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Oblivious Onyx

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Dark haired and beautiful, 19 year old Onyx’s usually stoic face betrayed the amazement she felt as she stared through the darkness at her roommate. Onyx’s green eyes pierced through the night and adjusted to the lack of light as they stared onwards to Tanya’s bed, where whimpers of self-pleasure could be heard. This wasn’t surprising to Onyx; after all, she and Tanya had discussed how important it was to masturbate in order to relieve stress and menstrual cramps. It was normal for them to be able to pleasure themselves in the same room, which they did almost every night.

This night, however, was different.

Instead of simply moaning softly, as Onyx knew Tanya to do, Tanya was instead screaming into a pillow. Sounds of wetness arrived to Onyx’s ears, reassuring her that Tanya was fingering herself quickly and roughly. What was more surprising, however, was what Tanya was saying as she got herself off.

“Onyx,” she’d moan into her pillow, quiet, but not quiet enough for Onyx’s keen hearing. “Eat my pussy, please! Oh, Onyx, yes, yes, yes…” And on it went. Tanya probably thought that Onyx couldn’t hear her, or that she had slept with her headphones on as she did every night. It was only by chance that Onyx had woken up with the desire to go to the bathroom.

Now the dark haired college student felt a tingling between her legs. ‘What the fuck,’ she thought to herself as she continued to train her eyes on her seemingly joyful roommate. ‘I’m not a lesbian. I’m not into girls!’ Onyx panicked as she thought of the way her family had condemned homosexual activities; all of her life she had struggled to be the ‘good girl’ of her clan, and now the sounds of her female roommate going at it were turning her on.

Instead of allowing her sexual fervor to grow, Onyx put her headphones back on, turned over in the other direction, said a few prayers, and went to sleep, all the while promising herself that she would forget all about this and never even think about being with a woman ever again.

It had been a few weeks since Tanya’s lesbian fantasy had overcome escort istanbul her good sense and things were as good as normal between the two best friends. Toting natural white blonde hair and a huge rack, Tanya was one of the ‘man eaters’ of their small community college; she was considered a huge slut and had a reputation for sleeping with everything that moved. Despite that all, however, people still liked her: she was well intentioned, after all, and too bubbly not to love.

Onyx and Tanya had hit it off as soon as they had met, the first being from an ultra conservative Catholic family and the latter being the beach-loving Cali Valley girl. With Tanya, Onyx had discovered a whole new world that contained endless nights of boozing, sex, and weed, a lifestyle she had struggled to balance with her academic life. With Onyx’s help, Tanya was getting moderate grades- a first in her over privileged life- and had a few honest-to-God steady relationships. They had helped each other grow, and each loved the other equally.

Despite the friendly façade that wasn’t a complete farce between the two, Tanya had begun to have feelings for Onyx. It had all started one afternoon when Tanya had come back to their dorm room early from class because of an aching headache. When she had gotten back, Onyx was just getting out of the shower and had stood before her with her dark hair hanging down to her waist and her perky little breasts still dripping with beads of water.

Not to mention the fact that her pussy was completely shaved.

Bare and glistening, Tanya glanced at it for a second and suddenly felt a warmth between her legs. Between apologies to Onyx for barging in this early and explanations about her ailments, she managed to get her clothing off as well so that two minutes later they were both standing in the middle of their room buck-naked. Tanya bit her lip and went up to Onyx.

“Could you give me one of those head scratches so I can maybe get to sleep?” Tanya asked her in the most innocent-please-fuck-me voice she could muster up. The blonde was bayan escort aware of their proximity… just an inch closer and they would be nipple to nipple, skin to skin. Tanya was hungry.

Naïve Onyx, of course, chirped, “Of course!” happy to be of service to her friend. She moved forwards towards Tanya’s bed and their nipples brushed momentarily. Onyx thought nothing of it and sat down, patting the place next to her so that Tanya could put her head there. Tanya willingly lied down and let her head be caressed by her friend’s smooth hands.

From that moment, Tanya had wanted to taste Onyx’s pussy.

This weekend was her opportunity.

A long weekend was coming up and the girls were excited to be able to go to Tanya’s father’s house in Los Angeles. It was going to be vacant but for them and whomever they decided to invite over (wink, wink) and both were excited to get away from the stress of college life for a little while.

After driving for a few hours, they finally arrived at the huge condo. Considering the fact that it had a pool and the weather was steamy, both girls came to the consensus that it would be a fantastic idea to take a dip. Onyx, of course, was merely hot from the heat; Tanya was hot for other reasons.

Once in the pool, the two friends spent a while splashing about and floating quietly and serenely as they felt the stress slowly drain out of them. Seeing Onyx’s body in nothing but a skimpy red bikini Tanya had given her made the blonde’s nipples stand attention. She felt familiar warmth between her legs and decided that it was time to make her move.

Swimming to the edge of the pool, Tanya boosted herself out and began to take her bikini off. Onyx had been turned around admiring the backyard, which was filled with beautiful and expensive exotic flowers arranged in gorgeous and creative designs.

“You know, Tanya,” Onyx said, turning around, “we could definitely do a photo…” The dark haired girl’s voice trailed off as she laid eyes on her now naked roommate who was on her back and caressing her nipples istanbul escort bayan while cooing softly. Her pussy was facing Onyx, and it looked wet.

‘It’s just the pool,’ Onyx thought before clearing her voice and saying, “Uh- Tanya?” She couldn’t get much more out; her voice was shaky and she didn’t know how to react or what to say.

Tanya popped her head up. “What?” she asked in the same innocent-please-fuck-me voice she had used the day of the head massage. “I’m horny, we’re alone here, and it’s my backyard. Plus, it’s a beautiful day to be nude outdoors.” Tanya waited a second for a reaction, but there was none; Onyx was stunned silent. “You can’t tell me you’re not just as horny as I am.”

Onyx was horny. In fact, she was very much so. Tanya’s pink and dripping pussy was just staring her in the face; Onyx had never felt more of an urge to entrap something in her mouth than she had at that moment. She had never been with a woman before and would have never thought she’d be attracted to one.

The fit blonde had gone back to her activities and was moaning a bit louder now. She knew that her audience was enrapt in her self-pleasure and was just waiting for the moment she would crack. Looking up again, Tanya realized, with much satisfaction, that Onyx was staring at her mesmerized, her hand dipped into her bikini bottoms. The top was off.

Sitting up so that her legs still hung off the edge of the pool, Tanya beckoned her over with one finger. As if entranced, Onyx waded towards her and looked up at her friend’s pretty face. All of this was rewarded with a single kiss on the lips, a small peck.

“How did that feel?” Tanya asked. Onyx only stared and boosted herself up next to her friend. They stared at each other for a long moment and then embraced one another; their tongues were dancing around in each other’s mouths. Suddenly, Tanya’s hand moved from its position on Onyx’s cheek and lingered on her breast for a while until she began to pinch Onyx’s sensitive nipples. The dark haired girl moaned into her friend’s mouth as Tanya laid her down. It was time to get what she had pined after for weeks.

Tanya, being the dominator, straddled Onyx; the girl on the bottom felt her friend’s warm, hot pussy slide against her stomach and her need to be touched grew even stronger.

To be continued…

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