No Secrets Pt. 11

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Note from author: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Chapter 11

I awoke to the smell of bacon on the stove. I got dressed and walked downstairs to the kitchen, my mother was there with frying pan in hand, cooking breakfast. She was wearing a simple robe but looked radiant and younger somehow.

“Morning Mum,” I casually as I walked up to her and gave her a peck on the cheek, “your up early.”

“Morning dear, I didn’t get much sleep last night.” and she gave me a little smile as she said it.

“Really? I slept like a log.”

“I know, I came in to see you before I went to bed and you were fast asleep. You hungry?”

“Starving!” and I started tucking into the food she put before me.

Mother took a seat next to me at the table and watched me eat.

“Something on your mind Mum?” I asked as I was about to take another mouthful, curious to gauge her mood this morning or whether we would talk about last night.

“Nothing in particular dear. Did you enjoy yourself last night?”

“Of course I did, what red bloodied male wouldn’t enjoy that. What about you?”

My mother looked relieved “Oh thank god for that,” she breathed, “I was worried that you might have some regrets.”

“No regrets from me Mum. Some questions though if you are up for it?”

“Ask away love.”

“The pseudonyms and masks were a good idea, are we going to continue using them?”

“The pseudonyms yes, the masks maybe not. Now I have gotten over that first step, I think it will be easier next time.”

“And the matching outfits, all the way down to your, shall we say nether regions?”

“Liz’s idea. She told me about the first time you two had sex and it seemed a natural thing to do. We went into town yesterday morning and got what we needed. She persuaded me to match our lady gardens so to speak in the evening as we were getting ready. Create a fantasy twin sort of thing.”

“And what about the roles that you were playing, improvised or planned?”

“Why does it matter?”

“It doesn’t really, I am just curious as I got a kick out of it.”

“We planned the first bit but after that it was going to really depend on how you steered things.”

We sat in silence for a bit and then I said, “Was that really the first time you had a man inside your mouth?”

She considered that question and then said “Yes, it was the first one. Your dad never asked and I will admit it has never been something that I have had a hankering for before now but after last night…..” she left hanging.

“Last question, would you like to give me one now before I go to work?”

Our eyes locked on one another’s and for a second I thought I might have gone too far but then she said, “Of course, Lila did say I should practice.”

I stayed seated but moved the chair back from the table as my mother moved to kneel between my legs. As she positioned herself, I decided that I would let her do all of the moves here so that she was comfortable.

Mother ran her hands up and down my thighs and finally settled on the buttons to my trousers. Her fingers worked nimbly and in no more than a second or two my briefs were on display. I raised myself off the seat and she pulled my trousers and briefs down together.

I was exposed now and my hard on was showing itself proudly in front of her. She still had her eyes locked on mine and I bent forward and kissed her, brought my hand up and caressed her face, our tongues dancing together, her hand gripped around the base of my cock, giving it tiny pumps.

She leaned back out of the kiss and it seemed like time slowed all motion as she flicked her hair backwards and then dove forwards onto my waiting penis.

The warmth of her mouth enveloped me, and I rolled my head backwards as I experienced the delicious feeling of the enthusiastic attention she was bestowing upon my cock.

She followed the instruction that Liz had given her the night before, then started to experiment and learn her own tricks, her tongue swirling around the head, licking the length and alternating between my balls and wanking the base of my cock.

“Ahhh Emm, I am going to come, you want it in your mouth?”

She nodded and mumbled a “yes” with her mouth full. She then sped up her motion taking me with her, my hands on either side of her head, matching her motion, gently pushing and pulling her up and down.

“Oh fuck, here it comes Emm.” and I experienced that familiar delirium as my hips thrust up and my hands pulled her head down, my balls emptying my seed into her and she started to swallow. As she finished gulping, she came up for air, wiped her mouth and said expectantly, “How did I do?”

“You were amazing, fantastic, wonderful and I love you so much.” I said as I kissed her passionately.

I got my clothes back together, bahis firmalar─▒ kissed her again and then hurried onto work as I was running a little late.

