Not Gay, Butt…

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This is the first installment of a continuing story of a couple that fell out of physical love for a time, only their spiritual love kept them from separating. They find that the willingness to experiment with different unconventional sexual situations was the key to keeping their sex lives awake and vibrant. Their innovative interactions are not your normal situations, so if anyone feels that a fantasy that includes deviant behavior that includes male penetration is not for you, then you should not continue reading these stories. If however, you have an open mind for adventure, read on.


Ron Afton is a 40 year old construction foreman working for a large company in Minnesota. He’s responsible for layout and coordination for the firm, and was doing layout when he looked up to see a vision that burned itself into his mind immediately. That vision was actually just a glimpse of the most alluring woman that he could ever remember seeing. It wasn’t that she was the most gorgeous woman in the world, although she was very pretty. It was more something about her that was discernable in the wink of an eye. The fleeting glimpse of her revealed firm round buttocks and quilted hair that almost covered the delightful orbs. Her body was enveloped in a swishy flower print dress that hugged all the right places without being far too suggestive. Her most distinguishing feature however, was her smile, one that she flashed at him as she walked past. The glimmer of her green eyes perfectly complimented her pearly white teeth.

Ron remembered thinking at that moment that it would be great to be single again and have a chance to pursue this beauty. That was not the case though; he had been married to his lovely wife for 16 years and wasn’t inclined to change that, even though their sex life had been virtually nonexistent for the past two years. His wife had lost interest in sex at the relatively young age of 37, and gradually had become unwilling to accept his manhood at all.

Ron accepted this fact of nature, it was something that he knew would come eventually, but of course he hadn’t expected it to come so early. While no longer a strapping 19 year old he still was still extremely sexually charged. He hoped that his lovely wife Jessica would try to satisfy him in other ways, but it seemed as if her desire to keep him sexually content went by the wayside with her change. She refused anal sex after one clumsy attempt had caused her nothing but pain, and wasn’t into giving oral sex, only doing it on occasion to quell his constant requests for both. It was obvious to him that she didn’t enjoy it, and he wondered what he could do to change her mind.

Things changed though, after he had a foray into the internet chat world. He had gotten ‘phone call close’ to a chat partner, and his wife discovered it. Her reaction was to entice him back to her fold by increasing their sexual experiences and to try different things.

After a protracted and heated argument about who was to blame, Ron had told his wife Jessica that he was thinking seriously of leaving, citing her unwillingness to seek medical or psychological attention for her sexual problems. She began to cry, which never failed to melt his heart, and he let the threat drop.

A few days later though, Jessica greeted him at the door in a sexy negligee and a glass of champagne. He knew he was in for a treat when he saw two bottles on ice. One bottle usually meant a little giggling and some kissing, but two bottles sometimes resulted in a blow job. Jessica rarely treated him to oral sex, and barely tolerated his ministrations on her own pussy, but after two bottles of champagne…

Ron was led to the shower after bottle number one was finished, and with bottle two in hand, was treated to a sensual washing. Jessica even went so far as to soap up a finger and slip it in his ass hole, and that really put some iron in his cock. She was on her knees before him and added more soap to his ass hole, and began finger fucking his back door, sliding deeper and deeper into his rectum until her entire middle finger had sunk to the knuckle. “Ahhh, the wonders of champagne,” Ron thought as he felt her lips engulf his now rigid cock. “This is more like it.” The finger in the ass hole was a new experience for him. Sure, he’d fingered his own ass on occasion in the shower, but it was nothing like this feeling. Jessica was really getting into it, taking more and more of his cock into her slobbering mouth as she rhythmically pistoned her finger through his soapy sphincter. After a few minutes of this special treatment, he felt the signal in his balls, and was prepared to empty them into his drunk wife’s mouth, but she had other ideas.

“You may do that later lover boy, but not just yet” she said, smiling up at him from her kneeling position. “I have other plans for you.”

She gave his rock hard seven inches a squeeze to help stifle the urge, slipped her finger from his ass hole, and then pendik escort trained the shower massage at his crinkled opening to remove the soap. Standing up she locked her mouth onto his. He could taste his precum on her lips and tongue and was in love all over again. He began to think that there was hope for their marriage after all. Minutes later the second bottle of champagne was history. “This is gonna be great” he thought.

