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You wouldn’t have suspected it when he walked in so casually. With jeans and a tight t shirt he looked very comfortable with himself. Even his walk, a very collected and aggressive stride that drew the attention of both June and Eden, hid his purpose. Imagine their surprise then when, after searching through the entire store, he came to the counter empty handed. June, her hair pulled back in a ponytail which gave her the appearance of being much more conservative than she actually was, smiled as he stepped up to her.

“Do you carry any chastity belts?”

He was nervous, speaking slowly, as if afraid of her reaction.

“For men or women?” she asked.

“Men. A male’s model.”

A giggle almost pushed itself out but she held it back, aware of how that would seem. “I’m sorry. We no longer stock those.” There was an empty look on his face and she added, “Not much demand for them really…”

Thanking her, he turned to leave. June immediately met the eyes of her friend where she stood behind him to purchase a pair of knee length leather boots. Their eyes widened in shared acknowledgement.

As he exited both women appraised him; firm, strong build, tight, cute ass with a pretty but handsome face. Some woman would be happy to call him hers. Not wanting her to miss her chance, June nodded her head at her friend, urging her to go after him.

She caught him at the parking lot, about to get into his car. After getting his attention, she leaned down to speak with him through the window. “Are you looking for a chastity belt for yourself?”

Sheepishly, and a bit surprised, he nodded.

“Well, they’re a bit hard to come by. It’s hard to find customers and make a profit. Most models are discontinued after a few months because the manufacturer doesn’t earn enough.”

He thanked her for the lesson and started to put the key in the ignition.

“I know where you can get one if you’re serious.” He looked up at her and she continued, “I’m an artist, bondage and fetish accoutrements have always been one of my favorite subjects. There are a lot of manufacturers, if you know where to look.” She opened the door and gestured to him. “Why don’t you come with me and we can talk.”

She drove while he sat in the passenger seat. At first there was only silence. His nervousness was almost tangible and he sat with his hands tucked between his thighs.

“Why a chastity belt?” She asked, hoping to ease the tension.

At first he didn’t hear her, caught up in his own thoughts. Then he responded, “It’s just something that will help me, I think.”

Turning to smile at him, she asked, “Girlfriend?” He shook his head. “Why would a woman want to keep her boyfriend locked up anyway? Isn’t it much more fun when he’s ready whenever you want?”

“No… I mean I don’t have a girlfriend.”

Pulling up to her building, she decided to save all the questions that statement provoked for later. She lived in a fifth floor art studio. Her queen sized bed rested in the far corner while projects, all in various stages of completion, littered the remaining area. He followed her around the large open space and was especially impressed with the floor to ceiling windows on the far wall. Beyond them he saw all of Fort Point Channel. To one side the view stretched to downtown Boston, to the other he had an uninterrupted view of the Atlantic to the horizon.

There were mannequins, some only torsos placed around the studio. Chris noticed several wore strange fixtures. One was covered in what looked like a leather diaper covered in shiny metal spikes, another had on a Hannibal Lecter-type face mask. Phallic shaped rods rested on one table and minature cages were collected in one bucket. He began to grow nervous.

“This is my life’s work,” she beamed. “Fetish imagery- chastity, bdsm, role reversal.” She saw the confused look in his eyes and she winked. She was so pretty, unlike any of the women he was used to. Fair skin, short black hair and classical beautiful features. Though he would have never considered her before, her attitude and confidence aroused him. Her body was athletic and when she walked he could see how strong she was. He doubted any part of her was soft.

“You ever worn a belt before?” she asked, fingering the separated pieces of a project that lay before her.

He shook his head.

“Well, I’ll need to take some measurements.”

Not listening, he only nodded. When she told him to drop his pants he jumped back.

“I need to see what to work with. One size doesn’t fit all, you know?”

He smiled weakly and began unbuckling his pants. In her work she had seen many men naked but the first disrobing always held a special joy for her. The shyness, unable to look straight at her, male pride turned to timidity, it really got her blood flowing.

