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One Flight Delayed

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I believed in my gut this trip was going to change my life. But as I climbed aboard my flight at LAX I had no idea how different everything would be.

The trip hadn’t gone as planned. I was flying from LA to Nashville to play guitar on a major artist’s album (you know who she is). Instead, Southworst Airlines had experienced technical issues during the holidays, and my itinerary changed. Now I had a 4-hour layover in Denver.

When I climbed off the ramp after landing, I knew I was in for an ordeal. There were thousands of people waiting for flights. Some sat in chairs, others napped in the terminal halls, and the lines to talk to an agent stretched as far as I could see.

I was immediately overwhelmed.

I made my way to my gate hoping somehow, someway, a miracle would befall me. Instead, I sat and streamed Netflix for hours, waiting for anything to happen. My emotions bubbled up after seven hours, and I went to the gate attendant to get any answers.

“Sir, I am sorry,” a young, and clearly overwhelmed redhead said. “The pilot scheduled to fly this flight has reached his max hours for this 24-hour period, and the FAA wouldn’t issue an exception. I am trying to find a new pilot. I am hopeful we can get this bird off the ground today.”

I retunred to my seat, but a young mother and her child had filled my space. I fumbled around the terminal, bought a soda, and returned to my gate. A woman who looked very familiar to me lifted her bags so I could sit in the seat next to her.

She was wearing an N95 mask. I struggled to put a name to her face, but I was certain I knew her. Her eyes looked so familiar to me.

She stood, exasperated after another hour of waiting. She lifted her mask and whipped moisture from her face. She threw her arms in the air and walked to the gate agent. Her body language suggested she was letting them have it.

The woman came back and growled her frustration. She sat down and leaned into me, hiding her face from everyone else. She puffed on a vape a few times, then faced forward again.

The stranger looked at me and said, “I am sorry. I know I shouldn’t vape in here. Do you want a puff?”

Once I saw her face I was able to complete the puzzle.

I said back, “Serie! I knew I knew you. You were at graduation. I am your daughter’s friend. You look so much like Tia!”

Serie looked at me with a confused stare. Then she just blurted out, “Tim. Oh my god. It is so weird to bump into you here.”

“Yeah – are you trying to get to Nashville too?” I asked.

“Yes, I have some contracts that I am negotiating with a producer. I’m an entertainment, and they’re trying to rip off my client on royalties and copyrights.”

I felt a little intimidated.

“I guess I didn’t know you were a lawyer. Tia always said she grew up, um, well, not well off.”

“Yeah, I had Tia young. Her dad and I split before I was 20. I think he knew I was a lesbian before I could admit it to myself. I raised Tia alone. I made it through college and finished law school about the time she started high school. Tia knew the hard times before I found real success. I am a 42-year-old woman competing against lawyers 15 years younger for the same clients at the same point in our careers. But I am good at this shit, and my law firm rewards me well. With any luck, I’ll be my firm’s first black, female partner. Maybe in a year or so. But first I must get this fucking deal fixed and signed.”

From there we broke into some basic chit-chat. We both said we were excited about Tia’s wedding in June and connected over our frustration with Southworst’s service.

Finally, Serie turned the conversation to me.

“I want to thank you for tutoring Tia. She wouldn’t have gotten into med school without your help. She said you are crazy smart, a little nerdy, and very passionate. Who gets their PhD in molecular chemistry then turns down a crazy job offer from Dupont to pursue a music career?” Serie asked.

“Tia said I was nerdy?” I stuttered.

“She said you were crazy smart – and kind of cute. But you made a fucked-up decision skipping the hard-earned payday to be a session musician.”

“She said I was cute?” I stuttered again.

“Don’t get carried away. Tia is like her mom and into the ladies. You know Tia is marrying a woman named Molly, right?”

“Yeah, of course. It was never like that between me and Tia. She and I were great friends and had a lot of fun together, but nothing more,” I said blushing a little.

An announcement came over the intercom saying it would be at least four more hours before they could get a pilot for our flight. The voice assured us our flight wasn’t canceled. Now we had some time to kill.

Tia suggested we go find some food. We walked the terminal and grabbed some expensive airport food and a few beers. After 90 minutes of drinking and talking we were both a bit intoxicated. That was when Serie shocked me.

“What I really need is a god pussy licking. An orgasm would relieve so much of this stress,” Serie said

“Is that a joke,” I asked.

