Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm

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Josh was in the driveway of his friend Steve’s house, playing basketball. The two of them had been partying the night before along with a few other male friends and Steve’s girlfriend, Cindy. The other guys had gone home from the bar but since Josh lived farther away, he and Cindy and Steve had all wound up coming back to Steve’s house.

Steve was his best friend, and Josh was totally comfortable around him. He also got along really well with Cindy who he respected a lot. He thought the two made a really good couple.

Last night after drinking some water and brushing his teeth, Josh had been lying in his boxers in the spare bedroom with the door closed, thinking about the night and trying to fall asleep, when he had heard the unmistakable rhythm of sex.

At first Josh had tried to just ignore the sounds, but he could hear Cindy’s muffled moans and couldn’t help but think about her massive tits naked and bouncing up and down. He pictured her riding Steve’s dick, which Josh could imagine clearly, having seen it many times when the two went swimming naked in Steve’s pool.

As Josh lay in bed in the dark, his erection so hard that it jumped involuntarily against the fabric of his boxers, he had slowly stroked his boxers, rubbing his covered dick.

Finally he reached inside his underwear and wrapped his hand around his firm shaft and jerked it back and forth a few times, imagining Cindy’s ass. Soon though, Josh was able to roll over, forget his horniness, and go to sleep.

When he had woken up that morning Steve had already gone to work and Cindy must have gone home. Josh had showered and shaved, ate breakfast and watched some TV. By the early afternoon he had begun to feel lethargic and had gone outside to play ball in the driveway.

Hearing someone approaching, Josh turned to see Sarah, Steve’s cousin. He had met her before a few times but never really had a conversation with her.

“Hi!” She said warmly.

“Hi,” Josh responded.

“Is Steve home?” she asked.

“Actually he’s at work.”

“Oh well, do you mind if I stick around for a little bit then, I’m bored.”

“Fine with me,” said Josh, handing her the basketball and looking into her pretty brown eyes. Sarah was tall and fit and had a very pretty and kind looking face.

They played basketball a little, and Sarah laughed a lot and took some pretty brutal shots, but Josh was patient with her and it was fun. He kept noticing her breasts bouncing as she jogged around, and had to make an effort not to get caught checking them out.

After playing for a while Sarah announced that she was hungry and the two went inside to make grilled cheese sandwiches. They chatted a little bit about her having recently gone back to school to finish her degree in the Humanities, and about his having recently decided that his job was too stressful and quit to look for something with shorter hours.

Sarah seemed really pleasant and the two got along extremely well considering that they had never really hung out before. When they were done eating and had sat around for a while Sarah said that under her clothes she had her bathing suit on, and she was hoping to use Steve’s pool. Josh said that that was a great suggestion since it was a beautiful summer day.

They went into the backyard, which bak─▒rk├Ây escort was surrounded by a forest of mostly deciduous trees, full of green leaves at this time of year.

Sarah took off her skirt and her t-shirt, revealing a white bikini. Josh noticed how lovely the curve of her hips was, and was also very impressed by her firm calves and thighs.

He took off his shirt too and remained in his basketball shorts, which he planned on going swimming in. The sun shone down brilliantly on the backyard and Josh felt really glad that he’d stayed around Steve’s place, since he was having a lot of fun.

Sarah ran over to the trampoline and started bouncing on it and laughing. Soon Josh joined her. They were bouncing and pushing each other playfully for a long time. He felt certain at one point that he saw her staring at his crotch, but he didn’t think too much of it.

Josh was feeling so comfortable and relaxed that he started thinking he should try to kiss Sarah. The day was just right for it. He stopped bouncing on the trampoline and she, seeing that the game was ending, followed. Then he took hold of both of her arms and leaned forward to kiss her.

Sarah kissed him back, but only for a few seconds. Then she hopped off of the trampoline and ran away from Josh toward the pool, smiling. She jumped in the deep end and came up for air with her long wet hair pressed back, showing her forehead.

Josh loved the way that she looked just then, with her skin wet and water shining in her eyelashes. She gazed over at him. “Come on bitch get in the water,” she said laughing.

Josh laughed too and ran over and jumped into the pool. The two swam and splashed each other for a while. He snuck in kisses sometimes while he tickled or poked her, and she would always kiss back, but then rush away.

Finally he decided that he wanted to really kiss this girl. He trapped her against a wall, and, as she tried to push him back and begged jokingly for mercy he put his left hand behind her head and wrapped his right one around her waist, embracing her. Then he kissed her firmly.

She grew still and opened her mouth, finally letting his tongue touch hers. They kissed hard and he was thrilled by the feeling of having this beautiful creature in his arms.

When the kiss was over, Josh got out of the pool and took Sarah’s hand to direct her to follow. He lay down on a towel beside the pool and gazed up at Sarah. She stood above him and cocked her head to one-side, looking so cute and confident that he wished he had had a camera.

Sarah lay down beside him and started to run her fingers lightly over Josh’s back, scratching him from his neck to just above his ass. He lay there contentedly on his stomach and submitted to her fingers. Finally, he felt Sarah pull his shorts down, exposing his naked ass to the warmth of the day and slapping it joyously.

Josh stood up to step out of his basketball shorts. His penis dangled down, long and low, his balls drooping off of his body.

He had obviously shaved his pubic hair a few days before, and little bristles of it stuck out on the top and sides of his penis — although these were distributed quite thinly, a few of them of blonde or red, the rest of black. Slowly Josh’s cock began be┼čikta┼č escort to thicken and straighten out, up into the afternoon sky.

