuddered in pleasure, loving the attention.

Then Amy settled in to work Rita’s clit with her tongue, her hands grasping her ass to help her pressure Rita’s clit. Rita leaned against the wall of the tub, biting her lip, Amy’s hands moved from Rita’s breasts to hers, to pull and tug on ours nipples.

It wasn’t long and They felt that familiar sensation build then crash gaziantep bayan escort down over each other as they orgasmed, Rita’s pussy convulsing as Amy licked appreciatively at Rita’s juices. As Rita stood, weak kneed from the pleasure, Amy stood up and kissed her, sharing the taste of our juices mingling on our tongues.

“Lets go wake Jeff “she slurred as she climbed out of the tub.

Rita was anxious to share Jeff .”He’ll be surprised”

They both stumbled upstairs to wake Jeff ,but to their amazement Jeff was already awake.

Jeff had watched the whole thing from the loft and was very ready for them.

Amy was still horny and wanted all of Jeff She climbed on the bed and prowled towards him like a tiger. He bent down and kissed her on the lips, long and passionately, their tongues flashing in each of others mouths. She moaned softly and started to finger herself.

Jeff’s rapidly rising circumcised cock that looked like it would be about 8 inches long when it reached it’s full extension, something which would happen at any moment. He knelt down and swung a leg over her head so that he was straddling her, then he pushed his cock down and placed the tip of it into her mouth. She grabbed it in her hand and gulped it in greedily, slurping and slobbering, moaning as she sucked him. He smiled and bent forward all he way until his face was buried into her fragrant cunt and he started to lick and suck at her pussy like an artist. Rita lay and listened to the soft wet slurping sounds as he licked and sucked Amy’s cunt and her clit and the muffled moans from her as she slobbered all over his hard cock. It became too much for Rita just to watch and hear without doing anything. She reached down between her legs and started to finger herself. Rita must have given an involuntary gasp or moan because Rita caught sight of Jeff raising his face from the sodden pussy he was eating and looking at her with a huge grin splitting his pussy juiced covered face.

“You wanna join in?” Rita swung around to join Amy down by Jeff’s cock .Jeff could smell her heat &could see the outlines of her pussy. She and Amy both had their hands on his cock and balls and were taking it in turns to lick the shaft. Jeff took a few tentative nibbles at Amy and was rewarded with a grinding action by her hips.

Jeff’s hands reached up to find something to fondle. He was expecting to encounter Amy’s pert breasts but encountered something much larger and softer. Rita had positioned her breasts over my groping hands. I massaged her mounds in my hands and grasped at her nipples biting into the flesh of Amy’s’s cunt.

I plunged my tongue into the sweet wetness of Amy’s slit. She practically crushed me as she pushed back on my probing tongue. It wasn’t more than a few seconds after I let go of Rita to grasp Amy properly before she was bucking wildly to the many orgasms of the night.

Amy fell of Jeff onto the bed and her place was taken by Rita who straddled Jeff with his cock pressed against the warmth of her pussy.

“Having fun big boy?”

“Oh yea!” Jeff replied “does it get any better than this?”

Rita rocked her hips gently against his stiffness. “I can think of a way”

Jeff put his hands on her waist and in one fluid movement flipped her round so that he was on top and she was lying spread eagled beneath Him. He looked into her eyes “I want to fuck you”.

Her hands on his hips urged me to do just that. Jeff paused for a moment to find the right spot then plunged into her. Her legs went straight up and wrapped themselves around Him as he thrusted in again and again.

“Yes, fuck me, fuck me” she murmured

Jeff pulled her arms up over her head and with one hand around her wrists held them on the pillow above her. His other hand roughly caressed her body as he pumped her. Rita went with the rough handling and started to urge him on with her own little fantasy.

“Fuck me like you want to fuck Amy, teach me a lesson, come on, fuck me harder!”

Jeff would have happily filled her full of cum then and there, but Amy had recovered and was now curling herself along the side of Rita’s heaving body. One of Amy’s hands fell naturally on Rita’s breast, which she started to mash with increasing vigour. Still thrusting inside Rita, Jeff bent down to kiss Amy lustfully.

Jeff told them that there was one thing He’d always wanted to try and he got Amy to lie on top of Rita in front of him. Everytime he fucked Rita his balls mashed into Lucy’s bald pussy as well.

