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Older Son and His Mom

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Paul had no choice but to move in with his mother. With no job and now no home now that the bank had put it up for auction, it was his only chance to get back on his feet. At 40 years old he felt a fool, but the economic situation and a messy divorce 2 years earlier left him with little option.

His mother, Joyce was happy to have him back even if temporarily. There were always things to do around the house and even though she kept herself busy, she was often lonely in the evenings.

Paul did what he could around the house during the day whilst checking on the local job market. It was a Tuesday morning and his mother had gone off to town to meet some friends for coffee and window shopping. She had asked him to put the washing on once he had collected his dirty clothes from the day before off the floor of his bedroom where he had left them. He shoved his clothes in the machine and then fetched the washing hamper from the bathroom. He reached in to add the other clothes in there and as he pulled the clothes out, a pair of pale blue lacy panties fell to the floor. He left them and added the clothes to the washer before going back for them. Paul picked up the panties and held them, suddenly he was a teenager again rooting through his mother’s underwear drawer so that he could rub his cock with the silkiness of her knickers. He blinked and shook his head to come out of the dream and returned the panties to the linen hamper.

“Get a grip, you’re not a kid anymore,” he told himself and went to the lounge.

As Paul sat there watching the sports news, he couldn’t get the image of his Mom’s panties out of his head. His hand moved to his groin and he started to rub himself through his jeans. A little voice in his head told him to go back to the bathroom and before he knew what he was doing he once again had his Mom’s panties in his hand. He lifted them to his face smelling the crotch, seeing the little smear where her excretions from the previous day had marked her underwear. He licked it, once then again and then again more hungrily.

“Fuck you taste good Mom,” he said, “I want to lick your pussy dry.”

He undone his jeans and pulled his cock from his boxers. As he licked her panties he jerked himself off until his balls went tight and a long loop of spunk shot from his cock into the toilet bowl.

He shook as he finished cumming. God he hadn’t spunked like that for ages.

As he pulled himself together he caught sight of himself in the mirror still holding his Mom’s panties.

“Gee you’re a pervert Paul,” he told himself. He couldn’t believe he had just done that. When he was a teenager he had masturbated a lot using his Mom’s panties, but since then he had grown up, got married and had plenty of sex, and not just with his wife. Now he was jerking off thinking about his 67 year old mother, what was he playing at?

For the next couple of days Paul continued to berate himself about what he had done, but every now and then he would look at his mother whilst she was watching TV or doing some housework and think about those blue panties and catch himself wondering what she looked like naked.

On the Friday Joyce went out again leaving before Paul got up. When she left he went to have a shower and as he showered he got himself aroused whilst washing his balls, cock and arse. Dripping wet he stepped from the shower and went to the linen hamper. Just under the blouse she had worn Şirinevler Escort the day before he found his Mom’s panties from the previous day. These ones were white cotton, nothing sexy about them at all, but as soon as he lifted them to his face, his cock twitched some more and grew an extra few millimetres. He rubbed the crotch of them against his face and smelt his mother’s juices. As he licked them and kissed them, he pictured his Mom’s pussy in them and wished he could just stick his tongue deep inside her. Once again it wasn’t long before that wonderful sensation swept over him and his cum blasted from his cock, not in the toilet this time, but into the cotton of his Mom’s undies.

Straight away Paul felt guilty and quickly shoved the panties back into the dirty washing, stepped back into the shower and cleaned himself up.

As the weeks went by, Paul found himself jerking himself off regularly using his mother’s underwear. He progressed from her dirty ones to going into her bedroom and wanking into her clean panties as well, leaving little cum stains in them. When she was out he would lay her underwear on her bed and just lie naked on top of it. He learnt that she wore a 36c bra and sometimes after he had cum he would press each cup against the end of his cock and leave a little bit of his juice in each cup knowing that eventually her nipples would be pressed up against it.

