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One HOT Day in the Summer

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I remember a particular summer when the heat reached unbearable heights about fourteen or so years ago. I had proudly crafted the perfect scheme for my older brother Brad and I, who had been in search of any kind of relief from the relentless temperature. Our eccentric Aunt Karen just happened to live about six blocks away from where we lived. Despite not having any children of her own, she had a larger luxurious home with an enormous swimming pool. I was sure Brad and I could survive a brief walk to her place and reward ourselves with a quick dip. Neither one of us had a car at the time. We were sharing an old hand-me-down for the past four years until its recent and inevitable demise. Here we were in our early twenties still having to hoof-it just about everywhere. Brother loved the idea and the two of us changed into our bathing attire and set out on our quest. The heat beat down on us the second we stepped outside and we began to trek down the seemingly empty streets. It was way too hot for anyone to just exist outside on a day like this.

“I can’t believe it is this fucking hot outside today.” I whined aloud.

Brad chimed in. “I can’t believe it’s so far away to Aunt Karen’s house.”

“Stop bitching. It’s gonna be totally worth it and we’re almost there, trust me.” I said with pride.

Our tempers were gradually starting to flare as we tried to converse. Attitudes became progressively shittier between us which was more than likely from the Sun’s brutal torment.

“What the hell are you wearing anyways?” Said Brad with a huff.

“It’s my new bathing suit, duh!” I retorted. It was a teal two piece bikini with an optional swim-skirt that had a pocket for my phone.

“Well, it looks like a skirt, can you even swim in that?” Brad snorted.

“Yeah, and it makes my boobs and ass look super sexy!” I said as I briefly struck a pose causing Brad to roll his eyes.

I just shook my head and chuckled at my brother’s lack of any kind of fashion sense. He was only wearing some thin trunks after all. I did have to admire his shoulders as well as his arms that were now fully exposed and had tanned well. Anyone could tell he clearly kept himself in great shape and had reason to display his chiseled body proudly.

We had finally arrived at our Aunt’s house only to see her leaving in a hurry donning her usual business attire. She greeted us in haste.

“Well, hello you two!” Aunt Karen exclaimed. “What are you guys up to today?”

“It’s super hot outside and we were kinda’ wondering if we could use the pool for a bit?” I said sounding as pathetic as I could.

“Hmm…You can on one condition.” She said. Our Aunt was as flaky as she was gorgeous, but could be a bit of an opportunist at times and a slight favor was usually payment due.

“I’m in a huge hurry and I have a billion things to do at the office. I’m having a new washer and dryer being delivered later tonight but I have no where to store them until they can install them in tomorrow. I can put them in the garage but there’s a bunch of your Uncle’s old junk in the way. If you can clean it up and make some room, you two can have the pool for the entire summer for all I care.” She said in a dubious bargaining manner. I turned to gauge Brad’s opinion on the deal only to find him excessively nodding his head in agreement.

“I guess we have a deal Aunt Karen!” I chirped.

“There’s not much so it won’t take long. I have to scoot now I’m late, but you kids have fun!” Aunt Karen said as she locked the door to the house and jaunted to her car as her high heels clicked down the driveway..

As she sped off and honked, the both of us looked at each other with delight and then dread as we looked towards the garage. Who knew what kind of horrors awaited us inside? Brad opened the side door that was unlocked for some reason. Our Aunt could be a bit scatter-brained at times and easily distracted but that was just one of her quirks. I clicked the light on and the single bulb illuminated the dreary cement floor and all of its contents. There was no doubt that we had been swindled. Directly in front of the door were dozens of boxes with old papers, assorted rusty tools, and other various junk just heaped in a vast pile.

“There’s not much so it won’t take long…” Brad mocked sarcastically in his best Aunt Karen’s voice. “What have we agreed to?” he whimpered.

The two of us sighed and started plotting out exactly where to place all the unwanted items. We spotted a nice open area towards the very back of the garage. Unfortunately it was nestled between a death maze of old and crusty hand tools used for either gardening or mass murder.

“We can just haul all this crap out and put it on the floor over here.” Brad motioned with his hands. I agreed to just about anything at this point. We were indoors now but the heat situation wasn’t getting any better.