Chris did exactly as she expected. He dawdled, hid himself behind his palms and only pulled down his boxers when she appeared annoyed by his reluctance. Eden was impressed with what she saw. Once naked, he appeared shy and frightened. Maltepe Escort His cock stood straight and proud, vulgarly pointing at her. Looking him in the eyes, she sashayed over, soaking in the moment. An aroused man, vulnerable and naked from the waist down, waiting for a woman to appraise him, to measure him of all things. Most would run in fear.

He didn’t go that far though she did notice him holding his breath. Tiny goosebumps pimpled his body in the still air and every muscle of his being remained taut and ready. She dropped to her knees and held his cockhead between her thumb and forefinger. She handled it without ceremony, as if she were considering produce.

It was impressive and she couldn’t deny the thrill that raced through her as she felt it warm and pulsing in her palm. Best to keep that to herself though. Pulling a length of string from her pocket, she held it at its base and marked off the distance to the tip. He remained quiet, feeling like a piece of furniture. Calling off the measurement, she held it tight around both his base and the bloated rim of his cockhead before stopping to write the findings on a slip of paper.

She turned and left the room, giving him enough time to look around. It was an impressive studio that he guessed she decorated herself. Fruit and silverware were displayed on a corner stand, most likely the subject of a still life and a trellis of vines inched up the kitchen walls, sprouting faux blossoms between the cabinets and spice rack. Unfinished works- paintings, sculpture and developing photographs filled the space. It was straight out of a decorating show and was nicer than many galleries he’d been in.

She returned with a card etched with her name and number. Admonishing him to return in a fortnight, she promised to have the equipment he was looking for. She looked down at his slowly descending cock and he realized he was still bare. “You going to stay like this all day?” she teased. “If you do, let me know. I think you’d make a nice addition to my collection.” Awkwardly he pulled up his pants and arranged himself. “Oh,” she added, “Don’t forget to shave yourself. It will be very uncomfortable if you don’t.”

The next days were long ones for Chris. He couldn’t believe he was actually going through with what he promised himself so long ago. Since his girlfriend broke up over his overactive sex drive, he knew he had to find a way to curb his appetite if he ever wanted another healthy relationship. “You’re obsessed with your cock,” she told him as she got up to dress the last morning they were together. “Most guys are but you- it rules your life.” He couldn’t deny how right she was. Even at that moment, he was focused on her ass bending over to pick up her strewn clothes, imagining how wonderful it would feel to slide between her slit once more before they left for work. They had made love four times since returning from their evening together and, while both their bodies craved rest, his drive overruled that desire, wanting just one more orgasm.

She left him after a heartfelt talk over the phone. “It has to be this way,” she confessed. “If I was there I know I’d just end up in bed with you and that can’t happen anymore. It’s not good for either of us.” He knew at times like this, cajoling her would only worsen the situation and he was forced to go without companionship for the first time in years. Her scent, still fresh on the pillow, inflamed him and he learned how difficult it was to spend evenings alone. He knew he had to make some definite changes in his life and after a period of reflection he realized sex was the cause of many of his problems.

He’d heard about the growing chastity movement at work. A friend of his, who always complained of his bad luck with women and disastrous dates made an offhand remark; “Maybe I should be one of those guys that keeps it locked up to make themselves stronger. It would sure help my dating life.”

The night, when he returned home, he looked into this growing movement he’d never heard of before. He found it wasn’t large enough to really be significant but there was a tiny group of men and couples that were favoring chastity as a way of ensuring sexual satisfaction. Surprisingly the most ardent supporters weren’t women, but their partners; men who found the appeal of postponing their orgasm for long term satisfaction arousing. He read reports of men who became overnight supporters of the idea and their women who loved the thought of limitless orgasms through their sexual frustration.

It was a lot to take in and he was skeptical at first. The idea of giving up orgasms completely wasn’t something he wanted, or even thought he could manage. But, based on the personal stories, he saw how it helped a lot of couples. He was single now, so it would be even more difficult not having anyone help him through it and encourage him to stick with the program.

It was two weeks since he decided on trying out the idea that he sought out a chastity belt. They sold them online so he knew they were available but Anadolu Yakası Escort buying something like that through the mail seemed so impersonal. Maybe he was subconsciously hesitating, but he would rather see one himself, pick it up, get the feel of it before buying it and locking it on his body.

