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Not An Uphill Task!

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The moment we landed at Tirupati railway station, Raghu remembered what his friends had cautioned him before he left.

“You are a compulsive smoker. Ensure that you have sufficient inventory of cigarettes before you go up the hill. You won’t get even a single cigarette even if you shell out a million rupees.”

They were right. Raghu was a compulsive smoker and could never get rid of the urge to reach out for a fag after anything he drank or ate. He stole an opportunity while his mother and wife were enjoying a nice cup of coffee as he hurriedly bought a few packets of his favorite brand of cigarettes and cleverly kept them deep inside his bag, beneath his clothes.

Fortunately for them, there weren’t those long queues to board the bus that took the huge crowds up the hill to Tirumala, one of the most visited pilgrim centers in the country. They were lucky again to get seated in a row that could accommodate all the three of them. As the bus began the journey, most of the pilgrims inside the bus called out aloud,”Govinda..Govinda.”

Honestly, Raghu wasn’t very keen in visiting Tirupati because of his past experiences. He always felt it quite tedious to wait in those never-ending queues to have a very brief glimpse of the deity. Moreover it had always been an ordeal to find a room for staying overnight as more often than not, they made a trip without proper planning. However, he got married just a couple of months ago that was soon followed with a surprise promotion in his office.

Padma, his mother believed that they had something to deserve a thanksgiving to Lord Balaji, who was their family deity. Shreya, his new wife was equally excited as her mother-in-law and hence Raghu had to shelve his reluctance. He was smiling to himself sitting right between his wife and mother as the bus roared through the hill road. The devotees inside the bus called out ‘Govinda..Govinda’ every time the bus took the hairpin turns. Although Raghu was amused, he managed to conceal his funny smile as he knew that both his wife and mother would get offended if they saw him smiling.

Within few minutes after the bus took the hill road, both Padma and Shreya were fast asleep. They kept leaning on Raghu’s shoulders repeatedly as the bus kept turning all through. Raghu couldn’t resist inhaling the fragrance of jasmine that was clipped to Shreya’s long curly hair. His eyes turned to his left to see that Padma’s sari had gone ajar, giving him a glimpse of her cleavage through the neck of her blouse. He shook his head and tried closing his eyes so that they don’t stray on his mother but every time they opened, he couldn’t resist the tendency to have a peek inside his mother’s blouse. Within seconds, he realized that he was hardening beneath his pants and struggled hard to control his emotions. The journey seemed like eternal for him as he was increasingly aroused by the dual sensation of his wife and mother tempting him inadvertently.

Finally, the journey came to an end much to the relief of Raghu. The walk from the bus stand to the temple wasn’t easy as thousands of pilgrims kept flocking all the way. They eventually joined a queue that probably was at least a couple of miles long. Padma stood in the front while Shreya closely followed him from behind. The queue kept moving once in five minutes and every time it stopped, Raghu deliberately pushed and grinded his waist against his mother’s ass cheeks. Padma did turn around and glanced at her son a few times but soon she didn’t seem unduly perturbed about her son’s crotch brushing her back. It took more than five hours for them to get the glimpse of the Lord. Raghu felt a sudden guilt as he looked up at the gigantic idol, decorated with plenty of sparkling jewels and flowers in different colors. He closed his eyes and apologized to Lord Balaji to forgive his sexual advances with his mother on the way in. However, once they got themselves pushed out of the sanctum, his eyes began searching for Padma all over again.

His worst fears came true as they began looking for some room. The whole place was buzzing with activity and they couldn’t Seyitnizam Escort find a room even after walking across the length and breadth of the small township. Finally, they managed to find one complex but to their utter disappointment, they were told that only one single room was vacant.

Padma was rather adamant to have another glimpse of the Lord at early morning next day and hence Raghu had to agree. While Padma and Shreya were quite relieved after entering inside the very small room, Raghu looked a bit tentative as he badly needed to smoke. He rushed through the motions letting his mother and wife settle down in the room and walked out of the complex searching for a hideout to smoke his first cigarette in more than 8 hours. After inhaling the first puff, his nerves began cooling down and another couple of puffs brought him back to normalcy. He began cursing himself for whatever he thought about his mother and also for teasing her in the queue. He knew that he had gone out of bounds. His mind was full of humiliation and shame as he returned to the room.

He couldn’t look into Padma’s eyes after his return. He didn’t dare to speak to her while they were having their dinner. Shreya in all probabilities never realized the sudden uneasiness between her husband and his mother as she kept bubbling with enthusiasm all the time. However, it was when they decided to sleep that they realized they had a problem to sort out.