He pulled out to enjoy the luscious view in front of Him; two beautiful, willing pussies and Amy’s puckered ass as well. he took it in turns to slide his shaft into each of their cunts and he slid his hands up between their chests to enjoy feeling all four breasts at once.

Finally he couldn’t take it anymore and selected Amy’s cunt for his final thrusts. The pressure building up in his cock was explosive and He pulled out as he came. The first shot went clear up to Amy’s shoulder and got some in Rita’s face. The rest of his cum squirted out to flood the small of Amy’s back.

He collapsed on the bed next to them and stared in stunned amazement as Rita and Amy stayed in position kissing, Rita’s hands working across Amy’s back to rub my sperm all over her skin.

Jeff woke in the morning spooned with Amy, her sweet ass jammed against his worn but still willing cock. Rita was leaning over Jeff giving him a kiss. Rita went to the kitchen to cook up a great breakfast and heat up the cabin. All week it was the same for the three of them. Jeff would go back to the states with a whole new outlook on older Canadian Ladies.

Rita was voracious, Jeff fucked her on the kitchen table, got blown by her in her car at the supermarket and fucked her up the ass one morning after she surprised him in the shower.

Amy wasn’t as greedy. She was shy in public, but get her in the cabin and look out .

On Christmas day they went out on the sun deck. It was a beautiful sunny day. Jeff took off his clothes and said” if the skiers can so can I “

As the sun shone on his naked body his cock got hard again the cool breeze felt so good on his bald balls.

“Look Ladies, Santa’s cum alive again …”

They both giggled and crawled over to his lap.

Jeff sat back closed his eyes and felt the sun beat down on his chest as the girls sucked and licked his cock.

“Now this is truly a Canadian Christmas”.

With that he shot his load in the air and Yelled

“Merrrrrrrrrryyyy Christmassss!! Uhnnnn Uhnnn Uhnnnnnn!!!!!”

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Ara 03

Cally Comes Good (and often)

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Cally was a drifter. Ever since leaving High School she had drifted from one dead-end job to another. However, it was soon after her eighteenth birthday that she found what was destined to be her true vocation, although it had not appeared that way at the time.

She had been casually trawling through the ‘Sits-Vac’ page of a large national newspaper when her curiosity was aroused by the following ‘Ad’.

‘If you are a liberally minded young lady with a caring nature then we may just have the ideal career for you. Every day will throw up a new challenge, where your enthusiastic involvement will be well received. This is a highly paid, live-in position with a guarantee of overtime at triple rates. Please send recent photo with application – No CV required’

Having nothing better to occupy her time, she duly replied to the intriguingly worded advert’ and consequently, less than a week later, she found herself outside a large ivy-clad country house, perusing the large sign that pronounced that this was ‘COXHOLME TOWERS – HOME FOR RETIRED GENTLEMEN.’ “My God – what have I let myself in for,” she mused to herself. Caring for a bunch of dribbling geriatrics was certainly not her idea of an ‘ideal career’. Still – the money sounded good and she was sure she could stick it out until something more favourable came her way.

The interview lasted but a few short minutes as the exceedingly buxom and rather ‘butchy’ woman, who introduced herself as Ms Dyke (sic) passed quickly through the questioning stage and appeared more interested in Cally’s long shapely legs that terminated in a firm and well-defined butt; a cheeky face that still retained traces of childish innocence, but most of all on her totally natural 32E bosom, that somehow looked out of place on her otherwise slim frame. They were in fact an erotic artist’s dream as the way they jutted out from her chest, they simply defied gravity and surely those cherry-sized nipples set upon the slightly darker aureoles were never real – were they?

Cally found the request to hitch her skirt up to her panty line a little disconcerting, but to demonstrate her required liberal attitude, she duly obliged. The nod of satisfaction and the somewhat lascivious glint that appeared in Ms Dyke’s eyes somehow assured that the post was hers.

“Now my dear”, purred Ms Dyke, “I will get your uniform for you and show you to your room where you can try it on in private.” The room turned out to be small but adequate and contained all the usual bedroom furnishings, complete with a large mirror that almost covered a complete wall of her snug quarters. Cally carefully laid the so-called uniform onto the bed and noted that it was similar to the ones worn by ‘candy stripers’, except that the skirt was a little shorter; the blouse a little lower cut; the shoe heels a tad higher; the black stockings a little sheerer and she couldn’t quite imagine a nurse wearing a miniscule lilac coloured thong and a crimson garter belt. The ensemble was completed with a somewhat flimsy push-up bra’ that would leave little to the most jaded imagination. However, when she eventually clothed herself with the outfit and glimpsed her shapely image in the large wall mirror, she realized that the overall effect was sexily smart although the delicately designed bra’, which appeared more for showing than supporting, was definitely losing the battle in containing her fulsome though firm young breasts.

