Red Rock Canyon Ch. 08

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Red Rock Canyon Ch~8~ “Magnum Man” goes Anal


Rex continued stroking his lengthy cock in and out of Paige’s wetness as he began to massage his thumb around inside her tightest hole. Pushing it in up to the knuckle and then feeling the hot friction as he slid it up and down inside of her. Paige moaned out with the pleasured pain of ecstasy, unaware of the two friends that were watching her and Rex from inside the tent.

“God, she is so hot.” Chad remarked.

“And he really knows how to use that huge thing of his. Seems he has a bit of an ass fetish too…can you imagine taking that monster in THAT hole?” Shelby thought out loud.

“No, I can’t but I would love to see her try to—wouldn’t you?” Chad asked in reply.

“Yes, that would be awfully hot wouldn’t it?” Shelby agreed as the hidden couple continued to watch the two on the rocks. The longer they watched Rex slip his thick meaty cock in and out of Paige, the hotter Chad and Shelby got. They watched Paige get hotter and wetter with each stoke too until they could see the juices run down her thighs.

“Too bad I’m not over there to catch the drips…hunh?” Shelby giggled.

“Now that I would pay to see!” erotik film izle Chad teased.

“What’s he asking her?” Shelby replied.

“I don’t know, I can’t quite make it out it’s a little muffled when he talks with his lips against the back of her neck.” Chad said.

“Oh, my… I guess he was asking for permission.” Shelby replied.

“Permission to do what?” Chad wondered.

“To do THAT!” Shelby said with a gasp.

As the couple continued to watch through the tent flap they heard Paige moan and squeal with both pleasure and pain. While at the same time they heard Rex grunt as he shoved his thick, lengthy manhood deep up inside Paige’s un-plundered backside.

They watched Paige’s face as it became masked with a bit of fear. Watched as it changed from pain and reluctance into extreme pleasure and delight.

It was so provocative to see her taking Rex’s huge beast into her ass for the first time that Shelby and Chad couldn’t help but get into the groove themselves. Chad had been on all fours behind Shelby as they watched the two oral sessions go by, he had rubbed his hands up and down her tight round rump, inside her thighs and between her wet, tight lips.

He film izle knew she was as ready for him as he was for her and as they watched he slipped her a little something special and listened as she moaned out in appreciation. She was so wet. Chad was sliding in and out of her in frenzy as they watched their friends in their first anal adventure together.

As Rex and Paige’s moans deepened with their intense pleasure, Shelby and Chad’s did as well.

“Mmm, you like watching Paige take it in the ass don’t you?” Chad taunted Shelby as he felt her wetness increase as they watched and her muscles begin to tighten around and tease his hard cock.

“He’s just so damn big!” Shelby replied.

“Or maybe you just like the whole idea of someone playing with her ass and yours…” Chad hoped aloud.

“Well, from here…it looks awfully good. We can always give it a shot!” Shelby replied.

Without another word Chad changed his stroke from one hole to the next and listened as Shelby’s moans turned into deeper…more animalistic groans. Her ass was so tight, she felt so good—sounded so hot. Coupled with the sights and sounds of Rex and Paige, Chad knew that he wasn’t going to last long. seks filmi izle But he wasn’t alone, and he relaxed when he felt Shelby’s own fingers dive inside her pussy.

“I’m gonna cum,” Shelby whispered.

“Oh, God, you feel so good in my ass—so hot and thick—” She continued as she felt the first hot spurts of Chad’s jizz settling deep within her ass. It was definitely the most intense feeling she’d ever felt with a guy.

Outside the tent Paige and Rex had thought they heard their friends moving around inside. But until they heard them let out the final sounds of their ecstasy, Paige and Rex had thought that Shelby and Chad were just waking.

Rex glanced back at the flap on the side of the tent and came eye to eye with the now divinely satisfied Shelby.

“They’ve been watching us,” he whispered in Paige’s ear as he continued to stroke his cock in and out of her tight little ass.

“Well, let’s spare no expense with the great ending…and then…I’ll call Shelby on it!” Paige whispered back.
Rex began to pick up the pace again and in a matter of minutes they’d both collapsed onto the rocks that had supported them.

Once Paige regained her breath she called out to their friends in the tent, “Okay naughty ones…we heard you…we know you were watching us…now get your asses out of that tent so I can see you two naked! It’s only fair!”

“I think that’s a GREAT idea!” Rex added.

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Punished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 11

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It’s now time for my second to last punishment session at your office. It’s going to be another after-hours one, which hints that something unusual is going to take place again. I cringe at the thought of what else could it possibly be that I haven’t been subjected to already?

Well for starter, when I walk into your office there’s an odd-looking wooden bench placed in the middle of the floor. You refer to it as a “spanking horse”, where my punishment is going to take place today. First I must strip naked and lay across the bench lengthwise in the face-down position. It is pretty tall so when I’m bent over it my face is just about at your waist level. Then you retrieve some rope and proceed to tie my wrists and ankles to each of the four legs, securing me in place. Except for a little space for me to squirm around in I won’t be able to get out of this submissive position now.

Of course you take advantage of this situation to fondle my vulnerable body unimpeded. As your caressing hands pass over the cool, snow-white surface of my wobbly asscheeks, I moan in enjoyment of this sensation — knowing that very soon my behind would no longer be cool or white.

“Do you know who is kind enough to lend me this spanking horse for your session today, Ling?”

This perks my curiosity. Who else beside you would possess such a “contraption”? At that moment the door to your office opens and in walks someone. I look over my shoulder and to my shock see Mrs. Jones walking towards me with an evil grin on her normally kind looking face.

“Ah yes,” you beam with joy, “that’s right it’s my faithful assistant. Not only is she so kind to let me borrow her equipment — for your benefit, mind you — but she’s gracious enough to accept my invitation to actively participate in your punishment today!”

“That’s right, Ling, I’ve been looking forward to this occasion for quite a while!” Mrs. Jones says standing in front of my face now. She’s wearing a very sexy dress, showing a lot of legs and cleavage, something you wouldn’t normally expect her to even OWN one, let along wear it. She had her amber hair down and loose, making her look younger… and a lot wilder today! Now that’s a side of her I never imagined, in all these weeks that I’ve known her.

“Ohhhh poor Ling, you’re always the one NAKED in front of everyone,” she teases me to my utter embarrassment. “I bet you wish to see some naked erotik film izle female buns just about now, don’t ya?” She winks at me then slowly turns around to present her backside to me. Could this be my lucky day?

Mrs. Jones wriggles her attractive posterior inches from my face, then ever slowly she starts to lift the hem up, revealing more and more creamy thigh flesh to my hungry stare. Surprisingly (or not so anymore by now) she’s not wearing any panties beneath her dress. So pretty soon I’m rewarded with a pair of mature sexy womanly bum. She thrusts her behind towards my face and tells me to kiss her cheeks. “Come on, I know you want to.” I obey eagerly and kiss her silky skin all over, temporarily forgetting that I’m supposed to be here for chastisement.

After a few minutes she reaches back with her hands to spread her cheeks wide apart, exposing her cute puckered anus to me. “Now I want you to starting licking my asshole while you’re getting your naughty bottom PADDLED — that should take your mind off the sting a little, ha ha ha…”

Oh no, a paddling today?! Before I even have time to be frightened, a solid wooden paddle makes a tremendously loud connection with my up-turned buttocks. WHACK!! My instinct is to scream out at this unexpected pain but the sound is cut off by Mrs. Jones’ milky-white buns as she simultaneously plant her rear end squarely on my face, resulting in an muffled “MMMMMMMmmmphhh…”

You start to paddle me giggly twin globes with a steadily rhythm, pausing for 5 seconds between each swat to let the pain sink in. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

In the meantime I’m rimming the wrinkled anus of a middle-aged woman for dear life. She’s practically smoldering me with her broad rump as she rotate up and down and sway from side to side, getting the maximum enjoyment out of my oral “service”. This does distract my mind from the scorching pain of your unrelenting paddle to some degree, but it’s still very difficult to endure such agony.

This goes on for quite a while. I’m not sure how many whacks I received from you, probably 20 to 30 but it seems a lot more than that! Finally you announce that the corporal part of my punishment is over. While a relief, it also implies that a more sexual — and hence more degrading — part is soon to follow. And I guessed right. Mrs. Jones steps away from my face a little and turns around to face me again. film izle But she has something strange in her hand. It looks like a… a huge dildo! And it is attached to a leather belt!!

“Yes Ling, that’s right.” You kindly settle my doubt by telling me what it is that’s going to happen to me. “You may not know this, but my loyal employee here has a little secret of her own. She likes to dominate naughty boys like you, and she especially likes to BUTTFUCK your girlie bottom.”

No way! I can’t believe an angelic looking, kind woman like her can harbor such a dark secret… or fetish I suppose is the term. But yep right in front of my disbelieving eyes, Mrs. Jones begins to strap on the enormous black cock around her hip. Once it’s properly worn, she points the fat snake head at my mouth and orders me to open wide. She wants me to lubricate her strapon with my saliva before she tears my tiny ass apart with it. But that’s so shameful — to accept a cock-like object into my mouth! Except I have no choice because I’m tied down to the spanking bench and must let the thick rod slide in. Fortunately she does not force it down my throat but just let me suck on it about halfway inside my mouth. I also hear the unmistakable sound of you taking off your clothes behind me while I desperately try to lube up the plastic monster as much as I could before she violates my asshole with it.

Pulling out of my mouth Mrs. Jones walks around to my back, getting ready to satisfy her carnal lust to deflower sissy boys like me with her cruel apparatus. Meanwhile you trade places with her and walk to my front. Oh no, you can’t expect me to “service” your tool with my mouth as well could you?! But my deepest fear is answered when you level your throbbing thick cock at my oral opening and starts to shove it inside. I have never suffered such humiliation before, accepting a real man’s dick into my mouth for a blowjob!

My worries are quickly interrupted by the unbelievably pain that’s searing me from behind as Mrs. Jones starts to enter my unnaturally stretched asshole with her nasty “cock”. It is even longer and thicker than yours and I just know there’s no way it’ll fit inside my body. But obviously she has a different opinion. Without letting up she applies ever greater pressure against my tight orifice until suddenly it gives way and is forcibly widened and penetrated. “oooooowwwwwwww….” I cry out in agony seks filmi izle but the volume is suppressed by your thick organ which is now sliding down my throat almost gagging me at the same time.

You pull out a little before I pass out from lack of air and orders me to lick and suck on your big meat, which I quickly obey. Wrapping my soft lips tightly around your cock I suck on it and than let go, repeating a few times eliciting manly groans of sexual gratification from you. With effort I move my head up and down your long shaft within the limited movement space I can, feeling this fat “sausage” sliding in and out of my mouth. Behind me my female fucker inches her colossal “dick” inside my tortured anal passage mercilessly. I’ve never been opened so wide before, I thought I’m being split in two!

When I feel her body pressed against my scorched asscheeks, I know that I’ve been completely impaled by her huge toy. Oh the ultimate humiliation of being anally penetrated — by a woman! After resting for a moment, she grabs hold of my hips and starts to assfuck me with her strapon cock. Slow and steady she’d pull out of me until just the tip is in, and then she’d plunge in reopening my inner rectum. She does this again and again with increasing pace. She’s moaning in pleasure herself because apparently there’s something on the other side of the strapon harness to tickle her clit as she ravages me.

A tear of abject shame rolls down my face but I keep on licking, kissing, sucking on your big cock giving your tremendous pleasure with my virgin mouth. Soon your animal instinct takes over and you hold my head tightly with your hands and starts to brutally face-fuck me. I choke several times on your unyielding cock-pole that’s now forcing its way down my throat. I’ve heard of the term “deep-throat” before but I’d have never guessed in a million years that I’d be the one giving deep-throat to a man now!

So now I’m servicing your hardened dick orally while getting pounded from behind by that redheaded devil Mrs. Jones. I can’t believe I’m being stuffed at both ends at the same time! But the worst part is that instead of fucking a female, now I’m the one being fucked by one! This removes any lingering doubt in my mind that from now on I’ll always be the bottom in any sexual intercourse. This is who I am, my place is to always be the one getting fucked…

This shameful realization has the sudden unexpected effect of triggering my orgasm as I spill cum uncontrollably all over the spanking horse that I’m tied to! At the same time I hear roars of ecstasy as you forcibly pull out and shoot your jism all over my face!

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Please Let Me Be Ch. 14

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Disclaimer: This chapter contains anal, keep in mind that if you plan to do anal play to do a butt-ton of research (pun intended) and to stock up on supplies properly beforehand. This chapter is purely fictional, all characters, events, and places are entirely made up and meant for this story alone. Thus, what you read about anal here is for the story, not a step by step manual on how to. Study up and play properly. Also, carpet burn is a bitch (just fyi). Everyone in this story is well above the age of 18 and the plot does feature some consent issues so be sure to always get consent and practice legal and safe sex.



Tessa: Female, 20-ish, curly brown hair, hazel eyes, pale skin, plus-size (hourglass), 5’9″

Darrien: Male, 30/40-ish, dark hair and eyes, pale skin, weightlifter body type (not body builder), 5’9″

Jolie: Female, 20-ish, long dark hair, dark eyes, mocha skin, slim/svelte body, 5’11”

Terry/Boss: Male, 40-ish, long red hair, dark eyes, native American, slim, 5’5″


Tessa fought back a moan as she woke. Instead out came a note of inquiry as she realized she was nestled in Darrien’s arms but his fingers weren’t where she expected them.


“Such a good girl,” Darrien whispered in her ear, causing her body to relax and allow him entry. His fingers delved deeper.

“Are you-?” Tessa mumbled before coming fully awake when he scissored his fingers in her ass.

“Something new,” he said while nipping at her ear.

“My ass?” She asked confused and surprisingly turned on. Her body was ready for more sex despite being sore from the night before. Waking up to someone fingering her ass was shocking but the burn and stretch of the entry felt good in a weird way. “How long?”

“An hour,” Darrien sucked on her ear and removed one of his hands while replacing the missing fingers so she still had three spearing her open.

“Crazy,” Tessa tried to think and not say but failed, “Shit.”

“Nope, pretty clean down here,” Darrien chuckled and leant over her for something off the nightstand. He crinkled something in his hands before sliding out of her ass completely,

“Ugh, I know you bought me but this could be something to talk about before diving in.”

Darrien huffed a laugh before angling to kiss her. His lips distracted her from what his hands were doing until she felt something nudge her hole. He lifted his knee that had been wedged between her thighs so she was split wide open to him. Tessa gripped his shoulders and pulled back from his kiss. Her body was still lax from sleep when he slid the plug inside. She gasped at the feeling; full, hot, pressing at her from the inside so everything was pushing. It slipped into place and Tessa tried to breath.

“Good girl,” he murmured into her hair. His held her to him.

Tessa sighed into his chest when he laid his knee back down slowly. Her body was still trying to accustom itself to this new intruder but Tessa couldn’t work up any anger at anal so early in the morning. She trusted Darrien to take care of her and make her feel great. So far he’d been kind to stretch her out before putting anything inside. She’d heard stories at the Business of things not going that way and how badly things could end. Darrien had used enough lube that his hands were still wet where he held her to him.

“We have a meeting soon,” Darrien said into the darkness of the room.

“So you’ll take it out,” she coughed at her pleading tone and tacked on, “sir?”

He chuckled, “No.”



Tessa absorbed the idea of wearing a butt plug in a meeting with a quaking heart that she strengthened through sheer will power.

“A meeting?”

“With my boss,”

“Oh,” Tessa swallowed audibly and screwed up her face, “okay.”

She could feel him laughing silently against her chest. Tessa pushed at him in retaliation but he only barely rocked back before laughing harder. Shooting him a glare, Tessa wiggled free of him and headed to the bathroom. Flicking on the light she stared at the toilet with consternation. Darrien laughed out loud now from the bed. Tessa scowled at him briefly before going into and closing the door with an angry click. A few minutes later she came out still completely nude but with clean teeth, skin, and orderly hair. Darrien had tidied up the supplies from when he’d woken her and dressed in his suit. He held out a shift dress and a bra for her.

“Thank you,” Tessa looked at the bathroom then shrugged before putting on the clothes in front of him. He’s seen me naked before, am I supposed to be embarrassed putting on clothes rather than taking them off?

Darrien had a smile in his eyes when she snuck a peak at him.

“No panties?” She had to ask.

The smile moved from his eyes to his lips. Instead of answering he stood and opened the door for her to exit through before him. Tessa admired the dress he’d given her and thanked goodness for the bra. erotik film izle Feeling armored up in spite of the lack of underwear she tried to ignore the way every step sent the plug rocking into what she thought was her cervix. It was a painful pleasure both inside and on the entrance. Rubbing and jolting, she made it through his rooms, down a hall, and to an elevator she’d not known existed before now. Darrien’s hand on the small of back guided her every step of the way and helped keep her from leaning against the walls of the elevator. He pressed a button for the top floor and punched in a code that turned a small light green. Tessa was distracted by the sight of her in the shift dress. Each of the walls, including the elevator doors, was a highly reflective black stone. She almost didn’t recognize herself. So different from Tessa the Tester.

She had curves in this dress, the green material stretched across her tits and hugged in at her waist before spearing out over her hips. Tessa shifted, letting the feeling of the plug give her jolts of heat. Her fingers found the cuffs she wore, the same green color as the dress with black trim and metal dees. She’d forgotten she was wearing them and the beautiful collar. Her eyes had become used to seeing the things that marked her as his.

