Out Clubbing

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I noticed you as soon as you walked in, was hard not to as your friends were screaming and giggling like crazy.

Even though they were obviously already bit more than tipsy, I could see you were not on the same level as them, you even look a irritated with their behaviour, though you are obviously too polite to complain.

I watch you move over to the bar as your friends start ordering shooters.

You politely drink the first one but I see you gesture to the barman to remove the others as soon as your friends aren’t watching.

Within minutes your group is swarmed by over eager guys going for a “sure bet” but I can’t help but smile as you shoot down the one after the other.

You get up and pass right in front of me on your way to the bathroom.

For the first time our eyes meet, I see you up close for the first time, high heels accentuating you beautiful legs, not to muscular but well rounded calves lead up under your knee high skirt, your round buttocks showing as the skirt hugs it beautifully, your blouse just showing a bit of cleavage, not slutty but enough to make me notice how pert they are, your hair clipped on top with a few loose strands flowing down your face.

I can’t help but stare as you walk past.

I just know I have to have you tonight! But how? That is the main question.

You pass me again but as I want to get up to introduce myself I’m shouldered out of the way by a drunk patron which grabs your ass.

You fling around and instead of the mighty bitch bursa escort slap I expected you punch him straight in the nose. His eyes cross as sits down on the bar stool behind him. Blood spilling from his nose. Before you rejoin your friends you look at me, wink and walk off.

“What was that about” I think to myself as the drunk starts sobbing into his beer while someone went to fetch him something to clean up with.

I decide to clear my head on the dance floor as one of my favourite songs starts playing, before long the last 15 minutes are forgotten as I start loosing myself in the melody.

I start getting lost in the master fully mixed sounds filling my ears, when suddenly I feel arms wrap around my body, startled I turn around and look straight into your beautiful eyes, suddenly I am totally flabbergasted, you start swaying to the beat in front of me, your hands running through your hair, over your body while you watch my face as I stare at you lik an idiot.

You move closer to me and guide my hands around your body, you move closer to me and my hands start exploring your body, I move them down your back then suddenly remember the drunk guy by the bar and freeze you open your hands and push my hands down to your shapely bottom. You pull into me and I feel you press up against me, I can hear your breath starting to become more racey the more we dance.

The song stops suddenly and I start cursing the DJ in my thoughts, but to my surprise you don’t pull away from me, your breasts bursa merkez escort still firmly pressed against me.

I look at you and I can see the lust in your eyes, as I lean in to kiss you one of your friends interrupts, shooter in hand. As she pulls you away you whisper quickly for me to meet you at the far side of the bar in 5 minutes.

A bit dizzy about what just happened I move over to the far side of the bar, only then do I notice the raging hard on I’m sporting, I rush to the bathroom and wash my face to try to cool down.

As I come out on my way to the bar again you hook into my arm and instructs me to follow you.

You lead me towards a flight of stairs next to the bar.

As I follow you up the stairs you tell me that you are the club owners sister and that I need stop looking so nervous as you can go where you want here.

Silently I follow you unable to take my eyes off you.

You lead me into a door and I see obviously this is meant for only one thing.

Low lights, a queen sized bed right in the middle of the room with the ceiling one big mirror.

Still a bit dumb struck at what I’m seeing I don’t notice you undressing, when I look down there you are naked as the day you were born, I feel my cock trying to explode out of my pants.

You walk over to me and plant your lips on mine. Your hands start exploring and you find what you were looking for. You rub my hard cock through my pants as our tongues explore each other.

You bursa sınırsız escort undo my my pants and let them fall to the floor, my hard cock open for your view.

You break our kiss and smiles at me as you start descending towards my member. Your lips envelopes me as I disappear into your beautiful mouth, your hand on my balls, massaging them while you suck me into your eager mouth. I start feeling that it is getting close to breaking point and tell you but you ignore me only sucking harder and faster, I can feel the climax building and grab your head and start pumping deep into your mouth, harder and harder. Suddenly I can’t hold it anymore and blow my warm sticky cum deep down your throat, you swallow it all and milk my cock for last sticky drops.

You stand up and go over to the bed and settle on all fours on the bed.

I move over to you, the fire in your eyes pleading for me to take you right now. I stand behind and sink my cock into you, you moan loudly with pleasure as I start pounding into you, with each thrust you moan louder and that pushes me to fuck you harder and deeper.

You start yelping loudly with every thrust into you wet pussy, your juices already flowing freely running down my balls.

You beg me to fuck you harder and treat you like a dirty slut, your pleading makes me just want to make you cum harder. With every second stroke I smack you on the ass, really wanting to treat you like the little whore you are.

I feel you start shuddering as the orgasm takes contol of your body, you tighten around my cock and that pushes me over the edge as well, you scream as you cum and I start pumping my semen deep into you.

We collapse onto the bed, you turn to me and introduce yourself as Evelyn, Mark I reply and hold you tightly against me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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