Our Saturday Night Anal Ritual

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^^^Saturday night^^^

“Oh, God! Your ass is so tight!”

Blake hollered as, with great difficulty, he forced the tip of his penis into her butt. He asked, “Are you sure you want me to continue?”

“Yes, I need it!” she said as she expelled a deep breath. She was on her hands and knees, sweating, and breathing loudly like a woman in labor. She pushed her ass into him, and said, “You don’t know how much I need this. Pour more lube on your cock and push it inside me.”

He did and got the first inch inside her.

“Ohhh! Fuck!” she shouted.

“Kay, maybe we should stop. I don’t know what I’m doing. This is the first time I’ve had anal sex, and your anus is so small.”

“Shut up! Give me more! I want it all or I’ll die!”

“Die?” he gave her a quizzical look and did what the twenty-one-year-old woman demanded. He poured more lube on his dick and her ass and pressed his hips forward while she pushed into him. Slowly, his penis slid inside. Eventually, he buried all six inches inside the petite woman’s behind.

“Oh, God! Yes.! Thank you. Be still and let me adjust. The base of your penis is damn thick. Ahhh!”

She let her head drop and didn’t move or speak for five minutes.

Blake stared at her firm butt, the amazing sight of his dick in her ass, and thought, “This is unbelievable. And on the first date! I like college girls! In high school, I considered it a great date if I got to second base. The other night, a cute, green-eyed girl gave me a handjob and now I’m fucking a woman’s ass! I can’t believe how into me she is. It was love…no lust at first sight for her. She is so pretty I would never have struck up a conversation. She marched up to me and started talking as if we were old friends. I guess whoever said there’s someone for everyone was right.”

Kay had been moaning softly and moving slightly. She raised her head, looked over her shoulder at Blake, and slid her butt up and down his steely cock.

“Oh!” she moaned. “Oh, God! You’re stretching me good. Thank you. You can fuck my bum and cum in my butt.”

“Okay,” he said hesitantly. “What about you and your orgasm?”

She smiled and said, “I’ll get mine later. Let’s finish you off.”

Blake stroked his cock in and out of her ass. It wasn’t easy because her sphincter was tight as hell. He didn’t last long. He bucked into her as he shot his load.

“Oh. Ohh! Ohhh!”

“Good job, Blake.”

She disengaged when he was spent. He flopped on the bed, and she went into the bathroom, disappearing for fifteen minutes.

When she returned, she was all smiles. She scrubbed his dick with a soapy washcloth and wiped it down with a second, clean wet cloth. She stroked him until he had an erection, growled, and said, “Are you ready to fuck my pussy?”

Instantly he was fully hard.

She laughed, mounted him, and straddled his hips. She placed his dick at the entrance to her pussy and slowly lowered her body.

“Ohhh! You fill me good!” she squealed as he penetrated her.

“This is wonderful,” he murmured

She rode him hard. Her ample breasts bounced and jiggled. She paused occasionally to grind her clit against him and kiss his lips. She looked so happy, she smiled so brightly, and she fucked him furiously. They both had huge orgasms.

She collapsed on top of him. He held her tightly as pleasure surged through their bodies. She recovered first, kissed his lips, smiled, and said, “I want to see you again. How about next Saturday night?”

“Count me in.”

^^^The previous Thursday^^^

“Hi. What are you reading?” Jen asked her roommate as she entered their room, returning from her afternoon chemistry lab.

“Ah…Ah,” Kay stammered as she quickly closed the magazine and gave Jen a deer in the headlights stare.

“What are you so nervous about?” the thick brunette asked.

She strode across the small room and snatched the woman’s magazine out of Kay’s hands. She glanced at the cover and homed in the blurb touting, “Penis Shapes – Which does your man have?”

“Boning up on penises?” she asked and laughed.

“I was flipping through the magazine, killing time,” Kay lied.

“Yeah, right. You know we could use this as a discussion topic when the pledges come over for afternoon tea. I’m taking this.” Jen headed out of the room and said, “See you downstairs in fifteen minutes. Don’t forget your red lipstick.”

The pledge master escorted seven young women into the main room. The recruits were wearing tea dresses – light fabric gowns in bright colors or patterns.

Each woman carried a purse, wore a hat, and had on bright, red lipstick, following the instructions on the invitations. They stood by a large window overlooking the lawn. The members were on the opposite side of the room similarly attired minus the handbags.

The pledge master addressed the guests, “On behalf of our house, I welcome you. We’re so glad you could join us. We look forward to sharing and learning more about you.”