She flicked a look up to her face and noticed she was smiling and blushing. Tessa hadn’t realized that the heat she felt across her cheeks would show on her face. She glanced at Darrien beside her. He looked like he had when she’d first men him. Like a demon sent to entice her. Dark eyes focused on her causing Tessa to jolt. He lifted an eyebrow in his way of making fun of her. She squirmed but never let his hand leave her back. Her tongue slid along her lips and she looked up again at their reflection to find him watching her. A shiver flashed across her neck leaving her tingling and needy for Darrien when the doors opened. He hummed a sound that Tessa took to mean later. They entered a hallway much like the one on Darrien’s floor. He led her along to a series of double doors at the far end.

“He’ll love you,” Darrien whispered before opening the door for her.

Her eyes widened at his words and something relaxed in her chest. She nodded to him and entered with her head high, shoulders back, stomach in, and a smile on. Her smile stretched wider when she saw Jolie. She took a step forward to greet her friend but halted when Darrien pressed against her back. He closed the door behind them and escorted her to the front of the office. A desk took up the bulk of the space but there were four chairs spaced around the room. Darrien guided her past all of them and brought her straight to Jolie who smiled widely at her. Tessa was so happy to see her that she’d missed the fact that Jolie was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. She tilted her head in question before shaking it and coming forward to hug her in greeting.

“Jolie, I’m so happy to see you!”

“Ah, Tessa, I can’t hug right now,” Jolie took a step back but smiled an apology.

“Oh,” Tessa felt her smile dim and noticed Jolie look at Darrien with concern over Tessa’s shoulder.

“I would love to hug you,” Jolie continued quickly, “I’m just a little . . . injured?”

“Injured?” Tessa asked at the same time as Darrien. She turned to him with a frown that echoed on his face.

“Boss?” Darrien asked the man sitting behind the desk.

“Marco and Jamal took it too far with her, she’s with me now.” Darrien’s boss said with a flash of clenched teeth. He visibly relaxed when Jolie touched him on the shoulder and whispered what sounded like Terry. He gripped her around the wrist before releasing her to play with the small bell on her cuff.

“So no hugs,” Tessa nodded and smiled with her eyes at Jolie.

“No hugs but I am happy to see you.” She answered. “How’ve you been?”

At that question Tessa could feel Darrien’s fingers twitch on her back.


His fingers twitched again.

“Great?” Jolie asked.

Tessa licked her lips and felt her face flush when she glanced at Darrien. He was observing her with those dark eyes of his.

“So,” Tessa shifted awkwardly when Darrien’s hand slid down lower on her back, “those are new clothes.”

Jolie laughed, the Boss looked at her at the sound with an inscrutable expression.

“These are a gift, the clothes we had when we left haven’t lasted long. Silk, you know?”

Tessa nodded and fingered the hem of her green dress in understanding.

Jolie and Tessa both smiled before turning to the Boss when he cleared his throat.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Tessa, I am glad to hear you enjoy being here. I am Terrance, you may call me Boss or Terrance if it pleases you.” He stood from his seat to take Tessa’s hand and press a soft kiss into her knuckles. It made her smile at him with genuine warmth. The whispered Terry Jolie had said earlier making sense now.

“Boss,” Darrien said with a film izle grin Tessa wasn’t expecting.

“Darrien,” he returned with a baring of teeth he must’ve meant as a smile because Jolie smiled too.

“I’m hoping to use Tessa in that job we’ve discussed.”

Tessa looked to Darrien with surprise that was replicated on the Boss’s face.

“You want to put her there? As service?” The boss asked before nodding as the surprise left his face.

Darrien’s hand slipped further down Tessa’s ass as he answered, “I think she can blend in just enough to fit the role but still be noticeable enough to work to our advantage. I’ll train her.”

Tessa was shocked at this many words from Darrien as well as where his hand was headed.

“As long as you’re willing to train her then I can see why you think she would work out well.” The Boss looked her up and down in consideration just as Darrien’s fingers slid down her crease to rest against the plug with light pressure.

Tessa flushed from her head down and kept her eyes down so she wouldn’t make eye contact with Darrien’s Boss of Jolie while he did this.

“I can train her for this, Tessa’s smart,” his fingers rubbed on the plug at those stupefying words. Tessa stumbled a bit and her eyes shot to his but he was still looking at the Boss.

“Then I give you leave to do so,” The Boss answered.

“I’ll think she’ll do beautifully.” His fingers pushed the plug in a circular move.

Tessa choked a bit and coughed to clear her throat.


“I’ll be there,” The plug moved again.

“Will you need back up just in case?”

“Not at this moment, Tessa and I will be more than enough.” A jolt from his fingers echoed up Tessa’s spine.

“This is a heavy job,” The boss said, his words barely registering to Tessa as Darrien had the plug pulsing every other second. The gently push having her weave on her feet.

“She can handle this,” his fingers hitting harder before going back to the waves of small jerks. “Just the right kind of push for my girl.” The emphasis was in his fingers rather than his words.

“Let me know if you need anything, I know you have your hands full already.”

Tessa hiccupped a laugh at that phrasing then gasped when Darrien had his fingers doing that circular move from earlier that sent the plug riding against her cervix.

“Will do, Boss,” Darrien stepped into Tessa’s body, his hands not stopping.

“We should set up a meeting time for Tessa and Jolie. I am sure they’d like to catch up more.” The boss said.

Tessa’s smile was wobbly but real when she laid her head on Darrien’s shoulder. She tried her hardest to focus on Jolie and the Boss and must’ve passed it off because Jolie smiled back at her before looking down at the Boss and nodding happily.

“Yes, Boss.”

“Good, I am sorry to say I have a meeting soon.”

“Thank you for your time, Boss.”

“The pleasure is mine, Darrien.”

Darrien grinned and finally let up on the plug. His hand slid back up to the spot it’d been in before when he’d escorted her in.

“Tessa,” his breath brushed her cheek.

She smiled and worked her legs into standing straight after all of that. She waved at Jolie and the Boss and let Darrien guide her from the room and back to the elevator.

She laughed when he pressed her back against the wall at they waited for the elevator to arrive. He kissed her soundly, a messy wonderful press of lips and tongue that had her stuffing down a moan that wanted out. Tessa rubbed herself against him with an arch of her back that left her nipples aching to be free and in his hands. Darrien gripped her hips and ground his erection on her thigh. Knowing she’d made this man think up these plans made her hot. Knowing that he was going crazy for wanting to be inside her made her hotter. The elevator door dinged open and he tore them apart to pull her in and punch the button for his floor. He kissed her until the door closed. Then Tessa was pressed into the doors.

“Brace your hands,” Darrien grunted while he hiked up her dress. He groaned when she was bared to him. Tessa heard the zipper of his slacks being pulled down and she clenched deep inside. His fingers played with the plug, gently rocking it inside her. She saw him ripping a condom open with his teeth in the reflection of the doors. So fucking hot, she thought as a shiver slid down her spine at the sight of him sliding the condom down his erection. He stroked himself while he worked the plug free of her. Tessa closed her eyes when it finally popped out. Cold, aching, and empty she wanted him inside. Now.

Darrien tucked the plug away in his jacket before spreading her cheeks and lining up.

“Yes,” Tessa moaned when his cock head made it past her rim. The stretch was a small burn of pain. Darrien reached under her and started massaging her clit. He leaned over her and groaned into her ear. He waited until all her muscles loosened before sliding in seks filmi izle an inch. He worked himself in inch by inch. Rocking back and forth, Tessa’s eyes flickered while she panted hot breaths against the cool stone of the elevator.

“You’re such a good girl, Tessa.” Darrien’s gravelly words made her pulse around him.

She groaned and pushed back that last little bit onto his cock.

The elevator door opening sent Tessa stumbling forward. He caught her around the waist and stepped forward with her. The move sent his cock sliding out almost all the way and back in with a jolt that had her falling.

“I’ve got you,” he said into her ear. His arms around her waist as his hips ground him further into her ass.

“God,” She moaned wantonly in the hallway, “Darrien.”

His stomach clenched where it was pressed against her back. Tessa let her head fall back on his shoulder.

“One step at a time.”

Tessa groaned at the thought of walking down the hallway with him buried inside her.

“If you don’t walk to the door someone might come out into the hallway.”

Her thigh’s clenched at the thought. Eye’s slitting open to glare at Darrien she regretted looking at him because it just made her ass tighten. Darrien gritted his teeth and kissed her harshly before pushing her a step forward. Tessa’s hands shot for the walls to steady her. He stepped after her and fucked hard into her. Another stumbling step forward, another thrust, again, and again, and again. Head growing dizzy and knees growing weak Tessa reached out for the door to their rooms. She fell short and would’ve fallen completely if Darrien hadn’t caught her. He lowered her to her hands and knees.

“Wanting to fuck doggy style in the hallway, such a dirty girl.” His words sent a thrill through her. He slid out slowly when she laid her head on her arms and arched her ass into the air for him.

“Darrien,” she cried out.

“Exhibitionism makes you wet?”

She gasped when he fucked back into her again, his hips moving aggressively.

“Answer me,” his hands gripped her cheeks painfully.

“You make me wet, sir.” She choked out the words.

He groaned and fucked her so hard her knees, already weakened, slipped on the smooth carpeting and spread her further for him. Darrien was braced on hands as he pounded her into the floor.

“Hold yourself open for me,” he ground out.

Tessa’s hands went to her ass and she pulled her cheeks wide for him.

“Good girl,” He ground out with a grinding move that rubbed against her pussy from the inside and had her cumming hard around his dick. A choking sound came from him and he tried to pull free but her body was sucking him in deeper. “Fuck!”

She tried to focus on his voice but her vision had grayed out and every sound was coming from so far away. Everything about her was focused on the spasms of bliss that rocketed out from her core. Cumming from her ass was a whole new experience. Her clit was rock hard and throbbing in tandem with her ass and pussy. The pounding of her pulse filled her ears and the moans came from a long way off but Tessa knew they were all hers. Darrien’s body was collapsed on top of her. His lips kissed over her neck messily while his weight held her captured beneath him.

When Tessa came to, Darrien was slowly rocking his hips and his cock was barely starting to soften in her ass. Her hands were twitching weakly out to the side, palms up on the carpet. Darrien was caressing her head, her neck, her shoulders, her arms. Anywhere he could reach without moving off her he touched. Eventually Tessa shifted and Darrien slid from her ass and laid back on the carpet beside her. She turned her head to him with a lot of effort to watch him tie off the condom and tuck it away with the plug. He gently groped her ass, causing her to laugh, before pulling down her dress and putting away his dick. They both laid there in the hallway staring at each other.

“We should move in case someone comes.”

“No one else has access to this floor.”

Tessa gaped at him.

Darrien laughed at her expression and crinkled his nose at her pitiful attempt to swat him for lying to her.

“Bastard,” she tried to say under her breath.

“You liked it,” he smirked at her.

Everything they’d done flashed through her mind and Tessa groaned before burying her head in her arms from the mortification.

“You played with the plug in front of your boss. What’s wrong with you?” She spoke to the carpet.

“Everything,” he said, “and you liked it all.”

She groaned again.

“Stop making those noises or I’ll fuck you here again.”

Tessa turned to give him an incredulous look. He shrugged, every movement languid. Stretching out Darrien rolled back towards her to kiss her on the lips before he stood back up.

“Come on, we need food, a bath, and a nap in that order.” Darrien helped her up from the floor. He opened the door for her and blatantly stared at her ass as she entered.

“Yes, sir.” Tessa answered with a sway to her hips, the aftershocks of pleasure making her lightheaded.

“Cheeky,” he said.

“And you like it.”

To be continued . . .

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Daughter of the Revolution Ch. 03

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Chapter III

Six months later:

The three women were gathered around the table in the small cabin eating dinner. Their lives had changed immensely in the last half year and the leanness of their bodies showed it. Where they’d once had soft curves they now sported lean, firm muscle and more defined cheekbones on their beautiful faces. June and Rose looked fully mature, small lines now crinkled the corners of their beautiful eyes, caused more by stress and sleeplessness than true age. Abby, on the other hand had blossomed into an exquisitely beautiful young lady of 19 years old. She’d also morphed into a cold calculating killer of the King’s men. She’d lost count of the number of men she’d sent to meet the Reaper after her first day of killing.

Since that day she’d led the girls to a cave several miles from the wrecked plantation and deep in the hills. After a couple weeks of getting settled in, she grew bored and made a quick but silent trip back to her home. The house and slave cabins had been razed nearly to the ground and been picked clean by red coated vultures. There was no sign of anyone at all. Her father, uncle, and all the slaves had vanished as if spirited away. She cried bitter tears and swore vengeance on her tyrannical enemies. She took nearly a week to return to her friends in the hills, spending time scouting near and far to determine where the redcoats range had extended. She learned that they could safely move their base camp closer to the road system which would allow her to wage the type of war she was planning more effectively. It seemed the soldiers rarely raided into the hills, preferring instead to let the militias come to them. They’d learned the deadly lesson of a patient man behind a Kentucky rifle ambushing them in the trees.

On her way back she looked in on an old friend that had built a small but sturdy cabin concealed a short distance from a lesser used road, more of a wagon trail actually. All she could find of him was a note explaining that he’d gone to fight the British and asked whomever found his note to use his cabin as needed and to fight the good fight. Tears welled in her eyes as she remembered her friend and how nicely he’d treated her and George. Shaking it off, she made a bee line to the cave and explained her plans to her girlfriends.

In short order they’d relocated and Abby set her plan in motion. First, she laid down some ground rules. Sundays were set aside for cleaning the cabin and grooming themselves. Hot baths and a sharp razor kept them feeling like ladies, they even wore dresses now and then. They also avoided using the same trail all the time when hunting or gathering water. Abby didn’t want any obvious sign of their presence. Finally, they would take no one into their group without full approval of all three women.

In the first couple months since they’d left the plantation Abby had lain in ambush along a few minor roads and being extremely patient waited for just the right time to spring on unsuspecting redcoats. Normally she carried the two matching squirrel rifles and was not shy about picking off soldiers singly or in pairs. She simply left them where they lay, bleeding from a .32 caliber hole in their heads.

At times she was fortunate enough to come across a few soldiers who were camping along a road. She’d wait until dark then slide in silently and listen to their conversations. Mostly they bragged of fucking their women or how brave they’d been in a skirmish. Abby just rolled her eyes and waited until they talked of troop movements and such. Then she’d plan her attacks on information gleaned from what she heard.

One such teaser of information clued her in to a movement of cargo that included payroll for a large company of men. It was to be escorted by six redcoats, carried on a resupply wagon, and the route was to follow a road just a few miles from their cabin.

She swiftly headed back and told her companions about her plan, then they set it in motion quickly as they had only one day to prepare. They saddled up and headed out, bringing a pack mule with them that Abby had acquired in one of her raids. They stayed hidden until the redcoats and their wagon had passed by, then they followed them silently until they camped for the night. As Abby had suspected they broke out some liquor and passed it around. Foolishly, even the sentry partook and was getting wobbly on his feet. By midnight they’d all went to sleep except the drowsy man on guard duty. While Rose and June stayed back, Abby slid in close to him, concealed by her dark clothing and carrying a small keg of powder loaded with nails. It was almost child’s play to her she thought, except she needed to kill him quietly. Suddenly, she had an idea when she remembered how the bumbling soldiers always bragged of their girls back home. Intuition told her that they were full of shit and had probably never even kissed a girl. Never mind that she’d never kissed ankara evi olan escortlar a man she thought to herself irritably.

She set her keg down and unbuttoned her jacket and blouse, revealing her more than generous breasts to the night breeze. Her nipples pebbled nicely and she shivered at the rare sensation. Moving silently she drew her rapier and approached the man from the side. When she was close enough to strike she whistled faintly. He turned his head and his eyes widened as they landed on her white tits so brilliantly lit by the moon. His jaw dropped in surprise just as she whipped a wicked backhand that opened his throat from ear to ear. He fell silently to the ground and convulsed in his death throes. Almost panicked she threw herself on him to hold him still until he quit thrashing about.

She retrieved her keg and continued creeping towards the guttering fire. The remaining five men were huddled close by the coals and covered in blankets, snoring away. She nimbly stepped between them and set the keg directly on the burning coals, then she hightailed it out of there as fast as she could while remaining silent. In less than a minute she was with her companions and they hunkered down, holding tight to their mounts.

A mere handful of seconds later the night erupted in a thunderous roar as her bomb detonated violently. After the explosion not a sound came from the camp and the girls ran in expecting to have to kill a few men, but they were all stone cold dead. June started heaving up her dinner at the sight of body parts splattered around the camp and Rose followed her as well, but Abby was all business. She was unloading the payroll before the last nail fell from the sky.

“Come on ladies!” she ordered. “Help a girl out for Pete’s sake!”

Frantically they loaded the gold and silver coins into their saddle bags then perused the rest of the cargo. There wasn’t much other than a few bags of rice and beans and several Brown Bess muskets. They took the food and left the long guns, then made a bee line for the relative safety of the hills. All that action had happened awhile ago and the girls had since been laying low.