Her reverie was disturbed by a knock at the door, which turned out to be the formidable Ms Dyke with a list of her immediate duties. She was informed that most of the elderly gentlemen in the home were from high society backgrounds, which meant in turn that they were mostly rich and could be most demanding. She was further informed that she would find it to her pecuniary advantage to go along with what was expected of her as regular big buck bonuses were to be earned by being ‘helpful’ to the elderly inmates. Ms Dyke then informed her that her first task was to give a bed bath to old Tom Granger, who, according to our Ms Dyke, was loved and appreciated by all the Coxholme staff.

As Cally entered the room she was somewhat surprised to find the old guy, dressed in an old fashioned nightshirt; seated in one of those luxuriously upholstered armchairs that could be adjusted to suit ones mood or posture and reading what was undoubtedly a most graphic porn magazine (was that cock for real on the front cover?).

“Come a little closer girl,” he instructed her, “Me eyes aint what they used to be.” He certainly appeared pleased as she stood close to him and gave a little curtsey that caused her firm breasts to jiggle ever so slightly. “My lass! You’re a bonny one that’s for sure – Are those tits real or have you had ’em seen to?” he enquired with a wicked grin. Cally was somewhat take aback by this forthright enquiry as to the state of her breasts but at least had the good sense to respond that to date that was a secret known only to her and her maker. This caused Tom to laugh out loud gaziantep bayan escort and inform her that the best of secrets would eventually be shared between true friends!

“Now Miss Cally would you mind looking under my night table. I think I dropped a $50 bill there earlier.” Cally saw that it was there alright and as she bent to retrieve it she realised that her skirt had ridden up to such a degree that both cheeks of her firm little ass were in full view to all who cared to look – and Oh Boy – did our Tom want to look?

“Gee Cally” he exclaimed, “That takes me back a few years,” he continued in a rather shaky voice. “How would you like to keep that $50 bill you just retrieved?” With an air of caution she enquired,

“What, just for flashing my butt?”

“We-e-el,” he responded with a drawl, “perhaps if you just slipped outa them flimsy drawers and unhooked that bra’ of yours, which can’t be doing much for your circulation (although it was certainly doing plenty for his), I might just be able to find a companion for that bill your holding.”

Cally’s first reaction was to decline the old pervert’s offer, but then again $100 dollars for doing what she had done so many times in the past (although previous voyeurs had, on the whole, been considerably younger – apart perhaps from daddy and Uncle Pete – but that’s another story!) was just to tempting to refuse.

“Well – O.K. then Mr Granger – but no touching now!”

“Oh gee Cally, call me Tom,” he responded with a grin, “I feel that you and I are going to get really well acquainted.” Cally returned his smile coyly as she slipped the flimsy thong down from her slender hips to reveal a lengthy pussy slit, parenthesised by an almost child-like and only slightly raised ‘mons’. This was topped by a sparse covering of soft pubic hair, so fair that the mound appeared at first sight to be shaven. The external labia were barely formed and the prepuce that enclosed her clitoris was scarcely discernable. Overall the sight was most pleasing.

She then unhooked the delicate bra’ and as it fell from her ripe firm breasts they drooped not an inch, the long nipples pointing slightly upwards and old Tom was spoilt for choice as his eyes darted from tits to cunt and back again. He licked his now trembling lips and slowly reached out a scrawny hand in a vain attempt to touch the rigid breasts and was quickly reminded of his earlier promise.

“There’s another ‘fifty’ in it for you if I can just stroke those ‘titties’ of yours,” he added pleadingly. By now, Cally’s resolve was weakening by the minute as the contemplation of all that cash completely removed all thoughts of propriety. Where’s the harm she thought to herself. It’s not as though he’s going to leap from that chair and ravish me. A quick grope and he’ll probably nod of in mid fumble.

