Ağu 09

On the Loveseat Ch. 07

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This is the ongoing story of Jeremy and his mother and aunt. Please read the preceding chapters to understand what has gone before. I welcome all comments!


Strangely, I awoke from that same sexy dream that I had the night before, a hot woman giving me an amazing blowjob. Only this time when I opened my eyes it wasn’t mom that greeted me but Aunt Jess!

‘Morning handsome. Your mom said you liked this form of alarm clock! Or should I say, alarm cock!’ She was slavering away on my rock hard dick.

‘If there were alarm clocks like you and mom, productivity in the world would skyrocket with all the early risers!’

‘Or no one would get out of bed and just keep hitting snooze!’

I lay there and let her work her oral magic on my very recovered member. Ten minutes later, she had me feeding her my specially blended protein shake down her throat!

As I took a moment to catch my breath and for my aunt to lick her lips clean, I asked what everyone else was doing.

‘Your mother is making breakfast for everyone. Except your dad, who has already left. Johnny and Jojo are watching that superhero flick from last night again. Your sexy aunt is waking up her favorite nephew with some expert dick sucking.’

‘Yes it was! Expert, I mean.’ I pulled my boxers back up over my now wilted dick and got out of bed. ‘I need a shower. Tell mom I’ll be down in a couple of minutes. I’m going to need a big breakfast to build up my strength.’

‘I could join you in the shower. I’m pretty dirty too!’

‘You are pretty. And you’re dirty too. Just how I like my aunts!’ She started to rise. She was wearing a spare robe of mom’s.

‘Now you heard mom last night. Much as I want to wash your entire hot body, with the kids here we can’t!’

‘I know, I know. I wasn’t really serious. Unless you change your mind?’ She eyed me sexily.

‘You don’t know how tempting that it Aunt Jess. You should probably get back downstairs before I change my mind. Or my dick wakes back up.’

‘I bet I could get it to wake up!’ She stood and as she turned for the door, she lifted the robe to reveal her bare ass.

‘Go!’ I foolishly ordered. She left and I headed for the bathroom for a quick, somewhat cold shower.

Fifteen minutes later, I felt refreshed as I went downstairs to find mom and Aunt Jess serving a big breakfast of eggs, bacon, hash browns, and blueberry pancakes with milk and orange juice. I was somewhat amazed by the spread as mom only went all out like this on special occasions such as holidays. I shouldn’t have brought attention to it but I spoke before I realized it.

‘What’s with all the food mom?’ She was wearing her robe and I wondered if she had anything on underneath.

‘Yeah! Jeremy gets his favorite for dinner last night and now you’re making this big breakfast.’ Johnny protested.

‘Yeah!’ Jojo parroted our brother as she clutched her favorite stuffed animal against her.

Aunt Jess looked from me to mom. Mom grimaced at me then her sister. I shrugged in apology.

‘I woke feeling so energetic this morning! I thought that I would treat my kids with a nice big breakfast. I didn’t know that they would look for ulterior motives from their mom!’ She said defensively while looking at the two younger children.

‘What’s ulter motions, mommy?’ Jojo looked up at mom as she was setting the platters of food on the table.

‘It’s when you do something because you want something.’ I crouched down before Jojo and answered my sister.

‘Like when I be good so I can have a cookie?’ She looked at me so innocently that I wished I could go back to that age and not have to worry about all the things life dumps on you as you become an adult. Things are so much simpler when all you have to worry about is what you have to do to get your next cookie!

‘Yeah, just like that Jojo.’

‘Does mommy want a cookie too? She’s mommy. She can have one whenener she wants can’t she?’ I glanced back to my mom trying to hold back my laughter. I noticed Aunt Jess grin too.

‘Adults want things they sometimes can’t have, just like little girls.’ This explanation was very off-track, or rather too on track.

‘Then why be adult?’ Sometimes kids can be so wise!

‘I don’t know Jojo. I’m still new to it.’ I took her animal, set it aside, and lifted her into her chair with her booster seat. Johnny had already started in on the bacon as I took my seat. I looked at mom as she sat across from me.

‘Thank you mom. You didn’t have to go to all this trouble.’ I placed a couple pancakes on Jojo’s plate and poured the syrup for her. She dug in, all concept of motives, ulterior or otherwise forgotten when presented with mom’s blueberry pancakes.

Mom gave me an innocent smile that I read as anything but innocent. She turned to look at her other two kids with a gaze of such pure love that I was momentarily touched. I normally viewed my siblings as annoying pains since I was so much older than they were. I felt closer to them then as I saw our mother’s love for Şirintepe Escort us all.

