Ağu 31

Overwhelmed–The Return Pt. 03

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The next few days passed in the same manner. She would come out and open the cage and allow me to shower. She would have food for me to eat and started to allow me to sit at the table, always in my collar and a clean thong. She told me she enjoyed seeing my body on display and I was expected to groom myself by shaving everywhere. She had her own in-home gym and I was instructed to work out for an hour to maintain my figure and muscle tone. I was told if I broke a rule I would be spanked. If I willfully ignored a rule she would beat me. I was a model “pet” for her. Every day she would fuck me senseless, but she would only ass fuck me every few days to let me recover from it. The black eye she gave me was beginning to fade and it was a Friday afternoon when she told me that we would be going out for the evening.

After my afternoon workout, she sent me to shower again. When I exited the bathroom she had a small black thong in her hand for me. She gave it to me and I put it on without a word. She walked around me slowly until she faced me again, smiling at me as she looked me up and down. She placed her hands on my hips and pulled me to her and I offered no resistance at all. She looked up at me and kissed me long and hard and I returned her kiss. Her hands slid from my hips to grab my ass and squeeze it. She smiled again at me when she broke the kiss and released me. She walked over to the closet and reached inside, her back to me. When she turned around she was holding a one-piece black leather outfit. She knelt down and helped me step into it, pulling it up my legs, over my hips and up my torso. It zipped in the back and had a high collar. She reached inside it from behind me and massaged my breasts as she “adjusted” them. Once she zipped it up, I was completely encased in tight black leather that showed off all my curves from my ankles to my wrists to my neck. She had black high heel boots in my size and she assisted me in putting them on. She walked around me slowly again and smiled as she traced her fingertips over my stomach, hip and back. She instructed me to go put my hair in a ponytail and then return to her promptly.

I fixed my hair as I was instructed to do so by her and walked back out to her after seeing my own reflection. The outfit was tight and a bright, shiny black. I was 6ft tall in the heeled boots she had me put on. They came up just below my knees. They were also a shiny black in color. She smiled at me as she held up a leather hood. She instructed me to kneel which I did and she slipped the hood over my head. She adjusted my ponytail and zipped the hood on. The hood had eye, mouth and nose holes as she fixed it into place. My collar was on me and it was slid down just a bit to cover the neck of my outfit. She walked me over to a mirror in the bedroom and stood beside me looking me over. She then sent me back into the bathroom to apply some “whore red” lipstick which I did. She instructed me to kneel on the bedroom floor when I returned and she walked out.

She walked back in a few minutes later wearing black suit pants, a black blazer over a white dress shirt that was buttoned up. She had on black dress shoes and a leash in her hand. She placed the leash on the bed and walked over to the dresser where she pulled some cuffs out of a drawer. She returned and pulled my arms behind my back and cuffed me. She walked back and looked at me and told me that something was still missing. She then smiled, returned to the dresser and walked back to me holding the ball-gag. Bright red in color. She didn’t even have to tell me, I tilted my head back and opened my mouth as she inserted it and buckled it in the back. She attached the leash and tugged once for me to stand up. She walked out of the bedroom, tugging me along behind her.

She led me through the house, in my leather gimp suit all cuffed, collared and gagged out into the garage where I had not been allowed to go into as of yet. She opened up the passenger door of her SUV and I stepped up and in. Once seated she released my leash from the collar and secured the seat belt around me. She then walked around and got in and opened the garage Bodrum Escort door. It was early evening by now as she pulled out and began driving. We drove for probably 20 minutes ending up in an area of the city that had a lot of warehouses and shipping-type businesses in it. I, of course, sat there silently being gagged and she was not inclined to tell me where we were going anyways. She pulled through an open gate and parked outside of a warehouse and got out. She opened my door, removed the seat belt then clipped the leash to my collar and gave a little tug. I exited the vehicle and she closed the door and then began tugging me along her up the ramp and to the door.

We walked through the open door and through an empty warehouse to the back. She led me up some stairs and I could hear the music. Another set of doors followed by a hallway that was dimly lit. A large black woman was standing outside another door with a chair. She stood up and smiled at my owner. She looked at an iPad for what I guess was an invitation list then opened the door and allowed us inside. The lights were flashing with dimmer lights around the room on the top and bottoms of the walls so you could see your way around. There were a lot of people already there, dancing, mingling and at a bar. I was led along the edge and I was glancing at the crowd. There were a lot of black women that I could see dressed up in suits and dresses. And several of them had a white woman on a leash with them. As we got about halfway around the dance floor along the wall passing tables of groups and couples, my Master turned to me and pulled me close to her by the leash. “This is a club where white women are pets my fat cow. This is where you belong. To be shown off as an owned pet. And you fit in perfectly.”

