No Reason To Sleep

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Saturday is our normal “date night.” You know, the week is done and we can go out to dinner or a movie and not have to worry about getting up the next morning. It’s also a night where we can just relax with each other doing something besides our every night normal routine.

We had discovered that the local comedy club was hosting one of the comics from the Last Comic Standing reality program so along with another couple (T what cons?

From there we talked about other topics sexual, clothing optional beaches, another couple we both knew that was into swinging selectively and all of the good natured teasing that went with it.

(No folks, there is no foursome in this story… just hang with me here for a couple of more paragraphs and I promise there will be some sex)

I should mention that D had a just to the knee skirt on tonight so as she sat across from me on the deck I had a great view of her lovely legs as well as her lace panties every time she parted them. She knew it too and for a while, she was teasing me with the view.

And it wasn’t just her legs that looked good. The top she had on did nothing to hide the fact that she really does have gorgeous breasts and the candles and torches on the deck gave her a very sensual lighting. I think the best description was that she looked infinitely edible.

By the time we stopped drinking anything but water, it was close to 1 a.m. and we headed home for what I thought would be some cuddling and spooning together before falling asleep for the night.

Silly me… because she definitely had other plans.

We got back to the apartment and after feeding and explaining things to our cat, (you know how cats look at you when you leave them for 7 – 8 hours without a snack) I climbed into bed and waited for her to join me.

The perfume she took the time to put on should have been a dead giveaway. Then again, it wasn’t all that long before she pulled back the sheet and slid down to take me into her mouth, and at that point I definitely knew that it wasn’t time for sleep.

There wasn’t much gentleness in her sucking. It was more like she was telling me I want you hard and ready…. NOW! And if I still wasn’t sure, then when she reached to the nightstand to pull out her bullet vibe I absolutely knew that she was ready to play.

She was already wet when she moved up to straddle my hips and guide me inside. Her hips raised and lowered a couple of times before I heard the sound of the vibe start buzzing and when she lifted up this time, I helped her place the bullet in between us directly on her clit.

The extra stimulation from the vibe means that she doesn’t have to move nearly as much to stimulate her clit and frankly, I like having her just kind of hovering on top of me. I can play with her nipples which is a great turn on for both of us and can also enjoy the feeling of being deep inside of her and feeling the way her pussy responds as she gets closer and closer to climaxing…… which she did less than a minute after we got the vibrator in place.

And it wasn’t just once; it was multiple times once she got started. She kartal escort had two while she was leaning back with her hands on my thighs and then 2 or 3 more when she lay down on my chest and we kissed. Her hips never stopped moving and if I hadn’t been covering her mouth with mine, her moans would surely have wakened the entire complex.

I heard her say something that sounded like “turn it off,” and once I figured out what she wanted, turned off the vibe and helped her to climb off of me and lay back on the bed.

It didn’t bother me that I had been kind of close to cumming and never did. I had been tired when I climbed into bed and the prospect of another half or so of serious sexual activity sounds like fun only if you know you have the energy to do so… wrong answer according to her.

We cleaned up and cuddled for a couple of minutes and then damned if she didn’t slide back down and take me in her mouth again. It was only a couple of minutes before I told her to get up on her knees.

I grabbed the oil from the nightstand and the other vibrator in the drawer (an egg if you really needed to know) and then moved in behind her.

I poured some of oil on my hand and while I was coating and stroking my shaft a couple of times I heard the other vibe start buzzing again. She had already moved it back to her clit and was holding it there with one hand.

I slid easily back inside of her and started a slow paced, long strokes rhythm in and out of her.

Inside I could feel her clasping at the head of my cock as I moved back and forth and when I changed the angle a little bit she started matching my movements in with her own thrusting back at me.

Thank god for a solid bed frame because we were quickly both moving with more intensity until she once again started cumming.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her tight to me until the climax finished and then once again started stroking my full length in and out.

All too soon she came again so I decided to switch tactics.

I turned the control dial of the other vibe (I know, you wondered when I was going to get to it) and laid the silver egg in between her ass cheeks. Neither of us is into anal sex but having the vibe in the proximity of her ass is enough to really set her off and it was doing that tonight.

“Take the vibe off your clit” I told her.

She did, so now what she was feeling was the long, slow, in and out movement of my cock inside of her and the egg vibrating between her ass.

I counted silently half a dozen strokes and told her to put the vibe back on her clit.

Her pussy tightened up around me the instant the vibe made contact with her clit and now the game began.

I let her keep the vibe there for a few seconds of every minute so she never had it there long enough for her to cum but at the same time it took her very close to the edge. And the one time she didn’t remove it; I spanked her and told her that if she didn’t listen I would take it away.

She listened……

For the next several minutes she followed my cues and pacing and as I got bostancı escort closer and closer to reaching my own climax, I kept increasing the level of vibration of the other vibe, the one that was now deep between the globes of her ass because my thumb was holding it there.