“No, I’m serious as a fucking heart attack. I wish I had packed my vibrator in my carryon,” she said, finishing her last gulp of beer.

Maybe it was the IPA’s talking but I blurted out, “I could help you with that.”

Her eyes locked mine.

“You know that I am not into your plumbing, right. Like, dick does nothing for me,” she said.

“I’m guessing my tongue could meet your needs,” I said with as much confidence as I could muster.

She looked me up and down then said, “You would have to shave first. I don’t want no bearded man scratching up my mound.”

I stood, walked across the hall to the newsstand, and bought an electric razor, then returned to Serie.

“You’re pretty bold. How do you think we can make this scheme of yours work in the airport? We aren’t exactly alone,” Serie said doubtfully.

I took her hand, and we scurried to a family bathroom.

“What’s your plan?” she asked.

I pulled a piece of paper, marker and band sticker from my backpack and wrote, “Closed for repairs.” I used the band sticker to affix the fake sign to the door.

“I’ll go in first. Give me five minutes to shave. Then you knock, and I will let you in. No one will know we are in there, and we can find a little relief from this shitty day.”

Serie stood quietly for a while.

“This is fucking crazy. You know what you’re Diyarbakır Escort doing down there?” she asked.

“I like to start with a little tender play. I lick around the labia teasing – even kissing the inside of a girl’s thighs a little. When I smell her pussy start to bloom I get serious. I lick up and down the lips, up and down the triangle. I start by teasing the outside of the lips and work my way to the inner ledge. When she starts bucking a little I move my attention northward. That’s when the headliner takes the stage and I focus on that ever-so-special spot.”

Serie’s mouth gaped in awe.

“I’ve got a bit of game,” I finished.

Now Serie was blushing and undoing the top buttons of her shirt. She even took my hand for a second.

“You know, I’m not touching your dick right? If you’re good with that go, go shave.” She commanded.

I ran to the restroom and said a private prayer of thanks. I shaved as quickly as I could and took a quick sink shower to try and make myself a little more presentable.

Serie knocked just as I finished. She slipped in, locked the door, and started undoing her jeans before climbing onto a countertop changing table strong enough to support both of us easily.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she giggled. “You can’t tell Tia.”

“God no. She would never talk to me again.”

Serie pulled her jeans off. I ripped her panties from her body exposing her beautiful womanhood. Serie had a full bush. I like a natural woman.

“Do you mind if I take my pants off and, uh, take care of myself why I eat you?” I asked a little shyly.

“I don’t care, just so long I don’t have to touch your dick and you keep all that dangerous sperm away from me. Us lesbians don’t worry too much about birth control.”

I took my time licking her inner thighs and gently tickling her vulva lips with my fingers. Her thighs became covered in goosebumps. I looked up at Serie and she clearly wasn’t into it. She was watching me like I was an IT tech trying to get her printer to work.

I tried to appear confident, but I was shaking just a bit. I was nervous to be with such a beautiful woman, one clearly out of my league.

Worse, nothing I tried was working. Serie was more of an unenthusiastic audience member than participating paramour. I decided to take another risk. I stood, removing myself from her most sensitive of areas. Her legs clamped shut. She had decided it was over and was reaching for her clothes.

On impulse, I moved close to Serie. My chest pressed against hers, my lips centimeters from hers. Her composure changed. The tenseness in her body released.

We didn’t’ say anything or do anything. We looked into each other’s eyes and lost track of time and our surroundings. My bravado fell and I made myself vulnerable to her. She could see kindness and empathy in my eyes, I could see wanting and desire in hers.

She closed her eyes and pursed her lips just a bit. I heard her exhale. She was inviting me to her, and I moved to kiss her. The kiss was soft and gentle but far from sultry. Just our lips touched. It was a sweet little kiss.

I ran my tongue against her lips gently. My tongue was the key unlocking her lips, and I felt her mouth open. Then, unexpectedly she slid her tongue to mine. This sweet little kiss turned into something deeper. Serie came closer, her body embracing mine. She ran her fingers through my long hair.

I could feel her body opening and engaging mine. After several more minutes of kissing Serie started moaning a bit. I broke from her kiss and worked my way down. She sprinted to unbutton her top. I scrambled to unclasp her bra. Her small, black breasts were eager for my attention.

