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No Paradise by the Dashboard Light Ch. 02

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If you read my previous story you know that on a frustrated night my sister and I found something special after a night of frustrating dates. That night was so special to us both, we were both virgins, although I did ask her later because I heard it was sometimes painful for women. She told me that the Doctor broke her hymen during an exam she needed. But no one has done more than touch her there one time.

Anyway, back to the night. We made love, not just fucked, but made love. We both knew we loved one another but never had the nerve to admit to ourselves that we were attracted to the other in more than just a brotherly/sisterly way. When our inhibitions was down from being hurt, horny, and maybe slightly buzzed and a “chance” accident took place our love for one another just took off. When her breast came into view I was amazed, but when we touched it was just earth shattering. When her crotch less panties opened up to receive me I found paradise. I’d never been with a woman that way.

I’m reserving the details of that night, I’m just not ready to share them. The next day was Sunday since neither of us had any plans we spend the night snuggled up in her bedroom in the master bedroom of the house. She got the master room by luck of a coin toss when we moved into the house. My room wasn’t too shabby but her was really nice, it had a hot tub on a little private deck you had to enter from her room only, a 60 inch tv on the wall and a gas fireplace.

When I woke up it was to something I never felt before, here I’d like to say I just lay there and enjoyed it but that’s not what happened. I’d never slept with anyone before, and well it showed. I was dreaming of what I don’t remember, but somehow something was eating me alive. I wasn’t sure what as I came out of sleep into the real world I was screaming bloody murder. I think I scared her as much as she did me. As soon as I settled down, my cock was hiding as far into my body as it could go. We held one another. Both naked as the day we were born, her breast pressed into my side, her hand on my stomach. Well before long, her hand made its way to my cock, and was coaxing it out from hiding. My hands followed suit and begin the exploration of her body. Her ass felt nice in my hand, and I was thinking about her mouth on me again, and then I felt her tongue on the side of my stomach, she was using it to KILL me I think.. IT felt so good, it had me on the peak of cumming for what seemed like hours. I withered and squirmed around the bed, soon she must have felt sorry for me and moved to where her ass was up by my head and she took my cock into her mouth.

I tapped her right leg and she lifted it over my head and I was looking straight at her asshole.. Now I’m not into anal, don’t even like the idea. But I knew if I moved just a little I’d have a perfect view of her pussy, Well I moved and next I knew my nose when in her pussy and her clit was in my mouth. What was a boy to do but suck it. I could feel the hood of her clit with my tongue, The delicate little pearl hidden by its folds. We both sucked and licked for what we was worth, and I was soon rewarded with her stopping sucking on me, and pulling be out of her mouth and then cumming all over my face. Her body clenched and jerked on top of me, and here is where I thought I was going to die for real. I couldn’t breathe, trapped in her pussy. I held on and licked and licked some more. Finally she let the pressure of her thighs relax and lay spent on top of me.

I had still not cum, so I flipped her over, and entered paradise once more, this time with my cock. Her pussy was so wet and tight around me that I knew I would never last another minute. Her legs wrapped around my waist pulling Şeyhli Escort me in to her faster and faster. Looking down at her in that moment was something else. Sweat made her body shine, her breast bounced with the motion, Beautiful milky white, with pink/red nipples to top them off. Following down between us I watched as my cock was engulfed by her red pubic hair.. (Yes I like red heads) I pumped faster and faster, closer to the edge and then fireworks went off In my head. I came, and I came, or I think I did, the heat of the orgasm took over my whole body and I couldn’t tell you when I ejaculated, but the orgasm as amazing.

And sometime around the time I was cumming, my sister tensed up and convulsed in her own orgasm. I pulled out, and a stream of our combined juices flowed out.

We got out of bed at some point and showered again, and she cooked breakfast at about 1 in the afternoon. About two, we both our cell phones started ringing. Our dates from the previous night was calling to apologize and believe it or not they wanted to still see us (as in separately, they never met our other sibling or even knew we had one, Actually no one really does in town.) I told Ellen we would see, and she told Jim about the same thing just a little nicer.

