Notorious Ch. 01

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I’ve never thought of myself as a person who would break rules just for the sake of it, or simply for shock value. But neither am I a person who would abide by convention simply because that is what is expected of her by society. I like to think that I have come to have a sense of right and wrong that allows me to express who I am, while at the same time respecting the people around me. When it comes right down to it, I just don’t seem to fit the mould that people expect me to.

I have found that people tend to judge even without meaning to, and as a result, I have become very protective of my reputation. And yet I must admit to enjoying the raised eyebrows that result from me following my heart and venturing to the edges of what polite society considers acceptable. This makes having to restrain my behaviour even more frustrating, and even being restrained I still manage to earn a reputation for being wild.

I realised recently that I have a group of friends who are almost completely isolated from all of my other friends; a situation which I thought might give me an opportunity to explore my wilder side in safety. I met these people through a friend from a past job, and they have no contact with my current work colleagues or any of my other friends. The small number of my girlfriends that have met them have found them a little dull because they are older than we are, for the most part in their mid to late thirties, but I find them fun to have a few quiet drinks with, and it doesn’t hurt that all but one are men and completely enthralled by me.

During my recent trip to Europe I had been completely free, with no need to consider consequences, and had found it a liberating experience. This fuelled my desire now to see how far we could take it, come what may. I decided I would sleep with as many of the men in this older group of friends as possible. The more I thought about it, the more the prospect of being the subject of their gossip aroused me. I would be exposing more of my secret self than I ever had before, and I was simultaneously scared and thrilled. I told myself that even if things went awry and the gossip grew out of control, none of my other friends would ever hear about it.

Having made my decision I resolved to put it into action at the next opportunity. I had to wait a little while, but the perfect occasion was a charity cocktail party the following week. These events aren’t formal, but everyone puts a little extra effort into looking their best. I must admit I have always enjoyed getting dressed up and going to functions with a little swank. It adds to my enjoyment to wear a slinky dress with nothing underneath it. I find it a delicious combination of class and wantonness.

I bought a little black dress especially for the evening. It was a little too short and a little too clingy, but it was Guess, so it was also beautiful, and perfect for what I had in mind. Combine it with black stay-up stockings, stilettos, and no underwear and I had the perfect combination of chic and availability.

I made a stir when I arrived. Thinking about my plans had me very aroused, with my face flushed and my nipples erect. Tonight I was going to sleep with one of my friends, someone I had known for over a year. I hadn’t decided whom I would take to bed yet. I would play that by ear. It didn’t really matter who ended up in my bed tonight, as I intended that over the next few weeks or months they would all be in my bed at some point. All of these thoughts had me feeling very sexy, and people must have picked up on my mood. I felt like everyone was watching me as I paraded through the room. I was relieved to see one of my friends, Ezra, across I room. I gave him my best smile and headed in his direction.

“Hello, Ezra,” I said.

“You look stunning tonight darling,” he said, “I think you’ve even outdone yourself.”

“Thanks, Ezra, you’re looking quite dashing yourself,” I replied, my smile growing with his compliments.

I leaned in and we exchanged kisses on the cheek. As we did so he put one hand on my shoulder and with his other hand he gently squeezed my arse. Ezra is always trying to grope me and usually I would slap his hand away or hit him in mock offence. Tonight though, I just drew our bodies together and let the kiss linger while his hand wandered over the cheek of my arse.

“Now, now, Ezra, you know that if you bruise the fruit you have to pay for it,” I said, as I slowly drew his hand away from my arse, sliding it up my arse and across my hip to his side.

“And how much would that be?” he asked with a sly grin.

“Way more than you could afford, Ez,” I replied, “but you can start by buying me a wine. I’m dying of thirst.”

“Sorry, so remiss of me,” he said, as he patted my hip and turned toward the bar.

As he walked away, I was beginning to wonder if I had given his hands a little too much encouragement. He looked like a man who was sure he was going to get laid that night. I certainly didn’t want any one of my boys to become too territorial. My goal was to be shared, g├╝venilir bahis and possessiveness was not going to help.

I moved around the group, saying my hellos and giving everyone kisses. I allowed myself to be touched much more than usual, and I graciously accepted the compliments on my appearance that were no more than my due.

