Our Daughter, The Photographer

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“Tina, over here!” Eve Simmons called out, waving her arms at the passengers entering the arrivals hall at the airport.

“Mom!” Tina cried out, waving at her and her father, Adam.

“Oh, it is so good to see you again,” Eve said as she hugged her daughter, trying not to get bruised on the collection of cameras hanging from her daughter’s neck. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“You’re just glad that you’re not the shortest person in the room anymore,” Tina replied with a laugh, looking up at her mother’s 5’2″ from her own 5’0″.

“What’s with the hair?” Adam asked, ruffling her head before enfolding her in his arms, towering over her at 6’5″.

“You like it?” Tina asked, smiling up at her father. Her bright red hair was cut very short, but her emerald green eyes sparkled above her pert, freckled nose.

“It will take some getting used to,” Eve said, once again marveling at how Tina had gotten her father’s coloring and none of his size, she having long, corn-silk blonde hair and blue eyes.

“Well, it’s really comfortable and so easy to take care of,” Tina said as they collected her bags and headed towards the car.

Eve filled Tina in on the plans she had made for her two weeks of Christmas vacation between semesters at university.

“I can’t believe you still always have those cameras hanging from your neck,” Eve said as they arrived at their home in the exclusive Gold Hills development.

“These cameras got me a scholarship,” Tina said with pride as they entered the house.

“A scholarship!” Eve exclaimed. “But you already have one, for gymnastics.”

“Now I have another one, a better one,” Tina replied. “Full scholarship, through to my degree.”

“That…that’s wonderful,” Eve said, clearly shocked. “What about gymnastics?”

“I’d rather take pictures,” Tina replied.

“How did you wrangle a scholarship?” Adam asked.

“We were assigned to do some sort of a photo essay in my photojournalism class,” Tina explained. “They liked mine so much, they put it on exhibition and gave me the scholarship.”

“What did you do it on?” Eve asked.

“Um, I’m not sure how you’re going to feel about that part,” Tina said, her cheeks coloring a bit.

“What do you mean?” Eve asked.

“It was titled An Erotic Contrast Study of Color vs Black & White,” Tina said.

“An erotic contrast study?” Adam said, raising his eyebrows. “Just what exactly does that mean?”

“I did a photo series of erotic shots,” Tina explained. “I shot them in color, then also converted them to black & white. The whole idea was to show how the difference contrasted in feeling and sexuality between the two versions.”

“But erotic? Why erotic?” Eve asked.

“I just thought it would get the point across the best,” Tina replied. “And it would get people’s attention, if nothing else, and maybe they’d check it out. Over 3000 people came to see the exhibition and it was only open for a week.”

“I want to see it,” Eve said. “Or do I?”

“I’m not sure how you’re going to react,” Tina said. “It’s explicitly erotic. We had to limit attendance to those over 18. There was some controversy about it.”

“I definitely want to see it then,” Adam said.

“Your father has always been a pervert,” Eve said, rolling her eyes.

“I’ll tell you what,” Adam said. “If you don’t want to see it, I won’t either. Now who’s the pervert?” he asked with a laugh when he saw Eve’s open-mouthed look of surprise. “Nothing to say?”

“I’m hungry,” Tina said. “If you really want to see it, I’ll show it to you after we eat dinner.”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Adam said.

“I can put dinner together,” Eve said.

“Unless you want to go to Parisienne,” Adam said, a big smile on his face when he saw the explosion of happiness on Tina’s face. “I know it’s your favorite.”

Parisienne was a Michelin 3-star restaurant. It was always a very special occasion when they ate there. Adam smiled to himself as he watched his daughter gorge herself. It amazed him that she remained the same petite, lithe, doll-like girl that she was with her appetite. They were all contentedly stuffed and buzzed from the two bottles of champagne that had accompanied the meal.

“Thanks, dad,” Tina said, hugging her father when they finally got home and then pulling him down for a kiss. “Nothing could make coming home better.”

“Well, it has been strange not having you here,” Adam said. “We’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you, too,” Tina said, “but school is great. I really like it.”

“Now you get to show us your photo essay,” he said.

“Let me get my laptop,” Tina said.

“You can share it to the Apple TV and we can watch it on the big screen,” Adam suggested.

“That’ll be better than the small laptop screen,” Tina agreed. “The photos I used in the exhibit were 24″ tall by 18″ wide.”

“Okay, I’ll start it,” Tina explained when they got the laptop to project onto the 110″ screen in the media room. “When you want to move to the next set of photos, trabzon escort just hit the space bar.”