Jessica dried him off with a fresh new towel, and handed one to him to do likewise for her. Ron took his time running the fluffy cloth over her body, stopping to circle her nipples with his tongue as he worked his way down her body. Slowly lowering the towel, he followed it with little kisses and nips, his tongue darting out here and there, much to her delight. He could tell she was loving it by her low moaning as he dropped lower and lower. After drying her legs and feet, he returned his attention to her swollen pussy lips. He was sure that she would put up with some pussy licking in her inebriated state, and right he was. He gently parted the folds of her womanhood and carefully teased the inner side of her lips, making sure he wasn’t too rough on her sensitive pussy. He thought to himself that it was too bad that they had just showered, as he truly enjoyed the taste and smell of pussy. Freshly washed was nice, but ‘lived in’ pussy was his favorite.

The shower did give him another opportunity to do something that he truly enjoyed, rimming his wife. After working on her slit for a while, not forgetting to tease and tongue her little love bud, he turned her around and leaned her over, toweling off her smooth white cheeks and gently biting her flesh. His goal was her little brown eye, usually forbidden but hopefully not this time. He was rewarded with another low moan from his normally non vocal wife when he circled her sphincter with his probing tongue. Encouraged, he formed it into a curled point and pushed into her, eliciting yet another moan. Soon his spit had her lubed sufficiently to allow some tongue penetration as he pushed and slithered into her ass hole. She began to push back at him as he entered further than he had ever been before, and she was moaning more and more. He could barely believe his luck as he tongue fucked her butt hole and she writhed back on his oral invader. He reached down and squeezed his hardness, coating his finger with his precum, and slipped the lubed digit into her willing bum. Once again he was rewarded with a moan, louder this time, but just as quickly she pulled away and took control again.

“Time for the next step you nasty man” she said, winking at him and taking his hand to lead him to the bedroom. She had him lay down on their king size bed and pulled a small suitcase that he didn’t recognize from under it. “I’ve been shopping!”

And shopping she had been, as the contents of the case revealed. There was a little pouch of Kama Sutra honey powder and a small feather brush, as well as several scented oils and creams. What intrigued him most though, was a lifelike cock, close to the same size as his seven inch member. “This is getting very interesting” he mused.

Jessica began with the honey powder, dipping the feather brush into the sweet scented talcum and lightly floating it across his chest. His nipples responded to this tickle of dust by instantly becoming hard little points, which she bent down and circled with the tip of her tongue. Moving the feather applicator lower, brushing across his belly, she continued to tease him to further heights of arousal. His cock now stood back up to full attention, its blind eye staring him in the face, a steady tear of clear love juice escaping from the slit. His amorous wife caught sight of the treat that he had for her and swirled her tongue around the head, spreading his precum around the rim. A long low moan escaped his lips as she engulfed his cock head in her warm mouth, her tongue dancing around the tip, slowly taking more of it down her throat, until he wondered how she was doing it without gagging. When his cock reached the back of her throat he felt a tingling sensation, and knew how she was managing the feat. Somehow without him noticing she had put a dollop of mint deep throat cream on her tonsils, and she was putting it to wonderful use.

Ron enjoyed his wife’s exciting ministrations for a few more moments, watching her head bob up and down on his swollen manhood, her tongue working its magic on the underside, moving down closer than she had ever been to his ass hole. He breathed in sharply when she swished it in a circle around his sphincter, but she went no further. While her tongue explored his nether region her hand slowly pumped on his engorged cock, eliciting copious amounts of precum from the excited head. Before he knew it though, she went on to her next ‘phase’. In her hand was a bottle of massage oil, again it was sweet almond. She warmed some of the sexy scented oil in her palms and tuzla escort began working it into his tingling skin, massaging his pecs and pinching his nipples as she worked the sensuously fragrant lotion in. Jessica coaxed him into rolling over on his belly and continued with the amorous massage, now working oil into his back, then lower toward his buttocks. She spent some time there, not avoiding his ass crack and hole, occasionally slipping a well oiled finger slightly into his anus, just enough to tease him and keep him on edge.

