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out of town visitors(me breeding Susie)

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Out of town visitors round 2 Breeding Susie

The evening went well ,both girls had their pussy filled with cum and cleaned out orally, I even got my cock sucked by Brad. I was unsure about Brad when I heard he was bisexual but when the time came I thought what the hell. Did I like it ,well it was a quick two sucks , will I suck his cock I guess when the time comes. As of now two identical female bodies are in my thoughts.

After a few drinks and a couple of hours fucking around we decided to rest and have more to drink. My wife Rachel helped me with the drinks and quietly whispered to me that she was surprised. “I didn’t think you would let Brad suck your cock,would you suck his? I know both Susie and I would like to see it” she said “Don used to make Brad suck his so Susie could watch”.

“Well maybe “I said then told her “I would love to see Susie and you in a 69 position sucking on each of your pussies too”.

Rachel gave her glass back to me “maybe ,but you better make this a double then”,she said with a laugh. Well little did she know both her first and Susie’s first drinks were a double. She had her hand on my ass as we walked back into the living room. “You don’t mind me having sex with Brad again do you”she asked “I know Susie wants you. She also told me earlier that 9 months from now she hopes to have a baby”.

“Would you care if I were to get her pregnant” I asked “because I don’t mind breeding her”.

“It will probably be her last chance , so spend the rest of the night with her”Rachel said.”Keep your cock inside her you stud, I am sure she will be happy if it happens ”.

In the living room Brad was standing by the stereo when Rachel walked up behind him . She pushed her body tight into him when handing him his drink.One hand held her drink and her other arm went around in front of him. I was pretty sure she was grabbing his cock,stroking it to get him hard again.Watching the way she kissed his neck and whispered in his ear was also getting me aroused ,I’m sure he was too.

Susie was laying length ways on the sofa and had her legs spread, smiling at me when I sat down handing her the drink.She kept one leg against the sofa and placed the other across my lap,making sure she rubbed my cock with her foot.

She took a drink while I slid my fingers along her thighs and up her puffy pussy,”Rachel said this is mine all night” I said. I looked up at Rachel and Brad who had turned around and they were kissing passionately .”I am sure those two won’t be missing us”I said .

Susie took a big drink and looked over at them just as they walked out of the room with their arms around one another.”Well take me to your bed and we will spend the rest of the night enjoying each other”she said then looked at me. “Did Rachel tell you I wanted your baby” she said and when I said yes she sat up and took my hand staggered to the bedroom.

I turned on the bed lamp and we sat down on the bed to talk and to finish our drinks.”Rachel just told me that you and Brad are only step brothers”I Çorum Escort said then asked her why she hasn’t gotten pregnant by him”.

“I just learned that a month ago” she said “I haven’t had sex with him in years”then ran a hand up along my leg.”He also has a girlfriend and that wouldn’t go over well .If she was to find out he messed with me tonight she probably would leave him”.

She then took a hold of my cock and kissed me, “I asked her years ago if she would let you breed me. I would have loved to have your child when I was younger, I am 36 now and this may be my last chance”.

We both took another long drink then sat our glasses down and started kissing passionately feeling one another’s body.”Even when I was 17 I dreamed that one day you and I would be doing this”she said.”When you and Rachel got married I thought my chance would never happen.I don’t know what changed her mind but I am sure glad she did.

Tonight I am going to take advantage of this opportunity and we are going to fuck until we cant fuck no more,rest and then do it all over again”.By now Susie had her hand on my cock and was pushing me down “don’t hold back and fill me with your sperm” she said and then straddled me.

With her hands on my chest and a smile on her face she sat down firmly on my cock.”Give me all you can”she said taking a deep breath as she began fucking me.” I want to be so filled with your cum that I will leak it for days”she said then took a deep breath.

We stared at one another all the time I was sliding up and down inside her.If I would have closed my eyes it would be like fucking Rachel. I probably would last a lot longer but having her sister begging for my cum I tried to cum faster than normal.

It wasn’t long and I felt I was getting close so rolled her off of me and down on her back.With out pulling my cock completely out I straddled her legs .Holding them together I continued driving my cock deep inside her. The smile never left her face and our eyes still were on each other when I said “here is number 1”

She took a deep breath when she felt me push my cock deep and held still releasing my cum deep in her womb.Staying still I could feel her pussy muscles milking my cock and I was sure she felt my cock throbbing. When finished I slowly began sliding in and out just a little to keep to my seed in her womb, and to keep my cock hard.

Who knows if I would ever get the chance to fuck this beauty again I thought and only hope she would like it enough to come back. My thoughts were on Susie and how long she has wanted me to do this was what kept me semi hard inside her.Thinking how I was filling my wife’s sister and with her wanting me too, made my cock grow harder with each pump.

We both knew that this was a breeding session and made little movement to let any sperm leak out.I did however have to keep hard by slowly moving my cock in and out while her pussy clamped tightly to my shaft. This wasn’t a pleasure fuck and Susie probably wont have an orgasm and she realized Çorum Escort Bayan that. But by the way she would smile and hold onto my ass she seemed happy just to have my sperm inside her.