The harshness of her statement immediately made my eyes tear up. I was humiliated at being dressed in a gimp suit. My jaw was aching from the ball-gag having been in for so long. My arms ached from being cuffed behind my back, the cuffs cutting into my wrists some. And now to be led to a club where white women were openly shown off as sex slaves and property…something in me finally broke and I understood that she owned me completely. I looked down at my feet and she laughed. She lifted my chin with one hand and told me “Now you understand. You are mine completely. I own your body. I own your mind. All of you.”

She proceeded to lead me about, weaving between people on the dance floor. As far as I could see, none of the other white women/slaves/pets were cuffed and gagged like I was. I was the only one made to wear a gimp suit complete with a hood. We went back and forth through the crowd, her showing me off until we finally went to the bar and she ordered a drink. The bartender told her that the club owner was wanting to meet with her and my Master smiled and nodded. Drink in hand, she pulled me along on the leash to the back of the club and through a door and up a set of stairs. We came to another door that she knocked at and could hear a muffled “Enter” from behind it. She opened the door and led me inside a spacious office. There was a big window on the right that looked out over the dance floor and bar. A large black leather sofa was against the far wall. There were a couple of nice chairs in front of a large desk and a large black woman was sitting behind the desk, leaning back with a smile on her face.

“So you finally got yourself a new plaything I see!” she greeted us. My Master smiled and told me to turn slowly for her. I walked in a small circle as she leaned forward looking me up and down. “May i?” she asked my Master. She unclipped the leash from my collar and sat down in one of the plush chairs in front of the desk. “Come here pet” the club owner told me. I walked around the desk and she patted her lap. I turned and sat down across it. This woman was probably in her fifties and had big arms, big breasts, big legs, everything. She was a solid 6’2″ and probably 300lbs. She reached around me and pulled me even closer on her lap. She looked at the ball-gag in my mouth and then at my Master who nodded. She Bodrum Escort Bayan chuckled as she unbuckled it and dropped it on her desk.

“What’s your name?” she asked me.

I swallowed a couple of times and worked my jaw up and down before replying “Bessie, Ma’am.”

She smiled and ran a hand up and down my leather-clad back. Then lifted her other hand and cupped a breast and gave it a squeeze through my leather suit. Finally she lifted that hand up and slid her index finger into my mouth. She smiled even wider as I closed my lips on it and began to suck her finger gently, my tongue stroking the bottom of her finger. “Mmmm you are a VERY good girl,” she told me.

I sat on her lap, sucking her finger as she and my Master discussed everyday life. I was virtually ignored other than her petting my back and sliding her finger in and out of my mouth. As they chatted, she finally looked at me and told me that she was my Aunt Nicole. She also told me soon I would get to spend a night or a weekend with her. That she would see how much money I could make her dancing in a cage one night and if I was a very good pet, she would reward me. From listening to their conversation, I could tell I was not the first pet that my Master had brought to the club or had loaned out. I whimpered and moaned when appropriate and did my best to please her as I sucked on her finger. She finally pulled it out of my mouth, grabbed my chin with her hand and turned my face towards hers. She then pulled me to her and kissed me firmly on the mouth, sliding her thick tongue into my mouth and fucking it slowly. When she broke the kiss, she gave me a smile then patted my ass and told me to get up and go back to my Master. I got up and walked around the desk to my Master who pointed at the floor. I immediately kneeled and they talked some more. Aunt Nicole asked my Master if I had met someone she called Big E, and the answer was no. Aunt Nicole told her that Big E was there and may have been in the back but to make sure I got to meet her properly. My Master then tugged me to my feet and we left the way we had come.

We weaved back through the crowd again until another large black woman stepped directly in front of us. She and my Master hugged, my Master handed her end of my leash to this woman. She looked at me and said “This is Big E. Be a very good pet for her, understand?”

I quickly told her I did, thankful that she had not put the ball-gag back in my mouth but had slipped it in her pocket instead. I did wish that I wasn’t cuffed but honestly there wouldn’t be much I could do if I hadn’t been. I was too scared to resist or disobey her anymore. I stared up at this woman. She was also every bit of 6’2″ and 300lbs. Huge breasts in a black t-shirt. Black jeans on. Black combat boots. Short hair cut that was barely more than stubble. I swallowed hard as I stared up at her.

