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On the Hunt Ch. 04 – Submission

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Hi, Madam Lisa here. This is part 4 of my real-life ongoing relationship with my sub. Please read parts 1 – 3 as this will help you follow along. The only thing I have changed are the names. I also do not mention the names of the locations. I sure some of you will be able to figure them out. All I ask is you don’t tell. Thank you for reading my story. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have. All participants are over 18 and are consenting in their rolls.


Recap: Sunday was a blast. Sub and I went to the mall and flashed some people. We bought clothes, and fucked the hell of a lucky man. We finished up the day at the lake.

Monday morning time to go back to work. Six a.m. my alarm goes off. Sub does not work until ten, but I wake her anyway. She has errands to do for me. I tell her to make some breakfast as I get ready for work.

I am a professional woman and work downtown in a private office. I am not the big boss, but I work directly under him. I am also in a position to hire and fire those who are in my department. So my being late is not an option.

Sub has been with me for three days now. Yesterday she lost her apartment so she lives with me now. She only has a few work clothes and the slutty stuff I have her wear. I am going to change that soon.

I call a friend who owns a moving truck and talk him into going to get my subs things from her old apartment this morning. Then I call her ex-roommate to let her know what time the movers will be there. Sub and I finish breakfast and clean up the kitchen. I give sub her orders for the day: One, meet with moving men at your old apartment. Wear only booty shorts and white t-shirt to meet the movers. Two pick up roast and salad for dinner. Three, at work no panties and wear plug. Four edge at work three time before lunch and three times after lunch. No cumming. Five drive to and from work topless. Six take and send topless selfie of yourself in back room of the dress shop. Must be done before lunch, Maya can take picture for you if you would like. Seven, meet me at my work for lunch.

“What is your pledge to me?” I ask

“Madam Lisa, This sub will do as you ask without question or hesitation.”

“Good, now I’m off don’t forget to lock up before you leave.” I give sub and long kiss and squeeze her ass. On my way out, I gave her my extra house key.

When I get in my car, I remove my blazer and expose my breasts and drive to work this way. The garage attendant always smiles as I pull in to park my car with my girls out for him to see. I have always wondered why he has never stopped me to get a better look. Maybe I am not his type. I have always wanted him to just bend me over the hood of my car and fuck me right there in the garage. I mean it’s not like I haven’t thought about it.

Now I have to get my head in the game. I have two client meetings this morning and I have to interview people to fill the office assistant position for my boss before lunch. I check my e-mails and get ready for my first meeting. As my day goes on, I got my subs topless selfie, and no surprise Maya is standing next to her, but this time she is dressed. I text sub to invite Maya for supper tonight. She texts later that they will be there right after work.

The client meeting all went as planed and I hired a new office assistant for my boss. It’s now two p.m. and I get a call from the security guard that I have escort bayan a visitor. I tell them to send her up. As soon as sub arrives at my office, I close the door and lower the blinds. I tell sub to strip and I get the lunch I bought for us. We talk about her tasks and I praise her for the selfie. She mentioned Maya caught her edging again and was getting concerned. After we finished eating, I had sub satisfy me. She headed back to work once she bought me to orgasm with her talented tongue.

I was still horny from this afternoons session with sub and I was looking for some relief. I needed some cock and I needed it bad. I had about two hours before quitting time. It was going to be a long two hours if I couldn’t find some cock soon. My position here is not going to make this easy. I find professional men, well men in general, like to talk about their “conquests.” I have personally heard the men around here talk. If I want to keep my reputation, I will have to find another outlet. I would have to leave the building if I wanted to get satisfied. I checked my schedule and saw I had clients the rest of the day. Now I am in a real bind, needing some cock and none to be found. I just tough it out.

By time quitting time came around I could have humped a cactus. I headed straight to the gym to see if I could some beefcake. When I got there, I put on my tennis dress and left off the bra and panties. I found a group of men lifting free weights next to the lat machine. I purposely set the weights to heavy and sat down facing the men. The men immediately stared at me making me blush.

I started my reps and of course I could not lift it at all. My arms were above my head and my breast were trying to slip out the of the top as I pulled down on the bar. As I struggled, I lifted my legs slightly to give them a nice view of my bald pussy. Two of the men came over to “help” me. One of the men lightened the weights and the other had me sit up with my back straight. This allowed the top of my dress to gap open and they could see my breasts. I pulled down on the bar as they instructed and lifted my legs again. This time the first man grabbed my feet and told me to keep them on the ground.

This was going nowhere. If I was going to get laid, I was going to have to take more aggressive action. The next time I tried to pull the bar down I opened my knees giving him a clear view of my pussy. Then, after he quit starring at my crotch, I blew him a kiss. He asked if I would like to join them in the sauna and I agreed. I got my towel and headed to the saunas. The two men followed me like puppies.

I went in the women’s changing room and removed my tennis dress. I wrapped my hair and covered myself with a towel. I met the men in the sauna. We check to make sure the sauna was empty and went in. One of the men turned off the heat as I dropped my towel and knelt down if front of them. They dropped their towels and flipped on the occupied sign. I started to suck their cocks. One of the men picked me up and put me down on all fours on the bench in the center of the room. He took me from behind as I sucked the other one off. When he came, he shot his load all over my back. After I swallowed the other man’s load they switched positions. They had me cumming hard. As I was cumming for the second time the man who was behind me shoved his cock into my backdoor. I must remember this as it made istanbul escort me cum even harder, I almost passed out. After they were finished, I could barely walk. They were spent so I went and took a shower and drove home with a smile.

