Office Antics

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I hate working late. Stupid 9 to 5 job is supposed to end at 5! Why did I ever take up a white collar job? Screw the money, office work sucks. I don’t care if they’ve given me my own office; everyone here gets their own office! Admittedly this should only take another 30-45 minutes before I can go home and be with you. I can’t wait. Ah well, time to go back to work.

*Knock* *Knock*

I don’t know who this would be. Most of the other people have already left the office. “Come in.” I continue to work listening to the sound of the door closing and being locked as footsteps approach my desk.

“Hi hon!”

I look up from my work to see you standing there at the side of my desk. You’re dressed in office clothes: a white button down blouse, a short black skirt, and black stockings encased in pumps. I stare at your smiling face.

“Hey! Why are you here? I’ll be home in about an hour. What are you doing here?”

You step around the desk some more so you are right next to my chair.

“I couldn’t wait for you.”

“Hon, I have to finish this. I know you want me home and trust me I want to go home as fast as possible, but I have work.”

“I know,” you saying while lean over the chair slightly, “But couldn’t wait that long.”

You smile at me and kiss me. I break the kiss knowing that the more involved I get, the longer I’ll be here.

“I’m sorry, I can’t. I got to finish this. It won’t be that long.”

“And neither will I,” you say cutting me off.

You reach your hand down and lay your palm in my crotch. You begin to gently rub the bulge there.

“It’ll just be a quickie.”

I try to stay focused.

“Hon,” I stammer.

“Come on!” you plead.

“I need this. And, from what I’m sensing, so do you.”

My cock is beginning to get hard under your hand movements.

“Please,” you say, reaching your hand up to my zipper.

You slowly begin to pull it down and I make no motion to stop you.

“You’ve had a long day and deserve some relaxation.”


I can’t respond. You have already fished my cock out and are stroking my semi-erect organ.

“It’ll be quick?”

I ask, trying to demonstrate some sort of control of the situation. You step so you are straddling my left leg. You reach down to the hem of your skirt and tantalizing begin to raise it. The moments pass like hours as I watch your stocking encased legs become more visible. I love the way your legs look like that, wrapped in the tight black material; stretched and taunt like the calves and thighs beneath them. I notice that your stocking becomes a solid black and my eyes widen as the creamy flesh of your thigh is exposed. My eyes follow the garter line up your thigh, tracing the contour of your delicious skin. My eyes bulge out of my skull as I next see the red teddiete you are wearing underneath your sexy clothes. My cock twitches in your hand with excitement. You hold your skirt up to your belly so I can see your crotch. The red material hugging your smooth stomach and pulling up into those bald, moist pussy lips. I can smell your sex. You release my cock and use that hand to unsnap the buttons covering your pussy.

“Feel it,” you command while returning your hand to my now rock hard cock.

I tentatively reach forward. I bring my hand to your inner thigh and slowly let my fingers wander further up. I watch your head reel back as I reach your moist hole. I can feel the cum already covering your lips and I rub them, working the cum into your flesh. I listen to you breathe as I slowly sink my finger in.

“You are really wet.”

You bring your head back and stare into my eyes.

“So, a quickie then?”

I nod and your smile grows ten times. You release my cock and spin around. You bend over slightly as I turn my chair more out from the desk; my hard cock standing straight up. You reach behind you and grasp it. Slowly, you begin to sit down in my lamp, guiding my cock to your waiting slit. But you stop when the head touches your lips. You begin to rub it around, getting it wet. You then bring it up to your clit and rub the head in a circle over your hard bud.



You bring my cock back to your pussy and slowly begin to slide down it. I gasp as the head enters your warm enfolds. You get about one-third in and then you begin to move up and down just this third; letting your juices run down my cock. Suddenly, you slide down the entire length. Both of gasp as you take me all the way. I wrap my hands around your tummy and hold you still for a second, letting my cock twitch inside your shaking pussy. Your skirt has flopped down, covering our crotches. When we calm down, I release you. You begin to ride me; setting a modest pace. You lean back to kiss me as you wrap your arm around my neck. I reach up with my hands and allow them to explore your chest as your tongue explores me mouth. I cup your breasts through your blouse and begin to squeeze them. I hear you moan in my mouth. I undo the top few buttons, enough to work my hands inside. I palm bakırköy escort your encased breasts, rubbing your hard nipples with the center of my palm. I love the feeling of this material.