Thankfully, I managed to make it to the bus just in time and spent the trip thinking about the last 12 days and how my life had completely changed and what the future held. I realised as a man, I now had responsibilities and resolved to myself that I would do what I could to hang onto this for as long as possible. Also, that my place in the world was still being shaped but that I needed to be assertive yet still accommodating in order to make the best of what had been bestowed upon me. I would not take what I had now for granted, would be true to my promises and what Liz and my mother had taught me.

Today was the last day I would be in work before I started my course, and it was only a half day at that as I had finished pretty much everything I needed to do. From next week I would only be able to work a nominal amount here and there so I spent the morning tidying everything up and making sure everything like tools and materials were stored where they should be.

I was in the tool shed at the end of the garden when I felt a presence behind me. I turned and Isobel was standing there.

“I was hoping to find you here, Mr Appleby.” she said sexily. I got to say, her use of formality and tone in speaking did have something about it that turned me on.

“Ms Loughty, and what can do for you today?”

“I seem to be having some trouble that I need someone with a big tool to help with.”

“Really? I might be able to help you there, but you had better come inside as I stored everything I have in here.”

She shut the door, slid the catch across and then moved to where I was standing “I only have half an hour,” she whispered, “I have been looking for you all morning!”

‘Shut up and turn around.” I commanded, determined that I would test my assertiveness and be the one to be in charge. As she did so, I pulled her body closed to me, facing away and ran my hands to her tits, undoing the buttons on her blouse.

“Hurry!” she gasped “I want to come at least twice before I get back!” and with that her tits were free of their confines, cupped within my hands whilst I kissed her neck.

I undid my trousers and pulled them down so I was exposed to her then pushed her forward and lifted her skirt revealing her knickers. She was panting as I pulled them down aggressively.

“Oh fuck!” she gasped “I’ve needed this since Wednesday. Fuck me Trevor, fuck me hard, make me cum please!”

I was about to do just that when I suddenly remembered my promise to mother and Liz about protection. I debated in my head whether they would ever know if I just stuck my cock into Isobel and what the chances were that they catch anything from this stern governess but quickly realised that I was an adult now and did I want to live with the chances of screwing up what I had because of weakness? I decided I didn’t.

“Stay there.” I said firmly and I fished my wallet out of my pocket, extracted a condom from its confines and put it on.

Now protected, I stood behind Isobel, took her by the hips and impaled her. I instantly noticed the difference between wearing a rubber and not. It desensitised the feeling I had become used to however, I continued, thrusting in and out of Isobel, giving her what she wanted, which was to be fucked hard.

“Oh Trevor! Oh Trevor,” she panted “your cock makes me feel so good!”

I realised at this point that one of the benefits of the rubber was that I was going to last longer and this would help with getting Isobel past the point of no return.

“Errgghh! Errgghhh!Errrggghh!” she grunted as I picked up my momentum, slamming my cock into her.

“You’re a dirty whore aren’t you?” I snarled “You love my cock in your pussy.”

“Yes, I love it! Give me your cock! I need it! I want to feel it in my cunt!”

Hearing this almost brought me to a screeching halt, the fact that this uncompromising, strict governess would use that word, a word that even Liz wouldn’t use. However, I remembered the golden rule, that not all women are the same and so I went with her flow.

“Tell me, tell me how much you want my cock in your cunt!”

“Oh god I want it so much, I want it all the time, I need you in my cunt, I love you fucking me.” she moaned as I slammed in and out of her.

I wondered what else this prim and proper lady might like and looked down to see her puckered ass looking back up at me. I took my thumb, sucked it to get some saliva onto it and then pushed against it, filling her other hole.

“OH MY GOD!” she gasped hoarsely, “that feels good!” as I worked my thumb in and out of her.

“Going to cum, going to cum, going to cum” she panted and then “Uuurggh!”, I felt her pussy give way and start pulsing on my cock, my thumb felt it too.

Isobel literally froze at this point, her body taught to the extreme, every muscle and sinew at its fullest extension as she enjoyed the ka├žak iddaa orgasm. After a few seconds her body sagged as she had ridden the wave of euphoria her body had given her.

I was continuing to fuck her through this but removed my thumb from her ass and pulled out.