Abby finished her brandy then closed her eyes and leaned back in her bath while listening to Rose chatter. She was relating a story about a man she’d met before she married William. She was quite explicit in the telling and Abby found herself wanting the touch of a man on her young body. As Rose expounded on how large the man’s cock was and how she’d taken him down her throat until he’d filled her belly with his hot seed, Abby stroked her freshly shaven pussy under the water and hummed in pleasure. For the first time since she’d left her home she allowed herself an orgasm. The brandy had no doubt lowered her inhibitions and she lost herself in Rose’s story. She fancied she could feel the man’s tongue lick her open as he’d done to Rose. She sighed in pleasure and came hard on her fingers. Slowly she realized it was now quiet in the room. She lazily opened her eyes to see both her friends staring at her.

“What,” she said somewhat defiantly. “Can’t a girl enjoy herself a little?”

Rose’s face was flushed and June’s breasts were heaving slightly.

“You cum exquisitely, Abby,” Rose said in reverence. “You’re absolutely beautiful.” June was nodding in agreement and squirming in her chair. Rose’s story had gotten her hot and bothered too. The girl’s sex lives had been nonexistent for the last six months and they all needed release badly.

“I’ll let you two have the tub, I’m getting too hot,” she offered and daintily stepped out while Rose handed her a towel.

“Let me, please.” June moved in and took the towel, drying Abby like she used to back at home. Rose slid in the water and sighed in contentment. June proceeded to wash her hair for her while she purred happily. Abby laid back naked on her bed and watched the two women groom each other. When Rose was scrubbed clean she got out and sat on a stool, spreading her legs wide. June knelt and swiftly shaved her clean, then Rose returned the favor by washing her up and shaving her as well.

Abby had another shot of liquor and was feeling no pain as she reclined on her pillows with her eyes closed. Suddenly, a low moan broke the silence. She cracked an eye open to see Rose with her tongue buried in June’s pussy while she sat on the stool. Rose was looking at Abby with a questioning look, wondering if her actions with June were ok with Abby. Abby nodded and closed her eyes again. She heard the two lovers move to the other bed and continue their love making. Abby let her mind wander in a fantasy. The moans she was hearing were now her own as a tall muscular man appeared between her thighs and started licking her sweet pussy. She rolled a firm breast in one hand and stroked her swollen clit with the other while her fantasy man pleasured her. Soon, he rose up and fisted a huge cock while spreading her legs wide. He was larger elvankent olgun escortlar than Isaac and terribly handsome. Long hair hung over his shoulders to brush her face as he bent over her. Just when his thick cock touched her wet pussy she came violently on her whirling fingers. Her companions looked at her in pleasant surprise when she cried out in passionate orgasm. Eventually her fingers slowed, then her hands slipped to her sides as she slipped into a liquor and sex induced sleep. June got up and tucked her under the blankets, then gently kissed her lips and returned to Rose in bed.

The following day Abby was feeling antsy and decided to go scout around for redcoats. She planned on going to a major road that she rarely hunted, usually there was simply too much traffic for her to operate safely and it was far more dangerous, but she was feeling frisky and took the chance. She packed enough supplies to be gone for a few days and said goodbye to her companions, showing them roughly on a map where she intended to be. They both hugged and kissed her, encouraging her to come home safely. It took her most of the day to get there and she arrived by late afternoon. She knew if she found a decent target they’d be pulling off the road and setting up camp in a matter of hours, giving her an opportunity to lurk and listen or take other action as she judged best.

As luck would have it, a group of four redcoats appeared. Three were marching and one drove a wagon with what looked to be a prisoner in the back. Abby watched from her hidden position as the wagon rattled by. The prisoner was wearing a tattered uniform of the Continental army and had a black hood over his head which almost concealed the long, dark, curly hair that hung down his broad back. His hands were manacled behind him, his feet were bound together with rope, and he swayed around as if he were drunk or disoriented. He looked like a tall man and his shoulders were broad and rounded with muscle. Abby felt an almost electric shock in the first few moments she saw him. A feeling of desperation and certainty came over her, one that she’d never felt before. She knew without a doubt that she must rescue him and free him from his captors. From that moment on, her every thought was consumed with a plan to kill the redcoats and free the man.

She shadowed them carefully until nightfall when they pulled off the trail at what appeared to be a large, well used camping spot. A ring of firestones were already in place and old faded cloth tarps flapped from flimsy wooden frames which appeared to have been used in the past as cover from the elements. She flinched when the soldiers pushed their prisoner out of the wagon and he fell awkwardly to ground, grunting in pain when he landed. They roughly tied a rope around his neck and lashed him to a nearby oak tree.

Abby was watching from behind one of the tented structures when she had an idea. She quickly returned to her mount and retrieved a bottle of whisky, then placed it on the ground near the abandoned tent. She moved her position and waited patiently. The soldiers set up their camp for the evening, never missing a chance to punch or kick their prisoner every time they walked by him. He was laying on the ground groaning in pain almost constantly and her heart went out to him, but she needed the cloak of full darkness to carry out her plan.

It seemed to take forever but eventually a redcoat got up and began checking out the tattered structures for a good place to sleep. He let out a whoop when he found the whiskey bottle and showed it to his cohorts. In no time they were drinking freely and getting louder by the minute. Thankfully they hadn’t eaten yet and the liquor went straight to their heads.

Unfortunately, the drunker they got the more abuse the Continental soldier endured. They kicked and beat him until he was limp and unconscious. When a particularly vicious redcoat took a bayonet out, Abby knew she had to act, and quickly, regardless of her own safety. Somehow she knew her future was entangled with the Continental soldier and she felt a dire sense of urgency. When the redcoat stabbed their victim in the thigh with his bayonet, Abby snapped, losing her usual iron self control. She jumped to her feet, drew her rapier, and leapt into the center of the laughing drunken men. Stabbing one in the heart, she swung around to see another gaping at her with an open mouth. She promptly ran her steel between his teeth and out the back of his neck, her blade parting his spinal cord in an instant. By now the other two had drawn their swords and awkwardly addressed her. From long practice with her father she could tell neither man was well trained in swordplay.

After a half dozen strokes from them and parries from her, confidence bloomed in her chest. In a handful of seconds she pressed in with a dazzling display of swordsmanship and both men were left gasping on the ground, bleeding and disarmed. etimesgut sarışın escortlar She whipped out her dagger and knelt over one of the men, straddling his chest. She looked down at his frightened face and rammed her blade up under his chin, puncturing his brain while twisting her knife viciously to scramble his skull’s contents. She shivered in wicked pleasure when she watched the light leave his eyes. She did the same to the other unfortunate and then went to the unconscious prisoner. She felt a sense of urgency, exposed as they were to the nearby road and it’s potential passerby’s.

She poked and prodded him but he was out cold. She was amazed at his sheer size. He must have been close to six and a half feet tall and an easy 230 pounds in weight.

How was she going to move him? Shit! Racking her brain for ideas, she ran to the wagon and looked inside. Nothing! What to do? Her eye fell on the bench the prisoner had been sitting on. She hopped up and took it in hand, yanking and pulling on the planks with all her strength. It moved only slightly, but at least it moved. She grabbed a nearby musket and used it for a pry bar. Gradually she worked the bench seat loose and tossed it out on the ground. Pouring sweat, she manhandled the man over on his back and atop the planks. She lashed him down tightly and secured the makeshift travois to her horse, then quickly and quietly as possible, vanished into the night.

Just before dawn when the sun was trying to rise, her new companion awoke, retching and coughing beneath his hood. Shit! She’d forgotten about that in her hurry to leave! She quickly ripped the hood off and turned his head so he wouldn’t choke to death on his vomit. She poured water from her canteen over his face and wiped him clean while he coughed and gagged until his breathing returned to normal. He turned his head to face her and she felt as if she’d been struck by lightning. Piercing grey eyes met her beautiful blue ones as she took in his beaten and bruised countenance. She’d never seen a more handsome man in her life! She couldn’t stop her hand from brushing his dark curls from his face and she felt an overwhelming desire to kiss him.

“Hello, Angel,” he said in a parched voice. “Water, please,” he croaked. She quickly put a small hand under his head and raised him to drink. He drank deeply until she pulled away.

“Easy there. Not too much or you’ll get sick again.” He sighed and she laid his head back. She didn’t know what to say to him, she was absolutely tongue tied, even covered in filth and vomit he stole the heart from her chest.

“What’s your name, Angel?” he managed as he lay with his eyes closed.

“Abigail, my friends call me Abby,” she stuttered awkwardly.

“I’m Alexander, my friends call me Alec. As my rescuer, you may call me anything you like,” he quipped with a wry smile.

“I shall think on it, for now I shall call you Heavy, because you were extremely difficult to drag here,” she said merrily, finally finding her voice. He groaned and painfully shifted his bulk.

“My arms are killing me, laying on them for so long is hard to do,” he said painfully.

“I’m so sorry, we had to leave quickly and get away from the road. I haven’t had time to attend to you,” she apologized.

“Don’t worry yourself. I’m just thankful my guardian angel rescued me,” he said softly while looking up at her. She felt herself falling into his gorgeous eyes, then caught herself. She busied her hands by freeing him from the travois and sitting him up. His arms and hands were blue from bad circulation and his wrists torn and bloodied from the manacles. His thigh was caked with dried blood from his stab wound but appeared to have stopped bleeding. Bravely, she straddled his legs and sat in his lap to attend to his face. She swabbed it with a wet rag and gave him more to drink.

She noticed his eyes wandering down to her cleavage and she felt a trickle of desire, knowing that he was finding her attractive. When he was as clean as she could get him, she fed him some hardtack and dried meat along with plenty of water.

“I’m sorry, I have nothing to remove your manacles. If I can take you to my camp I have a hammer and chisel and I can get those things off of you,” she volunteered.

“That would be wonderful, is it far from here?”

“If you can ride, a day. If I drag you, a couple days.”

“I’ll ride. Bouncing along on those boards was horrible.”

“Can you try now? We really should be going. I apologize but it’ll be a rough go for you,” she said gently.

“Abby, doing anything with you will be far more pleasant than my former situation.”

She smiled to herself. She was really growing to like him. It was her first compliment from a man other than her father and she liked it.

After a minor battle of strength, she got him to his feet and next to her horse. He’d just lodged his foot in a stirrup when he paused.

“Um, Abby? It appears I must relieve myself. All that water has run right through me.”

She looked at him and waited, then realized he couldn’t help himself with his arms manacled behind him.

“I’m sorry, Angel. I need your help,” he said while blushing deeply.

“Um, ok. Do you mind?”

“Of course. Please hurry though.”

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Unexpected Threesome Ch. 51

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The diner that evening was a casual affair, cruising the ‘eat the street’ line up along the waterfront, deciding what we wanted. It was just a prelude to our main entertainment for the night, the bands playing at the open air square outside the tavern.

This nightly entertainment was one of the things that made me think getting the experience of a Hamilton Island Race Week was something worthwhile; particularly since I like dancing.

In a way, that goes back to when we first met Liddy while on the Pacific cruise.

One of our stops had taken us to the local yacht club, which had a band playing. Ellen and I were looking forward to a bit of close body dancing with Ned when we noticed Ned chatting to an attractive woman at the bar as he was buying us drinks.

At that stage, far from thinking the fact we were half Ned’s age was a competitive advantage, there were times we viewed it as a handicap. If Ned was looking for a longer term relationship, he was smart enough to know that an age appropriate partner was a better prospect.

And as Ned introduced us to Liddy that night our blood ran cold. She was less than a decade younger than Ned and absolutely stunning, and completely charming to boot.

But what really left us both face palmed in fear was when he took her on the dance floor. They could both dance. I mean really dance. Properly dance. They broke into a rock and roll jive that had everyone in the room watching them. You would have thought they’d spent a lifetime dancing together.

To make it worse, Liddy dress was made for dancing and looking man stealingly good while you did so.

It was a red halter neck style with a string neck tie supporting a deeply plunging top which consisted of nothing more than a pair or triangles over her breasts until a couple of inches under her breasts where it expanded into a full bodice. You wouldn’t say the unlined triangles covered her breasts; more provided a modicum of modesty to her nipples, while displaying an impressive cleavage and side and underboob display and completely failing to supress any high beam display the nipples put on. Overall, maybe not quite as much was on display as our over the top tiny bikini tops, but not much off it. And Liddy’s breasts are nothing if not impressive as they jut perkily out from her slender torso, even if they aren’t what nature gave her.

At the back, the bodice was cut away all the way down to her bum; the bodice being kept tight against her body by string ties that zig zagged down her back.

Where her waist curved out to her hips, the previously body-con dress flared; the light spandex material draping seductively over her figure and about a third of the way down her shapely thighs while at rest and spinning out horizontally as Ned threw her into spin turn after spin turn as they danced. Every male in that room — and most of the females — could have described to you the tiny, matching red panties Liddy was wearing under that dress in exquisite detail.

Our face palming that night was well justified by what we were seeing.

Fortunately, although as our paths crossed and inter-wound over the course of our cruise Liddy may have stolen Ned’s heart, she became one of the Screw Girls, rather than the man stealer we feared.

But the sight of her dancing inspired both Ellen and me to learn to dance when we got back. In the end, Ellen’s husband Harry and Issie and her husband, together with Ned, Ellen, Liddy and myself had some very pleasant evenings doing group lessons at the local dance schools and using our new found skills at whatever dance venues we could find.

Which meant we coveted dresses like the one Liddy had been wearing.

It turned out she had made it herself — along with a number of others of similar ilk she had.

So she helped us make our own ones. We resisted the temptation to make them out of the same colour material. Four of us all in identical matching dressed would be too much.

While the general pattern was too nice to deviate much from, I made mine out of a nice, very fine burnt orange glitter spandex that went well with my more olive skin. Ellen went for a metallic gold to match her daringly different take on the dress and Issie an iridescent blue. Given the amount of crotch we’d be displaying dancing, we made sure we found or made a nice pair of minimalist string sided bikini pants in a matching colour to wear under them.

Ellen of course had to take it to an additional level. The top half of the ‘dress’ was not greatly different, but at the hips, instead of circling her body and flaring out, the skirt part of it was split by a two inch gap both sides, held together by a single stringy strap at the waist. So in the end, the dress became a front half, looking much the same as ours except for the squared off sides in lieu of the cut away back, and a back half consisting of nothing more than a flap of material draping from just above her bum to not nearly far enough under her crotch; all held together above her hips with ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar a spider’s web of string ties, but open and unsecured from her hips down.

With the amount of flaring of the skirt greatly reduced, she reminded me of the go go dancer in the background of the Ricky Martin ‘She Bangs’ video, right down to the way Ellen would wiggle her bum as she danced. And of course, as she spun in a turn, instead of a nice tidy horizontal circle of skirt, the two flaps would do their own thing, light decorative chains at the hips flying out in a seductive circle while the flaps did everything except cover her arse and crotch.

And she often wore the dress with a g string bikini bottom underneath; although for this night she had matching metallic gold, string sided, Brazilian style bikini pants.

In it, Ellen would always steal the dance floor. Most of the men in the room would be sitting watching her; bent over in frustration.

It was so stunning, I asked Liddy to make one for me too in metallic silver, but it wasn’t my choice for the first night.

What I quickly discovered was that whether you look just plain bold or completely slutty in these dresses very much depended on how tightly you tied the neck halter, within about a three inch margin.

With these dresses, if you moderately tightly hitched the dress up with the neck tie, it gave you an almost demure 50% boob flesh coverage. Three inches longer on the neck tie and the top of the triangles on your dress would drop down to just cover your nipples and not much more, but the skirt would hang three inches lower on your thighs.

I split the difference. High enough my nipples wouldn’t pop out, but nowhere near high enough to cover much boob flesh or ensure they remained immune to a down top peak if I failed to hold my shoulders back.

Not having been part of our dance thing when it was running, Julie and Shelley were dressed in cleavage displaying, mini body con dresses; Julie’s very party like in a metallic material, Shelley’s more casual.

All the girls were wearing strappy heels.

The guys were in Chinos, in the case of Ned and Harry or shorts in Adam’s case, with short sleeved collared casual shirts.

By the standards of the crowds as we cruised the street to get our dinner, we were a tad overdressed; at least in style, but far from it in terms of the amount of material covering our bodies. For the most part it was a more casual scene.

Julie’s friends found us as we were finishing our dinner and we drifted up towards where the band stage was set up and the band already playing.

I’ve always thought I must be a little defective as a member of my generation. I’ve never had the slightest interest in the music festival thing of just sitting around, nodding you head in time to the music. When a band is playing loud rock music, either you get up and dance, or I pretty quickly lose interest.

And yet, that is basically what the crowd was doing — and it was quite a crowd. Around the periphery, and in a half circle down near the stage, maybe about a quarter to a fifth of the audience were making use of the music. The rest were standing or sitting around, a drink in their hands, looking like a bunch of stoners as their heads nodded and, just sometimes, their feet taped.

I don’t know about Julie or Shelley, but there were at least four girls and two men in our group determined to change that ratio; even if Harry was a bit reticent to go against the majority of the wider crowd.

I let Liddy have first turn with Ned and stood and watched as they, with Ellen and Harry, mingled in with the group of dancers and started doing their thing.

Almost as soon as they started, Liddy and Ned dominated the dance floor. In the half light, and from even the shortest distance, Liddy look more like she was twenty than the 50ish mother of three that she was. Nothing in her flawless olive skin — from spending most of her life in religiously mandated high coverage clothing in New York — nor in her slim, taut, perky breasted figure or long mane of blonde hair gave away her age.

When you see Ned and Liddy on the dance floor it looks like they’ve spent a lifetime dancing together, instead of the bare two years. They make it all look so easy and natural and they break into crowd pleasing moves I haven’t even started to learn yet.