There was only one cot in the room that at best can accommodate two. The room being very small, the cot was positioned so close to the wall. There was sufficient space on the floor for the third person to stretch. Finally, Raghu suggested that Padma and Shreya should sleep on the cot while he would sleep on the floor. Once decided, the switches were soon put off and they began sleeping.

Raghu soon woke up trembling. The floor felt like ice as midnight approached. He tried hard wrapping himself with whatever clothes he could pullout from his bag but of no avail. He sat up and began wondering if he could ever sleep at all. He decided to warm himself up with a cigarette and walked out of the room without making any noise. He used the stairs to reach the terrace of the building where he could see a few people smoking stealthily. He was in a real hurry as he smoked very quickly because it was even colder on the terrace. He was shivering again as he got back inside the room. He managed to creep onto his bed and as he stretched his body, he felt a hand falling on his shoulders. “Where have you been?” Shreya whispered.

“I am not feeling sleepy. It is very cold,” Raghu hushed. “I went out for a fag.”

“There is some space here,” Shreya pushed herself further on the cot. “Come on. Sleep here.”

“No way,” Raghu replied. “Three can’t sleep there.”

“We need to manage,” Shreya said and almost pulled him up. “Get up.”

Padma was almost pressing against the wall as Shreya moved to the center of the cot. Raghu carefully got on the bed and stretched himself to Shreya’s left. He was a bit relieved to feel the warmth of the cushion although it was a bit embarrassing to sleep on the same cot with his wife and mother.

“Let’s cuddle together,” Shreya whispered into his ears. “That might give us more space.”

It didn’t sound a bad idea at all. Raghu readily hugged his wife and felt extremely relieved to feel her warmth. His lips gently pressed against her shoulders while his hands began caressing her back. Shreya’s hand lifted his left leg and placed it on her body.

“Now what is the big idea?” Raghu queried softly. Shreya wasn’t answering. She began pulling the blanket over both of them till they were covered till their necks. He right hand swiftly went down and started rolling her sari and petticoat upwards till they reached just above her waist. Raghu’s dick began swelling within seconds as he felt his wife’s hands pushing down her panties through her legs underneath the carpet.

He was quick to take the clue from Shreya as he hurriedly undid his pant and brief within seconds. He held his Seyitnizam Escort Bayan throbbing dick and started rubbing in between Shreya’s thighs as if he was searching for her mound. He felt her body shudder as the tip of his dick brushed over and across her public hair. Shreya took over his dick and rubbed its tip against her slit. Raghu’s hands itched to grab her young breasts as his fingers began undoing her hooks. His fingers restlessly intruded her bra cup to gently hold and press her breast. She heaved in excitement as his palm brushed over her nipple. She began biting her lips to stop from moaning as she felt his warm lips savoring her nipples.

It was already warm underneath the blanket and Raghu’s fingers began warming up her body further. His lips jumped from one nipple to another, suckling them and his mouth gently sucked and bit her young flesh. He freed his hands rather quickly. Shreya shook in pleasure as his right hand went underneath her body to grab her ass cheek while his left hand gave gentle squeezes to her breasts in alternates. “Give me a quickie,” Shreya whispered into his ears.

Raghu’s dick had grown enough to take on her soaking pussy by now. He gently began grinding his waist against her and with a forceful thrust he made an entry inside her without any fuss. His head was warm and large as it made it’s way a couple of inches inside her. Their naked thighs brushed against each other under the blanket generating a terrific radiation in between. Shreya’s right leg involuntarily rose up in the air before it locked Raghu by pulling the back of his thighs against her body. A few more motions from Raghu ensured that his dick was entirely inside her waiting pussy. He kept sucking her breasts and teasing her nipples letting his mouth and tongue unleash his shameless lust. They began breathing harder as they were soon lost in their whirlwind passion with Raghu pounding her pussy ignoring the fact that his mother was asleep on the same cot.

“Raghu, I am cumming,” Shreya whispered and took his left ear in between her teeth. Raghu quickened up his pace to match wits with his wife. His fingers tweaked her nipple a few times to deliberately expedite her ecstasy. His dick was swelling inside her pussy as they kept gyrating their hips in equal speed and with similar passion. Shreya squirmed as she reached her climax within the next few seconds, Raghu exploded his stream of semen inside her. They gasped for a while before beginning to breathe normally. They strived hard to look into each other’s eyes through the semi-darkness of the room.

“Give me way,” Shreya sat up gently. “I need to clean myself.”

Raghu sat up and planted his foot on the chill floor, letting Shreya get down from the cot. He couldn’t sit for long as he began stretching on the cot. He had seen a rather tedious day and before he could think of anything else, his eyelids descended at once. He was fast asleep within a couple of seconds, but not for long.