I turned her around and then pushed her back against against the wall. We kissed passionately and I lifted her thighs up, pinning her in place and then slid my cock back into her. She wrapped her legs and arms around me, clinging onto me as I fucked her against the wall.

“Fuck me Trevor,” she whispered in my ear, “Fuck me, oh god your cock feels good, I want to feel you cum.”

I pushed harder and she squealed she was going to come again, and I knew I had to too as I couldn’t last much longer myself, the effort I was expending in this position wasn’t going to be able to be maintained indefinitely.

Finally I felt I was going to go past the point of no return and increased my stroke to maximise the feeling.

“Eerrgghh, Eeerrrgghh, Eerrrgghhh, I’m cumming!” she cried as I came too.

As she calmed down, I dropped her legs to the floor, my arms celebrating the release. I pulled the rubber off and tucked my cock back into my trousers.

“I’ve got to get back,” she said adjusting her clothes and hair, “when can we do this again?”

I felt bad but realised it would be best to be honest with her “I’m not sure Isobel. I’m not going to be around here much, and I am just not ready for a full-time thing.”

She looked hurt “I knew it wouldn’t last.” she said sadly.

I went across to her and hugged her “I know I promised you I would be there for you Isobel and it’s not that I don’t want you or find you attractive, I think we can safely say that I do. It’s just that we probably want different things and I think you should concentrate on getting what you want rather than wasting your time on me. There are plenty of men out there who would love to be with you.”

“Maybe,” she said, “I have just found someone who can give me what I need and that’s now disappearing.”

“You need to let men in Isobel and understand that they need things too. If I can make you come, then others also surely can but you need to give them a chance. Be open, be adventurous and don’t close yourself off and you will get back what you put in.”

“Thank you, anyway Trevor, I wouldn’t change anything that’s happened, I just want more of it is all.” she said mournfully as she left to go back to the house.

I was left alone and pondered what had happened and how things could get complicated very quickly if I made bad choices or just gave into urges. I also realised that to avoid some of the pitfalls like Isobel, I needed to be sure about what I wanted. Did I want a steady girlfriend? How likely would it be that she would be comfortable with Mum and Liz? Did the two of them see us continuing beyond the short term?

Annie then swam into my thoughts. What did she mean to me? I enjoyed being with her and she certainly excited me but would that change if we fucked? I knew I would have to have some answers by Sunday but put it out of my mind and concentrated on finishing my work.

That afternoon my mind kept on revisiting my current situation and I came to the decision that I should talk about it with mum and Liz that evening. I had to be honest with them and tell them how I felt.

Later, just after we finished having supper together, I thought was the right time to raise the subject.

“Can I talk to you both about something?” I said and suddenly, they both had worried looks on their faces as they could tell from my tone this was something serious.

“Absolutely darling,” mother said, “what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, nothings wrong,” I reassured them, “I’ve just been doing some thinking and want to talk to you about it is all.”

Both of them seemed to relax, “Come on then Trev, spit it out.” said Liz, leaning back in her chair.

No secrets I thought, be brave. “I had sex today.” I announced casually.

“Annie?” Liz said

“No actually, it was Isobel Loughty.” to which my mother thought for a second, trying to place the name and then exclaimed “The Fernsby’s governess?”

“Yes,” I said quietly “don’t worry, I used protection.”

“Jesus, Trevor,” said mother “protection is one thing, but haven’t you had enough off us in the last week? First us, then Annie, and now this Loughty woman, you’ve been putting it about a bit haven’t you? There is too much of a good thing you know! And how am I going to be able to look her in the eye next week when I am back at work?”

“Sorry,” I said sullenly, “it sort of just happened.” and I explained how the situation with Isobel had come to pass and how I finished it.

“Well, I’ve been thinking about what you just said mum, with us, and how I know it’s that which makes me really happy. Its not something that I want to lose and so I think I am going to tell Annie that I don’t want to be more than friends and stick with just us alone.” I said.

A ka├žak bahis second or two of silence went by and then Liz said coolly, “I am not sure that’s a good thing Trevor. I know that what we have is exciting but its not going to go on forever, don’t you want things like marriage and children?”