As it turned out she had been wrong in her assessment of old Tom’s staying powers and found herself getting quite ‘turned on’ by his rather expert handling of her breasts. She did not even protest when he slipped one of her now substantially enlarged nipples into his mouth, sucking and tonguing it with great authority, which sent erotic tingles through each meaty mammary. Neither was she surprised to feel a bony finger exploring the length of her pussy slit. However, she retained the wit to demand a further $50 for this particular excursion, a request with which Tom was delighted to concur.

Again, old Tom turned out to be most proficient with his insistent finger probing and he left Cally gasping and moaning as his long finger soon found the vaginal opening and was feeling around in that weeping little cavity like a true expert. The first digit was quickly followed by two; then three and finally four and as the quartet flipped in and out of the glistening pussy hole, his thumb expertly opened the hood to her now throbbing clitoris and was stimulating the blood-red nub in such a fashion that she had never quite experienced before. It literally flowered under his insistent ministration until it stood proud of the imperceptible darker hood that had initially enfolded it.

“Gee Cally, I sure would like to suck that ‘purty’ little ‘clitty’ of yours. Yea and O.K. I know its gonna cost – but what the hell” Once again she hesitated but had to admit that what he was doing with her pussy was to good to miss – despite his advancing years. “Now Cally, just adjust my chair and lower that pretty pussy to my face so I get the chance to lick that tight little ass-hole as well.”

Within minutes Tom’s tongue was forcing itself in such a way deep into her cunt that the juices flowed from the musky passage like honey dripping from the comb and she could tell from the slurping that the old guy was drinking his fill and spreading the excess around the tightness of her petal-shaped anus. He then set to work on her ‘clit’ which now stood hard and proud from its sheath and looked for all the world like a young boys’ first ‘stiffie’ and as he sucked and tweaked it alternately it was though a series of electric shocks were coursing through her sexually stimulated body.

She was distracted from her sensuous reveries by the sight of Tom’s nightshirt inexorably falling away as a tent-shaped mound slowly appeared in his groin area. Intrigued by this somewhat strange happening she pulled the garment back and was startled to see that she had exposed the biggest cock that (to date) she had ever seen. Its length, although prodigious, was within the realms of acceptability. What really caused her to gasp and exclaim out loudly “Oh fuck me!” was the girth of this truly awesome penis. The shaft she estimated was about as thick as her forearm but the crowning glory, literally, was the huge bulbous head, even though it was only partially exposed, still held in check by the overstretched foreskin. Instinctively Cally reached out with both hands and grasping the monster just below the massive glans, she savagely yanked downwards, which freed the thick ridge of the ‘helmet’.

“Goddam it Cally,” groaned a somewhat distressed Tom, “Did you have to be so rough? – I think now you oughta kiss it better, and yes, I’ll add another $50 to the fund. Needing no further bidding, Cally swiftly went down on that bulging glans, her generous mouth just about wide enough to accommodate it. Tom continued to work around her now sodden pussy and as her sweet juices flowed he expertly worked the natural lubricant around and deep inside her tight ass hole as he fucked brutally against Cally’s overstretched mouth, forcing more and more of his chunky cock down her throat.

As she ‘came’ once again, flooding the old guy’s mouth with her musky discharge, all thoughts of propriety fled from her sex-addled brain and she knew then that she just had to have that magnificent dick deep inside her. As if sensing her body’s latest urgent demand, Tom reluctantly freed his mouth from Cally’s smouldering cunt and enquired of her,

“Think you could take it up that tight little pussy of yours? Could be worth another $50 bill to add to that stash of yours.” Now to be honest, Cally was so eager to have his ‘meat’ inside her that she would gladly have given him $50 for the privilege. However not being a gal to look a gift horse in the mouth, she acquiesced by roughly coming off his throbbing member and straddling him with her cunt positioned over the now pulsating penis. Despite the earlier ministrations to her poor pussy, it did not open easily as the monstrous glans nudged aside the child-like labia lips, but now all thoughts of sexual restraint were abandoned on the altar of lust as she thrust herself eagerly onto the steel-hard rod of flesh and was rewarded to feel that huge head finally breaching the vaginal opening.

As each inch slowly but inexorably slipped inside her, she felt herself raised to a higher level of gratification. She never in her wildest dreams imagined that her sweet little pussy could expand to the degree now demanded of it as the massive cock ploughed ever deeper in and out her vaginal cavity, each lusty thrust prompting a squeal of pleasure that grew in intensity as the pace intensified. At last she finally sensed that total penetration had been achieved as the huge thrusting tip butted against the neck of her womb and what little pain she had initially experienced was now replaced by an enveloping feeling of total euphoria as again and again she felt her copious juices flooding from her.

