Off Menu Pt. 03

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Part 3 – Abby’s Gift


Oh. My. God! Jason thought as he heard a woman’s slightly muted, yet familiar, voice declare that she wanted to cum loudly, and she wanted her neighbors to hear every sound that she made.

Jason’s mind quickly put the voice to a name and the name to a face, and to a toned body, as Abby returned to the main room, now wearing a light purple neglige with matching garter belt and thigh highs. She had been dressing slowly, waiting for the other couple to get comfortable. Abby smiled when she saw Jason’s brightly lit face and wide eyes.

“Happy birthday, baby!” Abby said swaying her hips and breasts towards him. “I hope you like your presents. They were a little . . . hard to find, but, um, I think you’ll enjoy them,” she said with understatement.


Mark watched Rachel bite her pink lips seductively and stare at him in the mirror as she knelt on the bed on all fours slowly moving her hips from side to side to beckon him to her. She wanted to be fucked, roughly, and from behind, and she said as much so that both she and her audience next door could hear. She loved the idea of this way more than she thought she would.

More than willing to satisfy his lustful wife and sensing that she was very into this, Mark quickly crawled onto the bed to kneel behind his wife. He then grabbed her porcelain hips with strong arms and sharply pulled Rachel back towards himself. A shriek of excitement escaped her lips.

Next, Mark used his right hand to guide his very hard cock into her waiting pussy. He grabbed Rachel’s hips again tightly and slowly thrust himself into her as deeply as he could go, pulling out half way and thrusting again and again with increasing but rhythmic pace.

Rachel gasped and exclaimed loudly, “Oh, fuck yes! . . . I . . . do . . . not . . . want . . . it . . . gently.” She said, timing her words with Mark’s thrusts as she pushed back into him and arched her head back, her green eyes dilated with ecstasy.


Abby smelled amazing as she approached her husband. “But how did you do this? . . . How did you get them . . . How did you know that . . .” Jason stammered, putting his hands on Abby’s naked hips.

“I asked nicely,” Abby said smiling with self-satisfaction and running her fingers through Jason’s black hair, “And as you can hear, our friends were more than willing to fuck for us.”

The delicious sounds of sex cascaded through the wall as the other couple’s bed creaked rhythmically, and they sighed and moaned together loudly, her quick, high-pitched “unhs” mingling in the air with his long, deep groans. Abby and Jason could literally feel their bed move as Mark thrusted into Rachel from behind, at least that is what Abby imagined they were doing since every smack of skin hitting skin was followed by a shake of the mirror as if Rachel braced herself up against it while Mark and his cock tried to push her closer and closer towards them.


“It sounds like they’re having a *lot* of fun!” Abby said looking at the shaking headboard and listening to their friends. And then, suddenly turning back to Jason, she said with increasing jealousy, “*I* want to have a lot of fun too!” Abby then kicked off her heels, pushed Jason backwards onto the bed, and climbed on top of him to straddle his eager crotch.

He slid his hands under her purple lingerie and felt his way from her smooth butt to her round hips to her soft stomach to her small, firm breasts bahis siteleri to her hard nipples. She hovered just above him, teasing his cock.

“But how did you know the bed would shake?” Jason asked, more blood now below his waist than above.

“Remember when I came here for work last year?” She asked grinding on top of him and sucking on his ear.


“Uh huh,” Jason affirmed, unable to provide any other response. “Well,” Abby said sitting up and looking down to admire Jason’s muscular chest and broad shoulders, “I stayed in this room, and a newlywed couple, um, ‘slept’ next door. Not long after I checked in and figured out why the end table was creaking, I realized what was happening, and I, um, tried to ‘enhance’ their experience,” Abby said slyly as she moved herself up Jason’s body to position her clit within reach of his lips and tongue. She sighed deeply as he responded to her cue, and then she reached back to lightly stroke his throbbing cock.

“And, unh, . . . I listened to them fuck, . . . oh, yeah, . . . over and over again, . . . unh, . . . twice that night, and then, . . . ooh that’s nice, . . . once again the next morning before, . . . uh, . . . breakfast. And, . . . unh, . . . I played with my clit, . . . yes, just like you’re touching it now, . . . unh. . . . Well, ah, . . . maybe not just like this, . . . oh, fuck that feels good.”