We both shared who was on the phone with the other and what they wanted and we snuggled naked on the couch, talking for the better part of the afternoon. We finally got around to the subject of Ellen and Jim. Seems we both thought they were great people, just not for us. We decided to not date them but invite them both over to the house for cards one night.

The next week was amazing, I got used to being woke up with a blow job, and it is amazing. The feeling of just receiving something special from someone, not having to, but in most cases returning the favor. I loved how she tastes, and when her legs clamp down around my head as she cums. WOW! Is all I can say. I noticed that her dress around the house has gotten a lot more casual or can I say tempting. Sure it was nothing to see her running around in an old flannel shirt and panties, but not the shirt might be there but the panties are missing. The week went very well for both of us.

We announced our love to Ellen and Jim, letting them down easy. Neither of us really thought they were bad people, maybe at first, but deep down they were okay. The weekend after that we introduced Ellen and Jim on a blind date, told them we both like them, and after a few drinks they went out they loosened up to one another, and set up another date for the Thursday Karaoke at a little club in town. We couldn’t make it, we were busy, and by busy I mean BUSY! I same in after work and found my sister in the hot tub naked. I was told we missed a hell of a duet by Jim and Ellen.

The next weekend, we wanted to do something special, so we took a little of our savings and went south for the weekend. We invited Jim and Ellen who were not very much a couple. We were in a little beach house in Florida that our parents also left us.(okay they had a little money). The Beach was private unless someone really wanted to walk a good ways over some rocky coast to get to it. We arrived, and two bedooms and Jim being a gentleman took the couch.

Terri and I got up early and took a blanket out to the beach to get some “tanning” in. Next thing you know we were naked soaking in the morning sun. I was woke up by the back door opening, Jim and ellen was coming out to join us. Of course they were wearing suites. They got to us and I tapped Terri and she woke up and say, “Oh.. Hay.. You finally woke up and decided to come join us”

Jim was the first to speak, “Ah… Oh… Escort Şeyhli I.. you sure its okay? We don’t want to interrupt you”

Terri replied, “It’s all good, It’s a private beach really, no one can see us so lose the suits if you like”

Ellen said, “Sure!” as she shucked off her suit. Still as pretty as ever.

Jim wasn’t going so easy, but I told him, “Don’t worry, we are all friends here not like we are doing anything.”

Jim finally said, “Okay but don’t mind the ah..” and pointed to the tent in his shorts.

Terri said, “Don’t worry about it, it happens, and it will go down.”

With that, Jim tugged his shorts down, nothing to write home about, not too small, not to large. They had their own blanket and Ellen spread it out, and they lay next to one another on it. We all hung out naked for a few hours. It was fun, watching Jim and Ellen see how comfortable we were. They soon got comfortable too, and Jims problem finally relaxed it’s self.We swam some in the pool by the house and made lunch, and ate naked on the covered patio.

We talked, at one point Jim said, “You know I never thought I’d get used to being naked around other people but this is kinda nice.”

Ellen chimed in, “The best part is not having to deal with wet swimsuits!”

I chimed in, “I disagree, the best part is having a beautiful woman to admire” and I kissed Terri.

Terri Said, “I think I agree except I like my man” and she kissed me again, “and I see he likes me too!” and she jokingly grabbed my now erect cock.

It was my turn to be embarrassed, but I played it cool, “Wonder how that happened.”

At that point jim chimed in and said, “I agree.. and kissed Ellen on the lips” This was the first time we saw them kiss, and then he had the same issue I did.

Terri said, “I’m kinda full and I think I’m going in for a nap, what about you?”

I said, “That sounds like an offer I can’t refuse.” And followed her inside.

Once through the door, she took me by the cock, and whispered to me, “I NEED this NOW!!

Ellen and Jim were left sitting out on the patio, we did what any good couple would do before going at it with a naked couple out on out patio. We turned on some mood music, and peeked out the window at them. They got playful, really playful, and I think he wanted more, but we say the old “Stop. Right there” motion from her, and he did. Although she did take his cock in her hand and finished him off. We saw him squirt, and believe it or not, it hit her between the boobs. We both laughed, and went to bed and took care of our needs.

I have to admit was routing for him to get past third base, but a handjob beats what I got, but then again I might have settled if I got one that night and never known the true love I have now. Our sex was great after watching them do that. I think we both have a voyeuristic side to us! It Must run in the family.