“O-o-h Cally” came a hoarse whimper from the owner of that gargantuan cock.”I think I’m c-u-uumming,” the final word now squealed as he arched his back and with one final desperate lunge shot his bountiful hot load deep inside that now blood gorged and battered vestibule. So profuse was the spunky discharge that it now flowed abundantly from her pussy and puddled thickly on the old man’s belly.

It was at that precise moment that the room door suddenly opened to reveal the rather forbidding figure of Ms Dyke. She quickly took in the scene of wild debauchery and with a slight smile creasing her somewhat thin lips she exclaimed,

“That was not what I had in mind when I instructed you to give Mr Granger a bed bath!” she said as she keenly observed the rivulets of cloying semen now trickling down Tom’s somewhat emaciated thighs.

“Oh please don’t report me” panted Cally as she attempted to extricate herself from the still rigid cock shaft. “I’ll do anything for a second chance,” she added pleadingly. M/s Dyke’s smile broadened somewhat as she whispered coyly, “Does that include eating my pussy?” Now Cally was just beginning to think that after all that had happened in the last couple of hours, then nothing could surprise her. However, she had to admit that that one had come straight out of left field. Before she had time to gather her thoughts, Cally realized that Ms Dyke’s skirt, along with her panties, were now down around her ankles, exposing well-rounded thighs that parenthesised what was undoubtedly the fleshiest shaven cunt that she had ever seen.

“O-oh Ms Dyke, what can I say” she simpered.

“Actions speak louder than words girl,” she added as she fingered around the extensive outer labia lips before drawing back the hooded prepuce to expose a chunky clitoris that many a poorly endowed man would have been happy to see dangling between his own legs. “And let’s drop the formalities seeing as we’re about to exchange cunt juices – call me Olga.

Now it must be said that this would not be the first time that Cally had tasted pussy juice. Hadn’t her older sister made a similar demand the first time she had caught her fingering her tight little twat? But that act had been borne from a sense of filial duty and though not unpleasant it could never hope to match the experience of which she was about to partake. She reached out tentatively and took the extraordinary clitoris between her finger and thumb, which caused Olga to gasp with unrestrained joy. She in turn sought out Cally’s rigid nipples, which she fingered roughly, bringing each one to full attention.

Old Tom in the meantime, his spent cock now lying flaccid between his legs, decided that Olga was still undoubtedly overdressed, a condition which he quickly sought to remedy as he rose from his chair and deftly removed her blouse and bra’ which released just about the largest tits that Cally had ever laid eyes on.

It was impossible to estimate the official size of the gargantuan mammaries, however, any bra’ manufactured in an attempt to restrain such impressive tits would have had a cup size that would each have comfortably held a regulation size basketball. Although truly massive they were still quite firm, each one tipped with a blood-red walnut sized nipple, nestled in the centre of dark saucer sized aureoles, which in turn stood in bold relief from the fleshy bulk of milky-white breast tissue.

The eager trio fell upon Tom’s king-size bed giving Olga the opportunity to guide Cally’s not unwilling head in the direction of her large shaven slit. Soon she was munching on the outsized clitoris, which now stood proud and erect from its hood. As Olga’s juices began to flow more profusely she suddenly barked out a command

“Now you must fuck me with your fist.” Needing no second bidding, Cally balled her long slender fingers into a fist and rather fiercely rammed it into the steaming maw of Olga’s cunt. There was little resistance and soon her forearm was buried deep inside the warm slippery vagina at which she now fucked savagely at it with deep and rapid movements.

Cally was reminded of old Tom’s presence as she felt him stealthily probing between her shapely bum cheeks before inserting a long bony finger into her tight virginal ass-hole. It was strange to imagine that such a street-wise gal as Cally had never experienced anal sex. Many had tried of course yet each time an inquisitive cock head had brushed against the petal-shaped orifice, her early strict upbringing had caused her to flinch and deflect the probing organ into her more than willing cunt. To date this had appeared more than acceptable to her many fuck buddies.