For at least half the time they danced, Liddy’s panties were fully on display as he dress flew up; a tiny red bikini brief that marked the termination point of her long slender, perfectly shaped legs as the sensuously moved through the spins and steps and marked the transition to the perfectly flat stomach that was amply displayed above its waistband.

But I dare say, among the younger male crowd at least, the sight of Ellen dancing with Harry was equally, if not more compelling. They might not have the practiced style of Liddy and Ned, nor did the fairly wooden dancing of Harry showcase Ellen in the way Ned does with elvankent götü büyük escortlar his partners, but watching Ellen’s body, wiggle and spin to the music, especially in that dress, was something to behold.

Ellen has got the cutest, most perve worthy arse I’ve even seen. Not in some sort of gross, inflated, fat, what’s it going to look like in twenty years, Kardashian sort of sense. No it’s all shapely, muscular flesh and blood in the most womanly sort of way. As Ned is willing to admit, she’s got one of the few butts that genuinely looks great in a g string. With extra-long legs relative to her torso, her glutes are tall and narrow, not squat and fat, and mounted on licentiously curved feminine hips that just scream sexuality at you.

And Ellen knows how to wiggle and flaunt it.

It’s impressive and distracting enough as she defies stereotypes as she expertly reverses the yacht into a tight marina berth in her tiny bikini pants.

For young men it must be leg crossingly teasing to watch her on her dance floor as the little piece of material, covering her sumptuous butt, flips from side to panty displaying side with every wiggle and then rises into a luscious fully displaying arc as she spins through a turn.

Issie and I watched from the sidelines; waiting for dance partners. But we were far from alone. Shelley and Adam were still getting to grips with the idea they might actually dance, while Julie, and the rest of us, were swarmed by her friends from the TP52’s.

The two I’d been sitting with over drinks earlier, with a couple more mates, circled me; trying to talk to me over the sound of the music. But I’ve never been a fan of yelled conversations over loud music, so mostly nodded heads in reply while tolerating and being almost bemused by, their difficulty in staring at anything other than my breasts and attempts to get down blouse peaks at my nipples; which given the dress they were probably rewarded with.

With the press of the crowd, they were also standing in close contact with me; but no more so than we’d been earlier as we sat over drinks.

After a few dances with Liddy, Ned came and rescued me by taking me for a turn on the dance floor too; giving me a chance to do my own display. Maybe not as skilled as Liddy and not as much booty wiggling as Ellen, but I knew it was drawing attention from the group just the same.

It seemed one of the guys had built up enough courage to ask Issie to dance, because she was soon alongside us. The guy didn’t have a clue how to dance or how to lead a woman while dancing, but I could see Issie was enjoying herself, doing spins and steps as the guy basically wiggled and juggled about alongside her.

As Ned took a brief break before taking Liddy back on the dance floor, one of the guys who’d been taking to me earlier pounced on me for a dance. I figured it was better than standing there nodding my head at forced conversations, so accepted.

A bit like Issie’s partner, he didn’t have a clue about proper dancing, but made a determined effort to dance with me; which I reciprocated by doing a lot more than just doing my own thing in his general vicinity. He tried dancing with joined hands and had a couple of goes at leading me into a spin and seemed to like the result, so repeated it as often as he dared.

I could see him enjoying the sight of my body dancing; there was little more than occasional glance up to meet my eyes. But I didn’t hold that against him. It would be hypocritical of me to dress like I was and then complain if he found the sight irresistibly compelling; especially since my breasts were making determined efforts to escape my dress as they carried the momentum of my turns to swung from side to side more than the upper part of the dress was capable of.

As the music slowed, I let him pull me against him for a shuffle dance. With Ned I might have been doing a waltz or foxtrot, but I could hardly expect that from him. The real question was how closely I let him embrace me.

During the course of three successive slow tunes, he gained more confidence and I eventually found myself in full body contact with him; his crotch pushed against mine and his chest brushing against my nipples as he swayed to the dance.

For the most part, I had to be amused. Clearly, he still hadn’t realised I was a good five to six years older than him, since he can’t have been more than in his mid-twenties, if that.

There was a good deal of sexual intention in his body’s movements. And being a bit younger, a sexual reaction. He wasn’t that tall and with my heels and higher leg to torso ratio, the hard semi-circular bulge in his pants, probably prevented by his undies from growing vertically, had slipped under my own crotch and was in contact with my crease; held there by his hand on my butt.

And I could feel it grow harder as we danced.

Plus I sensed the movement of his shirt against the triangles covering my breasts was intended to expose my nipples; etimesgut çıtır escortlar something probably confirmed by the way he kept looking down the gap to see if he’d achieved his goal yet.

Of course, my nipples being like they are, had their own reaction to the brushing. Sensitised, they hardened into the jutting edifices they become when stimulated; the areola puffing into a volcanic cone and the nipple itself extending like a cut off telegraph pole from there to a much greater extent than seems to be the norm with most woman.

So this was intimate dancing and not lacking in sexuality.

And as he noticed my nipples and the way their projection made the loose covering provided by that unlined triangle of fine Spandex material increasingly precarious, his efforts to dislodge them became even greater.

I know most girls or women wouldn’t stand for that unless they knew the guy better or were equally as carnally inclined as he was. So why was I willing to, especially as Ned was not far away?

That’s a difficult and complex question.

Until this week, I’d only been in any sort of, even innocent, close contact with two men my whole life. One was Frank, my abusive partner of ten years who wouldn’t let me go anywhere near another man. He captured me as an innocent and naive waif at 18, before I’d ever had a boyfriend or any experience with men or boys before.

The other is Ned who, for as much as he loves and looks after me, worries I am wasting my life on him given our age difference. He’s always encouraged me to keep an open mind about considering a younger long term partner should the right guy come along. He would be having mixed feeling about watching me dancing like this. One part would be pleased I was enjoying the company of a young man (or at least seemed to be), but he’s only human. Another part would express a fear of losing me, which I’d be frankly disappointed if he didn’t feel.

Technically I’m even allowed to sleep with another guy — a ‘sleepover’ as it was called from the time our relationship first started — if that helps me see a better future for myself. Now there’s no way I’m going to do that, whatever the ‘rules’ might seem to be. I love Ned far too much for that.

But the contrast between the love inherent in Ned’s approach to me and Frank’s selfishly controlling approach is extreme and very much explains my attachment to Ned.

Because of the gaslighting Frank did to me, he managed to persuade me I was unattractive and made me dress very unattractively, as a way of undermining my confidence in the presence of other men. It was Ned who guided me to the fact that, far from unattractive, I was actually quite beautiful and, to put in bluntly, could be an incredible man magnet if I even half wanted too.

And occasionally letting the man magnet side of me come out is a great way of boosting my confidence and putting to rest the effect of Frank’s gaslighting.

As Ned says, if a guy gets prick teased in the process, that’s his problem.

Now I’ve had plenty of guys try and chat me up. But really until that moment — well really, probably until I’d been sitting so close to the guys earlier today – there’d been no reason to have any real physical interaction with them. Even in the dance classes, I was mainly dancing with the instructor, Ned and Harry and we were all using the more demure dance school frame; probably mainly so I didn’t step on their feet.

So this was really the first time I’d got to experience a young guy’s body pressed against me since Frank. He was nicely built, clearly fit, given the boat he was sailing on, and not unattractive; although in a bad boy sort of way. A bit cocky personality wise and definitely too optimistic in his approach to women, but still personable as far as it went.

And yes, my body was reacting to his provocations. Obviously my nipples had hardened as he brushed them, but more as a result of being physically stimulated than one of attraction, and the brushing of his hard cock against my mons had produced a response. Not the sort of rip his clothes off and take him that Ned doing the same thing would generate, but I was definitely aroused.

As the next tune picked up the tempo a bit, he still tried to dance with our crotches joined; sort of like a Samba or Salsa might, even if he knew nothing of the sort. The faster pace certainly increased the stimulation; probably for him even more than me. Indeed, I strongly suspect he had to stop and go into separated dancing again when he nearly boiled over.

As married women, Issie and Ellen dealt more strictly with the young guys they danced with. Keeping them a little more apart, and in Ellen’s case, constantly having to keep them from slipping their hands under the back flap of her dress and onto the cute naked butt that lay beneath as she wiggled away with it.

Shelley tended to stick with Adam, although other guys certainly tried to hit on her. Julie was clearly popular with all of them and, from what I could see, not afraid of a bit of close in dancing as she worked the group. But being shorter than me, probably didn’t get half erections pushed between her thighs.

Still, I watched intently as Ned had a break, then another dance with Liddy. As soon as he returned to the sides, I called time on the young man and took another turn with Ned.

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The Happiest I’ve Ever Been

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Author’s Note:

When Connor, a down-on-his-luck twenty-something year old man, needs to earn some extra cash, he signs up for a clinical trial taking a male birth control pill. Little does he know that the pill comes with some rather unusual (but arguably pleasant) side effects.

This is a work of fiction. The pill I’ve written about does not (to my knowledge) exist and I have taken some artistic license to certain scientific processes and standards for the sake of the story. It is meant to be light-hearted and humorous, and as such, do not take anything written here as medical advice. If you have an erection that lasts longer than four hours, I take full credit but accept no liability.


The guys nearly laughed me out of the bar when they found out I was taking No-Nutter.

The pill wasn’t actually called No-Nutter. It had one of those proper science-y names, but hell if I could pronounce it. But just like everything these days, when word got out about a male birth control pill that was going into clinical trials, the details got twisted all to hell. They called it No-Nutter because some of those redneck evangelist types got it in their heads that the pill stopped you from jizzing, which isn’t how it worked at all. Not at all.

Trust me.

It just stopped your jizz from having swimmers in it, kinda like if you got snipped, but without the… you know, snipping. I don’t know all the details of how it works. They explained it to me when I signed up for the trial because of the informed consent and all that stuff, but I got a little lost on all the technical details. It wasn’t that your body stopped making sperm or anything. The best way I could describe it is that the pill changed the sperm so it couldn’t… you know, turn into a baby or something.

Whatever. It doesn’t matter, not in this case, anyway.

The point is, No-Nutter didn’t stop anyone from coming, but the name stuck after the misinformation got spread around by guys who were so insecure with their own masculinity that taking any sort of responsibility for their own baby gravy was deemed unmanly. And even I had to admit it was a lot catchier than “male birth control pill.”

All that being said, that alone wasn’t why my so-called friends were laughing at me for taking it.

“What good is No-Nutter even doing for you, Connor?” snorted Patrick. “You haven’t fucked anything besides your fist for ages!”

That earned another round of obnoxious laughter and palms slapping the sticky surface of the bar table. I tried to be a good sport and chuckle with them, even though Patrick was wrong. I’d fucked things other than my fist. But I wasn’t about to admit that at the table, since telling the guys that when it’s been long enough, you start getting a little desperate and doing things like humping pillows and buying replicas of your favourite porn star’s pussy as a Fleshlight probably wasn’t going to help the situation.

And I obviously knew what Patrick meant, which was that I hadn’t fucked an actual woman in ages, and that much was definitely true.

It’s not like I had a lot going for me. I’d moved across the country to be with the love of my life, Stella, who I’d met on an online forum for carnivorous plant owners. She was everything I thought I wanted in a person; namely, a woman who was sort of interested in me and who also happened to really like the same kind of plants that I did. So I moved to this shitty little suburb to be with her and for six months, life was great, until I found out Stella’s Venus fly trap was more of a penis fly trap.

Which was a horribly inaccurate way of saying she’d met someone else on another carnivorous plant forum, declared that she was in love with him instead, and left me in her shitty little suburb so she could move across the country to live in his shitty little suburb.

It’s just the circle of life, I guess.

Anyway, I’d spent all my money moving so I didn’t have much of a choice but to continue working. But since Stella had left, I had to pay way more rent so it took a lot longer to save anything up. And then by the time I’d managed to scrape some savings together, I’d kind of settled in and sort of made some friends, and it’s not like there was much waiting for me back where I’d come from, so I kind of just… stayed. Things weren’t great and I still couldn’t look at a pitcher plant without my heart aching after what Stella did to me, but I was… you know. Surviving.

It was while I was initially trying to save some money that I’d discovered the clinical research organization between here and the city. They paid pretty decently for trials if you got accepted to them, so I’d signed up on the off-chance I qualified for anything. I mean, it’s not like I was doing anything else important with my life. Might as well use my skills of “being able to swallow pills and answer questionnaires” to help other people. There weren’t a lot of clinical trials looking for slightly overweight guys in their mid-twenties, ankarada yeni escortlar but I’d done a couple of surveys and it wasn’t a bad way to make a little extra cash.

That is, until the No-Nutter trial started.

I qualified for that one because I said I probably wasn’t gonna fuck anyone for a while. Embarrassing, right? But they wanted to make sure that if the pill wasn’t effective or something weird happened to my jizz, I wasn’t going to get some girl pregnant with a flipper baby or something.

“It’s highly unlikely,” explained the doctor running the trial as she talked me through the paperwork. “But since we’re still early in the trials, better safe than sorry. Even still, on the off-chance you manage to find a sexual partner, just remember to inform them that you’re taking the pill. We suggest using a second form of birth control, but as the test isn’t on the efficacy of the medication, it shouldn’t affect the results of the trial.”

“Any other side effects I should watch for?” I had asked, trying not to be insulted by her accurate-but-unnecessary statement regarding the likelihood of me finding a sexual partner.

“A few,” she said nonchalantly. “In the first few weeks of use, you may experience dry mouth, hallucinations, dizziness, constipation, diarrhea, insomnia, drowsiness, fatigue, or excess energy. Some rare longer-term side effects have included hair loss, anosmia, chronic heart palpitations, reduced sex drive, sleepwalking, intense sexual urges, and weight loss. There are currently studies underway about the possibility of excreting strong pheromones, specifically sociosexual, but there is no concrete evidence on that yet. We’ve also had some participants report changes to the texture, scent, and the, ah… flavour of the seminal fluid over the course of a few weeks.”

“Oh,” I said.

“It’s highly unlikely,” she continued. “But should you note any differences, please record them and let your coordinator know.”

“I will,” I said, knowing damn well I wasn’t going to be able to tell them if my jizz tasted any fucking different than it usually did.

The first few days on No-Nutter weren’t bad. I hated to admit it, but some of those anti-birth-control rants had made me a little nervous with their claims. Not that I thought it was some big conspiracy to sterilize men or start feminizing us or something, but you can’t help but worry a little when people are claiming the pill could cause cancer or personality changes or the unlikely-but-terrifying-to-think-about chance of your dick falling off.

The doctor assured me that no one in the entire history of the drug had experienced their dick falling off and that included all the mice and other animals that had been through the trials, and it wasn’t even like this was the first round of human trials. But there were hundreds of men online claiming that the Big Pharma company behind No-Nutter was hiding piles of withered dicks somewhere, and logically I knew that probably wasn’t true, but it was still scary to think about.

Luckily, my dick didn’t fall off. In fact, I was pretty lucky with the first few days of side effects. I was as horny as I usually was, which was basically constantly because I hadn’t had sex in fucking ages, but at least it meant that my sex drive wasn’t affected. Better than that, though, was that I was sleeping insanely well. And I don’t mean like I was sleeping all the time; I was going to bed later and waking up earlier and had way more energy, to the point that I had actually started using the complimentary gym membership my boss had for all his staff and working out before work.

Before work. In the morning! Like a fuckin’ gym bro or something.

I mean, I still didn’t really know what to do with all the weights and shit, and I could only last about ten minutes on the treadmill before my heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest, but I was trying, and there weren’t usually many people around so it wasn’t too embarrassing.

Truthfully, the side effects were… good. For the first time since Stella had left, I felt like I was doing more than just surviving. Things were going so well that first week that I almost considered going out to a nearby greenhouse to see if they had any bug-eaters in stock to replace the collection Stella had taken with her when she left me for that other douchebag.

Then the guys found out I was taking No-Nutter because I sort of told them I was taking No-Nutter.

“You would never catch me taking that shit,” Bobby said as we sat around the bar, drinking away another Friday night as we watched hockey. It was between periods and the commentators were talking about one of the players who’d signed on to endorse it since everyone knew hockey players had shit-tons of money and a lineup of chicks waiting to fuck them.

“Me neither,” Patrick said. “Fucking unnatural.”

“How’s it any different than a woman taking it?” asked Dave.

“If a woman doesn’t want a baby, she can take her own fuckin’ pill,” bayan escort elvankent Bobby said.

“So you’d rather risk a kid on some one-night stand’s claim she’s really on the pill?” Dave asked.

“Or just wear condoms the rest of your life?” I added.

“I’m not wearing a goddamn condom just because some woman doesn’t want to take responsibility for her own body.”

“Wow, the women must just love you,” I replied.

Bobby raised his eyebrows at me. “Look at you, all snarky tonight. The fuck’s gotten into you, Connor?”

I felt my face turning red. “Nothing. Just don’t see why you wouldn’t try to protect yourself from having a kid you don’t want.”

“Not my problem.” He took a swig of beer and glugged it back.

“Till she gets knocked up and you got child support payments and shit,” Dave said. “Nah man, I got lucky the one time with that girl Kenzie ’cause the condom broke and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to keep it or whatnot, and let me tell you I was just sweatin’ until she decided she didn’t want the thing, so all it cost me was gas money to the city and whatever the procedure cost. ‘Least if I’m taking the pill, I know it’s less likely and shit, you know?”