I could feel eyes from all around the room moving over my body. The attention I was getting, as well as all of the touching, was keeping me very aroused. I could feel the moistness in my pussy and from the tingling in my nipples I knew they were still hard and would not be going down any time soon.

After saying hello to everyone I found myself chatting with Jim. We had met only twice before and I had been attracted to him both times. I suspected the attraction was mutual and I resolved to find out for sure tonight.

He was about the only one who had not tried to feel me up. He put his hand on my shoulder and held me firmly while he kissed me. My dress leaves my shoulder bare, and I could feel the heat of his hand on my skin. As he moved towards me to kiss me he looked directly into my eyes. There was definitely a connection between us.

After kissing me he ran his eyes up and down my body. Most men steal a glance at me and look away quickly when I catch them. He was drinking me in with his eyes right in front of me and it was really turning me on.

“Do a turn for me,” he said, “so I get the full effect.”

“Okay,” I said, as I turned.

I turned slowly with an exaggerated swing of my hips with each step. I knew that he would be looking at my arse, and it excited me. I hoped he would look closely enough to notice that I was not wearing underwear.

“You are very beautiful tonight,” he said, when I was facing him again.

“Thank you,” I said, smiling.

We chatted and flirted for a few minutes when Ezra returned with my drink. Ezra joined the conversation with Jim and I but it wasn’t long before he realised he couldn’t compete with Jim’s charming wit and disarming grin.

“Would you like to play pool, Lisa?” Jim asked me.

“I’m not much of a pool player,” I replied.

“That’s okay, it’s just an interesting diversion, and maybe I can give you a few pointers.”

“Okay, I’ll play, as long as you promise not to beat me too badly,” I said.

He gestured for me to walk ahead of him to the pool table. As I walked I could feel his eyes on my arse so I added a little extra swing to my walk. He set the table up and chalked the cue and broke. Our fingers touched as he handed me the cue and it felt like a spark jumped between us.

We played a few shots and he said, “I have a confession to make. I really invited you to play pool so I could have you to myself for a little while.”

“I’m glad you did,” I replied, “but weren’t you supposed to be giving me a few tips?”

“I’m sorry, I did say I would. You should make a line of your body and the cue. Lower your chin onto the cue and look down it. It will help you aim more accurately.”

He stepped behind me and put his hands on my shoulders. I felt the spark and the heat again. Then he slowly ran his hands down my sides. He was applying pressure to first one side and then the other, adjusting my position slightly. I had no idea what he was doing I was just enjoying the sensation of his hands moving over me. His hands reached my hips and he turned me slightly then continued to run his hands slowly down over my arse and thighs.

Then he stepped up to me and I could feel his crotch pressing against my arse as he looked over my shoulder and helped me aim. He wasn’t hard but I could definitely feel something firm pressing against me. I couldn’t help myself and I wiggled my arse against him a little.

“Don’t move,” he said, as he put his hands on my hips and pressed his crotch against me a little more firmly.

God! He was driving me crazy.

“Now draw your hand straight back and then push the stick straight forward again and hit the white ball,” he said.

To my surprise I almost got the ball in, but I couldn’t concentrate on the game at all. I could smell his cologne and feel his body pressing against me. My senses were full of him. I decided that I was going to go home with him tonight.

As our game progressed we continued to flirt and touch gently. I could see what I suspected to be the beginning of an erection in his pants. I encouraged his advances by bending a little more than I needed and by drawing my shoulders and raising my dress slightly as I did so, just enough to show a little bare thigh above the top of my stockings.

Eventually he beat me, which was no surprise. The game was much closer than I expected although I suspect he was taking it easy on me. I enjoyed playing, both because of the lessons, which I am sure were much more physical than they needed to be, and also because it gave me a good opportunity to display myself to him, and the other people watching us play.

After the game Jim said, “I have to go Lisa. Will you keep me company while g├╝venilir bahis siteleri I get a taxi?”

“Yes of course,” I said, “but it’s a shame you have to go, I am enjoying our games.”

He gave me a wicked grin and I was sure he knew that I was referring to more than just our pool game.

“I know, but maybe we can get together another time. Are you free on Saturday night?”