Serie was in her early forties and a mother – but her breasts were as pert as any twenty-year-old’s. I licked each nipple until they fully came to life. The more her nipples opped the more Serie squirmed. At the same time my left hand strayed down below her equator.

I used my middle finger to trace the outline of her labia. We kissed as my finger began to unlock her secrets. She swayed as I traced the outside of her lips. Serie moaned as my fingers danced and parted her lips. I gently pried at her entrance. My fingers brushed up and down her crease, finally landing the top of her delight. I adjusted my hand so my thumb pushed against her clit, and my fingers wrapped around her slender waist.

When Serie was in full bloom she arched her back, tangled her fingers in my hair and pushed me to her lively, and well-lubricated pussy. I could feel the heat as I moved to give her the attention she rightfully demanded.

Her body had undergone a Jekyll and Hyde transformation, moving from its normal state, all business, to a new state, sexual wonderland.

Her hands held me in the cleft of her loins. Seri’es aroma was intoxicating. I licked up and down, inside and out of her slit. My toungue was the instrument, and the vibrato brought Serie to ovation.

After plenty of temptation, I moved my lips to her clitoris. I slid my tongue up and down her nub. I added pressure with every stroke building intensity.

She began to buck and thrust her hips. I lifted myself off her and licked her engorged lips like licking an ice cream cone before returning my focus to her delicate peak. I clamped my lips onto her sensitive bean. Serie screamed just a bit in response. Her voice cascaded in pleasure.

I was acutely aware of our surroundings and still holding her panties in my right hand. I reached up and Serie’s panties into her mouth, hoping to quiet her. I didn’t want to get caught. I just wanted to get her off and enjoy myself a little too. Serie clinched her teeth around the lacey fabric. Her eyes were clamped closed.

I took my dick in my hand. I was already drooling precum everywhere. I found this exchange as hot as she did.

I licked her and tugged myself. She pinched her nipples harder and harder to get herself off. For fifteen minutes our breathing was heavy as I gave and she received. After one last intense roll of my tongue across her clit, Serie clamped her thighs tightly around my head. I couldn’t move.

“I’m cumming,” she said in a guttural chant as her juices squirted all over my freshly shaved face.

She rested and I held my dick awkwardly. I was so turned on and so unfulfilled at the same time.

“I’m not into dick. But that tongue of yours can spend Diyarbakır Escort Bayan as much time in my bed as it wants,” Serie said.

I didn’t want to complain, but I was a little disappointed. I loved getting her off, but I didn’t really want to be the one handling my needs as well.

“That was amazing, Serie said as she pulled my jeans and boxers from my waist. ” A good orgasm or two really fixes everything. You look kinda pathetic there jacking yourself off. I’ll give your cock a little attention. Just this once.”

Serie jumped off the changing table and spun in the light. Her tiny body had curves in just the right places.

She noticed me gazing on her body.

‘My body’s not perfect. Motherhood changes your body in some of the worst ways, but changes your life in the best,” Serie said.

“You body’s fucking perfect,” I said. “I wouldn’t change one inch of it.”

Serie reached over and embraced me for several minutes. It was a moment of raw intimacy.

“Here, climb up so I can reach your dick more easily,” Serie said as she patted the counter.

I climbed onto the changing table and put my hips near her head. I turned slightly onto my side so she could reach me. She started slow. She looked a little disgusted by the prospect of touching my dick, and when she grasped me in her hand she handled me with the vigor of a woman pounding on a rolling pin in the kitchen.

I took her hand in mine and had her loosen her grip. I slowed her stroke and guided her, helping her relearn what she knew intrinsically on some level. Serie surprised me once more when she bent over to take me into her mouth. She was clearly trying hard and clearly not in to it.

“Sucking your dick is absolutely not for me, sorry,” she said.

I must have looked pretty sad at that because she responded with an inquisitive look. She thought for a few moments then said, “How about I try something else.”

Then one more surprise. Serie climbed up and onto my lap. She rolled her tiny body between my legs and ran her fingers up and down my six-pack. She was admiring my body. She climbed up and kissed me, straddling me, my penis lying between her pussy lips.

She was breathing heavy, shaking a bit. Her whole body was heaving.

“I think you have earned something very special. And honestly, I would rather get you off by fucking than by sucking. I just can’t put that in my mouth.”