“Yeah, till your dick falls off,” scoffed Patrick.

“It doesn’t make your dick fall off,” I said.

“How would you know?” he shot back.

“None of your business,” I muttered.

“Nah, you think you know so much about it, tell us how you know,” Bobby added.

“I just know.”

“How, Connor? You some kind of researcher now? Thought you worked at the carwash.”

My face was turning red. “I just know, okay?”

“I would think you, of all people, wouldn’t want your dick to fall off before you get a chance to use it again,” Patrick said loudly. “Don’t tell me you’re takin’ No-Nutter.”

“Yeah, I am, and my dick is right where I left it,” I snapped.

I shouldn’t’ve said it, ’cause that’s when they started laughing so loud, half the bar was turning towards us to see what the commotion was, including the table of hot girls sitting two down from us. I recognized a couple of them vaguely from around town: the tall brunette with killer legs who worked at the bank and drove a yellow Sunfire she only washed every couple of months, the one with light-brown hair and a girl-next-door smile and gigantic fuckin’ tits who was a barista at the coffee shop, and Angel.

Fuckin’ Angel.

I’d been in love with Stella when I moved here, but if I hadn’t, I would’ve fallen head over heels for Angel, which is what happened after Stella broke my heart. Angel was my cup of tea in every way possible. She had golden hair–not blonde, blonde wasn’t a beautiful enough word for the colour of Angel’s hair–and huge blue eyes like something out of an anime. Every girl sitting at that table was hot and had a body to die for, but Angel had the kind of body I’d’ve spent hours upon hours worshipping if she was the kind of person who would sleep with someone like me, which she absolutely wasn’t.

Still, that had never stopped me from daydreaming–and wet dreaming–about her sexy little body with its perfect curves and smooth, glowing skin. That had never stopped me from picturing her full, pouty lips in excruciating detail, imagining how soft they would be and how sweet they would taste and how fucking sexy they’d look wrapped around my cock.

I’d never imagined them pressed together as she met my eye, trying not to laugh as Patrick blurted out that not only was I on No-Nutter, but that my sex life consisted of me and my good friend Palmela Handerson.

That was what they did that night, though, and I felt like every cell in my body was withering and shrinking and cringing as she and her friends stifled their giggles.

“You gotta be fuckin’ with us,” Bobby said after his roars of laughter had faded.

“I just told you he isn’t fuckin’ anything,” Patrick replied, nearly crying he was laughing so hard.

“You can all go fuck yourselves,” I muttered, pulling my wallet out and throwing some cash on the table. “I’m going home.”

“So you can go fuck yourself?” Bobby asked, and they were still howling as I left the bar, determinedly not looking at Angel and her friends.

If I’d been the kind of guy who had other friends or a decent personality or even just some self-respect, I probably would’ve stopped being friends with them. I mean, they knew how humiliating that was. Patrick and Bobby weren’t especially good people. I knew that. Dave knew that, too, but he was kinda like me in that he didn’t really have any other friends.

I spent the weekend trying to pretend like I was pissed at them and that our friendship was over. I went to that greenhouse to see if there were any carnivorous plants, but the owner said they were vegan so they didn’t carry any. Then I thought maybe I’d go to the gym and walk on the treadmill for a while, but the barista with the big tits was on the elliptical, so I went home and resolved to sit around, watching TV escort bayan etimesgut and playing video games.

When Monday rolled around, I got out of bed and went to the gym. It had only been a couple of weeks, but it was already starting to get easier each time I went. I hadn’t really noticed any changes or anything, so maybe it was all in my head, but I didn’t mind all that much.

Work went. The carwash wasn’t exactly the easiest place to chat with people; it was too loud and customers tended to be a bit more focused on cleaning their cars than they were chatting with the dude who went around hosing the excess suds off the concrete. But for some reason, people were a lot friendlier that week. Most of the people who came in said hello and asked how I was doing. On Tuesday, a couple of guys waved me over to show off their Mustang and ask what I thought of the new paint job on it, like I was someone who knew anything about cars and paint. On Wednesday, the brunette from the bank came in to wash her Sunfire and I wasn’t fast enough to dart away without her seeing me. I thought she might just laugh at me again, but she bit her lip and threw her hand up to get my attention.

“Can you help me?” she asked.

“Uh… sure,” I mumbled, reluctantly heading over to her bay.

“Thank you,” she said, sounding relieved. “I know this is going to sound so stupid, but I can never remember how to turn the thingie from rinse to suds.”

“You, uh, just… just turn this dial,” I said, trying not to make her feel stupid even though it was incredibly stupid. “From where it says ‘rinse’ to where it says ‘suds.'”

“Oh, right,” she said, letting out a high-pitched giggle as she shook her head. “Thank you. I’m so sorry to bother you.”

“It’s okay,” I said, trying not to sound too suspicious.

The brunette smiled prettily at me. “I see you around all the time. You’re Connor, right?”

“That’s what my name tag says.”

“I’m Brittany.” She extended her hand and, not knowing what else to do, I shook it. “Nice to officially meet you.”

“You too.” I cleared my throat and let go of her hand. “I should, uh, get back to work.”

“See you around, Connor!” she said, and when I glanced back at her a few minutes later, she was turning the dial from ‘suds’ to ‘carnauba wax.’

I thought maybe people were being friendlier that week because word had gotten around about what happened at the bar on Friday and they felt bad for me or something. I couldn’t figure out why suddenly everyone was interested in talking to me or telling me their names or whatever. In all the time I’d lived here, I’d only met a few people: namely, Bobby, Patrick, and Dave. It was kind of suspicious, so I withdrew even more than I usually did, and after work I would just go home, eat dinner, watch more TV, and go to bed far later than I used to.

At least I was still sleeping well, anyway.

Even with all the niceness, that week just served as a reminder of how lonely this fucking place was. So when the following weekend rolled around and Patrick called, acting like nothing had happened and asking if I wanted to join them to watch the game on Friday, I agreed to it, since at least they hadn’t changed how they were acting around me.

At all.

“Hey, Connor!” Bobby said loudly as I walked up to the table. “How’s the No-Nutter treating you? Your dick fall off yet?”

And just like he expected, given the shit-eating grin on his face, half the bar turned and looked at me to see if I’d stand up for myself or show just how little self-respect I had and tuck myself into the empty seat at the table. Of course, that just made it even harder to decide what to do. Did I let everyone stare as I slunk out of the bar while losing the only people who were even close to being my friends?

Or did I sit down, knowing that behind me, people were shaking their heads and wondering if No-Nutter turned people into giant pussies or if it was just me?

Or did I take the third option that I could have never even imagined, which was presented by way of a woman making an offended scoffing sound from a few tables over?

“Wow, you are a real prick, aren’t you?”

Both Bobby and I turned, which meant we saw her sitting at the table with her friends at the same time. She was looking at Bobby, her pouty lips turned down and slight wrinkles marring her gorgeous skin as she frowned at him.

“Aw, I was just kidding, Angel,” Bobby said, chuckling. “He knows that.”

“Does he?” She looked over at me, folding her arms across her chest. “Is he joking, Connor?”

Between the shock of hearing Angel say my name, the way she was looking at me, and the fact that when she folded her arms, her cleavage nearly popped out of her low-cut shirt, I forgot what words were.

“Uh,” I said. “Well, uh…”

Her face softened and she uncrossed her arms.

“Why don’t you come sit with us instead?” she asked, motioning at the empty spot between her and the barista. “I promise we’re a lot nicer than your so-called friends.”

“And hotter, too,” the barista added.

Well, that was true. I glanced back at Bobby, who looked stunned, and Patrick, who was openly gaping at the unfolding scene. Dave was smirking, his eyebrows raised, and as I caught his eye, he tilted his head subtly.

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Sur La Mer

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I hate it when he puts his hand on the back of my neck. Usually it means the person I am with doesn’t want me to stop. With my boyfriend Jack, it means he has had enough.

“Don’t overdo it, Keren. Too much of a good thing, eh?”

I pull off him, wanting just once to feel his sticky jizz cascade down over my face and breasts. It has been far too long since that happened. I also wish he would go down on me — I love oral sex — but the admittedly handsome lad who is my latest squeeze thinks it is dirty and demeaning.

He fumbles the condom on as usual — I don’t even get the pleasure myself. I am barely wet and it hurts. Luckily for me it is over in a flash and the thing I wanted to spray all over me is safely contained in its latex wrapping.

Another fumble to get it off, a quick kiss on the cheek and he is asleep within seconds. At least he doesn’t tell me how good it was. As ever, I wipe one out through gritted teeth. It isn’t earth shattering but it is the best I am going to get.

Not for the first time this summer, I silently cry myself to sleep. Another long day of waitressing lies ahead tomorrow, followed by more passionless sex that can barely be described as ‘vanilla’.

Not for the first time this summer, I think, ‘There has to be more than this.’

I wake the next morning to the same thought.

‘There has to be something more than this.’

I ask the same thing each night and each morning.

But it never gets any better.


The end of the summer season was always hell. Things were busy before, but the last few weeks seemed utterly manic as people without kids took advantage of the schools going back and flocked to the area for some late summer sun.

Then there would be a couple of weeks to recuperate and catch our breath before two months of nothing leading up to the festive season. Then all hell would break loose again.

I worked as a waitress in a reasonably upmarket Cornish hotel. I had a degree in modern languages, but no-one seemed interested in giving me a decent, meaningful job so aged twenty-three, I was stuck living at home, doing long shifts and earning a smidge over the minimum wage. I hated living at home — my step-father was a drunken ne’er-do-well and my mother was downtrodden and in his thrall. My friend Tasha and I had briefly lived together in a small flat, but we couldn’t afford the rent, so reluctantly went back to our respective private hells.

Factor in my boyfriend Jack, and it was the perfect storm.

One night, after the madness of the end of season had died down, Tasha and I were sitting in a Newquay curry house, drinking Kingfisher and scoffing lamb pasanda and keema naan. Feeling low, I trotted out my twice-daily mantra to her.

“There has to be something more than this, Tash.”

She shook her shaggy blonde mane. “Not sure there is, Keren. Not for us, anyway. You’ve got an idiot boyfriend who barely knows what it’s for and I’m single again.”

“Thought you and that guy Kieran were all loved up.”

“We were, but he buggered off back to Liverpool. They let him go at the arse-end of the season. Nice bloke, but I couldn’t understand a word he said.”

I laughed. “And that’s a problem because?”

Then Tasha had her moment of genius. “Tell ya what, let’s take off down the south of France until the Christmas season. A few weeks of all the sun, sand and sex two hard-working Cornish lasses richly deserve!”

I thought she was serious, but she was only joking.

I wasn’t joking when I said it was a great idea and ten days later we flew into Nice on a cheap flight in an orange aeroplane, headed east along the coast and settled into a basic but liveable AirBnB.

For three weeks, we got plenty of the ‘Three S’s,’ as we had come to know them. We strolled around town and along the seafront pretending we were sophisticated ladies ogling handsome Frenchmen, then dined on pizza and burgers and drank wine at the cheaper end of the spectrum. In that time, Tasha had five different partners, I had six. I was always the greedy one and after all, I was making up for my lost time with Jack. It was great to feel a cock go off in my hand again after so long and I had almost forgotten how addicted I was to the feel of cum on my skin.

One night, Tasha and I even swapped our partners, though we did it by sneaking into each other’s room in darkness and giving the guys a nice little surprise. My one regret was beach sex. I had never had the courage in Cornwall, despite the numerous opportunities, but here it felt different. However I soon found out that sand and seawater have a particularly abrasive effect on delicate parts of the anatomy and was subsequently out of action for a few days.

During week four, Tasha began to worry about her limited finances and spent almost as much time checking her dwindling bank balance and the cost of flights home as she did on her back, which was saying something. It soon ankara evi olan escortlar became apparent that ten weeks was insanely optimistic and it was going to be five at a push. We would probably have to walk to the airport and pay for the flights on credit cards – or more likely hitchhike home.

At the start of week five, we knew we were a busted flush and decided to go out in style in a restaurant in an upmarket hotel that was probably too expensive for us, but we didn’t care. Whilst our diet had thus far been mainly restricted to things that had lots of toppings or came in a bun, we did know our food. It was only money — or the lack thereof – that kept us from dining in slightly better style. The hotel restaurant back home was well regarded for food and was decorated with numerous rosettes and awards. As waitresses we were given samples of the dishes so we could inform the discerning diners with some sort of authority, so we had expensive tastes but just couldn’t afford them.

We dined on moules mariniere, Chateaubriand and enough Tarte Tatin to sink a battleship. The Chablis was lovely but just about broke the bank. We left sated, with the intention of finding a nightclub, dancing into the early hours and getting laid.

As we left the restaurant, Tasha saw a laminated notice on the window saying they required waiting and bar staff urgently. Experience was necessary, fluent French an essential and other European languages an advantage.

She pointed at the sign. “Fucking no-brainer, Keren!”

I had to agree with her and instead of heading on the pull, we ran back to our digs to e-mail home and ask our folks to send our CVs across forthwith.

We were both fluent in French and passable in Italian and Spanish. And of course, we spoke English — albeit in a strange Cornish accent — but in these parts, it qualified as a European language. We had the necessary experience, an essential language and three other advantageous ones. I could also say a few words in German thanks to a brief fling with a holidaymaker from Munich when I was nineteen, so if ‘fick mich’ and ‘lech mich’ were required, I was the go-to girl.

Our CVs were with us the next morning and we found a computer shop to print them off for a small cost.

We had identical experience and language skills. I got a job offer, Tasha never even got an interview. I said I would turn down the offer and she wagged a finger in my face.

“Don’t you bloody dare, Keren Green. Take the job, give it big ones and have a load of fun and I’ll see you for Christmas.”

I saw her off at the airport and made my way back into town to take up my new post.

I never got back for Christmas and it was a long time before I saw her again.


The work was familiar even if the hotel was a little more genteel than I was used to. That was no bad thing. When stag- or hen-do’s get out of hand it gets messy and this wasn’t the sort of place for that. My new colleagues were friendly and welcoming and I was the sixth nationality on the roster. I was soon well-versed in the little quirks that made the place stand out from my previous places of employment. I enjoyed doing the same old job but in nicer surroundings and in a foreign language in which I was reasonably fluent to start with but was now speaking like a native.

Staff accommodation was in a converted stable block away from the main building, behind a bank of trees. We shared and my roomie was a bubbly, friendly Ukrainian girl a couple of years younger than me named Danica Antonova. We immediately hit it off, which was a relief given the slightly cramped conditions and I took to her husky Eastern European accent and her almost flawless English. She even had a decent attempt at mimicking my Cornish accent, though I struggled with hers.

On our occasional mutual days off we spent days out together in town and she was great fun to be with and helped me settle in quite nicely.

However, my horizontal activity had ceased in the few weeks since Tasha headed home and a shared room was not exactly conducive to bringing people back, even though our shifts were often polar opposites. I had a few potential candidates in mind and wondered if Robert the cocktail waiter would be able to shake me as well as he did a Margarita.

I got my chance to find out when Danica was on night duty and I finished at ten in the evening. I waited for Robert to finish cleaning his station and engaged him on the way back to the staff quarters. He liked to speak English with me to practice and we chatted amiably on the way. His room was on the upper floor and we had to pass my room to get there. As we reached the door, I invited him in for a coffee.

He gave me a hopeful glance. “Maybe a little late for coffee, Keren. I may not get to sleep.”

I opened the door and dragged him inside by the arm. “Exactly the plan, Robert but I don’t mind — means we get to fuck all the quicker.”

It was great to be back in the elvankent olgun escortlar saddle, even after a short break and he certainly gave me a good shaking. So much so, we did it again the next week when shifts permitted.

Our first time had been somewhat frantic, so I decided to take it a little slower and treat him to my almost forgotten oral skills. I had just got into my work when the room door opened and a small figure was silhouetted in the doorway.

A hand flew to her mouth, her sparkling blue eyes wider than usual. “Oops, sorry Keren. They changed my shift!”

If I expected her to close the door, I was disappointed. I lay with my mouth open, hovering over Robert’s erection, not knowing what to say or do. She broke the tension by taking a step into the room and peering over my shoulder.

“Ooh, hello Robert. Wondered who the lucky guy was. Got room for a little one?”

His fingers were stroking me gently but I was barely aware of them and barely heard his whispered, “Oh oui, Mon Dieu!”

I stared at her in horror and amazement as she calmly divested herself of her uniform and smiling benignly, threw her little cap onto her bed. She stepped out of her panties and knelt down beside me, giving me one of her best smiles. They usually lit up the day but at that moment it was the last thing I wanted to see.

She pointed to the erection in my hand. “May I?”

In shock, I held it towards her. “Erm, yeah — knock yourself out, Danica!”

To say she went at it with feral abandon was an understatement. Despite my shock, I registered that she was extremely accomplished and her innocent look was just that — a look. The girl could give head and Robert’s moans attested to her skills as she took him all the way, something I struggled to do. Her bare arm rubbed against mine as she worked and I moved away a little, disturbed at her proximity. She was oblivious as first a thigh, then her shoulder again made contact with me as I was pinned between her and the bedside table. After a couple of minutes of frantic action, she pulled off and held him up to me once more with a little nod.

As I went back down, I suppressed a little shudder as I realised I was sucking up her thick, gooey saliva. My stomach turned over as I tried to match her throating achievement and I pulled off him, gagging. Thinking I was done, she went back to her task at the same time as I did. We both flicked our tongues out at the same time and inevitably there was a brief coming together. We rocked back, staring at each other with wide eyes, mumbling apologies.