You break our kiss so you can lean forward more. This also causes you to increase the pace. I look over your shoulder; the rep top part of the teddiete contrasted against the white of your shirt is so erotic. I use the silky material to rub the tips of your nipples, hearing you moan as I do so. I can feel you quicken your pace, enjoying the stimulation. I slide my hands down to your hips to help you with the stroke, bringing you farther up before slamming you back down into my lap. Both of us are approaching orgasm.

*Knock* *Knock*

“Hey! You in there?”

I hear a voice from outside call.

*Knock* *Knock*


I hear the call again. Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck! Not now! Why are you knocking now?!? I begin to slow down your movements, pulling you closer to me so you can’t move as much or as fast.

“Ignore it,”

I hear you say, noticing that we’ve slowed down.

“I can’t. I have to answer it.”

“Hon, please. I’m so close.”

“So am I, but I have to.”

“Just a little more. Please! Can’t you feel how close I am?”

Of course I can.

“I need to cum!”

So do I, but not now.

“I’ll be right there,” I call, ending the debate.

“Fuck! Where I am supposed to go?”

You angrily ask as I push you up from me.

“I dunno,” I frantically reply while zipping up my pants.

I watch you straighten out your skirt and shirt as I head over to the door.

“We’ll finish this later. Just hide under the desk.”


“Just do it. Please? I promise, we’ll finish later.”

“We better,” you say and I can hear all the frustration in your voice.

I watch you crawl under the desk before I open the door.

“Tom! What a pleasant surprise.”

Tom walks into my office as I quickly hurry back to my chair and roll close to the desk; hoping that he didn’t see the huge tent in my pants.

“What’s going on? Why was your door locked?”

“Oh, I must have done it accidentally when I came back from the bathroom. So…..why are you still here? I mean, I’m just finishing up some work,”

I say while holding up some papers to emphasize the point.

I feel you shift underneath the desk. I quickly look down to see if you’re all right. I see you on your knees smiling up at me with a certain devilish twinkle in your eye. I don’t think I like where this is going.

“Oh, you know. Just finishing up some work myself.”

I feel your hand on my zipper. No, I definitely don’t like where this is going. But I can’t stop you. I can’t just swat your hand away. What the hell would that look like to my senior; the guy who kind of is my boss or the go-between guy between me and my actual boss.

“Actually, I was just on my last set of papers.”

I feel you begin to lower my zipper.

“Good,” I say a little loud.

I was trying to cover up the sound, but I think I just came off like a teenager whose voice is cracking. I feel you fishing around in my pants, trying to work my hard cock out through the opening.

“I just wanted to see how you were doing.”

I feel you expose my cock as you slowly stroke it.


I gulp.

“Well, afterwards to do you want to go out and get some drinks or something?”

I notice Tom look over at the clock to check the time. I use this opportunity to look down at you with a look in my eyes that says, “Please?”

But there you are, with your mouth mere millimeters from my cock and all you do is flash your eyes up at me. I know that look and I can read your mind, “Revenge!”

I feel your mouth sink over my cock.

“No,” I say cracking my voice slightly as you engulf the head, “I don’t think I can.”

Tom looks at me.

“Dinner with my girlfriend. We’re going out tonight after I finish this stuff so I can’t.”

“Oh, okay.”

Thank G-d! Now leave Tom, leave. Let this punishment end.

“So, did you catch that Devils game last night?”

Fuck! I feel you sliding your mouth down the shaft.

“Yeah I did. Great game. They won 3-2 in the last few minutes,” I say quickly, trying to hurry myself through this conversation.

“Yeah, but I felt their enforcers weren’t doing that well.”

I feel you reach bottom, the head of my cock is tickling the back of your throat.

“I mean, they could…..”

Blah blah blah. I can’t concentrate right now, Tom. All I can do is nod. I feel you licking your juices off my cock.

“And that second goal…..”

You nose buried in my pubic hair.

“They shouldn’t be playing that style……”

Your tongue licking the underside of my shaft.

“And I think they need to get a better farm system….”

Your lips sliding up and down over the head.

“Of course, they’ll still make the playoffs…..”

The tip of your tongue sliding over the hole beşiktaş escort at the tip of my cock.