The sorority sisters sang the following words zonguldak escort to the tune of the Van Morrison song “These Are The Days” to the potential new members.

“These are the days you’ll remember

Never before and never since,

We promise

Will the whole world feel as warm as this

And as you feel it,

You’ll know it’s true

That we, are sisters who are good for you

It’s true

Each day our friendships,

will grow and bloom in you.”

“Pledges, please take a seat. There is a table for each of you. We will circulate, answers your questions, and get to know each other,” Mary said.

The visitors sat. A member went to each table, smiled, sat, and introduced herself. She poured tea, and they talked. The members pitched the benefits of being in the sorority while studying the young woman across from them. Each party had the same goal: Is this a good match?

Mary, the pledge master, stood and said, “Thank you for playing our version of speed dating. We wanted you to meet as many of our members as possible in a short amount of time and give you a feel for who we are. Hopefully, you said, “I’d feel at home here.”

“We were also taking your measure.” She laughed devilishly and added, “We have one more exercise to delve into your psyche.”

She went to an easel that stood in the corner of the room. A blank page showed. She lifted the large sheet of paper and exposed a page titled “Types of Penises.”

The types were listed along with a drawing and a brief description.

“The Pencil” Thin. Can be long, but who cares?

“The Pepper” Short and stout

“The Banana” Curved

“The Hammer” Thin or regular shaft. Has a large head

“The Usual” Most common. Average length and thickness

“The Cucumber” Above average thickness and length

“The Gherkin” Undersized girth and length

“The Rocket Popsicle” Thick at the base. Tapers to a narrow head

Everyone in the room laughed or snickered as they read the list.

“Potential new members,” Mary said. “Tell us a funny, embarrassing, or poignant story about when you had sex. Let’s see if we can have one story for each type of penis.

“To break the ice, I’ll start. I had a bad encounter with a monster cock.” She used a red highlighter to draw through the sixth item on the list, ‘The Cucumber’.

“My first encounter with an adult, erect penis was scary. I was nervous and unsure of myself. Maybe some of you can relate.”

Some of the women nodded; others chuckled.

“My boyfriend and I were making out. His shirt was off, and so was mine. At this time, I was an eighteen-year-old virgin due to the guilt trip the Sisters of Mercy laid on me in high school.

“Our usual routine was to kiss; he’d open my shirt, touch my boobs and suck on ’em, and we’d finish by dry humping. The night I’m telling you about, he slipped his hand down my pants and fingered me. I was like, ‘Wow! This is great!’ It was even more fun when I climaxed.

“I decided I was in love, and now was the time to go all the way. I got his pants and underwear off and saw his cock. I’d felt it many times rubbing against me when we humped, but I was unprepared to meet it in person. It looked huge!”

“I calmed down, remembering how many of my friends had had the same thought when they saw their first cock. They’d thought, ‘That’s not going to fit into my mouth or my hoo-ha. But it did, and it was a wonderful experience for them.

“I got naked and said, ‘Make love to me.’ My boyfriend climbed on top of me and pushed his cock inside me. It was tough going. I blamed it on my virginity. He forced an inch; then two inside me, and it hurt. I put on my brave face and told myself ‘You can take it. Everyone says the first time is painful.’

“I grunted, endured, and said to my lover, ‘It’s okay. Give me more.’ He shoved another inch inside me. The pain increased; I couldn’t stand it. I shouted ‘Holy fuck!’ and I screamed. My boyfriend froze.

“My older sister was home. When she heard me shriek, she ran to my room and came inside. Our bedroom doors had locks that were a joke. A bobby pin could pick them. She got inside, yelled, ‘Get off her,’ and pulled the naked guy off me.

“I sobbed, she held me, and asked, “Did he force himself on you?’ I answered, ‘No. I asked him to have sex with me. It hurt. A lot. Maybe because this is my first time.’

My sister is studying to be a nurse and said calmly, ‘I need to look at you. I saw blood.’

“She released me. I spread my legs and let her examine me. She said, ‘This is more blood than usual. This isn’t from a torn hymen.’ Blood was oozing out on my pussy. It was on my thighs and the bedsheet.

“She touched my sex and slid a finger inside me. I said, ‘Ouch.’ She responded, ‘Sorry. Huh? You’re wet.’ I said, ‘I was very wet when we started. I had an orgasm from his fingers.’

“She said, ‘Okay. The problem wasn’t a lack of lubrication. She looked at my boyfriend and said, ‘Oh my God! Here’s the zonguldak escort bayan problem. He has a huge dick!”