“I know I don’t want those things right now. My course starts next week and I am going to need to focus on that. I want to make something of my life, travel, maybe see a bit of the world. I would also love to do that with both of you and I want us to keep what we have and stay together. I know you said that you couldn’t stand it if I fell for you Liz, but I can’t help that I love you both the same, both of you do more than enough to sustain me.”

My mother and Liz looked at me adoringly when I said that.

“Have you really thought about this Trevor?” my mother asked, “I mean, really thought about it.”

“I have,” I replied, “and its what I want.”

“Well dear, you are an adult now and can make your own decisions. However, if you change your mind and meet someone you do want those things with, then you should take that opportunity for happiness whilst you can, after all, it’s why you are in this world to begin with. Even though your dad wasn’t much of a husband, or father really, the fact that we were together is the reason why you are here.”

“As Margaret said,” Liz added, picking up my hand tenderly “it’s your decision and if she is happy and you are happy then I am too.”

I felt a sense of relief wash over me as they both had accepted what I wanted, and I knew that my short-term future was clarified.

“Are you staying over tonight?” I asked Liz expectantly

“Sorry love but no, not tonight. My poor pussy needs some time to recover, she looked red raw in the bath this morning.” and we started to laugh.

After Liz went home, mother and I spent some time in the living room, me reading and her with her knitting.

I looked up and saw her there, content and happy, humming a little song to herself as she worked on the jumper she was creating. I realised that we hadn’t yet had sex with just us.

“Can I sleep with you tonight?” I said

Mother looked at me, smiled and said, “Of course you can dear. Are you tired now?”

I saw my cue “Yes, yes I am a little tired. How about you?”

“I could shut my eyes.” she replied and with that she put her knitting down “Coming to bed then Trey?” using my bedroom name for the first time.

I virtually sprinted up the stairs and into mothers bedroom. I striped hurriedly, wanting to accelerate the process but mother took her time, following her normal night-time routine.

Finally, she stood by the side of the bed and said sarcastically “Is it worth me wearing my nightie Trey?” I shook my head.

She got undressed and made her way under the covers.

“I am very proud of you Trey,” she said lovingly “you are quite the man now.”

With that, she reached out and took hold of my cock, pumping it gently.

“Oh god Emm,” I gasped “I love your hands on my cock.”

“You love my hands Trey?” she said, “What about the rest of me?” she teased. “Do you love my mouth Trey?” she whispered in my ear.

“Yes.” I said and suddenly she leaned down and took my cock into her mouth and started sucking me.

Mother moaned contentedly as my cock slide in and out of her mouth, her tongue working its magic on its head, swirling around and then she started to take in more.

Mother lifted her head of my cock, “And what about my pussy Trey, do you love my pussy?”

“Oh god yes” I said as I knew what she would do next.

My hopes were confirmed when she lifted herself up and straddled me, my mouth at her entrance. I took her clit in my mouth and sucked it gently whilst she went back to devouring my cock.

Suddenly, she lifted herself off, moved forward and positioned her pussy over my raging hard on. My hips knew what I wanted and started to thrust up, trying to get my cock into her but she teased me for a moment, enjoying my desperation before easing herself down my pole.

“Ahhhhhh” we both said together as she got to the base of my rock hard penis. She waited a moment and then started to ride me, my cock covered in her juices.

“Oh god Trey, I’ve thought about this all day.” she whined as she put her hands on my thighs to work more leverage and increase her speed.

My hands wandered over her buttocks and I squeezed them, “Put your thumb in my arse Trey, I love that! Put it in while I fuck you.”

I sucked my thumb and inserted it into her rectum, enjoying the feeling of warmth that shrouded it as my mother squealed in delight as she worked herself up and down. Her arse looked amazing as she continued her journey towards her climax. Suddenly, she stopped and looked over her shoulder, “I want to see your face when you come.” She gasped. With that, lifting her legs, she rotated herself around my cock until her glorious tits were hanging over my face.

I started to grope them, softly at first but then getting rougher, grasping them harder and pulling at her nipples. I took one hand and cupped her left breast in it before taking her nipple into my mouth, sucking and biting it gently.

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