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Odyssey of Hannah , Laena Ch. 06

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Odyssey of Hannah Laena looked ridiculously hot trying to hide her sexy body behind that sexy little dress of hers.

“Uh-, ahem,” I composed myself. “Care to explain, babe?” She stood there silently, still nervous about spilling the beans to me. “Um, hello?! Laena?”

“Shush, give me a second,” Laena replied, gathering her thoughts. “Um, just put your bags down on the table over there and come with me. I’ll explain everything to you.”

My heart raced in anticipation. What was she going to explain? The fact that whatever she had done needed some kind of explanation made me excited and nervous. What was the big reveal? For some vague reason, I had the feeling that I already knew what she was going to say. But I wanted her to confirm my suspicions before I jumped to any conclusions.

As soon as I placed my bags on the kitchen table, Laena swiftly grabbed my hand and led me into Lewis’s room… My heart raced as the smell of sex grew more potent as we entered. “God, what have they been doing in here??” I thought. I was dying to know.

It was immediately apparent that the strong smell of sexual activities originated right here in the bedroom. As my eyes scanned for evidence, I saw that the bed was totally disheveled. Nor did the noticeable wet spot on the mattress escape my searching gaze. “What the…” I whispered. Turning around, I saw Laena facing me as she closed and locked the door behind her.

We stared at each other in silence. Laena looked very nervous about what she was going to reveal. Her nervousness caused me to get jittery and anxious. “So, are you going to tell me what you’ve been up to?” I said, desperately wanting to break our silence.

“Oh! Uh, yes, yes. Just take a seat, you’re gonna want to hear this,” Laena responded.

Taking a few steps back, I planted myself on the edge of Lewis’s bed and crossed my legs. “Okay, now tell me already,” I was getting fed up with these delaying tactics, I needed to know now!

Laena took a deep breath, then began to speak. “You know I love you, right?”

I rolled my eyes and nodded. “Of course I do. Why would you even ask such a thing?” My reassurance seemed to help Laena relax.

“Okay,” she sighed in relief. As she took in another deep breath to compose herself, my heart was pounding out of my chest. I was so excited, so nervous, and so aroused by what I was waiting to hear.

“The reason behind why I forgot to update you is because Le- Lewis and I…” Laena hesitated, unable to follow through.

“Lewis and I, what?” eyüp escort I urgently prompted.

“Le- Lewis and I….” She tried to reiterate, but stopped herself again. I was growing frustrated with her inability to just spit it out, already!

“What, Laena?! Ugh, come on, I need to know!” I whined.

“Lewis and I fucked!” Laena capitulated, before quickly covering her mouth with her hand out of embarrassment and shame.

My heart dropped and a loud silence fell upon the bedroom. “Did I hear that right?” Although I had been entertaining some sneaking suspicions that was what they had been doing, it was still incredibly hard for me to believe that Laena had actually broken our one and only rule! My brain started to short-circuit upon hearing this illicit information. I didn’t know how I was supposed to be feeling about this revelation. Angry, betrayed, aroused? Without thinking, my thighs squeezed together.

The thought of Lewis fucking my girlfriend ran rampant in my mind. I conjured up images of them fucking. It was so wrong, so taboo. Lewis and Laena had both known the rule we had set in place. Yet they had gone ahead and broken it anyway. But strangely, I wasn’t nearly as mad as I had thought I would be. If anything, it was jealousy I was feeling, more than anger.

“Yo- you guys fu- fucked…” I trailed off. Laena looked incredibly guilty.

“I’m sorry, Hannah,” she tried to explain. “I- I was just so horny, please don’t get mad at Lewis. This was totally on me.”

I just stared blankly into her emerald eyes. I pieced together all the evidence that was littered everywhere. From the lack of updates from Laena, to the smell of sex that permeated Lewis’s apartment, and on to the messy, damp bed. It all started to make sense. Any normal person would have been thrown into a fit of rage upon hearing their lover had perpetrated such a salacious act behind their back. But not me. Laena and I had fully consented to our sexual activities outside of our relationship. If a line had been crossed, that had happened a long time ago. Lewis had already fingered me and god knows what else he’d done with Laena. So him fucking her was already well within the realm of possibilities. And our relationship with Lewis had clearly sparked something inside both of us. We had grown to be very fond of him. We trusted him and cared about him as much as he did for us. So Laena having sex with Lewis wasn’t something that could be seen as a betrayal, but rather as a natural extension of our relationship with him. esenler escort When I really thought about it, at some point or another along this line we had been going down with Lewis, we were almost certain to end up fucking him.