However, Tom was made of sterner stuff and though she initially clenched her buttocks to minimize the hole, Tom’s whispered declaration of another fifty ‘bucks’ for a ‘bum shag’ was enough for her to relax to the degree that allowed the probing digit to enter the ribbed maw of her anus. The strange tingling sensation that this promoted was further enhanced as she next felt the cool yet sweet-smelling creamy lotion that Tom was now liberally working in and around her extended ass hole. She realized of course that the slippery unguent would allow further fingers to be inserted by the elderly gentleman but doubted very much that the huge glans that crowned his thick penis would ever pierce her dainty little bum slit. What Cally did not realize was that the cream also contained a very strong dual purpose ingredient that would totally relax the sphincter muscle, allowing entry for the most improbable sized objects, coupled with an anaesthetic agent that would totally block any pain or discomfort that the recipient may endure on the insertion of improbable sized objects, such as old Tom’s gargantuan dick.

Her reverie was somewhat disturbed by Olga insisting that Cally should insert her other fist into her gaping bum hole, now made slippery with the abundant juices that had flowed from her hard pummelled cunt. Once more Cally was somewhat surprised at the ease in which her balled fist had penetrated Olga’s anal cavity and as with the fist up her sopping cunt, she pumped it deeper and deeper inside her.

Meanwhile, Tom was now working Cally’s previously tight little ring with four fingers and the anaesthetic agent was obviously doing its stuff as not a whimper escaped her quivering lips. With a wicked smile, Tom positioned his now fully erect cock against the cream covered ass hole and slowly pushed down. At first it appeared that the petal-shaped opening would not yield but eventually the persuasive probing was rewarded and the little ‘flower’ finally blossomed and the oversize head was finally housed, quickly followed by nine inches of unyielding penile shaft.

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Ara 03

Brighton Cumslut Ch. 03

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Kirsty was in a bit of a mood, Adam huge cock has not responded to her message. She had other messages from the website from people wanting to meet up though. The two guys who sent her a previous message sent her another, still wanting to both meet her at the same time, also a husband and wife messaged her asking if she would wank off the husband whilst the wife watched. A female messaged her to see if Kirsty would do a woman, but no bloody Adam huge cock!

Kirsty thought long and hard about who to meet that night when a dirty idea came into her head. She wanted to shock herself tonight and do two different things, the first was to wank or suck two guys at the same time and the second was to get her own back on Martin the dirty bastard.

At lunch time Kirsty took her laptop to her bedroom, she got out her bullet vibrator and took off her knickers as she got on her bed. Kirsty loved the smell of her own knickers and sometimes used them during her own masturbation. She preferred clitoris stimulation with her bullet than a rabbit inside her. Kirsty relaxed on her bed and put on a downloaded clip of porn on the laptop and watched a well seen clip of porn, she had made herself cum to this clip on numerous occasions and it was about an Italian girl being used by three workmen on their lunch break.

Kirsty put her knickers around her face wearing the like a bandana by her nose and inhaled her worn knickers, she switched the vibrator on and moved the bullet in circular motions around her clit as she watched the porn clip, it was about seventeen minutes long and she always made herself cum at the same point. Although Kirsty had read the subtitles loads of times she liked the silly storyline of this particular bit of porn. She watched this girl wanking then sucking each of the three workmen as she moved the bullet around her clit, it then went to them fucking her pussy and she was getting her own orgasm close.

The girl in the movie then was subjected to having her arse fucked and Kirsty’s fingers were moving the bullet faster, at this point Kirsty was really sniffing her knickers, she loved how the Italian girl didn’t really want a cock in her arse but the men carried on, so with her left hand she started to pinch her right nipple.

Kirsty still concentrating on the laptop screen was holding back her orgasms she always did waiting for the fifteenth minutes when the double penetration was just finishing as the guy in the girls arse pulled his cock out and came wanking his cock over her bum and at that exact point Kirsty came herself, she furiously rubbed the bullet on her clit sniffing her knickers like mad and pinching her nipple.

She had a sweat on and relaxed back on her bed after her cum. Kirsty pulled her knickers off her head and rubbed them over her pussy, she then put the same knickers on and thought long and hard how to shock Martin.

A dirty idea came into her head and she decided that she would meet two of her previous encounters again, she decided on Pete and Simon, she was going to let them either face fuck her or tit fuck her, she wanted Martin to watch her being used and get him horny for another idea she was thinking about.