“Oh, my!” Eve gasped when the first two photos appeared on the screen. They were the exact same photo, but the one on the left was in black & white, the one on the right in color. “That’s you!” she said as she stared at the photos.

It was a photo of Tina and a large, heavily muscled black man, so black that his color could only be described as ebony. It was a photo of both of them from the stomach up, facing each other. Their tongues were extended, just touching one another, and they were both nude, his chiseled ebony body contrasting with Tina’s petite, pale, freckled body, her cherry nipples hard and screwed into knots on her perfect B-cup breasts, just touching his chest.

“My god!” Eve gasped as she stared at the photos.

“Dad?” Tina said in a trembling voice.

“Well, I definitely wasn’t expecting this,” Adam managed to say, clearing his throat. “It is certainly impactful.”

“Because of the photos themselves or because I’m one of the models?” Tina asked.

“Both, but each for entirely different reasons,” Adam replied. “I’m struck by the entirely different feeling, mood, each one gives me.”

“I’m just shocked,” Eve said. “I never would have thought that you’d…”

“What, pose nude?” Tina asked. “Or is it because Hezo’s black?”

“I don’t care about his color at all,” Eve replied firmly. “You know better than that. I just never realized…well, I just hadn’t realized that my daughter had grown up so much, become a woman.”

“Do you like the photos?” Tina asked.

“They feel so intense,” Eve replied, “Especially the black & white one.”

“I agree,” Adam said.

“The photos become more and more explicit, graphic,” Tina warned. “You might not want to see them.”

“Oh, my!” Eve gasped when Adam hit the space bar and the next set of photos appeared.

This time Hezo was laying on his back like the Vitruvian Man of Leonardo da Vinci. Tina was laying on top of him on her back, her head tucked under his chin, her arms laying on top of his, her legs on top of his. As in the previous photos, they were both nude, Hezo’s huge ebony cock laying on the ground between his legs, Tina’s shaved pussy spread open, just a paintbrush of bright red hair above her spread pussy lips, the glistening pinkness of her pussy contrasting with the ebony blackness of Hezo beneath.

“My god, Tina,” Eve gasped.

“That color photo is amazing,” Adam said, rearranging his cock and balls. “Far more impactful than the black & white.”

“Do you like the photo?” Tina asked.

“It’s almost pornographic,” Eve said.

“It’s provocative as hell,” Adam said.

“Oh, Tina,” Eve gasped when Adam hit the space bar to move to the next set of photos.

This set of photos was a close up of the pelvic region, again totally nude, Hezo’s huge ebony cock sticking straight out at the camera’s lens from between Tina’s legs from behind, her pussy lips spread over the shaft of his cock. She seemed to be suspended in air, sitting on his cock, her tiny pink clit just visible, shining brightly against the ebony blackness of his cock.

Nobody said anything, the sound of heavy breathing filling the room as Adam hit the space bar again. Eve’s gasp was like an explosion going off when the next set of photos appeared, this time another photo of Hezo’s pelvic region from the side, his huge ebony cock sticking straight out in front of him, the tip of Tina’s tongue clearly wedged into the slit of his cock, her bright green eyes wide open.

“Christ!” Adam gasped as he stared at the photos.

“Which one do you like the most?” Tina asked, feeling her heart beating so hard that it seemed that it must burst from her chest.

Eve’s mouth just gaped open as she stared speechless at the photos.

“The black & white one is more impressive,” Adam managed to say.

“Are you shocked because of the photo itself or because it’s me?” Tina asked.

“The photos are, well, shocking,” Eve managed to say, “but I’m more shocked that it’s you, I admit.”

“Fair enough,” Tina said.

“I can’t help but realize that these are really far more erotic than they are pornographic,” Adam said slowly. “I’m sure if the model weren’t you, I’d be more comfortable,” he said as he pressed the space bar.

Tina expected the explosion of gasps from her parents when the next photos appeared, this time with the camera mostly pointed at Tina’s face, her tongue extended, Hezo’s cock laying on it as the head of it filled her mouth, thick white cum running out of her mouth and down her chin, her bright green eyes staring right into the camera.

“We had to do eight takes before I got that shot,” Tina explained.

“Eight takes?” Adam asked, clearing his throat.

“I’d get about sixty photos of each take, plus video,” Tina explained. “Either the lighting or the angle wasn’t right or we didn’t have his cock in the right place, too much in trabzon escort bayan my mouth. One time I almost choked to death when his cum went down the wrong tube.”