It was long; Sarah guessed perhaps 7 or 8 inches, and very thick as well as perfectly straight. It was a beautiful thing to see in the sunshine. A few beads of sweat glistened off of his loose sack, his legs were spread naturally at about shoulder width, and he had a smile of pure cheeky contentment on his face.

Sarah inspected Josh’s entire groin region closely — appreciating the view as she slowly kissed and tickled his balls and perineum and then bit his firm ass cheeks and finally let her tongue flick lightly over his smooth pink little asshole.

She backed up a bit and smiled at him, he scrunched up his nose and smiled back. Then she got up off of her knees and licked his nipple teasingly, looking up and straight into his green eyes.

Josh reached out to take hold of and pull her long black hair slowly but firmly. She laughed as his motion urged her back down to her knees. She kissed the bottom of his abdomen, just beside his penis. Then suddenly and in one motion she slid his entire cock down her throat. She did this smoothly, and although it made her eyes water a little, she managed to breathe deeply and keep her gag reflex calm.

Her left hand reached up and caressed Josh’s testicles, pulling the sack down slowly and rhythmically. She gingerly moved her head back and forth along the length of his penis, which grew as hard as stone and began to glisten under the sun.

Josh’s hips started to rock slowly back and forth, pumping his dick into Sarah’s open lips and out again. He brought his arm around and rested his hand on the back of her head. He closed his eyes and felt the warmth rushing up his body from his genitals.

Sarah took the cock out of her mouth and ran her tongue along it, stopping at the bottom to suck one of Josh’s balls into her mouth.

Then she let her tongue play along the underside of his penis head for a bit, while stroking the base of his shaft, before once again taking his dick into her throat. Josh knew that his first orgasm was coming soon, and when it was nearly inevitable he withdrew his pounding hard-on from Sarah’s mouth and stroked it briskly.

In a few seconds the orgasm approached and he took his hand off of his dick, squeezing the PC muscles and controlling his breathing so that he wouldn’t ejaculate.

An overpowering ripple of orgasm ran through his body causing his knees to buckle, but in a few seconds when he looked down he saw that nothing but clear pre-cum had escaped his urethra. He groaned from the pleasure and shivered.

Regaining himself enough to look back at Sarah, Josh saw that she was gazing up at him with so much longing that he had to chuckle. He took her hand and helped her to stand up. Then he reached around and untied her bikini top, exposing two of the most flawless breasts he had ever seen.

Large but not huge, they were perky with dark nipples that stuck out quite far and were exceptionally hard. On top of their natural beauty, both breasts were accentuated slightly by the fact that they were a touch lighter than the tan skin surrounding them.

Josh kissed and caressed Sarah’s nipples relentlessly, beylikd├╝z├╝ escort squeezing one tit while sucking the other. She let her head roll back and moaned softly as he did this. Then he kissed her hard, their tongues dancing across each other rapidly and forcefully.

While they kissed, Josh reached down and untied the strings at one side of Sarah’s bikini bottom, letting the garment fall to the ground. She stepped back and shook them off of her foot and Josh gazed at her thin strip of short black pubic hair and the wet vagina below.

Sarah’s inner lips were long and delicate and came out to shield her slit.

Josh made a trail, kissing his way down her beautiful belly and licking her inner thighs, until finally he sucked her vagina lips into his mouth. This he did tenderly for a few moments before he spread the lips with his fingers and began to tongue fuck her, moving his entire head back off of her pussy and then forward and in again.

The feeling of the tip of Josh’s tongue inside her got Sarah really horny, and she bucked her pelvis to show it. Josh began licking his way up her vagina very slowly until he reached the clit and, peeling back the hood, he flicked his tongue across it.

Sarah’s clit was completely engorged with blood and sticking out against Josh’s licks, bringing her waves of sublime pleasure.

Sarah was letting herself go completely and really getting into this head she was getting. She played with Josh’s short black hair, ruffling it as he ate her. After a bit she whispered, “Babe… I want to fuck you.”

“Yeah?” Josh whispered back mischievously, guiding Sarah onto her back on the grass beside the pool. He pulled the condom (he always kept one with him just in case) from his wallet and, opening it, held the tip and rolled the rim down onto his dick.

Then Josh put both of Sarah’s legs up over his shoulders and positioned his cock against her pussy, getting ready to put himself inside.

Sarah’s pussy was so wet that Josh was able to slide into her easily. She had only once had a cock that was thicker than this one, and that had been painful rather than fun. This, although it hurt the slightest bit, she absolutely loved.

Josh leaned over her and she looked up at the definition of the muscles of his lean but powerful chest.

He pumped slowly at first, alternating some shallow strokes with some deep ones. However soon he began to fuck Sarah harder. From this position his long cock reached deep inside her and some thrusts almost took her breath away.

He pulled out and put his hand on her hip, indicating that she should roll over so that he could fuck her from behind. She got on her hands and knees and he took her firmly by the hips and began to thrust, not too fast but hitting deep and hard.

Sarah reached between her legs and frantically rubbed her clit. Soon she was cumming, her vagina contracting around his penis, tightening in waves.

Josh pushed her forward so that she was lying flat on her stomach, and bent both of her legs up at the knees. In this position he grabbed her by the ankles and kept pumping.

Soon he couldn’t handle the sensations any more and pulled his stiff cock out of Sarah’s pussy. Again he stroked it, stopping the stimulation just in time to not shoot any semen but instead fall back into a second massive non-ejaculatory orgasm.

He collapsed beside Sarah and they both laughed out loud. “That was fun hun?” he asked, looking into her tired eyes. They lay there for a while beside each other on a hot summer afternoon as Josh’s cock slowly grew limp and fell back along his thigh.

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