Later on that night as Kirsty walked to the swing park after getting both guys to agree to meet for some fun, gaziantep bayan escort she was thinking about Martin still, this older man intrigued her and he was quite dominating but Kirsty wanted to reverse the roles on him.

As she entered the park at the swings was Simon.

“Hey good looking” greeted Simon.

Kirsty walked over to him without saying a word, she pushed her tongue into his mouth as he followed suit. They stood kissing each other, tongues going round each others as Kirsty was thinking this guys a windmill kisser, he just goes round and round, Kirsty did prefer tongues to probe each other rather than going around all the time.

Simon started to unbutton Kirsty’s jacket and started feeling her breasts up, he started to get more confident and pulled her top down exposing her breasts one at a time.

“Hello people” Came Pete’s voice

The two stopped kissing and Kirsty responded”Hi Pete, meet Simon”

The guys said hello to each other and Kirsty pulled Pete’s arm to get him closer, her breasts still exposed, she kissed Pete and he kissed back grabbing her breasts. Kirsty used her right hand to get into the front of Simons trousers and grabbed his cock through his boxer shorts. Pete started getting his own penis out and pulled away from the kissing, with a guy either side of her Kirsty squatted down to the floor. Both of the guy’s cocks were rock hard, Kirsty started to wank them at the same time, she preferred Simons cock as his penis had quite a baggy foreskin, she pulled it right back, concentrating on Simons cock more than Pete’s.

Pete was feeling a bit left out after a minute or so and his penis seemed to droop a little, Kirsty seeing this thought to herself she better give him a suck so she moved her head and sucked on Pete’s cock.

Simons cock was being wanked by Kirsty’s right had as she sucked Pete’s cock and she was getting really turned on, then she thought to herself she had made both these lads cum before and it was about time at least one of them repaid the favour. Kirsty stopped what she was doing, she stood up and took her coat off and dropped it on the floor, she then got on he knees and started to wank Simons off.

“Pete can you undo my jeans and finger me from behind” asked Kirsty.

Pete did as she had asked and Kirsty started to suck on Simons cock, she really did like this penis and foreskin, she found it a turn on pulling the foreskin right back and putting her tongue around his head then rolling the foreskin back along his shaft covering her tongue, she then felt fingers pulling down her knickers and she felt one finger starting to enter her pussy.

Kirsty was enjoying this attention to her pussy, she started to wank Simons cock at the same time as sucking and licking his head. Kirsty then found herself thrusting back and forth on the finger in her pussy. She felt that Pete was also rubbing her anus with his other hands fingers. Pete was fingering her and rubbing her clit and Kirsty was really responding.

“Is her pussy wet mate” asked Simon.

“Wet and warm and she seems to like me rubbing her arsehole” replied Pete.

“Is her pussy tight” asked Simon.

Pete pushed another finger into her cunt.

“Yes it is quite tight” informed Pete

Kirsty was still sucking and rocking on the now two fingers in her pussy. She was getting close to cumming with the action in both of her holes and especially on hearing how these two men were talking about her.

“Is her arse tight” asked Simon, also getting close to his orgasm.

Pete gently inserted his index finger into Kirsty’s anus, his finger nail was in her brown hole and as Kirsty didn’t flinch or protest he went deeper to the middle part of his index finger.

“Fuck me her arse is very tight” said Pete feeling his own cock tingling.

On hearing this Simon put both his hands around the back of Kirsty’s head and he started to ejaculate his cum in her mouth. This was way too much for Kirsty, she was being forcefully face fucked now, with Simons cummy cock spurting into her mouth and Pete’s fingers in her cunt and arse Kirsty was cumming. She was making a muffled sound in her throat, Pete loving this arse and knowing he was making Kirsty cum, he quickly finger fucked her arse whilst still rubbing her clit and had his two fingers in her cunt.

Kirsty swallowed the cum in her mouth and Simon stepped back. Kirsty then lay down on her back still on top of the coat.

“Your turn Pete, you can either have my breasts or mouth” she told him

Pete squatted on top of her breasts so his cock was by her face,

“Wank me off, I want to spunk in your face” said Pete.

Kirsty started to wank Pete’s cock, she was finding it uncomfortable but wanking him hard, Simon opened her legs and started to lick her clit. He fingered Kirsty as well as licking her, Pete was nearly close to shooting his load and he forced his two fingers into her mouth.

“Taste your pussy juice” he told her.