“Do you mean that you…you…you sucked his cock eight times?” Eve managed to stammer.

“Yes, to get that photo,” Tina replied. “Good thing I love the taste of cum, isn’t it?” she asked with a nervous laugh.

“One more way she takes after you,” Adam said with a laugh.

“Maybe she’s taking after you!” Eve retorted, elbowing him in the ribs.

“Wow!” Adam gasped when he pressed the space bar and moved to the next set of photos.

Tina was on her back, her legs pulled up, her feet locked behind her neck. Hezo knelt over her, his cock in her mouth, her pink tongue extended along his ebony shaft as he leaned forward, his extended tongue on her clit, her pussy spread wide open, her delicate pink inner pussy lips spread open to reveal the glistening moistness of her pussy. The photo was shot with the camera just below Tina’s pussy, pointing upwards over her body to her head.

“We had a small table with a pad of paper beneath each photo at the exhibit,” Tina explained. “We asked the people who viewed the exhibit to write down their reaction to each photo.”

“How did they react to this one?” Adam asked, unable to tear his eyes away.

“This photo had the most instances of a similar reaction,” Tina replied. “Almost all of the comments were ‘I wish that was me’,” she finished.

“I can see why,” Adam said, shaking his head. “Daughter or not, I can see why.”

“Is he your boyfriend?” Eve asked.

“No, I don’t have a boyfriend,” Tina replied. “He’s just a friend. I thought he’d be perfect for the photos, the whole idea of contrast. Besides, he’s beautiful.”

“You weren’t wrong,” Adam muttered, once again adjusting his now-hard cock in his pants.

There was absolute silence when Adam pressed the space bar and moved to the next set of photos. This was shot with the camera between Hezo’s legs, looking up at his cock, the head of which was almost completely buried in Tina’s pussy, the shaft glistening from Tina’s pussy juices, her delicate pussy lips wrapped around the head of his cock. In the color photo, the cum leaking from her pussy was far more obvious than in the black & white version.

After a couple of minutes of silence, Adam pressed the space bar once again.

“My god!” Eve gasped.

This time the photo was taken with the camera’s lens just above and to the side of Tina’s gaping, spread pussy, cum having oozed down to coat the shaft of Hezo’s cock which was half buried in her ass.

“That’s it,” Tina said when she saw her father press the space bar a couple of times.

“They gave you a scholarship for that?” Eve asked, unable to tear her eyes away from the last photo.

“Yes,” Tina replied. “Just out of the blue. I didn’t apply for anything.”

“Well, totally shocked would be an understatement,” Eve said with a big sigh.

“I was, too,” Tina said, deliberately misinterpreting what Eve had said. “If the model wasn’t me, your daughter, what would you think of it?” she asked.

“It’s hard to ignore that it is you,” Eve said. “But the photos are stunning, in every sense. Some of them I liked the black & white more, others the color. I’d just be more comfortable if it was someone else.”

“Dad?” Tina asked.

“I think that you’re an incredible photographer,” Adam said. “But like your mother says, it’s hard to ignore that it is you, our daughter, in the photos.”

“I’d never done anything like it before,” Tina said, reaching over and resetting the slideshow. “I was very nervous when we started,” she said, slowly clicking through the photos. “This one,” she said, stopping at the photo of Hezo cumming in her mouth, “I think I kept finding problems with it just so that I could suck his cock again.”

“Tina!” Eve gasped, her mouth hanging open.

“Sorry, mom, but that’s one thing I’ve definitely learned,” Tina said, shrugging her shoulders. “I love to suck cock. I don’t think that there’s anything in life that I get more of a thrill or joy from than a cock going off in my mouth. And I refuse to feel guilty about it.”

“Amazing,” Adam said, shaking his head from side to side.

“What’s amazing?” Tina asked.

“How much you are your mother’s daughter,” Adam replied with a laugh, smiling.

“Adam!” Eve exclaimed.

“I had to get it from somewhere,” Tina said with a laugh at the look on her mother’s face, leaning over and taking Eve’s face in her hands and leaning down to kiss her. “I really do thank you. I think I’ll go to bed now,” Tina said. “Feel free to enjoy.”

“Adam, I am literally trembling,” Eve said when Tina had gone.

“Why?” Adam asked, pulling her close, his arm around her. “She’s a grown woman, hard as that is to accept, and she’s one of the new breed; in her words, refusing to apologize for who she is. Sound familiar?”

“It’s just that…she’s our daughter!” she protested. escort trabzon “I can still remember all of the details, the changes as she grew up.”