‘I love all of you. You know that.’ She said subdued.

‘Love you too, mom.’ I answered first.

‘I love you too mommy!’ Jojo said as syrup dripped down her chin.

‘Me too.’ Ever the eloquent Johnny said still shoving bacon in his mouth.

‘Eat something besides bacon!’ Mom scolded him lightly. He sighed and forked a pancake onto his plate, strips of bacon sticking out of his half-open mouth.

I dug into the abundance of food and ate more than my share with teen-age gusto. Nothing further was said as the five of us set about putting away as much of the profusion of fare as possible. I won’t tell the amount I consumed as I somewhat embarrassed myself with the quantity. Needless to say the rest were finished while I was still eating, watching me with some amazement. I sat back and gave a loud compliment to the chef as they say, causing my younger siblings to giggle. I excused myself. I saw mom and Aunt Jess stare at me.

‘What? I was hungry.’

‘Obviously.’ Mom replied as she rose and began to collect the dishes. Aunt Jess stood and helped Jojo to the floor. She and Johnny ran to the living room and from the sounds, it appeared that they had paused the movie while they ate. I stood slowly and adjusted my waistband. I grabbed a couple of plates and carried them to the sink. As I returned to the table, I passed mom and paused. I glanced around quickly before I gave her a soft kiss on the edge of her lips.

‘Thank you mom.’ I whispered.

‘It wasn’t just for you, mister big head.’

I guffawed at her inadvertent pun. I heard Aunt Jess giggle too.

‘What?’ Mom said then a moment later caught what she had said. ‘Yes that too!’ I laughed louder.

‘I just woke up today feeling better than I have in quite awhile. I feel energized!’ Mom put her hand on my cheek. ‘I’m sure that has a lot to do with you honey.’ She gave me a lingering kiss with her tongue gliding along my lips.

‘I’m right here too you know!’ Aunt Jess protested, pulling my arm to spin me around to her. She planted her lips on mine and her tongue didn’t linger on my lips, she pushed it deep into my mouth! I had to take a step back.

‘Girls! Girls. Remember Johnny and Jojo!’ I pushed my aunt away, which she maneuvered herself so that my hands ended up on her tits! I couldn’t help myself from giving them a firm squeeze. Mom grabbed her sister’s arm and pulled her back.

‘He’s right Jess. Not here. Not now.’ Mom said sternly.

‘We just need to get rid of the two of them for a couple of hours.’ As much as I wanted time alone with mom and/or Aunt Jess, even I was shocked my aunt would suggest such a thing about my brother and sister. They were annoying yes, but even I wouldn’t be so cavalier about them being around just for my own sexual pleasure. Mom was aghast at her sister’s words.

‘Jess!’ Mom stared at her angrily. ‘They’re my kids too, as much as Jeremy is!’

‘That’s not what I meant! You know that! God.’ Aunt Jess sighed exasperated.

‘We aren’t going to have sex all the time.’ Mom told her sister. ‘Even though it’s all I can think about most of the time now!’

‘Mom!’ I exclaimed. I was glad I wasn’t the only one, but still, this was my mom! Even if I was the one she wanted to have sex with! Boy, I couldn’t believe how complicated and confusing and messed up my life had become.

‘Sorry honey. I know that’s not what you want to hear.’

‘Well it is and it isn’t! It’s strange to hear your mother say how much she wants sex, but then I am the benefactor of those thoughts, so …’

‘And the reason for most of them too!’ Mom smiled sexily at me. She returned to cleaning the table.

Aunt Jess gave me another kiss, this one an innocent one with no tongue involved, and she resumed carrying dishes to the sink. I stood there for a minute watching these two sexual women going about routine housework. Even doing this mundane task, dressed as least attractively as they were (though both were showing lots of long shapely legs), they were still two of the sexiest women I’d ever seen. It might have helped that I could picture them naked walking around the kitchen! I shook my head to clear away those thoughts before my cock heard my thoughts and decided to arise looking for some more morning nookie.

‘Well if I’m not going to get any action here, I’m going to mow the lawn before it gets too warm out.’ I started out of the kitchen when I heard them both suddenly laugh. I didn’t know if I should be nervous or not.

‘When you get done here, you could come over to my house and do mine too!’ Aunt Jess called as I went out of sight. I had mown her grass a few times, but she had a boy on her block that normally did it for her so I didn’t know if this was just her asking a favor or a set up. I realized a moment later that I didn’t care one way or the other.

‘Sure thing!’ I called as I headed upstairs. I passed Johnny and Jojo still watching TV. Escort Şirintepe I came back down a few minutes later and went out the front door rather than dare to pass through the kitchen, but Aunt Jess still called out again.