There was a moment of confusion as we both indicated to each other to continue on the hapless Robert and this time when we both ducked down in unison, there was a real coming together. My attempt to take his glans in my mouth coincided with hers and we met in an inadvertent wet kiss that had Robert moaning in ecstasy and me recoiling once more in horror. Her hair had brushed my face and our lips and tongues had met.

We both said, “Sorry” at the same time. To cover our embarrassment, she indicated for me to get on board.

“You were here first…”

Relieved, I picked up the condom from the bed and rolled it down on his erection. I straddled it as Danica held him up for me and sank down hoping she would back off and leave me to it for a while. Then I hit her small hand on the way down and stopped dead. “Erm, Danica…”

“Ooh sorry! Just trying to help!”

Her hand seemed to take an age to unravel from Robert’s shaft and her fingers lingered far longer than I liked against my wet folds. At last she moved away and I sank down with a long, satisfied sigh. I tried to put her out of my mind as I warmed to my task again and Robert responded by thrusting up off the bed as he had done the first time.

I froze in sheer horror as small hands gripped my hips and slid up over my ribs before gently squeezing my breasts. I hissed her name through gritted teeth and she let go, her head bowed, trapping her hands under her armpits as though trying to stop them from roaming.

“Sorry, Keren. It felt… nice.”

I took a deep breath. “Maybe for you. Look Danica you can have your turn in a minute. Why not sit on your bed like a good girl until I’ve had a nice ride, eh?”

She nodded nervously and sat down behind me. I resumed my grinding with diminished enthusiasm, now feeling distinctly uncomfortable.

Barely thirty seconds later, she did it again, except this time, she put her head on my shoulder. Her hands squeezed gently once more and I felt her hot breath on my neck and in my ear. I was about to elbow her in the chest when she whispered to me, almost in desperation.

“Please don’t make me stop, Keren. It feels so good. I’ve never done this before. I don’t want to stop. I want you to do it to me too.” She gently tweaked my nipples between her fingers and thumbs. “Please let me convince you!”

Despite the situation, I almost laughed as Robert moaned etimesgut sarışın escortlar below me. “I am not wanting stop either! Deux jolies filles! Oh mon Dieu, ne t’arrete pas!”

I shivered for a moment then forced myself to admit that her tiny hands felt good against my breasts and when she tweaked my nipples, a little electric shock had run all the way down to my nether regions. Her body was soft and warm as she held me and the smell of her newly-washed hair and musky perfume assailed my senses.

Decision made, I looked at the digital bedroom clock. It had just ticked over to 22:27. “Ok, Danica — you have until 22:30 to convince me. If I then tell you to stop, please stop.”

At 22:35, Danica Antonova straddled Robert’s face and I took her in my arms for the softest, gentlest kiss imaginable. It felt like a butterfly’s breath and I was so glad I had not told her to stop.

She took my face in her hands. “Thank you, Keren. Does it feel good now?”

I kissed her on her cute little snub nose and grinned. “Not sure. Let’s do it a bit longer — in the interests of science, you understand. Would you care to swap places?”

“Keren – can I… can I lick you while Robert takes me from behind?”

Robert and Danica’s moans of delight as he sank into her was matched by mine as a tiny, shaggy-haired blonde girl lapped at me with a long, flexible tongue. Her hair was so soft against my thighs, her fingers so gentle on my labia and clit. It was all too much for Robert. Given the circumstances, he had lasted well and apologised to Danica as he shot his load into her as she bucked back against his insistent thrusts before being rammed back hard against me.

He pulled out and Danica slid up my body for a sticky, wet kiss. I tasted myself on her lips then went down on her for my first taste of another girl. From the first moment I lapped at her slippery wetness, I knew it would not be my last.

We came in unison, mouths clamped together, fingers darting down below while Robert watched on in sheer astonishment.

Later, when he was gone, we lay in each other’s arms. She touched my face. “Thank you for letting me go on. I’ve wanted to do that for so long but never had the opportunity. You’re so pretty, Keren. It was wonderful and I don’t want it to be a one-time thing.”

I held her to me. “I’m glad I did, Danica. It was wonderful for me too, and you are so lovely. I think tonight has been a bit of a revelation.”

We kissed for a long time. When we parted, she gave me a shy little smile. “My friends call me Danni. I’d like it if you called me that.”

I thought for a moment. “My schoolfriends had a nickname for me and I quite liked it. You can call me Greenie if you like.”

Her big eyes glazed over as she stroked my face. “Hello, Greenie!”

A little shiver went through me as I reciprocated. “Hello, Danni. Shall we do it again?”

Over the next few weeks, we did it again and again and it just got better and better. I had never even thought about doing it with another girl and when she came on to me, I was appalled. Then I realised just how good it felt and went with it. Thereafter we were barely parted and each night I was on duty with Robert, he would watch me like a little puppy-dog in the hope that I would whisper two words to him.

“Ce soir.”

We still had the odd night with him alone when our shifts clashed and the threesomes got better as we got more used to the dynamic, but I relished the time we spent together more. Two girls getting to know each other and the joys of Sapphic sex from watching things on the internet and copying what we saw. We soon outgrew our little travelling comforters and began to order more robust forms of female entertainment from discreet sites. Within a month, our favourite pastime was scissoring with a magic wand clamped between us. If Robert was there to suck on while we did it, all the better.

I never got home at Christmas and I apologised to Tasha. She was not too bothered — she had landed herself a plumb job at a ‘restaurant with rooms’ on Dartmoor in Devon and boasted that it had a Michelin star. She was the assistant manageress and had a new boyfriend — the junior sommelier.

She laughed down the phone line. “Seems weird, Keren, don’t it? Off we go down to France and I come home and you stay. I fall for a Frenchman on me own doorstep and you end up with a girl from bloody Russia or somewhere!”

Although I loved Cornwall, surfing on the Cote d’Azur on Boxing Day just about edged a cold dip at Newquay. The festive season was much nicer in France and it rekindled my enthusiasm after the soulless, commercialised circus it had become back home.

As the New Year was upon us, Danica and I were inseparable, but I detected an undercurrent. Something was not quite right and she was not her usual, bubbly self. I let it ride and didn’t want to press her, so put it on the back burner.

Then one night, as I lay waiting for her to return, the room door opened and I heard muffled giggling and shushing noises. She was up to something. She sat on the bed and took my hand, her face illuminated by soft moonlight.

“Hey, Greenie — got a little present for you.”

“Ooh, I like pressies. Watcha got?”

In answer, she wrapped my fingers around an erect penis.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


This story is part of the “Summer lovin 2021” contest.

Many thanks to the readers who gave their feedback and left comments.

English is still not my first language, so I apologize for any mistakes.

All of the characters are over 18 years old.


I love vacationing in Gran Canaria. I’m even thinking of buying a small house or apartment here when I retire. The climate is nice. Constant temperature all year round. Warm ocean. Lots of entertainment for all tastes. Delicious cuisine and excellent Canarian honey rum. But it is better to enjoy life while you are young and full of energy.

This time the trip didn’t work out. It wasn’t like that. Because of exams at the university where my son Michael is studying, I had to reschedule my vacation. A flight with three connections and a long night at the airport in Madrid. The renovation of the hotel next door turned the wonderful ocean view into a bleak scaffolding landscape. Add the noise and dust. Well, my wife started having “red days.” That means two weeks of vacation, one will be without sex. Total disappointment. Also problems with my son, which now I do not know how to solve.

You know, a vacation in the Canaries sets up a romantic or rather sexual mood. And this time we brought Michael for the purpose of setting up his sex life. He’s really a tall good-looking athletic guy. He’s 19 years old and a sophomore at university. He’s studying languages. English, German, French and Spanish. Yeah four at once. He’s a real nerd. A very shy nerd. He’s also a virgin. Which is amazing. I mean, there are almost ten girls for every guy in his class. It was starting to bother even my wife. So this time, not only did we not get a family room, we got a separate room for Michael. So he could bring a girl over. But because of the change in vacation time, we fell into the period of the famous Maspalomas Gay Pride “Dunas” and Maspalomas Fetish Week “La Boca Loca” festivals. In general, there are a lot of girls and women here. But they are not interested in guys. They are lesbians. And the guys here are interested in other guys. And it’s gonna be like that for ten more days. So he’s walking on the beach, looking at naked tits, asses in bikini panties or not, and drooling.

The first time I saw them was when I walked from the elevator to the restaurant in the morning for breakfast. A couple. She’s a golden-haired blonde with blue eyes and skin the color of melted milk. And she, an African woman, with long, round ass, black hair and skin the color of milk chocolate. They were touchingly holding hands and waiting to check in at the front desk.

I saw them again at the pool when the black one was rubbing suntan oil on her golden-haired friend. The sight was so erotic that it attracted the attention of almost everyone around them.

– So hot. – My Sophia whispered in my ear. “If they stay here long enough, we can invite them in for a glass of champagne. Which one would you fuck first? The white one or the black one?

Yeah, my wife’s a naughty girl. But only with girls. Only on vacation. Only with me as a couple. No other people’s dicks. That’s the rule she made. Ever since our honeymoon. Well, I can’t complain.

Sophie is a hot little brunette with green eyes, raven-winged black curly hair, long shapely legs, a tight round ass, a narrow waist, a flat tummy, high rounded breasts like apples. Although she’s 39 now, no one gives her more than 25 years old. She looks more like our children’s sister than their mother.

– Actually, it makes no difference. As long as you’re on my dick first. – I replied.

True, by the way. Except for our vacation adventures together, I’ve never cheated on my wife. Never. Well, I don’t think you should talk about cheating when you do things together.

Michael watched the black and white couple, too. What he saw, he liked so much that the tent that grew in his swim shorts caught the attention of a group of young gay men on the other side of the pool. They began cheering him on with approving gestures and shouts, which embarrassed him even more.

– Michael, get me and my mom another glass of Cuba Libre,” I addressed him, giving him a chance to remove himself and calm down.

– Did you remember we wanted to go with the kids to the Angry Birds Activity Park Puerto Rico and then to Holiday World Maspalomas? – Sophia asked me.

Yes, in addition to Michael we have other children. The twins Victor and Valerie. 14 years old. A boy and a girl.

– Baby, I’m sorry, but I can’t make it. I have a 12:00 video conference call and then I’ll be busy until 3:00 p.m. dealing with work issues. But no one else is going to bother me this week.

– Okay, I’ll take your word for it. Kids, let’s go pack. Shuttle bus to Angry Birds Activity Park in 20 minutes,” she said, and wiggled her hips as she headed for the hotel entrance.

I watched with longing as the ass disappeared. I wanted more than anything to grab her, pull the lush buns of her buttocks ankara dansöz escortlar apart, and brush my lips against her sweet, wet pussy. The black and white couple of beauties seemed to share my desire. I greeted them with a half-empty glass and a smile, causing them to burst into laughter. The girls got up from their lounge chairs and began to get ready. By now they were wearing only tiny thong trunks that barely covered their pussies. Michael, who had brought the cocktails, froze as a pillar of salt, staring at the magical sight of two pairs of perfect boobs swaying.

– Don’t just stand there. Buy the girls a cocktail. – I hissed in his ear, and nudged him lightly in the direction of the girls. He took a few hesitant steps and handed them the glasses. All his language skills seemed to slip out of his head in an instant.

All he could say was, “Here’s. Por favor. Trinken.”

The girls laughed again, took their drinks and kissed him on both cheeks at the same time. Then they sent me an air kiss and ran to the hotel laughing.

– I’m going to work for a while. Then I’ll probably be at the bar. Mom and the twins went to the amusement park,” I told the tomato-red Michael, “And what are your plans?

– Well, I haven’t thought about it yet, I’ll probably be in my room. Playing on the computer or reading.

– OKAY. I’ll see you before dinner, then.

Surprisingly, I got things done rather quickly and easily. I just had to figure out what to do until Sophia and the kids got back. It was lazy siesta time. So, I took the elevator up to the roof, where there was a sun terrace and a small bar. At this point, the terrace and the bar were empty. No bartender, no customers. A sign on the bar invited guests to self-serve. After preparing myself a large glass of gin and tonic with lots of ice, I looked around. There was a stunning view of San Agustin, Playa del Ingles and the dunes of Maspalomas from a height of 16 floors. On the terrace, large square mattresses were laid out and there were two hot tubs. Deciding to take advantage of the opportunity, I undressed and grabbed my glass and immersed myself in the hot tub. A little manipulation with the remote control, and now the elastic jets of water were massaging my body. A cold drink. The murmur of water. Caresses of air bubbles. Thoughts of Sophia’s soft, supple body. I must have dozed off.

– Oh, excuse me. Can we use the Jacuzzi, too? – A pleasant woman’s voice pulled me out of my slumber.

Two nymphs the color of melted milk and milk chocolate stood near the bath and looked at me with a question.

– Of course, make yourselves at home.

The girls, supporting each other, climbed into the tub and sat across from me.

My hand reached for the glass. Unfortunately, the ice had melted and the drink was ruined.

– I’m going to make myself a drink. Can I get you something for the ladies? – I asked them, and without waiting for an answer I got out of the Jacuzzi.

– Ah… No… It’s up to you,” the blonde said stammering.

I didn’t think I could embarrass anyone. It was more of a surprise.

The customary manipulation at the bar, and in a few minutes I return with tall glasses of drinks. A Long Island Ice Tee for me and two Strawberry Mojitos for the girls.

After accepting their drinks, they took a long sip each while I went back to the tub.

– Wow, this is perfect. – The African girl exclaimed.

– It is very good. – And you…?

– No, it’s just a hobby. Just a little sleight of hand and a little magic. – I answered the unasked question. – I’ll tell you right away: length 20 cm, diameter 6.5 cm, everything 100% real. Married, happily married. Three children. – I smiled as I looked into the dumbfounded faces of my revelation. – But my wife and I would be happy to invite you two to my bed for a couple of fun nights.

The African girl looked anxiously at her friend, whose eyes lit up with sparks of interest.

– We are not interested in men – she quickly said

– Fine, I prefer women too. I like sucking tits and licking pussy. We already have a lot in common. You could say I’m 100% lesbian. – I joked rudely, – But let’s better introduce ourselves. I’m Victor.

– Me, Lizzie,” the blonde introduced herself, “And this is Angie. She’s my wife and we’re on our honeymoon here.

– That’s great girls, this is the perfect place for such an event. But concerning the men, you’re wrong.

– We’re Lezbians. And we’re married. – Angie objected.

– Oh, honey. I’m glad you made that decision. It confirms your love, not your sexual preference. Not even homosexual. You just haven’t met a man who can completely satisfy you yet. Believe me, there are some.

– Men are wild, dirty animals incapable of truly understanding and loving a woman. They think only of themselves.” Angie said.

– They are rude and selfish. – Lizzie said.

– Girls, take it easy. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience in your lives. I’m just saying that even though you elvankent saatlik veren escortlar love each other and you are married, you are by no means lesbians. Rather, you are bisexual. And therefore, you shouldn’t limit yourself to having fun.

– Are we BI? – Angie wondered.

– Of course we are. You didn’t come to same-sex love right away, did you? You experimented with boys first, didn’t you? You liked them. You liked them so much that you trusted them. Something went wrong. You weren’t satisfied. You were disappointed. You were hurt. Maybe insulted. The guy was inexperienced. Or overexcited. There could be a thousand reasons. You found satisfaction in your girlfriend’s caresses. But that didn’t make you a lesbian.

– What do you call our relationship then? – Lizzie asked with a smile.

– If you ask about feelings, it’s love. If you ask about sex, it’s just the discovery of new facets of sexuality. Judging by your fleeting glances and your body signals, you don’t mind fucking with a good cock. But you lack tenderness and sensuality. That’s what you find in Angie.

– What do I lack? – Angie asked.

– Oh, you miss a good cock. Experienced, skilled. A cock – able to lift you to the top and gently lower you down, to give you true pleasure.

– Are you implying that you are such a man? That you can prove it to me and to my girlfriend? – Lizzie asked, looking at me doubtfully.

– Yes it’s all mere words to get into our panties. – Angie seconded.

– Then let’s make a wager. I’ll satisfy Lizzie without the aid of a dick, better than a woman. And I’ll fuck Angie so that she’ll call it the best fuck of her life. And when I win this bet, you’ll grant me two wishes.

– And when you lose, what do we get? – Lizzie asked with a challenge.

– If that happens, which is doubtful, you get three days of exclusive access to my wife. You were both staring at her by the pool. – I answered, watching the embarrassed girls. – So, what? Deal?

– Deal. Deal! – Quickly shook my hand Lisi, not paying attention to disapproving look Angie.

– Well, then, let’s move to a more comfortable place. We can on these mattresses.

I got out of the hot tub and gallantly helped the girls down.

– I think you should undress and make yourselves comfortable. And while I make us more drinks

In a few minutes I handed the girls a glass beautifully decorated with umbrellas, straws, and fruit.

– A “Sex on the Beach” cocktail.