We headed for the exit and the stairs down to the street. As we walked I replied, “I’m not sure what I’m doing, but I am intrigued. What do you have in mind?”

“Dinner, some nice wine, and maybe a little dancing. I can’t resist your smile, so I promise to make you smile the whole night.”

I was finding it just as hard to resist his smile. When we reached the street he put a hand on each of my hips and held me facing him. He looked into my eyes and I was sure he was about to kiss me.

Instead he asked, “So, what do you say, is it a date?”

I was breathless, waiting for his kiss, all I could say was, “Yes, yes, it’s a date.”

As soon as I agreed he drew my body to him and kissed me deeply. He put one hand on the base of my back and held my body tightly against him. With the other hand he stroked my hip and thigh. I opened my lips and let his tongue enter me. At the same time I opened my legs and wrapped one leg around him. I hoped he would understand the meaning of the gesture. I was open to him and I wanted him inside me. We would have to wait but I wanted him to know that we would not have to wait long.

After what seemed an eternity we broke our kiss. We were both breathless and lost in the moment. A taxi drove toward us and when Jim noticed it he hailed it down and got in when it stopped. I watched as it started to drive away. Suddenly the taxi stopped and Jim called out the window to me.

“Lisa, text me your number,” he called, as he passed me his business card through the taxi window.

We had both been so distracted by the after-effects of our kiss that we had almost forgotten to exchange numbers. It would not have been the end of the world, I could have asked our friends at the party, but it would have meant exposing my cards before I was ready. I did not want any of my other men backing off because of a misplaced sense of honour. As I returned to the party I sent Jim a text so he would have my number. I sent him a single “X,” a single kiss.

I was disappointed that Jim had had to leave early but in a way I was also relieved. I’ve experienced the kind of instant chemistry that I felt with Jim before, and it usually ends with me in bed with the object of my lust, but at the moment I was trying to do something different. There were lots more men upstairs and I would not be going home alone tonight. The other men in my group of friends at the party were attractive, but it takes something a little different in a man to really draw me to him. I can’t put my finger on what it is exactly but my other friends did not have it. I wasn’t going to let that stop me from sleeping with them though, and by the time I got back upstairs to the party I was feeling aroused again.

I decided I needed a champagne, and made a bee line for the bar. While I was waiting, I felt a body move up beside me and an arm slide around my waist. I turned my head to see Ezra smiling at me lewdly and felt his hand wander toward my arse. My body reacted immediately, my nipples hardening and pussy moistening, and I leant toward him slightly and allowed him to stroke my arse.

Ezra had been trying to take me to bed ever since we had first met. He was not a subtle man and until tonight I had not led him on at all. Now though, I was enjoying the game. I realised that before too long I would be in bed with this man, he would be inside me, and his lecherous hands would be all over my bare body. My thoughts ran away with me and I pictured us naked together, my mouth engulfing his cock, his cum in me and on me. My heart was beating very quickly and I could feel a flush rising from my breasts to my cheeks.

“I said, ‘What can I get for you,'” I heard as I recovered my senses.

I looked up and saw the barman looking at me with annoyance. At the same time I could feel Ezra’s hand exploring the crease of my arse and slowly lifting my skirt.

“Champagne please,” I told the barman.

“Behave,” I said to Ezra behind me as I slapped his hand away from my arse.

“I’ll get that and a glass of white as well please,” he said to the barman as he flashed me his sweetest lewd grin again. I am sure he thought it a perfectly charming smile, but his intentions were all too clear for it to be taken as anything but licentious.

When our drinks arrived he put an arm around my waist, with his hand on the curve my arse and hip. This was the least inappropriately he had touched me all night. Nevertheless, I took his hand off my arse, and put it on my hip. He drew me away from the bar and back toward our group of friends.

When we reached our friends I saw Tony who must have just arrived, as he had not been present when iddaa siteleri I said hello to everyone earlier. I slipped out of Ezra’s embrace and walked over to Tony and gave him a kiss.

“You look as stunning as usual Lisa,” he said as we kissed cheeks.

He put his hand on my hip and ran his finger nails up and down over my hip a few times. At first I thought he was trying to tickle me.

When he asked, “Did you get dressed in a hurry tonight?” I realised that he was trying to feel my panty line.