I was home in plenty of time to start dinner. I lit some scented candles and got dressed. I went with my emerald green dress I had purchased Friday. I added a beige belt., beige three inch open toed pumps, gold chain, earrings and bracelet. I wore my hair in a bun. I did my makeup, smoky eye and pale pink lipstick. I was dressed to impress. I was finishing making dinner as sub and Maya arrived.

As we ate, I was able to find out more about Maya’s relationship with sub. With the wine flowing she began to loosen up and reveal they had been together in high school, but had not been with her since. She said she was happy Karen had found me. She told me she knew Karen was my sub and she had always been a submissive. She was not shocked when she caught sub edging at work, but it was the fact she liked to watch.

After dinner we retired to my living room. I had sub clean up the dinner dishes and kitchen while Maya and I talked more about her wants and desires. When sub had finished cleaning, I had her go take a shower. This gave me more time alone with Maya and more information about her. I started planning on what we would do for the rest of the evening based on what Maya told me.

When sub returned, I had her strip and told her she was to refer to Maya as Madam Maya for the rest of the night. I had her go get us some coffee and cake. After she brought us the coffee and cake I had her sit kneeling between us on the floor. I had her repeat her promise to me in front of Maya.

Sub said timidly “Madam Lisa, this sub will do as you ask without question or hesitation.”

I told her now adding, “This subs body is yours to do with as you see fit. This sub only propose is to please you.”

Sub said “Madam Lisa, this sub will follow your orders without question or hesitation. This sub’s body is yours to do with as you see fit. This sub only propose is to please you.”

I said “Good, now masturbate for us, but do not cum.”

Sub smiled and happily complied. Maya watched as sub took her vibrator and started pleasing herself. I saw Maya unconsciously rubbing her nipples. I got up and walked behind Maya. I placed my hand of top of hers and in a whisper “What would you like to happen next?” Maya answered she would like to see sub cum.

I whispered “Would you like her to make you cum?” She answered, “Definitely.”

I reached down and removed Maya’s top. Maya stood up and continued to remove all of her clothes. I stopped sub and gave her new orders, she was now to make Maya cum. Sub’,s eye lit up and said “Thank you, Madam. I will right away Madam.” I slapped subs ass with my open hand and reminded her she it to say “This sub, not I.” Sub lowered her eyes then started using her tongue on Maya’s clit. Maya laid back and spread her legs to allow sub to properly eat her out. During this I went to the closet and retrieved my basket of toys and warmed up the oil.

When I returned Maya was in the mist of multiple orgasms. I got undressed and put on my strap-on. I plunged it deep into subs waiting pussy. Sub screamed with pleasure. I was able to bring sub to orgasm within a few minutes. Maya looked as if she escort could not take anymore. This would not do as I was just getting started. I got the oil out and had sub give Maya a rub down. I switched pegs to the rippled vibrator one then moved Maya into position. I inserted it slowly at first and then slammed it all the way in making Maya scream with pleasure. I had Maya squirting in no time. I had sub offer Maya her pussy to eat and Maya was happy to accept. Maya made sub cum multiple times. I kept thrusting the peg in and out of Maya until they both passed out. I called Donna to come over for some fun and to bring Fifi.

I woke Maya up by inserting an anal vaginal combination vibrator harness on her and locking it in place with the timed padlocks. I set them for thirty minutes and turned on the vibrators on to low power. I told her what I was doing making sure she was comfortable with this then put on a ball gag on her. I turned her around and cuffed her hands and ankles together and set the padlocks for thirty minutes also. I put clothes pins on her nipples and let her enjoy herself.

I was setting up the sex swing for sub when Donna and Fifi arrived. I had Fifi put sub in the swing and I padlocked her in. Donna asked about the new girl and I explained she was an ex-girlfriend of subs. Maya was having multiple orgasms and pulling against the cuffs as we spoke. I put an anal prob and vibrator into sub and turned them on.

Donna went over to see how Maya was doing. Maya’s eyes were rolled back into her head enjoying herself. Donna removed her gag so she could breathe better. She had Fifi move Maya onto the couch so she was more comfortable. Maya was limp and moaning with pleasure. Donna added another thirty minutes onto the padlocks and came over to help me with sub.

We lowered the swing backrest so sub was lying flat. Donna put on her strap-on and I had sub start licking my pussy. Fifi oiled sub up and Donna thrusted the peg all the way in in one shot. This made sub cum instantly. Sub used her tongue to bring me to orgasm and Donna made sure sub kept cumming. After about twenty minutes sub passed out again.

I went check in Maya. Her timer still had ten minutes to go. She had passed out from exhaustion. I turned off the vibrators. Donna was over on my loveseat playing with Fifi. He was sucking Donna’s strap-on clean.

When Maya’s padlocks timed down, we had Fifi move her to my bedroom. I removed the harness and cuffs. She was exhausted and happy. Maya slowly came around. We cuddled for awhile then I asked if she enjoyed her evening. She said she did. I asked her if she wanted to stay. She said yes. Then I handed her a collar and asked her to pledge her loyalty to me. I told her she is only to refer to me as Madam in private and Ms. Lisa in public. I had her put in the collar and repeat after me.

“Madam Lisa, this sub will follow your orders without question or hesitation. This subs body is yours to do with as you see fit. This sub only propose is to please you.”

Maya said “Madam Lisa, this sub will follow your orders without question or hesitation. This subs body is yours to do with as you see fit. This sub only propose is to please you.”

“Good, I will call you sub two. Now go help Fifi bring sub one in here.” Sub two went in the living room and freed sub one from her restraints. She then asked Donna for permission to have Fifi help get sub one down. Sub one and two came back to my bedroom. I informed sub one she was now sub one and that Maya was now sub two. Then I had them repeat their pledge to me together.

I called Donna and Fifi back to my room and we all went to sleep together.

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