There seemed to be no decrease in the temperature as we started moving the never ending horde of boxes and stuff to its new home. An hour had gone by and we weren’t even at the half way point. Sirkeci Escort The two of us were completely drenched in sweat from head to toe. The only thing getting us through this ordeal was to focus on our ultimate reward when the task was finished. We decided to take a quick break for a minute and stopped moving only to hear each other panting in anguish.

I’m sure it was either the temperature or lack of water, but I just stood there and admired my brother’s frame as he was dowsed in his own sweat that glinted off the single light fixture. For some unknown reason, I was starting to have some impure thoughts about my Bro in the tawdriest depths of my mind. What girl wouldn’t after seeing a buff, half naked guy soaking wet glistening in the heat? I know he was my Brother, but couldn’t help but admire his physical form at the moment. After the brief pause, Brad had decided to take one of the heavier boxes by himself despite my warning. It was clearly too flimsy to manage by himself and I watched him fumble with it miserably.

“Here, let me help you.” I said putting my cargo down.

“I got this.” he stated smugly. “Besides, the sooner we are done, the sooner we can get wet.”

I bit my lower lip hearing him say “We can get wet.” What was happening to me? Why was I thinking like this? Fuck these perverted thoughts! They wouldn’t stop forming in my little depraved brain..

I stammered out “Y-y-yeah, get wet!” and quickly grabbed another small box to add to the new heap.

My determined Brother began to journey through the death maze in light of my warning. As predicted, I heard him shout out “Oh Shit!” At the same time as a loud ripping noise and a collision of metal.

“What was that? Are you alright?” I asked in a panic.

Brad sounded flustered “I’m fine, just don’t come over here!”

Now my curiosity was naturally peeked. I came to the spot where we had been dumping the freight and saw a piece fabric that matched his swim trunks hanging off of an old jagged edge of another lawn tool. I looked up only to see my brother desperately trying to keep what was left of his shorts together. There was no mistaking it, they were shredded and almost split in half! Brad was trying desperately to keep himself covered with the remaining cloth to no avail. This was the last thing I needed in my current horny school-girl state of mind. An afternoon of seeing my naked sweaty Brother flaunt himself about the rest of the day would send me into over-drive. He was clearly beyond embarrassment and I probably shouldn’t have erupted with laughter but I couldn’t help it. Brad saw me reach for my pocket.

“If you take a picture right now, I will kick your ass!” he shouted.

I stopped laughing and tried to look serious as I holstered my weapon.

“Your shorts are fucked! Now what are you gonna do? Aunt Karen locked the house and there are no clothes out here at all.” I said concerned watching him frantically trying to hide his naughty parts.

“Yeah, no shit.” He sneered. “You’re just going to have to walk home and get me some new clothes.”

“Fuck that!” I snarled. “I won’t survive another trip home and back.”

“I have an idea but you might not like it.” I said and quickly slid my swim-skirt down my sweaty legs. I had the lower half of my bikini still so it was hardly a sacrifice.

“Here put this on.” I said handing the garb to him trying not to giggle.

“You want me to wear your skirt? I ain’t wearing a skirt!” Brad warned.

I held it out one more time. “Then you’ll have to use one of these boxes.” I said with sarcasm. “No one will see you and I won’t tell anybody, I swear.”

Brad thought about it for a moment and reluctantly reached out to snatch the skirt from my hand.

“You better not say shit to anybody! And I don’t wanna hear any snickering either. Turn around you perv!” He stated pulling the skirt up to his waist casting the disheveled trunks aside. “I mean it, nobody!”

I really thought I would once again explode with laughter, but after seeing his cute little ass in my tight skirt I was kind of turned on. I agreed to his terms and we both continued moving the remaining cargo back and forth. Another half hour had gone by and we were officially more than half-way done. The end was in finally in sight. Every so often I would catch my self stealing glances of my Brother bending down to lift more stuff. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he were doing the same to me. I was now only wearing a bikini drenched in girl sweat. Admittedly it was a bit skimpy and displayed some of my best female assets especially without the skirt part.

I was getting a little concerned about the recent direction my thoughts were heading at a constant rate. Was I getting some type of cheap thrill seeing him in next to nothing? That’s when I noticed I could see the tip of his dick peeking out from under the skirt at times. Now I was doing some quick math in my head. Given the short length of the garment and the length of what was seen, made my heart start to pound as I came Escort Sirkeci to the only conclusion. Answer: It had to be huge! My brother’s junk kept making random appearances and now it was all I could think about. It was decided, I just had to see it in full and an Idea started to formulate in the more nefarious parts of my mind .