‘After you do my grass I have a bush you can trim!’ More laughter from the kitchen.

I was sure she wasn’t talking about her hedges! I hoped I’d get a chance to look at Aunt Jessica’s bush today!

I went about mowing our lawn, first the front, then the more difficult backyard. By then it had gotten warm enough that I had removed my t-shirt. I could see Aunt Jess and Mom talking in the kitchen through the window. I’m sure they weren’t talking about me; I’m not egotistical enough to think everything now was about me, but still, with previous experience, I wished I knew what they were talking about. Halfway through doing the backyard I stopped and drank some water out of the hose and splashed it on my head and face, before I finished mowing. I entered the house from the back door to find Aunt Jess had already left as she had some errands to run before I came over later. Mom was finishing the dishes as I entered. I could see my brother and sister still sitting on the living room floor.

‘They are still watching that movie?’ I asked in amazement.

‘No, they’re playing some game off the internet on the tv.’ Mom answered drying her hands. I noticed she had dressed and was wearing a plain white blouse and not-completely black slacks. She noticed I was still shirtless, eyeing me up and down.

‘No, young lady. You have to keep your hands off the garden help.’ I teased her. I glanced to make sure my siblings couldn’t hear me. They were focused on the TV that was out of sight from the kitchen.

Mom cocked her head and gave me a puzzled stare. She gave no reply.

‘I’m going to take a leak then head to Aunt Jess’s.’ Mom continued to stare.

‘What?’ I asked as if she could see signs of a rare disease on my body.

‘We both know what is going to happen over there.’ She said woodenly. She glanced to the living room, then turned back to me. ‘You’re going to ‘trim her bush’.’

‘If she wants.’ I felt awkward. Mom knew I was going to go have sex with her sister. One, she was probably jealous; two, she couldn’t very well tell me not to go. I tried to look her in the eye but I couldn’t maintain it and glanced to the floor. She stepped closer to me and put one hand gently on my bare shoulder and with the other she lifted my chin until I was again peering into her sparkling green eyes.

‘What am I supposed to say mom? You know I’d rather stay here with you.’ I glanced quickly out of the kitchen, then continued. ‘Even if we can’t do anything now, if you don’t want me to go to Aunt Jess’s, tell me. I won’t go.’

She pulled away reluctantly, looking at the hand that had left my shoulder as if she didn’t realize it was hers. She shook her head and looked me in the face when she spoke.

‘No.’ She paused as if she was translating her thoughts into a second language to speak. ‘I can’t stop you going. I don’t want you to feel that way either, as if you have to choose one of us over the other. I certainly have no hold over you; I’m a married woman for God’s sake!’ It was her turn to look down to the floor. ‘This is a difficult situation for all of us Jeremy. We knew that when we decided not to stop this from continuing. I know how you feel about both of us. You’ve fantasized about your aunt for years and I’m your mother. I know Freud’s theories. I’m also mother to your brother and sister, so my first obligation is to them. You’re eighteen now, a young man. You go to your aunt’s. Have fun. Pay no heed to me. It’s just my long-standing jealousy and competition with my sister speaking.’ She lifted her head and looked at me with a weak smile. ‘Really. Go. We’ll get our own chances. I’ll let Jess have you for an afternoon! Just try to be back for dinner please.’ She leaned toward me and surprisingly with the two kids in sight, gave me a very passion-filled kiss, even wrapping her arms around my neck. It lasted less than ten seconds, but those seconds seemed like eternity!

‘We could sneak upstairs for ten, fifteen minutes before I go.’ I said knowing what her answer would be already.

‘No, you know we can’t.’ Her eyes said otherwise.

‘I know.’ I put my shirt back on and headed for the door. ‘Do you know if she was serious about doing her grass or was that only a ploy for me to come over?’

‘She didn’t say anything to me. I don’t know. If she’s not there yet when you get there, then just start it anyway. It’s a nice gesture even if she wasn’t serious. Pay her back for … you know.’


‘I guess. Do you still have her house key if she isn’t home yet? She didn’t know how long she’d be on her errands.’

‘Yeah.’ I patted my pocket to verify my keys were there. ‘You owe me now mom.’ I stared intensely at her, trying to burn her image in my head before I left.

‘Shouldn’t it be you owe me?’ She queried Şirintepe Escort Bayan back.

‘Depends which of us wants it more.’ I said with an upturn at the corner of my lips.

‘Go! But six o’clock please.’

‘I’ll try.’