Anyway as Terri was cumming riding me cowboy style, we hard a splash and a yell for help. Well I was too far gone to stop but Terri got off me and I came all over, soaking my crotch and her boobs.. we rushed out by the pool without thinking.

Ellen, and somehow got stuck in the patio table legs with her head being supported by Jim’s lap.

Terri was brutal, “What the hell, how in the hell.” And then went inside and got her cell and snapped a picture.

Well it took the three of us to get her unstuck. And it we a very personal experience. And I as glad I had just cam or I might have been in trouble with Terri. Anyway, we had to take hold of her by the arms while Jim slid his chair backwards so she didn’t bust her face on the ground. Her hand grabbed Şeyhli Escort Bayan my thigh for support and it slipped on something slick and her face wound up right on top of my still damp crotch. It was like a benny hill skit with cum and naked people. Jim came to our aid when he got free, he had to reach around Terri and his limp cock came up against her ass. Finally we got her out. And we just sorta stood laughing.

I had to ask, “HOW??”

Ellen was not shy, “Well we heard you guys and well Jim got hard hearing it and well I was a little horny, so I slid under the table, well through the table really. You better never tell anyone. Well when he got off I jumped because I wasn’t expecting a mouth full of junk. My leg slipped and then, well you know the rest.”

Terri said, “You have some in your hair, is that, yup, you even have some in your ear?”

Ellen replied, “From the looks of it I think some of this might be from you two.”

Jim, who as quiet until now chimed in, “I’m sorry guys but looks like we all need showers, your backside is a mess Terri from where I had to reach around you.”

Terri said, “Yuck!” and we all laughed and I’m not sure what happened but Terri pulled us all into a group hug, spreading what cum of mine was on her boobs to everyone. Not one person objected, her boob felt cool and slippery on our skin, and well do did Ellen’s. At one point it was one big hug, it was kinda nice really, I’m not into guys, but I didn’t mind when jims cock ran across my leg and got pinned by Ellen’s.

Terri was the one to start this and end it, “Okay lets get cleaned off.” And turned on the outside shower. I’m not sure what changed, but we were all soaping Ellen, up, and then the girls did Jim and we all soaped up Terri, finally I was Getting soaped up by the girls.

Terri, took extra time on my cock, Ellen grabbed my balls and her other hand grabbed my ass and her fingers ran down my crack, and I came.

When I came, I got a group roaring laugh, “No fair, we just got clean and here you go adding more to the mess.” I pulled Terri to me, and said, “I love you” and Kissed her deeply. That’s as close to group sex as I’ve ever had and it wasn’t that bad.

Not to be left out, Jim did the same to Ellen. After being washed by two hot girls his cock was rock hard again, and stuck between her legs. Ellen true form said, “Stop right there Mister, if you want more you have to promise to love me to the end of time and make me your wife.”

We thought Jim had just had enough and was really pissed, he hurried inside, and I whispered to Terri, “Great, there goes a good weekend!”

Jim returned and we were all surprised, he got down on one knee with a ring, and said “Ellen, I’ll love you until the end of time, Will you let me make you my wife. I’d do anything for you my love!”

Ellen put her left hand out, and said, “Yes, yes I will be your wife. Now love me until the end of time.”

I figured they would go inside at that point, but no, she lay on a chase lounge he climbed between her legs and they made love. We watched as they kissed, and she took his cock and guided it to his private paradise. She winced for a second as a small trickle of blood stained the cushion she was laying on. Terri looked at me and smiled, she laid on the other chase lounge and I entered her. Surprised I could get it up again so soon.

The four of us enjoyed the weekend, and we took the next week and stayed in the sun. We never swapped partners, Terri and I talked about it once, that it might be fun, but neither of us wanted to share. We did make love on the bed all together a couple times, and snuggled, but never anything more than lite accidental touching. The kinkiest we got was the shower by the pool I told you about earlier.

When we got back to real life can cold weather, we got a wedding invitation, and 2 tickets to some island in the Philippines for the honeymoon. In two weeks, that is. But I’ll wait to share that until next time.

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