Night Nurse: A True Story

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About ten years ago, I suddenly came down with appendicitis. It was emergency surgery and there were some complications, so I had to stay in the hospital for a few days. By the third day I was up and around and feeling better. I would do laps around the ward with my wheeled IV stand squeaking and my cotton gown flapping behind me. I stopped at the nurses station and sweet-talked them into giving me a Coke, even though I wasn’t supposed to have anything but ice. They had an IV tube taped to my right arm going into the forearm, plus they had left an IV needle taped to the back of my left hand. It made eating and writing really awkward since I’m left-handed and didn’t like the idea of flexing my hand with a needle stuck in the vein.

Now, left to my own devices, I stroke off a couple of times a day and even when I’m sick I rarely miss a day. Since I was feeling pretty crappy before I went to the doctor, it had been four or five days since I had gotten any relief. There were friends, doctors, ministers, dieticians, nurses and orderlies in and out all day. Not a moments peace. I swear, my testicles felt like softballs as they swung unencumbered under my gown.

Finally, it was lights out around ten o’clock. I worked a crossword puzzle for a while to let things settle down. Good thing I was using a pencil, I couldn’t concentrate to save my life. I was thinking about Eileen, one of the day-shift nurses and how halkal─▒ escort sexy she looked in her white uniform with the panty lines showing. After I had waited as long as I could stand, I put the magazine aside and turned the lights off. I slid the blankets down and pulled the gown flap aside. Cupping my balls, I was amazed at how big they felt. I grabbed the Kleenex box and put it on the bed next to me. This was going to be messy.

I took my time, partially because I wanted to enjoy the build up and partially because I was using my off hand and it was awkward. I had just gotten Eileen’s pantyhose down to her knees and I was thrusting away with two fingers when there was a light tap at the door. Shit. I barely had time to yank the blanket up before the nurse came in and flipped on the lights.

“You’re awake.”

“Yeah, I’m kind of a night owl.” God, she was beautiful. She had shoulder-length red hair like fine copper and a creamy complexion. I hadn’t seen her before. She was in green scrubs with a stethoscope looped around her neck. She had a beige plastic tray that had all her supplies. She put it on the counter by the sink. Her badge said Mary. Figures, I thought, a good Irish lass. She did the temperature and blood pressure check. Having her leaning over me and brushing my skin was making my cock stir again. She ┼či┼čli escort checked the IV’s.

“Uh-oh, this one’s bleeding.”

There was some bright blood under the tape on my left hand. I must’ve snagged it on the blanket. She got a bandage and alcohol swab from her plastic tray. She cradled my left arm against her breast as she peeled off the old tape and swabbed it down. Even with her ripping the hair off the back of my hand, it was too much, my dick was like a chunk of petrified wood.

She glanced over at me and said, “How did you do that?”

I just blushed and didn’t say anything. She looked down and saw the Kleenex box and my cock barely hidden by the thin blanket. “Oh.” She put the large clear bandage over the IV in my hand. “It must be difficult with all that hardware.”

Being the smooth operator that I am, I said, “Yeah.”

Mary gently put my arm back on the blanket. I saw her take a deep breath and let it out. She went over and closed the door until it was just barely ajar. “I think I can help.” I just stared as she rolled down the blanket. She reached out and ran a finger along my shaft. My cock jerked at her touch. She curled her fingers around it and gave it a couple of strokes. I groaned softly and slid closer to the edge of the bed. She started sliding her hand up and down on my shaft. The head of my cock was nearly purple as she sar─▒yer escort ran the skin up over the crown. I was oozing pre-cum, which made it even slipperier. She leaned forward as she picked up the pace. My body was completely rigid. Suddenly, she stopped stoking. I opened my eyes just in time to see her lower her head and run her pink tongue around the head of my cock. I almost popped right then.

She stood up and I thought that maybe she had changed her mind. She took off her stethoscope and put it in the plastic tray. She brushed her beautiful hair back and leaned down, smoothly enveloping my cock in her warm, soft mouth. She gently fondled my balls and rubbed at the base of my cock. I could feel her tongue along the length of my shaft. Her hair was brushing my stomach and thighs. I was panting and thrusting into her mouth. I couldn’t hold back another second. I felt my balls tightening up. “I’m cumming,” I gasped. She just went, “Ummm.” I jerked like I had been electrocuted. I felt the powerful spurts, one after the other. On top of that, I felt her swallowing. I came as hard as I ever have in my life. Even after I stopped spurting, I could feel the cum oozing out. Mary kept swallowing until I was done. She slid her mouth off my semi-hard cock with a little pop that sent shivers through my body. She looked at me with an innocent smile and licked my cum off her forefinger. “You better get some sleep,” she said as she grabbed her tray and left.

The rest of the time I was in the hospital I stayed awake late hoping to return the favor, but I never saw her again. I didn’t want to make a fuss by asking too many questions about her. To this day, she remains both one of my favorite memories and my favorite fantasy since there is so much we didn’t do.

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