“She punched him and said, ‘What’s the matter with you? You have to be very careful when you’re that large!’ He answered, ‘I didn’t know I was large. This is my first time too. I didn’t mean to hurt her. We did it slow.’

Mary shrugged her shoulders and said, “Just my luck. My first time was with a guy with a porno-size dick. His giant dick gave me vaginal lacerations, small tears in the walls of my vagina. The doctor told me to take Tylenol for the pain and to abstain from sex until the pain went away. She said the tears would heal on their own.

“My boyfriend and I tried to have sex two more times, but he was too big for me. We broke up. Don’t feel bad for the guy. He’s dating my sister and she is thrilled.

The crowd was shocked. Some gasped; some laughed.

“Okay, in no particular order, Theresa, tell us a tale.”

A slim, brunette said, “My most embarrassing moment is my mother’s as well. It involved a ‘Banana.”

The crowd looked around wonder how the mother figured into the story. Mary crossed off the third style of penis.

“Over the summer,” Theresa said. “I worked in an office, answering phones and doing filing. The boss sent me home early one day when the power went out. I went home and was headed to my room when I saw a banana penis.”

She smiled and explained. “My parent’s bedroom door was half-open. As I walked past, I saw my mother, nude, and kneeling on the floor, orally servicing a neighbor. I gasped; they heard me and looked in my direction.

“Mr. Johnson, yes, that’s his real name, pulled his dick out of my mother’s mouth. I saw his hard, curved, saliva-covered cock before he turned away from me to reach for his clothes. The look of horror on my mother’s face was priceless.

“I ran to my room and closed the door. Fifteen minutes later, my mother knocked on my door and said, ‘Honey, can we talk?’ I didn’t answer. She let herself in.

“She was dressed and said, “Things have not been good with your father and me for some time. That doesn’t excuse my behavior; it just explains it. No daughter should see something like that.

“I’ve been seeing Mr. Johnson for a couple of months. Your father has been having an affair with his young secretary for over a year.

“We have no plans to divorce. As you know, your father and I no longer sleep together.”

“I answered, ‘You told me he moved into the guest bedroom because his snoring keeps you awake at night!’ She said, ‘That’s true, but it’s not the only reason. We’ve fallen out of love. I promise this won’t happen again, and I need you to keep quiet. It would upset your younger brother and sister if they found out.’

Theresa held up a new Apple phone and said, ‘I’ve kept my silence, and my mother has been generous. I have a new phone, and she’ll be paying for my room in a sorority house.

“Good for you!” Mary said. She looked around the room and said, “Billie, your turn. Tell us a story.”

A slim, brown-haired woman with a ponytail stood, giggled nervously, and said, “Em…I don’t have a great story for you. I’ve only been with one man, and he has a standard penis. Not too big. Not too small. It’s just right for me.

“My high school boyfriend, Tommy, took my virginity after my eighteenth birthday, and we are still together. I love him, and he loves me. We plan to get married after we graduate, and I see us living happily ever after with two, possibly three children.”

Another of the potential new members asked, “You’ve only been with one guy, and you’re okay with that? You’re not curious?”

“No, not a bit. He’s a great guy: kind, generous, and good-looking. I came the first time we made love and every time afterward. He’s all I want. All I need.”

**(note from the author – Billie’s and her beau’s story is told in “Her Last Affair”)**

“That’s a sweet story,” Mary said as she put a red line through ‘The Usual’. “Rebecca, you go next.”

A curvy, redhead stood and said, “I, like Billie, fell in love with a kind, handsome man. It boosted my confidence sky-high because all my girlfriends said things like, ‘Robert, is so handsome. You’re so lucky.’

“I was over the moon in love with him and didn’t say no when he suggested we go all the way. ‘Why not?’ I thought. I love him, and we’d been physical for a while. I loved everything we’d done: the kissing, the touching, when he sucked on my breasts, and when he ate my pussy.

“He’d made me orgasm many times. I loved that he was such a gentleman. He’d never pressured me to do anything to him. I’d hadn’t given him a handjob or a blowjob or seen him naked. When he asked if he could make love to me, I breathlessly said yes.

“The special night came. His Aunt and Uncle were out of town. We were going to use their place. It was so romantic with candles and flowers. We sat on the bed and kissed. He was kind and gentle. We kicked our shoes off and made out.