Abby then deftly flipped around and lowered herself again onto Jason’s tongue as she took him into her mouth.


In the adjoining room, Rachel and Mark heard the sound of Abby being pleasured, and then the sounds of Jason’s muffled moans join in, and they fucking loved it.

Mark leaned forward, grabbed a handful of Rachel’s soft, red curls and gently pulled her hair back to spike her pleasure with a shot of primal pain. “Uh . . . Yes!” She groaned, responding to the slight twinge that mixed with the waves of pleasure emanating upwards from her pussy.

She looked up and watched herself being fucked in the mirror. The wanton images reflected back at her allowed Rachel to step outside of herself for a moment as she focused on the sight of a life-sized, very attractive man fucking a life-sized, very attractive woman right in front of her. Watching them for a few seconds, she then slipped back into her freckled skin to reconnect the sights, with the sounds, and the smells, and the physical sensations of very hot sex, as a delightful cocktail of intoxicating chemicals flowed through her head evoking feelings of intense and overwhelming pleasure. She closed her eyes and let it wash over her. It is *amazing* that two people can simply take off each other’s clothes and make each other feel *this good*, she thought.

Sensing her delight, Mark thrusted and yanked harder, then he let go of Rachel’s hair, straightened his muscular back, and slapped her toned ass squarely with his right hand.


“Ouch! Fucker!” Rachel exclaimed, startled at first but then wanting more. Opening her eyes to look up at Mark in the mirror, she said, “Do it again!”

Responding to her request, Mark spanked Rachel again and again as he fucked her. His cock felt amazing sliding in and out of her, and he couldn’t believe how wet she was.

He knew that Rachel loved cock as much, if not more, than the next girl, and they were getting into some awesome new things at home, but he had never seen her quite like this before. If he hadn’t had a powerful orgasm a few canl─▒ bahis siteleri hours earlier, he definitely would have finished by now as everything lined up for him exactly right in this position.

“Harder!” She said, and he reached across her ass to smack her left cheek, blood rising to the surface to color her freckled skin as red as her hair.

Unbearably horny, Rachel watched Mark’s hard body fuck her in the mirror for a moment and then she lowered her head and reached back between her smooth legs to rub small, tight circles around her swollen clit.


“Wow, things are getting intense over there,” Jason said, holding Abby’s ass with both hands as he kissed and sucked her sex.

“Unh . . . I know!” Abby returned, switching Jason’s cock from her mouth to her hand, “It’s fucking great, isn’t it?” She asked stroking him and hoping he wouldn’t stop to answer.

“But they sound close, and I want to get fucked too,” Abby declared abruptly. She dismounted Jason’s face, hopped off the bed to her bag, and pulled out the bright yellow dildo that she never traveled without. The cartoon smiley face on the tip of the smooth, silicone penis had seen this room before, and it had enjoyed every vibrating second of it.


Abby climbed back onto the bed and lay on her back with purple-stockinged legs spread wide and feet high in the air. She clicked the base of her sex toy. The yellow cock began to buzz invitingly, and Abby touched it gently to her clit, just below a small strip of manicured brown hair. She sucked a breath of air through clenched teeth and said, “Oh yeah . . . Jason, come fuck me.”

Jason’s eyes moved downwards from Abby’s flushed face and light brown eyes wide with pleasure to her hard nipples showing through sheer purple fabric to the purple garter belt that framed her hips to the place between her shapely thighs where he desperately wanted to be. He crawled across the bed to kneel right above her and slid his cock slowly into her vibrating pussy. She gasped and threw back her head as he entered her.


With her ear now pressed up against the mirrored wall, Rachel could better hear the delicious sounds of her neighbors, and she couldn’t miss the unmistakable buzz of Abby’s sex toy. She smiled to herself as a tiny drop of drool fell from the corner of her pink mouth to land on the shaking bed.