While the beauties were enjoying the taste of the cocktail, I was enjoying the sight of the beauties. They were gorgeous. The creamy tops of the hills of Lizzie’s breasts were crowned with bright pink nipples on small round halos. There was a neat bush of heart-shaped golden hair on her pubis. The chubby patties of her large labia were tightly pressed together. Between them the bright pink petals of the small labia were shyly peeking out. Angie’s breasts were perfect, too, but a little more cone-shaped. Her chocolate nipples were larger, on slightly swollen large aureoles. Whereas Lizzie’s nipples wanted to lick and caress with my tongue, Angie’s nipples wanted only to suckle, hoping for a portion of life-giving mother’s milk. My mouth immediately filled with saliva. Angie’s pubis was completely devoid of vegetation. The large labia parted and showed the opening flower created by the labia minora. Their outer side was chocolate and the inner side was bright red, revealing a red vaginal mouth. Above where the petals converged, like a guardsman on guard, stood a bright red clitoris.

– Lie down on your back. – I turned to Lizzie,” I need a few minutes to get to know and explore your body.

Lightly, gently, with only the tips of my fingers I began to stroke Lizzie’s body from top to bottom, from her eyebrows to her toes, not missing a single square centimeter, closely watching the response.

– Let’s sit you down. – I suggested after a few minutes and placed several pillows under her back and head. Angie watched me with interest and tension.

– Can I kiss you? – I asked Lizzie, looking into her eyes, and after reading the answer in them, I fell a gentle kiss to her lips. I kept my lips on hers, and the kiss grew deeper and more passionate. Finally she wrapped her arm around the back of my neck and pulled me to her with force. Her tongue intertwined with mine in a passionate dance. She seemed to forget how to breathe. When we broke the kiss, her face lit up with a smile and her gaze clouded over.

I took her left palm with my hand and brought it to my lips. I kissed each fingernail, her fingertips, her fingers, and the inside of her palm. My tongue explored her lines of life and love. The kisses gradually moved to her wrist, her forearm. And when I kissed the crevice of her elbow, Lizzie had her first orgasm. It was like an electric current coursing through her body. A sweet moan escaped her lips. She looked at me with her eyes wide open in disbelief at what had happened. Angie etimesgut azeri escortlar watched, biting her lower lip. Her gaze was one of disbelief, incomprehension, and admiration.

– Shall we continue?

Lizzie nodded in agreement.

I kissed the tip of her nose, her lips. Then the kisses moved to her chin, the line of her cheekbones, her little ear, and behind her ears. Her breath stirred the golden curls. Gentle touches of my lips alternated with quick strokes of the tip of my tongue, licking and sucking. When my lips reached the pit at the base of her neck, under her chin, Lizzie had her second orgasm.

At this time, my hands gently caressed the mounds of her breasts. My fingers rubbed and tweaked the swollen nipples. By the time my lips reached them, they were already fully hard and sticking out almost two centimeters. When I kissed them, Lizzie moaned long and passionately.

I kissed her breasts and caressed them with my tongue, warmed her nipples with my breath and cooled them with my wet tongue, crushed them with my hands and nibbled them with my fingers. All this triggered another orgasm. It wasn’t a moan that came from her lips, but a passionate howl.

I continued caressing her breasts with my lips, and my right hand had already gone down to her crotch and gently spread the lips of her pussy. Again I laid Lizzie on her back. My lips began to move down along her belly to her pubis. My tongue drew wet patterns on her belly, exploring the neat dimple of her belly button. His breath stirred the golden thickets. The girl’s moans didn’t stop, they merged into a wonderful song. The hands that had been caressing her inner thighs caressingly spread them wide apart, revealing my view of her cunt, oozing with luscious moisture. The folds of her small lips were like a magical flower with fragrant nectar gathered in their depths. My tongue plunged into the very center. The taste was magnificent. The sweet taste of a young, passionate and languishing woman. I kissed this hot cunt passionately and began to play with it with my tongue. I spread and licked every fold. I plunged my tongue deep into her vagina, almost reaching her G-spot. I felt the seed of her clitoris and caressed it. When the clitoris reached the size of a large pea, my lips circled it and my labia and sucked passionately into my mouth. My tongue pounded on his clitoris with the frequency of a metronome. Lizzie’s body shook in a terrific orgasm, flooding my mouth with a flood of her nectar. A panther’s growl escaped my mouth. My hips squeezed my head like a vise. My right hand clutched at my shoulder, scratching my nails until they bled. My left hand, clenched into a fist, slammed violently against the mattress. Lizzie was cumming for a long time. Several minutes. Then she collapsed exhausted onto the mattress, a blissful smile shining on her face.

Angie, stunned, watched her friend. Finally she leaned over, to the girl lying there with her eyes closed, and shaking her gently by the shoulder, she asked:

– Lizzie. Baby. Are you all right?

– I’m fine. I’m in heaven. I want to be here forever. – Lizzie was talking like she was in a dream.

– How… how do you…? – Angie said in bewilderment.

– Thirty years of experience. Twenty years of married life. Twenty years of amazing everyday sex with a fabulous woman. – I replied. As I approached the stunned young woman, I put my arms around her, stroked her cheek, and kissed her. The kiss was long and tender.

– Wasn’t that Lizzie’s taste? My Lizzie? Her pussy? – She said doubtfully. – But she was never this sweet.

– Calm down. Stay with Lizzie. She’ll come to in a few minutes. In the meantime, I’ll make you something to drink.

At the bar, I washed up and made us more drinks.

By the time I got back to the girls, Lizzie had recovered quite well and was whispering to Angie about something.

– “Margaritas for the lovely and tasty ladies,” I served the drinks.

– What’s yours? – Angie asked.

– A little strong for you, I’m afraid. It’s a honey rum that’s only made here. 50% alcohol. But it’s easier to drink than soda.

I have no problem getting an erection. I can have sex four or five times a day. But if I drink some hard alcohol, my erection lasts for hours. Such a peculiarity of the body. But not everyone should be told about this little secret.

– So what’s your verdict? – I asked Lizzie.

– Awesome. It was really the best orgasm I’ve ever had. But the most unusual thing is that I cum from kissing my hand. No one would believe me.

– I’m glad you enjoyed it. Now it’s time for Angie.

I lay on my back between the girls. My tense cock stood proudly pointing skyward and jerking in nonchalance.

– Dick, meet Lizzie and Angie. Girls, meet Dick. – I introduced my friend to the girls.

– Hi, Dicky! – Lizzie laughed and shook him hello. – This doesn’t fit in my hand. It’s like holding a beer can.

Angie’s eyes widened.

– I won’t be able to put it in me. – She shook her head in protest.

– Baby, calm down. You can hold more than that. Our pussies make a baby. And Dick ain’t as big as a baby. – Lizzie reassured her. – You’d better touch him.

Lizzie took Angie’s hand and put it on her dick. She couldn’t wrap one hand around it, so she grabbed it with the other.

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My Favorite Vampire Movie

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“Let me guess. You guys called each other last night to co-ordinate your outfits?” I asked, as I tugged at the ruffled hem of my skirt.

“Actually, we just met a moment ago,” replied the taller man with novelty fangs.

“So, let’s see—-” I began, playfully teasing the costumed men surrounding me, “You are a Senator, a lawyer, and an IRS auditor when not pretending to be vampires, right?

“What are you when you’re not pretending to be a masked hooker?” The Auditor asked.

“Who say’s I’m not?” I replied, batting my eyes playfully.

“Well it wouldn’t be much of a costume. Aren’t you a fan of Halloween?”

“I’m here, aren’t I? I happen to be a huge fan of Halloween. I’ll tell you what, if you can guess what I do for a living, I’ll even let you bite my neck.

“I think—-” the Senator started to guess.

“No, no. Write it down. This is a secret ballot,” I said, removing three adhesive name tags on the registration table and passing them out to the potential suitors. I modified Hello My Name Is to read: Hello My Job Is and then handed a felt tip marker to each of them.

* * *

Vampires have always excited me. I grew up watching Bela Lugosi movies and loved the sexy charm of the old fashioned creatures of the night. Not the modern shows where everyone is the cast as a blood-sucking, sparkly freak. I’m talking about the real Count. Count Dracula.

I can vividly remember my very first orgasm. I was watching Helen Chandler as Mina Harker in the original black and white Dracula. As the count crept closer and the tension built—-unconsciously, I slid my hand inside the waistband of my pajamas. By the time Lugosi plunged his fangs into her sexy, ivory neck, my finger had rubbed my clit numb. I had never experienced these sensations and was hooked immediately.

Masturbating during a good vampire movie became somewhat of a sexy, secret tradition. Even at the theater. I would purposely wear mini skirts and leave my panties at home so that I could discreetly touch myself during the movie. One time at a convention in Orlando, I came so hard during a showing of Salem’s Lot—-I thought everyone in the tiny theater had turned around to look at me. I pretended to have screamed out of fright. The couple in front of me, however, glanced down at my exposed lap and quietly applauded me for being such a fan. After the movie, the woman walked out of the theater behind me and whispered, “That was so hot,” into my ear. Feeling the cool trickle running down the inside of my thigh, I had to agree with her.

* * *

As I looked around the ballroom, I knew I had already made up my mind. Jason and I had another Halloween tradition. Every year, we would find a fancy costume party or extravagant masquerade ball. Then he would let me chose a willing participant to join our own sexy little soiree. Last year we ventured to Vegas as well. Sometimes the best-laid plans just don’t pan out as they are intended. There were too many people at that crowded club and the costumes that we wore were not very original. In fact, we blended into the crowd so well that Jason followed the wrong Goldilocks back to her room. In his defense, the plan was to find another bear and rewrite the ending to the classic tale. Evidently, this wasn’t as original of an idea as we thought. Instead of finding another furry friend to share me with, that ass followed the wrong blond wig upstairs and was too smashed to realize it until he and two others had eaten all of the porridge. By the time he finally found his way back to our room, I had already showered and gone to bed.

This year I took no chances. I laughed to myself a little, thinking about the way I left him cuffed to the bed back in our suite. I had stripped him down naked and added the restraints as I got dressed to play out my fantasy.

“Are you going to un-cuff me now or what?” He asked.

“What,” I replied, as I put my lipstick back into my sequined clutch.

“That little stunt you pulled last year is going to cost you,” I said, as I stroked his cock.

“That’s fucked up, Aub.”

“So is ditching me at a party and leaving me out of all the fun. I did plan a special surprise for you, though,” I teased.

I opened up my laptop and showed him a picture of the empty suite next door.

“What’s this?”

“Watch,” I said, as I unlocked the deadbolt to the door dividing our hotel room and the adjoining one next door.

I walked into the other room and sat up on the bed so Jason could see me on the laptop monitor. I faced the camera that I hid earlier and pulled my dress up to show him that I wasn’t wearing panties. I slid a finger inside myself and teased him some more.

“Dammit Aubrey,” his voice thundered from the next room.

I laughed at the camera, then walked back into the room and painted his lower lip with my fingertip.

“I’m going to go find someone to play with. And this year you get to watch.”

I felt his cock jump. I looked down to see that my little game had him rock hard.

“I’m assuming that ankara yabancı escortlar you won’t have a problem with this?”

“Fuck no. Are you going to un-cuff me?

“Now why would I do that?” I asked, dropping down to my knees to suck on his rigid pole for a couple seconds, before grabbing my keycard and heading for the door.

“Behave yourself and maybe I’ll come back to finish that.”

I winked, licked my lips and took one final look at the pink and purple tiger-striped mask that covered the top half of my face. I reapplied my lipstick and blew a kiss to my frustrated hubby before closing the door behind me.

“Aw shit,” I could hear him utter from the other side of the door.

* * *

When I walked into the party and presented my ticket I was greeted by a woman at the registration table dressed as the Queen of Hearts. She scrolled down the list to check off my registration number.

“According to this you have two tickets. Is your guest here as well?” She asked politely.

“I’m pretty sure he’s coming later.” I paused for a moment and then laughed to myself at my reply.

I needed a drink. More so, I needed attention. I decided to make my way towards the bar in the back of the room and I strutted off through the crowd. I could feel the eyes following me as I walked by table after table, certain my ass cheeks were not completely covered by the marabou hem at the bottom of my costume. That cute little bitch at the mall was right.

“Ma’am, if you really want to turn heads at your party tonight, try this one. You have a great body. I’m sure you can pull it off,” she said, popping her gum and dancing around like a little fucking ball of energy.

She was probably in her early twenties and way more outgoing than I ever was at that age. She had gorgeous long, brown hair and flipped it around from shoulder to shoulder.

“Ma’am?” I thought, “Screw you, you little tart.”

I realized that she had no idea how offensive that word was. The more I thought about it, I was more offended at being offended. I don’t feel old enough to be Ma’am. I’m barely thirty. To this little college girl, thirty was probably much older than it could ever seem to me. When I was twenty-one, thirty seemed like some far off distant planet.

I decided to be thankful for the compliment that she offered me and make small talk while I continued to look around the small shop.

“You really think I have a great body?”

“I’d do you,” she whispered, as she leaned in and popped her gum in my ear. “Want to try it on?”

“I guess so,” I said as I followed after her.

She pulled the key fastened to the belt of her designer jeans and stretched it towards the lock. She opened the dressing room door and hung the skirt on the hook inside. I walked into the mirrored cubicle and was startled to find the helpful little sales girl had followed me in. I looked at her, waiting for her to leave. After a long, awkward pause it was apparent that she was planning to stay put.

“Are you planning to assist me?” I asked, still somewhat taken back by her presence.

“Sure, if you insist.”

“I’m not sure that I insisted. I merely asked, because you sort of locked us in here. Is this a service that you provide for all of your customers?”

“No. Don’t be ridiculous. Most of the people that come through here are disgusting. You, however… you are different.”

“Really? How so?”

“Well for starters, you’re my size. You and I could be best friends and I could borrow all of your outfits and keep them for way longer than I should.”

“I already have a friend like that back home.”

She laughed and popped her gum. After stalling as long as I could with small talk, I could tell she wasn’t going to leave, so I finally gave in.

As I started undressing, she took the gum out of her mouth and stuck it under the bench where she sat. She grabbed the skirt and held it out for me to step into. It barely covered my ass. I turned around to look at the mirror.

“Love it,” she said, “Definitely.”

She reached both hands up inside the ruffled fabric and tugged at my panties.

“You’ll need to lose these, though,” she said letting them fall to the floor around my feet. “Whoa, whoa, whoa,” I protested.

“Shouldn’t it come with some sort of matching undergarment then?” I said, modestly.

“They would just look silly poking out from the bottom.”

I was still in shock that she removed my underwear. I was even more surprised that I let her remove them—-without protest.

“Besides, what fun would that be?” she replied, as if I were the crazy one in the tiny changing room stall.

She leaned forward and lightly brushed her hand on my ass cheek before reaching around my thighs.

“Wow. You sure are friendly,” I said, intrigued at her sales technique. “What’s your name?”

“Megan. What’s yours?” She asked, turning me around and cupping my muff with her nice warm palm.

“Aubrey,” I offered back. I liked Megan’s determination. It reminded me of someone I knew back ankara yeni escortlar on the East coast.

“Megan, how would you like to have some fun tonight?”

This wasn’t part of my original plan, but she seemed to walk right in to it and I wasn’t going to let a good opportunity go to waste.

“Sure. What do you have in mind?” she replied, pulling the neon pink laces tightly through the eyelets on the corset.

I could tell that I had just said the magic words. I reached down and pulled her up so that she stood face to face with me.

My turn.

I kissed her softly, and then bit her lower lip. I held her tightly around the waist and told her about the party back at our hotel and my plans for the evening.

“Sounds great,” she said, as she continued to help me get dressed. “Definitely buy this one, it’s perfect.”

I looked at myself in the mirror again. She was right. I looked amazing. I admired the pleats in the tiny black dress and I spun around while I watched the pink and purple ruffles slide through Megan’s fingers. I still thought that I would have to find something to wear underneath.

* * *

The sexy crinoline-lined dress was a far cry from the Lycra I had planned originally. The furry-ruffled hem was deceiving. The Cheshire Cat seemed like one of their more comfortable choices and as usual, it looked and felt much better at the store. Having Megan there to sell it didn’t exactly hurt either. The mask was a welcome relief. Not only did it give me a sense of anonymity, it made the skimpy outfit resemble enough of a costume to make this plan work.

I started to pull the itchy dress down a little, but then quickly remembered the mission that I was on. Instead, I marched up and leaned over the bar. This time I was one hundred percent positive that my ass was showing—-I could feel a cool breeze. Throwing caution to the wind, I opted to take Megan’s advice and leave the panties behind, but I did add a pair of fishnet hose.

Before I got the bartender’s attention, I noticed that I had captured the attention of everyone else within thirty feet. I had butterflies in my stomach. I had a feeling that a security guard would be escorting me out at any moment.

I took my vodka and cranberry and turned around to assess the rest of the room. When I faced the crowd again, I felt some very warm smiles from gentlemen all around me. I also felt the icy stares of the women they were with.

I scanned the room slowly, knowing exactly what I was after. My eyes waded through the sea of ridiculous costumes. Some were actually clever, just not my cup of tea. I was on the prowl for a genuine creature of the night. Suddenly I spotted him, and him… and him. It looked like a vampire audition. I made my way back through the crowd towards the three men in capes standing next to the Queen of Hearts.

* * *

“Hello, your name is Count Dorkula,” I said, as I peeled off one more tag and slapped it on the senator’s chest.

“What’s with the name tags, anyway? Isn’t the whole point of a costume party to be anonymous?” the lawyer asked.

“I don’t know, ask the Queen,” I said, motioning down at the stack of tags on the registration table, “I think they were left over from something else. No-one seems to be wearing them.”

I wrote kick me on another one and reached for the auditor. He grabbed my wrist, pried the decal from my hand and then stuck it to my ass.