His fantasises had taken over his life and he found himself thinking about his mother all the time. On the odd he occasion he did go out with friends his own age they were always talking about some hot teenager that they had seen in a mini skirt or a teen porn film they had watched. He wasn’t interested though, often when his Mom was out, he found himself sitting at the computer wearing nothing but her panties looking at Mature and Granny web-sites pretending each old woman was his mother.

One Sunday Paul got up extra early and made some breakfast. His Mom was always up before 7 and today he wanted to beat her to the kitchen. He made the breakfast and some coffee and took it to her bedroom. He tapped on the door,

“Mom, it’s me Paul I made you some breakfast,” he called out.

“Okay dear bring it in.”

Joyce sat up as her son brought the tray in. She had been awake a while but had heard him in the kitchen and had guessed what he was doing.

“It is not like you to get up so early,” she said.

“I know but you’ve been good to me letting me stay and I wanted to repay you.”

Paul stared at her, she was wearing a silky nightie, blue, just like those first panties and he had a really good view of her cleavage. He laid the tray on her lap and sat on the edge of the bed.

“This is nice,” she said “Thank you.”

Paul tried to look at her face but his eyes kept drifting down to her breasts. He could just make out the shape of her nipples through the material of her nightie, and he felt his cock start to twitch again.

One part of him was saying “Reach out and touch her tits, she wants you to,” but the rational side told him to get out of there before he did something really stupid. He listened to the rational side and stood up.

“Are you going sweetie?” she said.

“Yeah I thought I might go for a jog before I shower.”

“Okay, let me give you a kiss though for this nice breakfast.”

Paul leaned over and offered his cheek to her. Joyce Escort Şirinevler kissed it and then twisted her head and kissed him on the lips. Paul didn’t move, his stomach tightened and he found himself looking straight into his mother’s eyes.

She kissed him again, just a bit too long to be a motherly kiss. Paul gulped and stood up, he turned quickly and left the room.

For the rest of the day his mind was in a turmoil. His mother hadn’t said anything else about the breakfast in bed, but he couldn’t stop thinking about it. Had she really kissed him like that? Why had he left the room? Why hadn’t he let things develop?

Because she’s your mother idiot and she’s 67 and your 40. But the kiss had meant something more than, thank you for breakfast, he knew it.

That evening his Mom’s friend Irene had come round to play cards with Joyce. They had sat in the lounge playing and he had kept out of their way.

Around 8.00pm he went to the kitchen to get a drink and Irene came in.

“Hello Paul, haven’t seen you for ages, how’s things?”

“Not great Mrs Morris, need a job, need a home, need a life really.”

Irene came towards him.

“Haven’t you found a steady lady friend since your divorce?” she asked

“Ah no, nice ladies are not keen on losers like me.”

She put her arm on his shoulder.

“How about a nice older lady friend?”

Paul was taken aback, his Mom’s friend was coming on to him.

“Well Mrs Morris..”

“Irene please.”

“Well Irene, I’m very flattered but you’re here to see Mom, not me.”

“Cards is just a ruse,” she said and she pushed herself against him. He could feel her breasts against his arm as she stroked his face with the back of her hand.

“I know you prefer the more mature lady, I might be pushing 70, but there is life in me yet,” she said.

He rosy red lips looked so inviting and Paul found himself bending forward and kissing his Mom’s friend. Her lips parted and he felt her tongue against his, as the kiss became more passionate. Paul reached up and grabbed one of Irene’s breasts through her blouse. God he had known this woman for 30 odd years and now he was fondling her tits. She continued to kiss him hungrily and he felt her hand move to his crotch.

Her tongue licked his face as she moved up to whisper in his ear.

“God, you’ve got a lovely hard cock Paul.”

As he continued to fondle her, he completely forgot why she was there and then suddenly a voice said,

“Okay Renee you can put him down now.”