“I am glad that you fucked me earlier” she said” at least you and i were doing it just for fun. We fit well together, do you think Rachel will let me do this again even if I do get pregnant”?

I answered her question telling her “yes ,Rachel is the one that was most excited that you were there when we arrived. I know she has always been happy to see you ,but she asked me to have sex with you. She really wanted to fuck Brad ,and I was happy to see him myself.

With that said ,we began fucking a little bit harder, “if not we need to enjoy this then”she said and ran her hands up my chest.”God you feel good inside me, Rachel is so lucky”.Then with her hands brought me down into a tongue tangling kiss.

I was careful not to pull out too far and cause my cock to pull my cum out of her. “I want to put another load into you so I don’t want to go much faster,”I said .I then told her that I was going to lift her ass up and when I did she would slip two pillows under her .

Doing that did help and no sperm was lost so I began moving slowly in and out being careful not to pull away too far. “That’s It sweetheart rub that clit of yours,”I said “it will help me cum again watching you”. Watching her also gave me a chance to see just where she liked it for the future.

I was pretty sure when she took my first load she was far from cumming herself.The way she was breathing and holding her breath now helped me time it to cum together.About five minutes later I felt a warmth inside her ,”oh Susie can you feel that.Can you feel my cock throbbing and my balls get tighter to pump my seed inside you”,It feels so good” I said.

“Oh yes “she said ,still rubbing her finger around slowly on her pussy”I have never been this full of cum.I can feel it deeper than I have ever inside me”she said as she softly moved her fingers up and down beside her lips. “There isn’t much seeping out either”she said when she took her hand away and looked at her fingers .

“You are being seeded now”I told her one more load should seal the chance that a baby will come. Rachel never wanted me to cum before her”I said “but I couldn’t feel it when she did, I had held off too long. I learned when using condoms I would cum when I felt the need to, sometimes having two or three loads in the condom.That was how I got her pregnant by accident”I said “the condom broke filling three loads at once inside her ” .

As I held still with my cock deep inside her I said “don’t ever tell Rachel this but I used to jerk off thinking about you,I think Brad did as well “. Do you remember sunbathing in the nude flaunting your bare pussies at us?.Did you know just how hard it was for us not to stand there and let you see us that way.

I wanted you over Rachel and often jerked off just thinking about how good it would feel having my cock in you”.Susie Escort Çorum was listening closely to me and would run her hand along my cock and pussy then up to her lips sucking on a finger . There were even times when I was fucking Rachel I thought of you , it was mostly when you had come to visit”.In most of my dreams you and Rachel were on your belly and I was fucking you from behind while Brad was fucking Rachel”. Again I said “please don’t ever tell Rachel that , I love her very much ,but I do like this and had always dreamed about some day this would happen”.

I then laid still listening to Susie telling me how when she and Rachel were using things to get each other off she was on her belly thinking of me.Even though she wanted me badly hearing how Rachel would cry out my name,she knew I would never be doing her like that.She told me many times when Don ,Brad or others would have sex with her she liked it better from behind where she would picture it was me.

We talked for a good half hour and when I felt me growing again inside her I told her ,but she could feel me. “Let me roll over and you can fuck me from behind”she said “all our dreams will finally come true”.

With that request I quickly pulled away rolling her over the pillows and in one quick push I was inside her again. “Not only our dream’s are coming true”,I said “hopefully your dreams of being a mother will be too”. With that I began fucking her with more love than I have given her all night.

For the next 20 minutes I slid in and out of her sloppy pussy holding her up by the hips and watching cum coat my shaft.We had a nice rhythm going and was taking it at a pace where most of my cum stayed deep inside her. After she had her last bigger orgasm I pushed deep and gave her my load number three.

By now we both were worn out by now and when my cock went limp and plopped out of her I rolled to her side. Susie kept her ass on the pillows and snuggled against me with one kiss and a thank you she was out. I pulled the blankets over us and myself soon was out .

I woke up at 10 am with Susie still sleeping , and I slipped out of bed. I was wanting coffee and went to see if any was made,none made so I made some.I was going to go back to bed with Susie but I couldn’t resist to check out Rachel with Brad.

I wished I had a camera with me when I peeked in on Rachel but what I saw would stick in my mind for a long time.She was laid out on her belly with one hand over Brad’s torso and the sheet was barely covering her butt. A wet spot between her thighs was quite wide and her puffy lips were white with foam.

It was easy to see that she had taken at least one load in the ass and more in her pussy. I slipped in closer and could see a smile on her face that was masked by her tangled hair. If Susie wasn’t in the other bed I surely would slip my cock in Rachel’s wet hole,but for now the image will stay vivid in my mind.

I slipped away and with two coffees I went back to Susie and sat down on the bed. Leaning against the headboard I gently ran my hands through her hair.

She was happy to see me when she woke up and we had a nice talk finishing our coffee.We did get to play some more before they had to leave ,I will have a follow story another time

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