“Well, you need to add this to your memory now,” he said, pressing the spacebar to advance to the photo of Hezo’s cock in Tina’s pussy. “Besides, one thing I know about you is that you’re not a hypocrite. Besides, aren’t you the least bit proud at giving her the gift of loving to suck cock?” he asked, chuckling as she elbowed him in the ribs. “It was almost like listening to you, the way she described it.”

“Who’s to say she didn’t get it from you?” Eve asked, smiling as he gasped when she suddenly wrapped her hand around his erect cock through his trousers.

“She is an amazing photographer, though,” Adam said, sitting up and leaning over to tap on the keyboard of the laptop, quickly bringing up a window of the directory.

The vice-president of a boutique computer programming company, it only took Adam a few seconds to connect to the home network and copy the contents of the directory to his system.

“Now this is interesting,” Adam said as he clicked. “It seems that she has video of each of the photo sessions, at least going by the file names.”

“Video!” Eve said, leaning forward.

“Well, there are eight files named blowjob,” Adam said. “Didn’t she say it took her eight takes to get the photo? There are three named fuck and two named ass fuck.”

“Adam,” Eve began to say, “are you sure we should…”

“My god!” Adam gasped when the screen was filled with a close-up of Tina’s face, Hezo’s huge ebony cock filling her mouth. “She definitely gets that from you,” he said as they watched Hezo’s entire cock disappear into Tina’s mouth, her throat bulging, the veins on his cock visible as it pulsed deep in her throat.

Adam could feel Eve nervously twitching against him as they watched Tina sucking Hezo’s huge ebony cock. Adam thought his own cock was going to tear through his trousers when they saw Hezo’s cock erupt in Tina’s mouth, thick white cum spurting onto her tongue as she wrapped her lips around it, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked him off, cum running from the corners of her mouth and down her chin as he seemed to cum forever.

“God, that was great,” Tina gasped in the video as she sucked hard on the head of Hezo’s cock, her tongue stabbed into the slit as she gulped the last of his cum down. “Let me check the pictures,” she said as she scraped the cum from her chin into her mouth and the video ended.

Eve didn’t say anything when Adam extracted his rock-hard cock from his trousers, all 9″ of it, and gently pushed her down until he felt her lips close on him as her tongue began exploring the head of his cock. Adam sighed when he felt her go all the way down on him, her nose pressed against him as her throat milked his cock.

“Let’s see another video,” he said after a couple of minutes, gently lifting Eve’s face from his cock and kissing her, their tongues intertwining.

The video began with a close-up of Tina’s spread pussy, glistening wetly as the ebony head of Hezo’s cock slid up and down between her delicate pussy lips.

“Here,” Adam said, easily lifting Eve like she was a little child and pulling her onto his lap, her back to him.

He could feel her hand find his cock and guide it to her pussy. As always, she was pantiless beneath her skirt, no longer owning or wearing underwear of any sort. As she lowered herself onto him, they watched Hezo’s cock disappearing into Tina’s pussy. Eve rolled her hips on Adam, fucking him as he reached around with one hand to rub her clit while they watched Hezo fucking Tina on the video.

“Christ!” Adam exclaimed when they saw cum leaking from around the shaft of Hezo’s ebony cock as he came in Tina’s pussy. He held Eve tight against his lap as they watched Hezo finish cumming by liberally coating Tina’s clit and pussy with cum as it leaked from her gaping hole and then the video ended.

Reaching around Eve, Adam clicked to open another video. He could feel Eve’s pussy spasming on his cock, squeezing it as the video started, opening with a close-up of the head of Hezo’s cock sliding from Tina’s pussy, followed by a cascade of thick white cum as he lowered his cock and pressed it against her already cum-coated rosebud.

“God, yes,” Eve gasped when Adam lifted her like a doll and repositioned his cock against her rosebud, his cock filling her ass while they watched Hezo slowly pushing his cock into Tina’s.

Tina had not been able to sleep, tossing and turning as she worried about how her parents had reacted to her photos. She decided to get something to drink and headed towards the kitchen. As she approached the entrance to the media room, she noticed the flickering light and thought she heard voices. Stopping in a shadow at the doorway, she peeked in and saw that the video of Hezo fucking her was on the large-screen TV. She had to put her hand over her mouth to stifle a gasp when she realized that her parents were fucking while they watched her being fucked on the video. She was totally shocked when she saw her father lean forward to start another video when that one finished. She heard her mother encouraging him and knew that she now had his cock in her ass while they watched Hezo fucking her in the ass on the video.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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