I grabbed my phone that I had hidden before handing over my skirt and waited for the perfect opportunity. I snapped a picture of him as fast as I could from behind but forgot about the ‘click’ sound the camera made.

“What was that?” Brad murmured. “That had better not be what I thought it was!”

He whirled around and started toward me and I quickly shoved the phone down the front of my briefs causing him to back off immediately.

“I’m serious, you had better not show that to anybody! Delete it right now!” He scolded.

“I will” I said with a dubious tone. “If you do something for me.”

Brad looked puzzled. He soon realized that he was in no place to make any demands and seemed kind of obedient and docile. He politely asked. “Okay, like what? Do your chores or something for a week? What do you want?”

Still smirking, I motioned downward and pointed toward his nether region. “I Can see your you-know-what down there.” I said softly.

“Sorry.” Brad scoffed. “Next time bring a longer skirt. And stop looking at my junk anyways, weirdo! How would you like it I just stared at your big tits all day?”

“You think I have big tits?” I asked in complete flattery.

“Well yeah, it’s kinda hard not to notice them in that little bikini.” He stated turning a shade of red after an awkward pause. “They are very, Hey! Don’t change the subject! So what is it that you want in order for you to erase that fucking picture?

I focused my eyes at his crotch and murmured “I want to see it.”

Brad looked surprised which turned into a look of confusion at my request. The thought of having my own personal butler was enticing for a moment, but I was hellbent on seeing the full length of my Brother’s manhood instead.

“You want to see my dick, your own Brother’s dick?” He asked arrogantly.

“Yep, that’s all I want. I don’t know why so don’t ask me, I just do.” I responded.

Brad paused for a few more seconds. “And you will delete that shit off your phone for good?”

“Cross my heart.” I said gyrating my hand around my chest.

“That’s it?” he asked once again. “A look?”

I thought briefly. It seemed as though I was the one making demands so why not go all-in? “…Hard!”

“Hard? you want me to get hard for my Sister?” He sputtered. “And how am I supposed to do that?”

“I don’t know, do you want to see my tits or something?” I asked as I started undoing my top from the back.

“No, no I don’t need to see my little Sister’s tits.” Brad had a glint in his eye and narrowed his gaze to MY crotch now and began to smirk. I think he was slowly getting into it.

“You want to see my pussy? Your own Sister’s pussy?” I taunted.

“It’s only fair. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” Brad chuckled.

This was no big surprise. Growing up together, we had seen each other’s privates on many occasions. In the shower, in the pool, getting dressed, it happens. We used to play “I’ll show you mine” all the time as most kids do. One time, I actually let him put his finger in my pussy just so we could see how it felt. We were older now and we both knew better. We were no longer curious children and this wasn’t as innocent as it used to be.

It was only fair I suppose. At that particular time I would have given anything to see his hammer fully erect. I began to rationalize this demand for the exchange of inappropriate glances was due to to the rising heat and it’s affect on the two of us. Normally, such a conversation would NEVER take place between two ordinary siblings, but we were too hot and miserable to give a damn. I leaned back on one of the wider work benches and sat with my knees bent and brought both of my feet up on the ledge of it. Brad’s skirt started to ‘tent’ upwards and would soon escape its confines completely like some sort of curtain before the show began. I motioned downwards at my briefs with my eyes and back up at my Brother.

“Oh, you want me to do it?” he said with a smile as if he didn’t know.

“Yeah, that way I won’t feel like a total slut.” I said with a laugh.

Taking my subtle hint, Brad inserted the tips of his fingers on either sides of the remaining half of my bathing suit and slid it down my sweaty thighs.

I spread my legs a little further apart to give him a better view of my wondrous snatch. I had freshly trimmed the area in anticipation of trying out my new swimsuit today. Brad’s eyes were now transfixed on my groin and as promised, he lifted the remainder of his skirt exposing his predicted great length in full. It was magnificent indeed. I had never seen one of this girth and length in real life. Maybe I did in a dirty magazine or video I’m sure I wasn’t supposed to Sirkeci Escort Bayan see. It was truly mesmerizing the way it just hung there and defied gravity. Part of me wanted to reach out and grab on to it, but I had to digress. The two of us didn’t say a word and remained motionless for almost 30 seconds straight. Finally, Brad dropped the front of his skirt back down and the trance was broken.