“It say’s kick, not kiss,” I teased, as I pulled it off and tossed it back on the table.

Taking that as an invitation, the auditor pulled me into him and pretended to bite my neck. I think he was expecting me to resist. Instead, I reached around his waist and grabbed his ass, pulling him into me. I got close enough to kiss him and then pulled away at the last second.

“I said you could bite me. But only if you guessed correctly.”

With that, the three bloodsuckers rapidly scribbled on the tags, folded them in half and handed them back to me. Without looking at the name tags, I put them in my purse.

“Aren’t you going to read them?” asked the eager auditor?

“Of course—-but until I do, it appears that I have your undivided attention.”

“Well played my dear,” he replied. “Would you like another drink?”

I knocked back the last bit of watered down cranberry juice and swirled my glass in the air.

“Sure. Perhaps a better vodka though. They seem awful stingy with the booze around here.”

“I happen to know someone. Please allow me,” the older gentleman said, as he carefully balanced my glass on the tray held by a waitress squeezing past us.

He reappeared a moment later with an entire bottle of Stoli Elit and four shot glasses.

“Who needs cranberry?” He said, filling the glasses and passing them out to his new friends.

“I guess we skip the fruit juice then,” I offered, as I raised my glass in a toast. “To lucky guesses.”

I clinked glasses with my three vampires, tossed my shot glass in the air and started dancing in the middle of our little circle.

The sincan oral yapan escortlar lawyer caught my empty glass above his head and stacked it inside his own. “Would you like to move this party to the dance floor?” he asked.

“Sure. Who’s coming?”

Not wanting to be left behind, all three of the caped men followed me like little puppies. I was eating it up. Until I opened my purse to read their desperate attempts at guessing my occupation, they were going to do whatever I wanted them to. The thought made me smile menacingly and my upper thigh began to twitch.

They circled around me on the crowded dance floor and I felt like the entire room was mine for the taking. As I danced around trying to give all three of them equal attention, I thought of Jason back in our hotel room cuffed to the bed. He was probably already sleeping. Perhaps I should have at least covered him up? Then again, fuck him. That ass left me sleeping in a hotel in Vegas last Halloween.

Just thinking about last year got me all worked up again. I bent over and started grinding my ass into the Senator.


I wasn’t expecting to back up into an erection in the middle of all of these people! Of course, when the nice Senator put his thin, silk cape on this evening, he probably didn’t expect a half-naked woman to grind her bare ass on him in the middle of a crowded room, either.

I pushed back into him firmly. The bulge in his slacks was throbbing. I wanted to turn around and unzip his pants right there.

“Easy, Aubrey,” I cautioned myself. “You have all night.”

I stood up and turned around to face him. His penis was poking me in the belly button and his face was beat red.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Senator. That’s a nice package, you have here.”

I discretely, pulled his cape to block the view and wrapped my hand around his cock. I squeezed it firmly before turning around to make sure I didn’t lose my other counts.

There were still right where I left them. I felt like they were getting jealous, however.

“Don’t worry guys. I’m sure one of you guessed correctly.”

I gently bit the auditor’s ear and stroked my attorney’s cheek playfully.

“How about another shot?”

“Four shots, coming up,” Senator Stiffy said as he pulled the bottle from a pocket inside his cape and started pouring.

“Make that five,” said a female voice behind me. “Nice dress.”


“Wow. When you said you were going to a party, you weren’t kidding.”

I turned around to see the little clerk dressed up in something very close to the spandex body suit I originally had in mind for tonight. She was wearing some sort of super hero costume. Jason would have been impressed if I had known who she was supposed to be, but I was too distracted to give it much more thought.

“Did you get the items on the list?”

She didn’t bother to reply. She just muscled her way in between our close little circle and full on kissed me. I could taste the strawberry gum in her mouth. This sweet little thing was really into me. I just went with it and returned the kiss—-hard. I knew those poor bastards were standing there with their jaws on the floor, so I really laid it on thick. I wrapped one hand around Megan’s waist and the other behind her head and artfully slid my tongue into her mouth.

By the time we pulled apart, there were three noticeable erections in our little circle.

“So, did you find a vampire to fuck?” she asked, prematurely spilling the beans.

I’m sure all three cocks all twitched simultaneously.

“Megan,” I said, squeezing her butt. “Shhh. Not yet. I want you to meet my new friends.

“This is Senator Steven,” I said, as I held my glass out for another shot.

“My lady,” he replied, bowing gracefully.

“Auditor Arnold.”

“Charmed,” the next man replied, with a very forced dignity.

“And last but not least, Lawyer Larry.”

“Megan, is it?” The lawyer asked.

Megan grabbed his cock through his trousers and stroked it until it stood at full attention. She kissed him too, although this kiss was missing the enthusiasm that she used to greet me.

“Yes. Megan.”

We danced and played with the men for an hour or so. The senator kept pouring shots of vodka and passing them around. Finally the DJ played a slow song and I kissed Megan goodbye.

“See you later, Aubrey,” she whispered, as she shook hands with the confused vampire trio and headed for the exit.

“Where’s she going?” Lawyer Larry asked.

“Don’t worry about her, we have our own party to plan. Let’s go see who guessed my occupation.”

Those were the seven words they had been waiting for all night. I started walking out of the ballroom and down the hallway.

“Where are we going?” Larry asked again.

“You seem awful worried about where?” I asked, opening my purse and pulling out one of the folded pieces of paper.

I had his full attention now. I pushed the button for the elevator. As I stood there in front of the ornate, metallic doors, I noticed our reflection. I laughed to myself as I double-checked to make sure that my vampires’ faces were in the door too. The doors opened and I stepped inside quickly. Larry and Arnold were right behind me and Steve just managed to catch up and step inside before the doors closed. I pressed number nine.

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Joey Finds a New App Ch. 05

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When they finally arrived at the comic shop, it was packed, particularly because of it being a small store. In the front part of the store, there were a couple of booths setup in between the shelves and tables of comics. There was a counter at the back split in two with a pathway to an open part in the back with tables, a snack bar and bathrooms. The two booths up front were decked out in Overwatch and Epic gear in one and decks and boosters at the second. Everyone checked in and received their decks and booster pack. The girls got 2 extra booster packs and a discount coupon for gear at the other booth since they were in costumes. There were a couple actresses there dressed in sexy costumes like Julie and Stacey and a DJ was playing some music while people shopped, mingled and bought stacks.

Stacey and Julie were checking out the gear booth and the boys stood back taking in the scene.

“Hey, guys. Not sure how to talk about all that’s happened today, but I hope you aren’t freaked out or anything,” Steve said discreetly to Kevin and Joey.

“Are you kidding?! That ride over here was awesome, man,” Kevin jumped in with enthusiasm.

“Yeah, man. I’m totally cool. Why wouldn’t I be? I just lost my virginity to two girls back-to-back,” Joey said smiling.

“Thanks…and you’re not weirded out by the stuff I did?” Steve asked.

“I’m not. I thought it was hot the way the girls made you do stuff. And I didn’t mind the ending at all actually,” Kevin responded.

“Well, if we keep talking about it, it’s going to be obvious how I feel about it all, because despite having multiple blows today, I’m getting worked up. Yeah, I’m cool with what you have going on Steve to answer you straight,” Joey said while putting his hand on Steve’s shoulder and squeezing lightly.

“Yeah. Right now, let’s enjoy the eye candy and see what this game is all about,” Kevin said.

The boys walked up to the girls to see what they were up to and get on with the night. They found the girls buying some jewelry, some handbag, a couple of temporary tats and a dashboard ornament for Steve’s car.

“Oh, hi sweetie. I think I want to buy something for you, but you can’t see it yet. So, I just need your card or some cash and then I need you to go over there and wait for me,” Stacey said to Steve while kissing him on the cheek.

Steve handed Stacey his card and turned to head to the back with Kevin and Joey.

“Joey, wait here. I need your help picking it out for my Stevie,” Stacey called.

Joey turned back and Kevin, Julie and Steve headed to the back room to find a spot in one of the groups tables.

“Joey. I’m not sure what color would look best on Stevie… or I might say I’m not sure what color you and I would want to see on him. What do you think?” Stacey said pointing at a couple costumes hanging in the back of the booth. “I’m not sure if the yellow one or the pink one would look better,” Stacey inquired.

Joey looked at the rack of costumes on the back wall of the booth and saw similar outfits to what Stacey and Julie were wearing tonight and was a little taken aback, but then smiled as he imagined Steve in either outfit on his knees servicing him and Stacey together. Then he imagined his brother or sister in one of these outfits and really started to get worked up.

“Stacey. This is a really hard question. They both look hot, big time,” Joey started. “Actually, I think the pink one would work best. But I want to buy two more outfits to take home. Can you buy mine with your discount and I’ll ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar Ven you the money later?” Joey asked excitedly.

“Sure, sweetie. Which one?” Stacey replied.

“Well, I need another pink one, probably one size bigger than Steve. and I need an extra or maybe 2XL on the yellow one,” Joey asked.

“I got you honey. Go on and I’ll meet you guys in the back before the tourney,” Stacey said walking up to the booth.

Joey went and joined the others, excited about things to come over the coming days. His head was spinning with all the opportunities for some hot sex and changes in his friendship not to mention family dynamics. He couldn’t believe the things that had happened already and felt confident that he would continue to be surprised about things to come.

The night continued as any normal RPG gaming night would have with Steve, Kevin and Joey participating in different events and ranking up. As it turned out, Joey fell out of the tournament first, while Kevin and Steve went on to qualify for the Patriots team. It would take another 3 rounds to determine who the Patriot team would be and then qualify to go to regionals and compete in the big time. Joey took his cards and packed up to hang out with the spectators and peruse the comic tables and booths still very active at this point in the night.

While perusing around, Joey noticed Stacey and Julie getting hit on by several boys and decided to sit back and watch. He was enjoying being a spectator in this arena and watching his previous fuck mates walk around the room and flirt with boys was kind of a free feeling. At one point, Stacey noticed Joey sitting alone and walked over and sat on his lap.

“Well, big boy. Are you all done for the night?” Stacey asked.

“Yeah. So, it seems,” Joey answered. “But I sure am enjoying the view.”

“I bet you are. What about the view that’s right here in front of you?” Stacey asked enticingly.

“The view is good from here, buuuuuuut it could be better. What do you supposed I should to improve the view?” Joey asked.

“Well, I guess if were able to change the scenery that would help. Wanna try outside?” Stacey said seductively.

Joey picked Stacey up, stood and set her down. He walked out front of the comic shop with Stacey in tow. It was just beginning to get dark outside and the only shops still open were the Chinese restaurant and the grocery store down the other end. They walked out to Steve’s car and Stacey immediately climbed in the back seat and laid down with her legs open and up on the back and front seat. She must have removed her underwear at some point because Joey could see her wet and dripping pussy waiting and spread wide open. He unzipped his pants and climbed in and shut the door while pulling his pants off and slid up between her legs. Stacey reached down grasping Joey’s cock and guided it to her pussy.

“Joey. I can’t stop thinking about your cock and how good it made me feel. Please fuck me,” Stacey begged.

Joey slowly slid his cock into the folds of her pussy. It was just an amazing feeling; so wet and hot on his dick he was pretty sure fucking was his absolute favorite feeling in the world.

“Oh, yes! More, more. I need it all Joey! Stuff my pussy! I want to be so stretched out so Stevie can’t even feel me anymore!” she begged.

Joey pushed more and more of his cock in, trying to go slowly to avoid hurting her; however, she reached back grabbing his ass cheeks and pulled him in so hard, he bottomed elvankent götü büyük escortlar out before he knew it.

“Yes! That’s it. I want it all! I love that my pussy is so stretched right now. Stevie’s dick is so small I’ll never feel it again!” she practically screamed. “Fuck me, Joey!”

Joey started with short deep strokes bottoming out with each movement. She was pulling him into be sure he was going as deep as possible and lifting her hips up to meet him as well. Joey was learning quickly how to use his tool to get women to cum as he started grinding his hips into her on the downstroke. Her eyes were rolling up in her head and she loudly moaned every time he did this maneuver. She cried out in her first orgasm and Joey had to stop for a second to before she allowed him to move again. He begun moving again after she calmed for a second and now was pulling his dick out further and further before slamming back into wet pussy. It almost felt like she had wet herself during her orgasm as Joey’s lap was now getting wet. She was watching him intently while he fucked her, begging him with her eyes. She began yelping again every time Joey slammed into her and she was pushing her hips up off the seat to meet each thrust.

“Oh, yes Joey! You’re gonna make me cum again! DO IT! FUCK ME!” she screamed.

Joey slammed into her hard over and over until she lashed out and grabbed him across his back, digging her nails into his shirt and practically stabbing him. Her hips were up off the seat and seemingly hanging from his cock while she came again. This time Joey didn’t stop, he kept fucking her just as hard eventually slamming her back into the seat where she continued to scream in orgasm while Joey slammed into her. He was close to releasing as well and did not want to stop now. With just a couple dozen more strokes he managed to keep Stacey in a constant orgasm on his cock while he finally felt his own getting close to erupting inside her.

“Fill me, Joey! Give Stevie something to eat! He loves to eat your cum!” she teased knowing that would push him over the edge.

Joey slammed one last hard thrust into and proceeded to dump his load into Stacey. He came stronger than he imagined he could after a day of fucking and shooting cum over and over. He could feel his cock pulsing and flooding inside of her pussy and just held his cock there while she squeezed her pussy lips to coerce more and more from him. When he finally finished, he collapsed on top of Stacey while catching his breath; after a few seconds, the back door opened.

At the door behind the surprised Joey and Stacey was Julie and Steve both smiling and looking at them expectantly.

“Alright, Joey. It’s our turn,” Julie called.

Julie pushed a willing Steve down to his knees outside the car door where Joey was now getting into a seated position after pulling out of Stacey’s soaking wet pussy. His whole lap was soaked in Stacey’s juices and his cock was a complete mess of cum from each of them. Steve crawled forward as Julie urged him and began licking Joey clean while both girls watched. He slid his tongue up and down the now familiar shaft and closing his lips around to slurp up cum all along the huge cock.

“Wow, brother! If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re getting quite addicted to Joey’s cum,” she teased him. “That’s right, Stevie. Suck all that cum off Joey so we can get to the real dish.”

Steve looked up at Stacey and Joey while he continued licking and sucking the cum from etimesgut çıtır escortlar his lap, cock and balls. Joey just watched in pure fascination and lust. He couldn’t wait to get this far with his brother and sister. Then he imagined his little-dicked dad doing this for his mom and started to get excited again.

“Alright big boy. Let’s not get to carried away. There’s other cleaning to be done,” Julie said while pulling Steve back. Joey reluctantly pulled his jeans up and Julie helped him out of the car.

“Now you go up front and calm that thing down while I take care of my brother,” Julie said while kissing him on the lips.

Steve climbed in and started to dive right for Stacey’s pussy, before Julie grabbed him by the belt and held him back.

“Not so fast! Let me get in here with you so we can all enjoy the show,” Julie said while scooting in where Joey just was and instructing Stacey to get on her knees. She then guided Steve across the seat to lay on his back while Stacey immediately sat down on his face and started grinding her hips and moaning. Julie pulled Steve’s feet in the door and closed it, proceeded to pull his pants and briefs down revealing his hard and tiny cock.

She started stroking it with just her forefinger and thumb while watching him eat Stacey’s pussy clean. By now, Joey was in the front seat spectating the scene before him and getting worked up again. Steve was slurping licking and Joey could see Stacey flexing her stomach muscles to push more cum into his mouth. Both he and Stacey were moaning loudly. Julie continued stroking her brother who was clearly near orgasm himself. Julie held her hand over his small dick and continued stroking him while Stacey ground into her boyfriend’s face harder and harder.

Suddenly, Steve shook and Joey could see he was shooting his cum into Julie’s hand creating a small pool of cum. When he finished, he kept eating Stacey’s pussy until she came again shaking and grinding. Julie helped Steve up from his position and held her hand out for him while he proceeded to lick and suck it clean.

“Gosh, brother. You really know how to drive us girls crazy,” Julie said while rubbing the back of his head and holding her other hand to his mouth.

When Steve finished, he pulled his pants back on and climbed out of the back seat to get up front with Joey. He turned in his seat to face the girls, smiling somewhat sheepishly as they both sighed watching the boys up front. Stacey smiled at Steve and pointed to the corner of her mouth indicating that he had something on his face. Embarrassed Steve proceeded to push the remnants of cum into his mouth and suck his finger clean.

“Well, I think Kevin will be finishing up soon as they were on the last round when we came out,” Julie said. “I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to sleep like a baby tonight.” She continued and pulled out her phone from her bra and started texting.

Joey pulled out his phone and discreetly pulled up the app to make a few adjustments that had come to mind today. He pulled up both his brother and father and added a couple changes to their schedule. He wanted to get them both to be like Steve so he could reproduce some of the fun had tonight at home as well. He also added some more to the changes he already had scheduled for his brother. They would both wake up tomorrow with 2-inch dicks and tiny balls, sparse pubic hair, small loads and both with an even more submissive demeanor. For Adam, he added some additional fat to his thighs and ass and made his waist a slight bit thinner. For his mother and sister, he made both more dominant and gave them even more curves than he had earlier in the day. He was pretty sure only he would pick up most of the changes, since he resisted going full hilt to avoid everyone freaking out. He couldn’t wait to see what everyone would look like tomorrow!

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