Kirsty licked his fingers he then put his other hands index finger into her mouth

“Taste your arse slut” Pete ordered her.

That turned her on so much, although Simon wasn’t doing a wonderful job in licking her out the slight clit touching with his tongue and the dirtiness of her own arse taste she started to get close to orgasm again.

Pete who couldn’t see what Simon was doing behind him started to ejaculate, Kirsty felt the warm cum go over her face, One bit blobbed over her eye, another shot on her forehead and hair. Pete stood up after the last bit oozed from his cock. He stood and watched Simon licking her cunt.

Kirsty was losing interest in trying to cum again, she was enjoying looking at Pete’s cock whilst she was wanking it and now she was just thinking how crap young Simon was doing on an attempt to bring her off. Kirsty started to fake a orgasm. Simon still licking her pussy and Pete was shouting silly encouragement comments of something about licking the slut’s cunt.

“Thanks for that lads” Kirsty said as she was getting up.

Kirsty talked to them for a while then hinted for them both to go, they went off chatting to each other as they left the park.

“Bravo my little slut” said Martin.

“Hi Martin” greeted Kirsty.

Kirsty put her coat on and sat on the bench, she kicked her jeans off and placed them next to her on the bench.

“If you want to cum lick me out” Kirsty commanded.

Martin got on his knees he moved his mouth to her pussy, Kirsty was thinking “perfect”. Martin started lick nibble on her pussy lips and probe his tongue in and around her pussy. Kirsty put her hands to the back of his head and grabbed his hair.

“Don’t move, just lick my pussy and don’t fucking move” Kirsty told him.

Kirsty’s idea what took lots of thinking about was now going to take place, Kirsty closed her eyes and was blocking out the tongue sensation on her pussy. She concentrated really hard and then it happened, as Martin was licking her pussy Kirsty managed to release some of her full bladder, Kirsty held Martin by the hair and started to piss in Martins face.

“Drink it you filthy bastard” Kirsty told him

Kirsty felt Martins tongue lap up her pussy, she felt her warm piss dribbling down her legs, Martin was still licking her even though she was now in full pissing mode, she could start to smell it herself but martin carried on what he was doing. Martin started to insert two fingers into her pussy and as soon as he did the feeling stopped the flow of piss coming out of Kirsty. Martin then moved them out of her pussy and inserted them fast up her arse. He stopped licking her for a minute and spoke.

“You dirty little cunt, you don’t even flinch a muscle with me finger fucking your shit box” said Martin.

Kirsty still wanting to empty her now half full bladder was still concentrating on trying to piss again, she loved this filthy remark “shit box”. Kirsty started up pissing again it first squirted out a piddle at a time then it went to full flow. Martin went back with his open mouth and after a few seconds Kirsty heard him gulp down her own golden urine.

“You dirty old bastard, swallow my piss, finger my holes” said Kirsty building up a kind of weird orgasm whilst pissing.

Martin used his index and middle fingers of each hand to simultaneously poke both her arse and cunt. Kirsty ran out of piss in her bladder and stopped, Martin still finger fucked both her shit hole and cunt and licked her clit but it was way too much for Kirsty and she came suddenly and hard.

“You have turned me into a dirty slut” She told Martin

Martin stood up and started to walk away.

“Your piss tasted good, I’m going now cunt but tomorrow night it’s my turn for a cum” Martin told her as he left.

Kirsty waited on the bench for a while, put her jeans on and walked home.

When Kirsty got home she noticed her knickers had gone missing. Fucking dirty old bastard, that’s the 2nd pair he’s nicked off me, I wanted them to smell myself, she thought to herself.

Kirsty logged on her computer and read more messages that people had left for her, she had another message from the couple and decided to look at their profile.

Shelly and Andy want to meet woman for threesome fun

Kirsty messaged them asking if they wanted to meet up so she could give Andy a hand job. They responded very soon after, asking if she could get to the Devils Dyke by car, as they went to this well known dogging site first Tuesday night of every month. After lots of messages back and forth, as Kirsty wanted to meet them first and this particular was Tuesday was two weeks away the couple agreed to meet in Kirsty’s park the next night. Kirsty agreed to give Andy a blowjob whilst Shelly kissed her husband.

just as Kirsty said goodnight by message to the couple another message was sent to her. Adam huge cock was asking her for a meet.

To be continued………..

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