She turned and pulled me along by the leash, taking me to a back storeroom. Once we got inside and she closed the door, she turned to face me and put her hand on top of my head. She gently pushed down and I dropped onto my knees in front of her. She dropped my leash and unbuttoned her jeans, then unzipped them. She pulled them down to her knees and did the same with her panties. She then hooked a finger inside my collar and pulled my hooded face to her pussy. And on my knees, cuffed, in a back storeroom of this black-owned and ran bondage-type club, I licked her pussy. My mouth was locked to it and I started licking her swollen lips nice and slow as she moaned softly. Her hand was on the back of my head, palming my hooded head like a basketball. She gently rocked her hips forward and back as I licked her deeper and deeper. I picked up my pace with the thrusts of my tongue, devouring her pussy. It has a slightly acidic taste and I had to mash hairs out of my way to lick her properly.

Big E did not believe in shaving her pussy. She rode my face, thrusting against me as I licked her until she finally moaned loudly and came. I licked up every bit of her cum that I could get. She leaned back against a wall and smiled at me. She then Escort Bodrum pulled her panties and jeans up and zipped them back up. She pulled me to my feet and turned me away from her. She unzipped my top and yanked it down to my waist, leaving me topless. Still cuffed like I was, I couldn’t do anything about it. She then reached around me and began rubbing my breasts, squeezing them. I was pretty quiet until she started pinching my nipples. At that point I began to moan for her and she nuzzled my neck, giving it small kisses. I had a few hickeys on my neck and more on and around my breasts. She started tugging my engorged nipples making me moan and gasp.

I could feel her mouth stretch into a smile as she was cheek to cheek with me. Then she told me to moo for her. And I did. She laughed then released my tits and pointed up into a corner of the room just a few feet away. I looked where she pointed and saw a camera.

“It has audio too. Now your Master and your Aunt have a nice video of you giving me head and mooing. You did a great job you fat, little, white cow!”

She tugged my top back up and zipped it closed. She grabbed the leash and pulled me back out of the room and onto the dance floor. We met my Master on the other side of the club and she shoved my ball-gag back into my mouth. Smiling she grabbed the leash and led me out of the club and back to her vehicle. She never spoke until after she had me re-secured in my seat belt and was driving us home.

“Well, you were a VERY good cow tonight Bessie!! Your Aunt Nicole was very much taken with you. And Big E is her daughter. She helps manage the club. She likes you as well. I think they both are excited to see you again. When we get home, I’ve got a nice reward for you!”

I could only look at her and nod my head as she drove us home. When we arrived home, she pulled into the garage and closed the door. She exited her SUV, retrieved me and led me back into the house. Once inside she uncuffed me and took the gag off. She unzipped the gimp suit and told me to go to the bedroom and take it off but to leave my hood, thong and heels on and to wait for her by kneeling on the floor. I did exactly as she said, waiting there on my knees, hooded and in my thong and boots. She walked in with just her dress shirt, pants and shoes on. She cupped my chin and lifted me to my feet and walked behind me. She reached around and grabbed my breasts and pulled me back against her. I could feel her strap-on through her pants. I couldn’t help but groan softly. I knew she was going to fuck me again. And I wanted it. She slid one hand down my tummy, playing with my belly button making me squirm against her. She then let it drop lower until she cupped my pussy. I was so hot I could hardly stand there.

“Moo for me” she told me.

“Moooooooooo” I replied.

She turned me to the bed and pushed me down so I was bent over it. She pulled the thong down and unzipped her slacks. She took my pussy first. Sliding inside me easily she fucked me nice and hard. Steady, powerful thrusts with her cock buried deep in my pussy. I lifted my hooded head and moaned and mooed for her until I came and she came. Without missing her rhythm, she pulled out of my pussy and entered my ass hard with the very next thrust. I rocked forward, head up and cried out as she entered me. Her hands grabbed my hips and she pounded my ass. She was more aggressive than any other time except for the first time she ass fucked me. She leaned over me, biting one shoulder and then the other as she took my ass. I was rising up on my tiptoes with each of her powerful thrusts. There was no doubt in my mind who owned me. I was completely hers. She fucked me hard like that until I came for her again. She then pulled out and slapped my ass cheek with her cock. She unzipped the hood and laid it on the bed.

“Your other reward is that you get to sleep in the bed tonight. Go clean up and then come get in bed,” she told me.

I did exactly as she told me. I used the restroom and cleaned up and then came back to the bed and slid in beside her. She turned me to face away and wrapped an arm around me and pulled me close. I fell asleep quickly with her body pressed against mine.

Special shoutout and thank you to the BEST Editor in the WORLD—TwentyThreeSweet (she has been assisting me with these new series of stories from Day 1–since I kept screwing up the editing! 😀 )

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