That night he fell asleep with these thoughts passing through his head. He had a pleasant dream of a beautiful woman holding him in her arms and kissing him. He was on strings like a puppet and whenever she wanted him to move a certain way she would tug a string. When she wanted him to touch her breast, she pulled the string connected to his wrist. For a kiss, the tugged one connected to his chin. The most uncomfortable feeling came when she pulled on a thin line connected to his penis. As she did he filled to tumescence before she directed him inside her.

He woke up several times and slept fitfully. Though he knew an orgasm would be just what he needed to sleep he refrained. If he was to stay with this idea, he can’t give in so easily. The two days passed slowly and on the evening of the second day he found himself buzzing in at her studio.

When he exited the lift and walked into the studio she was nowhere to be seen. Upon entering her bedroom he found her in the closet wearing only black seamless panties and a top and he became erect instantly. Stepping into a mini skirt she asked him if he had done as she asked and shaved. He nodded. “Well let’s see then.”

Quick and to the point, he thought. She was like no other woman he’d ever met. This time, instead of just dropping his pants and leaving them loose around his ankles, he stripped completely and he didn’t do so reluctantly but proudly stripped off all his clothes and made no move to hide his erection, which he displayed with prde.

“My, my, my,” she smiled at his eagerness. “Someone’s got a lot on his mind.” She stepped to him, buttoning a blouse over a black lace bra. Palming his shaft in her soft hand, she held his eyes. “Too bad you’re not going to be able to enjoy this much anymore.”

His smile wilted, but only slightly. He was a perfect subject- eager, horny and considerably naïve. Prolonging his ardor she dropped to her knees to appraise his cock at eye level. At first he expected her to suck him, as women in such situations were likely to do- he’d had more this his share of female lips adorn his cock, but then he grew nervous as she touched him with only one outstretched index finger. It pushed him from side to side, allowing her a better view of his filled shaft and tender balls.

“You didn’t masturbate last night?”

He shook his head no.

“Pity,” she said, obviously unsympathetic. “I would expect that in a man like you. Why didn’t you?”

He mumbled quietly at first, and then repeated himself so she could hear. “I just think it’s a good idea if I don’t. It will make me stronger.”

Standing, she patted his begging cock like it was an obedient pet. “I think it’s a good idea too, and I will make you stronger.”

She turned and Chris admired the muscular heft of her ass and how each muscle in her body seemed to flow together, making her appear more feminine, more pleasing. He found her incredibly erotic but knew her appeal could be intensified by the fact that he hadn’t come in more than a week.

In her hands she held a clear plastic sculpture. Though he’d never seen one before, he had a good idea what it was. The hollow, phallic shape elicited a fight or flight response. This is it, he thought.

“You know what this is, don’t you?” She asked, holding it in her spread hands like it was the Hope Diamond.

He nodded.

“This is a commitment, a big step. Are you ready to take it?”

He was speechless, his cock bobbing between them, begging for attention.

Down on one knee, she smoothed her hand over the freshly shaven skin, appreciating it’s softness and warmth. He was larger than most men but appeared very young without the benefit of pubic hair.

She found a block of ice hollowed out in the shape of a cradle and held it to his genitals. Instantly he jerked back but she held it unmoving. “There’s no other way to do this, we need you flaccid so I can put on your chastity belt. I won’t force this on you but know that it has to happen for you to wear it.” She held it up for him to see. It looked so innocuous, a simple plastic device, yet he knew its purpose. and he felt threatened by it. His legs moved on their own and soon he felt the frigid sensation of ice surrounding he balls. They deflated easily and he looked tinier than he believed.

She seemed proud of her work, “Like it? It’s one of my works- a male erection adjuster. I know it’s not the most catchy title but it really lives up to its description, doesn’t it?”

With a few tucks and gentle prods, she fit him into the chastity belt. When she looked up at him he appeared forlorn and she felt an instant pang of guilt. “Are you sure you want this Chris? It’s a big life change.” He nodded, looking down at her. Ümraniye Escort “When I lock this, you’ll no longer have control of your sex. It will be taken from you. Is that ok with you?” He sighed, looking lost and slowly she locked him with a small padlock and stepped back to examine him. The snap of the lock echoed in his head and quickly forced him to consider what he had agreed to.