But I was glad that Laena had been entirely honest with me. Failing to tell me would have been the worst thing she could have done. Holding the truth back for any amount of time would have been almost as bad. And considering how hot Lewis was, I found it hard to blame her. Lewis was the perfect male specimen. He was handsome, fit, and caring, not to mention that cock he was packing. Any girl would fuck him, given the opportunity.

Envy and arousal took my body by storm. The very thought of them fucking was starting to make me horny. How many times had I already had to squeeze my thighs together, trying to dam the flow of arousal from my pussy? Yet here I was, having to clench my thighs again as I was slowly coming to terms with what Laena had done. She had fucked Lewis, and there was nothing I could do about it except move forward.

Taking a deep breath, I relaxed some more. “How many times did you guys do it?” I asked in a soft voice.

“Once, Hannah, that was it,” Laena quickly responded.

“Ho- how was it?” I added. Laena raised her eyebrow. She had probably been thinking that she would be getting an earful from me. But, at the same time, she had to have suspected that I would be incredibly aroused by her actions.

“You’re not mad?” Laena queried. My mind shouted at me to be a little mad. But in reality I wasn’t. Instead, arousal was swelling inside me. Now the only thing pervading my mind was what sex with Lewis must have felt like.

Letting out a sigh, I said, “No… I just wish you would have at least told me…” Laena looked a little more relieved.

Giving me a smile that was still tinged with embarrassment, Laena walked over to me and sat herself down on my lap. I leaned back to give her room to make herself comfortable. “I knew you wouldn’t be mad,” she whispered, wriggling deeper into my lap and applying a wet kiss to my lips. I wanted to protest her accusation, but she was right. She had accurately predicted that I wouldn’t be mad: we knew each other only too well. My frustration was aimed more at myself. Something deep inside me insisted that I ought to be furious, throw a fit, be angry! But that voice was drowned out by my horny brain and lewd thoughts.

“Ugh, shut up…” I muttered. “Are you going to tell me how he was?”

Locking şişli escort eyes with me, Laena answered, “He was good. Like really good, Hannah. I didn’t know that having sex with a guy could feel anywhere near that good…” I squeezed my thighs even tighter and bit my lip. I was happy that Laena had finally had a good experience with a guy. Lewis had already shown me how well he knew his way around my female anatomy. Given his skill and how big his cock was, I’d had little doubt that he would be good. I imagined his perfect cock plunging into my lover’s tight pussy. Taking her to heights of pleasure she had never experienced before.

Eager for more juicy details, I asked, “How many times did he make you cum?”

Laena bit her lip in reaction to my question and replied, “Three times. Once with his mouth and fingers. And twice with that cock of his.” Wait, Lewis had eaten out her pussy and fingered her to orgasm?! “And, Hannah, the way he made me cum was unbelievable! I swear I lost some brain cells because of him.”

I was growing envious that Laena had done so many naughty, fun things with Lewis. I wanted to experience them, too! My thoughts shifted to what he could have made me feel. That itch I’d been all too familiar with was tingling deep inside of me. I had already gotten a taste of Lewis’s fingers inside of me, but I was forced to wonder what his mouth would feel like on my bare pussy. Much less what his throbbing cock could accomplish down in my hot tight depths. What Lewis fucking me into oblivion would feel like. If Laena got to fuck Lewis, then I would be most definitely be getting my turn, too!

“Must be nice, Lewis doing all those things with you…” I pouted, squinting my eyes in jealousy.

Laena tilted her head to the side with concern. Then, with a devious smile, she moved to my ear and whispered, “Since you’re already here, do you want to fuck Lewis, too? It’s only fair since I got to.” My eyes lit up at her suggestion. My pussy moistened even more in response to this opportunity to fuck him. It was as if I had been waiting my entire life for just this moment. And Laena was right, if she had gotten to fuck him, then I should get to, too!

“You w- want me to fuck Lewis?” I asked to make sure. Laena nodded her head in excitement. We locked eyes with each other as I processed what I should do. I wasn’t going to say no, but it deserved some form of contemplation.

“Trust me, Hannah, he’ll fuck you so good! I’m pretty sure he’s light years better than that ex of yours,” Laena encouraged. Seeing Laena’s excitement at the prospect of me fucking Lewis sent waves of arousal thrilling through me! My pussy heated up as I let myself surrender to Laena’s proposal, as I envisioned Lewis burying his big cock in my tight little pussy.

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