“He escort zonguldak took his shirt off. He undressed me, kissed and caressed my body. He got undressed and climbed on top of me. I was scared and excited. This was the moment. All the stories friends had told me about their first time raced through my head: pain, pleasure, blood, tears, etc.

“His hips began to move. They undulated slowly, at first. Then faster and faster. He cried out as he pressed into me. He froze and slid off me. He was sweaty and breathing loudly.

‘I lay there bewildered. I touched my sex and found it was messy with my fluid and a thicker, sticky substance. He asked me, ‘How was it for you?’ I said, ‘Good.’ ‘Did I hurt you?’ ‘No. Not at all’ ‘Good,’ he said and kissed me.

“I got out of bed, went into the bathroom, and sat with my legs apart. Most of the whitish material was at the front of my vagina. The rest was on my thighs and in my pubic hair.

“I wiped it off and peed. I washed my vagina and my hands at the sink. He came into the room; he was naked and smiling. This was the first time I saw his penis. It was tiny. Smaller than anything I’d seen online. It was stiff and bobbed as he moved. It was the size of a roll of Life Savers.

He washed his dick, and got behind me, fondled my tits, and asked, “Can we do it again?’ ‘Sure,’ I said. He spread my legs, bent me over the sink, and pushed his dick inside me. I’m guessing about the last part because I didn’t feel it.

“I’m only going by his reaction. He humped me, moaned and groaned, cried out, and froze again. His face twisted up, and he squeezed my breasts so hard they hurt. Then he relaxed, smiled, and said, “Baby, you’re the best. Was it good for you?’ I nodded, being polite.

“The next night, we went to a party and got separated. A guy I didn’t know hit on me. I went with him and let him fuck me just so I could see his dick and learn if the problem was mine or my handsome boyfriend.

“This guy had a normal cock. His five and a half inches looked huge compared to my boyfriend and it felt great inside me. I fucked him twice and came each time.

“I cried when I broke up with Robert, and so did he. I lied and told him it was my fault. That I wasn’t able to handle our intense, intimate relationship.”

Mary struck off ‘The Gherkin.” She turned to the next PNM and asked, “Sakura, do you have a story for us?”

The pretty Japanese teenager stood and spoke in a strong, confident voice that seemed out of sorts with her small, slim frame and short stature.

“I was born and grew up in a quiet small town. After I graduated high school and turned eighteen, I was accepted to a prestigious college in Tokyo. My parents were proud and sent me to live with my aunt and uncle.

“Tokyo is home to over nine million people. I was in awe of everything: the hustle and bustle of a big city, the skyscrapers, the museums, and I was stunned by the number of people.

“The people get around by mass transit, mainly trains. The trains are packed, especially during rush hours. There is no personal space. People are, how do you say, cheek to jowl. Those standing are up against each other. This has led to a problem of men groping women.

“We call this behavior of public molesting women in crowded environments, chikan. Bad men take advantage of the anonymous nature of packed public transport and that Japanese women do not want to cause a scene.

“I was groped almost every day. A hand would touch me inappropriately, and I had no idea who it was. A few incidents stand out because of the audacity of the perpetrator.

“Once, I was stuck next to a man reading a book. He held it at the same height as my breasts. When the train shook, took a turn, or slowed for a stop, his hands would accidentally touch my breasts.

“Another time, I had on a skirt as it was Spring. I was close to the door. Close enough to see my face reflected in the window. I felt something touch the back of my thigh and assumed it was someone’s bag or an accidental moment. The thing touching me moved up my inner thigh. It continued going higher until it was touching my underwear beneath my pussy. I completely froze. I felt like I wanted to faint and vomit at the same time.

“I could see the guy’s face in the reflection of the window. He just stared at my reflected face with no expression at all. It was like a horror movie. I shifted my body before his hand moved further. I was thinking, ‘What am I going to do?’ The train stopped, and I hurriedly exited the train even though it wasn’t my stop.

“My last story is when I encounter a pepper-shaped penis. It was the evening rush hour. I was tired. I felt someone bump into my butt. That wasn’t unusual; we all bumped into each other as the train rattles and rolls.

“It happened again, and this time it was more than a fleeting bump. I felt a guy rubbing his front on my butt. This was no accident. The guy was grinding on me, and I could feel his erection. I looked over my shoulder and saw an old man. I told him to knock it off. He pretended not to understand what I was talking about and didn’t stop.

“There were other people around us, lots of people, but no one says anything. No one wants to get involved. The old man smiled, unzipped his pants, pulled out his dick, and rubbed the head on my butt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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