She lifted her hips just a bit, took my penis in her hand and guided me to her beautiful entrance. She held the head of my cock just inside her pussy lips. She was teasing me. You could see her thinking through if she really wanted me inside of her. She spent what flet like an hour trying to decide if she wanted to fuck me, my dick growing ever harder.

Our eyes were locked, and she made small circles with her hips as my head rested on the cusp of paradise. I felt so much hope and so much pleasure being between her legs. But I still doubted we would fuck. She leaned to guide me but stopped. There were clearly second thoughts.

Serie leaned in and kissed me – a deep passionate kiss – while making very small circles with her hips. She let my dick slip in and out of the slick threshold to her vagina.

Serie sighed as we kissed. She knew that on any normal day the thought of letting a penis enter her crease was repulsive to her. But this wasn’t about a penis or sex. Serie felt fully and completely satisfied. She had always been a hard ass, but at her core, she was a giver, especially to those who showed her kindness. This wasn’t about sex, or gender, or plumbing. Serie felt close to me, and she wanted to give me something very special.

She opened her eyes as I opened mine. We gazed at each other as her pussy glazed the tip of my dick. Her hips hovered just out of reach of my penis in its entirety. I was in bliss and in want.

Then she nodded. I knew, intrinsically she wanted to give me her body.

I took control. I lifted her and angled my hips so I could pierce her. I slowly and gently lowered her onto me. My body communicated desire and demand to her.

Serie took one deep breath, still shaking. Each of us sat intertwined and motionless. My penis was fully enveloped. She kissed me again and began to move sliding up and down me pulling me into her depths. Her mouth gaped, and she let out a sigh of pleasure as her pussy walls stretched to accommodate me.

I was completely caught off guard in the moment. I thought she was going to stop and come to her senses. I thought she would dive down and suck me off or give me hand job rather than let me into her most personal space. But here I was diving in and out of her body.

The pleasure was too much. I arched my back and howled. I started to buck. My body wanted to let loose and pound her.

“Slowly, big man. I haven’t done this with a man in a long, long time.”

I found my composure again and slowed. I let her set the tempo. Soon Serie was riding my dick like a pro. She knew exactly what she was doing. She pushed me back so I was laying fully on the table.

She held her clit tight against my pubic bone. The pressure against her bud made her eyes roll back into her head. She put all of her weight into her hands, pressing hard against my chest forcing me into the tiled table. Serie danced her ass up and down, giving my dick the travel and sensation I needed to feel bliss, buried deep into her body.

She rode me hard, moving up and down my dick. Her slick juices were spilling all over me. Soon Serie was screaming. She had become an animal. Serie pulled my hair and scratched my chest. Then she yelled, “I’m cumming again, oh my god. I can’t believe it. I’m cumming!!.”

I was so very close too.

“You want to get up, I am about to blow,” I whispered between my heavy breaths.

“No, wait a minute while I finish,” Serie said. “I haven’t felt this for so long. Maybe I’ve never had a moment like this”

“What???? But!!!!”

She was panting and I couldn’t make out her words until Serie finally whispered, “Just cum, while I finish.”

She didn’t have to tell me twice and I blew like a geyser.

I knew her womb was unprotected. This detail was front and centeri n my mind. It didn’t bring anxiety or fear. Instead, knowing I was burrying my seed in her fertile garden awoke something animalistic. In this moment i lusted for Serie more than I had ever lusted for a woman.

I Escort Diyarbakır could feel my balls straining to push every drop of semen from me to her. Rope after rope spilled from me filling her. She held her pussy tight to the base of my dick burying me deep in her body.

I knew. I don’t know how, but deeep in my bones I knew. I have had unprotected sex before. Not often, and usually when alcohol was involved. Today I was stone cold sober and I knew. Serie’s body drank my gift, letting me mark her. Serie’s body and life would forever change because of our time together in Denver.

Series body would forever tell my story. First, it would bulge over months, then it would feed life, and finally the marks would tell our story on her breasts, abdomen and thighs.

We rolled over and I held her tight.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms. I woke hours later, seeing only dark. She was jerking me off and I was rock hard again. Serie guided my hand ever lower down her body once she realized I was awake.

“Finger me baby,” She whispered. “Get me off again.”

I slid my fingers between her vulva lips. They were still wet with what I guessed was a little of her and a little of me. She came again then stood, leaned against the wall, pulled me behind. Serie quickly guided me into her for the second time.

“You’ve earned this. Take me.”