Paul looked up to see his mother standing just a few feet away watching her son and her friend kissing and touching each other up. He felt so embarrassed, he didn’t know what to say. Irene backed away from him looking very dishevelled.

“I think your plan worked Joyce,” she said.

What plan was that he wondered. He looked at Irene who had a big smile on her face and then at his mother who was also smiling.

“It’s okay I asked Irene to try it on with you, I wanted to see what you would do,” Joyce said.

“You’ve been being a naughty boy with your Mom’s panties and she wanted to know if you prefer the older lady, if you were thinking about her when you did naughty things,” Irene said, “She didn’t dare do anything herself, so I volunteered, very nice it has been too.”

Paul realised his Mom knew what he did, she knew he had been wanking Şirinevler Escort Bayan into her underwear, but though she knew she wasn’t angry in fact it seemed she was obviously very pleased.

“Is it me you think about when you are jerking off using my knickers and bras?” Joyce asked.

Paul nodded.

“Knew it would be,” Irene said, “Little boys love their Mommys.”

“Do you want to do it now?” Joyce said

Paul gulped “Now?”

Joyce nodded “Yes now in front of me and Renee, you dirty little boy, do you want to wank in Mommy’s dirty panties?”

“Yes please,” was all Paul could say.

His Mom smiled and beckoned him into the lounge. On the sofa were a pair of black lace panties which he knew were hers. She handed them to him.

“Put these on you naughty boy.”

Paul undressed in front of his Mom and her friend as they sat down together. He saw his Mom’s eyes go wide as he pulled down his boxers.

“Last time I saw that it was tiny with just a few hairs starting to spring up around it,” she said with a glint in her eye.

Paul remembered how his Mom often came into the bathroom when he was younger and how embarrassed he had been when she had looked at his little penis. Now it was hard and erect and little globules of pre-cum were oozing from his end and he wanted her to look and look. He pulled her panties on and pushed his aching cock into them.

“Wow he looks wonderful Joyce, you are so lucky,” Irene said.

“Play with yourself for Mommy and Aunty Irene, you dirty boy,” Joyce said.

Paul stroked himself through the black lace, staring into his mother’s eyes as his lust for her rose. Suddenly she stood up and reached under her skirt. She handed him a little black thong.

“Lick these panty boy,”

He couldn’t believe his mother wore such things, in fact he had never seen them before, but he took them off her and started to lick the crotch.

“Mom you are so wet and horny,” he said, “I love the taste of your cunt.”

Irene lifted her skirt and Paul watched as she started to rub the outside of her white panties. Then his mother did the same thing, lifting her skirt and then opening her legs. For the first time ever he got a view of her pussy. He watched as his Mom gently opened her pink pussy lips with one hand and used the other to finger herself. Paul couldn’t believe what he was witnessing, his 67 year old mother was masturbating in front of him as was her 69 year old friend.

He knew he couldn’t hold back much longer.

“I need to cum Mom,” he said.

“Wait a sec,” she said “Stop rubbing yourself.”

She reached down and undone her blouse and took it off and quickly unclipped her bra releasing her large breasts.

“Cum over Mommy’s tits darling,” she told him.

Her tits were wonderful, big and sagging down on her stomach with large flat nipples.

Paul pulled his cock from her panties and with just 2 swift jerks his cum was shooting down onto his Mom’s breasts and stomach.

“That’s it cum you horny boy, cum.” Joyce said.

Suddenly Paul felt another hand on him. Irene had sat forward and was milking his cock.

“Yes Aunty Irene, wank me, wank me.”

Irene continued to pull at him until his cock started to deflate in her hand.

Paul felt exhausted but exhilarated, he stood there now with a limp cock flopped down in front of his Mom’s black panties but with the wonderful picture in front of him, of his Mom covered in his cum.

“You are a naughty boy,” she said to him.

Irene laughed, “Yes but that is what you wanted Joyce.”

“I did and now I have and from now on Mommy’s naughty boy is going to be good and do everything she wants.”

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