She was moaning non stop now and when I got to the edge of cumming I told her for the last time to put the vibe back.

The combination of my cock starting to cum and having deprived her from climaxing for so long put her over the edge as well when the vibe was back on her clit. It was hard to hold onto her, even with both hands on her hips now as she shook and pounded her hips against me, climax after climax rolling over her.

I’m not sure what she screamed into the pillow but it sounded like… (well you know what it sounds like) and we stayed locked together like that until I reached down and took the vibe from her hand, then turned off the second one as well.

I didn’t want to pull out of her so I stayed where I was, running my fingertips down her back and then up along her sides, blowing some cool air onto her back.

It wasn’t until she kind of slithered to stretch onto her stomach that I finally moved out of her and got off the bed to go get a warm cloth and some cool water.

I left her the cloth and on my way to the kitchen, there sits the cat in the middle of the hall looking at me like “are you two about done yet?”

“This floor ain’t the best for sleeping on you know; I want my corner of the bed back.”

I told him to deal with it…. and got a bottle of water out of the fridge, dinking about half of it before bringing it back to the bedroom for her.

End of the story you’re asking?


She drank the other half the bottle and got up to use the bathroom. I made an attempt at getting the sheets and comforter back on the bed.

She came back to the bed, lay on her side facing me and said “why don’t you get the other toy out of the drawer.”

I kid you not.

Folks, I’m 50, been hard off and on for the last hour and a half, had a fair amount of alcohol in the last 6 hours and just had a great cum about 10 minutes ago….. And it’s now after 3 in the morning.

Yes, I reached over and got her other toy out of the drawer.

So where was I? Oh yes.

She reached for the toy and rather than letting her have it, I told her to just lie back and once more let me take care of her pleasure.

Her idea of laying back included her hands squeezing and massaging her breasts while I teased between her lips with the tip of the toy. I could tell from how easily it was sliding that we weren’t going to need any other lube than what her excited state was producing.

Every so often I would let the vibe slide all the way up to her clit and thoroughly enjoyed the way that she thrust her hips at it, trying to maintain the brief contact I was allowing her.

Massaging her breasts had progressed to her gently pulling at and pinching her nipples and knowing that she is pretty much hotwired from her nipples to between her legs, used maltepe escort that moment to gently slide the head of the fake cock inside of her.

She moaned once and didn’t need to tell me that she wanted more inside of her, so I turned up the speed slightly and began to work its length further and further inside with each stroke.

There were minutes where I left the vibe buried inside and would suck on the nipple closest to me, and other periods of time where I was stroking the toy almost completely in and out of her, varying the angle to make sure that I wasn’t missing any of her hot spots.

She was close to cumming again and I decided to see if the pacing and denial of completion that had worked earlier tonight would have the same effect now.

“Hold it back babe,” I told her.

“You can get close but I don’t want you to cum until I let you finish.”

“Ok, but it’s hard not to cum….. I’ll try,” she half moaned in response.

I could feel her pussy squeezing hard around the toy, almost squeezing it out each time I stopped the inward pressure. I knew she was ready.

“Count with me,” I told her.

“You can cum on 3.”

Her head was on my arm and with my lips near her ear we counted the numbers, seconds in between each, and on 3, held the vibe steady inside of her and just let the climax overtake her.

Covering her mouth with mine, I was able to smother the scream that followed and when I felt her body relax slightly from coming off the high of the climax I said to her “I’m going to count to 5 this time.”

If she had wanted to stop she would have said so. She gets into a zone like this at times where the first cum is just that, the first.

It’s like an appetizer.

I lowered my mouth to a nipple and said “one.”

At the same time I changed the angle that the vibe was sliding in and out so that the tip was pushing against the top of her canal and I could feel her start vibrating when I left the nipple long enough to say “two.”

By four one of her legs was twitching almost non-stop and to her credit, she held back her release until I said “five,” and covered her mouth with mine once again.

How do you describe a woman overcome with physical pleasure?

Her body was shaking, she was moaning loudly, trying to take my tongue inside of her mouth as deep as the toy was inside of her. The gate had been opened. She was cumming now every time I slid the toy back inside of her and now the pace of slowly pulling it out and working it back in was intended to let her ride the crest of each of those mini-climaxes that she was experiencing.

I don’t know for sure how long we stayed like this, but eventually I did turn off the vibe, leaving it inside of her, wrapped my arms around her and kissed her forehead softly.

She was still moving a bit erratically but the deep shudders had passed a few minutes later. When her breathing slowed as well I removed the toy and rolled her onto her back to try to make her comfortable.

Some gentle cleaning, cool water and some quiet laughter between us and we were ready to call it a … ……morning?

It seems that my personal version of the energizer bunny had finally had enough.

I had too but as I drifted off to sleep, feeling her head on my shoulder and one leg draped across mine, I was thinking about what else we could do the next time we felt like staying up late and playing with toys.

DB 7/22/2007

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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