“Who is their competition? Seriously!”

I shudder. I can’t take it any longer.

“No, I agree, Tom. Look I really have to finish this stuff. You mind?”

Tom begins to rise.

“No, no. I should probably go anyway. Well, I’m the only other person here, so if you need anything, end of the hall buddy.”

Tom walks to the door.

“Oh, and lock up when you’re done.”

He turns to leave, but I call out to stop him,

“Tom, since your right there, can you do a friend a favor?”

Tom reaches down and locks the door. Finally he’s gone. I pull my chair back a foot or two, pulling my cock out of your warm wet mouth with a pop.


“Thank G-d he finally left,” you say while walking forward to me on your knees.

“No kidding,” I say.

But you cut me off, “Now we can get back to business.”

As you finish the last word, you dive down and swallow my whole length. I gasp, feeling the back of your throat again. You begin to bob your head up and down, using your hand to jerk off the bottom section. I put my hand on the back of your head as you quicken your pace. I push your head further down. You remove your hand so you can take as much of me as you can. I feel your tongue sliding along the shaft. With my hand on your head, you bob up and down.

“Oh G-d hon! That feels so good!”

At those words, you begin to move faster.

“Yeah! Faster!”

And you comply. Your mouth rising to the tip of the head and then plunging back down. I can feel my cock beginning to twitch inside your waiting mouth.

“Suck it harder!”

I feel you instantly tighten your lips, increasing the suction, pulling more on my cock. I use the hand on your head to maintain pace. I think I might even push and pull your head faster as I get closer to orgasm. I love the feeling of your lips when you do this, when you are fucking me with your face. Your mouth feels better than your pussy sometimes when you suck me off this way. It’s so tight and you’re moving so fast; plus your pussy doesn’t have a tongue. I don’t want you to lick the head, I don’t want you to swirl your tongue around the shaft; right now all I need is for you to use your mouth like you would your pussy.

I clench my teeth and my eyes. Your tongue is pushing against the shaft, increasing the pressure on my cock as you slide up and down it. I can feel my balls tightening. With instinct, you reach down and begin to fondle them, feeling them tighten and pull up towards my body. I can feel the pressure building in them as your hot little hand gently rolls them. Briefly, I wonder I your fingertips will be able to feel the cum being squeezed out of them, if your lips and/or tongue will feel the cum racing through my cock, if your cheeks can feel the head bulging before it unleashes a torrent of cum? And then the thinking stops as the event occurs. No more wondering because now it is happening. I feel it surge through my body as I shove your head down on my cock, holding you there for a second as I begin to erupt inside your mouth, shooting hot sticky cum down your throat. After the first jet or two I relax my hand and you begin to move your head. Still swallowing, you use your mouth to tickle the nerves in my cock, licking the tip to coax out more cum, causing my cock to spasm and electricity to shoot up my spine. Finally, the hand on your head goes limp and you know that I’m completely spent. A big smile appears on my face as I feel my body glow.

You stand up and lean over my limp body.

“You seemed to enjoy that.”

“Oh and I think you will enjoy what you’re about to get,” I say suddenly rising.

A surge of energy rushes through my body as I pick you up and sit you on the edge of my desk. I spread your legs wide and I lean in to kiss you.

“A promise is a promise,” I say before dropping down to my knees.

I stare at your still exposed pussy. I notice that it is still wet. But I feel that you deserve similar treatment to how you teased and tortured me. Fair is fair? I lean forward and kiss the top of your stocking. I suck on the flesh and lick it with my tongue. I follow your garter line up your thigh, tasting the warm flesh. I can feel the hot moisture of your pussy as I kiss the area in between your leg and your torso. I kiss up to your pussy, so close that the corner of my lip gently pushes against your right pussy lip. But I kiss upwards, making an arch over your pussy. But a close arch. So close that a few millimeters down and I would have been kissing your clit. I reach the other thigh and begin to lick this gorgeous leg.

I make my way down to the top of your stocking. I lick all around it, covering the entire curve of your thigh. I look up to see you are supporting yourself with your arms behind you. I move back to my central target. I bring my mouth in close. So close that I decide to pant onto your damp slit. I watch your lips begin to open more; the thought beylikdüzü escort of pleasure to come has open them to invitation. I stick my tongue out. I use the tip to barely lick the topmost part of your pussy lips; just barely touching you. I can hear the little noises you are making and I know that this is driving you wild. I slowly begin to lick more of your lips, but not very much. Finally, I lay my tongue flat and lick you from bottom to top. I hear you moan with minor relief.