As Mark hit Rachel just right, she suddenly realized that she loved everybody: She loved Abby for her crazy idea; she loved Jason for inspiring Abby’s idea; she loved everyone who had ever fucked and been fucked on this bed and the one next door; and she loved, loved, loved Mark and his cock. Oh yes, especially that nice . . . hard . . . cock.


The sensation of his moaning wife on the verge of orgasm, his cock thrusting in and out of her very wet pussy intensely vibrating with pleasure, the chorus of hot fucking coming through the wall, and a bed bouncing and creaking with his and Mark’s combined efforts proved to be too much for Jason to handle, and his balls exploded into Abby with a surge of ecstasy.

“Unnnnnnnnnnh!” He groaned happily pushing himself all the way into his wife while Abby took a short break from her dildo to smile at Jason’s pleasure.

Feeling inspired, she then deftly maneuvered her hands to increase the power of her sex toy and return it to her engorged clit. Moments later when she came too, Abby’s hips spasmed violently and her head exploded canl─▒ bahis in pure joy.

“Unh, unh, aaaaaaaaaaaaah!” She screamed, loud enough for everyone to know exactly how she felt.


After holding himself above Abby while she came, the flood of hormones filling Jason’s brain overwhelmed him, and he collapsed on top of his wife, his cock still inside of her as his blood slowly returned to the rest of his body.

“That. Was. Awesome,” he managed to say with his face half-buried in the pillow next to Abby’s tussled brown hair.

Abby sighed, clicked off her dildo, and flung it to the floor, not caring where it landed, or about anything else in the world, except for her and Jason’s naked bodies lying together on the very comfortable, shaking bed.


Realizing that the other room had grown quiet, the combination of Mark’s thrusts and her furious circling pushed Rachel over the edge as her orgasm squeezed Mark’s cock. She felt indescribable jolts of pleasure shoot up and down her body as she trembled.

When Rachel stopped moving, Mark thrust a few more times and then pulled out and stroked himself until he ejected warm cum all over her bright red ass. “Oh, fuck yes!” He exclaimed.

Listening to his groans and feeling the impact of Mark’s cum, Rachel reached back and rubbed it into her sore skin, and then she brought her manicured fingers to her lips to taste the salty, pungent combination of their sex.

Mark crumpled onto the bed, and Rachel turned and pounced on him like a feral cat. “That was fun!” she exclaimed kissing his face and neck. “Let’s do it again!”

“Let’s take a nap,” Mark replied, naked and sated for the second time that day.


“So how did you really do it,” Jason asked as Abby returned from the bathroom wrapped in a crimson hotel bathrobe. The thought of having sex faded to the back of his head, and he could focus on other things, for a short while at least. She climbed onto the bed to snuggle next to him putting her head on his shoulder.

“I fucked a bellhop.” She quipped drowsily, satisfied with herself physically and otherwise for having accomplished her goals for the day.


“Seriously,” Jason said holding his wife.

“Well, after getting super turned on by the couple next door that I told you about, I thought about being with you and what you would think about the situation. Would you be turned on too? Would you feel like an unwanted, peeping tom for listening in on someone else? Or would you be annoyed and want them to finish already so that you could go to sleep?

“And perhaps because I had a vibrator held to my clit and my mind was focused on hot sex, I decided that you would be super into it too.

“That and I can tell that you’re more turned on when I’m loud in bed, and I know that men are programmed to respond to the sounds of sex, and I wanted to give you something real and delicious that you can’t just order from a menu.” Rachel paused.

“Oh, and I know you have a huge crush on Rachel, which is fine because she’s a ginger and who doesn’t? And I’m pretty sure that Rachel and Mark have a crush on us back, although I’m not sure that I could ever fuck Mark. Well, maybe, if he . . .”


“Focus!” Jason interrupted her.

“Sorry. To be honest I was pretty sure that they would go along with it, although I needed that second drink to work up the courage to ask them. But I was surprised that Rachel was so turned on by having an audience. I think she might have surprised herself a little. She sounded amazing. I wonder what Mark was doing to her . . .”

But Jason had already started to snore, and she snuggled in tighter and fell asleep.

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