With the mood I was in I couldn’t help but blush as I said, “No, Tony, I dressed very carefully tonight, is there something wrong with my dress?”

Paul came to my rescue, “Not at all Lisa, Tony was just expressing, in his own unique way, his appreciation that none of your sweet curves are marred by unsightly lines.”

I just smiled and took a sip of champagne. My mind was completely addled and there was no way I could come up with any kind of witty response. Tony’s hand was still on my hip and Paul’s eyes were on my breasts.

Paul and Tony are best friends and usually very charming. Tony had been flirting with me ever since we met, testing the waters I think, to see how I would react if he ever asked me out. Paul, though, had until tonight, seemed completely impervious to my charms. I decided that tonight I would make it clear to both of them that I would accept their invitations if they asked me out.

The party flowed around us and I was drawn into many conversations with our friends. I never strayed too far from Paul and Tony though and when I joined into their conversations I would place a hand on their back or brush my shoulder against them. Towards the end of the night I found Paul and joined his conversation with another man I was not familiar with.

“Ah, Lisa, this is Chris, we’ve been friends since school,” said Paul.

“Hi Chris, it’s nice to meet you,” I said.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you too,” Chris said as we shook hands, and Chris took my hand in both of his, in a warm and friendly greeting.

“You’ll have to excuse me though, they’ve called “last drinks” and I don’t want to miss out,” he said, as he turned and headed towards the bar.

Paul turned to me then and said, “If you aren’t busy tomorrow night how does a drink at Opera Bar sound?”

“I always enjoy a drink with you Paul,” I said with a smile, “maybe even some fireworks if we get lucky.”

I’d already had two invitations to Opera Bar, but I wanted my acceptance of Paul’s invitation to be more personal, as difficult as it was considering that Opera Bar was a regular Friday night haunt for our group.

“Great,” Paul replied, with a happy smile, “would you like me to pick you up?”

“It’s a lot easier for me to get there straight from work,” I replied, “but how about meeting for something to eat first?”

His smile grew as he said, “That sounds great. I’ll call you tomorrow to work out the details.”

It seemed I had managed to turn Friday night drinks with our friends into a dinner date with Paul and I was quite proud of myself.

Tony chose that moment to return and asked, “What details?”

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Paul said. “Look, I’ve got to go, but I’ll see you both tomorrow night for drinks at Opera Bar?” said Paul.

“Not me. I’m going to Melbourne tomorrow, remember?” Tony replied, “I’ll be gone for a week, so you can’t leave yet, it’s still early.”

“It’s not early; they just called ‘last drinks,'” Paul said.

Tony turned to me and said, “It’s still early isn’t it?”

“I don’t know what time it is but it’s way too early to go home,” I replied.

“Whatever, I have to go,” Paul said, “maybe you two should have a drink together.”

“Sounds like a good idea, what do you think Lisa?” asked Tony.

“I could do with another drink do you have somewhere in mind?” I asked.

“Have you guys seen Paul?” asked Ezra, as he came up to us.

Tony pointed across the room as he said, “He’s over there saying his goodbyes.”

“Right thanks, I’ll see you guys later, Paul’s giving me a lift home,” Ezra said as he shook Tony’s hand.

Ezra said, “Goodnight Lisa,” as he leaned towards me and kissed me on the lips and squeezed my arse.

Tony and I were not able to resume our conversation as everyone started to leave at once. A lot of people stopped to say goodbye and chat for a moment as they went past. A few minutes later we found ourselves on the street outside the bar, having been hustled out by the staff.

“Do you still feel like another drink?” Tony asked.

“Yeah, I’m up for it,” I replied.

“I know a great little place five minutes walk from here, there’s beer, wine, even some classier stuff, or coffee if you prefer,” Tony said.

“Are you trying to get me back to your place Tony,” I asked, smiling.

“Not at all; everything we need is there, and it’s cool and not too crowded,” he replied.

“Okay, you’ve convinced me,” I said.

As we walked to Tony’s place we chatted about his upcoming trip. He was going for work, but would be taking a few days to catch up with friends and get out on the town. We talked about other things as well but nothing momentous. I let our arms brush together as we walked, I was hoping that he might take my hand, but I did not get a bite.

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