“You good?” he asked with a grin.

All I could do was nod in agreement. I stood up and slid my bottoms back over my ass. As promised, I removed the picture I had taken right before his eyes so there was no evidence of his brief cross-dressing experience. The two of us went right back to moving the rest of the boxes like it had never happened. Neither one of us said a word but could sense the stolen glances we gave one another. I could still see his tool peeking out when Brad moved a certain way. Now I found myself bending over in an exaggerated fashion so he would have no choice but to ogle my goods again. After another twenty or so minutes, the forbidden urges were coming back to me tenfold. Seeing my Brothers hard-on it was all I could think about. I couldn’t stand it anymore.

I stopped cold in the middle of toting a large box and turned to him. “Can I see it again?” I spoke with much shame.

To my surprise Brad answered. “Only if I can see yours again. I can’t stop thinking about it.”

I didn’t waste anytime and sat back up on the tool bench with my knees up like before. Once again, I felt Brad’s hands around my hips and yanked my suit down and off faster this time. His unit was instantly stiff at the sight of my now glistening pussy. My head and chest was pounding and I couldn’t hold it in anymore and I had to ask.

“Can we try it?” I said meekly.

“Try what?…You mean put this in you, in your?” brad asked still stunned.

“Yeah, just for a second. I have never had anything in me that big before and I just want to see how it feels.” I pleaded.

“You want me to fuck you?” Brad said with a more than sarcastic tone. “No way. You’re my sister and this is weird enough. We shouldn’t even be doing this.”

Now I was getting down-right insistent. “I didn’t say FUCK me, just stick it in one time to see how it feels.” I said bashfully.

“Yeah, that’s called fucking!” Brad said mocking me.

My Brother stood there in contemplation not saying a word.

“Please!” I begged. “I won’t tell a single soul, I just want to see how it feels in there.” and I batted my big brown doe eyes at him with even more intensity

Rolling his eyes, Brad agreed. “You know this isn’t my finger this time, right?”

I smiled like a cat that just caught a mouse. “You know you want to.” I said squishing both of my breasts together.

Brad said nothing after and gave his shaft a few strokes. he came closer and put one hand just below my belly and one around the base of his dick. I closed my eyes and as he drew closer then I felt a searing pain in my lower half. I realized that it was Brad’s enormous cock penetrating my vaginal opening. It felt like it was never going to stop entering my body. I could feel every pulsating vein of his huge cock pushing itself deeper inside my cavity. I wanted to scream as it hurt a lot feeling my tight cunt getting stretched to the limits around my own Brother’s engorged shaft. The pain was quickly replaced with a sensation of complete bliss. Brad’s cock was making its way up the depths of my chasm and it felt wonderful. I was panting and whimpering the whole time as he slid his unit completely inside me as far as it could go.

“You okay?” Brad asked softly.

“Yeah, it feels really fucking good though.” I said panting. “Its so deep in me!”

Brad smiled. “Does it hurt?”

I felt like I was going to pass out. “It did at first but now it feels so FUCKING GOOD!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, it feels pretty fucking good on my end too.” He said with a smile.

Just then, Brad withdrew his cock from my cunt and I could still feel my moist pussy lips stretched apart and still hanging open. I was saddened and immediately wanted more. Could I really fuck my own Brother? I imagined what it feel like having that sensation running through me over and over again. But I had to keep myself in check. This was the very definition of incest and deep down I knew it was wrong. The two of us just smiled at each other and stared to finish up the remaining boxes of junk. At long last, our goal was just moments away. But none of that mattered to me anymore. I was obsessed with getting Brad to fill me up again. Now I wondered as to what would happen if I just openly threw my self at him with my absolute consent to fuck his Sister.

Ten more minutes of work had passed since our encounter. I couldn’t bare it any longer and I decided to send out the invitation to him and see how he would respond. My slick little cunt was aching to be filled again. Slowly, I removed my top and slid my bottoms off and stood there completely naked. I spread my legs apart and simply bent myself over the top of that work bench. I swear, I could feel my own pussy drip all the way down the inside of my quivering leg. I waited a few seconds and Brad finally spotted me. As predicted, he wasted no time and raced up behind me. I saw the skirt hit the floor and that instant felt that same searing pain in my vagina again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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