Suddenly Ron felt another, harder probe at his ass hole, and turned to see what was going on down there. His lovely wife was holding a disposable enema, coated with lubricant. Slowly she inserted it into his rectum, little by little, until just the base of the nozzle was visible. After he had become accustomed to the presence of the nozzle, she gave it a squeeze, filling his rectum with the fluid from the bottle. He had never experienced an enema before, and wasn’t all that keen on it. The liquid was filling his bowels past his comfort level, and he feared that he might not be able to hold it in, but his woman shushed his feeble protests, assuring him that he would be okay.

Finally he had taken all of the solution into his bowels, and he lay there motionless for a time. Jessica cupped his ass in her hand and helped him up, her palm pushing against his ass hole as she guided him to the toilet. Gratefully he sat on the stool and allowed the enema to leave his body. With a great ‘woosh,’ he felt empty again. She stood him up and bent him over once more, and filled his ass for a rinse, and let him return to the stool. Never in his life had he felt so empty back there.

It was once again time for a shower, and he obediently followed her and allowed her to rinse him clean. “Now you’re ready for the big show, my darling” his nubile wife cooed to him. “Let’s go back to our bed” she coaxed, drying him off with a fresh towel. Ron had a good idea of what he was in for next. Although he had some misgivings, he thought “what the hell, we’ve come this far, might as well complete the new segment in our sex life.” He was trembling slightly as he lay back down, not a normal reaction for him, but this was anything but a normal situation. Jessica sensed his trepidation and did her best to assure him that it would be alright. Kissing and nibbling at his neck, she traced a path to his groin, pausing here and there to show him that she was willing to take her time. By the time her lips had completed their journey down his torso to his cock, he was relaxed again, with the exception of his manhood, which jutted out like a bowsprit on a schooner. “Now babe, you’re always trying to get me to take your cock up my ass, and I’m willing to try it if you’ll go first.” she half whispered to him.

What little doubt remained about her intentions melted then and there, and he could only nod his agreement as she lowered her head back to his cock, lipping its length like an ear of corn, yet another technique that she had never used on him. “Damn,” he thought, “this is like some kind of a dream!” She wasn’t done yet though, in fact she was just barely getting started. Her lips and tongue slid to the base of his engorged cock, and she squeezed his hardness while swirling her tongue around his balls, moving even further down to the sensitive skin between his nuts and ass hole. He tensed slightly as she neared his puckered opening with her exploring tongue, but relaxed just as quickly. Jessica did as he had done to her earlier, pointing her tongue and pressing it against his ring, wriggling it around trying to enter his forbidden opening. She was only slightly successful until Ron remembered something he had read about doing anal. The sphincter muscle is the only one in the human body that is flexed when relaxed. By pushing as if to shit, the little muscle actually relaxes in order to allow escape. This time he was empty and when he flexed his muscle his butt hole relaxed enough to allow her entrance inside. The sudden opening of his ass hole surprised Jessica, but she pressed on undaunted, slithering her tongue inside his rectum. The feeling was out of this world. Never had either of them experienced the sensuous pleasures of oral/anal like this. They both decided then and there that they loved it. Ron was clean as a whistle, and Jessica was tipsy, making for a wonderfully amorous situation.

Ron’s turned on wife continued pleasuring his ass hole with her adventurous tongue for a couple more minutes. Stroking his cock while stimulating his ass hole was building her towards her own orgasm, almost without even touching herself. “Damn, I can’t remember being this hot” she thought to herself as she moved her hand to her pussy, cupping the folds of her lips in her oily hand. Her slick fingers found her clitoris and pressed on the base, then moved to the sensitive tip. She squirmed against her own hand as she stroked her husbands cock and kartal escort tongued his ass hole.

She was reluctant to end this new experience, but anxious to go further. Tearing her hand away from her pussy, she raised herself up and had Ron rise up on all fours.

Now for the part that she had been building up to.