But then I go back to just barely touching you. Licking you several times but barely touching the tip of my tongue to your pussy. After five strokes of this, I again lick you from bottom to top with a broad stroke. I repeat the earlier five strokes before licking you again with a broad one, this time letting the tip of my tongue quickly tease your clit. I begin to lightly rub each pussy lip with my tongue. Coasting down one and then up the other. After several times of this, I quickly plunge my tongue into your pussy, swirl it around and remove it. I go back to coating your lips with the saliva from my tongue. Not like they need it, I can see the cum starting to drip out your hungry hole.

I push my tongue back in. I slowly circle it around, tasting your walls. I put the thumb of my hand on your clit and rub it gently. I stop my tongue and continue the motions on your clit. Then I stop my hand and just lick you. Giving you one but depriving you of the other. I then remove both and decide it is now time to really begin the teasing.

I lean forward and pant on your clit. As I do this, I slowly bring my finger to your pussy lips. I begin to gently rub them with the tip of my finger. I move my finger to the top of your hole. As I slowly push it inside you, I slowly bring my mouth down onto your clit. I feel your walls quake around my finger. I push it all the way in as my mouth sinks around your clit. I begin to suck on your clit as my finger begins to slide in and out of your pussy. I add a second finger.

Once both are inside, I begin to swirl them around. My tongue begins to circle your clit, following my fingers. I feel you getting ready; all that earlier action must have left you quite horny and ready to go, eh? I can feel your walls begin to tighten and I know that I can bring you to orgasm soon. So, I shove my fingers up to your G-spot. I let the tips of them rest on it as I reposition my tongue so the tip rests on top of your clit. As I push down with my fingers, my tongue pushes down on your clit. I begin to move them in unison as I hear your moans get louder. I slowly increase the pace. I can feel your walls getting tighter. I begin to slide my fingers in and out of you to give you more stimulation. I can feel how close you are. I listen to your breathing and I can sense the effect I’m having on you. I know that if I just keep sliding my fingers quickly in and out of your tight pussy, if I keep pushing them into the center of your G-spot, and if I keep pushing down on your clit with my tongue, you will come in seconds. I watch your chest rise and fall. I feel your thighs tighten. I hear you begin to scream.

And then I stop. I pull my fingers out and I lift my tongue up. I wait. I see you look down at me and smile.

“So, we’re playing this game?” your eyes ask me.

Before I respond in any way I shove my fingers back into you. I hear you gasp as I go back to stroking and licking you. I begin to not just thrust into you, but I rub your G-spot now in circles as I push into it. My tongue does the same and moves in circles over your clit as it pushes down on it. Maybe it’s because you were so close before, but I can feel you getting tight once again. I might have to wait longer next time. Or maybe I should slow down my fingers? They are fucking you pretty fast. No, a second round at this speed will be fine. And by the way your body is responding, I can see you don’t mind either.

In fact, you seem to like the fact that I am hitting dead center of your G-spot and rubbing that really sensitive area a few times before sliding down your canal. I maintain this pace, letting your body do the work. The stimulation is there and I know you are enjoying it; my cum covered hand tells me so. I maintain this pace and these actions, feeling you get close to orgasm a second time. I can feel your pussy start to convulse. I hear your rapid breathing. I move even faster to tempt you further down the path. I watch your head fly back as you ready yourself for………………….not having an orgasm.

I remove everything from you. You whip your head back down to me.

“Enough is enough,” you seem to be saying.

But before you can even say anything, my lips lock around your clit and begin to suck hard on it. Now, I know you know how this game is played, even though you seem to quite often forget the rules. I guess we’ll just have to keep going until you remember them. This time I suck hard on your clit and let my tongue lick all around it. My fingers fly in and out of you. I want you to get close again and fast as possible. The more times you almost cum, the more you will want to. Maybe then you might remember the rules. Then again, maybe I should stop circling my tongue around your clit so fast so you can divert some brain power to trying to remember them. Still, these rules are kind of innate. When you want to cum, tell me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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