Oral Reciprocation

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Standing so close but not touching. His breath on her neck. Her eyes on his. She moves and grazes his neck with her lips. Still not touching they stand and feel the arousal growing between them.

He runs his hand down her side, across her stomach and up across her left breast. Her breathing changes. She reacts to his touch with a small shudder. She runs her hand down his right arm, across his stomach, to his hip.

Still breathing on her neck, he undoes her jeans. She is naked underneath – she pulls her jeans down. He slides a finger inside – she is so damp already. He pulls his hand back and starts to rub her clit. She spreads her legs to help. She undoes his belt and trousers and pulls his trousers and pants down. She holds his cock and begins to move her hand back and forth. She tries to keep her movements steady but is often overcome by the stimulation of her clit.

He keeps rubbing and sliding his finger in, her clit growing under his touch. Her vagina tightening around his finger. He’s so aroused – she wants to taste him. She bends anadolu yakas─▒ escort down and takes his cock in her mouth. Tightening her lips around the head, she moves her mouth back and forward, swirling her tongue over the tip and around the head. He tastes so good.

She slides her hands over his tense buttocks, up his tight stomach. She enjoys his reaction. His body feels so tightly wound up. She can feel how much pleasure she is giving him. She swirls her tongue around and holds his cock down slightly so that she can concentrate on his tip. She runs her hands over his bum, down his thighs, up over his stomach, exploring as much as she can. She wants to remember as much as possible – this moment won’t last forever.

He is twitching and she can feel how aroused he is. His cock is beginning to pulse now – it feels as though he wants to cum. His body is beginning to jerk. She hopes he will be able to let go. She can feel it building. Her hands run up his stomach, she is keeping him in ata┼čehir escort her mouth. She increases her pace, she wants to draw the tension from his body. Her lips remain tight around his cock. Her tongue still swirling over the tip. His cock is twitching and pulsing, she moves with the pulses.

Finally he cums, filling her mouth with a warm familiar taste. She swallows and continues to take more. His body begins to unwind. She runs her hands down his thighs, back around over his bum. She stands up and they kiss. He can taste himself in her mouth. He pulls up his trousers, and turns his attention to her.

She steps out of her jeans, lifts herself onto a table and opens her thighs. He kneels, spreads her lips and begins to lick her clit. He lets his tongue run down between her lips, and tastes her damp pussy. His tongue comes back up to her clit. She holds her lips open for him. He runs his tongue around the outside of her clit. She leans back, he slides a finger into the top of her entrance and moves it ├╝mraniye escort back and forth slightly, still licking her clit.

He stops moving his finger and uses his tongue instead, tasting her. Moving back to her clit he gently sucks and nibbles. One hand slides up, under her bra and plays with a nipple. Now she is getting very aroused. He runs a hand across her stomach. She jerks, she is so aroused.

He slides a finger inside – she tightens her vagina so that she can really feel his finger. He moves his finger ever so slightly. She gasps. He continues to lick and suck at her clit. She begins to let go. She wants to cum. She can feel it building. He slides his finger back and forth. Speeding up the motion of his tongue. and pressing firmly her body begins to twitch.

Sliding his finger in and leaving it there she can tense her muscles around his finger, her vagina pulling his finger in as she begins to cum. Waves of pleasure ripple across her body. Her vagina is pulsing. He maintains her orgasm – licking her clit and moving his finger ever so slightly, creating new waves of excitement .

Once it’s over, he licks from her entrance to her clit, tasting her orgasm. He stands up, she pulls up her jeans. They kiss, they smile and make a joke, and then leave the room separately, wondering when they will get an opportunity to pleasure each other again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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