It wasn’t so bad. Kind of snug, actually. It made him feel protected and secure. It brought all his attention to his sex rather than from it, he began to feel virile.

“Nice work,” she complimented herself as she moved to examine the case from each angle. “Let’s go out. My treat.”

When dressed, he was surprised how comfortable it felt. It felt nonexistent and he wasn’t even aware of it if he didn’t think of it. Dressed and in the mirror it was invisible which was a great relief to him.

“You can’t tell, can you?” she asked, noticing him checking himself out in the mirror.

“No, looks like it’s not even there.”

“You’ll feel it though. I’ve found guys have difficulty ignoring it after a while.” She stepped into her car, a shiny black sports sedan, and he followed. “I think it gets into their subconscious. Men are never able to adjust to the fact that their cock is off limits.”

“Well this is just a trial run,” he explained. “I just thought it might be a good idea.”

“But you’ll need these to get out,” she added, pulling a thin chain that hung between her small breasts.

“And you’re going to be giving them to me…”

She gave a friendly smile. “Why don’t we have a talk first.”

She drove to across town to Canestaro’s, a tiny pizzeria in the shadow of Fenway Park. For a weekend, it was relatively quiet. Candles lit the tiny restaurant and they were able to find a corner booth to themselves.

Before he could speak, she ordered for both of them and when the waiter had turned to leave, she affixed him with a glint in her eye.

“You know I’ve been doing this for a while now,” she smiled. “I’m never hard up for guys who like their dicks touched, or even like the idea of being locked up, but very few ever actually go through with it. It takes some, how would you say it- Balls.” She laughed to herself but he could only manage a smile. “I tend to attract guys like that. Most men think through their cocks but very few realize it. Locking it up for a woman is the most difficult decision you can come to. You won’t regret it.”

“Wait a minute,” he said. “I’m doing this for me. It’s not yours. I can get out whenever I want.” He suddenly realized how strange it felt to talk about his cock like it was another entity.

“I have the keys, cutiepie. It’s mine until I say so.”

“Wait a minute!” He started but was interrupted by the waiter who placed a Greek pizza between the two of them. She had a sparkling water. He had the same.

“Shhh…,” she calmed him. “I know this seems like a lot to grasp. You may think you made the wrong decision, but believe me, it’s for the best. I know the needs a man has and I’m not a bitch. Just take it easy and leave everything to me.” Conversation finished, she selected a slice from the pizza and casually began eating. Soon he joined her.

“I’m an artist,” she began. “Sculptor mainly but I work in different mediums; photography, oils, charcoal, whatever is most appropriate, really.” A string of cheese hung from her bottom lip and she deftly scooped it with a small pinky finger. For some reason, Chris found this oddly erotic. “I’ve really gotten notice with my caged series.” She waited for a reaction, finding only a blank look. “Caged is a body of work that expresses the male struggle for female acceptance and affection.” He seemed unmoved and she explained further. “Men, their whole lives, want nothing more than to please. They convince themselves they want to please their woman and perhaps a rare few of them actually want that but, for the most part, men just want to please themselves.”

“Why did I look for it then? I think that should say something.”

She held his eyes, offering a warm gaze. “You’re right, it says a lot. That’s why I’m with you now. You may be one of those rare men I spoke of. Though I question whether your desire is not completely altruistic.”

For the rest of the meal neither mentioned it. The foreign feeling in his crotch diminished until he felt it no more. Instead they spoke as if they were a couple out together on their first date. She found him attractive and let him know it through gentle touches on his hand and the way she looked at him. Chris was elated. She was beautiful, more beautiful than the women he was used to dating. He found her intelligent, sweet and strangely seductive. She made no indication that she wanted him sexually but he felt as if he knew it. He was drawn to her in a way he had never experienced.

“Shall we go?” she asked, finishing the last slice of pizza.

They walked out together and as they stepped out she took his hand. Her touch was firm and soft and made Chris intensely aware of her beside him. The night was cool and they were lucky to see the first multi colored sunset of the season. Ocean air over the city had turned the firmament to a tapestry of orange, purple and bronze. Both were content just holding hands ambling through the city.

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