Not Charming

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Most assume that if you have muscles, you get laid. Let me tell you something: if you have defined muscles and washboard abs, this is what you have: a strict workout schedule, an unbending diet and defined rest hours. Nowhere on that list can you see charisma. And I lack that. In cosmic proportions.

I flex my chest and girls go sparkly-eyed. I open my mouth and they turn around. I have a dark sense of humor, I’m as subtle as an anvil dropped on your crotch and I will tell you to fuck off in no uncertain terms if you say something I find offending. By the time a girl gets along with me, I’m well in the middle of the friendzone.

My answer? Hookers. I’ve got no stigma against that. You’re horny, they charge to fuck. I’m in no relationship, nobody gets hurt.

I’ve been fucking Sapphire so long, I’m this close to making her my bank account’s co-owner or something like that (she’s not cheap, but she’s worth it!)

Just a few nights prior I had given it to her so hard, she found a replacement for the next days. And she knew the day was coming near, so she had to be prepared. Why? My birthday was coming up and I wanted to celebrate on the nearest weekend to it.

On my birthday I’ll cheat on my diet and do *nothing*, like I normally do on my special day. A lot of men feel lonely near Valentine’s, tragically enough, I had been born in a day near to it. Girls like Sapphire sure get worked out this month.

My doorbell rang. I had taken the day off, so I had no idea of who would it be, after all, the weekend was still a few days away and I made sure I had turned my phone off to avoid those forced calls to wish me a happy birthday.


“When you call me like that, it almost feels like my name,” she giggled, “happy birthday!”

Speechless, I gave her the first chaste hug we’d ever shared. Then I saw she was wearing close to nothing and I got hard. The hug wasn’t that chaste esenyurt escort anymore, but I had to tell her, “you know? I really appreciate this because you’re in no obligation to do this. And I thought you would be kinda sore, not to mention, I didn’t remind you what day this was…”

“Then, be prepared to appreciate me even more,” she beckoned someone I couldn’t see due to the walls, and in came walking this tiny girl with a big bow tied to her neck, “my friend Robin. Or should I say, your birthday present?”

What guy gets moved to the point of almost crying because he gets a call girl as a birthday present? I do, under these circumstances.

Robin’s eyes opened up when she saw my reaction, “he is sweet!”

“Wait until you get to know me,” I mumbled.

“Ever had a threesome?”

My hardness responded before I could. Then, Sapphire leaned in closer, “and for you, I’m breaking my golden rule. Just tonight. If you want, that is.”

I nearly came in my pants. Sapphire could do anything you wanted as long as there were condoms involved. I had tried to pay her enough to do it bareback, and she had always shot me down without the slightest consideration nor second thoughts, regardless of how much money I waved in front of her face. Which made me feel safer around her, anyway.

“Char-eh, Sapphire and I made out a little so there’s no need for foreplay,” Robin informed me, “get on that couch face up and we’ll do the rest.”

I was naked in seconds, and I heard a whistle behind me, “what the- will you look at that butt! And no belly? Abs! How much do you charge him? $2.50?”

I snorted, “Sapphire has earned every cent, sometimes I think I underpaid after what I’ve gotten to do. I mean, she- what – oh, oh, fuck.”

Try to talk during an unexpected double blowjob.

I dare you to.

They stopped and Sapphire straddled me, “are you ready, avrupa yakas─▒ escort Mr. McAlister?”

“Really, you can call me Lou after what we’ve- oh shit,” my eyes rolled back as she lowered herself on my cock. Not quickly, barely slow enough for me to savor it, but fast enough to be overtaken by it. Bareback sex was… amazing. I could feel every tiny detail of her pussy, how warm, snug and simply mind blowing it was. It was… words failed to describe the incredible sensation of intimate skin against more skin instead of something in between.

“Oh, my, is this your first time?!” Sapphire’s tone was of extreme disbelief.

“Oh, fuck… Yes, it is,” I said.

She lowered her face on top of mine and kissed me softly, “I’m honored, Lou.”

“Look, this is all very touching, but I need my pussy licked,” Robin interrupted.

“Sit on his face,” Sapphire said as if it were the most natural thing. Without a second of delay, I couldn’t see anything but a cute little butt and pussy lips. I extended my tongue out and got to work. As I felt incredible sensations with Sapphire grinding her hips in circles like a Tahiti girl dancing traditional stuff, I moaned out loud.

I used my tongue harshly, as if I wanted to batter Robin’s pussy with it. She squealed and I heard Sapphire moan. Robin was so worked up, in less than a second she was cumming. Sapphire began to bounce on my dick, panting. Robin came again. And again. And once more. She dropped to the floor, looking at us go at it.

“Sapphire, wait, I’m about to…”

“It’s OK, Lou. Do it. I want you to. And you need this. I’ve been told it feels so good for you guys, too.”

I took her by the hips, she was so light I was able to lift her and slam her down on my dick without much effort, compared to some weights I used in my workouts. I did anadolu yakas─▒ escort it over and over again, harder each time, making her moan.

“I can’t hold…”

“Do it, baby,” she urged me.

“Argh!” I lifted my pelvis and slammed her down on me, feeling my cum streaming up her pussy. She hadn’t been kidding. The sensation was so good, I almost choked, my entire body was so tense, I almost passed out. Each rope of thick cum jetting against her unprotected pussy sent jolts of extreme pleasure that made me forget how to breathe, how to think, how to do anything that wasn’t basking in seemingly otherworldly pleasure… I collapsed. Panting, I began to thrust up.

“Mmmh,why? Haven’t had enough?” Sapphire cooed.

“Of this? No. Besides, I know how it feels when you cum, and I’m not pulling out until I make you scream. Call it a pride thing,” I assured her. “I’ve done this before, and you know it.”

Her eyes glinted.

I fucked upwards so hard it took me maybe half a minute of forceful, angled thrusts, the ones I knew she had a weakness for. I had her cumming in no time, and she did so quickly, so intensely, I knew she had gotten something out of fucking me bareback. The way her chest heaved and became flushed, or how her pupils dilated for a second before she shut her eyes… She was done oh-so-quickly. Fortunately for me, since my dick was tender. When we both laid entwined, breathing out, satisfied, I kissed the tip of her nose.

“Thank you, you have no idea what it means to receive a present without any obligation,” I should’ve praised Robin, I think? But that’s not me. I looked into Sapphire’s eyes and said honestly, “thank you, Sapphire. Or should I say, Char..?”

Sapphire sent a dirty, murderous look towards Robin, “Charlie.”

“Charlie, do you have free time tomorrow?”

“Honestly? I know you’re not done, I know you. I don’t think I’ll be able to walk properly tomorrow, and I’ve got this design homework that- never mind. You shouldn’t be hearing this.”

“Do you have time for dinner, then?”

She looked at me, and I know nothing about expressions, but I believe she was feeling vulnerable.

“I’ll… I’ll think about it.”

“I’ll take that as a yes,” I said in no uncertain terms.

She gave me the smallest of smiles.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
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