Suddenly, Padma rolled to her left and cuddled into Raghu. Raghu woke up at once and his heart almost stopped realizing that it was his mother who was pressing her body against him. He could hear Shreya washing herself in the bath and began wondering what he should be doing. However, he couldn’t resist the temptation to hug Padma. Although he felt sticky in between his thighs, his dick immediately regained it’s lost vigor within moments after he hugged Padma. He straddled Padma’s legs with his and his hands reached out to her ass cheeks. He suddenly stopped and turned his back to his Padma’s face and began pretending as though he was fast asleep.

Shreya emerged out of the bathroom. Her eyes strained through the darkness to find that her mother-in-law had rolled over to her right close to Raghu. She thought for a moment if she should wake up either of them but decided against it. She knew that they might be terribly exhausted. She managed to crawl onto the bed and stretch herself. She wasn’t suspicious about a mother and son sleeping so close and soon she plunged into a deep slumber.

Raghu Escort Seyitnizam waited for a few minutes to ensure that Shreya was fast asleep. He turned back and hugged Padma again. His lips gently planted a kiss on her lips. Padma woke up almost immediately. Her eyes quickly recovered to find her son’s face menacingly close to hers.

“Raghu?” She tried to whimper. Raghu quickly kept his hand on her mouth as though he did not want her to talk.

“Be quiet mom,” he lowered his voice and spoke into her ears.

“What are you up to?” Padma sounded puzzled.

“You will know,” Raghu whispered and began devouring her lips inside his mouth. His left hand strayed on her chest, held her right breast and pressed it once. Padma groaned inside his mouth. She tried hard pushing his chest with her hands but he proved to be a bit too strong for her.

“Mom, Your nipples are very hard,” Raghu hushed.” It is wonderful feeling them.”

He was right. Padma immediately realized that her nipples felt like piercing through her bra and blouse.

“Son, this is so wrong,” Padma pleaded. “I am your mother.”

“Yes, I know,” Raghu said as he tightened his grip on her breast. “I am proud of it.”

“We are in Tirupati,” Padma whimpered.

“May be we have divine blessings,” Raghu chuckled gently.

“Oh No,” Padma struggled to push him away. “Shame, your wife is sleeping besides.”

“Don’t worry,” Raghu kissed her again briefly. “She hardly wakes up in the night.”

Padma wasn’t allowed to talk any further. Raghu began kissing her cheeks, lips, chin and neck. His hands kept gripping and squeezing her breasts all the time.

“Show me your naked breasts,” Raghu pleaded.

“No I won’t,” Padma quickly refused.

“Please mom,” Raghu’s hands restlessly reached out to her hooks.

“Leave me,” Padma pushed his fingers from her breasts. “You don’t seem to know what you are doing.”

“I certainly do,” Raghu said regaining his grip on her breasts. “I want to take you once.”

“Will you let me sleep if I show you take off my blouse?” Padma asked.


“Ok,” Padma corrected herself. ” I mean the blouse and bra..”

“Let me see first,” Raghu said hastily.

Padma reached down and undid her blouse hooks. Raghu impatiently unclasped her bra and began feeling her breasts and nipples. Padma couldn’t stop a moan emanating from her throat as Raghu began playing with her breasts. He used his hands and mouth in alternate to tease both her breasts, making her nipples harder and harder as seconds ticked. Raghu’s hands pulled and pinched her nipples.

Padma was slowly loosing herself as her hands involuntarily went inside her panties and her fingers began teasing up and down her pussy. It wasn’t a moment to be ashamed of as lust was beginning to take over her body and mind. Padma felt the gentle radiation transmitting between their bodies as Raghu snuggled against her. His dick had managed to create some tingling in her moist pussy and he never looked like stopping. She couldn’t resist the temptation to grip and squeeze his head.

She quivered feeling his dick getting larger as it successfully entered inside her pussy. Padma was now simply out of bounds as she began kissing her son. Raghu responded to his mother’s kiss as he reached out to her breasts yet again to pinch her nipples.

Padma shuddered feeling his dick making it look so easy diving inside her. Raghu kept gripping her as he started pushing his waist against her, driving his meat further deep inside her. His hands were relentless on her tits, squeezing them all the time. They occasionally turned around to see if Shreya was still sleeping although that didn’t stop or slowed their bodies mashing against each other.

Padma began feeling the terrific sensation building inside and began biting her lower lips in joy. Raghu tightly held her waist as he kept quickening his thrusts into her. The experienced mother realized that her son was getting close to an explosion while her body stiffened approaching a wonderful orgasm. Raghu began shooting loads of cum inside her letting out a few low groans.

They hugged each other for a while after which Raghu rolled over to her left side, stretching his body on the cot.

He knew that he needed a nice cleaning up act after two consecutive sessions of lovemaking, perhaps the most memorable ones ever in his life.

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