I bent her tiny body in half and buried myself as deep into her as I could. I watched in the mirror as her breasts swung with every thrust.

“Fuck me honey. Go deep in me. Fill me. Holly shit this feels incredible,” she said between deep breaths.

We played through all the classic positions. As we both tired and I was laying on top of her she whispered in my ear. “Baby, don’t hold back. Cum in me. I’ve already cum three times. We don’t need to fuck for 45 minutes. I am fully pleasured. Now it is your turn.”

I don’t know how she knew. But I had been holding back. The moment she said those words I blew like a volcano erupting into her belly. Waves rolled over my body as my DNA burst forth and intertwined hers.

We held each other falling asleep in each others’s arms once more. When we woke Serie said, “Thank you. I feel so relieved and happy now. I could sit in the terminal another 12 hours.”

“What about, you said you aren’t on birth conrol,” I stammered.

“No worries, I’ll go get some plan B once we land,” Serie replied casually.

For whatever reason, I knew it didn’t matter what she did. I just nodded and we got up to dress. Before we could pull on our clothes someone knocked hard at the door.

“Is everything ok in there?” someone shouted.

We both hastily dressed and emerged from the bathroom.

“We’re fine. He gave me an insulin injection and it was his first time and it didn’t go well. But I’ll live,” Serie said.

I was in awe of how quickly and convincingly she was able to lie to a cop.

Serie took my hand and pulled me into the crowd before we had to answer any more questions.

As we walked I looked at my texts. Southworst had rebooked me on a different flight through Houston. Serie’s flight was unchanged. I had 10 minutes to get to the new gate.

At the gate Serie took my hands and said, “This was a lot of fun honey. It was a little vacation back there. But understand, even though I am very fond of you, nothing has changed. I still prefer a good vulva to a stick. Please understand, and don’t be hurt.”

I agreed with her completely, but it did feel like more than a fling.

She embraced me and walked away. I knew what we were doing was temporary, but there was a part of me that really hoped it might turn into something more. I guess I had found feelings.

I did make it to Nashville in the nick of time, and the gig opened new doors for me.

By June I was on my way to being a full-on Rock star. I even had a record exec ask me to put together my own demo. I went to Tia’s wedding eager to share the good news.

Instead, there was news far bigger than mine.

Tia was escorted down the aisle by a very pregnant Serie!

I was so dumbfounded I don’t remember anything else about the wedding. I remembered feeling certain in the moment that Serie and I made life. It was still a shock to see the truth.

Late into the reception I finally got up the guts to walk over to Serie.

“I wondered when you would come talk to me. It is yours of course, nobody knows but you and me,” she whispered

“Of course,” I said cooly before adding. “I thought you were going to take Plan B.”

“Oddly, airports don’t sell it and I was stuck there for 5 days waiting for a flight. I guess I figured one fuck with a man in 20 years wouldn’t leave me knocked up – but as they say, ‘Life finds a way,’ right.”

Serie was shaking a little, clearly nervous about how I would react seeing her.

“I want to raise this little girl on my own. I don’t’ need anything, especially not after making partner! I don’t want to be heartless – but would you consider signing over all your parental rights,” Serie said as she began pulling papers from her purse.

I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to say. I thought about the responsibility and distance. I didn’t want a child before that moment and I tried to reach into myself to see if that feeling had changed. As far as I could tell I still wanted to be the single rock star bachelor for a while. I couldn’t find it within me to want to be involved or raise the child. I knew Serie would be an amazing mother and I would complicate that.

I decided right then and there I would honor her wishes and agreed to everything.

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be cold. I just want to get this nastiness done with,” Serie said.

Once the documents were secured and her purse clamped shut Serie became the warm woman I remembered. We talked alone in the corner while the band played and everyone danced. We talked for hours getting to know one another in a way we didn’t have time for back in the Denver Airport.

When the music stopped and the lights came on we stood. Tia had left with her bride and the cake was nothing but crumbles. Serie leaned in and gave me a hug.

“Swing by my room after the reception,” Serie said. “And if you brought your magical tongue, we can have one more night of fun!”

I looked at her bulging tits and belly. I knew right there I had a new fetish.

“I’ll be by,” I said. “But my tongue comes with my dick – so I hope you’re eager for one more wild ride.”

Serie just winked as she slid her room key into my pocket, her hand gently rubbed my penis through my pocket. I knew this would be another night to remember.

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