Reaching into the case, Jessica found the life like dildo that she had carefully chosen to best match her husbands own cock, complete with veins on the side and the piss tube underneath. She also found the small jar of deep throat/anal crème, but Ron asked her not to use it. “I want to feel it babe. Besides, if for some reason it’s doing damage to my insides, I want to know. Maybe we can use it next time, if there is one.”

“Whatever you say, love,” she agreed.

She coated the toy with another kind of lube and fingered some more into his already slippery ass hole. Taking careful aim, she guided the head to his ass ring, and pressed gently forward. Reaching underneath him, she wrapped his cock in her hand and pressed farther. Ron flexed his sphincter again, and the head popped into his virgin ass.

“Oh shit, that thing’s big!” he exclaimed, squirming under the anal assault. He could feel the rim against his ass hole, then the veins on the side as she slid it deeper into his freshly licked rectum.

“Yeah Jess, push that big cock into my ass hole!” Encouraged, she entered him further, and then twisted the dial on the end to start a low vibration. The hum of the vibrator was barely discernable, but the presence of the fake cock in his ass surely was. Jessica worked the dildo into his rectum with utmost patience, remembering the pain that she’d experienced some time ago, when they had first experimented with butt-fucking. She was determined to make it easy for Ron, something that he wasn’t able to do back then. His eagerness to feel her sphincter wrapped around the base of his cock was probably the reason that they had given up on the anal idea so long ago. “Aaaaaaahhhhhh” he groaned, involuntarily moving away for a second before steeling himself and pressing back toward her.

The invasion into Ron’s bowels surprised him; he hadn’t anticipated much pain, thinking that all that lube would allow the dildo to slide in easily. Even though Jessie was going excruciatingly slowly, pressing only when she felt that he was able to take more, there was much more discomfort than he had imagined. The girth of the cock stretched his sphincter wider than a normal bowel movement did, and of course it wasn’t gone immediately like when shitting. The large head drilled its way into his dark depths, exploring his innards like nothing had ever done before. Slowly his body adjusted to the invasion, and he was able to take it up his asshole more or less painlessly. He squirmed some more until he was finally ready for the full penetration, and he let his wife know about it.

“Fuck my ass you slut, I want it all, now!” he growled, pressing harder onto the vibrating dildo. With one last push the entire vibrator was buried in his no longer virgin ass, only the knob on the end kept it from losing itself in his rectum. Ron thought to himself, if only for an instant, that he could understand how men could become gay or bi-sexual. He wondered for a moment what it would feel like to have a real cock buried in his ass, with a set of balls slapping against his own. That thought was fleeting though, as he returned his full attention to the ass fucking that he was getting right then.

“Stroke my ass baby, that’s it, bugger me good! You’re gonna love it when I shove my cock into your tight ass, you won’t believe what we’ve been missing for so long!”

“Roll over on your back you little ass bitch, I want to suck your cock while I butt fuck you!” Ron and Jessica were building to a crescendo as she pleasured his well lubed ass hole, plunging in faster, and then turning the vibration dial to maximum. She engulfed his cock in her mouth and slid a slippery finger into her squirming cunt, thumbing her clit as she sucked him to the back of her throat. The two lovers were moving as one, each movement complementing the other. They were all too soon close to the end, not wanting it to happen, but unable to stop. Jessica’s anal onslaught was too much for Ron, coupled with the feeling of her mouth sucking him, showing him that she wanted to taste his seed. He howled like a wolf as he began spurting his cum down her willing throat. Wanting to taste him, she pulled back a bit and felt the hot crème splattering on her tongue, some escaping her mouth and spreading on her cheeks and chin. Feeling his cock throb and pulse in her mouth and tasting his cum was enough to send her over the edge, enjoying a long orgasm before collapsing with her head in his lap. Ron pulled her to him and kissed her deeply, the taste of his own cum mingling with their saliva was so sensual, and he even felt a tingle in his cock so shortly after shooting his load into her belly. For just a moment, the two of them were in sexual heaven.

“Ah Jess, we’re going to have to try that again, and soon. Maybe we can shop together and get you a strap on, if you’re up for it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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