It felt very weird to be leaving the house with the express purpose of going to my aunt’s to have sex and mom sending me on my way! Like a deviant Little Red Riding Hood.

Auntie, what a hot tight pussy you have! The better to fuck you with my dear!

I shook that thought from my head and decided to walk over to Aunt Jess’s rather than drive the few blocks there. It also gave her more time to get home before I arrived, as I didn’t necessarily want to mow another lawn and tire myself anymore before Aunt Jess wore me out. Of that, I had no doubt!

I did get there and found no one there. I sighed, opened the garage, and pulled out the mower. I was three-quarters of the way done when Aunt Jess pulled up. She sat in the car for a moment watching me cross the front grass, once again shirtless in the mid-day heat. She got out and let out a wolf whistle. I looked around to see if there was anyone to hear her. Some of her neighbors knew I was her nephew! She laughed when she saw me glance about, then did it again.

‘Aunt Jess!’ I yelled only loud enough to be heard over the mower, afraid to further broadcast our familial relationship.

‘Calm down! No one is going to think anything about me whistling at you! It’s only your guilty conscience!’ She yelled back, far enough away to be out of range of the discharge. ‘How much longer?’

‘Fifteen minutes or so!’ I wiped a rivulet of sweat from my brow.

‘You should’ve worn a hat!’ Aunt Jess yelled before she climbed atop the porch and entered the house. Seeing her dressed in sky blue yoga pants and tight white knit halter-type top motivated me to finish as quickly as possible!

I finished ten minutes later, cleaned the mower, and returned it to the garage, collected my t-shirt and wiped as much sweat off my face and neck as it would absorb, and brushed away any stray blades of grass that stuck to my pants. I went to the back door so as to not track any grass that still clung to me on the living room carpet. Aunt Jess met me at the back door with a large glass of iced tea with a fresh cut lemon in it. I downed half of it with one drink.

‘Easy there!’ My aunt cautioned.

‘I wasn’t sure if you were serious about your grass. You weren’t home, and it needed it, so I figured I’d just do it for you.’

‘I wasn’t completely serious about it, but you’re right it did need it. Bobby has been sick I’ve heard, that’s why he hasn’t done it.’

‘It’s alright, I didn’t mind. Much.’ I took a sip this time from the now dripping glass.

‘I’ll have to pay you now for your hard work.’ She eyed me sexily. ‘I’m afraid I’m all out of cash right now. How else can I pay you?’ She asked in a sexy higher pitched voice. She batted her eyelids at me for extra emphasis. I couldn’t help but smile back at her.

‘I’m sure I can think of something.’ I made to reach for her, but she squealed and quickly pulled away from me.

‘You’re not touching me until you’ve taken a shower first!’

‘That’s one way you could pay me!’ I eyed her up and down with a lecherous grin.

‘You just can’t wait to get me in the shower can you?’

‘You’re dirty and I need to clean you up!’ I replied.

‘I’m so dirty!’ She squealed.

She turned and we both headed for her bathroom. I removed my shoes and socks in the kitchen before moving through the rest of the house, now dressed in only my pants and boxers. As I entered the room, I witnessed my aunt removing her white top, her arms stretched above her head. She wore no bra and her remarkable tits now hung freely.

‘Wow!’ I stood and stared at Aunt Jess’s breasts. She gave me a puzzled, but proud look.

‘It’s not like you haven’t seen them before. Like yesterday. The day before that.’

‘They are still amazing! No matter how many times I see them!’

She reached up and cupped them as if she was presenting them to me.

‘I might almost say seeing those are payment enough.’

‘Really? You’re kind of cheap.’

‘I said I might say it was enough. But I know you can afford to pay me more.’

‘Like what?’ She smiled knowing we were playing a game now.

‘Take off those pants!’ Her smile broadened. She put her hands on the waistband and started to slide them down.

‘Turn around first!’ I ordered.

She giggled then, immediately realizing my intent. She turned slowly allowing me to take in her whole wonderful form. She made an exaggerated show of bending over as she slid the clingy yoga pants down her shapely legs. My cock suddenly noticed there was a mostly naked woman nearby and began to rise for duty. Aunt Jess removed her sneakers and ankle socks while still bent over letting me stare at one of the sexiest asses I’ve ever seen! The tiny pair of red panties hid nothing but her most intimate depths.

‘Enjoying the view?’

‘You know I am!’ I exclaimed still standing there in my pants. The pressure of my engorged dick reminded me of its imprisoned status. I undid and unzipped my jeans and pushed them down, bending as I did, bringing my head in proximity to the gorgeous ass in front of me. I gave it a kiss when I got near.

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